Thursday, July 12, 2012

Union of Unemployed Workers march to demand a Real Jobs Program!

A call out to all unemployed, part time, low-paid and temporary workers....
March to Demand a Real Jobs Program:
1.  Jobs or Income Now--Create jobs or a living income now!
2.  Extend unemployment benefits--A job is a right!
3.  Bail out the unemployed, not Goldman Sachs!


If you are:
* Tired of being broke because you don't have a job...
* Sick and tired of being a number that they don't count anymore...
Then it's time to start fighting back! Join up with a movement to organize the growing ranks of the unemployed to take over the streets and demand justice. We will be SILENT NO MORE!

Organized by the Union of Unemployed Workers [510-898-1544]  []

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored Report for 2012-2013

Media Freedom Foundation President Peter Phillips:
Our mailing address is -
Media Freedom foundation
P.O. Box 571
Cotati, CA 94931

Media Freedom Foundation (MFF) is a non-profit 501-C-3 corporation that sponsors Project Censored and all our various programs. MFF has a ten-person board of directors, who are responsible for monitoring the budget and setting policy for our operations.  Mickey Huff is the director of Project Censored and has overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of the corporation and production of the annual Censored yearbook. Associate Director Andy Roth serves in a similar administrative capacity and has been heavily involved in writing and researching Censored 2013.

We each are regularly invited speakers at community halls, college campuses, academic conferences, and independent bookstores addressing the issues of media censorship, propaganda, and the importance of accurate independent media in society. To arrange for a member of our speaking team to come to your community or campus see: []

We produce and broadcast a weekly one hour Project Censored Show on The Morning Mix for KPFA radio every Friday at 8 A.M. PST at 94.1 FM and online at [].  Our affiliate stations include the Progressive Radio Network, No-Lies Radio, and various Pacifica radio stations around the country. Please ask your local public/ non-profit radio station to air our weekly shows. See [] for a listing of our shows and guests. The radio archives make excellent classroom listening for high school and college classes.

We currently have some twenty colleges and university classes and professors participating in researching and posting validated news stories on our Media Freedom International news site at []. Validated Independent News Stories (VINS) are news stories ignored by corporate media that have been vetted and researched by students and professors. These news stories are posted year-round and become the annual nominations for voting on the top 25 most important censored news stories of the year. Any college campuses can participate in this process. Teaching college classes, working with students to learn about alternative news outlets is a major part of our efforts to create a more media literate society

MFF/Project Censored continues to maintain a website with daily RSS-news feeds from some twenty sources we trust for quality news. See [] Helping students and the public find trustworthy sources of daily news is an important part of freedom of information that is vital to every society. Reading independent news and comparing it to corporate media coverage is an important part of many high school and college critical thinking classes.

Adam Armstrong continues this year as the webmaster for all the MFF/Project Censored websites including our Spanish language site at [].  He has responsibility for maintaining and protecting six websites and building traffic to each one. Unique views on our sites run some 400,000 each month with millions of monthly hits.  Adam founded the website blog— [], which has over 50 regular writers posting news stories and opinion. He is a vital part of the Project Censored team.

We are pleased to announce that MFF board member, Abby Martin of Media Roots was hired this year to be a Russia Today news anchor in Washington DC.  In addition to her duties at RT Ms. Martin remains on the MFF board, and continues to update video content on the Project Censored linked Media Roots site at: [].

Over the past two-years MFF/Project Censored has engaged in developing the idea of a fair share of the common heritage. With special funding from Dorothy Andersen in Santa Rosa, California in honor of her late husband Alfred Andersen’s beliefs, MFF has held public events, organized essay contests, produced radio shows, and maintained a website the links the importance of acknowledging that all material and cultural wealth/resources in the world belongs to all living beings. MFF board member Mary Lia has served as coordinator for this effort.  Kenn Burrows MFF board member and holistic health professor at San Francisco State University has worked in supported.  For full information of the philosophy of the fair share of the common heritage see: [].

MFF/Project Censored is primarily affiliated with colleges, universities, independent media and social justice organizations. In this capacity, we are constantly writing, researching and promoting important human rights issues and news. For example, we have posted an original four part series on the privatization of public education by investigative journalist Danny Weil: []. Also see Dr. Jeremy Cloward's original article [] and Dr. Peter Phillips recent op-ed piece [] and Dr. Andy Lee Roth's book review of Arundhati' Roy's "Walking with the Comrades," []

These efforts and others too numerous to list are part of our annual activities at Media Freedom Foundation/ Project Censored. We currently do all of this on less than $80,000 a year. In addition to annual revenues from book sales and royalties, we primarily receive support from individual donors from around the world. A new option this year has been for donors to pledge $5 or more a month and in return receive a copy of our annual yearbook. Please consider making a monthly pledge by going on-line at  If you are affiliated with a non-profit foundation or can make a larger gift in support of one or all of our activities we would sincerely appreciate hearing from you.

Prof. Mickey Huff, Director, Project Censored
Dr. Andy Roth, Associate Director, Project Censored
Dr. Peter Phillips Ph.D., President, Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored