Saturday, July 20, 2013

The "Jesus Protesters" and the Victory Outreach Church of Vallejo

Yes, I've witnessed the "Jesus protesters", on two different occasions. The first time was July 14th, and one of the chanters of the name Jesus passed us a card while we were pulled-up at a red light. While appearing like "protesters" with picket-signs and a bull-horn guy, what they are really doing is the Victory Outreach with Evangelist Mando Gonzalez jr. 
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Here's what Dr.G. observed: 
Sunday, 2013-07-14-1620, Sonoma blvd. at Tennessee st., @420 Victory Outreach picket on all four corners of intersection, w/ "Jesus loves" signs, chants of “Jesus!” by one, repeated by all. Pastor Mando at megaphone ministering.
Thursday, 2013-07-18-1900, Broadway st., Mando, by himself, with mega-phone ministering at corner of the Paleteria Michoacana and Tapatia market

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