Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Announcing Public Meeting about City's new Community Benefits District (CBD) Ordinance!

2013-12-09 press release from Vallejo Councilwoman Marti Brown [marti@martibrown.com] [www.martibrown.com]:
Learn more about CBDs and how they can help improve our neighborhoods! Get Connected! Marco Li Mandri, an expert in Community Benefits Districts (CBDs), comes to Vallejo to discuss the City's new CBD ordinance, how it can benefit our neighborhoods and how you can form one!

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Joseph Room, JFK Library
Cost: No Charge

On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, Marco Li Mandri Chief Executive Administrator of the Little Italy Association of San Diego and President of New City America will discuss the City of Vallejo's recently established Community Benefits District (CBD) ordinance, what it means for Vallejo and how your neighborhood can establish one.
Mr. Li Mandri introduced CBDs to the State of California as the next phase of improvement districts and as a way to ensure additional neighborhood services and benefits in a time of declining city services across the nation.
"Cities are rapidly changing and so is how they can and do deliver services. City government no longer has the funding to provide the services that we expect and/or are accustomed to. If we want more, we're all going to have to pitch in and give a little more to create the quality of life we want and deserve," said Marco Li Mandri, President of New City America.
Across America, community members are discussing how to protect and preserve their primary assets. Those assets often include commercial properties, businesses and homes. As a result of these rising concerns, a new concept known as a "Community Benefit Districts" (CBD) has been introduced into many commercial and residential neighborhoods.
"For some time now, many cities have not provided the services and quality of life that most city dwellers want and deserve. Quite simply, they just don't have the means to provide the best and highest quality public services 100% of the time. But with CBDs, community members can change that and receive additional desired benefits by managing some of their own neighborhood services and assets," commented Councilwoman Marti Brown.
CBDs are a powerful tool that provide stakeholders with an independent community controlled financing mechanism to fund new improvements and ongoing neighborhood services. They allow stakeholders to leverage their city taxes and bring greater resources to their respective communities.
To learn more about CBDs and how your neighborhood might benefit from one, attend this public meeting:

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