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August 27th, 2015, Northbay Uprising radio news

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Spotlight from the Northbay Uprising Media Collective 

* "Wildfire: An Anarchist Prisoners Newsletter" issue 2, intro [], download a copy (.pdf) [].
The past months have seen a continuation of prison struggle in its many forms, as well as a blanket of repression from state forces against anarchist insurgency. As international attacks multiplied and the comrades remained steadfast, the Greek hunger strikers won many of their demands. At the same time, the Czech Republic unleashed Operation Phoenix in an effort to repress the struggle there, and the Spanish state continued its attacks against anarchists by initiating raids and arrests in Operation Piñata. Chilean comrades Nataly, Juan, Enrique, and Guillermo won many of their hunger strike demands; while elsewhere in Chile, the state continued its attacks on Tato and Javier, accused of burning a Transantiago bus. Sean Swain was held incommunicado for months and Marius Mason was thrown in solitary for a month. And just days ago, anarchist comrade Ignacio Muñoz Delgado was arrested in Chile by plainclothes cops, who say they found Ignacio with an explosive device and pamphlets expressing solidarity with comrades arrested for an arson attack on the Homicide Investigation Brigade. Hunger strikes from Greece to Chile to Alabama, widespread counter-attacks against repression, the ceaseless cadence of the anarchist war against power. We are disgusted by the state’s attempts to grind our comrades into dust, but we are strengthened by the beautiful flames of anarchy that cannot be contained by recuperation or prison walls.
We are excited to share the writings in this second issue of Wildfire, for their diversity and their incisiveness. We print texts from comrades previously unknown to us and from those we have struggled alongside for years. We print introductions, poetry, updates, and the first steps in a debate on prison strikes and reformism. Since we refuse any ideology that flattens the polymorphous nature of anarchist thought and practice, we print these very different texts with joy at each of their particularities.
We send our love to all anarchist combatants caught in the enemy’s dungeons!

Stories are reviewed and provided by Northbay MDS Committees and Affiliates

information collected by the  
[]to end the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW)[], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

* "Stop the U.S. Wars Abroad and At Home! UNAC Conference Calls for Coordinated National Actions October 2-11, 2015, and supports a range of other actions being organized throughout the country" [] [begin excerpt]:
Four hundred antiwar and social activists from 29 states and representing over 110 organizations spent the weekend of May 8-10 at a Secaucus, New Jersey national conference, with international guests from a score of countries, planning and preparing a series of local and national actions to keep our fighting movements in the streets.
The UNAC conference unanimously approved a broad and multi-faceted Action Plan aimed at engaging and uniting a broad range of groups in ongoing struggles against the seemingly never-ending wars across the globe and the deepening wars against working people, especially oppressed nationalities, at home. The theme of Black Lives Matter and the vibrant conference participation of anti-racist fighters across the country were integral to all of the conference proceedings. [end excerpt]

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space []


* "Edward Snowden's Statement to VFP Convention" (2015-08-13, []

For information on the proceedings, the Jurors the cases  heard, please go to: []
UNAC supported the International Peoples' Tribunal organized by BAYAN, USA, a coalition of Filipino groups along with other organizations.  The tribunal took place in Washington, DC, July 16 - 18. Three hundred people attended and found the Benigno S. Aguino government and the U.S. government guilty of crimes against the Filipino people. A march and rally were held on the day after the tribunal ended to present the findings to the Philippine and U.S. governments.  Please view the video of the tribunal here:  []

* "The Age of Imperial Wars From Regional War, 'Regime Change' to Global Warfare" (2015-08-22, by Prof. James Petras) []

* "US Military Prepares Drastic Escalation of Global Drone Program New reporting reveals plans to expand drone program by 50 percent, including broader use of mercenaries" (2015-08-17, []

* "The Civilian Toll From the War Against ISIS Is Huge. Why Isn’t the Press Covering It? The US-led bombing campaign has killed hundreds, according to one comprehensive report. The Pentagon admits to two" (2015-08-25, []

* "Pentagon Doctrine: 'War is Peace'. 'Dropping Nuclear Bombs on the Middle East Will Bring Peace' " (2015-08-21, []

* "Hundreds of US rabbis voice support for Iran nuclear deal" (2015-08-17, AFP Newswire) []

* "Misleading AP Story on Iran Deal Draws Fierce Critique; Soon after publication of exclusive report, questions began to circulate about its accuracy and aim" (2015-08-20, []
* "UN nuclear watchdog 'disturbed' by Iran inspection claims" (2015-08-20, AFP Newswire) []
* "Media and Nuclear Deal Opponents Continue to Spread Debunked Myth Iran Will Monitor Itself" (2015-08-25, []

* "Who’s the Real Troublemaker in the Middle East? Iran’s no democratic paradise, but Washington’s Saudi allies are even worse" (2015-08-19, []


* "Women Peacemakers Today: Crossing the Korean Demilitarized Zone":
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-- San Francisco and East Bay WILPF present Women Peacemakers Today: Crossing the Korean DMZ, a report-back by writer, organizer and activist Gwyn Kirk on crossing the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in May 2015 with an international delegation of women.
Sunday, September 13, 2 to 4 pm
at the San Francisco Main Library, Koret Auditorium
100 Larkin St., San Francisco, 94102--Near Civic Center BART
All Welcome              Wheelchair Accessible
Contact: Betty Traynor, [btraynor@)] [415-931-1126]
Gwyn Kirk was one of 30 women from 15 nations who visited North Korea in May of 2015 and crossed the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea on May 24. You will hear a first-hand account of all that happened, including peace symposiums with Korean women on both sides of the border.  This historic event received international news coverage and a film crew who accompanied the group is making a documentary, Crossings, about this trip. A short sample will be shown at the talk.
Gwyn Kirk is a writer, teacher, organizer and activist and is a founding member of the International Womens Network Against Militarism and the US-based group Women for Genuine Security, affiliated with it. IWNAM links activists and scholars from Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and continental USA. A key part of their work has been to challenge the idea that militarism provides everyday security for people and the planet. Her activism with these groups led to her being part of Women Cross DMZ. She is also a lifetime member of the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom.

* "Dangerous Situation on Korean Peninsula; U.S. Is the Threat to Peace on the Korean Peninsula! End U.S. War Games Now! No to U.S. Nuclear Blackmail!" (2015-08-21, TML Daily) []

* "D.C. holds rally for a peaceful settlement in Korea" (2015-08-20, article [], photos []


* "Deadly cheering for war in Ukraine by Western politicians and newspapers editors" (2015-08-21, []

* "U.S. and NATO  escalate New Cold War against Russia; stop WW III before it starts" (2015-08-20,
Our organization demands a halt to U.S. provocations against Russia. “U.S. War games against Russia are more dangerous than at any time in our history”, writes Angelo D’Angelo, Chair, USFSP.
The U.S. Friends of the Soviet People organization opposes and rejects the escalation of the previous Cold War into a New Cold War. This has happened because the United States and the European Union continue to support the illegal coup government installed in February 2014 that overthrew the legally elected government of President Viktor Yanukovich. The USA/EU supported the neo-Nazi Ukrainian Right Sector, Svaboda, and other groups who are followers of Stephen Bandera (the Nazi Ukrainian butcher of Jews, Russians, Communists and other leftists during WW2. They were the Storm Troopers of this coup d’état.
It is well documented from the Nuremberg trials  after WW II that the Ukrainians Nazis were the most vicious concentration camp guards, for example, Ukrainian  Nazi  Ivan the Terrible, who cut off ears and broke legs of concentration camp victims. Yet the US Congressmen and Senators, who are backing these Nazis by pushing for lethal weapons for the Junta in power in Kiev, will only continue the slaughter of Ukrainians East and West in the current civil war. This is all being planned by the USA/EU to push the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) closer to Russia's border.
“Fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,” this is what the US Senate and Congress are backing; blood is on their hands already from instigating all the violence in this civil war since April 2014!  It was agreed by Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan that NATO would not move one inch when East Germany combined with West Germany.
Subsequent provocative deceit by the USA/EU has created what we refer to as Cold War 2, which could lead to a Nuclear Holocaust with Russia, by threatening their national security. This escalation of tensions threatens lives here in the USA and in the EU. Stop these plans of the war mongers who use blatant lies to brainwash the public toward war and threaten life on our planet, before it is too late!
If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Angelo D’Angelo, Ph.D. at US Friends of the Soviet People [us.soviet.friendship@)].

* "White House in Chilcot 'cover-up': America bans crucial files that could reveal secret of why Blair invaded Iraq; Cache of 80 files detailing discussions between Tony Blair and George W Bush in run up to the 2003 war have been found by the US Government; It has been classified on the grounds of 'national security' and suppressed" (2015-08-23, []
* "Big Oil Going Back into Iraq" (2008-06, []


Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* Solidarity Weekend in Oakland ( []:Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) invites all family members, loved ones and formerly incarcerated individuals to a workshop on Sat, Aug 29th, and a BBQ to grow California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC) on Sun, Aug 30th.  Please post/share this weekend of events, allies also welcome!
Here’s the Facebook event: []
Event flier [].

* The latest news from Qilombo & Afrikatown (2015-08) []


* "Converge for direct actions and Knowland Park Defence Fest and Campout!" event announcement (2015-08-19) [].
Defend Knowland Park! []
Direct Action and Call-in/Email Blast against Chain Link Fence and Supply Inc. [].
Chain Link Fencing and Supply Inc. (a non-union company) has started to construct a mile-long perimeter fence around the proposed development. We can find no approved building permit for this construction so this fence may be "illegal". No permit is posted on-site and there has been no response about the fencing from the City building permit staff. Therefore, it is within our "legal" right to take direct action and stop fencing from going up .
It was also deeded to remain a public park forever but now that are trying to illegally privatize it!
We are resisting a development that would cut down 400+ trees including a 600 year old Oak tree, put a fancy ass restaurant along with 60 other buildings on top of the most beautiful park in Oakland. Then they would cage a bunch of beautiful animals on it gentrifying the working class neighborhood. Please join us for a weekend of fun and Direct Action to stop the Oakland Zoo!
It was also deeded to remain a public park forever but now that are trying to illegally privatize it!


* "Calls for justice at vigil for man killed by police" (2015-08-14, [].
Photographs [] [] [] [] [].
* "Oakland Police Kill Again" (2015-08-13, []
* Photo: Gabby Shuman, a member of the Afrikan Black Coalition, wears a pin at the vigil, Friday, Aug. 14, 2015, in Oakland, Calif.
 * "Fundraiser for Independent Autopsy for Nate Wilks" (2015-08-20, APTP) [].  Fundraising site []
* "Nate Wilks, 27, murdered by Oakland PD for running while Black" (2015-08-18, by Tiny, Poor News Network) []

* Justice for Richard Linyard,  Statement of family and event announcement (2015-08-20) []: We are the family of Richard Linyard, 23. We find the death of our son on July 19, at the hands of the OPD to be unacceptable. Richard's young life was cut short after being chased by the OPD. the media is saying he choked to death, even though there's evidence he was beaten, with deep abrasions to his face and arms, and bruises on his neck. The family finds it totally unacceptable. The police have not been forthcoming with anything. they wouldn't allow the family to view his body initially and have stonewalled on giving any evidence, police reports, medical reports, autopsy, etc.
Since the death of Richie, an aspiring rapper (aka Afrikan Richie), the family friends and revolutionaries have organized 4 different protests in the community (64th/Int.). But at the same time, the police have reacted with vicious reprisals, including the arrest of Richard's younger brother Devin at a protest; and even harassing hundreds of grieving friends at Richard's funeral.
We do not accept any of this and, WE DEMAND JUSTICE.
We know this is part of an epidemic of police murder of Black and Brown lives; and we need to take the protest to a higher level.This is why we are going to NY along with thousands and thousands of people as part of a massive protest culminating on Oct 24 for RISE UP OCTOBER, to shut down NY, and to demand an end to this epidemic. Join with us to demand to all "which side are you on? contact AfrikanRich [at] or stopmassincarcerationBayArea [at] ph:510-404-3628

* "Janelle Monae and her Wondaland family came out in LA today to support the families of those killed by cops" photo (2015-08-21), comment at original photo: She will be in SF on Sunday! at 12: 30pm, 24th & Mission St., BART Plaza. Am so greatfull to her and the Wondaland Family for all that they are doing to support the families of those murdered by cops and for raising awareness.

* "Anti police terror rally with Janelle Monae. Listening to very powerful statement by the sister of O'shaine Evans, a victim of police murder. FTP!" four photos (2015-08-23, by Bilal Ali) [] [] [] []

* "Janelle Monae & Wondaland rally against police violence" in San Francisco, photo (2015-08-23, by Josh Wolf) []:


* Justice for Harpo! (2015-08-19, San Jose Peace & Justice Center):
As covered by Charisse Domingo at local news and media collective, Silicon Valley De-Bug, San Jose experiences a loss of a father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, grandfather and friend, Richard 'Harpo' Jacquez. A vigil was held last night in honor of his life, bringing together family, friends and community. (Full article here). In addition to continuing the fight against police violence, this is also a time for healing and support. The family is accepting donations to help cover burial costs, which can be received at their gofundme site. Donate to the campaign []
* "Altar Making and Vigil for San José Victim of Police Terror" event announcement (2015-08-18) []
* "Family and Community Remember Richard "Harpo" Jacquez, 4th Police Killing In San Jose In 8 Days" (2015-08-19, []
* Photo montage: "Family and Community Remember Richard 'Harpo' Jacquez, 4th Police Killing In San Jose In 8 Days"


* "Oscar Grant Foundation Helps Over 500 Students!" (2015-08-14, []

* La Mesha Irizarry: first year anniversary of my child Idriss Stelley by SFPD, on the steps of City Hall. Also came the families of Julio Ayala, Richard Tims, and Gregory Hooper that day... What has changed ?


* "A Report from the Conspiracy of Insurgent Anarchists Concerning the Past Two Years" (2015-08-16) []

Joff Lee Jones, artist and first amendment freedom warrior, has laid down the Law against the Santa Cruz PD and their fascist ideology of social cleansing. After being arrested for displaying his art on the downtown street in Santa Cruz, he announced his intentions [] and served a peaceful warrant to all who consider the right to display political art on a public street a freedom to safeguard, to come foreward and declare allegience to the 1st amendment!
From his Facebook page [], "My art expresses my social, religious, and existential views. My first amendment guarantees me the right to express that in a public space. my friend Alex and I were arrested yesterday for exercising these rights. Be downtown on Saturday at 12:00pm to see part two. Stand up for your rights!!!"
* "Artists Return After Arrest; Artists risk misdemeanor charges for displaying art in front of Forever 21 on Pacific Avenue after being arrested on Thursday" (2015-08-23, Newswire) []


BAY AREA SOLIDARITY: Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 
Published in the Washington Post: Protesters march to "Shut it down for Mike Brown" Sat., Aug. 8 -
PSL placards read: "It Is Right to Rebel!" "Racism is the Disease, Revolution is the Cure!"


* Thousands March in Newark, NJ as part of the MILLION PEOPLE’S MARCH Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice, and Economic Inequality on July 25, 2015

* It's time for #JUSTICESUMMER
#JusticeSummer Rally for Justice and Equality
Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 2:00pm
Washington, District of Columbia
From August 1 to September 16, America’s Journey for Justice–an historic 860-mile march from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C.–will mobilize activists and advance a focused national advocacy agenda that protects the right of every American to a fair criminal justice system, uncorrupted and unfettered access to the ballot box, sustainable jobs with a living wage, and equitable public education. Follow the journey on social media using #JusticeSummer. Issue Focus by State: Alabama - Economic Inequality Georgia - Education Reform South Carolina - Criminal Justice Reform North Carolina - Voting Rights Virginia - Youth Rally Washington, D.C. - Full advocacy agenda
* "400+ Miles Into Journey for Justice, Marchers Call for Police Reform; On South Carolina state house steps, NAACP demands national standards for use of force and passage of the End Racial Profiling Act" (2015-08-24, []

* "Sacramento stands against racist terror from Texas to Ohio" (2015-08-06, [] [begin excerpt]: The deaths of Sandra Bland in Texas and of Samuel Dubose in Ohio are two of the latest examples of state terror exercised against unarmed and innocent Black people. Minor infractions have been used as an excuse to harass and terrorize the Black community dating back to the post-Reconstruction era. Black people have seen time and again that police custody, even during the short duration of a traffic stop, can mean a death sentence. The criminalization of an entire community has led to law enforcement justification for a genocidal campaign to silence Black people and especially the youth. This is yet another expression of white supremacist terror that has been engrained into the institutions of the entire criminal justice system.
ANSWER stands in opposition to all police killings and demands that all people be treated fairly in the eyes of the law. This is a simple civil right that was supposed to have been won long ago. However, we still find ourselves confronting racial terror because these laws on the books mean little to the fascists on the ground who retain their racist beliefs and many of their practices, although under different names.
On July 31 the people of Sacramento gathered at McClatchy Park in the historic Oak Park district famous for being the site of an intense shootout between the police and Black Panthers decades ago. As the area currently faces intense gentrification, the police presence has taken a different face. Unlike the other historically African American neighborhoods in Sacramento, because of the influx of young, often white, professionals and students, there has been an effort by the city to present Oak Park as “under control” in order to attract further investment.
In reality, there are not fewer police, but they are less visible. As we rallied and heard speeches from community members, off in the distance in any direction could be seen undercover cop cars. These would remain visible as the people took to the street and marched up 35th St to Broadway where the speakout was held.
All in attendance agreed that the time had come for a change both in Sacramento and throughout the nation. Police brutality has reached such a point that it can no longer be ignored, and small fixes will not do the job. [end excerpt]

* "Thousands protest Koch Brothers convention in Ohio" (2015-08-24, []

* DC Free Store
Saturday, Aug. 29, 5:00 to  8:00pm
At The Peace House []
[] []
A free store is a “store” where all goods are free. Whether it is a book, furniture, a shirt, or a haircut, it is all freely given away. It’s a place where anyone can participate by leaving stuff they don’t want or taking stuff they do. No strings attached. The items in the store are either given as gifts to the free store or found in the streets. Mutual aid is the voluntary exchange of resources and services. Instead of looking to corporations or the state, we can look to one another for what we need. This practice has existed for thousands of years in many societies. Capitalism creates a false sense of scarcity by placing monetary value on everything from the environment to human life, in order to build wealth. Mutual aid focuses on building community wealth, and not only in terms of material gain. Mutual aid places value on a large spectrum, not just on monetary or material goods. Mutual aid creates cooperation instead of competition. A gift economy means giving what you have to give, and taking whatever you want or need. A gift economy is a society based on mutual aid where goods and services are regularly given without any agreement for immediate or future rewards. On paper this may seem problematic, because people are greedy and will just take and take. But it’s obvious by the amount of goods in the Free Store, that that’s not the case at all. The greed we see in our society is largely fueled by the sense of scarcity created by capitalism. If we’re willing to share and practice mutual aid then we’ll see that there’s enough of everything for everyone.

* "Welcome to Dismaland: A First Look at Banksy’s New Art Exhibition Housed Inside a Dystopian Theme Park" (2015-08-20, []. Occupying Dissent writes: Are you looking for an alternative to the soulless sugar-coated banality of the average family day out? Or just somewhere cheaper. Then this is the place for you—a chaotic new world where you can escape from mindless escapism. Instead of a burger stall, we have a museum. In place of a gift shop we have a library, well, we have a gift shop as well.
Bring the whole family to come and enjoy the latest addition to our chronic leisure surplus—a bemusement park. A theme park who’s big theme is: theme parks should have bigger themes…
This event contains adult themes, distressing imagery, extended use of strobe lighting, smoke effects and swearing. The following items are strictly prohibited: knives, spraycans, illegal drugs, and lawyers from the Walt Disney corporation.


[SolanoPFP.blogspot.comUse the ballot for our own People's candidates and legislation, campaign for the future!

* "California Lawmakers Reflect On Effects Of Top-Two Primary At Upcoming Summit" (2015-08-18, []
* "2015 Nonpartian Primary Summit (ie Top Two)" (2015-08-20):
I attended a forum today where the primary focus was on Top Two.  I was asked if I would report my impressions to the list.  There will most likely be some duplications as one of the list overlaps the other but also has more people on it.  Not sure which is which.
Some of those in attendence who are opposed top two were: Debra Reiger, Peace and Freedom Party State Chair who was not feel well and had to leave sometime after the first panel spoke; Richard Becker, Peace and Freedom Party, Richard Winger, Libertarian Party, editor of Ballot Access News, and Californians for Electoral Reforms; and Paula Lee, of Californians for Electoral Reforms and League of Women Voters.  I'm also on the board of Californians for Electoral Reforms.  The first thing I did after signing in was to complain to a few of the organizers of the lack of ballance on the panels.  Steve Peace, the man behind top two introduced the first speaker, Secretary of State Alex Padilla.  Padilla talked about being the son of immigrent parents who went to MIT to be an engineer.  He went on to get involved in local politics and at 42 is Secretary of State.  Now he is interested in automatic registration which he claims will add 6,000,000 new registered (no
 party preference) voters to the rolls. There were no questions as he had to leave.
The first panel was to answer the question, what is top two really about?  This panel included  Assemblymember Brian Maienchein (R), Sacramento State University professor Kimberly Nalder, Independent Voter Project attorney Chad Peace,and NYU assistant professor Andrew Sinclair.  To my surprise Ms Nalder was opposed to top two.  Peace argued that parties were private organizations and the state should not be forced to pay for their primaries.  He also credited top two with legislators being more civil and colaborative.  The three pro top two argued that it was not not about parties but rather about voters, and they should have the right to vote at every level with no barriers.  I was able to express my view that rank and file voters created party primaries to reform a corrupt system and that the organization, operations and function of parties are regulated by election laws.
The guest speaker was Senator Steve Glazer who was elected in a special election using top two.  He said that he could not have been elected under the old system, but since he came in first he would have been elected anyway.  He claimed to hold Democratic Party values but was independent to analyse each issue to see how he would vote.  He say that top two forced candidates to broaden their appeal.
The next panel discussed the future of nonpartisan reform.  Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D), Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R) minority leader, California Target Book publisher Allan Hoffenblum, Independent Voter Project co-chair Dan Howle, and CCPOA Director of Government Affairs Stephen Walker made up this panel.  Gonzalez said she had opposed top two but thought it was too early to make a judgement about it.  I said that our election system gives a guise of democracy but that election laws, private money and corporate media stood in the way of real representation.  I was able to say that I thought Top Two had done real harm to the alternative parties. I said that not only are the alternative parties keep off the general election ballot but because of implementing legislaion, had an 85% drop in the number of candidates that qualified for the primary ballot as well because of the huge increase in the number of signatures in lieu of filing fees.  I
 said we had language from Legislative Counsel and needed an author to carry our bill.  Gonzalez said that she would like to talk to me about it.  Dick Becker, Richard Winger and Paula Lee all joined in.  Winger consentrated on restoring write-in votes for the general election and allowing those not registered in a ballot qualified party to list independent on their ballots and Lee also talked about the structure of the election.
The final panel to deal with top two effects on California Electiions was all pro top two.  Panelists were Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (D), Assemblymember Adam Gray (D),California Business Roundtable representative Rob Lapsey, California Chamber of Commerce executive vice president Martin Wilson, and Keep California Golden's Pam Woudstra.  The Chamber and Roundtable thought top two was having a positive effect.  Then to my surprise, Dan Howle who was the moderator, called on Winger and me to say how top two had harmed "third" parties and then what legislation we would propose.  Winger again asked that write-in be restored for the general election and that candidates be allowed to use independent as their party designation and I again pushed for a drastic reduction in the number of signatures in lieu of filing fees.  I also pointed out that we could save the taxpayers millions of dollars if we abolished the primary and used proportional representation.
 Lee then gave an example of creating several five member districts where candidates could be elected with 17% of the vote.
Their conclusion was top two had some problems but overall it has been a success.  Every voter can vote for any candidate at any stage of the process; independent candidates have equal access to the ballot; and campaigns.  Little credit was given to term limits, majority vote to pass the budget and voter reaction to negativity.  Finally, it was emphasied that this was the first step to reform and much more was needed.
Now I want to grab a couple hours sleep before I need to leave for my CARA Legislative Committee meeting.  Thanks.

* "Cincinnati’s experiment with an economy that works for everyone" (2015-08-06, []

Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

* "2pac arrives to court for cop shooting 1993" []

* photo (2015-08-19) []: Meanwhile in St Louis... Police kill young black man, and turn the streets to a war zone... on the 1 year anniversary of the killing of #KajiemePowell
* "St. Louis police fatally shoot teen while trying to issue search warrant" (2015-08-19, [] [begin excerpt]: The killing of an 18-year-old black man by St. Louis police in the city’s Fountain Park neighborhood ignited protests once again Wednesday, with an angry crowd disputing police accounts of the incident. By nightfall, fires were set near the scene of the shooting near Page Boulevard and Walton Avenue, with at least one car and vacant dwelling consumed. Earlier, police used tear gas to attempt to clear crowds. The shooting almost immediately attracted protesters, many of whom had gathered downtown Wednesday morning to mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting of another young black man killed by police. Some of those who gathered to hear Police Chief Sam Dotson speak Wednesday afternoon grew angry at his account. As the crowd grew, so did the tension with officers, who arrived in large numbers. At least three people were taken into custody after police in SWAT gear and an armored vehicle told the crowd to disperse. “This is an unlawful assembly,” police warned. At least two officers were pelted with plastic water bottles during the tense few hours after the shooting. During a news conference at police headquarters shortly before 10 p.m., Dotson said protesters gathered on Page early in the evening, moved toward the Central West End, briefly blocked Kingshighway and then returned to Walton and Page, where officers declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and ordered people to disperse. After dark, large numbers of officers held control of a two-block area of Page. Wednesday’s shooting came on the one-year anniversary of the police shooting of Kajieme Powell, 25, in St. Louis. Some activists who were at a march Wednesday to remember Powell and protest his shooting left to go to the scene of the Walton Avenue shooting. Some at the scene confronted police and questioned statements by Dotson. Robert Phillips, 30, was angry after hearing the police account that the dead man pointed a gun at officers. “They always say that,” Phillips said. Bedoe Harvey, 40, of nearby Bedoe’s Barbershop, said this section of town is not all bad. “It’s not the neighborhood as a whole, it’s certain individuals,” Harvey said in defending the neighborhood. “There’s lots of poverty and everything.” [end excerpt]


* "In Effort to Stifle Dissent, St. Louis County Charges At Least 100 Protesters One Year Later" (2015-08-21, []

* "Angry driver plows into protesters on I-70, police file charges against protesters for SUV damage" (2015-08-12, []

* " 'Why did they shoot me?' Trenton, NJ, teen shot seven times by cops" (2015-08-19, []


* "Black lives matter! The struggle against police murders, brutality and abuse" (2015-03-05, []

* "Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story" (2015-08-20, []
* "Shaun King and why we’re so quick to believe white folks" (2015-08-19, []
Those who hate the idea of #BlackLivesMatter are gleeful in their trumpeting that a "Black lives matter leader" was outed as a white man. The "news" was verified by anti-#BlackLivesMatter conservative online journals, and then picked up as a talking point by the six monopolist news networks.
* "Family Member Confirms to CNN That #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Is White" (2015-08-20, []
* "How National Media Forced A Black Lives Matter Activist To Defend His Race By Falling Victim To Breitbart News' False Story" (2015-08-21, []
* "Black Lives Matter organizer and Oprah scholarship recipient who was 'revealed to be white' refuses to answer questions about his race - claiming he is the victim of a 'white supremacist conspiracy' " (2015-08-19, []


* "Katrina in the White Imagination; New Orleans became the face of disaster capitalism and ethnic cleansing" (2015-08-18, by Margaret Kimberley, []
* "Tribune Katrina editorial shows contempt for democracy" (2015-08-18, []
* "Katrina and Conservative Failure, Ten Years Later" (2015-08-19, []
* "CNN Blows Off Anderson Cooper's Katrina Anniversary Special For Donald Trump" (2015-08-25, []

* "Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train" (2015-08-23, []
* "The Fable Of Ethnic Loudness And How It Penetrates The White Space" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: By now you may have heard of the book club, Sistahs on the Reading Edge, a group made up of 11 Black women who recently were enjoying the Napa Valley Wine Train before getting kicked off for “being loud.” Anyone with some melanin knows what the heck that means. The Napa Valley Wine Train experience is especially frigid in many regards. I once attended a Murder Mystery wine train with my friend. We were quite aware of how uniform Napa can be, but the wine train experience was an especially white space that we, as young and Black people, knew we ought to not penetrate. The frowns, the slanted eye glares … even as we bought our tickets, the representative behind the booth seemed almost reluctant to take our money, as if she knew we would cause trouble. [end excerpt]
* Original statement by one of the Book Club members who were ejected (2015-08-24) [], another statement accompanied by a photo of the Wine Train manager who evicted the Book Club members [], one of the ejected Book Club members is this 83-year-old woman, photo [], photo of the group after being kicked off []. A statement by an eyewitness in the train [] makes no mention of Wine Train staff being assaulted, a claim by Wine Train management which was subsequently erased. The Wine Train facebook page is archived here [] after the "assault" explanation was erased, but it has interesting comments on the racism evident. Also, read the comments at the Wine Train's page [].
* "Removal of Wine Train passengers ignites social media storm" (2015-08-23, [], ( []
* "Black Women Thrown Off Napa Wine Train For Loud Laughter Prompts #LaughingWhileBlack Backlash" (2015-08-24, []

This is normal business practice, to lie about the conduct of New Afrikans. If there weren't such an uproar, the official explanation would never have been questioned. The women were treated as "thugs"...
* Initial statement from The Napa Valley Wine Train []: Whenever any guest has an issue on board, it is our policy to address it. Be it a meal not prepared the requested way, a missing glass of wine, or an issue with another guest. Our management team attempted to address the issue with the party, but those attempts were ignored. The Wine Train has its own railroad police that escort the Train every day. Following verbal and physical abuse towards other guests and staff, it was necessary to get our police involved. Many groups come on board and celebrate. When those celebrations impact our other guests, we do intervene. Today, we were unable to relocate parties due to the train being sold out, so we may accommodations in the form of transportation back to Napa. If you would like to chat with our team, please email
* " 'We Were 100% in the Wrong,' Napa Wine Train Executive Says; Napa Valley Wine Train CEO Apologies to African American Book Club Members Removed from Train for Noise Complaints" (2015-08-25, Singer Associates for Napa Valley Wine Train) [] [begin excerpt]: We also erred by placing an inaccurate post on our Facebook site that was not reflective of what actually occurred. In the haste to respond to criticism and news inquires, we made a bad situation worse by rushing to answer questions on social media. We quickly removed the inaccurate post, but the harm was done by our erroneous post. [end excerpt]

* Tim Lewis of Vallejo (11 miles south of Napa) writes: Let it be known this is not the first time blacks have been treated unfairly by Napa Valley Wine Train. My ex wife and booked this Wine Train deal. Neither of us drink alcohol , just thought it be a nice weekend trip. We had book months in advance and stayed at a local BB. Paid their local tourism tax and all the shit. When we arrived at the train depot to leave, a bus load of Silicon Valley Techie's show up and we are told if we want to ride on the train we would have to upgrade because the one we had was now sold out. WTF? Hows that? We had reservation and pre paid already?
Well people this was the USA where good business practices were the fundamental way of treating your guest, clients..kiss them days goodbye
OK so...upgrade us for free right? No! You what us to pay more. Napa Valley sucks..
Oh yeah and they didn't give us our money back they said we would have to rebook another date. We ended up giving our wine train tickets away.
* Alex Shantz of Napa writes: I work in tasting rooms throughout the Valley. I often see large groups of white and loud women celebrating bridal showers and they are NOT treated the same as loud groups of black women. Loud white women are always generally more tolerated. When large groups of loud black women are acting in a similar fashion, it is not uncommon to hear coworkers call them ghetto and make comments like "they should go back to Vallejo or Oakland." These are racist comments. And, the fact that white people once again are too blinded (and bent out of shape) to understand the racial undertones that exist in these type of situations is precisely what is prevent us from achieving real racial justice in this society.
* "The Wine Train Thing Happened to Another Group of Passengers, This Time Latino" (2015-08-25, []
* " ‘I’m seeing a pattern': Latina woman says she and her friends were kicked off the Napa Wine Train, too" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: Ruiz said her group was entirely Latina, and mostly University of California–Berkeley graduates — and Saturday’s incident involving black passengers made her see it as part of a pattern of racial discrimination. “I think it was just that person complaining and then the manager seeing that we were Latino, basically decided to discriminate (against) us because we were Latinos and (a big) group,” she told Slate. “Now that I hear about this event with a group of African-American ladies being kicked out of the train, I’m seeing a pattern. I’m realizing that how I was treated was not normal.” Ruiz said she wasn’t sure she felt comfortable riding with a group of non-white friends on the train — which advertises itself online with a video that apparently shows no people of color besides a pair of kitchen workers. [end excerpt]
* (2015-08-25, Steve Sando): What's bothering me is that at least with an old fashioned bigot, you know what you are dealing with. It's my fellow feel good NPR liberals that are going straight to "they probably were too loud" and not admitting their own prejudices that are more cause for concern. We don't know what it's like to be a black woman in Napa so when they kick you off a pleasure train and you are greeted by police with guns, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to fear the worst. How can white people hearing the story come to any kind of conclusion? They weren't there, they don't know what it's like to be a minority and questioned by the police and they probably don't have the story of that black woman in Texas who did a lane change and wound up in a cell and later dead fresh in their minds. The correct response is no response until we have more information. Or maybe sympathy for the book club member.

