Monday, July 1, 2013

John Colby of Santa Cruz issues CPRA request for info on individuals/organizations engaged in Human Rights abuse in The City of Santa Cruz

John Colby's Freedom of Information Campaign against Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz [link]
* Santa Cruz retaliates against Human Rights advocate John Colby [link]
* Human Rights abuse in itty-bitty Santa Cruz [link

2013-07-01 "CPRA request for written communications about individuals/organizations with The City of Santa Cruz"
message by John E. Colby to Bren Lehr, Santa Cruz City Clerk Administrator [809 Center Street, Room 9, Santa Cruz "CPRA request for written communications about individuals/organizations with The City of Santa Cruz"
message by John E. Colby to Bren Lehr, Santa Cruz City Clerk Administrator [809 Center Street, Room 9, Santa Cruz, California 95060]:
Dear Ms. Lehr:
I am writing to assist the government in protecting my civil rights.
Under rights granted me by the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I am requesting all electronic and non-electronic written communications about, pertaining to or referring to the following individuals and organizations from January 01, 2010 to the present day, July 01, 2013.
* Mari Tustin
* Pamela Comstock
* Peck Comstock
* Austin Comstock
* Craig Comstock
* Judith Comstock
* Susan Comstock
* Tracy Comstock
* Nathan Benjamin
* Caleb Baskin
* David Baskin
* Jack Baskin
* Heather Babcock
* Claude Babcock
* Curtiss Babcock
* Beverly Lorenz
* James Lorenz
* Analicia Cube
* Analicia Lesnowicz
* Edward Lesnowicz
* Mary Lesnowicz
* Mathew Lesnowicz
* Emmanuel "Dexter" Cube
* Zachary Wormhoudt
* George William Church
* Ken Collins
* TJ Magallanes
* Jeremy Leonard
* John Robinson
* Don Roland
* Julie Schaul
* Deborah Elston
* J.D. Sotelo
* Santa Cruz Neighbors, Inc.
* Mc Pageant, Inc.
* Downtown Management Corporation of Santa Cruz
* Baskin and Grant, LLP
* Comstock, Thompson, Kontz & Brenner

The City of Santa Cruz employees and officials whose written communications I would like copies of are:
* Ryan Coonerty, former Mayor and City Council member
* Cynthia Mathews, former Mayor and City Council member
* Mike Rotkin, former Mayor and former City Council member
* Don Lane, former Mayor and City Council member
* Katherine Beiers, former City Council member
* Hilary Bryant, Mayor and City Council member
* Tony Madrigal, former City Council member
* Lynn Robinson, Vice–Mayor and City Council member
* David Terrazas, City Council member
* Pamela Comstock, City Council member
* Micah Posner, City Council Member
* Tom Graves, former City Clerk
* Bren Lehr, City Clerk Administrator
* Nydia Patino, Records Coordinator
* John Barisone, City Attorney
* Susan Barisone, Assistant City Attorney
* Ciao Arellano, Deputy City Attorney
all Financial Department staff
* Martín Bernal, City Manager
* Tina Shull, Assistant to the City Manager
* Scott Collins, Assistant to the City Manager
* Suzanne Haberman, Administrative Assistant to the City Manager
* Richard Wilson, former City Manager
* Juliana Rebagliati, Director of Planning and Community Development
* Elizabeth Camarie, Office Manager
* Linda Gardner, Code Compliance Specialist
* Cassandra White, Code Compliance Specialist
* Jeff Trapp, Fire Chief
* Ron Oliver, former Fire Chief
* Mark Ramos, former Fire Division Chief
* Eric Aasen, Fire Division Chief
* Division Fire Marshal Parker
all Fire Department Marine Division Safety Staff
* EMS Battalion Chief Scott Vahradran
* Engineer and Fire Mechanic David Graff
* Firefighter Ryan Baker
* Firefighter Adam Phillips
* Firefighter Ryan van Kaathhoven
* Firefighter Jesse hardy
* Firefighter Daniel Vaggioli
* Fire Engineer Dave Graff
* Fire Engineer Ryan Reber
* Fire Engineer Josh Coleman
* Fire Engineer Cody Mulhy
* Fire Captain Dan Kline
* Fire Captain Al Jett
* Fire Captain Rob Young
* Carol Musich, Administrative Assistant
* Bonnie Lipscomb, Redevelopment Director
* Katherine Donovan, Redevelopment Manager
* Julie Hendee, Redevelopment Manager
* Kathryn L. Mintz, Redevelopment Finance Manager
* Carol Berg, Housing Manager
* Norm Daly, Housing Programs Coordinator
* Peter Koht, Economic Development Coordinator
* Jan Lemos, Office Manager
* J. Guevara, Management Analyst
* Joe Hall, Management Professional
* Kevin Vogel, Police Chief
* Rick Martinez, Deputy Police Chief
* Steve Clark, Deputy Police Chief
* Rudy Escalante, former Police Lieutenant
* Colleen McMahon–Sepulveda, former Police Lieutenant
* Dan Flippo, Police Lieutenant
* Patricia Husome, Police Records Manager
* Debbie Lentini, Police Records Supervisor
* Jacqueline Drechsler, Police Records Supervisor

As these records are of great public interest, since they will be made available to the news media being carbon copied, I ask you to waive any exemptions to disclosing these records.
I also ask you to waive all applicable fees (search, retrieval, redaction and duplication) in the public interest.

I ask:
* if you determine that any or all or the information qualifies for an exemption from disclosure, to note whether, as is normally the case under the Act, whether the exemption is discretionary, and if so whether it is necessary in this case to exercise your discretion to withhold the information.
* in case you decide that any of the information is exempt, please explain how the interest in not disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in disclosing it.
* if you determine that some but not all of the information is exempt from disclosure and that you intend to withhold it, that you redact it for the time being and make the rest available as requested.
* if there is any information in these records which is private and you decide it is exempt information, yet it is in an otherwise disclosable document, please segregate the private information by redacting it while providing me the rest of the unredacted record.
* if these documents are available in an electronic format such as standard audio and video formats, Portable Document Format (PDF), eXtensible Style Language (XLS), MS Word Document (DOC), Hypertext Markup (HTM), Rich Text Format (RTF), plain electronic text (TXT), native email formats — like AOL for Windows, Apple Mail, Claris Emailer, Compuserve, EML, Entourage, Eudora, Maildir, MBOX File, Mulberry, Neoplanet, Outlook, Outlook Express, Outspring, Powertalk, Quickmail Pro, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Archive! — or as links to the Internet that they be provided to me in one of those forms, preferably in their native form.

I am willing to pay a fee of up to $50 for this request. If you estimate the cost of completing this request will exceed that amount, please contact me first before completing it with a fee estimate, so that I may narrow it. If this request would entail special searches which would incur search fees to me, please contact me first with a fee estimate.
Thank you for fulfilling my CPRA request in order to assist the government to protect my civil rights.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this request, or named parties have been misspelled, please contact me.
Respectfully yours, [signed] John E. Colby, Ph.D.

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