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March 20th, 2014 Northbay Uprising Radio News

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"People Over Profits" by Jasiri X (The song was written in support of the UPMC workers' fight for a living wage and the right to unionize) []:

Please, forgive us! Eleventh Anniversary of Iraqi freedom has passed, and today there is a dictatorship worse than Sadaam, ruled by the fascist government placed in power by the alliance of the USA and EU. So far this year, the dictatorship has murdered tens-of-thousands of civilians in the city of Fallujah using USA weapons and money, erecting a complete blockade of the entire population alongside airstrikes against that city's hospitals and schools, all to stamp out an "Occupy" protest demanding protections for national minorities who are being attacked by anti-"leftist" religious militias.
Millions of people within Iraq have been murdered since 2003, adding to the millions more killed during the USA bombings of civilian targets and economic sanctions throughout the 1990s, and the millions more through the manipulations by the State Dept. to organize a war between Iraq and Iran during the 1980s...
Shame! 4 Million or More, dead! 2 generations, gone! All this for Iraqi Freedom!

with articles researched for veracity, and archived for historical purposes, by participating Northbay MDS committees, each leading it's own section.

Equality for Women, Now!
March is Women's History Month, which has its origins as a national celebration in 1981 when Congress passed Public Law 97-28, which authorized and requested the President to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982, as “Women’s History Week."  ... Between 1988 and 1994, Congress passed additional resolutions requesting and authorizing the President to proclaim March of each year as Women’s History Month. Since 1995, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have issued a series of annual proclamations designating the month of March as “Women’s History Month.” 
* Walk Across America for the ERA, Week One: Vallejo [link]
* National Women's History Project []
* Text WOMEN to 235246 for facts about Women's History Month from the AFL-CIO

Northbay Uprising media collective:
* "Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3 FM Back to Full Power, Celebrates 19 years on the air!" [link]
* "Corrected Billboard Applauds Corporate Tax Loopholes" [link]
In response to our notification to the Department of Corrections [] of the inclusion of information in the FM radio news broadcast about the apprehension and rehabilitation of the offending billboard, the CDC responded with: "Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your interest in the programs and operations of the California Department of Corrections. CDC programs are operated at advertisers’ expense for the protection of society. The public has a right and a duty to know how such programs are being conducted. It is the policy of the CDC to make known to the public, through the news media and through contact with individuals, all relevant information pertaining to operations of the department. Sincerely, Office of Communications, California Department of Corrections."

Hands Off Our Homes! [link]
* Billionaires Jorge M. Perez and Stephen M. Ross directing forced removal operations against lower-income citizens in Berkeley, Oakland, elsewhere [link]
* Berkeley public housing tenants speak out about billionaire takeover [link]

Committee to Defend Workers' Rights! [link], archive [link]:
* "Four Postal Unions Form Alliance to Defend the Public Postal Service" [link]
* WalMart employee orientation video defaming labor union organizing [link]
* Workers in Washington State fight for $15 minimum wage [link]
* "Organizing for Power: A New Labor Movement for the New Working Class" []: "Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore".– César E. Chávez
Diverse. Engaged. Unafraid. There is a new working class whose presence is undeniable; a new working class which is looking for a new labor movement. Labor education is the crux of a new labor movement. Labor education is defined as education to advance the collective needs and interests of working people, and over the last decade labor educators have facilitated significant growth and change in the labor movement. The United Association for Labor Education (UALE) invites labor educators, community organizers, and those committed to worker education to unite together in Los Angeles for a conference dedicated to educating, empowering, and organizing the new working class.

Student Power! Campaign to Save City College of San Francisco (CCSF) [link]!
*"Police Violence Against CCSF Students: GET THE FACTS" [link]

The Committee for Bay Area Solidarity: Black Rider Liberation Party (BRLP) - Oakland [link].
This week, the Black Riders Liberation Party was invited by the youth at Lafayette Middle School in West Oakland, to teach about organizing community programs, for the safety and health of the People! Visit their official website here [].