* "Since so many people are confused about what racism looks like → THIS is what racism looks like. I know, I know, we should just get over it. I know" twenty-six photos []


information collected by the Committee for
* "I Learned More by Leading a Student-Debt Strike Than I Did at College; After graduating from Everest College with a bad education and no job prospects in sight, I refused to pay my student loans. Now I’m helping lead the first student-debt strike in America" (2015-08-20, []

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 


While it is more important to advocate for a worker's party, those Labor Unions who endorse the campaign of Bernie Sanders for the nomination as candidate for President of the USA during the elections of 2016 are showing their support for a candidate who openly advocates for increased Worker's protections and rights on the Federal level, however constrained he would be as figurehead of an executive branch that is beholden to monopolist interest...
* "Bernie Sanders gets endorsement of big nurses union" (2015-08-10, []

* "Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants" (2015-07-22, []

* "Take Action: Stop Corporate Bosses from cheating you out of your rights!" (2015-08-21, Spotlight News for California's Working Families) []:
Did you sign away your rights without knowing? The California Labor Movement has worked to pass strong worker protection laws, but those laws are worthless if they can’t be enforced. Today, many corporations are cheating workers by forcing them to sign arbitration agreements that effectively erase basic worker protections.

These agreements prevent workers who are cheated out of pay or sexually harassed, for example, from taking the employer to either the Labor Commissioner or court, instead forcing workers into a rigged arbitration system that’s paid for by the boss.
Worse yet, most workers don’t even know they’ve signed away their rights because the boss doesn’t tell them what they’re signing! There’s currently no requirement that these waivers be translated into a language the worker can understand. In many instances, low-wage immigrant workers are being forced to sign documents they cannot read or understand, or else be fired. And these waivers can be in small, fine print. Workers do not even necessarily have to sign the waiver itself. The waiver can be in buried in a handbook or manual!
No worker should unknowingly lose her rights in the fine print.
AB 465 would require that any waiver of labor rights by workers be knowing and voluntary. It would prohibit corporate bosses from making workers sign these rigged agreements as a condition of employment. It would also prohibit bosses from threatening, retaliating, or discriminating against workers for refusing to sign such a waiver.
Take Action: Urge CA State Senators to ban forced arbitration waivers and Vote YES on AB465!

For more information about the Driscoll's Boycott Campaign, contact Al Rojas at [nadm916@)] [].
* "Driscolls, The Strike And Struggle For Labor & Human Rights At San Quintin, Baja Mexico" (2015-08-11, by Labor Video Project ) [], video []
* "San Quintín Crónica de Lucha" video []
* San Francisco Labor Council Resolution in Solidarity with the Farmworkers in San Quintin (Mexico) and Skagit County (Washington State) []

* "S.F. Bay Area Tour of Gloria Gracida Martinez (from San Quintin, Mexico) Builds Support for Driscoll's Boycott Campaign" (2015-08-22, by Alan Benjamin):
On August 10-13, Gloria Gracida Martinez, representative of the embattled farm workers in San Quintin (Baja California), Mexico, toured the San Francisco Bay Area to build support for the Boycott Driscoll's Campaign. Most of the workers in the valley of San Quintin, which is located 140 miles south of San Diego, pick strawberries and other fruit for BerryMex, a subsidiary of Driscoll's.
In March of this year, as many as 70,000 farm workers went on strike in San Quintin to demand an increase in their daily wage from 100 pesos to 200 pesos per day [raise from $7.50 per day to $15], an eight-hour workday, health care, overtime pay and vacation days, and an end to the widespread sexual abuse. Most important, they also demanded a legal recognition of their independent union as the bargaining agent for the workers -- who make billions in profits for Driscoll's while their wages and working conditions are abysmal.
On May 9, the Baja California government -- at the behest of the growers and multinationals -- sent in the police in an attempt to crush this strike, one of the largest-ever farm workers' strikes in Mexico's history.

Children of NAFTA -
Sister Gracida explained during the tour that she comes from the Mixteca indigenous community in the highlands of Oaxaca. After NAFTA was enacted, she and peasant communities throughout Oaxaca were driven off their lands, unable to feed their families as their main subsistence and cash crop -- corn -- could no longer compete on the market with the Iowa corn imported from the United States (after the tariffs that protected Mexico's farm produce were removed by NAFTA, as they were considered "barriers to free trade").
Sister Gracida said that these peasant families in Oaxaca had to leave their homes and families to travel to the valley of San Quintin, where they were told there were jobs working in the fields. Many others from Oaxaca were able to travel further north, many of them to the fields of California, Oregon and Washington state; in fact many of the workers at Sakuma Brothers in Skagit county are Mixtecas from Oaxaca.
Sister Gracida started working in the fields of San Quintin picking strawberries at the age of 10. But her parents insisted that she go to school -- which most of the other kids had no time to do because of their work in the fields. She was brilliant and made it all the way to high school in Baja California. She then got a scholarship to go to university in Mexico City (to the prestigious Universidad Ibero-Americana, where she got a Masters' Degree). But she then returned to San Quintin where she began teaching in a rural public school - "to give back to the community." And when all hell broke loose on March 17, with close to 70,000 workers walking off their jobs to demand better wages and working conditions, she was on the front line defending her community.

Successful Bay Area Tour -
The S.F. Bay Area tour was organized by SEIU Local 1021, the Sacramento chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), the Organization of Agricultural Workers of California (OTAC), Unión Cívica Primero de Mayo, United Public Workers for Action, The Organizer/El Organizador and Advance the Struggle.
On Monday, August 10, the San Francisco Labor Council adopted unanimously a resolution in solidarity with the San Quintin and Skagit County (Washington). [See attached resolution.]
The following day, Sister Gracida addressed a forum of about 30 labor and community activists at 518 Valencia St. in San Francisco, and then on Wednesday, she spoke at La Peña in Berkeley to a gathering of about 60 people. [See photos from these events.]
During the day on Wednesday, Sister Gracida and Al Rojas, president of Sacramento LCLAA, met with Art Pulaski, secretary-treasurer of the California Federation of Labor. Brother Pulaski pledged his support for the Driscoll's Boycott Campaign and urged the campaign organizers to contact Baldemar Velasquez, president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), who sits on the AFL-CIO Executive Council -- which was done. In fact, Brother Velasquez had already been in touch with Fidel Sánchez, the main leader of the Alianza, the independent union of the San Quintin farmworkers.
On Thursday, August 13, the Boycott Driscoll's Campaign held a press conference in front of Allison & Partners, the Public Relations firm that has put out all the misinformation about Driscoll's and the situation of the workers in San Quintin.
For example, a news release was sent out widely by the PR firm on August 11 quoting Mexico's labor secretary, who stated during his official trip to Argentina that everything had been settled in San Quintin and that the workers were content with the final agreement. But this was a lie.
Immediately after the Mexican government's press release was sent out, Fidel Sánchez and the leadership of the Alianza issued their own press release -- which got far less distribution -- stating that the labor secretary had got his facts all wrong.
Sánchez explained that the Mexican government had not kept its promise to grant the Alianza its legal "registro", or official recognition, and that the growers in San Quintin, most of them working for BerryMex, had refused to sit down with the Alianza and bargain collectively with them. Sánchez noted that the growers refused to dissolve the "protection contracts" signed with three company unions that the workers had massively rejected. Sánchez also noted that hundreds of farmworkers in San Quintin had been fired for their union activity, and that 14 workers remained in jail following the May 9 raid by the Baja California state police of workers' homes.
Allison & Partners had also circulated a statement by the head of BerryMex in which he affirmed that human rights organizations based in the United States had traveled to San Quintin and noted their approval of the improved conditions in the fields and the satisfaction of the workers with their working and living conditions.
Before the press conference, Al Rojas, Sister Gracida and this author decided to go up to the 7th floor offices of Allison & Partners to express our disagreement with the misinformation promoted by the firm and to ask that they hear the workers' point of view.
At first, we were threatened and told to immediately leave their office or they would call security, but when we insisted that this would be bad PR for them and for Driscoll's, Scott Allison, head of the company, invited us into their board room to talk.
Sister Gracida gave a summary of the situation and asked Mr. Allison to request that Driscoll's meet with representatives of the Alianza in San Quintin -- which the company has refused to do since the very beginning of the struggle -- to hear the legitimate demands of the workers.
During the meeting, Brother Al Rojas told Mr. Allison that Mr. Miles Joseph Reiter, the Chairman of the Board of Driscoll's Inc., is also a member of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture -- a board that has responsibility for oversight of this industry. Brother Rojas said that there are growing numbers of union leaders and members who are questioning and opposing Mr. Reiter's serving on this board due to the conditions of the striking farm workers and the families in San Quintin.
After a lot of back and forth, Mr. Allison said that he would relay our message to top management at Driscoll's.
On August 18, the three of us who went up to Allison & Partners received a letter from Marcus Gamo of the PR firm stating that they had reached the top "executive team" at Driscoll's and that the team was willing to meet with the three of us.
Sister Gracida responded to their letter, stating that our request was not that they meet with us -- we have no mandate from the union in San Quintin to carry on discussions with the company -- but that they meet with Mr. Fidel Sánchez and his leadership team in San Quintin. We have yet to receive a reply.

What You and/or Your Organization Can Do to Help Out -
The workers in San Quintin and Skagit County (Washington) need our support urgently. Here is what you can do to help:
1) Urge your unions and political/community organizations to go on record in support of the struggle of the 70,000 farmworkers in San Quintin and the 468 farmworkers in Skagit County, Washington, for better wages, working conditions, and the recognition of their fighting unions -- Familias Unidas por la Justicia and the Alianza de Organizaciones Nacional, Estatal y Municipal por la Justicia Social del Valle de San Quintín (Alliance of Farm Workers of San Quintín) -- as the legitimate bargaining agents for these workers.
2) Urge your unions and political/community organizations to oppose the "protection contracts" signed between the growers and the company unions, and demand that the Mexican government formally give the "registro" to the Alianza, as promised, that it meet the Alianza's demands pertaining to Mexico's labor laws - and that the government use all its powers to compel the growers to rescind the "protection contracts" with the company unions, negotiate directly with the Alianza, and agree to increase the workers' wages to 200 pesos a day, while resolving the other demands raised by the workers.
3) Urge your unions and political/community organizations to boycott all Driscoll's products as a means to compel the growers to sit down at the negotiating table with the Alianza and meet their just demands, and to compel Sakuma Farms to rehire strikers and sign a contract with Familias Unidas por la Justicia in Washington State.
4) Urge your unions and political/community organizations to support and promote the Driscoll's boycott and build ties of solidarity with the San Quintín farmworkers, organizing union-to-union solidarity, visits to San Quintín, and tours to the United States of representatives of the Alianza so that these workers can tell their stories directly to U.S. workers.




* "Notes From Technotopia: On The Cruelty Of Indifference" (2015-08-18, by Guillermo Gomez-Pena) [], In his most recent philosophical tantrum, performance artist and poet Guillermo Gómez-Peña reflects on the dangers of the ultimate “creative city,” and what it means to become a foreigner in his own neighborhood, waiting for the much touted eviction notice.

* "Class War In North Beach: Evictions = Death" (2015-08-13, Labor Video Project ) []: A community tenants protest was held in North Beach on August 12, 2015 to protest the eviction of senior tenants. There is an epidemic of forced evictions in North Beach and other districts in San Francisco. Over a hundred community and labor people attended a rally to protest the eviction of long time tenants in North Beach. There has been an epidemic of Ellis evictions particularly aimed at seniors and disabled by property speculators and developers who want to flip their properties and turn them into hotels. The owner Annlia P. Hill who lives in Laguna Beach is seeking to evict Theresa Flandrich and Silvio. This is being facilitated by the San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the majority of the board of supervisors who have taken money from speculators and developers including billionaire Ron Conway. For more information [].
- []
- []
- []
Production of Labor Video Project []

* " 'No More Monsters In The Mission' One Victory In Fight For Worker & Poor Housing In SF" (2015-08-24, by Labor Video Project) []: San Francisco housing activists and community members rallied to report on the failure of the Maximus Real Estate Partners to purchase a development project at the corner of Mission and 16th St. in the Mission. The developer Maximus Real Estate Partners was stopped from a massive new development of luxury condos in the San Francisco at the corner of 16th and Mission Street where there is also a public school. Thousands of workers and poor have been evicted and driven out of San Francisco and labor and community members are fighting back. This rally took place on August 24, 2015 at 16th and Mission Street next to the proposed development.  The San Francisco Labor Council voted to oppose the development and also voted to support a moratorium on luxury condo developments in the Mission.
- []
- []

* "Mountain View Tenants Call for Rent Increase Moratorium" (2015-08-22, by Ruth Robertson) []


information collected by the Committee to
* Freedom Sleepers of Santa Cruz []

 * "Half a dozen cited, photographer arrested at Freedom Sleepers Protest" (2015-08-12, by Robert Norse) []
* "Police disrupt sleeping-ban protest, issue citations and make 1 arrest" (2015-08-13, by Zav Hershfield) []
* "Santa Cruz Police Arrest Journalist and Issue Stay Away Orders at Community Sleepout #5" (2015-08-16, by Alex Darocy) []
* "Round 6: Freedom Sleepers Resume Protest at City Hall" []
* "Attendance Doubles at Sixth City Hall Sleepout" (2015-08-21, by Alex Darocy) []
* "Two more arrests at Community Sleepout event in front of Santa Cruz city hall" (2015-08-26, by Zav H + Sarah W) []

* "Local ACLU Issues Statement of Support for the Freedom Sleepers" (2015-08-25, by ACLU Santa Cruz County) []. Response from Robert Norse: How About Some Concern and Action specifically opposing the unconstitutional and illegitimate citing of Freedom Sleepers for being in a "park" after dark?
The Freedom Sleepers face $198 fines for not even sleeping, but simply holding up signs at City Hall after 10 PM.
That "park" is the City Hall courtyard--the seat of our "government" where the agendas of public bodies are posted. In addition, the actual code MC 13.04.011 specifically exempts those on designated accessways through the area and state law requires agendas of public bodies to be available 24-hours a day for a 72-hour period. To ban people from that area at night who are doing nothing illegal shows how illegitimate power has swelled, with the community quietly accepting the New Order--until now.
Tellingly, the designation of the City Hall courtyard as a "park" with "closing hours" was made by P & R Head Dannettee Shoemaker in 2010 to crush an earlier protest around the same issue--city repression of homeless people engaged in survival sleeping and the activists demonstrating on their behalf. [See "5 Citations and New "No Trespassing" Zone Closes City Hall Grounds at Night 10 PM to 6 AM" at ].

* "City Enforcement: Beautifying Vallejo" (2015-08-21, City of Vallejo) (.pdf) [] [begin excerpt] In most of the these cases, the City’s team of employees representing the Neighborhood Law Program (NLP), Community Service Section (CSS), along with Code Enforcement, Building, and Fire Prevention Divisions, work together to fight blight and nuisance activity in an effort to restore the beauty of Vallejo and increase the quality of life for Vallejo residents, businesses and visitors.
- 109 Hilborn Street: CSS received reports of squatters in the property and made contact with the owner who signed a trespass letter. CSS, the Police department and the Solano County DA investigator made two arrests. The property was boarded up and the water shut off.

- 1035 Caldwell Street: The owner of the va-cant property reported squatters in her house. CSS and the Police Department found two squatters illegally taking water, one of which had squatted in four properties closed by CSS and had a loaded firearm in his pocket. Both subjects were arrested and booked, and the water was shut off. The property was boarded up and secured.

- Sonoma/Sereno Dead End: CSS and the Maintenance Department removed garbage, debris, and human waste from this location. Services were also offered to the two subjects living in the encampment.

- 340 Couch Street: This vacant commercial property was inhabited by squatters. CSS contacted the new lessee of the property, the squatters were arrested and the property was searched.

- White Slough by 400 Redwood: CSS contacted 20 subjects in a large encampment with eight tents behind the senior living facility. Numerous arrests were made for narcotics and trespassing. The property owner cleaned up several tons of garbage and human waste.

- Railroad Tracks Behind the City of Vallejo CorpYard: The owner of a large homeless encampment was given notice and compliance was secured.

- 109 Franklin Street: This property was occupied by squatters, had trash and overgrown vegetation. The team worked to clear the property of violations and it was secured.

- 110 Admiral Callaghan Lane: There was a small encampment on this property along with trash and high weeds. After the initial inspection a notice was sent to the owner and compliance was achieved by the re-inspection date.

- Vacant Lot on Carolina: The property had a homeless encampment in the alley. The City team inspected the property and made contact with the own-er. The team helped the owner remove the encampment and secure compliance.

- 865 Palou Street: The City received complaints for alleged criminal and nuisance activity. After the owner was notified, the tenants were removed, rehabilitation work was performed and new tenants were identified.
- 500 Wallace Avenue: This property was abandoned for a decade, resulting in years of illegal habitation and over 100 inspections. The NLP worked with the owner and the property was sold.
[end excerpt]

Increased crime, whether by street gangs or individual criminals, also increases hostility to those without homes, as seen in the following example:
* (2015-08-18): Just an FYI...the people living in the area through the broken down fence on Laurel by the 780 overpass were told by Cal Trans and the police that they have to be gone by tomorrow morning. I was given this information by a neighbor. Apparently, there are 14 people living in this encampment. Not sure where they will end up next but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.

* "Contra Costa Plan for Big Jail Expansion Moves Forward Despite Opposition" (2015-08-20, []
* "Richmond: Council opposes West County Jail expansion; supervisors to vote on project next month" (2015-07-31, []

Community Fascism in itty-bitty Santa Cruz:
* "Arrest of Citizen Journalist for resisting arrest leaves questions of Police Intimidation" (2015-08-12, by Toby Nixon) []: During Freedom Sleepers Event, 8-11-2015 around midnight. Citizen Journalist Arrested for Resisting Arrest.
A student named Israel-David was arrested last night while filming a documentary outside Santa Cruz City Hall during the Freedom Sleepers Event for Resisting Arrest.
Which left questions of Police Intimidation. As a Witness I saw officers complain about the light for the Camera being too bright, grabbing at the camera, following both Israel and his Wife (also a documentary filmmaker). As if searching for a reason to stop the filming during the police interaction with the protesters.
Activists at the scene including myself, saw this arrest as intimidation an inhibition to the protest by the Santa Cruz Police Department which is known for harassment both of the homeless and of citizen journalists.
Apparently while Israel was filming an officer asked him for his I.D. Israel reached to his backpack moving toward his car and was arrested on the spot for "Failure to Provide I.D." However was finally charged with purportedly Resisting Arrest or Obstructing Justice a Penal Code 148.
Which leads us to believe that the act of filming is the complaint of the Police and may be because the police are obstructed from using illegal techniques or unethical acts to disperse the crowd sleeping in front of City Hall.

Keep Santa Cruz Weird reports [] how SCPD Officers allowed a preacher to verbally assault a musical act under "freedom of religion". They also write [], "The city charges a $450 fine if a guy plays bongos in the wrong place, but only $800 to shut the entirety of Pacific Ave. to shoot a commercial []. There is a basic disparity for you."

* "SCPD celebrates their big arrest in keeping downtown safe!" (2015-08-26) []: Ever vigilant to harassing activists who challenge the Santa Cruz's city's laws criminalizing homelessness and controlling free speech, SCPD directs their precious resources to being able to harass artists ( []. SCPD might have a pretty new face as their official spokesperson instead of Steve Clark, but it's the same oppression and same message nevertheless. Today, SCPD celebrates their big arrest in nabbing the alleged "blue square painters."
Yes, in a town that is increasingly paralyzed by gang violence as well as bicycle thefts left and right, the boys and girls in blue are not only spending their precious time harassing downtown artists standing in the wrong squares they've been relegated to by Santa Cruz City Council, but now SCPD seems strangely focused on the appearance of new blue squares that have appeared in the last few days. Seems like SCPD didn't want to investigate the alleged disappearance of some of the original blue squares which have mysteriously disappeared after the City's Artist in Blue Cage ordinance was passed.
Felony vandalism seems to be the catch-all charge that SCPD uses against anyone who they politically oppose. If readers recall, SCPD and the SC DA leveled this charge against a select few bank occupiers who they effectively tried to oppress and silence under the threat of prosecution and jail simply for being in a building that hundreds of other occupiers were in as well.
Notice that the announcement in the SCPD blogspot is intended to throw red meat to Steve Clark's unofficial community cheerleaders, commonly known as TBSC. You can be assured that the TBSC admins and board members will be doing their best to turn TBSC members into a frothing mob of online near vigilantes who can then be politicized and then easily organized when TBSC and Steve Clark wants their slate of political candidates to win in a local election. Remember that TBSC loves Steve Clark and Steve Clark seems to love TBSC. They seemed to work hand and hand when Steve Clark in an official police capacity called a press conference branding SC City Council candidate Leonie Sherman an anarchist--TBSC members were not-so-surprisingly quick to jump on the allegation, mimicking Steve Clark's "facts" and claims in what one could easily imagine was a pre-organized coordinated fashion.
Is this SCPD blogspot post yet another attempt at trying to interject themselves into the political realm of local politics? Are they trying smear local efforts of some citizens who are exercising their conscience to challenge what might very well be UnConstitutional laws passed by Santa Cruz City Council in regards to their criminalization of the poor and homeless?
What will happen next in the supposedly liberal town of Santa Cruz? Who knows. But stay tuned for SCPD's latest antics of trying to silence and crush local activists they disagree with-all the while when real crime is running rampant!

* "Unpermitted Blue Boxes Appear Overnight on Pacific Avenue" (2015-08-24, by Bradley Allen) []
* "Julie Hendee Rides Again: A Little History" (2015-08-24, by Robert Norse) []:
The tireless city bureaucrat spraying orange-red dots on zones to mark for elimination the new Freedom Performance Zones created surreptitiously looks to be Julie Hendee. She has cycled through a variety of positions with one of her latest being Outreach Co-Ordinator.
She's a long-time anti-homeless city worker who has been responsible in the past for spearheading or at least headlining numerous initiatives removing or privatizing previously public space downtown.
Julie Hendee was formerly manager of Cat 'n Canary, a glitz clothing shop located some years ago on the corner of Cathcart and Pacific next to Hoffman's. The business was a leader in pushing to intensify attacks on homeless people via the Downtown Ordinances during the 1990's and was targeted for a boycott in response to the 1994 pack of laws that prompted massive public resistance and a police riot in May of that year.
Hendee was employed by the City's Redevelopment Agency in the next decade. From her position there, she moved to gentrify Pacific Avenue with increased forbidden zones, privatized areas closed at night (such as the fenced area in front of New Leaf).
In 2003 she colluded with the Heinrichs, who owned the Pacific Trading Company [PTC].
The Heinrichs were upset apparently that long-time street musician Cosmic Chris played on the sidewalk 10' away from their store [now the "forbidden zone" setback is 14' and also 14' from an intersection--which makes the entire area a forbidden-to-perform zone under the 2013 Robinson-Comstock ordinances].
The method used was to spend $6000 of City money to remove the entire seating area that used to be available along the raised planter in front of PTC and Betty's Burgers. The railing around the planter previously allowed at least 6" of seating space accommodating a dozen or more people. Using money transferred from the SCPD budget, the railing was moved forward to eliminate all seating space. Sitting down there is now not only uncomfortable, but illegal. 

