Wednesday, December 4, 2013

44th Anniversary of the Gov't. Murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark

2013-12-05 from Mary Moore in Sonoma county:
Yesterday [Dec. 4, 2013] was an anniversary that should not go unnoticed so I am sending this on...
I remember that day very well as the police raided many of the BPP locations across the country. In Los Angeles where I lived at the time, we went down shortly after the raid there and tear gas was still strongly in the air and the bullet holes were all going in not out. It was a coordinated attack on several locations and now a movie has been made about it all. This is the kind of history lesson that our kids and grand kids should be getting.

Fred Hampton interview with Nancy Lockhart, M.J. [] []

(Chicago, Illinois) –December 4, 2013 --The annual International Revolutionary Day (IRD) commemorating the life of Chairman Fred Hampton, Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party will begin at 12:00 noon with filming a reenactment of the historical Panther led people's procession when people convened from all the world December 4, 1969 to see for themselves what really happened at the "Massacre on Monroe". On this date 44 years ago, two Black Panther Party leaders were assassinated by the U.S. government and the Chicago Police Department.

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