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Trayvon Martin "Riots" in Oakland likely instigated by professional provocateurs

The objective of the DHS when it concerns domestic dissent is to implement the measures of the 2003 Patriot Act (and it's successive acts) which define most forms of political dissent as "low-level terrorism". The monopolized media is centralized and has many clandestine agents producing propaganda according to the dictates of the DHS. Thus, acts of rebellion by a dozen or less people are used to conflate EVERY PROTESTER into the category of "low-level terrorist" in the minds of the "informed public" who watch the news or read a monopolized newspaper...  like this example here which shows the regular people, doing their thing for justice, above a peculiarly concise headline:

And, predictably, the incidents are used to arouse public sentiment in favor for more money and military equipment for the police, and, ironically, public support for the police means less sympathy for those suffering Human Rights abuse.
From 2013-07-17 "San Francisco Chronicle" online []:

Many of the those who engaged in acts of rebellion against their local branch of fascism came from a highly visible circle waving the Red & Black flag, which usually represents the Anarco-Communist networks, although not a single of these networks have produced a public statement explaining the political reasoning of their acts of rebellion, a surprising denial of publicity for their message. 

2013-07-14 "Protesters set fires and tag Oakland businesses" 
by Henry K. Lee and Vivian Ho from "San Francisco Chronicle" []:
(07-14) 00:25 PDT OAKLAND -- Protesters marched through the streets of San Francisco and Oakland on Saturday evening, upset at the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.
In San Francisco, demonstrators marched through the Mission District after gathering at the 24th Street Mission BART Station. Hundreds marched down Valencia Street, chanting "Justice for Trayvon Martin."
The crowd dispersed peacefully, and officers will "maintain a presence in the Mission District for the time being," said San Francisco police Officer Gordon Shyy, a department spokesman. Another protest was scheduled for 4 p.m. Sunday at Powell and Market streets.
Across the bay in Oakland, however, about 125 protesters gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall before marching through downtown, starting small fires and smashing windows at the Wells Fargo Bank at 12th Street and Broadway and at several locations, including the Dogwood Bar, the Oakland Tribune and the Sears store.
A BART police car parked outside the 12th Street BART Station had its windows smashed, and protesters spray-painted "F- the police" and "Kill Pigs" on the side of the vehicle.
About 11:30 p.m., Oakland police formed a skirmish line near their headquarters at 7th Street and Broadway and came face-to-face with protesters. Argus, the police helicopter, was monitoring the crowd from above.
The crowd later moved away from the intersection and headed east on 14th Street, stopping at a McDonald's restaurant shortly after midnight to burn several flags and to spray-paint "Kill Zimmerman" and "FTP," an anti-police epithet, on the side of Alameda County's Rene C. Davidson Courthouse.

(Photo: Jane Tyska from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link]. Original caption "Workers board up windows at Flora restaurant in downtown Oakland, Calif., early Sunday, July 14, 2013, following protests after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the 2012 shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Protesters angered by the acquittal Zimmerman held largely peaceful demonstrations in three California cities, but broke windows and started small street fires Oakland, police said.")

Burning a flag outside McDonald is not hazardous to your health, and enables the message to be pushed forward! THIS IS NOT AMERICA, This is Liberated Oakland! (Photo: Anda Chu from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])

Burning trashcans is hazardous because of the extreme concentration of flammable items. (Photo: Anda Chu from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])

(Photo: Anda Chu from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])

(Photo: Jane Tyska from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])

Police stand guard against their enemy, the People protesting against their practice of extra-judicial murder, illegal search & seizure, unwarranted kidnappings and extortions. (Photo: Ian C. Bates, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])
(Photo: Anda Chu from Bay Area News Group, Posted at 2013-07-15 "Protests in S.F., Oakland over Zimmerman verdict", "San Francisco Chronicle" [link])

2013-07-13 "Acts of Violence Mar Oakland Zimmerman Protest"
by Breitbart News []: A few acts of violence broke out at protests in Oakland over the George Zimmerman acquittal in the Trayvon Martin trial, with ralliers smashing windows and marching down the street carrying a poster reading: “F--- THE POLICE” and “VENGEANCE.” They also smashed the windows on a police car and spray painted a Wells Fargo:

2013-07-13 Twitpic from @deboraktvu []:

2013-07-13 Twitpic from Susie Cagle []:

2013-07-14 "Oakland Riots Reported After Trayvon Protests [Breaking]"

