Saturday, July 6, 2013

Decrypting Santa Cruz "Public Safety" mythology against the homeless

Defend those without homes! campaign page [link]
Santa Cruz is attacking houseless people [link]

2013-07-06 "The Problem with All These Homeless People is..."
...they lack homes. They ain't got housing. They have no legal place to operate from with dignity and privacy. They have been forced--most of them--into a furtive 3rd class citizen existence. Instead of respect, they get suspicion, blame, and abuse.

Contrary to the latest Santa Cruz "Public Safety" mythology, it's not that
...Santa Cruz is a "magnet" with its homeless-hostile laws;
...that the meager services (which really don't include shelter--except for 5% of the homeless) are too welcoming;
... that the homeless are addicts, alcoholics, and crazies who would naturally become homeless (the majority of homeless people are women, children, and vets)
... that homeless people "flock" to Santa Cruz because of its reputation for "easy life" (though the climate--like all coastal cities--beats Fresno, and many have roots here or are aware of the continuing cultural residue of a counter-culture here)
 ...that homeless people are producing a "crime wave"--as Deputy-Chief "Clatterbox" Clark repeatedly pronounces (unless you regard survival sleeping, sitting next to a building, peacefully asking for spare change, or drinking a beer in an out of the way place as being "crimes"--which Clark does; he should know, his SCPD got city Council to define these behaviors as "criminal".)
I'm hearing that the broader housed and tourist community got a graphic taste of the Police State at 10 PM on July 4th when massive lines of cops began "rolling up" the previously public space. All for our own security--of course.
Housing, work, and safety net repair for the disabled are the most immediate needs of the homeless population, say I.

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