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March 6th, 2014 Northbay Uprising Radio News

Tune in to the broadcast [link], Thursdays 4 to 5pm (PST), with news from across Northern California, produced by []! Broadcast to the San Pablo bay area courtesy of Ozcat Radio 89.5FM KZCT Vallejo. Join the Community Journalist program, send news & info to []. Know more with the Community Journalist's Notebook [link]!

Interview with...
Kathy Kerridge
, from "Safe Benicia" [], with a CALL TO ACTION:
Help us stop Valero Crude By Rail!! Valero Benicia Refinery has proposed a project to begin transporting crude oil from North American sources to Benicia by rail tanker cars. The project raises serious questions about the health and safety of Benicians and others up-rail and down-wind. Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community wants YOU to know more, and to join with us in opposing this reckless opting for profit over preservation. The future of Benicia, and of the Earth itself, lies in sustainable energy, not in a short term grab for cheap, dirty and dangerously explosive oil from North Dakota and Canada. Least of all by rail! Plan now to attend our kickoff community meeting, CALL TO ACTION, at the Benicia Library, Monday, March 10 at 7pm. More information on our website [], contact us [] [707-742-3597], and like our facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates []. Check out our website – learn more, get involved, voice your thoughts!

Topics for the our conversation with Kathy:
* It already appears like all 5 San Pablo bay refineries are receiving or preparing to receive heavier crude, including shale-oil. What are the risks to public health, generally? For example, the train explosions were due to volatile chemicals used during the process of extraction, and shipment containers will be coming in using a variety of methods, including by boat...
* What have you learned about the toxic pollutants contained in heavier crude, will there be an increase in the Mercury content, or even sulfur? Read about past investigations into the local mercury releases: [link]
* It seems, every year, the public media reports on more-and-more criminal negligence at the refineries concerning the local ecology and worker safety. As the budget cuts hack away at state oversight for Labor and the ecology, how can the people ensure that they can safeguard their public health and environment? In this case, I might use the example of the Richmond Progressive Alliance funneling public discontent into electoral victories... have you other examples of effective means for community organizing...
* In your opinion, could efforts by communities towards municipal clean-energy production help move our society away from dependence on petroleum and coal? This question is in reference to the recent "Clean Energy/Community Choice" panel, held March 3rd in Benicia,  providing information about a solution to energy monopolization, with significant benefits to the community economy and public health. The panelists included Jamie Tuckey, Communications Director Marin Clean Energy, and Shawn Marshall, Executive Director of LEAN Energy US.

Forums about the community concerns with the refineries are being organized in Pittsburg, Richmond and elsewhere! See []
Recently, on February 26th at the Veterans War Memorial Building in Martinez, there was held a community forum titled "Big Oil Trains: Derailing Community Safety", about increased rail accidents, refinery dangers, and climate change, asking the question, "How will refinery expansions and transportation of crude oil by rail affect YOUR town?" A panel of experts and activists informed residents of Benicia, Martinez, Rodeo, Crockett and Port Costa of Big Oil’s plans, both local and global, including:
* Marilaine Savard: spokesperson for a citizens’ group in the region of Lac-Mégantic, Québec. Last year, a string of exploding petroleum rail cars destroyed the center of the town and claimed 47 lives.
* Antonia Juhasz: oil industry analyst, journalist, and author of “The Tyranny of Oil: The World’s Most Powerful Industry and What We Must do to Stop It” and “Black Tide: the Devastating Impact of the
Gulf Oil Spill”.
* Diane Bailey, senior scientist at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council).
* Marilyn Bardet: watchdog activist for the Valero refinery and founding member of Benicia’s Good Neighbor Steering Committee.
* Nancy Rieser: spokesperson, Crockett-Rodeo-Hercules Working Group, challenging Phillips 66 on its Propane Expansion Project.
* Kalli Graham: spokesperson, Pittsburg Defense Council, fighting the proposed WesPac oil terminal.
Sponsored by or in partnership with: Sierra Club, 350 Bay Area, Communities for a Better Environment, Richmond Progressive Alliance, ForestEthics, Pittsburg Defense Council, Pittsburg Ethics Council, Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community, and the Crockett-Rodeo-Hercules Working Group.