Black Riders Liberation Party participating in a Tree Planting Project with Urban Releaf and Wo'se Community in Deep East Oakland (3/15/14). BRLP's Black Commune Program Article L: "WE RIDE FOR AN END TO ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM AND TO STOP THE DISRUPTION OF THE EARTHS ECOLOGICAL BALANCE." Urban forestry combats the pollution of the air. Tree planting ceremonies are an ancient Afrikan tradition to commemorate the cycle of energy and spirits of our ancestors. BRLP's Game Green Program is coming soon, this spring/summer. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Committee for the Investigation of Civil & Human Rights abuse:
* Northbay Copwatch [link], an archive documenting Civil & Human-Rights Abuse by Security Agencies!
* Unite for Justice against Police Murder and Systematic Cover-Up! [link]
* "DA Ravitch Stonewalls Investigation into Assault by Security Detail at Pasta Fundraiser; Mounting Evidence of Bias Against Lopez Protestors", 2014-03-19 [link]
* Draconian legal measures used against homeless in Santa Cruz slammed by Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom [link]
* Treatment of the Homeless: Sonoma and Santa Cruz compared [link]

from the Committee to Free 'em All! [link]:
* Defense of Mumia abu-Jamal attacked mercilessly by Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) [link]
* Hunger Strike in Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington [link]
* "NYC Vietnam Veteran Plaza 5", arrested for their memorial of the victims of war [link]

from the archives of the Committee for the Study of Fascism:
* "California's top court bureaucracy slapped with audit" [link]
* USA Government to Deregulate Meat Industry [link]
* USA Federal Military unilaterally declares itself immune to the International Human Rights Treaty [link].
* "Private Prisons and the Creation of a Permanent Under Class" [link]
* Fascist Honduras attacking Moskitia homeland using the Drug War [link]
* USA: How state and local governments are used to restrict worker freedoms to organize [link].
Read the entire report "Regulation of Public Sector Collective Bargaining in the States" (PDF) []. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have blanket statutes that prohibit collective bargaining for all public-sector employees and do not make exceptions. While the unionization of most private-sector workers is governed by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the legal scope of collective bargaining for state and local public-sector workers is the domain of states and, where states allow it, local authorities. At the state-and-local level, the right to bargain collectively, the scope of collective bargaining, and the right to strike in connection with union activity is determined by a combination of state laws and case law.

from the liaison group to the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition [link]:
* "Stanford Students, CODEPINK, and World Can't Wait unite to Give Petraeus an Unwelcome Greeting at Stanford University" [link]

Northbay Occupy News [link]:
This week, we take an international look at the continuing Occupy! movement, with the latest from Thailand in south-east Asia, and an important update of the General Assemblies in south-east Europe who are re-taking Power to the People!
* “Occupy Bangkok! Challenges Wall Street-Backed Regime" [link]
* All Power to the General Assemblies in Bosnia and Herzegovina! [link]
* Learning from the Barcelona neighborhood assemblies [link]. Learn more about the Occupy campaign in Spain, with this interview by SubMediaTV with Peter Gelederloos, an organizer with Barcelona assemblies [link].
* Read the reports from the Autonomous Worker’s Union (AWU) [link] in Kiev, Ukraine, a network of anti-state worker collectives who organized many of the original Occupy campaigns in the Ukraine during 2013, who saw how this campaign was taken over by fascists funded by the USA and EU [link]. The AWU details the laws enacted by the new dictatorship installed in Kiev [link]. Listen to a radio interview with the The Final Straw Radio (AshevilleFM) [link], with a partial transcript of the interview [link].