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies.,

* "Campaign Zero: A 'Blueprint for Ending Police Violence' ; Activists launch website outlining federal, state, and local policies to crisis of police brutality and racism" (2015-08-21, []

NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
* "FBI Had 12-Page File On George Carlin Because He Made Jokes About Government" (2015-08-19, []
* "George Carlin's FBI file" (2015-08-13, []
* The FBI file (.pdf) []

* "AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale" (2015-08-15, []

* "How governments are using spyware to attack free speech" (2015-08-20, []

* "Google gives itself a brand-new name: Alphabet" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt] Dossiers of data -
And whether it’s Google or Alphabet, the company will still be grabbing your data. “Google has services that are useful to people, and many people like them, but often don’t understand the price they pay in terms of the personal information they turn over — Google amasses all kinds of digital dossiers about you,” Simpson said.
Although most analysts called the name Alphabet “generic,” there are some perks to changing the parent company to a different name from Google — albeit one that may be too commonplace to trademark.
Ira Kalb, an assistant professor of clinical marketing at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, said Alphabet is an interesting name because there are 26 letters — and you can also have a slogan that says, “We do everything from A to Z.”
Having another name can give corporations more leeway because “when you mess up in one area, if you have a separate corporate name it’s not necessarily going to hurt other areas,” Kalb said. [end excerpt]
* "Google forms a new holding company, 'Alphabet' " (2015-08-14, AP Newswire) []
* "The ABCs of Google's new name Alphabet" (2015-08-14, AP Newswire) []
* "Meet the big shots at Alphabet, the new Google company" (2015-08-10, []
* "One chart that explains Alphabet, Google's new parent company (GOOG)" (2015-08-11, Business Insider) [] [begin excerpt]:
Google has announced a massive organisational overhaul: The search giant will now be controlled by Alphabet, a newly created parent company.
Meanwhile, many of Google's projects less related to its core internet business — including its investment and human-longevity research arms — are being spun out into separate companies under the Alphabet umbrella, each with its own CEO.
Larry Page, formerly Google's CEO, is now heading up Alphabet, while Sundar Pichai is taking up the reins of a "slimmed down" Google.
Unclear on some of the divisions?
- Nest is a smart-home-devices company acquired by Google in 2014.
- Calico is a project to increase human longevity.
- Sidewalk Labs is all about improving modern cities.
- Google X is the company's moonshots division, housing the company's ambitious projects such as Google Glass, internet-delivering high-altitude balloons, and so on.
- Fiber builds high-speed internet connections.
- Google Capital is its investment arm, which is distinct from Google Ventures, the search giant's venture-capital investment vehicle.
- Google is, well, Google. It contains most of the products that ordinary consumers associate with the search giant, including Search, Android, and Maps. It is worth noting that YouTube, despite already having its own CEO, is not being spun out.
- According to Re/code, Google's robotics division will also sit under the Alphabet umbrella — though it's not immediately clear who will head it up. [end excerpt]

NORTHBAY COPWATCHFive-Eyes, and other transnational partners
* "Global Five Eyes Spy System 'Bigger Than Ever' " (2015-08-04, []

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. [
[] [] [] [] [][] [] []

* International Call for Solidarity with anarchist prisoners Week (August 23 to 30 2015) []
* "Anarchist Prisoners in the Americas" []
* Wildfire: An Anarchist Prison Newsletter #1 (USA) [], download the 1st issue (.pdf) []
* Interview: Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners (Radio Berlin), intro [], listen here []: At Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with a prisoner support activist about the upcoming Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, who is promoting it and what it is about. For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.
You can also listen here []:


* "ACLU and SPLC: Private Youth Prison in Palm Beach County Must Be Replaced with Sensible Solutions for Youth" (2015-08-21) []

* Stop The Retaliation Against Major George Tillery []:
"Major is in the hole, not because of drugs, but because of something prison administrators hate and fear among all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity." -Mumia Abu-Jamal.
Major Tillery is a Pennsylvania Lifer who confronted SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes over Mumia Abu-Jamal's deteriorating health. Elder Tillery told the Mahanoy superintendent to get Mumia to the hospital, stating "Mumia is dying." Retaliation has come about as a result of this. Elder Tillery has been transferred to SCI Frackville, placed in the hole (RHU), on false charges of receiving a letter with stamps concealing drugs. For the record, stamps are taken off of mail. Elder Tillery turns 65 years old this year and has been denied medication which he needs for his failing liver and high blood pressure. SCI Frackville has denied him medication and legal phone calls.
- Archive of articles (2015-08-23) []
- "Release Major Tillery (AM 9786) from Solitary Confinement!" letter from Attorney Rachael Wolkenstein []
- "Urgent Call To Action For Major Tillery #AM-9786" (2015-08-04) []
- URGENT CALL TO ACTION (2015-08-05) []
- "Action Alert! Stand with Major Tillery" (2015-08-21) []
- Mumia abu-Jamal on Prison Radio talking about the good Major (.mp3) []

* "The Rise of the Permanent Prisoners of War" (2015-08-24, [] [begin excerpt]: The creation of the world's largest ever collection of permanent prisoners of war -- a trend that would translate perfectly to the war "on terror" abroad -- developed through cycles, including partisan cycles. That is to say, Nixon had a horrible impact, Carter briefly slowed the mad rush to prisonville, and Reagan and Bush built on Nixon's policies. The war on drugs was created as a means to militarize the police and involve the federal government in more local law enforcement, not the other war around. Reagan's attorney general announced early on that, "the Justice Department is not a domestic agency. It is the internal arm of the national defense." The end of the Cold War saw the military looking for new excuses to exist, and one of them would be the war on drugs. [end excerpt]

* "Inmates In Philly Prisons Work To Complete Special Gift For Pope" (2015-08-24, []

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []

* "California fracking operations use 197 unique chemicals" (2015-08-13, by Dan Bacher) []

* "Community meeting about Emergency Notification" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: Last night there was a CAP meeting at the refinery with discussion about the cause of the fire, and the response to it.  But first, some background. The “CAP” or community advisory panel is supposed to be designed as an interface with the community. If you happen to know somebody on the panel (and they are quite selective in determining who is panelist worthy), you might be able to find out what was discussed (or served for dinner), but otherwise, not so much. Here’s a link to the agenda and minutes page that I finally found by searching the site []. There is no link to it from their CAP page or anywhere else I looked. If you visit that link you will notice that the last set of minutes is from February and the last agenda is from April. So much for their “Transparency and Accountability” []. But I digress…
At last night’s meeting my source tells me that refinery management claimed they didn’t call the “sensitive receptor list” when sounding the level 2 alert (meaning some offsite consequences likely) because it was deemed unnecessary, as someone at the refinery determined the fire was going to burn itself out anyway. That is their excuse.
As I understand it, when a level 2 alert is activated, the mandated protocol at the refinery is to immediately activate the call system. There is no time to capitulate. It is not a debatable issue then or at this point whether or not the call system activation was necessary. Waiting is not an option. The refinery failed to use it when the sour water tank exploded, when it was overwhelmingly necessary. In hind sight, perhaps this time it wasn’t needed, but the lack of implementing it in a timely manner again shows the system doesn’t work. In fact, on that Sunday, nobody present at the refinery had the knowledge to activate the system.  The refinery, again, does not hold itself accountable.
The community is largely unaware of the refinery’s warning system based on comments I’ve seen on social media, and apparently the management and workers at the refinery are equally naive. I propose refinery managers do the following immediately:
- Let the public know the system exists through community outreach.
- Allow signups on their and the county’s website.
- Test the system.
- Train the operators and managers how and when to use it.
See you at the meeting I hope.
[end excerpt]

* "Endangered Species Act Recovery Plan Set for Two Unique Bay Area Plants" (2015-08-21, by Center for Biological Diversity) []

* "Help save Tesla Park’s California Tiger Salamanders from off-highway vehicle destruction!" (2015-06-26, Dr. Kerry Kriger, We need your help today to stop the State of California from turning 3,100 acres of critical amphibian habitat into a publicly funded off-highway vehicle park! Three-wheelers and dirt bikes have no place in one of the state’s most biologically rich areas, but the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) of California State Parks is planning to expand the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area into nearby Tesla Park, which contains some of the state's most important amphibian habitat.
Tesla Park is rich in special status amphibians, including our official state amphibian the California Red-legged Frog (Rana draytonii); California Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma californiense), Foothill Yellow-legged frogs (Rana boylii); Spadefoot toads (Spea hammondii), as well as more common species like California Newts (Taricha torosa) and Pacific Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris regilla). The OHMVR wants to let intensive off-highway vehicle use destroy the upland habitats of these frogs and salamanders. SAVE THE FROGS! is part of an effort led by Friends of Tesla Park [] to preserve the historic and natural resources of Tesla Park.
Update [].

* "Notorious Insecticides Found in Half of Sampled Streams in US 'Neonics' have been linked to decline in bee populations" (2015-08-19, []

* "California’s Energy Efficiency Success Story: $90 Billion in Utility Bill Savings, Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs, and 40+ Polluting Power Plants Avoided" (2015-08-20, []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life

* "The FDA Is Basically Approving Everything. Here's The Data To Prove It" (2015-08-20, []

* "Tiny Concentrations of Teflon Chemical Harmful to Public Health" (2015-08-20, []

SAN PABLO BAY EPASave The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* "What Is Killing America's Bees and What Does It Mean for Us? Pollinators are vanishing, and a silent spring could become a horrifying reality. So why won't the EPA do more?" (2015-08-18, []


articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign

* "Nuclear peace: mankind's most dangerous bluff?" (2015-08-06, AFP Newswire) []


* "Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets: As the once-vilified drug becomes more accepted, researchers around the world are trying to understand how it works and how it might fight disease" (2015-06, []
* "A Photographer Addicted to Telling the Story of Marijuana" (2015-06-10, [] [begin excerpt]: Beyond photographing the dispensaries, production facilities, and growers in the states that legalized cannabis—Colorado, Washington, and California (medical only)—what really caught Johnson’s attention were the parents of medically challenged children whose use of an oil derived mainly from cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana, is controversial. Some consider themselves “medical refugees,” having packed up and moved to Colorado from other states, some as far away as Maine, to begin a daily regimen of the oil.
Sarah Rowland is one such refugee (pictured above and below). “I had already met and wanted to find more families with children who are medically complicated and fragile, whose lives could really be made better by the use of cannabis—or not,” says Johnson. “And that’s the question: Is this good or is this bad? Does this work? And if so, what’s the cost to the families? Like, how do they decide without any knowledge, or research, or support, or legality? They’re kind of pioneers. I was fascinated by parents who decided to go it alone outside the sanctioned, normal medical community.” [end excerpt]

ANIMAL RIGHTS: Save the Whales!
* "Mysterious Whale Deaths In Alaska Now Under Investigation" (2015-08-21, []
* "Navy War Games in Alaska Would Impact Thousands of Marine Mammals" (2014-11-17, []
* "Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas" (2015-06-16, []


[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comDocumenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits.

* "Washington's Fondness for 'Friendly' Dictators" (2015-08-17, []

* "Rick Santorum: Liberals 'Rewriting History' To 'Fit Their Ideology' Like In Communist China, USSR" (2015-08-18, []: On Friday, Rick Santorum spoke to Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson about his recent debate with Rachel Maddow in which he disregarded the principle of judicial review, pointing to Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson as presidents who defied the court in order to “do what is right.” This led Mickelson to ask him about the Iowa Democratic Party’s recent decision to rename their “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” because the two men were slaveholders.
“This is what the left does, the left has done this from the days of the Soviet Union and Communist China, is they erase history and what history they have they re-edit it and redefine it into something that is fundamentally untrue to fit their ideology,” Santorum said. “If you are trying to decide what’s true, conservativism and traditional American values or this new progressivism, if progressivism is true, why are they going back and rewriting history to make it match what they believe in? That should raise some question marks.”
Listen to the interview here (.mp3) []
Clearly Rick Santorum has never heard of David Barton [].

* "Fox News Pundit Calls Pope Francis 'The Most Dangerous Person On The Planet' For Suggesting Climate Change Is Real" (2015-06-18, []

This article shows what certain "christians" are told concerning Atheist attitudes against Christians. It's an example of the false "siege mentality" that is felt concerning the prevalence of atheist opinion (only 1% of the USA population self-identify as atheist), while 80% of the USA population is considered "christian".
* "6 Eye-Opening Things Atheists Think About Christians" ( []

"Global Climate Change is NOT the fault of monopolist business practices, it's the sun beams that are affecting the weather..."
* "Corrected Sunspot History Suggests Climate Change since the Industrial Revolution not due to Natural Solar Trends" (2015-08-07, []

* "Ben Carson Wants Forced Vaccines" (2015-08-22, []

* "Pollster’s Legs Wobble After Fawning Donald Trump Focus Group" (2015-08-25, []
* "The Fearful and the Frustrated Donald Trump’s nationalist coalition takes shape—for now" (2015-08-25, []
* "Ex-KKK leader David Duke backs Donald Trump: ‘He understands the real sentiment of America’ " (2015-08-25, []

* "Which Republican Will Call Out Trump For Rationalizing This Hate Crime?" (2015-08-21, []

* "Kasich: ‘If I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers lounges where they sit together and worry about how woe is us’ " (2015-08-19, [] [begin excerpt]: Ohio Gov. John Kasich said a number of interesting things Wednesday during an interview at an “education summit” where six candidates for the Republican presidential nomination spoke with education activist and former CNN host Campbell Brown.
The event, sponsored by Brown’s “The 74″ advocacy group and the conservative American Federation for Children, was centered on 45-minutes interviews that Brown did with Kasich, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
There was the moment when Kasich looked in the audience and said that he believed that to make sure kids learn, “sometimes that means shaking it up a little bit.” Then he said to one specific woman: “See that cross you are wearing around your neck. The lord expects that. He expects us to get out of our comfort zone on the behalf of children. Because you see education is about unlocking this brain to discover and improve the world.”
There was the moment when Kasich said without a hint of irony, “We’re not going to tolerate failed charter schools,” failing to mention that Ohio’s $1 billion charter sector is the most troubled in the country and that he and Republican lawmakers have failed to take serious action to hold these schools accountable. [end excerpt]

* "Social Security: Where the attacks really come from" (2015-07-18, 1021 NewsWire):
As Social Security turns 80 (actually last Friday, Aug 14), it’s important to understand its history and legacy in order to understand the constant attacks on it today.
Wall Street and the Republican Party opposed it from the start. In fact, fighting Social Security and the Wagner Act (which legalized unions in this country) has been the cornerstone of Republican principles since before 1935; it took an arduous campaign through the Great Depression and its widespread unemployment, poverty, and migration upheavals to finally get the Social Security Act to the desk of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who reflected as he signed it into law []: "It is, in short, a law that will take care of human needs and at the same time provide for the United States an economic structure of vastly greater soundness".
A difficult birth -
A debate over the idea of “social insurance” — a shared safety net to protect people from starvation — was happening throughout both Europe and the United States. One man, Abraham Epstein, was a major leader in the American movement to establish some form of social insurance, and has even been credited with coining the term Social Security. He wrote a story in The Nation [] outlining his thoughts on its future.
He, like everyone else at the time, referred to Social Security as "social insurance" — everyone pays into it and shares the risks and benefits — not as an entitlement program. “Entitlement” was a term and concept introduced later — by the Republican Party.
But after the momentous success of getting Social Security enacted, Epstein didn't exactly raise his glass in a toast. On the contrary, disheartened by Roosevelt's and Congress' sausage-making*, he was pessimistic about its future. Partly he was unhappy that neither he nor his long-time fellow activists in the social insurance movement were consulted on the final versions of the legislation.
Scrap the Cap!
But his reasoning on its main flaw is instructive and important today — he doubted the fund could be sustained because the rich were not being required to contribute their fair share. That remains the issue 80 years later in the current Congressional debate on its long-term solvency.
The easiest solution to keeping Social Security viable, and even increase and expand its benefits, is to make the wealthy pay the same 6.2 percent of income above the current capped level of $118,500.
“Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made.” — attributed to Otto von Bismarck & others
- Portside: "80 Years Later, Republicans Are Still Fighting Social Security" []. Richard Eskow of Campaign for America’s Future puts some historical and political perspective on the 80-year public relations and legislative war against the most successful, efficient, and popular government program in US history.
 - Paul Krugman: "Republicans Against Retirement" []. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman gave his take on why Republicans continue to oppose Social Security even though it is overwhelming popular in the American public. His not-so-startling conclusion? “The rich are politically different than you and me.”
Finally, let’s turn "insight" into "incite" by adding your voice to the growing chorus letting Congress and the Republican presidential candidates know what we want and that we are watching:
- Sign the Petition to Protect Social Security []
- Get More Information (.pdf) []
- NY Times: "If Only Laws Were Like Sausages" [].
Pictured above: Supporters of Social Security turned out for “visibility actions” around the country as part of a National Day of Action on August 14. In San Francisco, SEIU 1021 members joined with others in leafleting events along Market Street, organized by the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA). Left to right: Denise D'Anne, George Woyames (white hat, back turned), Glen Van Lehn, Terry Lewkowitz, Al Haggett, David Williams, Joyce Calagos (Senior Disability Action), Kathy Piccagli (Older Women's League).

* "Corruption and contempt: The hidden story of Hurricane Katrina; How the Bush Machine Destroyed America’s Emergency Response Agency" (2015-08-24,, part 1 [], part 2 [], part 3 []

* "U.S. Billionaires Are Boosters for the Ugly American Brand" (2015-08-20, []

Some of the very capitalists whose business practices unleashed the Great Depression of 2008 are using their money to give their names to institutions of prestige...
* "Sandy and Joan Weill Unleash Outrage at Paul Smith’s College" (2015-08-19, []

* "Court’s bloody joke benefits corporations while others suffer" (2015-08-26, [] [begin excerpt]: The latest win for Big Business came in a case against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC had mandated that companies disclose whether their products were free of “conflict minerals.”
Because the trade in these minerals helps fund the bloody conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and as a result contributes to the massive humanitarian crisis there, the purpose of the rule was to cut off that avenue of funding. But the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in favor of the National Association of Manufacturers in the case and reaffirmed its view that a business could not be compelled to “confess blood on its hands” because doing so would violate its freedom of speech. There are, of course, plenty of instances in which actual persons have to disclose information that is not beneficial to them. For example, sex offenders have to register and in many situations in everyday life, felons have to reveal that they went to prison. For now, however, only Big Business is laughing. The decision could also conceivably result in issues being reopened in the future that are now considered to be settled. Tobacco companies, for example, which have already successfully fought having to include graphic images on cigarette packs, could use the ruling to argue that they no longer should be required to print any kind of health warning on their products. [end excerpt]

* "Not ready for prime time: The Republican presidential parody" (2015-08-10, AFP Newswire) []


* "Nasty cartoon" letter by Mary Ann Waldo of San Mateo to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle []:
Lisa Benson’s Aug. 14 editorial cartoon on Hillary Rodham Clinton was not just disgusting, but use of the word “LIES” verges on libelous. We the readers, not to mention Clinton and her supporters, deserve a retraction. [end letter]
This is the "nasty" "disgusting" cartoon [], with another editorial cartoon about Hillary at [].


* "Could Google search destroy free and fair elections?" (2015-08-21, []

USA FASCISMMilitary State
* "How to Disrupt the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex" (2015-07-03, [] [begin excerpt]: President Obama is said to be considering an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending. He should sign it immediately.
But he should go further and ban all political spending by federal contractors that receive more than half their revenues from government.
Ever since the Supreme Court’s shameful Citizens United decision, big corporations have been funneling large amounts of cash into American politics, often secretly.
Bad enough. But when big government contractors do the funneling, American taxpayers foot the bill twice over: We pay their lobbying and campaign expenses. And when those efforts nab another contract, we pay for stuff we often don’t need.
This is especially true for defense contractors – the biggest federal contractors of all.
A study by St. Louis University political scientist Christopher Witko reveals a direct relationship between what a corporation spends on campaign contributions and the amount it receives back in government contracts.
A case in point is America’s largest contractor – Lockheed Martin. More than 80 percent of Lockheed’s revenues come from the U.S. government, mostly from the Defense Department.
Yet it’s hard to say Lockheed has given American taxpayers a good deal for our money.
For example, Lockheed is the main contractor for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – the single most expensive weapons program in history, and also one of the worst. It’s been plagued by so many engine failures and software glitches that Lockheed and its subcontractors practically had to start over this year. [end excerpt]

* "Raytheon given support contract for special ops forces" (2015-08-18, UPI Newswire) []
* "General Dynamics delivering more digital modular radios to Navy" (2015-08-11, UPI Newswire) []
* "Harris to support Navy efforts for counter-mine measures" (2015-08-03, UPI Newswire) []
* "Orbital ATK producing ammunition for U.S., allies" (2015-08-04, UPI Newswire) []
* "DynCorp International continues maintenance services for U.S. Navy" (2015-08-04, UPI Newswire) []
* "Marines order Harris Falcon III radio systems" (2015-08-06, UPI Newswire) []
* "Boeing breaks ground for new facility" (2015-08-30, UPI Newswire) []

* "Space sector heads to US on major growth mission; Nine UK space companies are in the US on a trade mission to boost investment of proprietary equipment" (2015-08-13, [], video []

* "US Army Held Missile Defense War Games to Subvert 'Russian Jamming' " (2015-08-15, []

* "Star Wars: US Set to Build Space Plane for Extraterrestrial Battle" (2015-08-07, []

Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) 2015 []

September 28 - 30, 2015 - DoubleTree by Hilton – Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.
Organized by The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA), a division of IQPC, The Network for Military Personnel and Defense Industry Professionals.
IAMD 2015 already has a phenomenal speaker line-up which includes 10+ general officers! This event will bring together military stakeholders from government, private sectors, academia and non-profit organizations. Read more at [].

Don't miss the opportunity to meet with industry leaders, decision makers and military personnel in an effort to discuss, develop and improve our missile and defense operations. You will further understand the common challenges faced by the IAMD Community and see how IAMD plays a role in International Partnerships.
Join us this September and get first hand knowledge about the role of IAMD forces in the Informational Age and learn about the obstacles frequently encountered with space based early warning missile defense systems.
IAMD 2015 Journalist's Resources []:
- IAMD 2015 AGENDA []
- Generals at a glance. Take a look at our elite speaking faculty here [].
- Missile Infographic []. This carefully designed heat map provides a snapshot of international global missile technologies and highlights areas of importance which will be discussed at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement's upcoming conference: Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) 2015.
- IAMD Chairperson Q&A []: In the run-up to the highly anticipated Integrated Air and Missile Defense event, we sat down with this years chairperson COL (R) Art Loureiro to bring you this exclusive one on one interview.
- Land-based Air Defense Holdings & Requirements []: Report. Air and Missile Defense programs and requirements continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The threats pose by Russia in Europe and North Korea in the Far East have prompted increased BMD initiatives in these regions. At the same time, the market for all sectors of the Air Defense Systems market remains buoyant with over 30 countries having new procurement or upgrade programs under way. The value of the Air and Missile Defense market is estimated to be over $30 Billion in the next 10 years... to read more, download the report
- U.S. Army Seeking Stronger Integration for Air and Missile Defense []. The field of Air and Missile Defense is facing a host of new requirements which are, in turn, driving many nations to seek upgrades to their capability. Brigadier General Donald Fryc, Chief of the US Army’s 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (32d AAMDC) tells Defence IQ  why “continued multi-service and multinational cooperation is essential to maintain an AMD force” and how a series of events and exercises in 2015 will serve to close the gaps quickly.
• I Corps
• Missile Defense Command
• Secret Service
• Air Force Space Command
• Joint IAMD Organization
• U.S. Strategic Command
• 94th AAMDC

* "The Privatization of War: Mercenaries, Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC); Beyond the WikiLeaks Files" (2010-11-08, by Jose L. Gomez del Prado, UN Working Group on Mercenaries and Global Research) [], learn more at [].

USA FASCISMState Media Watch
* "Thinking the unthinkable" (2015-08-16, UPI Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: What might a Sanders or Trump presidency look like? Even though it is early in the race, that frightening question is unanswerable. Sanders and Trump only offer vague promises about fixing broken government that ignore reality and lack substance and credibility. The respective websites of both candidates are useless. The Trump website is a paid infomercial selling the Donald without a singe policy prescription.
Sanders' website is aggressively progressive, socialist and naïve if not scary. The world is literally ablaze. But nary a word is mentioned about foreign policy, national security and dangers to America other than those posed by Wall Street and the billionaire class.
The eight issues listed on Sanders' site are entirely domestic, ranging from income and wealth inequality to getting money out of politics to real family values, climate change and environment and, of course, reforming Wall Street. The policy prescriptions are a mélange regurgitating the senator's largely unsuccessful prior pronouncements to deal with these issues. And his promise of a trillion dollar government program to modernize the nation's failing infrastructure ignores who would pay for it and how it would be funded.
Trump boasts that he will make America strong again; fence off Mexico with Mexican money; rebuild the military; and create millions of jobs. How this is to be done remains a work very much in progress and thus "missions unaccomplished." At some time, perhaps Trump, the showman and prestidigitator, will provide substance to these grandiose wishes. We will see.
Returning to Herman Kahn, a thermonuclear war thankfully was never fought. And, as remote is the specter of a Sanders versus Trump race. Unthinkable -- one hopes. [end excerpt]

* "Fox News host: Keep daughters ‘home in the kitchen’ to prevent fraternity rapes" (2015-08-25, []

USA FASCISMArtificial Poverty and Starvation
* "46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies begin at 6:30 AM" (2015-08-13, []

* "Over Forty Percent of US Children are Living in Poverty" (2015-08-22, []

* "Nearly 14 million Americans live in neighborhoods of extreme poverty" (2015-08-24, []

Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, and the 5th World News service [], including Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* " 'Butterfly Prison'. The New World Order of Poverty, Oppression, Despair and Destitution" (2015-08-19, []

* "Brainwashing versus Education: The West Spreads 'Intellectual Idiocy' " (2015-08-21, by Andre Vltchek) []

* "Critics of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal warn about arbitration clause" (2015-08-19, []

* "Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb" (2015-08-24, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Black Monday “Speculative Rebound”: The Dow Jones Just Made the Largest One-Day Roundtrip EVER" (2015-08-24, []

* "Global Trade In Freefall: Container Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 60% In Three Weeks" (2015-08-23, []

* "23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening" (2015-08-18, []

* "Forex scandal: White collar criminals must face jail not fines, say UK experts" (2015-08-19, [] [begin excerpt]: British banks could be fined billions in coming months as investors pursue them for rigging foreign exchange (Forex) rates, following a landmark US settlement on Friday.
RBS, Barclays, HSBC and Goldman Sachs were among nine global banks that agreed to the £1.3 billion (US$2 billion) settlement with irate investors who had been affected by the market manipulation.
Joel Benjamin, a research assistant at Goldsmiths University’s Political Economy Research Centre, told RT UK fines for Forex rigging will drive financial crime deeper into the shadow banking sector.
“Goldman Sachs and other banks are now moving to more sophisticated, chat room functions after trader chat incriminated traders with the Libor and Forex scandals,” he added.
Benjamin, who is also a campaigner for Debt Resistance UK, said the City of London's regulatory climate is the least robust of all major global financial centers.
“Even though talk has shifted towards holding senior bankers accountable for failures, the scapegoating prosecution of Tom Hayes as the ‘ringleader’ of the Libor scandal does not bode well as a yard stick of regulatory endeavor by authorities,” he said.
Benjamin stressed that fines leveled at banks fail to tackle white collar crime, and hit shareholders as bankers remain unfazed.
He called for senior bank managers to be held accountable for financial crime, emphasizing such an approach would “send a clear message to the industry that fraud is no longer tolerated.”
Forex rigging was the most recent in a series of rate-rigging scandals to engulf the global financial sector. Criminal traders at some of the world’s biggest banks conspired to manipulate the $5.4 trillion-a-day market, while making handsome profits in the process.
They rigged the foreign currency trades via email and online chat rooms to the detriment of the companies and investors who had placed trust in them. The rogue traders then relayed instances where they bolstered their profits, while lobbying their managers for bigger bonuses.
[end excerpt]

* "How Money Strengthens the Anglo-American System of Imperial Domination" (2015-08-21, by Guillaume Kress) []

* "Ending Government Rule of the Elites, by the Elites, for the Elites" (2015-08-23, by Robert Abele) []

* "Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17; Propaganda is the life-blood of life-destroying wars, and the U.S. government has reached new heights (or depths) in this art of perception management" (2015-08-18, []

* "Islamic Declaration Blasts Short-Sighted Capitalism, Demands Action on Climate" (2015-08-18, []

WORLD FASCISM WATCH: Weapons for a New World Order
* "New Internet Routing Method Allows Users to Avoid Sending Data Through Undesired Geographic Regions" (2015-08-18, []

* "US Missile Defense Agency Developing Laser Drone" (2015-08-18, []

And while the Military is capable of creating space programs, it's former "public face" is defunded by anti-science congressmen and must sign contracts with the Federation of Russia.
* "NASA Renews $490Mln Contract With Russian Space Agency" (2015-08-06, sputniknews.com0 []
* "US to Get Second Shipment of Russian RD-181 Rocket Engines Later in 2015" (2015-08-13, []

* "No sci-fi joke: 'killer robots' strike fear into tech leaders" (2015-07-28, AFP Newswire) []
* "Kalashnikovs of Tomorrow: Musk, Hawking, Wozniak Fear Killer Robot Armies" (2015-07-28. []

* "A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton" (2015-08-18, []
* "Stanford team's brain-controlled prosthesis nearly as good as one-finger typing" (2015-07-31,  [], video []. Image caption: Brain-controlled prostheses sample a few hundred neurons to estimate motor commands that involve millions of neurons. So tiny sampling errors can reduce the precision and speed of thought-controlled keypads. A Stanford technique can analyze this sample and make dozens of corrective adjustments in the blink of an eye to make thought control more precise. Image courrtesy Jonathan Kao, Shenoy Lab.

Global Anarchist vanguards & autonomous zones
[[] [] [] []

Check out the worldwide anarchist Anti-Fascist Network []


World Anti-Imperialist Alliance for People's Democracy (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
[] [] []


European racial vanguards
* UKGB "Nazis Sent Packing – as fash forced to hide in left luggage for their own safety" (2015-08-16, []

* "Arctic Sovereignty: Icy Roads to the North Pole" (2014-01-10, []
* "Arctic Territorial Claims" map. Note that the European Union includes both Norway and Denmark, and the free trade zone of NAFTA includes the USA and Canada.

* "Putting Communications First" info-graphic (2015-06, National Geographic magazine, page 4) (.pdf)  []:
- Pioneering route: Taking advantage of shrinking ice cover, companies plan to lay a 9,500-mile cable through the Canadian Arctic, at a price of more than $600 million.
- Faster, faster: The first transatlantic line built since 2003, the Hibernia Express, due in 2015, will cut milliseconds from worldwide financial transactions.
- Cities with the most international Internet bandwidth: 1. London; 2. Frankfurt; 3. Amsterdam; 4. Paris; 5. New York
- Linked in: Small South Pacific island nations Tonga and Vanuatu were recently added to the
fiber-optic grid, leaving only a handful of countries, plus Antarctica, unconnected.
- Accident-prone: Globally a cable is damaged on average every few days. Dragging anchors and trawlnets cause most faults. Earthquakes are also a threat.
- Traffic jams: Construction in Asia and the Middle East aims to avoid delays at busy nodes like Singapore and Egypt and make the system less vulnerable to local breakdowns.

* "Statoil's Polarled pipeline becomes first to cross Arctic Circle" (2015-08-21, UPI Newswire) []
* "Arctic oil and natural gas resources" (2012-01-20, []


The nations of the Inuit, the Metis, the 630 recognized First Nations governments, and traditional nations within the Realm of Canada.
Maps of the Inuit [] [] []

* "This Rare, White Bear May Be the Key to Saving a Canadian Rainforest; The white Kermode bear of British Columbia is galvanizing First Nations people fighting to protect their homeland" (2015-09, []. Photo caption: The white Kermode bear, a rare ursa sacred to local tribes, is now the center of a fierce battle to protect British Columbia’s rainforest.


USA Homeland's resident nations
Nations exist alongside the Federal [], and State governance []. Demographic maps: 2000 [], 2010 [], religion []. The New Afrikan nation, the nation of Nueva Aztlan, the Boriqueno, and of the overseas territories each have their own section separately on this news page.

