Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decades of false promises deprive working people of recreation parks in Vallejo

“Where’s the Park Money”,
letter from Charles A. Bailhache of Vallejo, published 2014-03-13 by “Vallejo Times-Herald”:
As residents of Hiddenbrooke subdivision you might look at the recent promises of the Greater Vallejo Recreation District for a dedicated public park.
Awhile back, around 1985, the City of Vallejo’s Redevelopment Agency entered into an agreement with Solano County  in order for it to qualify what is now Glen Cove as a blighted area.
The Southeast Vallejo Redevelopment Project was approved by the Solano County Board of Supervisors with considerable input from the citizens located in the Homeacres, a geopolitical location adjacent to what’s now Glen Cove.
What is to be noted is the Southeast Vallejo Redevelopment Plan included the funding and property to develop a recreational park within Homeacres proper.
The issue bumped around for a couple of years, lots of sites were located, but GVRD just did not follow through with the plan.
Now its 20 years later and still no park development, where’d the money go?

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