Saturday, March 15, 2014

Northbay MDS receives a Facebook request from "Aisha Gaddafi"

State and Private sector clandestine security agents register false identities at Facebook, and send invites to targets as a means to acquire personal knowledge. In this case, a particular agent wants to keep track of Northbay MDS. Other agents may also send other invites to "friend" false identities on Facebook...
"Check out my photos on Facebook", 2014-03-14 message to Northbay MDS from "Aisha Gaddafi":

And again, 2014-03-30 and 2014-04-15...

There are hundreds of registered identities at Facebook all claiming to be the same woman named Aisha Gaddafi, as seen here by a selection from the search results (2014-05-01) []:

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