Saturday, July 13, 2013

Psyop Files: Under the Blood of Yahshua ∞

A love letter from Joshua-Brett Shanholtz [], which appears to have been sent in response to the recent coverage we gave for Bohemian Grove last week.
What is co-incidental is that the message incorporates the infinity symbol (not a normally utilized symbol by Christians) and quote ("written already written"), both used by a science-fiction series "Caprica", and stranger is that this show (currently being watched by the Northbay Uprising Radio's Dr.G. & MisD on Netflix, before we received this message) uses
the symbol for the Soldiers of The One [link], a cell of "God-fearing terrorists", as reviewed in "Gods and Terrorism: A Review of SyFy’s Caprica" by Sharon K. Gilbert [].
Just a coincidence, but for the record, the purpose to the message from Joshua was to link to this:
"Bohemian Grove Exposed!" []

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  1. I am Joshua Shanholtz.. The two witnesses are coming to kill you.