Saturday, December 21, 2013

Andy's Youth demand Justice in Santa Rosa!

Andy's Youth is a campaign created and lead by middle school and high school students in Sonoma County who have been organizing to get justice for their friend Andy Lopez!
Campaign Contact: Nicole Guerra [] [707-694-4982]
Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! [link]
Solidarity against the repression of community organizers in Santa Rosa! [link]

2013-12-21 Letter from Andy's Youth to the Sonoma County Sheriff:
"To the Sheriff:
We have seen you at our marches laughing and trying to scare us. We’re really hurt and we miss Andy. What happened to him was not right. Many of us knew Andy as a little boy and actually lived in Moorland like him. This has not been easy for us, but our strength will last because we love Andy. The whole community has been hurt by the Andy Lopez incident.
We are shocked with what Erick Gelhaus did because it was not right for him to kill Andy. He was just a kid, not a criminal. Our community has been broken but it has also become stronger to get justice for Andy. It is sad to know that Andy Lopez was murdered, his life ended where he grew up. We hope Erick Gelhaus’s Christmas is ruined like how he ruined Andy’s family’s holidays.
We don’t believe that Gelhaus is hurt or traumatized by murdering Andy. Erick’s the one that made a mistake, we are the ones hurt by his actions. Also they should not be arresting Ramon, Louie, or David, they should be arresting Erick Gelhaus instead. We want him to be charged with murder.
[signed] Andy's Youth"

"Andy’s Youth Plan Return to Santa Rosa City Hall"
(this is an official statement from the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez concerning the intimidation and harassment   Andy's Youth has been standing up against, mentioned during their radio interview on KBBF on Wednesday night)
2013-12-19 press release from Andy's Youth:
Join the community Dec. 20th, 4pm at 100 Santa Rosa Ave.
We ask that people bring candles and wear white.
There will also be a community pot luck at Andy's Park in Moorland this Sunday afternoon, Dec. 22nd.

On Tuesday December 10th, Andy’s Youth and supporters attempted to peacefully enter the Santa Rosa City Council meeting. Andy’s Youth had organized young people from the ages of 10-25 to carry white crosses bearing the names and stories of the 56 Sonoma County victims who died in police related encounters since 2000. Our brother and young friend Andy Lopez was only the most recent. He was shot and killed by Sheriff Gelhaus on October 22nd.
This was the 10th protest since Andy’s murder – ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN PEACEFUL. At the door to the Council Chambers, a solid wall of police blocking the way met the protest. Despite announced plans to enter the Council meeting and silently make anger over Andy’s death known, the majority of Council members fled the chamber, which filled with police. The protesters eventually entered, but before leaving, the police arrested Ramon Cairo of the Sonoma County Brown Berets.
The march continued to the Sheriffs’ Department to demand that Ramon be set free. Roving squads of fully armed, riot baton wielding, gas mask hanging from belts, riot police holding back barking German Shepherds - like in history books during the Civil Rights Movement in the South met the protest.
Andy’s Youth may be young – BUT we will not be scared or intimidated by militarized police! Andy’s Youth is returning this Friday at 4pm to City Hall to make their voices heard once again. No quiet until there is Justice for Andy. JAIL GELHAUS NOW!
See "Andy Lopez march Dec. 10, 2013" video (from Wize Video) []

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