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Protecting disabled houseless residents' ability to access the Homeless Service Center of Santa Cruz

John Colby's Freedom of Information Campaign against Human Rights abuse in Santa Cruz [link]
* Santa Cruz retaliates against Human Rights advocate John Colby [link]
* Human Rights abuse in itty-bitty Santa Cruz [link]

"CPRA request for "security enhancements", "Waiver Request" to CDBG program and communications about them"
2013-08-04 from John Colby to Dana McRae, County Counsel:
Dear County Counsel McRae,
I am writing to protect the civil rights of (disabled) homeless people who use the benefits of the Homeless Services Center (of Santa Cruz). I refer you to item #60 on the August 06, 2013 meeting agenda and minutes of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Use the link below to view it [], to quote: [begin excerpt]
Your Board approved a Supplemental Budget action to allow for a contribution from these CDBG Program Income funds for capital improvements at the Homeless Services Center, contingent upon the State's approval of this alternative use. This approval is obtained through the submission of a Waiver Request to HCD. The Waiver Request is to transfer $47,000 of the $141,065.00 Revolving Loan Account balance to fund a public facility project creating security enhancements at the Homeless Services Center (HSC). As your Board is aware, the HSC is a multi-agency campus that serves homeless individuals throughout the northern part of the County by providing day services, meals, employment support, County Clinic services as well as emergency shelter and transitional housing. The project would create a monitored single point of entry to the HSC campus by installing an electric vehicle and pedestrian gate that will be monitored by a security kiosk. By limiting entrance to the campus to clients who are receiving services, clients can more safely engage with the process to accelerate their pathway to permanent housing, treatment and stability. In addition, infrastructure 68CDBG Program Income Waiver Request improvements will be installed to transition the River Street pedestrian access point to an "exit only" turn-style gate. [end excerpt]

I question the legality of this proposal on the grounds that it will limit advocates for (disabled) homeless people, like me, access to my clients and the Homeless Services Center campus, violating their disability and Fair Housing rights. Moreover, I assert that it will likely limit access by disabled people to the Homeless Services Center campus.

Under rights granted me by the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I request:
* all reports, summaries, memoranda, maps, drawings, images, photographs and (recordings of) presentations about, pertaining to, or referring to the "security enhancements" at the Homeless Services Center proposed in item #60 of the August 06, 2013 meeting of the County Board of Supervisors.
the "Waiver Request" referred to in item #60 of the August 06, 2013 meeting of the County Board of Supervisors.
* the most current civil rights requirements of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award referred to in item #60 of the August 06, 2013 meeting of the County Board of Supervisors.
* all electronic and non-electronic written correspondence with the funding agencies for the subject CDBG award about, pertaining to, or referring to the "security enhancements" at the Homeless Services Center (of Santa Cruz) proposed in item #60 of the August 06, 2013 meeting of the County Board of Supervisors.

As these records are of great public interest, since they will be made available to the news media being carbon copied, I ask you to waive any exemptions to disclosing these records.
I also ask you to waive all applicable fees in the public interest. I ask you to waive any applicable search, retrieval and redaction fees, as well as applicable duplication costs.
I ask:
* if you determine that any or all or the information qualifies for an exemption from disclosure, to note whether, as is normally the case under the Act, whether the exemption is discretionary, and if so whether it is necessary in this case to exercise your discretion to withhold the information.
in case you decide that any of the information is exempt, please explain how the interest in not disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in disclosing it.
* if you determine that some but not all of the information is exempt from disclosure and that you intend to withhold it, that you redact it for the time being and make the rest available as requested.
* if there is any information in these records which is private and you decide it is exempt information, yet it is in an otherwise disclosable document, please segregate the private information by redacting it while providing me the rest of the unredacted record.
* if these documents are available in an electronic format such as standard audio, video and image formats, MS Power Point Presentation (PPT), Apple Keynote format, Portable Document Format (PDF), eXtensible Style Language (XLS), MS Word Document (DOC), Hypertext Markup (HTM), Rich Text Format (RTF), plain electronic text (TXT), native email formats — like AOL for Windows, Apple Mail, Claris Emailer, Compuserve, EML, Entourage, Eudora, Maildir, MBOX File, Mulberry, Neoplanet, Outlook, Outlook Express, Outspring, Powertalk, Quickmail Pro, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Archive! — or as hyperlinks to the Internet that they be provided to me in one of those forms, preferably in their native form.
I am willing to pay a fee of up to $25 for this request. If you estimate the cost of completing this request will exceed that amount, please contact me first before completing it with a fee estimate. If this request would entail special searches which would incur search fees to me, please contact me first with a fee estimate.

Thank you for your assistance in fulfilling my CPRA request to protect the civil rights of (disabled) homeless beneficiaries of the Homeless Services Center (of Santa Cruz), particularly regarding limiting access by disabled homeless people and their citizen advocates like me to the Homeless Services Center campus.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this request please contact me.
Respectfully yours, [signed] John E. Colby, Ph.D.

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