Monday, July 22, 2013

Blow the Whistle on Bad Foreclosures! Occupy Sacramento and Bank of America!

"Homeowners, Oak Park Community and Occupy Anti-Foreclosure Activists Shut Down and Disrupt Bank of America Saturday, and 'Blow the Whistle' for 'Foreclosure Crimes'"
2013-07-22 from Lisa Wuriu, cell phone
VIDEO: Sacramento Anti-Foreclosure Activists Clash with Bank of America Security:
SACRAMENTO (Saturday/July 20) --
Dozens of homeowners, Oak Park Community and Occupy anti-foreclosure activists closed down and disrupted all business at a Bank of America branch in Sacramento Saturday (3810 Broadway) to "blow the whistle" on the bank's foreclosure crimes, especially in communities of color.
Activists and flak-jacketed Bank of America security clashed at the bank entrance shortly about 10:45 a.m. One activist was pushed to the ground by security and was injured. The protest lasted until nearly 1 p.m., the bank's closing. All bank business was turned away because of the protest at the entrance.
A half dozen city police squad cars and officers were on the scene.
Activists used the parking lot to play super-sized game of "Foreclosure Monopoly," using the "Monopoly" theme to show how Bank of America rigged the foreclosure game against homeowners who simply want to negotiate an affordable mortgage payment.

Occupy Sacramento, ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), and homeowners  join forces to blow the whistle on Bank of America's foreclosure crimes, and demand justice for BOA homeowners who lost their homes, criminal prosecution of BOA officials, and a moratorium on foreclosures.
Last month, BOA employee "whistleblowers" revealed, in sworn statements to a federal court in Massachusetts, that bank managers bribed employees with gift cards and cash bonuses to lie to struggling homeowners seeking modifications. Employees were told to falsify information, "lose" documents, lie to homeowners and Treasury officials--whatever it took to boost foreclosure rates. Why? Because banks make a lot of money in fees from "servicing" foreclosed homes, and often lose money on modifications.
New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced in May that he plans to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo for violating standards for processing mortgage modifications from homeowners. "Recent reports from Bank of America whistleblowers that the bank actually encouraged improper delays of modification applications are also deeply disturbing, and reinforce our concern that these banks are flouting their legal obligations under the settlement," Schneiderman said.

Quotes from BofA whistleblowers -
"During my time at Bank of America, I saw well over a hundred cases in which a Bank of America "analyst" cancelled loan modifications and stated non payment as reason for the cancellation when it was apparent from the computer system that the homeowner had actually made all the required payments." (/Erika Brown, former BOA employee)...../
"I was often instructed to give borrowers misinformation about the status of a modification application . . . I was also told to tell borrowers that their applications were incomplete because Bank of America did not have all of the required documentation even when I could tell that all the documentation was in Bank of America's system." /(Recorda Simon, former BOA employee)

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