Liaison group to the Sovereign San Pablo Bay think-tank [link]:
* Monopolist energy producers in California use law to penalize residential solar power generators [link]
* Solar thermal desalination [link]
* Hydrogen fuel created which can retain 90% of energy collected from Solar Power, created by the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) [link]

Liaison group to the San Pablo Bay Ecological Preservation Association [link]:
* "The Great American Experiment: Lax regulation of toxic chemicals turns us all into human guinea pigs" [link]
* UC Santa Cruz reintroduces nearly extinct Marsh sandwort (Arenaria paludicola) at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area [link]

"This is what the government must do: Leave all the war stuff aside, leave the NSA stuff aside, and the billions spent on this by the government. The very first thing, beyond everything else, should be housing, damn it. It goes without question because it is so necessary for human survival." - Peter Marin, poet, author, journalist, teacher and activist, during an interview by Terry Messman with the "Street Spirit" newspaper, transcript [link]:
Street Spirit: You have been involved in homeless activism for nearly 30 years, ever since the massive increase in homelessness in the 1980s. In your experience, is the current level of poverty unprecedented in the United States? And what is your understanding of the relationship between homelessness and poverty?
Peter Marin: Yes, it is unprecedented. But I think homelessness is what happens to people when they fall out of poverty. I think it’s very hard for us to understand that, because we do have certain social mechanisms — certain programs like welfare, unemployment and disability insurance — which are actually, in a way, set up to keep people in poverty, right? You know, welfare is never enough to get you out of poverty. It’s enough to keep you continuously in poverty until something goes wrong — and then you fall into homelessness. Homelessness usually occurs when none of the other programs have worked, or when you’ve come to their end, or when you’ve violated whatever welfare rules there are, and when your money dries up.
Spirit: Do you expect that the rates of homelessness and poverty will lessen or increase in the foreseeable future?
Marin: If anything, it’s going to get worse now than it was in the past few years, because the worst times to be homeless are in economic boom times.
Spirit: Why do boom times make things worse for people living in poverty?
Marin: Because in boom times, rents go up, and gentrification occurs. When new buildings start going up, they start tearing down the old parts of cities. It’s when people have more money to spend and invest that the little pockets where the homeless people manage to survive begin to disappear.
Spirit: In boom times, newspapers carry cheerful articles in the real estate and lifestyle sections about how rising housing prices are good news for upper-class homeowners and realtors. Yet, good news for the wealthy is very bad news for poor people who end up evicted due to rising rents and gentrification.
Marin: That’s right! And this is a very interesting mechanism that I don’t think anybody, including the Obama people, have really started to confront face to face — and that is, as you start to make things better for the middle class, they become worse for the poorest of the poor.
Homeless people marched from Santa Barbara, California, across the entire country to join the Housing Now protest in Washington, D.C., in 1989. Pictured in back with the march sign is Peter Marin. (Photo by Eve Fowler)

California Nations United to preserve sacred water against Fracking and Damming!
"Hundreds of Tribal representatives join huge rally to oppose fracking", 2014-03-18 by Dan Bacher [link]:
Caleen Sisk, Chief and Spiritual Leader of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, opens the rally with a ceremony and prayer: "We call to Olebis to look down on us and send down the good blessings. We call on sacred Mt. Shasta to help bless us with this sacred water, so it will continue to bring us and our children's, children and so on in to the future with good health and long life for all our relations. We are calling on the water and fire spirits to help bring back the balance in our world, as wild salmon, wolves, beavers and giant trees make their way back. We sing to the water that flows from the sacred spring on Buliyum Puyuk (Mt. Shasta) to the ocean and back again... waters from Mauna Kea come back and answer the call and the lakes of fire send their blessings. We ask the fires inside of Mt Shasta and all the sacred fires inside the mountains of the world to help us bring understanding and balance to our way of life and change our lives to the good again. Bring back the original taste of water to guide the people and all relatives back to healthy thinking and acting. For nothing will be here with out fresh clean healthy WATER. No air can be produced without waters to grow the trees, the Kelp, ... this world was created in the most perfect functioning way... but now so much destruction and toxic waste ... for mega money for a few. We pray that our words will be heard and the August Fire and Water Ceremony be good in sending our prayers up the Creator!!!"