In California, Oakland riots have been reported after the Trayvon Martin verdict was handed down earlier this evening in a Florida courtroom.
While several false alarms sounded earlier on Twitter, Oakland riots reports on Twitter appear to be the first confirmed instance of civil unrest following the late-night decision in Seminole County.
Twitter user @HarryElephante tweets that the reported Oakland riots are not in fact riots, and just small outbreaks of vandalism during a protest, saying: "There is no “rioting” in #Oakland. There is a small march. A couple of people broke the windows of a car. That isn’t a riot. #Zimmerman"
User ‏@lexxluthaa adds: “Protests are nothing but peaceful, don’t believe the hype #Oakland
Another user reports that Oakland unrest reports are not protestors from Trayvon Martin rallies, saying white “college kids” have been the ones rioting in small numbers: "The people tearing up stuff in downtown oakland just now are not brown." — Juicy J Crillz (@jcrillz) July 14, 2013
"Minimal vandalism spotted so far. Some graffiti and the window at Dogwood. Heading farther down Telegraph soon." — Juicy J Crillz (@jcrillz) July 14, 2013
Another user makes the same claim, that Trayvon Martin protesters are not to blame for Oakland riots reports: "@RADIOTALK101 Hardly any. So far, in Oakland anyway, it looks like white kids starting trouble just for the hell of it…" — Jami (@Jami_USA) July 14, 2013
A livestream from Oakland does not appear to show riots, and footage streaming currently shows little street activity in the location filmed. Users on Twitter are sharing purported images out of Oakland, with some indicating property may have been damaged. It is not clear whether the damage shown is related to Trayvon Martin protests, however.

2013-07-16 "Youth Radio Continues Coverage After Vandalism":
Last night, amidst protests of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case, two wall-sized windows of Youth Radio's downtown Oakland headquarters were smashed, along with the windows of a few other businesses in the area.
Youth Radio journalists are continuing to cover the verdict and its repercussions, producing stories for local and national outlets. And our educators are gearing up for our summer classes, which start today. Moving forward, young people will continue to engage, inform, and challenge us, through their journalism, their learning, and their teaching.
For instance, Youth Radio's Myles Bess shares his perspective on what it's like coming of age in the context of cases like Trayvon Martin's with community leader and YR board member Arnold Perkins. The piece aired on NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon. Click here to listen. (2013-07-16 "Coming Of Age In The Era Of Oscar Grant And Trayvon Martin" by Myles Bess [])
Throughout this time, the support from Youth Radio's local community and national network has been tremendous. We are inspired by our community's ability to come together in the service of the young people we serve-young people like Trayvon. Our building is a place where youth come to learn, grow and make their voices heard. Thank you for helping us to uphold that safe space.
Young people record their reaction to the vandalism. Watch the video here. Photo: Youth Radio.

2013-07-16 "Youth Radio Continues Coverage Despite Broken Windows" []

2013-07-24 "Evidence Mounts Agent Provocateurs Used by Brazilian Police Demonstrators say police infiltrator threw the molotov cocktail used to justify severe police violence"
by Sarah Lazare from " Common Dreams" []:
Police sent infiltrators and agent provocateurs into crowds of protesters in Rio de Janeiro Monday—the first day of the Pope's visit to Brazil— as extensive video footage and witness testimony strongly suggests [].
One of the two suspected infiltrators captured on film may have thrown the Molotov cocktail that was used as pretext for police to charge on hundreds of demonstrators with water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets and attack protesters and journalists alike with blunt force objects [].
Military police released a video shortly after the police crackdown, allegedly showing that the repression was a direct response to protesters' violence []. Yet, the video was mysteriously removed when photo and video evidence emerged suggesting that the person pictured throwing the Molotov cocktail, and his associate, were police officers.
The Lede blog of the New York Times compiles extensive video evidence from journalists and demonstrators that suggests the presence of at least two police infiltrators [].
One clip, recorded by a witness, shows, "the two men were briefly stopped by a uniformed officer who seemed to take them for protesters before one of them pulled out some form of identification and said, “It’s the police, dude.”" the Lede reports. The footage can be seen here:
While the Lede says there is "little doubt" that video evidence shows at least two infiltrators, it claims there is insufficient evidence to prove that the Molotov cocktail was thrown by one of them. However, Brazilian activists compiled evidence they say shows that the Molotov thrower was an agent provocateur, including an annotated video by a Brazilian blogger [].
Police appeared to target journalists and videographers who were recording Monday's events, bludgeoning the head of an AFP photographer [] and arresting at least two journalists with the Midia Ninja media collective [].
In an online statement, one of the Midia Ninja journalists who was arrested said that protesters rallied outside of the police station to support those on the inside, and the outpouring of solidarity left him "with the confidence that tomorrow will be greater."
Demonstrators were protesting the $53 million allocated towards funding the Pope's visit at a time when public services are being gutted and unemployment and poverty plaguing the country.
Mass mobilizations throughout Brazil—touched off by a March bus fare hike that swelled anger about diversion of public resources towards mass spectacles, like soccer matches and Pope visits, rather than vital services—have been met with severe police violence, and images of gas attacks on unarmed protesters have gone viral [].
The tactic of sending police agent provocateurs into protests and communities to justify repression and violence is employed by police departments across the world, and is prevalent in the US [].

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