Meanwhile, thousands of people have either already signed or are joining the festivities against fracking in California []
What: Don't Frack CaliforniaWhen: 1 pm, Saturday, March 15thWhere: Capitol Lawn, Sacramento, CAFor more information, including bus info, click here:[3]
In the middle of the worst drought in California's recorded history, Governor Brown has to make a choice -- let Big Oil and Gas access what's  left of our dwindling supplies of water or help protect the climate and  citizens he was elected to protect.
Allowing fracking means allowing companies to use fresh water mixed with toxic chemicals to break up shale and release oil -- oil that will be burned, exacerbate climate change and load the dice for more drought. We're in a hole right now and the worst thing we could do, is keep digging.
Thousands of Californians from San Diego to the Central Valley to Humboldt County are coming to flood the streets of Sacramento to make sure the Governor hears our voices loud and clear: "Gov. Brown, stop fracking California!"


Student Power!
* Students at UC Santa Cruz occupy university building, demanding a democratic university! [link]
* Students United Statewide for the March in March! [link]
* MEChA, a Chicano cultural student club, denied funding by Fresno State Student Government, other cultural clubs claim similar treatment [link]

from the
Liaison group to the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition [link],
March 4th, we learned from our affiliates in the "U.S. Labor Against War" coalition [link] that respected Peace & Justice organizer Medea Benjamin of CodePink [], on her way to join with the International Women's Day Delegation, composed of 100 women from across the world, to Gaza [] to attend a secular conference for Women, was instead kidnapped and tortured by the USA-trained and subsidized police authorities in the fascist Republic of Egypt, then deported to the fascist Republic of Turkey!

She has since been found exhibiting a dislocated and broken arm, bruises, and without legal recourse, otherwise she is now being protected by the Peace & Justice International network and is on her way back to San Francisco []!
Toby Blome,
Northern California Peace and Justice organizer with Code Pink and Occupy Beale AFB, confirms the details, in an update sent the early morning of March 4th, "Medea Benjamin, one of the cofounders of CodePink detained in Egypt on her way to GAZA on a 100 women Peace Delegation. Her shoulder was dislocated, arm broken, and ligaments damaged, and denied medical care in Egypt. Put on a plane and deported to Turkey! U.S. embassy ignored calls for assistance while in Egypt! She will be sent back to NY tomorrow."
During Medea's release into the Cairo airport medical facility, March 4th, she was able to conduct a phone-in interview with renowned FM radio & TV news program "Democracy Now!", transcript here [link], during which Medea describes her injuries, "I’ve gotten two shots of painkiller, but it’s not enough. They fractured my arm, dislocated my shoulder, tore the ligaments. They jumped on top of me. And this was all never telling me what was the problem. And so, it was a very brutal attack, and I’m in a lot of pain." "They dragged me out, tackled me to the ground, jumped on me, handcuffed my wrists so tight that they started bleeding, and then dislocated my shoulder, and then kept me like that, grabbing my arm. The whole way, I was shouting through the airport, screaming in pain. Then the—I demanded to get medical attention. The Egyptian doctors came and said, "This woman cannot travel. She’s in too much pain. She needs to go to the hospital." The Egyptian security refused to take me to a hospital and threw me on the plane."

from the Committee for the Study of Fascism's USA Fascism archive
Documenting the process of fascism in the homeland!
* "Big Bankers Who Wiped Out Life Savings of Many Still Face No Jail Time" [link]

from the Committee for the Study of Fascism's World Fascism Watch [link]:
* An Anarchist Analysis of the fascist uprising in Ukraine [link]
* "The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: The TPP’s Corporate-Friendly European Counterpart" [link]
* "Japanese Government Using Media & Schools to Promote Nationalism and Militarism" [link]


1ST FRIDAY at The Alan Blueford Center For Justice!!!
March 7th, April 4th
Located at 2434 Telegraph Ave.
Doors at 8pm, the show is all ages & everyone is welcome, except for cops & haters, y'all might as well stay out in the rain.
DJ music by Hooded Youth & brand new artwork dedicated to the memory of Alan Blueford by nite owl & The Estria Foundation.
It'll be warm & dry up inside the center, please come on & check us out!
Kevin Carter says: “This is the place where we must all start in our community, to where justice has a home of awreness for our people, a place to go to when they have been violated by the law. Let the name on this building be a foundation for fight for justice, and that we all learn from thes prolific tragadies in our communities. Each one, reach one, each one, teach one to do the right thing for the good in our neighborhood! Solidarity, love, and justice! Keep reaching for higher ground!”, commenting of the following photo Sept 25th, 2013:

Public Meeting and discussion: A Socialist Analysis of Current Events
Demonstrations in Venezuela, Regime change in Ukraine: what’s really going on?