"Tribal leaders at Capitol" by Dan Bacher

Special Message from the United Native Americans, who are conducting a fundraiser to continue their advocacy for indigenous freedom! []


You're invited! Richmond is doing it; why not Vallejo?
Who: Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and ACCE
Where: The Mira Theatre's Bay Terrace Theater, 51 Daniels Ave., Vallejo, CA
When: Thursday, March 20, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00)
What: Hear about a program that provides relief to folks who are burdened with underwater loans.
Refreshments provided and free parking available
Are you or your neighbors paying a mortgage much higher than the current assessed value?
You're not alone.
Come hear Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and the non-profit community organization Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) describe their new plan, designed to bring help to underwater homeowners.
The City is considering a new program that could help thousands of homeowners reduce their mortgage debt by tens of thousands of $$$. Find out if this or other programs might help you, and join the fight to hold the banks accountable!
Read more at []
According to's "heat map", in Vallejo's 94590 zip-code, an astounding 64% of homes are underwater. 9% of owners are currently delinquent on their payments. The 94590 zip-code also has the dubious distinction of being in the top 1% of US homes both underwater, and how far their values have fallen from peaks in the mid-2000s. See more at []
Underwater homes undermine the stability of our neighborhoods. Owners walk away and often times squatters move in. Surrounding home values continue to decline. Homeowners have no equity or cash-flow to maintain their homes. Investors purchase foreclosed houses on city hall steps. The fabric of our neighborhoods unravel.
This lecture is first in a series of community oriented events at the Bay Terrace Theatre.

San Francisco Bay Area Sabeel Conference presents...
An opportunity to hear from and talk with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular leaders, scholars and activists about the situation in Palestine/Israel.
Friday March 21st and Saturday March 22nd,
At the Christ the King Catholic Church [199 Brandon Rd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523]

Keynote Speaker - Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler - Senior Minister of Plymouth
Congregational United Church of Christ, Washington, D.C., and National President of
Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice accompanied by a special message from
Professor Richard Falk, U.N. Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories.
Plenary Speakers include Palestinian authors Susan Abulhawa and Omar Barghouti, Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, Ambassador Ed Peck, Col. Ann Wright, Dr. Lonnie Bristow and Prof. Clayborn Carson.
The conference will also feature several workshops led by academics, intellectuals, activists and religious leaders.
Conference co-sponsored by Christ the King Parish, Pleasant Hill, and Northern California Friends of Sabeel including Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center. For more details, contact Kate Doherty [925-682-2486] or John Erickson [510-542-4629]. Registration and conference schedule information can be found at []

Capitalism and the Myth of a Personal Life
Saturday, March 22, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
at the Niebyl Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
$3.00 suggested donation
presented by "Speak out, Now!" []
Contact: Jay [] [510-698-2412]
It seems that life is divided between the economic sphere of work, where we meet our material needs, and the personal sphere of family, friends, and intimate relationships, where we meet our emotional needs. In this presentation, Dr. Susan Rosenthal, long-time family therapist and revolutionary socialist, explains that there is only one sphere - capitalism.
Capitalism shapes every aspect of what we call personal life. Why is this important?  Rosenthal explains that there is no such thing as a personal life separate from our work lives. Capitalism depends on women's oppression and relies on the family to maintain this system of exploitation. Only a revolution against capitalism will allow us to throw off the oppression that weighs on every personal relationship in our lives.

