Friday, August 23, 2013

LA Port Truck Drivers Strike for their rights!

2013-08-23 "Tuesday: Rally for Justice With LA Port Truck Drivers"
announcement from "California Labor Federation Spotlight" newsletter:
Billions of dollars flow through U.S. ports daily, bringing extreme wealth to big box retail executives – but that prosperity is out of reach for port truck drivers, as many as 90% of whom are misclassified as “independent contract drivers.” These drivers are paid by the load at a rate that is negotiated between the employer and the owner of the cargo – retail giants like Ikea, WalMart, Home Depot, etc. – while drivers have no say in wages, benefits, or working conditions. And when they try to speak out for themselves and their co-workers, they’re usually met with extreme hostility from their employer.
Now, the port truck drivers are ratcheting up their fight for justice and the right to form a union free from retaliation and harrassment, and they need your support. Join them on Tuesday from 330pm to 530pm for a lively rally at Green Fleet Systems, 20500 S. Alameda St. in Carson.

Rally for JUSTICE at the Ports!

Workers across America all have one thing in common:
  WE are WORKING harder than ever but
Our economy is stalled out. Households in the middle have seen their income slashed relative to today’s cost of living, and the new jobs being created don’t pay enough for people to even make ends meet.
That’s why workers in Los Angeles and across the U.S. are rising up to demand a fair wage and the right to form a union - without retaliation.
For LA’s port truck drivers working at Green Fleet Systems, their effort to form a Union has met with fierce resistance and law-breaking action* by the boss.
Port truck drivers at Green Fleet and dozens of other companies are stepping up their fight for justice - and for a shot at the middle class.
*The regional office of the NLRB found merit to the drivers’ claims that Green Fleet violated Federal labor laws protecting workers’ right to form a union.

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