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Freedom of Information Campaign against Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz

* Human Rights abuse in itty-bitty Santa Cruz [link
Dr. John Colby is a concerned resident of Santa Cruz who, with his Gorilla Advocacy, is using his resources to campaign for an investigation of agencies engaged in Human Rights abuse against residents in Santa Cruz, including the disabled, elderly, low-income, and those without homes. 
He is helped by Santa Cruz residents, including independent journalists such as Robert Norse.

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More information about the work of Dr. John Colby:
* Dr. John Colby's LinkedIn page []
* Gorilla Advocacy, Inc. []
* Santa Cruz retaliates against Human Rights advocate John Colby [link]
I want to be a "trouble-maker" like Rosa Parks — a first class trouble-maker — on behalf of people who are invisible without a voice. I want to help disenfranchised people to demand the respect due them as human beings. If you demand respect, then people will learn to treat you with respect. Gorilla Advocacy, Inc. isn't just for (disabled) homeless people. It's to make everyone equal under the law. It's about human/civil rights for EVERYONE:the disabled,the homeless the poor, the elderly, families, children, people of color, men, women, LGBTQ people, and every other disenfranchised group suffering under the cruel regime of America's elite. Gorilla Advocate give a voice to the voiceless, make visible those who are presently invisible, protect the rights of the meek and vulnerable. The PEOPLE are our constituents.
I am writing as a constituent and a Gorilla Advocate as well as an independent journalist published in Santa Cruz Indymedia in the public interest, because I provide these records to the news media, Congress, Governor Jerry Brown, the California state legislature, state and federal agencies and investigators, as well as posting them on these Facebook groups:
* []
* []
* []
* []
Santa Cruz Community Journalist Robert Norse joins Dr. John Colby in Freedom of Information Campaign against Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz [link]!

John Colby's FOIA requests information concerning: 
* Gorilla Advocacy on behalf of a disabled woman suffering undue harassment by Santa Cruz Police [link]
* Santa Cruz's anti-Constitutional exclusion zones under investigation by Dr. John Colby, the Gorilla Advocate, update 2014-02-25 [link]
* 2014-02-18 "Santa Cruz must explain growing scandal about the National Guard Armory" [link]
* Santa Cruz housing disabled houseless people into an unsafe and unheated former National Guard building [link]
* 2014-02-16 Santa Cruz Police harass disabled woman, possibly in retaliation for her association with advocates for Human Rights against Police abuse [link]
* Addressing Human Rights Abuse at Santa Cruz National Guard Armory Winter Shelter, 2014-02-11 [link]
* Inquiry into selective enforcement of smoking ban specifically against homeless and disabled folks in Santa Cruz [link]
* Gorilla Advocacy in Santa Cruz for disabled rights to public transport, 2014-01-23 [link]
* 2014-01-01 CPRA request for SCPD policies, memoranda, reviews, reports, documents, communications and presentation etc. about reclamation [link]
* Alleged Fake Charity for homeless people operating with Santa Cruz City and business support [link] and [link]
* "City of Santa Cruz may be violating state laws in how it is gathering and providing crime data to private companies" [link]
* "CPRA request to map out network of corruption related to Community Solutions, 100k Homes and 180/180" [link]
* 2013-11-29 "Why does the SCPD discriminate against disabled people?" [link]
* 2013-11-24 "Sin Barras request/inquiry for electronic copies of SCSO arrest logs for inmate database" [link]
* 2013-11-23 "Request 911 dispatch summaries for John Stewart Company housing in San Francisco" [link]
* "Santa Cruz violated CPRA for records about Santa Cruz Citizens Committee for the Homeless Inc." [link]
* 2013-08-04, Protecting disabled houseless residents' ability to access the Homeless Service Center of Santa Cruz [link]
* 2013-07-06 "Bylaws and operating agreements (and any amendments thereto) for Downtown Management Corporation of Santa Cruz" [link]
* 2013-07-04 "Sin Barras CPRA request for federal grant award letters and contracts to Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office (via County of Santa Cruz)" [link]
* 2013-07-01 "CPRA request for written communications about individuals/organizations with The City of Santa Cruz" [link]
* 2013-06-02 "Sin Barras FOI requests about Santa Cruz County Jail" [link]
* 2013-05-28 "Elizabeth Oaks records documenting crimes, fraud and abuse" [link]
* 2013-05-01 "Smoking gun of criminal network of collusion at Mission Gardens Apartments" [link]
* 2013-04 Investigating who administers the Homeless Persons Health Project and 180/180 Housing First project [link]

Dear Dr. G:
Thank you for posting these FOI requests and my email correspondence. They tell a story which I have been passing to the media for quite a long time. All of it is appropriate to publish and it's public record.
I could add many, many more emails to these. However that would be very time consuming; it would overwhelm your efforts. I will continue to cc you on matters of vital concern. Thank you for aiding my struggle. I encourage readers to join these Facebook groups:'
* []
* []
* []
Thank you for your support. Sincerely, [signed] John Colby

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