Friday, August 30, 2013

Fast Food Workers on Strike for Human Rights!

The Fast Food corporations, like the others in the service industry, are among the more fascist organizations in the USA. Their managers have done everything they can to disrupt any attempt by their workers to organize a union. The work environment is managed to create no long-term employment or stability, and creates stress on the job which leads to ill health in a short amount of time.
For many of us in the community, Fast Food restaurants, and similar service-industry jobs, are sometimes the only employment available. Men and women with dependents are forced to seek employment wherever it is offered, yet the Fast Food corporations willfully deny dignity and stability for these working class families. Instead, oftentimes, the managers (not the store managers, but the corporate managers and their board of directors) remain distant from the actual working environment, and choose to believe their own mythology that the majority of Fast Food workers are "teenagers working for a little bit of extra pocket money", and myth deeply rooted in corporate advertising which denies the basic humanity of all Fast Food workers.

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