Friday, March 7, 2014

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3 FM Back to Full Power - Celebrates 19 years on the air!

2014-03-07 by Uncle Dennis ( uncled [at] ), posted at []:
After months of low and no power, FRSC 101.3 FM is Back to Full Power. We have been on the air for 19 years!
Free Radio Santa Cruz has resumed full power operation after many months of low power and being off the air. The Engineering Cadre have repaired an old, broken transmitter and returned the station to full power just in time for our 19th anniversary of unlicensed operation.
Starting in 1995, Free Radio Santa Cruz has been liberating the airwaves by providing airtime for a wide diversity of views, commentary and music in English, Spanish and native languages. We accept no advertising, underwriting or donations from commercial businesses or foundations. As a DIY collective, we pay our expenses through dues and donations from listeners. Thank you to the folks who attended our 19th Birthday Party and Benefit last week.
Any community member may apply for a show by submitting an application, being interviewed by the Programming Committee and agreeing to abide by our Policies and Guidelines.
If you live outside our broadcast area, basically Santa Cruz, Capitola and Soquel, you can listen to our live stream at [], find us at [] or click on the red dot on our webpage at []

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