Friday, March 7, 7pm
2969 Mission St., btwn 25th and 26th Sts. Near 24th St. BART, #14, 49 MUNI
$3 - $5 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Refreshments served. Wheelchair accessible.
For more info: 415-821-6171 or
On Feb.10, the corporate media in the United States gave widespread attention to right-wing demonstrations in Venezuela. Misinformation about the protests, the reasons for demonstrations and the popular response is rampant. In regards to a totally different part of the world, the corporate media is likewise obscuring the reality of regime change in the Ukraine, demonstrations led by a fascist right wing and a potential split in the country itself. Join activists and organizers in a discussion about the current events in the Ukraine and Venezuela.

“International Women’s Day Bridge walk: Let’s Pass the ERA”
The complete announcement is re-posted here, including further information about the goals [link]!
Organized by Katrina's Dream, as a send-off for Ms. Helene de Boissiere Swanson on her walk across the USA for the Equal Rights Amendment!
* Saturday, March 8th, 10:00 am,
* at the Golden Gate Bridge Flag Pole and East Sidewalk,
* with a prayer service led by the Rev. Este Gardner Cantor and blessing for Helene Swanson, an aspirant of the Church of North India.
The event is being co-sponsored by CodePink, Occupy Foundation, the Solano Peace and Freedom Party and others.
To join Helene on this historic walk across America please visit Katrina’s Dream’s Facebook event page "Walk the Talk: India and my pilgrimage across America for the ERA" [], and please visit the "Let’s Pass the ERA Education Campaign" page []. Helene Swanson is dedicating her pilgrimage to her late husband William Gaines Swanson whose untiring support of his mother and womankind is her inspiration.
For more information about this campaign, please contact Helene Swanson [] [415-233-2049], co-founder of Katrina's Dream, "Liberty and Justice for All!", dedicated to the Full Inclusion of Women in Society [] [68 Baldwin Street, #2, Charlestown, MA  20129]. Katrina’s Dream is building a grassroots movement to make all Americans equal under the law.
Connect with us and with others in this movement via Facebook [] and Twitter [].
Donate to support Katrina's Dream [].
Helene Swanson writes, "Walk the Talk: Let’s Pass the ERA! What I can say is that the walk across the bridge is the first major event on my pilgrimage across the United States to promote the passage of the Equal Rights Amendent. Two years ago I walked over 500+ miles to Washington DC and this will be my second walk. Please see [] and see [] And, this year, we are starting a new political party under Katrina's Dream banner, headquartered at the Seminary in Pune, India. Pune is where Ghandi was imprisoned at Agakhan Place - All very exciting!!!  Finally, thank you everyone so much for everything, we at Katrina's Dream are grateful for all the support!" 
People reading this are invited to contact their Senators and Representatives to urge them to co-sponsor the Equal Rights Amendment resolutions currently moving though the House and Senate to help all Americans have equal rights.  People are also invited to call state leaders and encourage them to ratify the ERA in their respective states.  These states are:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