American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns []

* "The Culture Wars Are Over—And They Aren’t Coming Back" (2015-06-11, []

The American nation believes in a flase seige mentality, despite the supremacy of their culture. Even in "liberal" San Francisco, there was a time after the 1960s that the San Francisco Mayor bowed to American nationalists and forced the city to fly the Confederate States flag!
* "1984: Confederate flag of slavery taken down from San Francisco Civic Center – 3 times!" (2015-08-02, Workers Vanguard) []

* "White school board crowd boos NAACP, call blacks ‘racist’ over objection to ‘Dixie’ fight song" (2015-08-19, []
* "Heated school board meeting over Effingham Co. High mascot" (2015-08-19, [] [begin excerpt]: Effingham County High School’s mascot was the focus of a heated school board meeting held in Springfield Tuesday night.
A small group of people, led by the NAACP, want the mascot changed from the “Rebels”, usually pictured as a Confederate soldier holding a Confederate Flag.
"We have come to make a petition to right the wrong that should have been corrected 60 years ago,” said Leroy Lloyd, president of the Effingham NAACP.
The petition - made by the local NAACP - is for the school board to remove the use of all confederate symbols used by the school. This includes the Rebel mascot, the use of the Confederate flag, and the school's "Dixie" fight song.
Some say the history and hate associated with these symbols cannot be severed.
Pastor Franklin Blanks, Jr., First Union Baptist Church, said, "We should do better. We cannot ignore this practice any longer. We ask you to do the respect of representing all citizens. Do what is fair and honest concerning this practice."
But the overwhelming majority of people who attended Tuesday’s meeting disagreed.
Stanley Carter, resident, said, "You try to erase my heritage, you try to erase anything you think is racist. But the whole time you were up here, sir. I apologize, but everything you said was racist." [end excerpt]

* "George Zimmerman Supports Racism, Sells Confederate Flag Art" (2015-08-18, []


* "The surprisingly uncomplicated racist history of the Confederate flag" (2015-06-22, [] [begin excerpt]: First sewn in 1861 — there were about 120 created for the war — the flag was flown by the cavalry of P.G.T. Beauregard, the Confederacy's first duly appointed general, after he took Manassas, Virginia, in the first Battle of Bull Run.
After the Civil War, the flag saw limited (and quite appropriate) use at first: It commemorated the sons of the South who died during the war.
But never did the flag represent some amorphous concept of Southern heritage, or Southern pride, or a legacy that somehow includes everything good anyone ever did south of the Mason-Dixon line, slavery excluded.
Fast-forward about 100 years, past thousands of lynchings in the South, past Jim Crow and Plessy v. Ferguson, past the state-sanctioned economic and political subjugation of black people, and beyond the New Deal that all too often gave privileges to the white working class to the specific exclusion of black people.
In 1948, Strom Thurmond's States' Rights Party adopted the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia as a symbol of defiance against the federal government. What precisely required such defiance? The president's powers to enforce civil rights laws in the South, as represented by the Democratic Party's somewhat progressive platform on civil rights.
Georgia adopted its version of the flag design in 1956 to protest the Supreme Court's ruling against segregated schools, in Brown v. Board of Education.
The flag first flew over the state capitol in South Carolina in 1962, a year after George Wallace (in photo) raised it over the grounds of the legislature in Alabama, quite specifically to link more aggressive efforts to integrate the South with the trigger of secession 100 years before — namely, the storming of occupied Fort Sumter by federal troops. Fort Sumter, you might recall, is located at the mouth of Charleston Harbor.
Opposition to civil rights legislation, to integration, to miscegenation, to social equality for black people — these are the major plot points that make up the flag's recent history. Not Vietnam. Not opposition to Northern culture or values. Not tourism. Not ObamaCare. Not anything else. [end excerpt]

* "Confederate Flags in the Jim Crow North" (2015-07-01, [] [begin excerpt]: Over the years, what many people recognize as the Confederate flag, the “Stars and Bars,” which decorated several official flags that insurrectionists who fought against the United States flew during the Civil War (1861-1865), has symbolized different types of American identity.
During the 1950s, white Southerners who opposed racial integration and civil rights for black Americans used the Confederate flag as a symbol of their resistance against what they saw as a tyrannical federal government that sought to eradicate their cultures and customs. Some Southerners called these mores their “way of life.”
They were not totally wrong since their official “way of life” involved oppressing American blacks in practically every possible way.
White people could treat black citizens like dogs, or worse, outright terrorize them, at voting polls, in courts, at workplaces, in stores, at theaters, in public schools. Racial segregation even ruled cemeteries.
Racial segregation dominated the South.
So, when Supreme Court decisions and federal laws sided with citizens who fought against racist segregation, white Southerners knew their way of life’s days were numbered. They resisted the civil rights movement. They opposed equal citizenship for black Americans and equal protection of the law for black people.
They showed their defiance the same way Southern insurrectionists did during the Civil War: they flew their Stars and Bars.
Nowadays, some white Southerners (and black ones too) say that the flag serves as a symbol of their heritage. It honors their ancestors. They argue that the Confederate flag does not stand for slavery; even though that flag flew over armies that marched to create a new nation built to preserve white supremacy and racial slavery.
The Confederate political leader, Alexander Stephens, made plain why the insurrectionists fought that war and flew their flag when he explained that his new government’s, “foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the (N)egro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”
Perhaps the cultural and political meanings that the Confederate flag represented in the 1860s and in the 1950s have changed.
Perhaps now, in the 2010s, the Confederate flag means different things – heritage and sectional pride – than it meant in the past: massive resistance against the civil rights movement and a new nation to protect white people’s ability to enslave black people. [end excerpt]
* "Opponents of local civil rights activists raise a Confederate flag in the Bronx, July 1963": Even during the 1960s, when some whites outside the South wanted adamantly to oppose any type of civil rights for black Americans, they used two of the strongest, clearest symbols to communicate their political views and cultural identity: KKK hoods and Confederate flags.
In the summer of 1963, black and white civil rights activists in the Allerton Avenue section of the northeast Bronx, New York, staged nonviolent protests for black people to have more jobs at local White Castle restaurants.
Some of their opponents paraded in KKK hoods, waved Confederate flags, and donned Confederate garb (see below pictures). One counter demonstrator tried to have a nine-month old pose for a picture wearing a replica of a Confederate officer’s hat. Photos: [] [] []

* "Southern Heritage" (2015-06-25, [] [begin excerpt]: Being African-American and having a mother who educated me on the history of my ancestors, gives me a different view of the flag. I was taught about the many struggles my ancestors before me went through. From being viewed as 3/5 of a human being to being doused by fire hydrant hoses. The flag has negative connotations for me because every time I saw it, it was on the wrong side of history. As I learned about the Civil Rights movement, I saw it on the helmets of police officers in opposition to Civil Rights protests, photo []. I saw it being held by people who hated integration and was in favor of the Jim Crow Laws, photos [] [] []. I saw it being held by members of the Klan as they lynched someone who looked like me. So when I see that flag, I see southern heritage. I see a heritage that is nothing to be proud about. To me, it is a symbol of hate and oppression.
I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think that having it fly above a government building is extremely insensitive. It would be equally  offensive, if not more, if a German government building were to fly a Nazi Swastika flag to represent heritage and honor soldiers that have fallen. [end excerpt]


* "Was the Civil War About Slavery?" ( video []: Course DescriptionWhat caused the Civil War? Did the North care about abolishing slavery? Did the South secede because of slavery? Or was it about something else entirely...perhaps states' rights? Colonel Ty Seidule, Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point, settles the debate.
* (2015-08-11, []: The next time an annoying friend or relative attempts to argue that the Civil War was fought over anything other than slavery, here’s the definitive response delivered by Colonel Ty Seidule, a Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point.
* "Head of Dept. of History at West Point destroys argument that Civil War wasn't fought over slavery" (2015-08-11, [], including transcript of the video [begin transcript]: Was the American Civil War fought because of slavery? More than 150 years later this remains a controversial question. Why? Because many people don't want to believe that the citizens of the southern states were willing to fight and die to preserve a morally repugnant institution. There has to be another reason, we are told. Well, there isn't. The evidence is clear and overwhelming. Slavery was, by a wide margin, the single most important cause of the Civil War -- for both sides. Before the presidential election of 1860, a South Carolina newspaper warned that the issue before the country was, "the extinction of slavery," and called on all who were not prepared to, "surrender the institution," to act. Shortly after Abraham Lincoln's victory, they did.
The secession documents of every Southern state made clear, crystal clear, that they were leaving the Union in order to protect their "peculiar institution" of slavery -- a phrase that at the time meant "the thing special to them." The vote to secede was 169 to 0 in South Carolina, 166 to 7 in Texas, 84 to 15 in Mississippi. In no Southern state was the vote close.
Alexander Stephens of Georgia, the Confederacy's Vice President clearly articulated the views of the South in March 1861. "Our new government," he said, was founded on slavery. "Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, submission to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition." Yet, despite the evidence, many continue to argue that other factors superseded slavery as the cause of the Civil War.
Some argue that the South only wanted to protect states' rights. But this raises an obvious question: the states' rights to what? Wasn't it to maintain and spread slavery? Moreover, states' rights was not an exclusive Southern issue. All the states -- North and South -- sought to protect their rights -- sometimes they petitioned the federal government, sometimes they quarreled with each other. In fact, Mississippians complained that New York had too strong a concept of states' rights because it would not allow Delta planters to bring their slaves to Manhattan. The South was preoccupied with states' rights because it was preoccupied first and foremost with retaining slavery.
Some argue that the cause of the war was economic. The North was industrial and the South agrarian, and so, the two lived in such economically different societies that they could no longer stay together. Not true.
In the middle of the 19th century, both North and South were agrarian societies. In fact, the North produced far more food crops than did the South. But Northern farmers had to pay their farmhands who were free to come and go as they pleased, while Southern plantation owners exploited slaves over whom they had total control.
And it wasn't just plantation owners who supported slavery. The slave society was embraced by all classes in the South. The rich had multiple motivations for wanting to maintain slavery, but so did the poor, non-slave holding whites. The "peculiar institution" ensured that they did not fall to the bottom rung of the social ladder. That's why another argument -- that the Civil War couldn't have been about slavery because so few people owned slaves -- has little merit.
Finally, many have argued that President Abraham Lincoln fought the war to keep the Union together, not to end slavery. That was true at the outset of the war. But he did so with the clear knowledge that keeping the Union together meant either spreading slavery to all the states -- an unacceptable solution -- or vanquishing it altogether.
In a famous campaign speech in 1858, Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." What was it that divided the country? It was slavery, and only slavery. He continued: "I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free... It will become all one thing, or all the other." Lincoln's view never changed, and as the war progressed, the moral component, ending slavery, became more and more fixed in his mind. His Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 turned that into law.
Slavery is the great shame of America's history. No one denies that. But it's to America's everlasting credit that it fought the most devastating war in its history in order to abolish slavery.
As a soldier, I am proud that the United States Army, my army, defeated the Confederates. In its finest hour, soldiers wearing this blue uniform -- almost two hundred thousand of them former slaves themselves -- destroyed chattel slavery, freed 4 million men, women, and children from human bondage, and saved the United States of America.
I'm Colonel Ty Seidule, Professor and Head, Department of History at the United States Military Academy, West Point for Prager University. [end excerpt]

* "Black People Enslaved White People" ( [], some of the videos listed at the page:
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []


USA Homeland's resident nations
Sovereign nations of the "Indian Country", and of traditional lodges.
Map [], News [] []

* "4 Native Women Redefine Security and Fight for Sacred Places" (2015-07-22, []

Regional insights for the lands ofAnahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 

* "Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil: US Dark Forces Stoke Violence and Instability in Latin America" (2015-08-22, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "SOA Watch Annual Report 2014-2015" (.pdf) []. The crisis of democracy in the U.S. is dire but with your support we can continue to pressure the U.S. government to stop infringing on Latin American sovereignty and demand an end to corruption and impunity! To contribute to SOA Watch, please visit []. We are excited to share with you the highlights of our work in 2014-2015, which were made possible thanks to your support!

* "When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken" []

Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)

* "ALBA and South America’s Multinational Cooperation" (2013-08-27, []


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 
[] []

* "Bolivarianism Likely to Triumph in Venezuelan December Parliamentary Elections" (2015-08-19, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "National Assembly Head: US Financing Terror in Venezuela" (2015-08-19, []

* "10 Colombian Paramilitaries Captured in Venezuela" (2015-08-24, []

Republic of Cuba 
* "Cuba’s Low Level of Internet Use: Not a Policy of Restricting the Flow of Information" (2015-08-22, []. If you want to find examples of governments restricting the flow of information on the internet for political purposes, look to the United States and its allies, and not to the low-level of internet use in Cuba, which, notwithstanding press reports to the contrary, is a consequence of Cuba’s comparatively low-level of economic development, not communist ‘totalitarianism.’

* Map showing oil development blocs in the western area of the Republic of Cuba's EEZ, with an emphasis on the acquisitions of the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam:


Republic of Nicaragua 
* "Nicaragua to Host Russian GPS-Equivalent Ground Stations" (2015-08-21, []

United States of Mexico 
The descendants of the Hispanic culture are dominant in Mexico and many Hispanic politicians are capitalists who also dominate the economy, including President Nieto, a Hispanic oligarch who oversees artificial famine and is employed by certain illicit narcotic cartels.
Photo showing President Nieto, alongside the Mayor of Portlandia [].

* "PEÑA NIETO ¡BASTA YA! The revolutionary situation in Mexico" (2015-08, Coordination of Anarchist Groups) machine tranlsated []

* "New Records Show More US Involvement in Mexico Oil, Gas Privatization Efforts as Mexican Government Says "100%" Its Idea" (2015-08-20, []
* "Mexican oil swaps sparks calls for full U.S. exports" (2015-08-17, UPI Newswire) []
* "U.S. Gulf still national energy priority" (2015-08-20, UPI Newswire) []
* "Low interest in Gulf of Mexico energy auction" (2015-08-19, UPI Newswire) []


Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* "The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath" (2015-08-19, []

* July 2015 Honduras Coup update: Cases of political persecution in July 2015 ( [], including Repression against hunger strikers; Force, and multiple charges against university students on strike; Journalists killed, intimidated, and threatened with very imminent prison; Attack against indigenous livelihoods

* Honduras Solidarity Letter to John Kerry Secretary, U.S. Department of State []:
We write to express our concern regarding the continued involvement of the Honduran military in domestic law enforcement and traditionally civilian institutions in Honduras, and the Obarna Administration's request to increase U.S. security assistance to Honduras for FY2016.
We also write to request the State Department's strict evaluation of U.S. support and training for the Honduran police and military in accordance with human rights conditions placed in the FY2015 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, full implementation of the Leahy Law, and the suspension and re-evaluation of further training and support for Honduran police and military units until human rights abuses are adequately addressed by the Honduran government.
Most democratic countries clearly establish the distinct roles of the military and the police, and place limits on their military's involvement in domestic law enforcement. However, in Honduras the military is becoming increasingly involved in civilian policing.
Since 2010, the Honduran government has regularly deployed military forces to carry out policing functions in different parts of the country. In 2013, the Honduran government established a "military police," promoted by Juan Orlando Hernandez while he was running for president. This military police, which is part of the military chain of command, now numbers 3,000 members and continues to expand. On February 28 of this year, now-President Hernandez announced that the work of 2,144 newly graduated personnel of the regular military would include domestic law enforcement. Today, military personnel patrol residential neighborhoods, buses, airports and highways.
According to the Comite de Familiares de Detenidos y Desaparecidos en Honduras (COFADEH), a leading human rights organization in Honduras, military personnel have been involved in human rights abuses, including assassinations and intimidation of opposition leaders, land activists and peaceful demonstrators. Over the last few months, military police agents have reportedly threatened and harassed journalists, community leaders, and members of the indigenous organization COPINH; forcibly evicted small farmers without a warrant; raided the home of a student leader involved in recent protests; and shot and killed an unarmed woman selling mangos, among other alleged crimes. As reported by Al-Jazeera, Defensores en Linea and Today Media Network, these forces have also allegedly conducted raids against the homes of opposition activists, and participated in the killing of land-rights activists and peaceful demonstrators.
Furthermore, under the Hernandez administration, according to reports from Amnesty International, the Associated Press, and the Honduran media, the military police have brutally beaten a leading advocate for homeless children, beaten and teargassed 35 members of an opposition party within the halls of Congress, and allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped a young woman — all with impunity. 
The Honduran Constitution forbids the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement except in emergencies. This February, the Honduran Congress defeated a proposal by President Hernandez to change the constitution and allow for the regular use of military police. However, despite those statutory limitations, the Honduran government has continued expanding this force by executive authority and has failed to fulfill its promises to engage in fundamental reforms of the country's corrupt police forces. 
We are also concerned about the creation of a new "super-ministry'," called the Ministry of Security, last year. This ministry merged civilian and military security institutions under the direction of Julian Pacheco Tinoco, an active general at the time of his appointment who only resigned his commission in January 2015 after objections were raised by several local and international actors, including human right defenders. Prior to serving in this role, Mr. Pacheco was in charge of the National Inter-Institutional security force (FUSINA), an inter-agency task force — combining police, military personnel, intelligence agencies, and prosecutors — created by President Hernandez. The ministry currently controls the police, the immigration agency, the merchant marine, and the civil aeronautics agency, among other key government institutions. 
We are concerned about Honduran media reports that in mid-May of this year, a team of 300 U.S. military and civilian personnel, including Marines and the FBI, conducted "rapid response" training with 500 FUSINA agents, using U.S. helicopters and planes, despite allegations regarding the agency's repeated involvement in human-rights violations. 
On February 2, 2015, the Administration submitted its FY 2016 budget request. The request included a $1 billion fund for Central America, most of which flows to the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to assist them in addressing major issues driving migration from the region to the United States. We understand how important it is to address the root causes of migration to the United States, but want to make sure those U.S. taxpayer dollars are not used for military-style policing, activity that could, in fact, be one of the causes of this migration as it exacerbates violence in the country. 
We strongly support the reassessment of U.S. security cooperation with the Honduran government required by the FY2015 State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill and the aid limitations in the Leahy Law and are concerned about the Department's implementation of these statutes. 
Congress has shown its continued support for a reassessment of U.S. security cooperation with the Honduran government by requesting inclusion of conditioning language in the FYI 6 State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill. Furthermore, pursuant to these statutory requirements, we urge the suspension and re-evaluation of further training and support for Honduran police and military units until the Honduran government adequately addresses human rights abuses. 
We ask that you provide our offices with a detailed description of how the Department of State is currently implementing these statutes, including what metrics the Department is using to assess whether the Honduran government has adequately addressed human rights abuses. 
In addition, we ask the State Department to continue efforts to urge the Honduran government to implement serious and concrete measures to address military and police abuses, and to halt the continued involvement of the military in domestic law enforcement. 
Finally, we request a full itemized report on the use of funds allocated for U.S. security assistance to Honduras in the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations law for FY2015 and for upcoming FY2106 appropriations legislation. 
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this important matter. We look forward to hearing from you. 
[end letter]

* (2015-08-22, Presente newsletter): JOH himself made a speech about the letter. What's interesting here is that he goes back to his campaign promise, trying to set himself up as heroic figure once again--despite the corruption protests. Very smartly, he's using the letter to try to celebrate himself. And note how once again he's attacking Hondurans who go to DC, and Europe, to say things.
* " 'The Armed Forces will continue to support security tasks', Juan Orlando Hernández ordered" (2015-08-23, machine translated []
* "Hernandez says armed forces remain in security tasks, despite US smear campaign" (2015-08-22, machine translated []

* "!Todos Somos Indignados - We Are All Indignant!" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]: On July 31st, Honduran indignad@s which included members of the political opposition, indigenous activists, human rights defenders, students ended their hunger strike which was begun in June to protest the massive corruption and attacks on the political and economic well-being of the Honduran people (see the Honduras Solidarity Network statement below). The massive torchlight marches of thousands of Hondurans are continuing and the people continue to demand President Juan Orlando Hernandez's resignation and prosecution of all those responsible for the corruption. The marches also continue to denounce the attacks on the students, campesinos, indigenous and working people in general and the political repression. This is a time when the movement is re-accessing their tactics and possibilities for winning change. [end excerpt]

The statement below from the Honduras Solidarity Network was delivered to the US Embassy by the HSN member, Alliance for Global Justice, delegation the morning of Friday, July 31, 2015. The delegation presented the letter in a meeting with the Deputy Political Counselor, the Deputy Director, INL and the Director of the USAID/Honduras program office in order to express the HSN member organizations' stand in support of the Honduran people and against US policy in Honduras.??Statement from the Honduras Solidarity Network? of North America?Honduran people demand an end to corruption,?impunity, and militarization?As members of The Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN) of North America, we declare our solidarity with the many thousands of Hondurans who have been protesting for months with vigils, marches with torches, and an ongoing hunger strike. We support their demands for the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernandez; the installation of an international independent commission (CICIH), to investigate the government corruption after the massive theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) by the ruling National Party; and a thorough investigation into the more than 3000 deaths in the health system during this crisis. This is a peoples? movement in which the political opposition, the social movements, and the majority of the society are confronting obstacles to a better future for their country.??We recognize that this outrageous and extraordinary corruption is one more example of actions outside the law, and against all the democratic principles committed by the Honduran political and economic elite, supported by the US government, which began with the 2009 military coup, and has continued with the subsequent coup governments. The most recent corruption scandal comes after 6 years of attacks against human rights defenders, agrarian and indigenous activists, and the entire political and social opposition movement. It comes as part of an attempt to consolidate illegitimate power that includes the removal of more independent Supreme Court justices in 2012 when the current president was the head of Congress and the subsequent decision, after Hernandez came to power in 2014, by the new court to declare null and void the anti-reelection clause of the Honduran constitution.?We strongly condemn the fact that the US Government?s support for the regime in Honduras continues. In fact as corruption was devastating the public health system, creating conditions in which thousands of people died; as the Honduran people and a diverse political opposition united their voices demanding President Hernandez?s resignation, the US Ambassador announced, ?Our relationship (with the Honduran government) has never been better?. We are deeply concerned that the very few statements/actions by the US government about impunity and corruption, such as the agreement brokered between Transparency International, Association for a More Just Society, and the Honduran government,? are aimed at? whitewashing the crimes of the Honduran regime with token investigations and the possible prosecution of a handful of officials in order to gain support in the US for the so called ?Alliance for Prosperity? ? the $1-billion dollar package proposed for the countries of the Northern Triangle under the Biden Plan in the U.S. Congress. The rise of the recent movement against corruption is a demonstration of the failure of the existing agreement. ??We reject the common agenda the United States government? shares with international corporations, the IMF and the Honduran oligarchy represented by Juan Orlando Hernandez. ? That agenda is an aggressive neoliberal program to privatize education, health care, and infrastructure while putting the country?s land and resources in the hands of foreign mining companies, hydroelectric, and mega-touristic projects, and powerful agribusiness interests.? This agenda is backed up by the US economic and military power. As if to make clear its support for the regime the US recently sent another group of 300 Marines to Honduras and conducted military helicopter exercises even as the corruption scandal was being revealed.??We stand in solidarity also with the call from the indigenous, campesino, and trade union organizations, and other social sectors for solutions to the labor, agrarian, and territorial crises that affect their vulnerable members and communities. We are outraged and concerned about the criminalization of their movements and the ongoing violence against them which is the responsibility of the Honduran State.??We are profoundly concerned with the continuing attacks on, and obstruction of the work of human rights defenders and journalists, without whom the population is totally defenseless against impunity and corruption.??We support the demands of the Honduran people and we demand that the US government stop supporting militarization and impunity in Honduras now:??1. That President Obama and the US Congress immediately stop military and police training, and military aid to Honduras!?2. That the US Congress not pass or fund the Alliance for Prosperity or other taxpayer-funded schemes that further militarize governments and increase human rights violations.??3. That the US Embassy stop lending verbal and material support to the illegitimate government of President Juan Orlando Hernandez and instead demand of his administration an end to impunity and criminalization of human rights defenders and social movement leaders.? ??4. We continue to demand an investigation for all of the assassinations committed in Honduras since the military coup of 2009, and punishment for the both the intellectual and material authors of those crimes.?July 30, 2015Honduras Solidarity Network USA/Canada

Karen Spring of the HSN writes: Handing land titles to a few families and not all families is a divisive strategy. The 80 (or more as mentioned) titles are used to create conflict between community members- those that have title (which end up being or already are pro-Facusse/Dinant) and those that don't. Classic divisive tactic when examining transnational/private capital trying to take over where hundreds of families defend their land and community integrity. It should be denounced (as the communities have done already in Zacate grande) and not celebrated as Dinant's PR firm attempts to do. Miguel Mauricio that has taken over is dead Miguel Facusse's only son, I believe. He has four daughters.
* "Miguel Facusse Foundation Grants Land Titles In Zacate Grande, Honduras; Dinant Executive President Delivers Awards To Local Families" (2015-08-24):
The Miguel Facusse Foundation, established by the former Executive President of Corporación Dinant, has awarded land titles to 80 families living in Zacate Grande, located in the Gulf of Fonseca in southern Honduras.
Miguel Mauricio Facusse, Executive President of Dinant, said, “I am delighted to be continuing the important work of my late father, Miguel Facusse Barjum, in providing families in Zacate Grande with formal legal titles to their land. These families – many of them farmers and fishermen – have been living and working here for decades. By awarding formal legal titles, the Miguel Facusse Foundation is enabling local people to develop their communities as they wish, for example, by constructing schools, health centers, sports fields and churches, and by ensuring food security and quality of life for themselves and their children.”
Since 1994, the Facusse family and Corporación Dinant have given over 600 land titles to low-income families, schools and societies in the Langues, Huatales, Earth Cheles, La Negra, Puerto Grande, La Flor, El Golfo and Punta Novillo communities. The Foundation has now provided peasant families and communities with titles for over 800 hectares of land.
Mr. Facusse continued, “Zacate Grande has been hugely important to the Facusse family and Corporación Dinant for many years. By awarding these formal land titles, we are honoring the legacy of my late father, Miguel Facusse Barjum, who envisaged that local families here must be able to control their own lands and invest in their own futures for generations to come.”
For many years, the Miguel Facusse Foundation has worked with Zacate Grande communities to develop school programs, medical teams, food supplies, sports tournaments, recreation areas, forest conservation, and the breeding and releasing of endangered species, such as green iguanas and red macaws.
About Corporación Dinant -
Dinant is a family-owned consumer products manufacturer founded in Honduras in 1960.  Its products are sold across Central America and the Dominican Republic, and exported to global markets. Dinant employs 8,000 people, supports over 22,000 livelihoods, generates millions of US dollars in exports for the Honduran economy, and contributes significantly to all communities in which it operates.
Dinant rigorously benchmarks its operations against stringent international standards regarding the economic, environmental and social impact of its African Palm oil business. All Dinant facilities in Honduras have been awarded ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 status as a mark of their progress in environmental management and occupational health & safety. As part of its adherence to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, Dinant has removed all firearms from security men and women at its plantations, extraction mills and manufacturing plants. Dinant has invested significantly in building better relations with local communities through such initiatives as formal grievance mechanisms and the employment of local social workers.
This material is distributed by Tricuro LLC on behalf of Corporación Dinant.  Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, DC.
* "Residents of Zacate Grande reject declarations by the Dinant Corporation in La Tribuna newspaper" (2012-01-23, []
* "Honduras: The Impunity and Legacy of Miguel Facusse" (2015-08-24, []

Garifuna nation within the Republic of Honduras
* "Honduras’ Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land" (2015-08-03, []

Republic of Haiti
* " 'A Political Coup', 'An Electoral Crime' " (2015-08-20, Haiti Action Committee, Haiti Action Committee joins our voice with those of Haiti's people to denounce the illegitimate August 9th parliamentary elections. The day was marred by acts of voter suppression by three political parties - Bouclier, Verite and Martelly's PHTK which are affiliated with the Martelly/Paul government. Live radio interviews from many areas of Haiti reported violent acts by heavily armed individuals identified with PHTK against poll watchers and voters. These included the take-over and closure of polling stations, ballot stuffing and destruction of ballots already cast.
There were widespread reports of authorized poll watchers and voters denied access to polling stations whereas poll watchers from PHTK, Bouclier and Verite were given free access. These are but the most recent of the repressive actions of the continuing 2004 coup d'etat/occupation. Community voices on-the-ground are calling for continued mobilization against the brutal occupation regime.
Read a first-hand report and analysis of these events in the following interview by Sokari Ekine with Fanmi Lavalas Senate candidate Youseline Augustin Bell from Cap Haitien.  Mdm. Bell characterized the elections as a "political coup" [].

Republic of Peru
* "Peru dismantles Shining Path rebel column: officials" (2015-08-10, AFP Newswire) []

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "How the Harper government has helped mining companies plunder Africa; Public money has subsidized Canadian extraction across the continent" (2015-08-20, []

* "Long live the defenders of the Libyan Socialist Jamahirya" (2015-07-28, []:
Long live Abdullah Senussi and Saif Al Islam Gaddafi!

For all their mistakes increasing amount of Libyans nevertheless see them and the former Libyan Jamahirya as a massively successful pro-people society building project and compared to now a verticals golden age.
Senussi is still flown out by the pro nato forces from his cell to help intervene in disputes amongst Libyans! Saif is a well respected asset for those who are holding him, without which the Zintanis are nothing in Libya.
It's no surprise that those who have helped nato plunge Libya into this raping, looting, collapsed state mess, those who took up arms in alliance with nato would send the defenders of the formerly beautiful Libyan Jamahirya to death.
Those who gave life to Libya and beyond are sentenced to death, while those who have brought nothing but misery and trauma in Libya and beyond are the 'Arab spring revolutionaries'.
There is a complex internal struggle in Libya to orient Libya back towards that legacy, but those process like other processes (Tunisia, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc) will only see some meaningful successes once Russia and China and its regional allies (especially Egypt and Iran) are united in a concerted push back project against the neo-colonial supremacist death squads.

* Marikana 3rd Anniversary Forum video -
A video of the forum put on last Sunday by Optic Illusion and the South Africa Solidarity Committee for the 3rd Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre is up at [].
There was a very good discussion, which unfortunately there's only audio of. If you are interested in the details of how the ANC conspired to orchestrate the massacre, it's in there.
If you haven't seen "Miners Shot Down", you should definitely see it too. Unfortunately it is not in this video since it's copyrighted. You can order a DVD at

European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations, map [] 

Kingdom of Spain 
* "Spanish Elections: The beginnings of a return to power" (2015-08-16,, original [], machine translation [] [begin excerpt]: In Spain the indignados movement inherited managed until the polls in municipal and  regional. If this electoral victory is a consequence of the social movement, it is  certainly not the end.
Almost a month has passed, but the enthusiasm does not seem to  fade into the streets for the last municipal and regional elections in Spain. 8122 towns  and 13 autonomous communities were called to the polls on May 24 to elect representatives  who will exercise the government of municipalities and autonomous parliaments until 2019.
The last four years have shaken the field of  possibilities of Spanish society, where the electoral bias is only a part. But the  reappropriation of political action and the thirst for change is lived primarily among  people in militant organizations, in neighborhood assemblies, in social centers  self-management in the cooperatives, in the disobedience of networks, in platforms against  speculative evictions. This revolution first saw in the streets, where one sings again:!  ¡Sí se puede (Yes, we can!) [end excerpt]

Federal Republic of Germany 
* "Berlin to spend billions upgrading military hardware" (2015-08-07, AFP Newswire) []

Republic of Lithuania
* "NATO is Ready to Snatch Kaliningrad From Russia – Lithuanian Media" (2015-06-11, []

Republic of Greece
* "Greece’s bailout is about helping big business, not Greece’s people" (2015-08-12, []

Republic of Serbia
* "History: UN Security Council Western Agenda: Demonization of the Serbs" (2015-08-20, []

Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
* "Stunning poll results showing Ukrainians’ disatisfied with government, economy and war" (2015-08-26, []
* "Ukraine Cannot Pay Off Debts, Risks to Turn Into Another Greece" (2015-08-15, []

* "Undelivered Goods: How $1.8 billion in aid to Ukraine was funneled to the outposts of the international finance galaxy" (2015-08-13, by Andrew Cockburn, []
* "How $1.8 Billion in Aid to Ukraine Was Funneled to International Finance" (2015-08-20, []

* "Breaking Bad: Ukrainian Soldiers Ready to Storm Kiev" (2015-08-22, []

* "Summer libertarian camp in Ukraine" (2015-07-21, []:
Comrades! We invite you to join a hobby active, useful and enjoyable at a summer camp organized by the libertarian initiatives of Ukraine.
The goal of the camp is a meeting of anarchists, supporters, and those new to the movement to increase the level of theoretical preparation, sports training, new skills and knowledge, exchange experiences and ideas, intra-organizational communication improvement. We will be happy to find todxs who support the idea of building a mutual support society and free cooperation, with the extinction of all forms of inequality and exploitation; finding people willing to fight for an end to racial stereotypes, religious, national, gender, sexual, and the overcoming of all forms of discrimination.
The camp program will include part of learning and also a strong part of sports (participation in sporting events is voluntary). We put before us in order to join the knowledge and practices of various spheres together and propose ways for the libertarian movement. Also, we will be very happy with the proposed content of lectures, organizing debates and workshops. If you feel the potential to offer some interesting event in these formats, please get in touch with organizers.
Our self-managed town will be a pictorial place in Ukraine (the exact place will be communicated later due to security reasons) and will run from 17 to 23 August. If you have the desire to support organizers at Camp preparation, or simply rest from the urban routine, we meet you on site on 15 or 16 August.
An on-site camp will be organized, it is good to bring a tent, pillow and sleeping bag. Where this somehow solve the situation. Will be offered three types of menu (vegan, vegetarian and omnivore). The funds for the purchase of food for the whole period will be collected before the start of camp.
Organizers will strive to provide the safest possible environment for collective living, so to participate need to complete the registration (until August 10). The camp's location and other information will be sent after the analysis of these records.

