Friday, December 27, 2013

Inquiry into selective enforcement of smoking ban specifically against homeless and disabled folks in Santa Cruz

* Freedom of Information Campaign by John Colby against Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz [link]
* Human Rights abuse in itty-bitty Santa Cruz [link]

"This is where I'm going with this story — I hope the media and the U.S. Senate follow me"
2013-12-27 message from John Colby:
I will be bringing this up with the USDOJ and the CA DOJ, as well as with HUD's OIG and the Treasury OIG. Santa Cruz seems to only care about enforcing their smoking laws against certain kinds of smokers, primarily (disabled) homeless people.
In May 2011 (while you had an open USDOJ Fair Housing complaint and also were a HUD OIG complainant), you petitioned the Santa Cruz City Council, the City Manager, the City Attorney and City Housing Programs Director Carol Berg — who informed you just afterwards that your fixed HOME unit had been illegally removed from the HUD HOME program as retaliation for requesting a disability accommodation from them for secondhand smoke coming from the common areas around your car and apartment — to enforce their non smoking ordinance in Mission Gardens common areas where by city ordinance it was illegal. Mission Gardens is a HUD Section 8, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) and City of Santa Cruz administered property — they did nothing to protect you from disability motivated hate crimes meant to physically harm you and to run you out of Mission Gardens and off the Section 8, CTCAC and HOME programs.
Thus it is sadly ironic that the Santa Cruz City Council keeps tightening the screws on smoking by (disabled) homeless people. I guess if the Mission Gardens residents trying to smoke you out had been (disabled) homeless people, the Santa Cruz Police Department would have protected you.
This is very embarrassing for the state and federal governments. They have been allowing Santa Cruz to harass (disabled) homeless people with their anti-smoking ordinances while allowing a gang of housed criminals to commit disability motivated hate bias crimes against you. I think you have or will get COPD from your many years of exposure to secondhand smoke at Mission Gardens. You probably have permanent lung damage and still could die from the city, state and federal governments not protecting you.
It seems like HUD, CalHFA, CTCAC, the CA DOJ and the USDOJ — as well as state and federal legislators — don't have the guts to take on secondhand smoke discriminating against disabled people because they're beholden to the Big Tobacco companies. They also seem to prefer criminals who happen to be belligerent smokers and drug addicts — like Robin Jansen, Rory Lachica, Craig Akey and Tania Story — over law abiding disabled people who live in the housing of last resort because they're poor and disabled.
I suppose Mari Tustin's money has not only bought off HUD, CalHFA, CTCAC, and the City of Santa Cruz — but as I have read on the Internet — state and federal legislators too. Scandalous!
This is newsworthy!

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