Take to the streets on International Women’s Day
Saturday, March 8, 12:00 Noon
At 24th and Mission Sts., San Francisco.
Join us in saying: Women’s Rights Are Under Attack - What do we do? Stand up, fight back!
* Stop violence against women!
* Drop the charges against Marissa Alexander!
* Full reproductive rights now!
Join WORD on March 8 in a city near you or call an action in your city and add it to the list!
[] []
San Francisco [415-375-9502] []
On March 8, International Women’s Day, WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) will hold actions in cities across the United States. We will be taking to the streets in defense of women’s rights, which are under attack on many different fronts.
Violence against women is an epidemic in U.S. society. One in three women will experience violence from their partner in their lifetime. But the epidemic isn’t limited to sexual assault. 53 percent of anti-LGBTQ homicides are against transgender women. Domestic violence is a widespread problem that is not remotely addressed by the sexist, racist, and bigoted (in)justice system.
Marissa Alexander’s case—among many others—highlights the contradictions of a society that punishes victims of abuse when they defend themselves. Marissa Alexander is a 33-year-old African American woman, mother, and survivor of domestic violence. Under mandatory minimum sentencing laws, Marissa was sentenced to 20 years in prison for defending herself against an abuser in the same state that let George Zimmerman walk free. Though the original sentence was thrown out by the judge, Marissa is still being prosecuted. All charges against Marissa should be dropped! We must stand with Marissa, demand her freedom, and fight to end all forms of violence against women!
The society we live in not only condones and minimizes sexual assault and all violence against women, but blames and criminalizes the victims. Last year, in Stuebenville, Ohio, authorities covered up rape until the community protested. Two years prior, school authorities and the police colluded to punish 17-year-old Rachel Bradshaw when she reported being sexually assaulted. We must stand up against this system that protects the attackers and isolates the victims.
The treatment of women in a society is a direct reflection of their position in that society. In this society, women are not guaranteed full rights, either to equal pay or to control over our own bodies. At the same time that violence against women is condoned, reproductive rights are under heightened attack. The year 2013 nearly broke the all-time record for the most new restrictions on abortion passed in a single year.
More anti-choice laws have been passed in the last three years than in the entire previous decade. While Roe v. Wade still stands, in many places women are unable to actually get a safe and legal abortion. Focusing particularly on Southern and Midwestern states, the right-wing campaign is trying to chip away at the rights won by the Roe v Wade decision. They were defeated in Albuquerque in November but have been successful in other states and have introduced new legislation that will be considered this year in North Dakota, Ohio and elsewhere.
We must unite and fight the economic, political and social attacks on women’s rights. It is up to us to make 2014 a turning point for women’s rights! We will not allow the politicians to define 2014 as a year of continued attacks on women’s reproductive rights, which is why we must take to the streets to stop these attacks. International Women’s Day—a day of protest and celebration across the world that originated with the protest of women against exploitation in the factories—is an important day for us to gather and take action to resist these attacks and defend women’s rights.

Revolutionaries in the 60's and the invention of the Asian American
Saturday, March 8, 2:00 PM
Join the ISO at APIICON, the Asian Pacific Islanders Issues Conference, for a talk on the contribution of Asian American revolutionaries to the movements of the 1960s and 70s.
In the 60′s and 70′s, Asian Pacific Islanders played a key role in building solidarity across movements for social justice and among all people of color. In these movements, Asian American revolutionaries established themselves as anti-imperialist, anti-racist and internationalist. Based on the principle of solidarity with all oppressed peoples, they created a pan-Asian identity and coined the idea of “Asian American.” This inclusive concept allowed them to build broad struggles within their communities and campuses.
Email  for more info []

Santa Rosa To Discuss the Abolition of Prisons
Following a pamphlet which charges the U.S. prison system with criminal behavior, local groups have called for a discussion of whether we need prisons in the first place.  They have invited the author, Steve Martinot, to present his ideas in a public forum on MARCH 9 at 1 pm at the Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa.
The U.S. has over 2.5 million people in prison, more than any other country.  With 5% of the world population, the U.S. has 25% of the prisoners.  Many social justice campaigns are currently working to change laws such as three-strikes or mandatory sentencing, in an effort to reduce those numbers.
Racial profiling works throughout the criminal justice system, resulting in over 70% of people of color prisoners despite the fact that all racial groups commit crimes at nearly equal rates. Perhaps the time has come to abolish prisons entirely.
In "The Need to Abolish the Prison System: An Ethical Indictment," Steve Martinot challenges many of our common sense political and cultural ideas that justify imprisoning people for committing crimes. He questions the definition of "crime" and challenges us to reject the ethic of revenge. One of our favorite thoughts about prison, according to Martinot, is that it is a place where criminals pay off their debt to society.  Yet, the act of doing harm to another cannot be repaid like a financial debt. Martinot demonstrates the gulf between the principles of justice and their implementation in imprisonment. He writes "For justice to be feasible, the humanity and relation to society of both the victim and the accused must continue to be respected."
Join us for what promises to be a passionate and mind expanding discussion. This event is sponsored by The Racial Justice Allies of Sonoma County, The Advocates for Social Justice of the Unitarian Universalists of Santa Rosa, Project Censored, Action for Social Justice and the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County.

