Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Facebook abolishes Steven Argue, a targeted message for intimidation, and gauge public support

Co-incident with the ongoing Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz [link], is the targeted attacks against advocates for Human Rights & Liberation, needless to say of the ongoing war against the under-classes.
As for the current attack against revolutionary socialist theoretician Steven Argue, it coincides with his recent article about the context to Trayvon Martin. Steven's writings are among the best critiques about local manifestations of fascism found by the proprietor of the Northbay Uprising's news archive. And dozens of people in itty-bitty Santa Cruz feel an attempt of intimidation against him is an attack on all.
What support shown was, of course, cataloged by the DHS (God Bless The USA!), who, with their private interest in Facebook, pulls-off these un-recorded scenarios against all types of political speech, mainly against "leftists" advocating for a change in government locally or state-wide.

2013-07-17 "Is Steven Argue in Good Shape?" 
from "Whatsupic" []:
According to Wikipedia, Steven Argue is a former leader of the socialist California Peace and Freedom Party. He split from that group citing opposition to their support for the capitalist Democratic Party (United States) and Green Party (United States) in local elections as well as differences on the issue of the UN in Iraq. Steven Argue said no to any kind of occupation of Iraq, putting forward the slogan “US Out, UN Stay Out”, while Peace and Freedom Party State Chair, Kevin Akin, argued that the issue was not so simple. He is also active in social networks with specific interest on Facebook.
Today (Wednesday) his friends are worried what has happened to him. RT SP says: "Facebook has very suddenly shutdown the account of Steven Argue and deleted all of ho[i]s posts." After many news heard about activists on the web like Aaron Swartz, friends are worried about his destiny.

RT SP one of his friends says Steven is doing fine. He hasn't been dragged away. He provides the following to uncover what has happened:

The following is Steven Argue's response to the politically targeted censorship, written July 17th:
I'm back.
Facebook shut down my account for a little over a day. The reason Facebook gave for closing my account was that they supposedly thought the account wasn't mine. They had absolutely no reason to think this and gave no warning in shutting down my account.
To get my account back, they made me submit a photo of my drivers license. In talking to another activist who had the same thing done to him, it was thought my account may be reopened in a couple weeks. It looks like a whole lot of complaining may have paid off.
While my account was shut down my articles were not visible. A two week shutdown would have effectively censored my current articles from Facebook. As it was, my current Trayvon Martin article was not visible for an entire day.
One thing that was revealed by the Edward Snowden leaks is that the NSA and Facebook work closely together in illegal operations against the American people. My hunch would be that the NSA doesn't like my articles. Sometimes the powers that be prefer somewhat obvious harassment over a full frontal attack.
End Facebook's Work With The NSA!
End Face book's Harrassment of Activists!
End Obama's Illegal Spying on the American People!
End the Obama Witch Hunt Against Edward Snowden!
-Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency
Here is the article Facebook made invisible for a day: "Justice for Trayvon Martin! There is No Justice in The Capitalist Courts!" []

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