Thursday, May 6, 2010

Electronic Surveillance and Organized Harassment (ES/OH)

This is a catalog of incidents pointing to a pattern of ES/OH against individuals within the Northbay MDS. There is more in our files than are posted here.

You know you're making trouble when you're being watched.
Every so often, an indication that somebody else is accessing your computer is seen.

Yahoo plays hardball with locking in a customer's phone number. The email account was never used for spamming or to send email messages (it was a receiving box for subscriptions), and predates many of the new requirements imposed by for new users of their email service. The email account has been locked, and only the following two choices are available and one cannot access the email box without clicking on one, even though it does not allow for the option of replacing an old out-of-date phone number with another means of verifying identity... the email box could no longer be accessed, and has locked us out!

2015-05-29, Northbay MDS's Minister of Information receives a "fake friend" already approved, no mutual friends, or participation in a organization page. The Minister keeps a tight list of "friends" on, so "fake friends" are easier to spot.

2014-03-15, Northbay MDS receives a Facebook request from "Aisha Gaddafi" [link]

2014-04-15, Northbay MDS member Katy receives a "fake friend" on Facebook... this "fake friend" is already approved by Katy's account, despite Katy never having accepted this friend request.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

!!! MAY DAY !!! with United Action in the Bay !!!

UA in the Bay [] []
In the sunny spring of 2010 join us in celebration of May Day with our black flags hoisted high! We invite everyone from the anti-authoritarian community for an all ages, all body types, all orientations and family friendly gathering in the park.*
--- Dolores Park ---
--- San Francisco ---
--- 3PM to 7PM ---
--- May 1 ---

3:00-4:30 The event will begin with food, drink, face painting, and merriment with tabling from:
* AK Press
* Bound Together Books
* Earth First!
* Friendly Fire Collective
* Homes Not Jails
* Indybay
* Institute for Anarchist Studies
* International Workers of the World (IWW)
* Midnight Special Law Collective
* PM Press
* Rad Dad
* Stand Against Sit/Lie and more!

4:30-5:45 Performances including the history of May Day and the world history of anarchism; short speeches by the radical students from at UC Berkeley and SF State University; historical reenactments including a speech from Haymarket; and live music including 40 Thieves .
6:00-7:00 Maypole dance and anarchist soccer.
7:00 Reclaim The Streets to follow the event.
Shit yeah mayday!**

* Safety people will be easily identifyable at the event by PURPLE BANDANAS. They will include a medic, police liasion, 2 persons experienced in conflict resolution, 3 persons focused on children, and an information person. The bandana does not represent any form of authority and we will not police you. We will do our best to ensure the event is a safe space for our community members, with the acknowledged limitation of being at Dolores Park on any given Saturday.
** Please contact us if you are interested in tabling, serving food, performing in any way, or can think of another way to contribute. Think you have an idea to make this event better? We're very open to shaping the event with others!