Thursday, July 4, 2013

2nd Amendment: Right to Defend the Community against Tyranny

Individuals who proclaim that a right to bear arms enables the individual to own military grade weaponry is not acting as a member of a militia, but instead as a vigilante.
New Yorker cartoon: “For a militia, he’s not very well regulated.” 

The USA's economic dictators have disarmed the working-class and the captive nations ever since the founding of the USA for the sake of protecting the imbalance of the market as dominated by the capitalist regime. As a means of distraction, capitalists will claim "Communists want to take your guns"! This idea, repeated often in monopolist news media directed at the "conservative" tendency among the USA electorate, is a distraction that serves to censor the historical examples of successful overthrow of capitalist dictatorships by a communist party, and to demonize an ideology that is in opposition to that which is guiding the current militia movement of the USA in their attacks against union organizers and human-rights advocates, because "those are the communists!"

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