* "Ukrainian leader says Russia sent 3 military convoys to rebel east" (2015-08-24, AFP Newswire) []

Something horrific we should not forget never. The Azov battalion fighting in eastern Ukraine at the moment are a pro Nazi group sanctioned by the Ukrainian government. It must also be remembered that many Ukrainian guards worked alongside the Germans in the extermination camps in Poland. Most of these guards then escaped from the Soviet army by coming to live in Britain, US and Canada after the war.
* " 'Blood oozed through the soil at grave sites. You could see the pits move, some of them were still alive': The secrets of Ukraine's shameful 'Holocaust of Bullets' killing centre where 1.6million Jews were executed" (2015-08-24, [] [begin excerpt]: Seventy years on from the end of the Second World War the full, shocking scale of the Nazi-inspired Holocaust in Ukraine is finally being revealed - thanks to pioneering work by a French Catholic priest to research the truth of the industrial-scale killing. Around 2,000 mass graves of Jewish victims have been located where men, women and children were shot and buried by the Germans and their collaborators. But there maybe up to 6,000 more sites to uncover, with victims of this 'Holocaust of bullets' - so called because unlike in Poland and Germany where gas chambers were used as the means of slaughter - here most were summarily shot and buried nearby. He uncovered accounts of how Jews were killed by the Nazis 'for fun', or 'out of anger, boredom, drunkenness', or 'to rape the girls'. Yet the Soviet Union, for its own motives, obscured the full scale of the Holocaust on its own territory. Leading historian Mikhail Tyaglyy told MailOnline the number of Jewish victims in Ukraine is between 1.4million and 1.6million, significantly higher than the oft-quoted figure of around one million. [end excerpt]
Photo captions: Cruelty: The Nazis mowed people down in a 'Holocaust of Bullets' and also subjected Jews to horrendous public humiliation by forcing them to strip in the streets (pictured) before beating them / Violence: A Jewish man is kicked to the ground during a pogrom in the Ukrainian city of Lviv in 1941


* "The monument to Lenin returned back to the Chernigovskiy region" (2015-08-19, []


Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [].

Call for the release of communist political prisoners in fascist-occupied Novorossiya!
* "Appeal on behalf of two Communist Party members on trial in Dnipetropetrovsk, Ukraine" 2015-08-20, []

Attacks against the People's Republics of Novorossiya 
* "Grim toll of rising Ukrainian shelling in Donbas, eastern Ukraine" (2015-08-18, intro by []

Federation of Russia
* "Russian unemployment nears historic lows despite sanctions" (2015-08-20, []

* "US boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks for Russian passport over cup of tea with Putin in Crimea" (2015-08-21, []


* "Brand New Russian, Chinese Hypersonic Weapons Unnerve US" (2015-07-31, []
* "Back on Track: Russia to Revive Its Reusable Space Shuttle Program" (2015-08-20, []
* "US Sees Space as Next Potential Battlefield With China" (2015-08-19, []
* "Russia to Engage US in Space Wars With New Electronic Warfare Technology; The Russian Defense Ministry has developed new technology to counter US battle stations in space" (2015-08-18, []
* "Camouflage Skill: Russian Armed Forces Made Airfield Disappear for Hours" (2015-08-23, []
* "Russia's Seven 'Scariest Arms' Include Nuclear Subs, Hypersonic Missiles" (2015-08-22, []
* "Russia's Lider-Class Nuclear Destroyer Project Hits Pentagon's Raw Nerve" (2015-08-21, []
* "Russian E-Warriors Render Aircraft Carriers Useless" (2015-08-24, []

Russian Repression Report: Actual incidents and false stories explained
* "St. Petersburg, Russia - Russian Newspaper Editor Jailed For anti-Semitic Incitement" (2010-02-04, [].
* Anti-Jewish meme that lead to the incarceration of the newspaper editor who published it []. It is captioned: "We will mercilessly defeat and destroy the enemy!" The newspaper headline inside the meme says "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
* "Newly established Eurasian Economic Union hopes to compete with EU" (2015-01-01, CCTV America) []: The Eurasian Economic Union, the world's newest economic club, is five times larger than the EU, covering 15 percent of the earth's land surface. Members consist of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and soon Kyrgyzstan. But as the economic crisis in Russia grows, some experts have wondered just how close these countries want to get. CCTV America's Owen Fairclough reported this story from Washington, D.C.

Republic of Kyrgyzstan (EEU Member) 
* "Kyrgyzstan Accuses US of Scheming to Create Situation of Controlled Chaos" (2015-07-27, []
* "US's Loss of Kyrgyzstan Means Losing Its Foothold in Central Asia" (2015-08-20, [] [begin excerpt]: The treaty on "Cooperation to Facilitate the provision of Assistance," signed in 1993, was officially aimed at "facilitating the provision of humanitarian, economic and technical assistance" to the people of Kyrgyzstan. The agreement provided for US aid to the country to be brought into and out of the country without the levying of taxes and customs duties. Moreover, US aid workers and military personnel were granted near-diplomatic status.
Last summer, the US military air base in Manas, outside Bishkek, long serving as a key logistics hub for the transport of goods and forces to the NATO coalition in Afghanistan, was closed. With Bishkek denouncing its cooperation agreement with the US late last month, and the agreement on Kyrgyzstan's accession into the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union stepping into force on August 12, Ardaev argued that the country's actions are a signal that "the country is demonstrating, step-by-step, the consistency of its foreign policy, and finally coming to define its own priorities." [end excerpt]

Republic of Kazakhstan (EEU Member) 
* "Against The Banning of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan" (2015-08-19, by Steven Argue) []

Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)
* "Turkey's Insurrection" [], watch the video here []: This week we bring you nihilistic news from the climate front, plus an update on the revolt in Turkey following the suicide bombing of Rojava supporters. Plus a Turkish comrade gives us an in depth look at the political landscape in the region.
Download the video at [].
For background, check out our report on the Rojava revolution [].

[] []

* "Religious eugenics: How Saudi Arabia is sponsoring a frightening new movement in the ME" (2015-08-22, []

Arab Republic of Syria
[] [] [[[] []

* "Aleppo's businessmen blame Turks for damaged factories, looted equipment" (2015-08-19, []

* "Militants in Syria are agents of Israel: Assad" (2015-08-25, []

* "Syria: Palmyra Archaeology Researcher Beheaded by ISIS. Who Was Behind this Criminal Act?" (2015-08-20, Syrian Arab Republic - Minister of Culture - Directorate-General of Antiquities & Museums) [], original []

* "The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria" (2015-08-24, [] [begin intro]: A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant – the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria. Although Russia has been absent from the international scene since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and although it is moving with care, it has just created a Russo-Syrian Commission, has begun supplying weapons, sharing intelligence, and sending advisors. All of this is more or less coordinated with the White House. [end intro]

* "Israel Punishing Syria for Russian S300 Sale" (2015-08-25, []
* "Israel responds to Syria rocket fire with artillery, air strikes" (2015-08-20, AFP Newswire) []

* "Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Fighter Jet over Quneitra" (2015-08-22, []
* "Syria ups the ante and shoots down Zionist F-16 bomber and helicopters; Syria pulls out all the plugs!" (2015-08-21, [] [begin excerpt]: Yesterday, Friday, August 21, 2015 in the early hours, Damascus time, a Zionist, American-manufactured F-16 fighter-bomber, flew into Syrian airspace brazenly and fired at Brigade 68 and, then, turned and flew back toward Brigade 90 in Qunaytra in order to insure a safe landing in occupied Palestine if the aircraft was struck. It was struck. An SA-9 from the Iftiraas Air Defense Base and an SA-2 near the Khalkhaala AB were fired. But, the technical wizardry was most on display when an S-300 (SA-10 “Grumble) super-air-defense missile was fired from the Republican Guard base near the Mazza AB at the foot of Qaasiyoon Mountain west of Damascus. This was done so that the F-16’s electronic countermeasures would first fix on the SA-2 and SA-9 while the S-300 plowed forward to exterminate the vermin inside the Zionist aircraft. The S-300 vaporized the Zionist bomber.  No evidence was seen of the pilot ejecting. Instead, eyewitness accounts described a ball of fire over the Golan and the remains scattering into the air over the Huleh Valley in Palestine.
Also, the Zionists lost 2 helicopters while flying missions over the Golan Heights in an effort to bolster the sagging morale of the Takfiri rats of Nusra/Alqaeda and Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam.  The 2 helicopters went down over the area near Qunaytra City and were reportedly shot down by shoulder fired, heat-seeking missiles deployed throughout the Syrian Army. [end excerpt]

* "The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?" (2015-08-21, [] [begin excerpt]:
The August 16, 2015 attack on a market in the Syrian town of Douma, just outside the capital Damascus, has caused international outrage. Condemnations of the Syrian government have poured in from seemingly all corners of the globe as President Assad and the Syrian military have been declared responsible for the attack, convicted in the court of media opinion. Interestingly, such declarations have come well before any investigation has been conducted, and without any tangible evidence other than the assertions of the rebel spokespersons and anti-government sources. Indeed, there has been an embarrassing dearth of investigative questions asked as corporate media, who have been far from objective these last four and half years, have rushed to fit the facts to their long-standing narrative of “Assad the Butcher.”
When carefully scrutinizing the documentary evidence of the attack, and comparing that to the claims made throughout western media, some troubling irregularities emerge. Not only do the claims seem to be exaggerated, but when placed within the historical context of this war, they seem to fit into a clear pattern of distortion and misinformation disseminated for political purposes, rather than objective reportage. Indeed, the raw footage taken on the scene goes a long way to contradicting some of the claims made by witnesses and “activists” (an interesting term in itself) often quoted in the media.
First, there is the allegation that more than 100 civilians were killed in an airstrike carried out by the Syrian military. There are certainly plenty of pictures that seem to bolster that claim, with debris scattered everywhere, aid workers carrying victims, and frightened civilians rushing around the destroyed marketplace. However, when one looks at the videos, even those provided by outlets such as The Guardian in the above linked article, one curious thing seems to be missing: bodies.
Indeed, it does seem odd that an airstrike could obliterate a crowded market on a Sunday, killing over a hundred people, and no videos or images would show bodies torn apart by the blast? One would expect to see mangled corpses, limbs scattered on the ground, pools of blood, etc. None of that seems visible.
Compare the Douma videos to those from Gaza on July 30, 2014 during Israel’s vicious war []. An Israeli airstrike, which killed 15 people and injured more than 150, also hit a crowded market and caused horrific destruction. And in the videos, one sees bloodied bodies missing limbs, pools of blood on the street, and other gut-wrenching images.
Or compare the Douma videos to those of the Christmas 2013 bombing of a crowded Baghdad market []. The videos of that attack are gruesome, showing victims with heads partially blown off their bodies, legs attached to bodies by skin alone, lifeless corpses of children and other truly disturbing images.
All of these are conspicuously absent from any of the footage of the airstrike on Douma. Why? The various footage from the scene, repeated on both anti-Assad media, and on mainstream western media (as seen here []), shows no such images. Raw videos taken in the immediate aftermath of the attack also show no bodies (as seen here [] and here []). There is footage showing bodies [], however there is no discernible evidence that they were victims of the airstrike. Interestingly, all the victims shown in this video were military age males, rather curious if indeed this was an attack on a crowded market where presumably women and children would have been present. Indeed, in the midst of the ongoing war, there are fighters being killed on a daily basis, and it is entirely plausible that the wrapped bodies shown were fighters killed in some other fashion and simply presented to the camera as if they were victims of the airstrike.
To be fair, hours of research did uncover a total of one video [], taken after the blast, showing the bodies of a handful of male victims. However, none of the signs of death by airstrike are visible; the bodies are all whole, no missing limbs, very little blood (unlike in the Gaza and Baghdad videos). A logical conclusion based on the available evidence would be that the men seen in the video died from the collapse of a building, presumably the destroyed building behind them.
According to a list of victims names published in Arabic by the Doumaa Coordinating Committee [], a pro-rebel group, there were 102 victims of the airstrike. After a translation, it is clear that the list reveals a grand total of three women among the 102 victims. It strains credulity that in a crowded market on a Sunday, with an alleged airstrike that could not distinguish between genders, there would be only three women among the dead. How is this possible? It seems likely that, as mentioned above, the list includes dead fighters who may have been killed in some other fashion – in battle, targeted by the Syrian military, etc. – who have simply been added to the list in order to bolster the narrative of a “massacre” in the market.
[end excerpt]

* "How the Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged" (2013-09-19, by James Corbett, Mother Agnes Mariam, and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, []
* "Staging the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria" (Global Research TV) []

* "Attack on Ghouta, 1 year on: ‘War is always main course for US’ " (2014-08-21, [] [begin excerpt]: This week marks the first anniversary of the infamous chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. What makes that incident significant, both politically and historically, is the fact that, despite the evidence of Syrian government involvement being non-existent, the Obama administration nearly began a war with Syria using Ghouta as the pretext.
As the months have passed however, scientific studies amassing an impressive body of evidence have shown that, not only were Washington’s claims of “certainty” that Assad’s forces had used chemical weapons in their war with extremist fighters utterly baseless, but in fact the reality was quite the opposite – the rebels were the most likely culprits of the attack.
In the subsequent months, multiple studies were in fact carried out to try to firmly establish the truth of what happened in Ghouta. In a comprehensive report released in January 2014 (more than four months after the incident), former UN weapons inspector Richard Lloyd and Prof. Theodore Postol of MIT effectively debunked the claims of the US government (along with Human Rights Watch and a number of other organizations), showing conclusively that US intelligence and conclusions regarding the incident were grossly inaccurate. The report (.pdf) [], entitled Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013, notes that: “The Syrian improvised chemical munitions that were used in the August 21 nerve agent attack in Damascus have a range of about 2km…[The evidence] indicates that these munitions could not possibly have been fired at East Ghouta from the ‘heart’, or from the eastern edge, of the Syrian Government-controlled area shown in the intelligence map published by the White House on August 30, 2013…The UN independent assessment of the range of the chemical munitions is in exact agreement with our findings…this mistaken intelligence could have led to an unjustified US military action based on false intelligence.” [end excerpt]
* "The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention" (2013-09-25, by Julie Lévesque and Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, []
* "Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013" (2014-01-14, by Richard Lloyd, Former UN Weapons Inspector, and Theodore A. Postol, Professor of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (.pdf) []
* "U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013" (.pdf) []
* Debunking the “U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013” ( []
* "The Red Line and the Rat Line" (2014-04-17, [] [begin excerpt]: The American and British intelligence communities had been aware since the spring of 2013 that some rebel units in Syria were developing chemical weapons…Defense Intelligence Agency issued a highly classified five-page ‘talking points’ briefing… which stated that Al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its program, the paper said, was ‘the most advanced sarin plot since Al-Qaeda’s pre-9/11 effort…Previous IC [intelligence community] focus had been almost entirely on Syrian CW [chemical weapons] stockpiles; now we see ANF attempting to make its own CW … Al-Nusra Front’s relative freedom of operation within Syria leads us to assess the group’s CW aspirations will be difficult to disrupt in the future.’ The paper drew on classified intelligence from numerous agencies: ‘Turkey and Saudi-based chemical facilitators,’ it said, ‘were attempting to obtain sarin precursors in bulk, tens of kilograms, likely for the anticipated large-scale production effort in Syria.’ [end excerpt]
* "Syrians in Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack" (2013-08, by Dale Gavlak and Yahya Ababneh) []

* "Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children' " []. Analysis of the 30 September 2013 BBC Panorama documentary 'Saving Syria's Children' and related BBC News reports, contending that sequences filmed by BBC staff and others at Atareb Hospital, Aleppo on 26 August 2013 purporting to show the aftermath of an incendiary bomb attack on a school in Urm Al-Kubra are largely, if not entirely, staged.

* "Translation of interview with commander of the US trained and funded Syrian rebel force Division 30" (2015-08-21, [] [begin excerpt]: A lot of ridicule has surrounded the formation of this group. In September 2014, congress approved a budget of $500 million to train & equip a force of 5000 “moderate” Syrian rebels . To the amusement of everyone it took 10 months to train a mere 54 rebels. It proved very difficult for the Americans to find them because the majority of the anti-government rebels on the ground  in Syria are Salafists and Takfiris whose priority is to remove Assad rather than fight ISIS. This difficulty was also due to the fact that most “moderate” Syrians actually supported the president.
On July 12, 2015 the 54 members of Division 30 entered Syria. As soon as they crossed the border a number of them were kidnapped by Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian rebel group affiliated with Al-Qaeda. When the remainder of the group reached their base, they were attacked by al-Nusra. There was a lot of speculation in the media over how many were killed and captured. In this interview 1st Lieutenant Abou Iskandar of Division 30 tells his version of events. [end excerpt]

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "Chemical watchdog 'concerned' by Iraq attack reports" (2015-08-17, AFP Newswire) []
* "Germany says Iraqi Kurdish forces report chemical attack" (2015-08-13, AFP Newswire) []

* "IS executed 2,000 in Iraq's Mosul region since takeover" (2015-08-07, AFP Newswire) []

* "Arab League urges military support for Libya against IS" (2015-08-18, AFP Newswire) []

* "Caucasus Islamist leader killed in Russian raid" (2015-08-11, AFP Newswire) []

* "ISIS in Afghanistan: Proxy War against Iran and China" (2015-08-04, []

* A statement "in favor of ISIS" and against the USA invasion of Syria [] from a self-identified communist organization (and long suspected State security agency asset) is immediately attacked by their ideological critics as shown here [] and here [].

* "Obama’s 'Fake War' against the Islamic State (ISIS). The Islamic State is Protected by the US and its Allies" (2015-02-19, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky) []


Kurdistan in Iraq
The coup-government is allied with the USA and has declared war against the PKK government.
* " 'Legal vacuum' as Iraqi Kurd leader's term expires" (2015-08-20, AFP Newswire) []

* USA "Defense Secretary Carter meeting with Kurds in Iraq" (2015-07-24, AP Newswire) []

* "Iraq PM condemns US officer's remarks on partition" (2015-08-13, AFP Newswire) []

* "Revenue cut by pipeline attacks, Kurdish government says" (2015-08-19, UPI Newswire) []


Rojava (Western Kurdistan)

* "Communal Economy Grows In Rojava Despite War" (2015-07-31, []

State of Israel and international operations
[] []

* "Israeli army blocked Netanyahu's plans to attack Iran: Barak; Israel's former defence minister says three plans to attack Iran - backed by himself and the premier - failed to secure security cabinet consensus" (2015-08-23, []

* "The brothers who funded Blair, Israeli settlements and Islamophobia" (2015-08-12, []

* "Britain Dangerously Dependent on Israeli Weapons, Cameron Dismisses 76,000 Strong Petition to Arrest Netanyahu on War Crime Charge" (2015-08-23, []

* "Professor Salaita Seeks Court Review of University Officials’ Destruction of Evidence" (2015-08-25, []

State of Palestine, exile community, and occupied territories
[] []

* "Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s. While Israelis water their lawns and swim in Olympic-sized pools, Palestinians a few kilometers away are literally dying of thirst" (2015-06-25, []

Free Amer Jubran!
* "Amer Jubran: From Exile to Exile" (2004-01, [].
* "The Arrest and Detention of Amer Jubran" (2014-07-21, [].
Photo: Amer Jubran speaking at the October 25, 2003 demonstration in San Francisco, California protesting the occupations of Palestine and Iraq.
Amer Jubran was a prominent activist in the US in the post 9/11 antiwar movement. He was targeted like many Palestinian activists who were outspoken during that time (Sami Al Arian, Farouk Abdel-Muhti) and stripped of his green card. He has continued speaking out for justice in Palestine in his country of residence, Jordan, which is doubtfully a coincidence as to where he finds himself now.
* "Statement from Palestinian Activist Amer Jubran on Being Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison by Jordan's State Security Court" audio recording with transcript:
See Action Steps and Open Letter below.
On Wednesday, July 29, Amer Jubran was sentenced by Jordan's State Security Court along with 8 other defendants. The rest of the defendants were given sentences of 2-3 years; for his refusal to cooperate, he was singled out for excessive punishment, and given a 15 year sentence (reduced by his lawyers to 10 years). The verdict comes after 15 months in detention--the first 3 months without charges. He was able to get a call out of the prison where he is being held in Jordan to make a statement about his trial and sentencing. An audio recording is available at the following link []. We include a full transcript below:
"Last Wednesday on July 29, 2015, I was issued a verdict of 15 years in prison which was reduced to 10 years later. This verdict was issued by a military court, a martial tribunal court made of three judges. The trial lasted for about 1 year and over thirty sessions, through which my legal defense team has proven beyond doubt false charges of terrorism. There were 10 charges and our defense amounted to zero effect on the outcome of that trial, as I was given a maximum punishment, while everybody else in the group were given 2-3 year sentences. It is clear that I am being targeted as a person, and such decisions had completely put aside law and justice and replaced that with politics and vengeance.
During the interrogation period, I was told by the GID that any decision made about me is involving (quote) 'our American and Israeli friends' (end-quote). All started when I refused to be a sell-out and work against the Lebanese resistance. I was told then that I will be sent behind the sun for such a refusal. And frankly it is very easy for me to disappear behind the sun rather than to be well outside but a sell-out and traitor. Please use this information to spread to everyone among our activist media who are interested. Especially media that is pro-resistance in Lebanon. And anybody you think is worthy to take this information to. Also please tell my love and my respect to everybody who stood by me among our friends and brothers and sisters where you are. And I thank you deeply from my heart and please do not forget Palestine."
In conversation, Amer further clarified that all 10 of the original charges were disproved by his defense team, but a new charge was manufactured at the time of the verdict. He also clarified that his refusal to be a "sell-out and work against the Lebanese resistance" was a refusal to work as an infiltrator and informant.
We are releasing this statement along with a call for activists to renew pressure on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jordan's Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein, demanding an independent review of Amer's trial and the flagrant violations of human rights involved in his imprisonment. It is now 13 months since our initial open letter to the High Commissioner--an appeal that is still unanswered. (For the text of our letter, see: ).
It has been clear from the outset that Amer was targeted for his activism and political speech on behalf of Palestine. The lengthy proceedings before the State Security Court were a sham trial, before a court with no political independence, acting as a rubber-stamp for the GID (General Intelligence Directorate).
Amer's statement confirms what many of us have suspected from the beginning: his arrest and detention--and now his sentencing to 10 years of imprisonment--have taken place in coordination with the US and Israel.
Please take the time to forward Amer's statement. You can support justice for Amer by sending letters, faxes and e-mails over the next week (8/5/15-8/12/2015) addressed to Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein at the following address:
- Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
  Palais des Nations
  CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
  Fax: (41 22) 917 0008 (If faxing from US: 011-41-22-917-0008)
And please cc the following:
- Prime Minister and Defense Minister
  Abdullah Ensour
  Fax number 962-6-464-2520 (If faxing from US: 011-962-6-464-2520)
- Minister of Interior
  Salamah Hammad
  Fax number 962-6-560-6908 (If faxing from US: 011-962-6-560-6908)
- Minister of Justice
  Bassam Talhouni
  Fax number 962-6-464-3197 If faxing from US: 011-962-6-464-3197)

Ansar Allah Revolutionary Government of Yemen ("Houthis")

* "Famine Stalks Yemen. 'Growing Catastrophic Food Crisis' " (2015-08-23, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "UN aid chief slams 'unacceptable' Saudi bombing of Yemen port" (2015-08-19, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: The top United Nations aid official on Wednesday strongly criticized Saudi-led air strikes on the Yemen port of Hodeida, a lifeline for imports of food, medicine and fuel.  "These attacks are in clear contravention of international humanitarian law and are unacceptable," Stephen O'Brien told the Security Council. Already 80 percent of Yemen's population of 26 million are in desperate need of aid, and nearly 1.5 million have been driven from their homes in the nearly five-month war. [end excerpt]

* "Military reinforcements enter Yemen from Saudi Arabia" (2015-08-06, AFP Newswire) []

* "U.S. Provides Cover for Use of Banned Weapons in Yemen" (2015-08-21, IPS Newswire) []

* "Unrest in Arabia: The Saudi War on Yemen" (2015-08-24, [], video []:

For months, Saudi Arabia has been leading a bombing campaign against Houthis in Yemen. Now foreign ground troops are joining the fight.
Why is Yemen so important to Saudi Arabia? Is this simply a proxy war involving Iran (Saudi Arabia’s regional rival)? And if it deteriorates further, how might the conflict affect the rest of the world?
A regional struggle may be about to escalate. Saudi Arabia has 150,000 troops on its southern border with Yemen. A Saudi-led coalition is committing more military resources. This month, the United Arab Emirates sent in a military brigade to join the fight on the ground.

Islamic Republic of Iran, and international operations
* "In Iran, ‘death to America’ doesn’t mean what you think it means" (2015-08-17, []

* "Reporting From Iran, Jewish Paper Sees No Plot to Destroy Israel" (2015-08-12, []

By 1988, Ronald Reagan, two-term President of the USA, had negotiated with the Supreme Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran to coordinate weapons shipments to fascist regimes across the world (look up the "Iran-Contra" scandal). The historical massacres are serving as a foundation for the cause of the current campaign for war against the People of Iran, with the sickening result of hundreds of thousands of dead civilians for the installment of new regimes on the model of Iraq and Libya.
* "Untold Story of the 1988 Massacre by the Iranian Regime" event listing (2015-08-29, []
* "Iran’s Secret Massacre: The Untold Legacy" (2014-08-08, []

Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 

* "Afghan Opium Harvesting Protected by British Occupation Forces; Opium Harvesting, c.200 metres from Camp Bastion Airfield Perimeter" (2015-08-23, by Anthony Heaford) []


People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism" (2015-08-20, [] [begin excerpt]: Beijing is going in the opposite direction of Western colonialism, by rolling out a massive, nationwide social security and retirement program for anyone living here, even foreigners, if they pay payroll taxes… [end excerpt]

* "The REAL Reason China’s Economy Is Crashing" (2015-08-25, []

Cameron Ryan‎ writes: Despite reports from self-proclaimed China experts that "red culture" is completely dead in China, it still exists. It has been diminished since Reform and Opening Up, but it certainly isn't dead. Here is ordinary Chinese children performing a song about Mao Zedong []. The first few lyrics go: "The sun is reddest. Chairman Mao is dearest. Your radiant thought forever illuminates my heart."

* "Climate: China's emissions overestimated, says study" (2015-08-19, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: From 2000 to 2013, the country produced nearly three billion tonnes less carbon than previously thought -- a figure equivalent to roughly a third of current global annual emissions.
The new estimate does not change China's rank as the world's top carbon polluter.
"China's total emissions as a country are still well above the second big emitter, which is the United States," commented Corinne Le Quere, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in East Anglia. [end excerpt]

* "China’s Space Exploration Potential Has US Chasing Its Own Tail" (2015-08-09, []

* "US vs China: US-Backed Mobs Seek to Overthrow Malaysian Government" (2015-08-24, []

* "Remember Those Tiny Islands The US Unilaterally Seized Over A Century Ago?" (2015-08-21, [] [begin excerpt]: America today is essentially accusing China of doing the exact same thing it did in the late 1800s to early 1900s under the Guano Island Act (GIA), which itself founded the legacy of the US' control over most of the Western Pacific even to this day.
The US has lately made a sport out of fussing about China's island claims in the South China Sea, alleging that they're unilateral claims which violate international law. Purposely forgetting about China's historical ties to these territories and the wealth of complex history surrounding the multilateral situation, the US instead holds the belief that the entire issue is really all about some kind of regional power grab by Beijing. The American position is astoundingly hypocritical because it's essentially accusing China of doing the exact same thing the US did in the late 1800s to early 1900s under the Guano Island Act (GIA), which itself founded the legacy of the US' control over most of the Western Pacific even to this day. When compared back-to-back, China is in nowhere near a position to use its South China Sea island claims as an opening to larger trans-oceanic control like the US eventually did with its GIA claims, but in order to fully understand why this is the case, one must learn more about how a unilateral American law from 1856 opened the door for pan-Pacific conquest nearly a century later. [end excerpt]

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Russia-China relations
* "Away From Dollar: Russia, China to Create Entirely Different Gold Market" (2015-08-16, []

* "Russia's Lukoil sells Kazakhstan stake to China's energy giant" (2015-08-20, AFP Newswire) []

* "China to Build Two Nuclear Power Plants in Southern Iran" (2015-07-22, []

* "Not Welcome Anymore? Chinese Military Giving US Troops the Boot in Djibouti" (2015-08-17, []

* "Kerry says China and Russia 'very likely' reading his emails" (2015-08-12, AFP Newswire) []

Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea
* "Actions Across South Korea Demand End to U.S. War Games" [], all photos from SPARK newswire unless otherwise noted:






Muan County

Chonbok National University, Jeonju

U.S. Army Garrison Daegu (Camp Walker)

Anti-war protest at U.S. Naval Command in Seoul, August 15, 2015.

