Saturday, December 21, 2013

Justice for Andy Lopez! observations from Ed. A.

Ed. A. is a respected organizer for Human Rights, Dignity and Justice in Santa Rosa. What follows are his observations during the Justice for Andy Lopez! campaign. He writes, "we're in a battle for credibility with a group of people who are defending shooting a child 7 times!"

2013-12-06 observation from Ed A.:
let's keep in mind the main objective of the Lopez family (to put the cop in jail) as the board of supervisors, the DA, and the cops flood the media with articles about task forces, review boards, and parks. By the way, the Sheriff, the DA, and the mayor will all be putting people on the 'task force.'

2013-12-02 observation from Ed A.:
here's a picture of a cop with one hand on his gun and the other hand on his taser while standing behind two students who have their backs to him. Photo 2013-11-29 from "Pocho-one Fotography"

2013-12-01 observation from Ed A.:
There have been two pieces in the Press Democrat about Andy Lopez today. Both of them have shied away from the fact that students have taken leadership in organizing marches and that their main demand is to put Gelhaus in jail. One of the pieces was about how the students are not taking leadership but are instead being lead by adult agitators, a lie that can be very easily exposed by simply watching the videos of the last two marches, and one was about the possibility of making a park in Andy's name, which is not the primary demand of the Lopez family OR the students (though it is a secondary demand). The people in power are beginning to use the media as their tool to discredit the movement and distract people from its main objective and tactics.

2013-11-25 observation from Ed. A.:
(referencing "March 4 Andy nov 26,13 1:30" []) I have been involved in police accountability work for several years. Last Friday was a historic turning point for Santa Rosa. The students realized their power and escalated the march to a point where they quite literally risked their lives to confront the police who have been abusing them and their families for their whole lives. The same youth you see in the videos taking leadership are organizing a march for tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:30 in Courthouse Square. Let's follow their leadership and march behind them, in honor of Andy's mom who, at every opportunity that she gets to speak publicly, continues to urge the community to march in support (these last two marches have been in direct response to her speeches at the rosarios). It's been a month since a man murdered a 13 year old boy and he is still on paid vacation. They're hoping they can stall until we give up and are forced to forget and go on with our lives. The youth are showing them that they are not going to forget any time soon.

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