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Labor Power! Reasons to Fight for Human Rights!

"BART WORKERS -- I Cant Believe There Is Not A Strike Committee! and other things I found out at the Saturday, Sept 21 ATU community outreach event" 
2013-09-22 message of solidarity from Charles DuBois [510-830-9494]:
First off, thank you to the cooks and other organizers and workers who tended to the food and other thankless but needed details.
We recently stumbled across a slogan: "In 2013, unions cannot win a decent contract, just fighting for a decent contract!"

From the General to the Specific -
U.S. Imperialism is declining, like the British Empire before them. There is never going to be a return to the "good times". Suffering this decline, the capitalists take it out on our hides.
They have several game plans.
They have their strategy meetings.
They have their media. And prior "brainwashing"
They have their army of scab-herding police.

What do we have?
What is our game plan?
Where are our strategy meetings?
Where is the union's story?
Is the union enabling, organizing daily outreach?

We have to have more than just a fight for a decent contract.
We need to get back to truthful basic. This was and is about taking back Wisconsin. The Labor Council Bureaucracy is trying to change the script into surrender
Calling All non-asleep union human beings!
Talk to your co-workers about putting together a rank and file strike committee.
Is it possible to put together a functioning strike committee that meets daily??
That answer will be resolved by you union stalwarts, as you attempt to do just that.
Don't wait for the leadership. They have feet of clay.
There will be retaliations and such. Speaking of which, George, from Ashby Station is up on some charges related to the picket line. This as an atrocity! It is another symptom of "feet of clay" that none of the unions have publicized this!
There should be delegations of BART workers going to other union meeting to reporting about workers like George, and community outreaches (like yesterday's) the BART unions are doing and would like other unions to join and help. Recruit assistance, directly from the rank and file at those meetings.
Send another delegation to the ILWU, for a good strong start.
We should and can find ways to publicize this victimization. It must be fought hard NOW! This is another illustration of the need for a strike committee.

It is important to beat this victimization before a settlement. I can't stress enough that all thinking members must put their heads together and organize the rank and file to take matters in their own hands. Look at the writing on the wall. Look at the behavior of your former "leaders"(cause they aint leading, now), passively watching the bosses methodically construct their Wiley Coyote ACME-BART trap.
Unlike the road runner though, these bankrupt union "leaders" will put your heads in that trap, cause "that's what Jerry Brown said we gotta do".
Uh uh.
WE, gotta organize and convene a Strike Committee!
Vigorously get George's, and any other worker victims case out to the public.
Picket line defenders get good sympathy, if the union tells the aggressive truth.
Convene a Strike Committee meeting.
Announce to the working class public that the ATU, SEIU, and AFSCME rank and file is taking over the negotiations, and the strike preparations.
Proudly announce that you are appealing directly to the Bay Area workers and unemployed. Baby's mama's, AND the young men that can't find work.
Announce that you want to make this a united fight, especially with the poor Black and Brown working class communities, to take back ALL the service cuts. To challenge and stop police killing and violence against us.
"Come to the first of our union - community speak outs and planning meetings for justice for the working poor."
That's right. Call Out The Angry Masses. Meetings. Picket lines. Mass rallies where we let our revolutionary youth speak. Let's see about winning this strike with Oakland Mass Action that we try and infect the rest of Bay Area with, workers across the country. "Workers revolution" will no longer be an abstraction, but a concrete idea and aspiration.
I think, once the head is wrapped around the need to be bold and play for keeps, that the above suggested organization and direction is rather sensible. What is needed is the union stalwarts with the will and backbone to stand against the bosses and bureaucrats allegations of 'radical revolutionaries'. Take it as a complement and keep on organizing!
So, if this sounds like work and sacrifice, just remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

I do have a few ideas on a few necessary things the union, or George's union friends can do to use his case to give BART a P.R. black eye, or something.
I don't know when it's "too late" to organize a Strike Committee. But how difficult could it be for 5-10 dedicated rank and file union stalwarts putting their heads together to find a way to put the membership in control. People; you know who i am talking about. Those workers with opinionated integrity, who need to step up.
And all you workers with a functioning brain... You see what is coming. A train wreck, engineered by the intervention of the Labor Council Bureaucrats and joined, abided and abetted by your local union leadership -- This is could be said to be a 'Safety Issue' -- mortally wounding a union!!
I say there is still some ways to win. Organize a rank and file strike committee!
I say this, believing that in the Bay Area, or the rest of the country will never have such favorable circumstances. For quite a while. Tomorrow is not just another fight. In the real world, if the Bay Area bosses win this one - - and you all know, or have the feeling that it's going to be a really BAD tester.
If we lose this one, do we really think any more unions will rise to concretely support the ILWU, when they have their show down??
I tell you, a lot more is at stake here than the current crew surrounding Jack Heyman will THINK towards. If they aren't encouraging their friends about the need for a delegated strike committee, now, then what are they doing?
So it was encouraging to hear about locations and preparations for scab labor. If somebody is forming a committee about this please consider that there is a way to organize this and publicize this, as "Our lesson from the ILWU" - Stop Poliice Murder. An Injury to One, Is an Injury To All!
It is of these events, where conversion, development into a political strike becomes making history. Making sacrifice. Making victories. But one must be of the mind to "play for keeps" Think like a South African miner.

Union, Black and Brown, Shut it Down, join the fight!
Workers of the world unite!!

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