Protest against U.S. war games outside U.S. Embassy in Seoul, August 17, 2015. (from Voice of the People)

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! [], []


According to SRE Minerals LTD., "[t]he DPRK economy has the potential to be the fastest growing economy globally between now and 2050." With recent growth rates surpassing that of the Eurozone, such prospects don't seem so far-fetched. (

* "N. Korea breaks silence, calls mine planting allegations a 'slanderous concoction' " (2015-08-15, []
* "US- S. Korea Exploiting DMZ Mine Incident to Divert Attention from Anti-N Korea Provocations" (2015-08-19, []

* "S. Korea blames North for mine blasts, threatens 'harsh' response" (2015-08-10, AFP Newswire) []

* Letter from Democratic People's Republic of Korea to President of United Nations Security Council
(August 19, 2015) []:
Upon instructions from my Government, I have the honour to bring to your attention the aggressive joint military exercise so-called "Ulji Freedom Guardian (UFG)" which is now being conducted by the United States in south Korea against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
The U.S.-led joint military exercises including the "UFG," which are staged one after another every year on the Korean peninsula and beyond, are serious provocations as well as typical expressions of the U.S. hostile policy against the DPRK.
The U.S. is again attempting to cover up the aggressive and dangerous nature of such exercises by describing them as "annual" or "defensive" ones.
However, such real war-like military maneuvers, which mobilize massive armed forces with nuclear capacity with a purpose of occupying Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK, can neither be "defensive" nor justified as "routine" under the pretext of [being held on an] "annual basis."
The U.S. is forcing the DPRK into an arms race through ceaseless war drills and arms build-up in a sinister bid to throw hurdles in the way of the DPRK's efforts for the economic development and the improvement of the people's standard of living, and seeking an opportunity for a preemptive attack on the DPRK by making it inattentive to increased vicious cycles of tensions.
The U.S. war games clearly prove that it is the U.S. which instigates the vicious cycles of escalating confrontation and tension and creating the danger of war on the Korean peninsula.
The U.S.-led aggressive and provocative large scale joint military exercises are no longer issues confined to the DPRK-U.S. or inter-Korean relations but an international issue which threatens the peace and security in Northeast Asia and beyond.
Therefore, I request that the issue of the U.S. joint military exercises, be placed on the Security Council agenda, and that a meeting of the Security Council be urgently held in accordance with Articles 34 and 35 of the Charter of the United Nations.
I would like to remind that the Security Council has unjustifiably ignored the DPRK's several requests to place the issue of the U.S. joint military exercises on the agenda of the Security Council.
Should the Security Council again ignore the DPRK's just request to discuss the U.S. joint military exercises, it will expose itself for giving up its primary mission of maintaining international peace and security and becoming a political tool of an individual power.
If the U.S. persistently opts for military confrontation despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK and the shared denunciation by the international community, it will be held wholly accountable for all the ensuing consequences.
The DPRK will not indefinitely wait for the U.S. to change its DPRK policy by seeing its sovereignty and security being threatened, but will make all necessary steps to deter U.S. nuclear provocations.
I should be grateful if you would have the present letter circulated as an official document of the Security Council.
Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.
[end message]

* (2015-08-24, Mike Bassett) []:
Anna Fifield is usually a fair reporter, but she's saying NK apologized. Here's what the DPRK actually said:
"North-South High-level Urgent Contact Held"
Panmunjom, August 24 (KCNA) --
A north-south high-level urgent contact which had started at Panmunjom last Saturday ended Monday.
Present there from the north side were Vice-Marshal of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Hwang Pyong So, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, and Kim Yang Gon, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the C.C., the WPK, and from the south side were Kim Kwan Jin, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae, and Hong Yong Phyo, minister of Unification.
At the contact the north and the south had an in-depth discussion of the principled issues arising in defusing military confrontation, preventing conflict and promoting the development of the bilateral relations, and made public the following joint press release:
A north-south high-level urgent contact was held at Panmunjom from August 22 to 24, 2015.
Present there from the north side were Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, and Kim Yang Gon, secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, and from the south side were Kim Kwan Jin, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae, and Hong Yong Phyo, minister of Unification.
Both sides discussed the issues of defusing the acute military tension aggravated recently between the north and the south and bettering the north-south ties and made public the following agreement:
The north and the south agreed to hold talks between their authorities in Pyongyang or Seoul at an early date to improve the north-south ties and have multi-faceted dialogue and negotiations in the future.
The north side expressed regret over the recent mine explosion that occurred in the south side's area of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), wounding soldiers of the south side.
The south side will stop all loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts along the MDL from 12:00, August 25 unless an abnormal case occurs.
The north side will lift the semi-war state at that time.
The north and the south agreed to arrange reunions of separated families and relatives from the north and the south on the occasion of the Harvest Moon Day this year and continue to hold such reunions in the future, too and to have a Red Cross working contact for it early in September.
The north and the south agreed to vitalize NGO exchanges in various fields."
[end statement]

* "North Korea vs South Korea: A comparison of the countries’ military power (infographics)" (2015-08-25 , [], full image []:


For 20 bucks on amazon, this pamphlet has a list of Web sites with ways in which to apply, and take classes at Pyongyang University for state jobs. Most of the opportunities are not for USA citizens (of course), but European Union citizens are welcomed. Seems like a waste to get a book full of website addresses, however, most of them are not included in search engine results (like at
Also, check out [], contact Felix Abt [felix.abt@)] [+8502 3815252]
* "How to get a Job in the DPRK: Living and Working in North Korea" []: This Special report will show you how to find a job as a foreigner and how to do business with the DPRK. A special section offers tips & tricks on securing rare jobs.


* "Black market cash: The real value of N. Korean won Differences in official, unofficial exchange rates can lead to confusing economic reports" (2014-09-01, [] [begin excerpt]:
That North Korea has a black market where families earn most of their money, and that the regime has learned to tolerate a certain degree of capitalist activity is well-documented.
Less-discussed, perhaps, is what this activity means for the North Korean won, which itself has a black market rate far below what officials claim it is worth. With its value having long been eroded by inflation, the official worth of the currency – apparently pegged to the Chinese currency, which itself is pegged to the dollar – only counts at specific locations in the country, a source told NK News.
Leo van der Velden worked for 15 months in the North with an international aid organization, leaving the country in November of last year. During that time, he noted that there was more than one going rate for the North Korean currency and that outsiders, particularly in the media, were often unaware of this.
“The first type I call the ‘tied won,’ as the value is connected to a tied exchange rate, which fluctuates slightly with the exchange rate of the dollar and euro vis-à-vis the Chinese yuan, but is roughly 100 won for one U.S. dollar,” he said. “This won has no banknotes, but only exists on a debit card or in local bank accounts, which are fed with foreign currency.”
There are prices at several locations, including inside the Koryo Hotel, that he said are set to the tied won.
“The second type I call the ‘untied won,’ as the value is connected to a kind of free market rate,” he said.
This true market rate, he said, is presently around 10,000 won to 1 euro.
“The regular circulating banknotes are used for this type. Prices in regular shops like Department Store No. 1 and the state-shops are in this type of currency.
“You can exchange against this untied rate at the Tongil Market (a well-known farmer’s market that opened in 2003 supplying consumer goods), Kwangbok Department Store and the Potongkang Department Store,” he said. Van der Velden can recall a colleague, lacking any local currency, using a U.S. $5 to purchase some small items in a state shop around the Munsudong district – home to most of Pyongyang’s diplomatic missions. This colleague, van der Velden said, received change in won banknotes set to the untied rate.
Van der Velden identified an additional type of currency as the “token won.”
“The salary people receive is in token won, which they can use to buy food and non-food items for token prices in state-shops and the public distribution centers (PDCs),” he said.
Van der Velden said these this amount seems to have no relationship with real prices, but seem to be in place to “guide (employees’) choices.”
“The rather low salaries people receive are rather a token salary, as their real value lies in the products they can buy, although regulated by a kind of voucher system (and availability), in the state shops and PDCs. For instance a kilo of apples was sold at state-shops for between 50 and 80 won, while at the Chinese market the price was around 2,000 won per kilogram.
Five won will purchase a metro or bus ticket, he said, and the real (or “untied”) market exchange rate is so extreme that with a single euro a visitor ought to be able to buy 2,000 metro tickets. Based on his comments, though, authorities have prevented this, with foreign visitors paying “1 euro for a one-stop metro ride,” he said.
However, Chris Green, international affairs manager at The Daily NK, said that the discrepancy of metro prices was less bizarre than it may appear.
“There is nothing unusual about this,” said Green. “It is politically very unappealing for any government to hike the price of public transportation, especially in a low-income or nominally ‘socialist’ country. Look at China, where the price of mass transit is mostly far below the relative price of other goods and services.”
Green also cited the case of South Korea, far wealthier than the North but one where subway and bus prices in large metropolitan areas remain “considerably below their real cost.”
Green noted, though, that North Korea does appear to be implementing a “dual pricing system” that discriminates against foreigners, apparently for the purpose of obtaining hard currency. [end excerpt]

The balloon projects don't work, but justify the defector's salary. DPRK citizens are allowed to keep the dollars sometimes included in the balloons and spend them freely. I guess it works for somebody.
* "The plot to free North Korea with smuggled episodes of ‘Friends’ " (2015-03-01, [] [begin excerpt]: Each activist group has its own tactics: Fighters for a Free North Korea loads up 35-foot balloons that float into the country and rain down pamphlets, US dollar bills, and USB drives full of political materials. [end excerpt]
* "We Hacked North Korea With Balloons and USB Drives" (2014-01-15,, article [], [begin photo caption]: Former North Korean defectors release balloons containing one-dollar banknotes, radios, CDs and leaflets denouncing the North Korean regime near the demilitarized zone in Paju, South Korea, on January 15. [end caption]

Yes, DPRK Citizens use dollars without reprisal, or so say defectors sending the balloons over.
* "Secret State of North Korea" state propaganda video (Frontline,, USA) [] [begin excerpt]:
PARK JEONG-OH: We decided just to send over dollars in balloons.
YONG HEE: It’s a universal currency. Even in North Korea, you can exchange dollars.
[end excerpt]
Except most of the money sent over by balloon still ends up going to the government, so I don't see how defectors can slam tourism even though it's been proven that fewer tourist dollars go to the government.
And yes of course, the entire human rights industry is an opportunistic racket that even journalists and scholars abandon their ""integrity"" to become pundits for. And the entire industry exists to channel mass hysteria into provoking war. So basically they're USG-funded agitators.

* "Secret State of North Korea" state propaganda video (Frontline,, USA) [] [begin excerpt]:
NARRATOR: Recent satellite imagery analyzed by Amnesty International shows that since Kim Jong Un came to power, the political prison camps have grown.
SUE MI TERRY: 200,000 civilians that are outside of the criminal penal system. And one of the camps, Hwasong, is 540 square kilometers. It’s three times the size of Washington, D.C.
NARRATOR: It’s estimated that as many as one in a hundred North Koreans is a political prisoner, many of whom were caught trying to defect.
[end excerpt]
Of course, USA state asset is shown to collaborate with another USA State asset,, to offer heavily edited and state sanctioned materials at the top of internet search retrievals. When one searches for information on the "Hwasong concentration camp", the following from is listed at the top []. Picking through the information is rendered useless when, at the bottom, the propagandists who composed the page include the following [begin excerpt]: Besides the unidentified teenager, no former prisoner was found to provide a direct testimony, probably for fear of retribution. [end excerpt]
The question of secret testimony is not included in the statement at the bottom of the page. Nearly all the knowledge of "Hwasong concentration camp" is from one defector.
The DPRK will never admit to having a top-secret nuclear research and development district, nor will anti-DPRK researchers question their own assumptions if they are paid by the USA State to have such assumptions.

This tourist took the normal Pyongyang tour for USA residents, and posted some photographs after he returned. A UKGB newspaper claims these are "rare" photos that were posted despite the threat of incarceration... yet, despite that, the photo set includes  the tourist's "liaison" posing and allowing the tourist to take his photograph, shown below. Brave tourist, indeed! The tourist's intention was a mission of peace, to confirm that "North Koreans are just people like everybody else". The newspaper's editor is the one who is including the strange writing style that makes the whole trip seem threatening,
* "Tourist risks JAIL to capture rare glimpse of everyday life in North Korea; A SOCIAL media-savvy tourist has provided a rare glimpse of life inside secretive North Korea" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: American traveller Taylor Pemberton spent four days touring the East Asian country and captured remarkable snapshots of day-to-day life under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un. The 26-year-old, from Minnesota, wanted to offer a look at the normal life of North Koreans in the capital Pyongyang.
He said: "It's important to note that you are NOT able to roam free at any given time. You follow a strict itinerary and you are on a tight schedule to see what North Korea allows."
He added that when he spoke to locals, many were simply not even aware of the concept of the internet.
Mr Pemberton was escorted around the country by two 'guides' who accompanied him everywhere and set wake-up and meal times. (photo caption: One of Mr Pemberton's 'liasons' who was 'very laidback').
He said: "You stay in a hotel that is isolated on an island, and you are strictly informed when it is okay/not okay to take photos. Each night you're granted 'leisure time' but you're limited to roaming inside your hotel."
[begin photograph set]
A social media-savvy tourist has provided a rare glimpse of life inside secretive North Korea. American traveller Taylor Pemberton spent four days touring the East Asian country and captured remarkable snapshots of day-to-day life under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un.
1. The lavish North Korean metro station
2. A rare and sneaky photo of the North Korean army paying respects
3. A North Korean newspaper announces Broccoli
4. 'You only see what North Korea wants you to'
5. A local game of volleyball in Pyongyang
6. Schoolgirls in North Korea
7. A glimpse into day-to-day life in the secretive state
8. North Koreans trying to fix up a broken down car on the road


Republic of the Philippines 

* "Philippines can't afford full military modernisation: officials" (2015-08-17, AFP Newswire) []

Towards a People's Republic of the Philippines
[] []

* "Seize the initiative in all forms of struggle and intensify the offensive against the enemy" (2012-12-26, []

* "Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino (Philippine Society and Revolution)" the movie trailer []

 * "Philippine Society and Revolution" book (.doc in a .zip folder) [].
Published in 1970 to document the history and then-current context of the People's War against foreign domination of the culture and economy in the pluri-national jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines (and prior as a dominion of the Spanish Empire). This book has gone through many editions since its initial publication, including one produced in Oakland, California [], each edition is different, sometimes with special sections or maps []
An (.html) version based on the 4th edition was formatted and posted up 1998 at's Geocities website platform (archived version contains formatting errors, the original did not) [], and was subsequently erased during the censorship rampage of Even the copy of the Geocities version at has had its pages erased. Archivists at the Reocities project, who are recovering and posting pages censored by, have posted a few remaining pages of the Geocities version of the book [].
- Preface to the 4th edition []
- Preface []
- Author's Introduction []
- Chapter 1: A Review of Philippine history, part 1 [], part 2 [], part 3 [], part 4 [], part 5 []
Another (.html) version had been posted at a website administered by the NPA (, of which only 2 pages were copied to
- Table of contents []
- Chapter 2: Basic Problems of the Filipino People, part 1 []
Excerpts from the (.doc) book's footnotes, pages 454 to 463:
[ ... ] As of February 1972, the internal debt of the reactionary government was P7. 1 billion and the external debt was $2.134 billion or P14.45 billion at the exchange rate of  P6.77 to one U.S. dollar.
[ ... ] The second Plaza Miranda massacre, which almost wiped out the entire national leadership of the Liberal Party, brought to a new high the ever growing violence in the contradictions of the reactionaries. Nine people were instantly killed and hundreds of people were seriously injured by the blasts of two fragmentation grenades thrown obviously by goons of the U.S.-Marcos clique. In a matter of three hours, Marcos made an official proclamation suspending the writ of habeas corpus and launched white terror not only against Communists but also against leaders of the Liberal Party and various democratic organizations.
[ ... ] Add to these massacres perpetrated by the Marcos puppet regime the Manila massacre, the Tacub massacre, the first Plaza Miranda massacre, the May Day 1971 massacre, the second Plaza Miranda massacre, the Cabugao massacre and several others to the ever-growing list of massacres. The second Plaza Miranda massacre on August 21, 1971 was followed within hours by a nationwide suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. The suspension order was lifted only after the U.S.-Marcos clique was able to get from the reactionary supreme court a decision upholding it. With or without any formal suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, however, an actual state of martial law has been maintained by the U.S.-Marcos clique and its armed minions in extensive areas of the country.
[ ... ] The First Quarter Storm of 1970 was a great historical event from which emerged a large number of mass organizations embracing the workers, peasant, youth, women and cultural activists.
[ ... ] On March 3, 1972, the New People’s Army had already wiped out some 800 enemy troops; some 900 informers, landlord despots, and bad elements; and 22 U.S. military officers.  It had raided several major enemy camps, including the headquarters of Task Force “Lawin” and the Philippine Military Academy.  Also, it had destroyed or seriously damage six enemy aircraft, including five helicopters, and various types of ground vehicles and communications equipment.  In less than three years, the number of fulltime fighting squads had increased eightfold exclusive of the more numerous local part-time guerrillas and people’s militia.
[ ... ] The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines now leads thousands of Party cadres and members and has regional committee leading revolutionary activity in Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, Manila-Rizal, Southern Luzon, Eastern Visayas, Western Visayas and Mindanao.  The Party and the New People’s Army now rely on a direct mass base running into several hundreds of thousands of people after three years of hard struggle.
[ ... ] The World Bank is bent on aggravating  foreign indebtedness of  the Philippines through “educational loans” and using these loans to ensure U.S. control of  the Philippine educational system.  Together with U.S. foundations and agencies, it has masterminded the Presidential Commission to Survey Philippine Education (P.C.S.P.E.) in order to reorganize state universities and colleges and make Philippine educational policies, programs and projects conform to imperialist demands.
[ ... ] Of the total foreign debt of $2.134 billion as of February 1972, borrowings from the United States and Japan accounted for about 66 per cent, with the former accounting for about 45 per cent and the latter for 21 per cent. In addition, U.S.-controlled banks like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank also accounted for a total of 12.5 per cent, with the World Bank alone accounting  for a little over one half of this.
The figure [a guesstimate] comes from the Foreign Information Service, First National City Bank of New York, “The Philippines: Return to a Free Market Economy” [Pamphlet, January 1963] pp. 5-6.
The World Bank sponsored in October 1970 the establishment of an international “consultative group” to further bind the Philippines financially.
Japanese direct investments have risen by leaps and bounds, especially since 1970.  Though Philippine official records show that Japanese have invested a mere $15 million, Japanese publications claim that Japanese direct investments have already reached $450 million.  Japan has also loaned out a total of $438 million to the private sector and to the Philippine government as of September 1971.  The large extent of the Japanese economic invasion is exceedingly conspicuous in the field of foreign trade.  In 1970, Japan even dislodged the United States as the “No. 1 trade partner” of the Philippines. In 1971, the latter regained the No. 1 position with the former running a close second.  Together, they control at least 75 per cent of Philippine foreign trade.
[ ... ] The U.S. imperialists still continue to put up out-and-out traitor organizations. For instance, as late as 1972, the C.I.A. has put up the ‘‘Philippine Statehood-U.S.A. Movement’’  which calls for annexation of the Philippines to the United States.
[ ... ] To magnify the so-called Chinese problem, chauvinists usually claim the number of Chinese nationals in the Philippines to be 600,000 or even as high as three million.  They try to count in the children of Filipino-Chinese intermarriages as Chinese nationals, though most of these have elected Filipino citizenship in accordance with Philippine laws.

Commonwealth of Australia
Map []

* "Australia moves to reduce legal challenges to mining projects" (2015-08-19, AFP Newswire) []

research from the Committee for the Study of

A 1936 American Labor Party poster, part of “Art as Activism: Graphic Art From the Merrill C. Berman Collection” exhibit in New York [].

* "A Song of Peace (Paul Robeson in Pickskills, NY)" painting by Valentin Polyakov, Igor Radoman, and Khaim-Shats, painting, 1950


* "How the Pledge of Allegiance Went From PR Gimmick to Patriotic Vow" (2015-09, [] [begin excerpt]: Francis Bellamy reportedly wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in two hours, but it was the culmination of nearly two years of work at the Youth’s Companion, the country’s largest circulation magazine. In a marketing gimmick, the Companion offered U.S. flags to readers who sold subscriptions, and now, with the looming 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World, the magazine planned to raise the Stars and Stripes “over every Public School from the Atlantic to the Pacific” and salute it with an oath.
Bellamy, a former Baptist preacher, had irritated his Boston Brahmin flock with his socialist ideas. But as a writer and publicist at the Companion, he let ’em rip. In a series of speeches and editorials that were equal parts marketing, political theory and racism, he argued that Gilded Age capitalism, along with “every alien immigrant of inferior race,” eroded traditional values, and that pledging allegiance would ensure “that the distinctive principles of true Americanism will not perish as long as free, public education endures.”
The pledge itself would prove malleable, and by World War II many public schools required a morning recitation. In 1954, as the cold war intensified, Congress added the words “under God” to distinguish the United States from “godless Communism.” [end excerpt]

* "Leather from Human skin" (1888-03-07, The Mercury newspaper of Philadelphia) [], an article about the extent of the dehumanization practiced against the New Afrikan people (referred to as Negroes in the article).

* "The Negro and the Nation" book (1917, by Hubert H. Harrison) [], intro by Jeffrey B. Perry []
* Hubert Harrison archive ( [] [] [] [begin excerpt]: Hubert H. Harrison (1883-1927) is one of the outstanding figures of twentieth-century history. He was described by Joel A. Rogers, in "World's Great Men of Color," as "the foremost Afro-American intellect of his time" and by labor and civil rights activist A. Philip Randolph as "the father of Harlem Radicalism."
Harrison served as the foremost Black organizer, agitator, and theoretician in the Socialist Party of New York during its 1912 heyday; he founded the first organization (the Liberty League) and the first newspaper ("The Voice") of the militant, World War I-era "New Negro" movement; edited "The New Negro: A Monthly Magazine of a Different Sort" ("intended as an organ of the international consciousness of the darker races -- especially of the Negro race") in 1919; wrote "When Africa Awakes: The 'Inside Story' of the Stirrings and Strivings of the New Negro in the Western World" in 1920; and he served as editor of the "Negro World" and principal radical influence on the Garvey movement during its radical high point in 1920.
His views on race and class profoundly influenced a generation of "New Negro" militants and common people including the class radical A. Philip Randolph and the race radical Marcus Garvey.
Harrison was also an immensely skilled and popular orator and educator; a highly praised journalist, critic, and book reviewer; a pioneer Black activist in the freethought and birth control movements; and a bibliophile and library builder and popularizer who helped develop the 135th Street Public Library into what is now the internationally famous Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. [end excerpt]
* "Who Was Hubert Harrison?" (2008-11-26, []
* "Hubert Harrison, The Voice of Harlem Radicalism" (by Jeffrey B Perry) []
* "Is This the Black Activist Everybody Forgot?" (2014-05-11, []
* "Insights from Hubert Harrison" (by Jeffrey B. Perry) []
* "Anselmo Jackson Discusses Hubert Harrison’s Influence on Marcus Garvey" (2013-09-10, []
* "Happy Birthday Hubert H. Harrison" (2013-04-26, []
* "December 17th is the Anniversary of the Death of Hubert Harrison in 1927 at Age 44" (2013-12-16, []
* "June 12, 1917 (96 Years Ago) Founding Meeting of Hubert Harrison’s Liberty League First Organization of the Militant 'New Negro Movement' " (2013-06-11, []
* "Ninety-Six Year Ago -- July 4, 1917 Vol. 1, No. 1 of The Voice 'A Newspaper for the New Negro' (The First Newspaper of the Militant 'New Negro Movement')" ( []
* "July 4, 1917 First Edition of 'The Voice' – First Newspaper of the Militant 'New Negro Movement' Hubert Harrison Urges Armed Self-Defense at Harlem Rally" (2014-07-04, []
* "Jul. 4, 1917: Hubert Harrison Urges Armed Self-Defense at Harlem Rally" (by Jeffrey B. Perry, []
* "Urges Negroes to get arms; Liberty League President advises his race to 'Defend Their Lives' " (1917-07-05, (.pdf) []: Negroes- who fear mob violence, whether in the South or elsewhere, were advised last night by Herbert H. Harrison, President of the Liberty League of Negro Americans, to supply themselves with rifles and fight, if necessary, to defend their lives and property. Mr. Harrison spoke at a meeting, held to protest against the East St. Louis riots in the Metropolitan Baptist Church, on One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Street, between Lenox and Seventh Avenues. About a thousand negro men and women were present and enthusiastically applauded the speakers, all negroes also. Every speaker denounced the rioters in East St. Louis as guilty of "ruthless murder" and condemned the authorities for not having ample protection ready in time to prevent the rioting. Edgar M. Grey, who presided, said the league had sent a message to Congress appealing for a thorough and impartial investigation not only of the St. Louis riots, but of the subject of negro lynchings in general and of the treatment of negroes throughout the country. "They are saying a great deal about democracy in Washington now," he said, "but while they are talking about fighting for freedom and the Stars and Stripes, here at home the whites apply the torch to the black men's homes, and bullets, clubs, and stones to their bodies." Harrison won great applause when he declared the time had come for the negroes to do what white men who were threatened did, look out for themselves, and kill rather than submit to be killed. "We intend to fight, if fight we must," he said, "for the things dearest to us, for our hearths and homes. Certainly I would encourage the negroes In the South, or in East St. Louis, or any-where else who do not enjoy the protection of the law, to arm for their own defense, to hide those arms, and to learn how to use them, and I would gladly encourage the collection of funds to buy rifles for those who cannot obtain them for themselves. We negroes in New York cannot lie down in the face of this proposition. This thing in East St. Louis touches us too nearly. We must demand justice, and we must make our voices heard."

* "Negro Liberation" book (1947, by Harry Haywood) (.pdf) []. Chapter 7 "The Negro Nation" []

* "Black Belt Republic (1928-1934)" ( []
* "For a Revolutionary Position on the Negro Question" (1958, by Harry Haywood) [], introduction and excerpts [], context [].
* Harry Haywood internet archives ( [], ( []
* "The Road to Negro Liberation: The Tasks of the Communist Party in Winning Working Class Leadership of the Negro Liberation Struggles, and the Fight Against Reactionary Nationalist-Reformist Movements Among the Negro People" (Report to the Eighth Convention of the Communist Party of the USA, Cleveland, April 2-8, 1934, by Harry Haywood) (.pdf) [].

* "15 Years of the Communist Party" (1934-08, by Alex Bittelman, Worker's Library Publishers) (.pdf) [] [begin excerpt]:
We come to a milestone of Comintern leadership in the United States that has been especially fruitful in making the fight for proletarian internationalism live and real in projecting the liberating mission of the American proletariat in a most concrete and telling manner. We refer here to the Communist program for Negro liberation. It was no accident that this was the problem—the Negro problem in the United States—that it took the revolutionary workers of America the longest, in point of time, to become aware of and to find a solution for. Bourgeois ideology, the "white prejudices" of the old slave market, had poisoned the minds, not alone of the backward strata of the toilers, but also the most advanced sections. And thus we find that the Left Wing of the Socialist Party which formed the Communist Party somehow "overlooked" the national-revolutionary significance of the Negro liberation struggles. And even when the American Communists had finally begun to grapple with the Negro question in a Leninist way, starting practical mass work to organize the white and Negro toilers to struggle for Negro rights, there still was considerable hesitation and confusion among the weaker elements of the Communist movement to project boldly the full Leninist solution of the problem.

Once more came the "outside" influence of the Comintern; and what did it say? It said that the struggle against discrimination and for Negro rights is a revolutionary struggle for the national liberation of the Negroes, that we must fight for complete Negro equality, and that in the Black Belt the full realization of this demand requires the fight for the national self-determination of the Negroes, including the right to separation from the United States and the organization of an independent State. Furthermore, it was the interpretation of Lenin-ism and its application to the United States as made by the Comintern that showed the American Communists that the agrarian revolution in the Black Belt, where the Negro masses are mostly peasants and semi-serfs, is the basis of the national-liberation movement and that this movement is one of the allies of the American proletariat in the struggle for the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Lovestone renegades advocate the bourgeois theory that capitalist development itself, the "industrialization of the South", will solve the Negro question. The Communist Party—following the lead of the Comintern—says that only the national-revolutionary movement of the Negroes, as an organic part and ally of the proletarian revolution, will solve the Negro question. From this point of view, the American Communists are able to expose the Muste-Hardman position on this question as bourgeois liberalism in words and Yankee white chauvinism in deeds. Will the Negro workers, farmers, and city poor consider the Comintern advice on the Negro question as "outside dictation"? No. They will, as they actually do, receive this advice with outstretched arms and will continue in ever larger masses to rally around the Communist Party as the leader of the liberation fight. And will the white workers, those belonging to the dominating nationality in the United States but who are already awake to their true interests, will they perhaps resent this advice as "outside dictation"? No. Some of these class-conscious white workers may still hesitate because they are as yet not completely free from the bourgeois curse of white chauvinism, but none of them will say that this advice is not in the best interests of the American working class and of all exploited.
In the fifteen years of its existence the Comintern has grown into a true World Party. It has reached the high stage where all "Communist Parties are carrying out one single line of the Comintern", a stage where all "Communist Parties are united by the Executive Committee of the Communist International into a single centralized World Party which the Second International never had and never will have" (Piatnitsky, Speech at the Thirteenth Plenum of the E.C.C.I.). In this lies the main strength of the world revolution and the guarantee of its inevitable victory. It is this that makes possible, for the first time in the history of the world, the effective carrying out of a world revolutionary strategy, the only road to victory over capitalism. And it is in Comrade Stalin, since Lenin's death, that this strategy has found the greatest formulator, interpreter, and organizer. With the deepest pride in this achievement, the class conscious workers of the United States, the militant farmers and revolutionary Negroes, will celebrate the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Comintern. It is with the same feeling of pride that they realize that they belong to a World Party together with the glorious Party of the Soviet Union; that they belong to a World Party which is daily guided by such proved leaders as Manuilsky, Kuusinen, Thaelmann and Piatnitsky; and that by building the revolutionary movement in the United States we are also building the world power of the proletariat for the victory of the world revolution. 
[end excerpt]

From both pamphlets of 1934 linked above is the following listing of pamphlets and newspapers [begin pamphlet listing]:
To have a clear understanding of The STRUGGLES of the NEGRO PEOPLE for equal rights and for the right to self-determination in the Black Belt, READ
- "The Communist Position on the Negro Question", Resolutions of the Communist International and articles by Earl Browder and Harry Haywood
- "The Revolutionary Movement in the Colonies", Resolution of the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International
- "Equality, Land and Freedom", Program of the League of Struggle for Negro Rights (1933-11) (.pdf) [], other formats  []  
- "The American Negro" by James S. Allen 
- "Negro Liberation" by James S. Allen  
- "On the Chain Gang" by John L. Spivak 
- "Lynching" by Harry Haywood and Milton Howard
- "Race Hatred on Trial: Proceedings of the Trial of August Yokinen for White Chauvinism"   
READ The NEGRO LIBERATOR, Weekly Organ of the League of Struggle for Negro Rights.
A National Newspaper Fighting for Land, Equality and Freedom For the Negro People. 
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $1.00 per year. 75c for six months. 40c for three months. Advertising rates on request 
Spread THE NEGRO LIBERATOR Among Your Friends and Shopmates. 
Order a bundle, no matter how small. Bundle Rates: 2 cents per copy; $1.50 per 100. 
Write to: The Negro Liberator, 2162 Seventh Avenue New York City 
THE LIBERATION STRUGGLES OF THE NEGRO PEOPLE are a Part of the whole struggle of the American masses, both black and white, against American capitalists', against Americas imperialism. For a clearer insight into these struggles, read the materials of the 8TH CONVENTION, Communist Party of the USA.
- "The Way Out - A Program for American Labor", Manifesto and Principal Resolutions of the 8th Convention, with an introduction by M. J. Olgin.
- "The Road to Negro Liberation", Report to the Eighth Convention by Harry Haywood.
[end pamphlet listing]

* "Power to the People! The Revolutionary Literature of the Black Panthers" special exhibit ( [] [begin excerpt]: Special Collections owns six original issues of the Black Panther Party’s official newspaper, The Black Panther, which are featured in this exhibit. The issues contain stories of injustice and police brutality, cartoons and information on how to carry out guerrilla attacks against the people and institutions the Black Panthers considered oppressive. [end excerpt] Examples from the exhibit [] [] [] [].

