Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Occupy Santa Claus!" (Sacramento) gives lump of coal to bad bankers at Chase Bank!


"CHASE BANKSTERS TARGETED: Occupy and Homeowners Sing 'Anti-Wall Street' Carols, and Occupy Santa will Deliver a 'Lump of Coal' to Chase Bank for Foreclosure Crimes"
2013-12-12 press release from "Occupy Santa Claus!":
SACRAMENTO -- An Occupy Santa Claus will deliver "a lump of coal" to Chase Bank at a protest Thursday/Dec. 12, and a "jailed bankster" will be booed and hissed at while the Occupy Carolers will sing "Anti-Wall Street" jingles" to the bank and its patrons.
The Holiday "fun" begins at 3 p.m. Thursday/Dec. 12 at the Chase Bank (1950 Arden/Ethan Way).
According to a statement by Occupy spokesperson Lisa Wuriu: "We will let the Chase Banksters know we believe they should go to jail. Santa Clause will be there to demand they are jailed. We will have a jailed bankster to be booed and hissed at - a lump of coal for him!
"Chase was recently fined  $13 billion for defrauding investors, including cities, counties, and pensions funds, by selling them "toxic" derivatives labeled as high quality investments.  Incredibly, more than half of this fine will be tax deductible, meaning taxpayers are picking up much of the tab for Chase's crimes. What a sweet deal--do you or I get to deduct any of our fines from our taxes?
"Chase has a history of engaging in financial fraud.  The European Commission recently fined Chase for collaborating with other banks to manipulate the  benchmark interest rate to their benefit. In September, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Chase to refund $309 million to customers for illegal credit card practices. Last summer the bank paid $410 million to settle a case for manipulating energy markets in California.
"It seems that fines do nothing to deter Chase from pursuing fraudulent schemes.  That's why we're demanding criminal investigations and jail time for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and other Chase executives.  Maybe if Wall Street saw Jamie Dimon trading his pinstripes for jail stripes, they'd stop looking for ways to defraud customers, investors, homeowners, anyone they do business with."

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