CA Statewide Conference to End Police Terror
Saturday, March 22, 10:00am until 5:00pm
at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church [3300 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California]
Join dozens of families affected by police violence from across the state of California and countless organizations that are fighting against police brutality for the Statewide Conference to End Police Terror. The conference is being held on the heels of a growing mass movement from Santa Rosa to Los Angeles to bring killer cops to justice and implement new forms of community control over the police.
In the past year these families and their allied organizations descended upon Anaheim from every corner of the state in a massive march to demand justice for all victims of police violence and to commemorate the uprising of the people of Anaheim on July 21, 2012 that sparked a resurgence of the movement against police brutality. These same forces then took to the state capitol on October 22, a national day to end police brutality, to let state officials know that we are building a united movement to shut down police terror and any political force that stands in our way on any level of government.
Then came the explosive movement of Latino youth in Santa Rosa who have fought tirelessly to win justice for Andy Lopez - a 13 year-old boy murdered by racist cops for holding a toy gun. This growing coalition of forces held demonstrations across the state in solidarity with Santa Rosa and continue to show solidarity to this day as the local Santa Rosa Police Department attempts to squash the justice movement by raiding activists homes, pressing false charges, and violently attacking teenagers at protests.
Finally, the movement was rocked by the acquittal of Jay Cicinelli and Mark Ramos, two of the Fullerton 6, who were caught on camera beating Kelly Thomas to death, a mentally ill homeless man that became an international symbol for the police abuse faced by the homeless. The acquittal sparked a wave of demonstrations across the state and illustrated the pressing need to deepen the ongoing conversation on how to defeat police brutality and put a stop to the killing.
The conference will consist of both political and skills oriented workshops designed to facilitate discussion on ways to broaden the impact of the growing movement and will incorporate families and leaders of many different backgrounds and activist struggles who will share their experiences to enhance the efforts of all.
Workshops include:
* Building a united front
* Gentrification and police brutality: an investment for the rich
* Mass incarceration in capitalist America
* Racism at the root: profiling and gang injunctions
* Political repression and how to fight back
* Raids, deportations and the fight against apartheid
* Sexism and the state: police violence is a women's issue
* Know your rights
* Patrolling the cops - strategies for community control
* Principles for agitation - how to popularize our message
Food will be provided to conference participants and transportation centers are being organized from various locations around the state.
* Family endorsements: Andy Lopez, Ernest Duenez Jr, Richard DeSantis, James Earl Rivera Jr., Kenneth Harding, Rigoberto Arceo, Ignacio Ochoa, Tony Francis, Ismael Lopez, Jason Bitz, Bobby Henning, Joe Whitehouse, Manuel Diaz, Martin Hernandez, Tyler Woods, Jose de la Trinidad, Javier Arrazola, Donte Jordan, Michael Nida, Idriss Stelley
* Organizations: Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD), Young Survivors, Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez, Andy's Youth, ONYX Organizing Committee, Coalition to End Sheriff Violence, National Brown Beret, Idriss Stelley Foundation, Sleep Kills, Kenneth Harding Foundation, Nidas Rydas, KmB - Pro-People Youth, AF3IRM, Justice for Trayvon Martin- Los Angeles, Worker Student Alliance - UCI, Community Education for Social Action, Party for Socialism and Liberation.

"'March for Clean Water' Rally to End Fluoridation"
March 22nd, 2014
at the Union Square - San Francisco
Email: []
Facebook: []
Donations welcome: Clean Water California [325 Sharon Park Dr.-Box 624 Menlo Park. CA 94025]
CWC is a non-profit  501C3 organization: Employer ID# 46-3100464
11 am  Start at Union Square and march to Justin Herman Plaza
*with a Marching Band
*Please wear Blue
*Bring a sign:  Clean Water is Fluoride-Free, for example
1 pm  Learn the Truth
*Join the Rally at Justin Herman Plaza
*Hear many qualified speakers
Studies in last 10 years say
* Fluoride in water has no relation to cavities but does cause dental fluorosis, now in 41% of teens (NIH)
* Fluoridated water should not be put in baby formula.  It causes staining and pitting of teeth. (ADA)
* Even low amounts of fluoride can cause brain damage and lower kids'  IQs (Harvard Univ and 27 world studies)
* Fluoride is now in food in greater quantities than in water (USDA fluorideinfood)
* The US drinks over half of fluoridated water in world and still has cavities similar to all countries without it.
50% of fluoride stays in the body damaging enzymes, bones, genes, kidneys, thyroid, immune system, pineal gland and more.
Please share this with friends and come to support the San Francisco Bay Area effort to make our water clean. Fluoride chemicals now come from China, some tainted with lead and arsenic.   
San Francisco, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Stanford, Palo Alto, Mt. View and North Sunnyvale has fluoride.  Most of Santa Clara County will be fluoridated in 3 to 5 years.

