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Santa Cruz Sentinel photographer Dan Coyro is a police spy, and shows extreme hostility for advocates of education and democracy

'Objective' Sentinel Photographer Dan Coyro Calls Santa Cruz Eleven and Supporters 'Roaches'
2014-03-07 by "SC Sentinel Watchdog" []:
Number two Santa Cruz Sentinel photographer Dan Coyro has called members and supporters of the Santa Cruz Eleven "roaches" and "street vermin" in recent comments he left on two different posts on a Santa Cruz City Council candidate's facebook page.

When one community member asked "What are they putting in the water over there at the Sentinel?" in response to Coyro's name calling, the Dan Coyro replied, "Get a job, make some money, pay your rent and pay your own damn way."

Coyro was one of the photographers assigned by the Sentinel to cover Occupy Santa Cruz in 2011, and the question now needs to be asked, did he do a fair and accurate job? Also, is he objective when he takes photographs for homeless-related articles? The Santa Cruz Eleven case, which is making its way at a snail's pace through the court system, is closely related to the Occupy Santa Cruz movement and homeless issues.

Santa Cruz Sentinel editor Don Miller should be urged to remove Coyro from any future photo assignments related to the Santa Cruz Eleven, including all court appearances and or street protests held in Support of the Santa Cruz Eleven. Miller can be emailed at: dmiller [at]

Sentinel Photographer Dan Coyro on Homelessness -
Dan Coyro -- 10 Jan 2014: "3 groups of bums set up camp at the Town Clock, the most visible corner in Santa Cruz--'Keep Santa Cruz Weird'"

Sentinel Photographer Dan Coyro on County Health Services -
Dan Coyro -- 23 Nov 2013: "Look what I found at the naked beach along West Cliff. Don't you just love the needle exchange program in Santa Cruz"

More information about the needle exchange -
Effective April 30, 2013 the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) began administering the Syringe Services Program (SSP). The primary goal of the SSP is to work in partnership with the community to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases associated with injection drug use and to address the community's concern regarding improperly discarded syringes.

"he's a dumbass attacking needle exchange that way", 2014-03-13 comment by a reader -
obviously, the person who littered the needle was NOT using the needle exchange, because that's where users EXCHANGE used needles for clean ones. they don't get new needles without turning one in. duh. so this creep is not only hateful but damned stupid too. I guess the two actually go hand in hand. carry on, Dan. well done, Sentinel, keeping this ass on your payroll

"Does Dan think Shmuel Thaler is a roach?", 2014-03-07 comment by "Sentinel Reader" -
Santa Cruz Sentinel photographer Shmuel Thaler sneaked into the bank during the occupation, however he was fortunate and did not get arrested. Does Dan think he is a roach also?

"When UCSC Students Are Pepper-Sprayed, Dan Coyro Smiles and Takes a Photo", 2014-03-07 comment by "Dan Coyro hates students?" - 
oh and for the record, the Sentinel's photographer, Dan Coyro, was smiling while he took photos of kids at UC Santa Cruz trying to wash the pepper-spray out of their eyes after being attacked by the police on Oct. 18, 2006. from 2006-10-22 "Victims of Violence: When UC Police Attack []:  Sentinel photographer was smiling

oh and for the record, the Sentinel's photographer was smiling while he took photos of kids trying to wash the pepper-spray out of their eyes. In fact, the photo on the left is him taking this shot -
"UCSC Protests" gallery photo 4 of 5 from "Santa Cruz Sentinel" []: UCSC student Ben Sellers, an exchange student from England, has his eyes washed out after being sprayed by campus police with pepper spray Wednesday, October 18, 2006 as student protesters stormed a building where University of California Regents were meeting.

what's to smile about?
"No, the Sentinel photographer was LAUGHING..."
2006-10-26 comment by Dan Coyro:
Yeah, I thought it was hilarious...especially when the protesters egged on the police with profanites, flipped off the police repeatedly in their faces and them pushed up against the police when the police were trying to escort from the meeting hall a Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce director and a Santa Cruz Schools superintendant...then the protesters scream police brutality... I had to chuckle when many of the kids who got pepper sprayed whined for nearly an hour...I got sprayed and kept working while most of those kids laid on the ground wimpering for the cameras.
"did you get it straight in the eyes?"
2006-10-26 comment by "I don't think so":
Did you get it right in the eyes though, Dan?
From all the pictures I've seen, you were back a bit. Many of us felt a little sensation if we were in the general area of the pepper spray, but that's very different from being someone in the very front of the crowd getting it STRAIGHT in the eyes. Just look at the first photo posted ...

"The posts are public", 2014-03-07 comment by "Helper" -
They are visible on the Facebook page of Steve Pleich: []. No comment from Steve. What I am wondering is why the conservatives in Santa Cruz hate the 11 so severely for this. Take the bank for its latest "estimate" and there was $20,000 in damages max. If that is compared to what the company is worth, and what they profit, and their assets dwarf that damages figure. Why would the vandalism be a felony? I'm not even making a political case here or talking about how long the building was vacant, its size, and that there was no security to protect it. Why does every act of vandalism that causes more than $400 in damages require the felony charge? This is one way the people could easily reform the government and reduce prison populations, I think. Change the way that felony formula is calculated.

"Coyro Conspiracy", 2014-03-08 comment by Art Lover -
Robert Norse reported that Dan Coyro took photos at a protest downtown last October against the anti-street performer and artist ordinances, and Dan C took photos but they were possibly never published. Norse reported this []:
"Sentinel photographer Dan C. came and went, but Shana McCord (as ever) was more interested in demonizing homeless people at a cemetery (i.e. more poo and litter stories in a town that has no 24-hour bathrooms, shelter or campgrounds, nor trash pick-up's for the homeless outside). (See ).
"I can't find any of his photos nor any mention of the protest at the Sentinel website on line."

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