Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fascism at UC Davis

"UC Davis Surveillance Scandal" []

"Internal UC Davis emails Reveal Officials' Surveillance and Infiltration Tactics During Campus Tuition Increase Protests" []
"UC Davis Docs Reveal Officials' Surveillance and Infiltration Tactics During Campus Fee Increase Protests in 2010 "
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* (part 3 of 3) []

"UCD Police lie to create case against student they injured in UC Davis pepper spray incident?" []

"Report On UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident Finds Police Conduct ‘Objectively Unreasonable’"[]
"Students Sue UC Davis for Constitutional Violations Over Pepper-Spraying Incident"[]

After being arrested and injured during the university's brutal enforcement of tuition increases using pepper spray, in addition to charging Tomás with 21 misdemeanors as part of the Davis Dozen, the University is trying to take yet more from our dedicated comrade. They have requested and have been awarded more than $5000 restitution for a vandalism charge that should never have been brought. In addition, Tomás will be required to pay court fees for the privilege of being prosecuted.

Looking for local artists to support Tomas, one of the Davis dozen. If you have any work you can donate to a silent auction please do so!
Tomás is a student in the Art department at UC Davis. On November 18th, he was arrested along with nine other student protestors in what is now known as the infamous “pepper spray incident” on our campus. The police zip tied Tomás' wrists causing permanent radial nerve damage.
As a painter and a printmaker, this news should have been devastating to Tomás. Instead, he continues to humbly make artwork illustrating the myriad of voices and movements incorporated into his practice as an artist.
During finals week in March, UCD PD arrested Tomás, confiscating his art supplies, cell phone, and computer. He was thrown in jail and prevented him from contacting his family, friends, or a lawyer. It was only after he had been missing for several days that his friends were able to locate him and bail him out. Tomás was charged with multiple counts of felony vandalism.
With little evidence, the university administration and the UCD PD pursued him for virtually all graffiti found around the campus, especially graffiti that was explicitly political in content. His involvement in a lawsuit against the same police department and administration regarding the events of November 18th makes these charges highly suspect.
Tomás is being politically targeted for his involvement in student activism in the latest tactic of legal repression by the university. The brutality of the police was surpassed only by the injustice of the court system. Tomás was forced to accept a plea bargain in order to stop the damage the legal process was having on his life. This experience drove him deeply into debt, as all available time was devoted to his legal defense.
Now the university is demanding $6,000 in restitution money. We hope to send a clear message to the university that political repression will not be tolerated. We stand with Tomás and all of those who are active in creating a culture of resistance.
1) Donate and spread the word. We hope to raise the money ourselves, with the help of our friends, and the support of our communities. Every bit helps!
2) Friends of Tomás are organizing a silent art auction. If you have artwork or other items you wish to donate, please contact
3) If you have any other creative strategies, please get in touch!
Free Tomás!