Dorothy Day Working Group of Occupy Sonoma!
Monday, Mar. 24, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Discussion and action around issues relating to homelessness, mental health, and social services in Sonoma County.
The Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa

Fly a kite, not a drone!
Occupy Beale Airforce Base!

March 24-25, join CodePink [], Veterans for Peace [], and activists from throughout Northern California for their Monthly NO DRONES PEACE ENCAMPMENT.

Photo showing Afghan Peace Volunteers on a cliff overlooking Kabul. One Afghan Peace Volunteer said: "When I fly kites I feel so happy and free, I wish to fly in the sky like a kite without borders."
The Afghan Peace Volunteers [] are asking peace makers around the world to fly kites this month in Solidarity for Peace and a Drone Free World.  Join us at Occupy Beale AFB, as we color up the roadways into the drone base with beautiful colorful kites... modeling for the military the best alternatives to violence... PEACE!
Watch the Fly Kites Not Drones video recently made in Kabul
- A Colorful Kite with or without a message. Here's how to make a simple kite:
- A Sky Blue Scarf: []
- Friends with colorful kites!
- Other beautiful colorful things to color up our "Occupy Beale for Peace Kite Day"
More info on kite flying and Afghanistan:
* New York Times, "For Afghan boys and men, kite flying is a way of life" [link]
* Video - Kite Runners Return in Afghanistan - [link]
* Mar. 24, Monday, 3pm-5pm,  Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd. Mon. Night Encampment, * Main Gate, N. Beale Rd.
* Mar. 25, Tuesday, 6-8am, Wheatland Gate
For more info./carpooling,
* Sacramento Area:  Barry  916-284-0944,
* Bay Area:  Toby  510-215-5974,
For directions To Wheatland Gate (PM & AM vigils), visit this [link], which contains the directions from all directions in their entirety

Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center Presents...  
Creating a Shareable community, An Evening with NEAL GORENFLO, 
co-founder of Shareable, a nonprofit news, action, and connection hub for the sharing transformation. A former market researcher, stock analyst, and Fortune 500 strategist, Neal is perhaps an unlikely voice for sharing. A revelation in 2004 inspired Neal to leave the corporate world to help people share through internet startups, public events, and a circle of friends committed to the common good.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
6 PM Potluck ~ 7 PM Speaker
At the MDUUC - Bortin Hall, 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek
info: [] [925-933-7850] and the growing Sharing Economy, learn more: []
Find weekly e-news and sharing policy guide: []
Co-sponsored with Friendly Favors. Suggested Donation: $20 (and a dish to share if attending potluck). Make checks payable to "MTDPJC".  If at all possible, please rsvp so that we may inform you of any changes. No log-in required: []

The Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers presents...
Big Brother IS Watching You! (and How It Is Done)
with Tessa D'Arcangelew, Organizer, ACLU of Northern California
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 1:30 PM
North Berkeley Senior Center [1901 Hearst, at MLK, Berkeley].
Wheelchair accessible. All Welcome.
Tessa D'Arcangelew, an Organizer at the ACLU of Northern California where she focuses on policy advocacy for immigrants’ rights and specializes  in new community engagement programs that build membership amongst young adults.  
Tessa has an undergraduate degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs  from Occidental College, Los Angeles and volunteers for a local needle exchange.
For information, contact Margot Smith [510-486-8010] []
Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers at [510-598-9696] [] [], and The International Forum on Globalization [].

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