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Solidarity against the repression of a community in Santa Rosa!

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! [linkHands off David Douglass! [link
Hands off
Ramon Cairo!
[linkHands off Louie Godoy! [link]
Hands off Jose!
[link] Hands off Andy's Youth! [link]
A pig slams an activist (David Douglass of BAMN) with the "Justice For Andy Lopez!" campaign in Santa Rosa, during an action where outraged community residents marched in the streets! This brother was arrested, and close to 10 cited. These kids got courage, baby, for realz! March for Justice!
PS: The people are leading a NON-VIOLENT MOVEMENT, aside from the Police terrorism of organizers and participants! (Photograph from "Pocho-one Fotography" []):

“S.R.P.D. Harassing & intimidating Andy Lopez young organizers”,
2014-01-14 posted by "WizeVideo" []: Santa Rosa police, Gang Task Force and Sonoma County Sheriffs harassing & intimidating Andy Lopez young organizers.

Law enforcement has been carrying a vicious and intimidating series of attacks and harassment against many of those seeking justice for the Lopez family. This is final draft of statement about police intimidation is being released 2014-01-14 by the Andy Lopez Organizing Committee (ALOC).
The JUSTICE COALITION for ANDY LOPEZ in Sonoma County, CA. is charging the Sonoma County Sheriff Dept. (and related law enforcement) of harassment and intimidation of some of the local youth in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa who all happened to be active in this coalition.. This harassment began two days after a very large and outspoken crowd held a protest at the Sonoma County Bd. of Supervisors on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Among one of the charges alleged was that one of the young men arrested had threatened the son of one of the supervisors. That can easily be proven to be untrue by a simple viewing of the video tape from that meeting. Please review the facts below:

November 26, 2013- mass ticketing of protestors (video)
December 3, 2013- physical assaults by police against several protestors at Ravitch event (video)
December 10, 2013- retaliatory arrests of Ramon Cairo and Jose Luis Godoy (video)
January 8, 2014- Harassment at Ramon Cairo’s court hearing.
January 9, 2014-Harassment by deputies at Jose Godoy’s court hearing.
January 9, 2014- False/retaliatory imprisonment of kids. False/retaliatory arrest of Jose.
January 10, 2014-At midnight, three detectives go to Jose and Ramon’s homes to question them about alleged death threats against David Rabbit at 1-7-14 BOS protest. (video)

Wednesday – January 8 – Harassment at Ramon’s court appearance -
-10+ Sheriff’s deputies there to intimidate Ramon and his supporters.
-While inside the Courtroom, Carla, a Ramon supporter, was repeatedly harassed by sheriff’s deputies. Deputies ordered Carla to "move" her walker out of the handicap area.
-Jose Luis Godoy, another Ramon supporter got up to assist Carla, but was told by Deputy Lupton to sit down. When Jose made a comment about Lupton not assisting Carla, Jose was physically pushed out of the Courtroom and repeatedly pushed by Deputy Lupton as he walked down the courthouse stairs, while several other deputies followed. Outside the security gates Deputy Lupton taunted Jose by calling him a “little kid”(video).

Thursday – January 9 – Harassment at Jose’s court appearance -
-At the Courthouse entrance, 10 law enforcement officials were present (3 courthouse security officers, 3 Sheriff’s deputies and 4 probation officers) (video).
-Prior to entering Mr. Godoy’s hearing, Alicia Roman overheard Deputy Lupton say to another officer, “there he is in the red shirt” referring to Jose. (video- Lupton lapel).
-Inside the courtroom, there were 3 sheriff’s deputies in the front, 2 in the back, and 6 deputies outside the courtroom.
- At the conclusion of Mr. Godoy’s hearing, deputies followed Jose, Andy’s Youth, and other supporters out to the main entrance.
-Next, Mr. Godoy drove up to the Courthouse steps to pick up the kids. Attorney Alicia had returned to the security area to pick up her DL/Bar card and saw Lupton and other deputies observing Jose’s Suburban with its two "Justice for Andy" bumper stickers in the back. (video).
-Deputy Mana called Lisbet out by name and said, "I'll see you later Lisbeth.”

Thursday –1-9-14-Evening - Andy’s Youth detained by deputies at gunpoint, cuffed for 3 hours -
At approximately 5:40 p.m. the kids (ages 13-17) were returning from getting supplies to make signs (for their upcoming Andy’s Youth rummage sale). Jose and the kids had taken their poster boards and markers out of the suburban and were walking toward Lisbet's house when they turned to look back because they sensed a fast approaching vehicle. Upon turning around the kids and Mr. Godoy were blinded by bright lights and ordered by deputies who had their guns and shot-guns drawn (some have said pointed in the direction of the children's heads) to put their hands up and get face-down on the street, the kids fearing for their life immediately complied. Thereafter several dozen more deputies with their guns arrived while a helicopter hovered overhead. The second squad car on the scene was none other than Deputy Lupton who was seen stalking and harassing Jose at the Courthouse that same day and the day before. The parents of some of the children went outside, but with guns pointed at them were warned to stay back. Several neighbors said they had guns pointed at them as well and were warned to stay indoors or they risked being shot. While on the ground the youth pleaded with the deputies to stop choking Mr. Godoy because he was struggling to catch his breath. When the kids asked why the deputies had handcuffed them, they were told "We're looking for a dead body in the car." While still handcuffed, the deputies took the kids photos and told them that they were now on “gang terms”. The 13 year old boy was forced to submit to a breathalyzer. It is also reported that a gun was held to a child's head. In addition, it is reported that one of the young women forced to lie down on her stomach was pregnant, even though the deputies were informed of this.
At about 6:45 p.m. attorney Alicia arrived at the scene and heard a deputy tell one of the parents that, "Jose’s suburban was involved in a brandishing incident with a handgun". When Alicia asked, "Did you find a gun?” the deputy stared at her and moments later said “pardon me”. Alicia repeated her question and the officer said I don’t even know who you are and refused to answer the question. The alleged “gun” was a staple gun that the children intended to use to put up flyers for the rummage sale. Jose was arrested for allegedly brandishing a weapon, plus other bogus charges.
The kids wrists were red and bruised from tight cuffs. The next day they needed medication and ice packs for the pain to their wrists, neck, chest and back.

Friday/Saturday midnight – Jose and Ramon “investigated” by deputies -
At midnight, one day after being falsely arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun, three deputies went to Jose’s house. They said they were there to talk to Jose about alleged death threats made against Supervisor David Rabbit at the January 7, 2014, Board of Supervisors meeting. The same deputies paid a similar visit to Ramon’s house immediately after leaving Mr. Godoy’s house. The investigating deputies were: Detective Jeff Tony, Detective Brandon Cutting, Detective Brandon Austin. Their supervisor is Sergeant Shannon McLavin.

Conclusion: The above incidents were clearly in retaliation for being part of the Andy Lopez protests, including being Ramon and Jose supporters, and because Deputy Lupton was upset over what he himself said was “name calling” by Jose. There is no excuse for pointing guns at children who are carrying markers and poster boards. If Deputy Lupton can’t handle “name calling” he should not be assigned to the protests. “The First Amendment requires that officers and municipalities respond with restraint in the face of verbal challenges to police action...” City of Houston v. Hill (1987) 482 U.S. 451 at pp. 471-472. A properly trained officer is expected to exercise a higher degree of restraint than an average citizen, this Mr. Lupton clearly is unable to do.

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