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Memorial gathering for Oscar Grant, January 1st, 2014

Oscar Grant 5th annual vigil/celebration
January 1st, 12 Noon, at Grant Station (Fruitvale BART Station)
For more information, visit []
Organized by the Oscar Grant Foundation [] []
All Families of Love one killed by Gun Violence, Please bring an 8x10 photo and Love one favorite color balloon to be release.
Come meet us at the Grant Station for the 5th annual vigil/celebration for Oscar Grant to be held on New Year’s Day at the Grant Station (Fruitvale BART Station).
Join the Oscar Grant family on this Day of Remembrance!...
* Family of murdered victims
* Artist
* Community Activist

LIVE Performances:
* Libation
* African-Native-Latino Ceremony
* Poetry, music, spoken word
* Candle lighting, Balloon Releasing
* Words of inspiration Min. Keith Muhammad
* RGB--Young Gifted and Black--Our Children

* Ryan Coogler -- Director of Fruitvale Station
* Skyler Jett -- Preforming "Peace is the Answer" []
* Taylor Burrise, []
* Sabel
* Rankin Scroo, []
* Kev Choice, []
* A.D.Burrise
* Jasiri X – Preforming []
* Ras Ceylon ", an emcee, educator and organizer bringing revolutionary music, a hip-hop meets reggae dynamic and explosively conscious lyrics."
* Sellassie Blackwell Lyrical, Positive Hip Hop. artist representing the Bay Area will be doing a tribute to Oscar Grant.
* And many more artist to be announced

1. We Are ALL STILL Oscar Grant
2. We should never forget
3. Release a balloon in the name of your Love one Killed
4. Come to embrace and Support all who have lost a Love one to Gun Violence
5. Show your Love to Oscar Grant daughter, Tatiana, now 8yrs old

Much Love from Tatiana and family of Oscar Grant, Hope to see you at the vigil!! "We Are All Still Oscar Grant".
There will be poetry, music, spoken word, candle lighting, Balloon releasing and speak out.
“Every tragedy represents an opportunity to move the agenda for justice forward.”
We cannot forget and will not forget what happen on January 1, 2009 at 2:11 am.
Join us in remembering and celebrating our martyr comrade brother, Oscar Grant.
His life was taken to remind us that We Are All Oscar Grant.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led to the resignation of Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led to the resignation of Bart Chief of Police, Chief Gee.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led to the resignation of Bart General Manager, Dorothy Dugger.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led to the resignation of police officer Johannes Mehserle.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led to the Department of Justice to open a investigation of Civil Rights violation against the Bart Police.
* It was the COMMUNITY that led the demonstration Downtown Oakland, making it known, "No Justice, No Peace".
* It was the COMMUNITY that joined with the ILWU Local 10 to shutdown l the ports in Northern California.
* It was the COMMUNITY that helped usher in the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals establishing that using stun guns without an imminent threat of harm is unreasonable.
* The COMMUNITY have made HISTORY, not VICTORY for the first time in 458 years of California History a officer was charged, arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison for killing a unarmed Black Man in the line of duty. Victory is when we have DESTROYED a racist criminal justice system and replaced with a true Freedom, Justice & Equality for ALL people!

ONYX Organizing Committee / 1Fam presents... 

Following Photos by Vivian Louise @ Oscar Grant 5th Year Memorial Vigil at Fruitvale BART  

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  1. In NYC we are fighting the reAPPOINTMENT of wiliam J Bratton as chief of Police. He created "Stop & Frisk". Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Oscar are the effects of his brand name. I stand with you tomorrow as I stood with you when the call 1st came out. fyi -