Friday, May 1, 2009

Worker's Defense Committee

Support your right to work with your rights intact! For...
Labor Rights! Living Wage! Economic Liberty! 

The freedom of association, to redress grievances, and to freely form assemblies, is an inherent right commonly held in the Federal Constitution's 1st Amendment.

Archival materials for the Worker's Defense Committee
* "What Can Be Learned From the UAW's Defeat at Volkswagen?", 2014-02-26 [link]
* Domino's Pizza owners admit to wage theft (2014-03) [link]

Labor Power! Reasons to Fight for Human Rights! [link]
Organize a Labor Union! [link]
Solidarity for Fast Food Workers on Strike for Human Rights! [link]
* Organize a Community Union! [link]
Labor Unions need to separate from the Democrat Party [link]
Advocate for financial transactions' tax [link], no taxes for workers!
Time to Fight for Full Employment! [link], CCDS Statement
Advocate for Full Employment with a Livable Wage! [link]
Raise the Wage! [link]
Put an end to the violation of injured workers' rights by insurance companies [link]

Labor 411 [], a comprehensive listing of union-made products with more than 4,700 union products and services. Working people deserve the support of their neighbors, communities and friends. By making the choice to spend our money on union-made goods and services that are made in our country by workers who are treated fairly. Buying union means buying American. It means that every dollar you spend goes towards protecting working people by helping them to earn a livable wage in safe conditions, provide health care for their families and pursue the American promise of creating a better life for every future generation.
San Francisco Bay Area IWW []
United Worker's Congress []
Living Wage Coalition of San Francisco []
Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County []
Solidarity with Justice for Janitors in Sacramento []

Solidarity with Worker's Power! (An inspirational image from the Southern Workers Assembly)

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