* Download the original 1968 Black Studies Curriculum syllabus (.zip) []
* "Adventures of Black Eldridge, the Panther" (1970) cover [] page 1 []. Compare the display of "Power" in the previous comic with what is presented in this anti-Socialist 'Green Power' capitalist comic (1968) cover [], page 1 []

More Books to study from:
* "The Negro People in American History" (1954, by William Z. Foster, International Publishers)
* "Black Bolshevik: Autobiography of an Afro- American Communist" (1974, by Harry Haywood, Liberator Press)
* "Alien Americans" by (1936, B. Schrieke) []
* "The Negro Question in the United States" (by James S. Allen) (.pdf) []
* "A Preface to Racial Understanding" (1936, by Charles S. Johnson, New York Friendship Press)
* "The Story of the American Negro" by Ina Corinne Brown.
* "Communists in Harlem during the Depression" (1983, by Mark Naison, University of Illinois Press)
* "The Narrative of Hosea Hudson: His Life as a Negro Communist in the South" (1979, by Nell Irvin Painter, Harvard University Press)
* "Black Marxism: The Making of the Radical Tradition" (1983, by Cedric Robinson)
* "The Meaning of ‘Black Power’ " (by James E. Jackson Jr.)
* "The Importance off the Black National Question and the Struggle Against National Chauvinism" (1983, Bolshevik League of the United States) []
* "Build the Black Liberation Movement" (1981-06, Revolutionary Workers Headquarters) [], []
* "The Third International and the struggle for a correct line on the African American National Question" (2006-05, by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, []
* "Liberation Support Movement" (2010, part 1 [], part 2 [], part 3 []

* "Workers of all countries and the oppressed colonial peoples" poster by V.B. Koretsky, poster, 1932, from a collection of Soviet Union posters of solidarity with the African diaspora [].

* "Marxism and Black Liberation: Toward a Paradigm of Unity in Afro-American Studies", chapter 16 of the "Intro to Afro-American Studies" ( [] [begin excerpt]: Socialism is a social-economic formation that is designed to overcome the ills of capitalism. It results from the internal development of the laws of capitalist motion. There are three major aspects of the general crisis of capitalism.
1. Concentration of capital. An increasingly smaller bourgeois class appropriates wealth privately - even though wealth is the social product of larger and larger groups of people. This is the class character of the crisis in the economy. More and more people get less and less of a share in the wealth produced. This leads to a degeneration of all aspects of social life - food, housing, health, education, etc.
2. Militarization of the state to rule over the masses and maintain order for the ruling class. This results in foreign wars of aggression (as in Vietnam and Central America) and in domestic programs (like those of Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan) for repression against dissent. Political corruption, surveillance of civilians by the armed forces, police repression, and capital punishment are all indicators of, this rule by the state in the interest of the capitalist class.
3. Intensification of national oppression. The ruling class separates the Black and white sectors of the working class in order to prevent the development of a unified and class-conscious, multi-national proletariat. It does so in part by embracing Black and white race theories that reassert old 19th -century racist arguments. Other forms of national oppression include cut-backs in all government services in the Black community.
The solution of scientific socialism speaks directly to these three aspects of the general crisis:
1. The abolition of private property by which the reduction and distribution of wealth would be a public ownership process, centrally planned to systematically provide for the welfare of all the people. This does not apply to people's personal possessions, but to the decisive forces of production and distribution.
2. Dictatorship of the proletariat by which the government apparatus and all agencies, institutions, and organizations would reflect the interests of the working class- the rule of the entire proletariat.
3. National liberation and the right of nations to self-determination reflects the solution to national oppression possible only under socialism. All forms of national oppression can be stopped as official policy because they serve no material interests as they did under capitalism. A divided proletariat is good for capitalism; a united proletariat is good for socialism. Lenin summed up the only correct policy possible:
For different nations to live together in peace and freedom, or to separate and form different states (if that is more convenient for them), a full democracy upheld by the working class, is essential. No privileges for any one nation or any one language, not the slightest injustice in respect of a national minority - such are the principles of working class democracy. 
These are the basic aspects of scientific socialism for beginning to correct the ills of capitalism. The struggle for socialism will require a political, social, cultural, intellectual, and physical struggle before and after the seizure of power by the working class. Witness what is occurring today in South Africa and Latin America. [end excerpt]

* "The Fourth of July: A Marxist-Leninist look at the Revolution of 1776" (2008-06-24, [], being a history of the African in the USA. [begin excerpt]: Harry Haywood developed the Marxist-Leninist understanding of the African American national question in the U.S. with others in the Comintern, and after revisionism seized the CPUSA, he became a leader of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), an important organization in the pro-Chinese "New Communist Movement". Haywood, following in the footsteps of Lenin and Stalin, argued that African Americans made up an oppressed nation with the right to full equality throughout the United States and the right to self-determination in the Black Belt South, meaning Black people had a right to declare independence themselves if they chose to. The African American national question, now a central issue of the proletarian-socialist revolution for the multinational working class, was also an important aspect of the bourgeois-democratic revolution in the U.S., and it really came forward as a continuation of the bourgeois-democratic revolution with the American Civil War between the feudal planter class in the South and the Northern industrialist bourgeoisie. [end excerpt]

* "A black man in Turkmenistan: Langston Hughes’ 1932 account of Soviet Central Asia" (2015-08-12, []
Below are scans of the communist and Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes’ copy of his own short tract on Soviet Central Asia, from 1932. It was published under the title A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia, and includes copious editorial notation and marginalia around the text. Hughes was known as something of a perfectionist, so it’s not surprising at all that he would submit something he wrote to such rigorous scrutiny.
The introductory remark provided by the publisher is slightly misleading, reflecting a political policy adopted by the Stalinist Comintern toward the black population in the Southern United States. Describing Hughes as “the son of an oppressed nationality,” the brief note suggests that he will testify to “the achievements of formerly oppressed nationalities under the banner of the Soviets.” At the time, Moscow’s line on “the Negro question” in the US was that blacks in the South — especially along the so-called “Black Belt,” areas where they held a sizable majority — constituted a separate nation which ought to be granted autonomy, i.e. the right of national self-determination.
Readers can learn more about this disastrous official stance here in Benjamin Blumberg’s excellent essay “Race and the Left in America: An Unmet Challenge” []. For now, we turn to the text. What were Hughes’ impressions of life in Soviet Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan?
Langston Hughes, mellon-sellers in the market of Tashkent. Soviet central Asia, U.S.S.R
Many of his attitudes and opinions, it must be said, would likely shock and offend today’s self-proclaimed “Marxists.” Hughes unabashedly celebrated the secularization process then underway in these territories, inaugurated by the Soviet authorities working in tandem with local communists and fellow-travelers. The struggle against religious tradition was not restricted to gender integration and secular education in school reform, but extended to the public sphere and culture in general.  “Illiteracy, not only of children but of adults, has been greatly reduced,” wrote Hughes, enthusiastically. “The cells of the madrases are empty, and the schools of the state are overcrowded. Already to the youth today, Allah is only a legend and the Koran is forgotten. Marx, Lenin, chemistry, economics, mathematics, scientific agriculture, electricity, and hygiene are new realities to millions who once knew only the sleepy teachings of priestcraft”.
Such talk would likely get one branded an Orientalist or Islamophobe by Marxists writing in recent years. According to Houria Bouteldja [] and the indigènes of France [], religion is not the opiate of the masses but rather an authentic expression of non-Western ways of life []. Worldviews rooted in atheistic materialism are imports of the decadent, liberal, bourgeois West. Downtrodden peoples living along the periphery cannot be expected to live without the comforting illusions of religious ritual. Perhaps Hughes was simply unaware of radical cultural difference, irreducible Otherness, and similar French theoretical nonsense. Now, thank G-d, we know better than those naïve revolutionaries of the past.
But Hughes had a more immediate reason for associating faith and religiosity with oppression. Citing Mencken — i.e.,  “America’s lovable literary buffoon” — he notes that “Across the water, on the mainland, the god worshipers are legion. Mencken…calls the South ‘The Bible Belt’ because there are so many churches, preachers, and prayers there. Yet it is in this same Bible Belt that hundreds of Negroes are lynched, race riots are organized, peonage and chain gangs and forced labor of all forms are found, women are exploited in the cotton mills, and farces of justice like the Scottsboro trial are staged”.
Langston Hughes, women in yashmaks in Tashkent (Central Asia), as all were before the Soviet revolution. The majority are now unveiled
Little wonder, then, that Marx’s 1875 program [] “to liberate conscience from the witchery of religion” would appeal to someone like Hughes. He poetically recalls,
"In industrial cities in the Northern Unites States, hundreds of thousands of black and white workers walk the streets hungry and unemployed in the shadows of skyscrapers… And in the churches, the bosses pray, and the ministers are one in denouncing communism — and calling on God — like the mullahs of Bukhara when the Emir ruled. I walk through the streets past crumbling walls of sun-dried brick, beneath empty towers and minarets beside palaces and mosques. I remember how, as a boy in far-away Kansas, I dreamed of seeing this fabulous city… And now here I am, traveling with a Soviet newspaper, seeing for myself all the dusty and wonderful horrors that monarchy and religion created in the dark past, which have now been vanquished by socialism."
What impressed Hughes the most, however, was the liberation of women brought about by the Bolsheviks. And not just Russian ones, either, but partisans hailing from every Soviet republic. Following the Emir’s overthrow, he explains, came “an opening of doors to women and the death of Allah…Now the brass bed of the Emir still stands in the summer palace, but his wives are free from the harem, and the whole estate is shortly to become a rest-home for the workers of the sovkhozes. Peasants will sleep where they could not enter before, and women will stroll unveiled beneath the grape arbors where once they walked only in paranjas guarded by eunuchs”.
Though few like to admit it today, many women saw the hujum (or “assault,” as reactionary anti-communist clerics today like to call it), as a positive good and expansion of their rights. Liberal (“multicultural”) sensibilities are so fragile and easily upset. Writes Hughes: “I attended vivid and thought-provoking plays in Ashkabad about lifting the veil from women’s faces, the bandits of the hills, and other very modern subjects growing out of the triumph of Revolution”. Besides these more superficial reforms, loosening strictures on modesty in women’s clothing, education was finally made available to all. “In the old city of Tashkent, Halima Kasakova didn’t learn to read or write until she was forty,” Hughes recounts anecdotally. “She is a middle-aged woman now, but for only eight years of her life has she walked in the streets without a thick horse-hair veil hiding her face. In 1925, with the Revolution still young in her part of the world, she took off the veil, went to school — and now? Well, now she is an important figure in the management of the Women’s Club in the old part of the town, where for the first time in remembered history women sit on terraces open to the street and drink tea. Furthermore, she is a member of the city Soviet”.
O.p.s. student of the Uzbek-women-institute of Education Unveiled girl since Soviet revolution
Of course, none of this is to say that Hughes did not appreciate other aspects of Uzbek, Tajik, or Turkmeni culture. He loved the local dances and even joined famous musicians in performing traditional songs. Even here, though, he was excited by what he called “the smashing of old traditions”: “Dancers had all been men. At festivals and weddings the men danced, and the women only looked (if they were even allowed)…In the old days, dancing, like most of the other joys of life, belonged only to the males. Now since Tamara Khanum, with a bravery that is worth noting, women dance too”.
It’s worth a read, Hughes’ pamphlet. Universalism such as his is sorely lacking on the left today. The photo at the top of this post depicts Hughes with the German journalist Arthur Koestler, later famous for his contribution to the ex-Marxist testimonial The God that Failed. 1932 would have probably marked the highest point of his devotion to the communist cause. With them is an Uzbek man.
- "President and Vice-President of Uzbekistan, Achun Babaief (right) and Jahan Abinova (left). The President was formerly a plowman; Jahan Abinova, an inmate of a harem. (Soviet Central Asia)" photo [], original caption []
- "Women in yashmaks in Tashkent (Central Asia), as all were before the Soviet revolution. The majority are now unveiled" photo [], original caption []
- "Achmedjean Aca Uzmozaif, player of reeds, Uzbek Musical Theatre" []
- "Austa Alim Kamilov, famous drummer of the Uzbek Muscial Theatre" [], original caption [].
- "Langston Hughes and German journalist Arthur Koestler on a cotton kolhoy in Soviet Central Asia, 1932" photo [], original caption []
- "O.P.S. student of the Uzbek Women Institute of Education. Unveiled girl since Soviet revolution" photo [], original caption []
- "A Turkmenian and a Russian child growing up together … near Merv, Soviet Turkmenia" []
- "Melon-sellers in the market of Tashkent. Soviet central Asia, U.S.S.R" [], original caption [].
- "The Tower of Death, Bokhara, (Soviet Central Asia)" []

* Broadside advertising a speech to be given by former FBI agent Julia Brown regarding MLK's Communist Connections
* "It's Very Simple: The True Story Of Civil Rights; Chapter Three: The Communist Position on the Negro Question" [], from an anti-Civil Rights movement website
* "The John Birch Society’s anti-Civil Rights campaign of the 1960s, and its relevance today" (2014-01-21, [] [begin excerpt]: The first example of the JBS campaign to oppose the Civil Rights Movement is an advertisement in the October 31, 1965 issue of the Palm Beach Post titled, “The John Birch Society Asks: What’s Wrong With Civil Rights?”
The half-page advertisement begins with the statement that nothing is wrong with civil rights, just with the Civil Rights Movement.  According to the JBS, it constituted a communist plot to build a “Negro Soviet Republic” in the United States.  The “average American Negro,” according to the JBS in 1965, “has complete freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and freedom to run his own life as he pleases.”  Moreover, “The pursuit of happiness enjoyed by the average American Negro has been far superior to that of any race or any people among at least ninety percent of the earth’s population.”
The ad continues, “So what is all the complaining about?”  The problem, according to the JBS, is that communist agitators are beginning to see the results from “patiently building up to this present stage for more than forty years.”  The reader is informed that this Soviet strategy in the U.S. is a continuation of anti-colonialism fermented by communists in Africa and Asia and conducted by those who have no interest in civil rights.  According to the John Birch Society, both the push for civil rights in the U.S. and anti-colonialist activism in Africa and Asia are a communist plot to destroy all that is good and holy—namely, capitalism.
The advertisement then seeks to expose the “big-lie” of anti-colonialism: “Its specific core of falsehood has been that the colonial peoples of Asia and Africa wanted and deserved their ‘independence’ from the nations of Europe which were oppressing and exploiting them. Actually, by 1926, the French in Indochina or Algeria, the Dutch in Indonesia, the Belgian in the Congo, and other ‘imperialistic’ powers, were giving their colonial subjects a very enlightened and benevolent rule.”
The next step in this communist plot, as stated in the ad, is the formation of a “Negro Soviet Republic” in the U.S. that would include the major cities of the South. JBS claimed this to be the real intent of American civil rights leaders. The ad continues,  “A careful study quickly reveals that every part of the civil rights program has been designed, and in is being carried forward, as a step in the Communist strategy for these purposes. And the current leaders of the nationwide civil rights campaign have such extensive records of affiliating with Communists of Communists, of being guided, trained, and supported by Communists, and of themselves supporting Communists agents and causes, as to make their real purposes as obvious a sunrise to anybody who will simply use honestly the intelligence that God gave him.”
A Businessman Looks at Communism -
Published by the Farmville Herald (VA) in 1963, A Businessman Looks at Communism was written by Fred Koch and provides an account of his work in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The pamphlet provided support for JBS’ claim to insider knowledge of the communist agenda.Fred Koch's pamphlet copy
Page sixteen of the pamphlet sums up Koch’s attitude about labor unions. “Labor Unions have long been a Communist goal,” Koch asserts. “The effort is frequently made to have the worker do as little as possible for the money he receives. This practice alone can destroy our country.”
On page 25, Koch explains his fear of the Civil Rights Movement: “You may be sure the Communists are fishing furiously in the troubled waters of integration on both sides. The Communists are not interested in the aspirations of the negro except as a means to stir up racial hatred … The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America.”
Koch continues, “I have been told by the ex-Communists that the Communist Party has been influential in changing the relief laws of New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, and Chicago to make it attractive for rural Southern Negroes and Puerto Ricans to come to those cities.  In the first place, the Communist Party intends to use the votes of these people to swing the balance in these populous states; secondly, when the Party is ready to take over these cities it will use the colored people by getting a vicious race war started.”
[end excerpt]


* " Black Blood in the White House" (1971-01-18, [] [begin excerpt]: First is the series of claims that five Presidents and one Vice-President in our history all had some Negro ancestry, Thomas Jefferson being the earliest one so described. As one might expect, much of this was just gossip circulated over the years with a view to alienating voters, especially those in the South.
Those interested in this subject may start by consulting the evidence marshalled by the late historian-anthropologist Joel A. Rogers in his multi-volume Sex and Race and his later pamphlet The Five Negro Presidents. Rogers was an indefatigable digger, and carefully cited his sources. At the same time, those familiar with his extensive oeuvre know that he, a Negro himself, tended to be overzealous in drawing conclusions from his data.
Still, it is possible to make a case of sorts to support the claim that Abraham Lincoln had some black forebears. Rogers also badly states that Hannibal Hamlin, who was Vice-President during the Civil War, "was undoubtedly of Negro ancestry." This topic is further discussed both in the old biography of Hamlin by his grandson and in a new one. Nobody disputes that Hamlin had jet-black hair and eyes, a broad nose, and very dark skin.
The most persistent claim of mixed blood attaches to Warren G. Harding, and to other members of his family going back several generations before his. The issue of his alleged black blood figured in all Harding's political campaigns, becoming most intense in the Presidential campaign of 1920. The recent freshet of scholarship on Harding has sifted and resifted the evidence. In the process a substantial amount has been clarified and some of it rightly dismissed; but there remains plenty to buttress the claim, and the matter is by no means resolved. Harding himself didn't know whether he really had some Negro blood or not; and he is reported commenting to a friend. "How should I know? One of my ancestors might have jumped the fence."
Of course none of the above office-holders promoted himself as a person with a measure of black genes. This brings us to the second aspect of our historical context: the self-proclaimed black Americans who have been put forth for one of the top two spots on the ticket. This is where people invoke the name of Julian Bond, who had already run up a number of votes for Vice-President at the 1968 Democratic convention when he took the microphone to remove his name on the grounds that, at age 28, he failed to meet the Constitutional requirement. [end excerpt]

The photo here is of an orphaned mulatto woman named Ida Stover. This photo was taken on September 23, 1885, on the day she married a young German immigrant named David Jacob Eisenhower. Ida Eisenhower gave birth to six sons, one of whom was named Dwight David Eisenhower, who later became the 34th president of the United States.
Full photo of Ida and her husband []. Eisenhower's parents met in college. His Black ancestry came up when he ran for president but apparently didn't affect the outcome of the election.

An interesting read
* Thirty First annual report of General Motors Corporation year ended December 31, 1939 (.pdf)[]

* "Fight Against War and Fascism and the Origins of Antifascism in US Culture" (.pdf)[]

* "The War Was Won Before Hiroshima—And the Generals Who Dropped the Bomb Knew It" (2015-08-06, []
* "US Planned to Drop Over 12 More Nuclear Bombs on Japan" (2015-08-16, [] [begin excerpt]: It was a good thing for the Japanese to surrender right after the two atomic strikes delivered on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; otherwise, the US military would have gladly bombed Japan with up to 12 more nuclear strikes that would have likely wiped the entire Asian nation off the face of the earth, US media reported.
Washington was eager to force Japan to surrender unconditionally and was ready to hit the island nation with its most powerful atomic bomb a few days later and then follow up with another 12 nuclear strikes, US military archives highlighted to mark the 70th anniversary of the bombings on August 6 revealed.
The US government wanted to bomb the entire infrastructure of Japan, targeting cities, such as Kyoto, Yokohama, Kokura, Niigata and Tokyo, besides the two unfortunate ones — Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The main criteria for the target selection was to choose cities that hadn't been previously bombed, so the US military could assess the full effect of their nuclear strikes, the Daily Beast said.
On August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay, a US B-29 bomber, dropped an atomic bomb that killed about 140,000 residents of the Japanese city of Hiroshima. A second bomb followed three days later, leveling the city of Nagasaki and killing an additional 70,000 people.

* "Post WW2 World Order: US Planned to Wipe USSR Out by Massive Nuclear Strike" (2015-08-15, []

* "Secret Service Agent Pulled off JFK Car" []. writes: Among the more important “discovered footage” out there — capable of profoundly changing the ways we understand history — is this little gem. It shows a Secret Service agent being ordered off JFK’s motorcade car and objecting, as the president made his way to his demise. What do you suppose that was about?

* "Untold Story of Alaska Purchase: Why Did Russia Sell Its Stronghold to US?" (2015-07-31, [] [begin excerpt]: In 1857 Grand Duke Konstantin, a younger brother of Emperor Alexander II, kicked off a plan aimed at the cession of Alaska to the United States. Since the Russian American Company was considered the main obstacle to the plan, Grand Duke Konstantin had made every effort to ruin the company, using various measures including what we now call an "information war." After years of pressure the company saw substantial financial losses and its holders were deprived from the right to rule it.
Only six people in the Russian government were aware of Konstantin's plan, the historian underscored. This narrow circle urged the Emperor to sell Alaska, referring to the bankruptcy of the Russian American company and a "heavy burden" of spending the Empire had to bear to support its North American possessions.
The cession was shrouded in secrecy and the text of the Treaty had long not been published. Mironov dismissed the myth that the American gold sank somewhere in the Baltic Sea. Citing archival documents, the historian claimed that in accordance with the deal the money had been transferred to European banks, and then went to companies affiliated with Grand Duke Konstantin. Eventually, Russia's Treasury got almost nothing for Alaska, Mironov emphasized.
The first page of Tsar Alexander II's ratification of the treaty.
The historian stressed that private holders of the Russian American Company, who invested in Alaska over more than half a century were left out in the cold. Their assets were handed to the United States, while the company received no compensation.
The Treaty was illegitimate, since it seriously violated the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, Mironov believes. According to the historian, descendants of the Russian American Company holders could potentially upset the deal and restore justice.
Mironov remarked that there is one peculiar flaw in the Treaty: the cession agreement does not contain the Russian traditional formulation "from here to eternity" that would refer to the fact that Alaska was ceded "forever" to the United States. That means that one day Alaska may be returned to Russia, the historian hinted. [end excerpt]

* "Bela Lugosi and the International Workers Order" (2015-03-20, []. More about the International Workers Order at [].

* "Contraceptive Equity, The Birth Control Center of the International Workers Order" (by Elizabeth Temkin CNM, MSN) [begin excerpt]: The International Workers Order (IWO) was a Communist Party-affiliated insurance, mutual benefit and fraternal organization founded in 1930 and disbanded in 1954 as the result of legal action undertaken by the state of New York in 1951. At its height in the years immediately following World War II, the IWO had almost 200,000 members and provided low-cost health and life insurance, medical and dental clinics, and supported foreign-language newspapers, cultural and educational activities. The organization also operated a summer camp and cemeteries for its members." IWO Wiki
For 35 cents a month per family or 25 cents a month per individual ($4.36 and $3.11, respectively, in 2007 dollars), members in New York City had unlimited access to the district physicians contracted by the IWO to provide care in their office or on house calls. [end excerpt]

* "Return to Lake Balaton — Revisiting communist Hungary’s favourite summer holiday resort" ( []
* "Taking the waters — How to kick back at a Soviet-era health spa in Tajikistan" ( []

* "H.G. Wells' Interview With Stalin Helped Change the Fundamental Principles of Liberalism" (1935-04-24, []
"On Lenin's path, towards the victory of communism"


The following article is written by a Jewish researcher who uses the Nazi version of what occurred during the USSR's "Stalin" years. The article explains how the Jewish citizens of the USSR were instrumental in managing the entire jurisdiction, yet the article also relies on history fabricated by Nazis and the CIA concerning the fake "Stalinist" death counts! How does a Jewish researcher parrot Nazi propaganda? When it's about Stalin!
* "Stalin's Jews: We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish" (2006-12-21, []

* "Untold Story of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" (2015-08-23, [] [begin excerpt]: The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, inked by the USSR and Nazi Germany on August 23, 1939, is now used by Western "experts" and mainstream media to accuse the Soviet Union of "colluding" with Hitler and "betraying" his would be French and British allies, but evidence suggests otherwise. Curiously enough, Western "experts" and mass media remain silent about the fact that most major European powers had signed similar treaties with Adolf Hitler earlier than the Soviet Union did.
For instance, Poland, the avowed "victim" of the Soviet-Germany non-aggression pact, had inked a non-aggression treaty with Nazi Germany on January 26, 1934.
"During the 1930s Poland played a spoiler's role. It was a far-right quasi-dictatorship, anti-Semitic and sympathetic to fascism. In 1934, as the USSR raised the alarm about Hitler, Poland signed a non-aggression pact in Berlin. Who stabbed who in the back?" Carley asked rhetorically.
While pointing the finger at the USSR for moving into territories of "Poland" (when no state of Poland existed any longer after German invasion of September 1, 1939) some Western historians are again demonstrating a peculiar form of amnesia, apparently forgetting that these very territories — Western Ukraine and Western Belarus — were annexed by Poland during the Polish-Soviet War (1919 — 1921). The war was unilaterally unleashed by Warsaw against the USSR, torn and devastated by the civil war.
Historians agree that European conservative elites viewed Adolf Hitler a less "evil" than Soviet Russia. Moreover, according to American economist Guido Giacomo Preparata, for the British and American establishment Nazism was seen as a driving force that could dismantle the USSR, thus far finishing what was started by World War I — complete dissolution of the former Russian Empire.Meanwhile European and American elites were not only unwilling to establish any alliances with the Soviet Union, but also poured money into Nazi Germany's economy, facilitating the rise of the Nazi war machine.
Prestigious British arms manufacturer Vickers-Armstrong supplied heavy weaponry to Berlin, while US companies Pratt & Whitney, Douglas, Bendix Aviation, to name but a few, provided German firms — BMW, Siemens and others — with patents, military secrets and state-of-art airplane engines, Preparata pointed out.
After the four powers agreed to accept German occupation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland before any plebiscite and coerced the Czechs to go along, Chamberlain and Hitler inked the British-German Non-aggression Agreement, the author underscored.
Interestingly enough, Professor Carley narrated that during the Czechoslovak crisis Poland (the would-be "victim" of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) demanded that if "Hitler was to get the Sudeten territories, Poland should have the Teschen district [in Czechoslovakia]. In other words, if Hitler gets his booty, we Poles want ours."
So, who colluded with whom? Who were the betrayers?
According to Andrei Fursov, in Munich the four powers created a "proto-NATO bloc" that was actually aimed against the USSR. Czechoslovakia's industrial complex was meant to facilitate the growth of the German military might and ensure its ability to launch a big war against "Bolshies" in the East, in order to extend the German Lebensraum. And European elites were interested in this war, expected to exhaust both Germany and Russia.
In light of this, the only move to undermine this plan and postpone its realization was to conclude a similar non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany. Furthermore, the delay helped the Soviet Union to accumulate its resources in the face of an inevitable invasion from the West.
[end excerpt]
* "Labor, Political crisis, & History: The 'Russo-German' pact of 1939, a critique of the USSR" by Neil (a Los Angeles school teacher):
OK, in late 1930s the UK & Euro  'democratic' Western Govts / ruling powers were trying to push the Nazis to attack  the USSR in the east to keep them from attacking westward,  or even south, into rich domains of  Western colonial powers, etc .
BUT what USSR's  uncritical supporters cannot explain is the 1939 "Russo/German" (Molotov/Ribbentrop) pact's "secret protocols"-
1) allowed a grand division of E. Europe including military division/ carve up  of Poland, West 60% to Germany, East 40% to USSR, 3 Baltic states to be Russian occupied with new Russian 'friendly' governments installed, etc. to be later annexed.
2) About 125  German communist political refugees living in USSR to be repatriated to the Nazi State.
3) Nazis to receive on time deliveries of purchased/contracted Oil and natural Gas, etc. from USSR.
4) Russian state gets openings of certain German tech patents, for certain goods.
5) Germans do not directly intervene in Russo/Finland war (but Nazis do supply Finland afterward)
We can easily show that Nazi Germany was a terroristic Capitalist regime of special militarized branches with guaranteed  high profits for private bosses with strict State oversight.
Also Russia is shown by early/mid 30s (& earlier) to have reversed any type of building a real Marxist workers movement worldwide, and by mid-20s internally was already manipulating workers/ Marxists /allies to support a national base of a new State capitalist regime colossus, that came to be headed by Stalinism.