Ukraine: What’s happening? Historical Background and Western Influence
Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm 
at NPML [6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609] [] [510-595-7417]
After a short video, John Murcko, of Ukrainian heritage, will discuss the Polish-Ukraine war and occupation of west Ukraine by Polish landlords from 1919 to 1939; territory returned to Ukraine in 1939 as Ukraine joined with Red Army to expel German invasion; United States interference from 1970 to present including use of thugs in 2013 and plotting coup on intercepted telephone conversions. Discussion to follow.

Nine Week "Novenario" over the killing of Andy Lopez
Contact: Ramon Cairo [707 230 8768]; Mary Moore []
In Latino culture a Novenario, is nine days of prayer which will assist the deceased to get to Heaven, and it is the family’s way of getting some form of closure. This nine week official mourning for 13 year old Andy Lopez will begin in the Moorland Area of Santa Rosa where Andy was shot seven times and killed by Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy Eric Gelhous on October 22, 2014.
The nine week Novenario is being organized by the group "Andy's Youth", part of the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez which formed shortly after his death.  "Although we are deviating from custom, in the sense that instead of 9 days we are making it 9 weeks, I feel that what we are doing will be an inclusive approach." said organizer Ramon Cairo. "We needed to find a thread  that would allow us to address the subject of Andy's death and what the Latino Community of Santa Rosa needs to empower the community, while at the same time teaching viable ways to seek remediation and an address of grievances".
For the next nine Tuesdays, the group will be going through different neighborhoods, all on the West Side, getting to know the Communities there.
* Moorland: On 2/25/14, and 3/25/14 Begin: Empty Lot on South Corner of Corby and Bellevue (Near Ford dealership) End: Andy Lopez Memorial Park, Corner of W. Robles and Moorland Ave.
* West 9th: On 3/11/14, and 4/8/14  Begin: Jacobs Park End: Jacobs Park
* Apple Valley: On 3/18/14, 4/15/14 Begin: 7/11 Parking Lot
End: Comstock Middle School
* Roseland: On 3/4/14, and 4/1/14 Begin: Southwest Community Park, (Near Hearn and Burbank Ave.) End: Albertson's Parking lot in Roseland
* April 22nd will be the 6th Month since Andy’s death. The last day of prayer will be at the Memorial Site

"San Jose Campus Alliance for Economic Justice" presents...
Eureka's Fair Wage Folks To Speak At San Jose State University

March 11th Marks The Year Anniversary Of San Jose's Successful $10 Minimum Wage Measure.
Contact the Eureka Fair Wage campaign [707-442-7465] [] [] [], defending the Community, with a $12.00 An Hour Minimum Wage for Large Employers!
Proponents of the Eureka Fair Wage Act, or Minimum Wage Ordinance (November 2014 City ballot), will speak at the 1-year anniversary of San Jose's Measure D, which raised the minimum wage in the City of San Jose to $10 an hour. The anniversary press conference and celebration will be held on Tuesday March 11th at noon on the campus of San Jose State University at the Smith and Carlos Statue. The Fair Wage Folks will join speakers from the minimum wage movement in seven other California cities, talking about their local campaigns to raise wages. San Jose's workers and economy have experienced positive impacts from Measure D's higher minimum wage. The Fair Wage Folks are excited to be part of this historic California movement and invite local media outlets to document the March 11 event.
The Eureka Fair Wage Act is a people's initiative, as was Measure D in San Jose, and will require employers with 25 or more workers in the Eureka city limits to pay a twelve dollar minimum wage.
Article on the history of San Jose's student-led Measure D: []

"Terms and Conditions May Apply" film screening
At the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar (@Bonita), Berkeley 
Suggested donation $5-$10. No one turned away.
Wheelchair accessible.
[] [510-275-4272]
Rainey Reitman, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Activism Director, is featured in the film and will attend to introduce and discuss the film. Sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee as part of our "Conscientious Projector Series for the 99%"
Have you ever read the "Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies" connected to every website you visit, phone call you make, or app you use? Of course you haven't. But those agreements allow corporations to do things with your personal information you could never even imagine. What are you really agreeing to when you click "I accept"? Through interviews with technology thought leaders and futurists, including Moby, Chief Google Engineer Ray Kurzweil, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY brilliantly documents the sign posts on the slippery slope of internet privacy. This disquieting expose
demonstrates how we unknowingly, click by click, generate a cloud of data that records our every on-line move.

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