Saturday, July 13, 2013

Threats against The Holdout in Oakland

The following press statement was issued from the email address used for announcements organized by  "The Holdout", a respected community organizing center in Oakland. It is being re-posted because, despite being anonymous, it is from a reputable organization and not an individual. If found to be disinformation, this post will be unplugged. 

2013-07-13 message from "The Holdout"
Hey folks,
I'm writing this to address a few incidents.
Around 2:30 a realtor had shown up, escorted by a man who had copies of all the outdoor keys. He said that it was stated in the lease that he was allowed entry to all areas. When he was told that we would prefer he didn't enter because there were private events going on, he stated that he would call the landlord and allow a 24-hour notice in the future, as stated in the lease.
During that same day, there was an individual that had passed out in front of the window. Someone called the paramedics to assist, and with them came the fire department. While they were checking on the person, the captain of the crew walked in and stated that he was the fire inspector. When he entered he looked around the front for a few minutes, and asked why the bathroom was closed. The bathroom was locked due to the bay peace class going on in the back, we didn't think it would be appropriate to have the restrooms open; so no one would be disturbing the class. He had also stated that he was told that the person had gotten sick because they were unable to use the restroom. He then left, we were under the assumption that he could be there.
The police shortly followed, but did not get out of their vehicle. We closed the doors until they had left.

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