* A critical reply by Prof. Grover Furr in rresponseto "Labor, Political crisis, & History: The 'Russo-German' pact of 1939, a critique of the USSR":
The basic problem with this post is that it has no evidence to support its claims.
- 1) "allowed a grand division of E. Europe including military division/ carve up  of Poland, West 60% to Germany, East 40% to USSR, 3 Baltic states to be Russian occupied with new Russian 'friendly' governments installed, etc. to be later annexed."
[reply] This is a lie. the M-R Pact contained no such agreement. There was no "division" of Poland or of the Baltics. No agreement for Soviet occupation. I've written about the M-R Pact in "Blood Lies", so I won't go on.  Whoever wrote these lies is copying from some anticommunist or Trotskyist source, and that source itself is lying.
- 2) "About 125  German communist political refugees living in USSR to be repatriated to the Nazi State."
[reply] I have seen this claim, with varying numbers, made many times. I have never seen any evidence to support it.  Does the author of this email have such evidence? I am sure he does not.  If I'm wrong, let him send it. Evidence, mind you, not "X says that this happened." One more thing that may be relevant: Trotskyists were not "communists" in the USSR in 1939.
- 3)/4) "Nazis to receive on time deliveries of purchased/contracted Oil and natural Gas, etc. from USSR. Russian state gets openings of certain German tech patents, for certain goods."
[reply] Sure, there were economic relations of this kind. So what? There's a debate among Russian historians about whether this turned out to be wise for the USSR. Some say yes, others say no. My guess is that the Soviets believed postponing the Nazi attack was worth this. What, after all, was the alternative?
- 5) "Germans do not directly intervene in Russo/Finland war (but Nazis do supply Finland afterward)"
[reply] The war against Finland was entirely justifiable. Even the terribly anticommunist Harrison Salisbury concluded that it saved Leningrad (_The 900 Days_).
- "Also Russia is shown by early/mid 30s (& earlier) to have reversed any type of building a real Marxist workers movement worldwide."
[reply] This is Trotskyist catechism. Nothing will convince Trotskyists that this is incorrect. The evidence, however, is all against it. What about the Comintern? The Trots will tell you that was not "a real Marxist workers movement worldwide." Here is a quote from Lars Lih's introduction to Stalin's letters to Molotov: "...the letters clearly reveal that in upholding the principle that socialism could be built in one country, Stalin in no way 'abandoned the cause of world revolution’, as Trotsky alleges. Stalin was not hypocritical in his support for world revolution, since from his point of view no sacrifice of state interests was involved. Stalin comes out of the letters with his revolutionary credentials in good order… As first servant of the Soviet state, he was also first servant of the world revolution… The letters refute the Trotsky-derived interpretation of ‘socialism in one country’ as an isolationist rejection of revolution elsewhere… The letters show that Stalin did not see revolutionary interests and state interests in either-or terms”.


* "Who Controls the Past Controls the Future: Why Does West Hate Stalin?" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: By attacking and stigmatizing the Soviet past the US and its NATO allies are targeting today's Russia and its leadership that is unwilling to bow before the West; anyway, the USSR never did anything remotely comparable to what major Western countries did in the last century — the US and NATO have been by far the most aggressive and murderous power in the world since WW2, US expert in Soviet history Professor Grover Carr Furr of Montclair State University told Sputnik.
Illogical as it may seem, despite the fact that the USSR collapsed decades ago the Western propaganda machine continues to vilify Soviet Russia; first British-American historian Robert Conquest and later American scholar Timothy Snyder have contributed a lot to the anti-Soviet and anti-Russian propaganda campaign.
"Why [there is] so much anti-Stalin and anti-communism? Anti-communism because communism is the antithesis to capitalism. And anti-Stalin because the Stalin period in the USSR was the period when the world Communist movement did so much that was good. Also, anti-Stalinism and anticommunism because of the huge atrocities of capitalism and imperialism in the 20th century, which continue today," Professor Furr emphasized.
The professor pointed out that historian Robert Conquest (the author of "The Great Terror: Stalin's Purges of the 1930s" who passed away on August 3, 2015) had been working for the British Information Research Department (IRD) since its establishment and up to 1956. The IRD, originally called the Communist Information Bureau, was founded in 1947, when the Cold War era began.
"[The IRD's'] main task was to combat Communist influence throughout the world by planting stories among politicians, journalists and others in a position to influence public opinion," Professor Furr explained.
Conquest's work was to contribute to the so-called "black history" of the Soviet Union, the professor noted, "in other words, fake stories put out as fact and distributed among journalists and others able to influence public opinion."
Furr noted that Conquest periodically met with heavy criticism from prominent Western scholars, which blasted him for "consciously falsifying information" about the Soviet Union. In fact Conquest just used any source that was hostile to Stalin and the USSR, turning a blind eye to the fact whether it was reliable or not.
"I try to point out at the end of "Blood Lies: The Evidence that Every Accusation Against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands Is False," with some help from Prof. Domenico Losurdo, that it is accurate to compare Churchill with Hitler, or Daladier, or Chamberlain, but not Stalin. The USSR was as different from Nazism as could be, while Hitler and the Nazis were quite popular with Western politicians," he added.
"My point is this: the USSR and world communist movement never did anything remotely comparable to what the capitalists and imperialists did in the last century. And this is unacceptable [for capitalists]. They must show communism and Stalin to be worse than, not better than, what the capitalists and imperialists were doing. Lying is the only way," Professor Grover Furr concluded. [end excerpt]
* "Stalin and the Struggle for Democratic Reform" (by Prof. Grover Furr) part 1 [], part 2 []
* "Socialism or Barbarism? Review of 'Another View of Stalin' " (2006-03-28, [] [begin excerpt]: This book by Ludo Martens of the Worker's Party of Belgium, Another View of Stalin (EPO, Antwerp: 1994.), is pretty incredible. For us, working in the United States where anticommunism is so institutionalized, it is an important book. Having read Another View of Stalin, it was an easy thing to address such questions as, "What about Lenin's Will?", "What about the Purges and Show Trials?", "What about the Gulag? And the millions killed?" "The lack of democracy?" "The forced collectivization?" "What about Trotsky?" Martens goes into all of this. He addresses the usual criticisms of Stalin, going after their sources, showing how they don't hold up to any scientific analysis of history, situating them in their actual historical conditions, from which they are so easily and with such cleaverness removed.
A lot of people I know who have read this book on Stalin by Comrade Martens have been stunned by the degree of the lies perpetuated to attack the architect of socialism. It is a common thread that links all of communisms enemies: Imperialists, Fascists, Trotskyites, Revisionists, etc. Comrades like it because it is a weapon. Anti-capitalist fellow-travellers like it because it reaffirms what they have always suspected - that the greatest enemies of capitalism and imperialism are the ones who are most villified by the petit-bourgeois lackeys of international monopoly capital.
For more on the role of Stalin, the anti-revisionist movement and a critical evaluation of the role of Mao and the CPC, see also Ludo Martens. "On Certain Aspects of the Struggle Against Revisionism" [].
[end excerpt]
* "Long Live the Universal Contributions of Comrade Joseph Stalin" []
* "The Ukrainian famine-genocide myth" (2002-07, by John Puntis ) []
* "Lies concerning the history of the Soviet Union" (1999-03, speech by Mario Sousa) []. From Hitler to Hearst, from Conquest to Solzhenitsyn: the history of the millions of people who allegedly were incarcerated and died in the labour camps of the Soviet Union and as a result of starvation during Stalin's time.
* "The truth about Stalin" (by Wilf Dixon) (.pdf) []
* "Against Trotskyism" study guide []
* "Evidence of Leon Trotsky’s Collaboration with Germany and Japan" (.pdf) (by Grover Furr) []

"Stalin" has become a word for anything supposedly bad that happened in the old USSR.
Even a neutral, scholarly magazine as National Geographic has journalists who sum up one of the greatest social projects of the 20th century as follows:
* "Sins of the Aral Sea" (2015-06, [] [begin excerpt]: When Alexander the Great conquered this territory in the fourth century B.C., these rivers already had a long history of providing lifeblood to Central Asia. For centuries the Aral Sea and its vast deltas sustained an archipelago of settlements along the Silk Road that connected China to Europe. These ancient populations of Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, and other ethnicities prospered as farmers, fishermen, herders, merchants, and craftsmen. Things changed after the Uzbek S.S.R. became part of the fledgling Soviet empire in the early 1920s and Stalin decided to turn his Central Asian republics into giant cotton plantations. But the arid climate in this part of the world is ill suited to growing such a thirsty crop, and the Soviets undertook one of the most ambitious engineering projects in world history, hand-digging thousands of miles of irrigation canals to channel the water from the Amu Darya and Syr Darya into the surrounding desert. [end excerpt]

* "When bombings menaced a North Beach church" (2014-11-22, [] [begin excerpt]: Italian anticlericalism had several causes. Nationalists disliked the church because it had opposed Italian reunification, while radicals and anarchists saw organized religion as an opiate of the masses. They called priests maiali neri, pigs in black.
A number of North Beach Italians were sovversivi, or subversives, who subscribed to radical publications like L’Asino (the Donkey), an anticlerical satirical review founded in Rome that had a circulation in Italy of more than 100,000.
As Marcella Benciveni notes in “Italian Immigrant Radical Culture: The Idealism of the Sovversivi in the United States, 1890-1940,” one issue of L’Asino featured an open letter addressed to “Dear Madonna del Carmine, c/o Eternal Father — Heaven,” questioning her miraculous powers and asking sarcastically if she was the best and most powerful of all Madonnas.
Although L’Asino was banned in the United States in 1908 on the grounds that it was pornographic — it ran pieces deriding priests’ lustful behavior — the magazine was so popular that a special edition was issued for distribution in America. In San Francisco, anticlerical locals nailed copies of L’Asino to the doors of SS Peter and Paul. [end excerpt]

* " ‘Peace Riots’ left trail of death at end of WWII in S.F." (2015-08-15, []

* "Criminalizing the History of US Radical Underground Movements" (2015-08-22, [] [begin excerpt]: As Black Lives Matter continues to disrupt business as usual, a number of observers are judging the movement against the history of Black radicalism. As often happens in an era of renewed activism, we look to books about previous movements to tell us something about the uprisings of our own day.
That is what makes Bryan Burrough's Days of Rage not just disappointing but dangerous. Days of Rage: America's Radical Underground, The FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence is a history as "true crime." Burrough chronicles six revolutionary underground organizations from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s: The Weather Underground, which emerged out of Students for a Democratic Society; the Black Liberation Army, an offshoot of the Black Panther Party; the Symbionese Liberation Army, whose best known act was kidnapping heiress Patty Hearst; the New World Liberation Front, a curious sequel of sorts to the SLA; the Puerto Rican independence group Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional; and a New England group of working-class white radicals that ultimately called itself the United Freedom Front. Despite a growing legion of memoirs from partisans of the underground - especially the Weather Underground, which receives the most attention in Burrough's book - as well as scholarly histories of these organizations, Burrough is the first to bring all of these groups together in the detail that he has done.
But these groups and the young people in them, seen through Burrough's "America's Most Wanted" lens, are not activists seeking to rebuild a racist, bellicose country from the ground up. They are naïve bad guys and narcissistic thugs. In his eyes, their goal was not revolution so much as it was "killing cops." Burrough provides hackneyed depictions of one-dimensional human beings with the kind of deluded stereotypes that everyday lead police to stop and frisk, lock up or kill Black people across the United States. To render them as history provides a dangerous justification to such violence.
A special correspondent at Vanity Fair and the author of several previous books on both finance and the FBI, Burrough aims to tell the story of these organizations and that of the FBI agents and police officers who chased them down. His lack of any stated ideological axe to grind, together with the support of a major publisher, might explain the book's generally favorable mention in mainstream media, including some liberal outlets, by credulous journalists who, like everybody else, enjoy a good story. Burrough has been interviewed on NPR's "Fresh Air" and received mostly positive reviews in publications like The Washington Post, The New Yorker and even The Nation.
These reviewers seem either unaware or unconcerned that the book contains serious errors of both fact and interpretation. The book consistently relies on a series of outmoded, cartoonish and just plain inaccurate approaches to history. Burrough, for instance, claims that underground movements did not care about the war in Vietnam or the counterculture, despite ample evidence, presented in the book itself, to the contrary. Indeed, these groups operated at the intersection of Black radicalism, antiwar sentiment and countercultural communities. He says that the Black Panther Party was declining by 1968, when by all accounts (see, for instance, Joshua Bloom and Waldo Martin's Black Against Empire) the organization was at its height, with new chapters forming worldwide. He reduces the 1970s to a caricature of a time when people cared about disco, not politics. Such mischaracterizations, which appear throughout the book, fly in the face of two decades of historical scholarship on the period.
Throughout this massive tome, Burrough describes white leftists as smarter, more humane and just plain more interesting than their Black or Puerto Rican counterpoints. He opens the book with a chapter on Sam Melville and Jane Alpert, a pair of bumbling bombers in the late 1960s who Burrough claims started it all (despite the fact that bombings had been happening for years at that point), and follows that through with a rigid focus on the Weather Underground. Indeed, the Weather Underground becomes the litmus test against which he measures all other groups: Did they bomb more or fewer targets than the Weather Underground? Were they structured similarly or differently than the Weather Underground? Did they think similarly or differently than the Weather Underground?
Meanwhile - and contrary to the stunning scholarship by Sherie Randolph, Barbara Ransby and Jeanne Theoharis, among many others - Burrough describes Black Power as the province of a small group of charismatic men, each one neatly passing the torch to the next after being felled by death, incarceration or, since he doesn't know why they were so important, irrelevance. Black Power becomes a series of charismatic men enjoying 15 minutes of fame, and spreading a politics of unbridled "anger." Even more maddening, he casts the relevance of Black organizing only to the extent it interested, conned or was itself conjured by white leftists.
Burrough says the underground was motivated by the "plight of black Americans," yet it is a plight he fails to engage with or understand. The few Black Americans he discusses are described as "bloodthirsty cop killers," "thugs" and irrationally "angry." This is the same double-talk used by commentators who today bloviate about "Black-on-Black crime" and "inner-city thugs" when confronted with examples of police violence. Collectively, they refuse to see the many ways in which police violence structures and eliminates life in the United States. But it does. They refuse to see the many ways people stage creative, life-affirming forms of resistance to state murder. But they do.
[end excerpt]

* "Maoism in France in the 1970's" []
* "Mao! Mao! : Review of Jean-Luc Godard's 'La Chinoise' " (2008-06-04,
"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." - Bertolt Brecht
As of this May, La Chinoise (1967), Jean-Luc Godard's classic film about the Maoist movement in France (based on Dostoevsky's book, The Devils), is now available on DVD! I just finished watching it for the first time, and I'd like to share a few initial thoughts, which, because of the film's freshness in my mind, are not very systematic.
First, I'd seen two of Godard's movies before: Breathless (1960), which I didn't care for, and Le Petit Soldat (also from 1960), which I enjoyed. So I wasn't sure what to expect, aside from a general idea that this was a somewhat experimental film about Maoism. Godard himself identified as a Maoist, and along with Jean-Paul Sartre, was gravitating around the Gauche Prolétarienne (GP). Additionally, this film had a big impact on French Maoism after the events of May 1968. It is characteristic of the ultraleft, however, in that it is fairly light on the Mass Line - "from the masses, to the masses" and all that.
One is reminded of a quote from Mao Zedong's Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art []: 'To study Marxism means to apply the dialectical materialist and historical materialist viewpoint in our observation of the world, of society and of literature and art; it does not mean writing philosophical lectures into our works of literature and art. Marxism embraces but cannot replace realism in literary and artistic creation, just as it embraces but cannot replace the atomic and electronic theories in physics. Empty, dry dogmatic formulas do indeed destroy the creative mood; not only that, they first destroy Marxism. Dogmatic "Marxism" is not Marxism, it is anti-Marxism. Then does not Marxism destroy the creative mood? Yes, it does. It definitely destroys creative moods that are feudal, bourgeois, petty-bourgeois, liberalistic, individualist, nihilist, art-for-art's sake, aristocratic, decadent or pessimistic, and every other creative mood that is alien to the masses of the people and to the proletariat. So far as proletarian writers and artists are concerned, should not these kinds of creative moods be destroyed? I think they should; they should be utterly destroyed. And while they are being destroyed, something new can be constructed.' Here is the Trailer []:

While it is an interesting and entertaining film, perhaps targeted at Leftist students and young intellectuals, who were becoming more and more militant in those days, it does indeed seem to be "writing philosophical lectures into our works of literature and art". Godard attempts to incorporate into cinema some of Bertolt Brecht's Marxist theory of "epic" or "dialectical" theatre, which, through "estrangement effect" is all about art as presentation of philosophical arguement through dialogue, along with an audience that must be very conscious of itself as an audience (basically the opposite of "suspension of disbelief"). Godard put it like this in a famous quote: "I don't think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can't kiss a movie." It even includes direct shots of the camera and other tools of the trade so as not to allow the viewer to forget that they are watching a movie. It is not a subtle film, by any means, but Godard seems to have seen this somewhat in-your-face Brechtian style as necessary towards the destruction of all of those reactionary "creative moods" that Mao said "should be utterly destroyed" so that something new could be created.
It is also worth mentioning as a secondary point and especially for those who are not familiar with the pro-Chinese Marxist-Leninist movement in France, that the Maoist groups in France criticized the film for making individual terrorism (as opposed to mass actions and class struggle) the absolute and central question and making it appear as though the Maoists fetishized violence. This shows a great deal of the youthful impatience that the activists of the 60's felt in the face of the genocidal war in Vietnam on the one hand and the inspirational event of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on the other. But this question of mass or individual violence is actually dealt with quite well in the scene on the train towards the close of the film. Here, in a dialogue between the protagonist, Véronique, and the militant philosophy professor, Francis Jeanson, the question is explored fully from both sides. I'm not going to spoil that for you though.
Here is an interesting and illustrative clip from the film showing the Maoists discussing the Vietnam war []

Like the Maoist GP with which Godard was associated, this is a very intellectual film. As one bourgeois reviewer put it, "La Chinoise is not an easily accessible film, in the same way that the Himalayas are not easily accessible for a casual stroll on a Thursday afternoon. Even within the sphere of other complicated works of Godard, this film requires serious educational cojones to appreciate its multilayered oblique narrative, the dense social theory spouted by its protagonists, the railing assault on Gaullist ideology, and the political context within the growing New Left movement of France in the 1960s. Expect to feel dumb. It is a normal side effect."
"Expect to feel dumb," may be a bit of an overstatement, but the discourse of the movie is at a pretty high level.
I would suggest that people see this film. It is a film about students inspired and stirred up by the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China and all the ideas and struggles surrounding it. And at the same time it is an experiment, by a film-maker likewise inspired, in artistic creation and destruction. Jean-Luc Godard's film, in his words, is attempting to break down a "capitalistic reactionary aesthetic" and create something new. For all of that, for the ideas it discusses and generates, and for the proletarian culture it seeks to help create, it is an excellent film.
For an opinion from the ultraleft regarding the film, you may as well check out the MIM movie review of La Chinoise while you're at it []. They may be a little weird, and rather atypical as far as Maoism goes, with their "Maoist Third-Worldism" and all the rest, shunned as nuts by the rest of the Marxist-Leninist and Maoist movement. Nonetheless, let's give credit where credit's due; you gotta love their propensity for watching a lot of movies and writing about them, if nothing else!

* "Alternative View: Could USSR Have Avoided Dissolution, Overcome Crisis?" (2015-08-17, [] [begin excerpts]: Was the Soviet system crumbling and falling apart at the seams? Interestingly enough, some archival documents released by Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission in a commemorative brochure dedicated to the 25th anniversary of 1989, "the year that changed the map of Europe," draw a slightly different picture.
The Commission was established in 1973 and brought together experienced leaders of the Western political establishment to "discuss issues of global concern."
In January 1989, the Commission's task force authors on East-West relations — Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Henry Kissinger and Yasuhiro Nakasone — undertook a mission to Moscow in order to meet Soviet leaders, notably Mikhail Gorbachev.
The group and Gorbachev were discussing the issue of coexistence as well as a roadmap of the USSR's integration into the world economy. Due to the 1986 conspiracy between Saudi Arabia and the US, the Soviet economy faced a temporary recession caused by sharp fall in oil prices.
However, the USSR was not in a "dire state." The transcript of Gorbachev's meeting with the Commission group on January 18, 1989 indicates that the Soviet leader had no doubts the USSR and the West were "on par" in that period of time.
"The two systems should show they can adapt to new conditions," he added.
Was it a bluff? Why did Gorbachev hint that both systems were facing similar problems?
Indeed, it was not solely the USSR who faced a recession — in the late 1980s a ghost of depression was haunting the United States. Two years earlier, on October 19, 1987, the United States experienced a severe stock market crash which prompted deep concerns regarding the efficiency of the country's monetary system.
Within one day, also known as "Black Monday," the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) swiftly lost 508 points, or 22.6% of its value.
Experts gloomily predicted that it would take "a miracle" to save the American economy. Curiously enough, the collapse of the USSR had become the "miracle" that postponed the US and global financial crises for decades and in the 1990s the US enjoyed unprecedented economic growth.
Back in January 1989, Gorbachev offered the West closer economic cooperation that could purportedly bring both parties back from the brink of economic disaster. The USSR boasted substantial achievements in industrial machinery, steel, mining and petroleum production, aircraft, military and space industry; it was developing sophisticated technologies, including microbiology and electronics.
The Soviet leader urged the West to lift sanctions imposed on the USSR. "This would not be a favor to the USSR. The West would also benefit from the trade," he told the Trilateral Commission during the historical 1989 summit.
According to Director of the Center for Russian Studies at the Moscow University for Humanities and the Institute of System Strategic Analysis, historian and publicist Andrei Fursov, the West was unwilling to collaborate with the USSR "on par." It needed a "raw-material appendage," rather than a serious competitor, the historian elaborates.
Citing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's speech delivered at the American Petroleum Institute in Houston, Texas in November 1991, Fursov points out that the West considered the USSR a "serious threat" to the Western world.
Surprisingly, the ex-prime minister referred to the "economic threat," adding that the West was never afraid of the Soviet Union's military "offensive." With the planned economy and the particular combination of moral and material incentives, the Soviet Union managed to achieve high economic indicators, Thatcher warned. Combined with the enormous natural resources of the USSR, the sound management could deal a heavy blow to the West's positions in the global market, she noted.
Indeed, prominent American economist and Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Wassily Leontief (1906-1999) compared the USSR's economy to a yacht that was unable to catch the wind. The Soviet economy was doomed to further recession, restrained by excessive government interference and regulation, he noted.
At the same time Leontief praised the Soviet planned economy for an unprecedented industrial leap in the 1930s and added that it facilitated the country's rapid recovery after the Second World War. Furthermore, the centrally planned economy allowed the USSR in the 1970s and the early 1980s to gain economic growth rates comparable to those of the US and even exceeding those of Western Europe.
Curiously enough, the economist also criticized the American financial system, freed from government control, comparing the United States to the yacht sailing without a map and a compass. Both systems desperately needed reforms, Leontief believed.
But does it mean the USSR had to be dismantled? Was it really necessary to destroy the system and build a new one from scratch?
Fursov narrated that in the late 1980s Leontief was invited by the Soviet government to carry out a thorough analysis of the USSR's economic system. The Nobel Laureate's verdict was that the structural changes were needed to bolster economic growth but the Soviet system in general was viable and could be "mended." The USSR did not face a systemic crisis.
Paradoxically, in January 1989, Gorbachev discussed the possibility of USSR-Western joint ventures and mutually beneficial collaboration in the global market and two years later the Soviet Union was brought to its knees and collapsed.
Andrei Fursov believes that there was a conspiracy between Communist high-ranking "apparatchiks" and the Western political and financial elite. A part of the Communist senior officials sought to join the Western global capitalist establishment.
Due to the "efforts" of Russia's liberal "reformers" and their Western economic consultants, the country's production volume was hacked in half and this vacuum was immediately flooded by Western goods, Russian Presidential advisor Academician Sergei Glazyev wrote in his 2003 essay "How to Win a Battle with Poverty in a Rich Country."
"The neoliberal revolution after 1991 was indeed intended to dismantle post-Soviet industry, to pull it up by its roots. H.I.I.D. [Harvard Institute for International Development] and A.I.D. [US Agency for International Development] operatives bought out Russian companies playing a key potential military role and dismantled them," Michael Hudson, a research professor of economics at the University of Missouri, said in an interview with The Saker in June 2015, and added: "For the ruble to rise in value, Russia would need to re-industrialize [now]."
By the early 2000s Russia had become the West's "raw-material appendage" and a promising market, contributing a lot to the West's economic rise in the 1990s, according to Andrei Fursov. [end excerpt]

* "The current offensive of imperialism and reaction" (1999-05-04, [] [begin excerpt]:
On the eve of the third millenium, we are confronted with the imperialist desire to enforce its barbaric and inhuman "new world order" on all peoples.
Monopoly capital is sinking more and more deeply into economic crisis, increasing the exploitation of workers and the plundering of world resources to restore and increase profits. On the one hand, it penetrates everywhere thanks to communications technology, binding the most important Third World countries to the world market economically and destroying local bourgeoisies in aid of the high compradore bourgeoisie. On the other hand, it is becoming concentrated to a greater and greater extent, doing away with jobs to increase performance.
The monopolies impose their economic dictatorship through the instruments they have created for themselves, such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. By imposing policies of liberalisation and privatisation, they carry out the economic recolonisation of almost the entire globe.
The different imperialist powers all defend the capitalism of multinationals.
They have transformed the United Nations into an agency that executes their will, carrying out their political dictatorship over other nations. If Russia and China oppose their dictates in the Security Council, the imperialist powers trample on the latter’s decisions.
They sweep aside national sovereignty and independence, openly interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, arrogantly invoke the pretexts of "democracy, freedom, self-determination of the peoples, peace, multi-partyism, free elections and human rights".
The imperialist powers that have committed and continue to commit the worst crimes against humanity, wish to create a permanent international tribunal as an instrument of terror against all leaders who defend national independence and socialism and even those who temporarily oppose their decisions.
To impose their international economic dictatorship, the multinationals must prevent or destroy the international solidarity of the working class and the anti-imperialist unity of the oppressed peoples. They spread and use racism, reactionary nationalism, separatism, religious fanaticism, irrationalism and mysticism, ethnicism and fascism to divide, fragment and stultify the popular forces, so as to plunge them into barbaric killings and destroy all capacity of resistance to imperialism and capitalism.
As soon as socialism was completely destroyed in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, all global contradictions suddenly and dramatically worsened.
In Russia, the new dominant bourgeoisie, with its criminal, mafia-like characteristics, has brought the country down to a state of dependence on US and European capital. Capitalism has beset the peoples of the former Soviet Union with mind-boggling catastrophes, misery, unemployment, ethnic conflicts, civil wars. The newly created republics are mostly dominated by US and German finance capital and ruled by the comprador bourgeoisie.
No sooner had the Soviet Union disappeared than imperialism started a neo-colonial offensive against the Third World, emasculating national states, dictating their economic policies, preying on productive forces and openly intervening in their internal affairs.
In the capitalist countries, the bourgeoisie is taking back, one after another, all the concessions it had been forced to make after the anti-fascist war, confronted with the rising socialist revolution. Racism, nationalism, chauvinism and fascism are propagated to destroy the anticapitalist forces. Spying on the workers through ever more sophisticated means of surveillance is generalised. The suppression of popular movements has become ever more violent.
The economic contradictions between the United States, Japan and Europe have become more acute, as they scramble for raw materials, investments and markets.
The general crisis of imperialism deepens. In the capitalist countries, exploitation of the workers dramatically worsens. In certain regions, unemployment affects up to 30% of the workers. Social gains are progressively dismantled. In the Third World countries, foreign debt, privatisations and the dismantling of the State institutions make the survival of billions of people precarious. In Russia, industrial production has plunged by 55%. Since the beginning of the Yeltsin regime, the country has suffered an annual excess mortality of between 500,000 and 700,000 people, compared with the eighties. From now on, capitalism in crisis makes life impossible for the great majority of mankind. This barbaric and criminal system is condemned to disappear. The counter-revolution is precipitating the entire human race into a period of instability and uncertitude; it has united the four corners of the earth in a common front by a thousand links; it has undermined the very foundations of the system it should be stabilising; it has created the preconditions for a deeper and more radical revolutionary change.
The militarisation of international relations, the arms race and the sharp contradictions among and between the imperialist powers produce and reproduce violence and war, increase instability and the risk of generalised military conflicts. The danger of a third World War can only be averted by a general offensive of the workers and the oppressed peoples against capitalism and imperialism.
 Imperialism actively prepares for war against all the countries that try to escape its domination, amongst others China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Lybia, Iran, Yugoslavia and Byelorussia. But also against Russia, in case real communists should come to power again.
NATO is an aggressive pact created in 1949 with the aim of provoking a counter-revolutionary war against the Soviet Union and the socialist countries. The defence efforts of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries, the development of the World Peace Movement and the war of resistance waged by the Korean people supported by Chinese volunteers and by soviet help, caused this plan to fail. NATO then resorted to political and psychological warfare, which led to counter-revolutionary riots in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968, prelude to the "peaceful" counter-revolution of 1989.
As soon as capitalism had been completely restored in the Soviet Union, NATO launched into wars of aggression, demonstrating its permanently aggressive character, not only against socialist countries, but also against all countries maintaining their independence in face of imperialism. The war of aggression against Iraq, camouflaged under the UN flag, was in fact the first NATO war. As early as 1991, NATO military interventions began in Yugoslavia to dismember that country. The present criminal and barbaric bombings against the defence forces, the infrastructure, the factories and the cities of Yugoslavia, show that NATO is stepping into the shoes of the fascist coalition led by Hitler’s Germany.

The USSR was a slave state? Why were there so many enthusiastic volunteers when the USSR could have used GULAG prisoners? Because the USSR was not a slave-based economy.
* Thirty photos []: The construction of the 4,324km Baikal - Amur Railway, 1975-1984. Described by Brezhnev as the construction project of the century, the railway linked Siberia to the Pacific coast and was constructed with the help of 50,000 VLKSM (young communist league) volunteer shock workers.