Monday, September 9, 2013

City of Fresno destoys tent city, officially allows attempt to terrorize and murder houseless folks with bulldozer

Human Rights abuse in the City of Fresno [link]
Defend those without homes!
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The City of Fresno unleashed a team of psychotics against those residing in the city without addresses, including a man who used a bulldozer to terrorize and attempt to murder anyone who "didn't move fast enough"!! The following photographs are proof, as you can see, the bulldozer is being used within a few feet of the people being terrorized. The blank stare by the operator of the bulldozer shows no remorse, empathy, or feeling whatsoever:

"The City of Fresno Destroyed the Only Shelter these Homeless People had" 
2013-09-09 by Mike Rhode []:
While city officials claim to be on the verge of bankruptcy they did manage to find enough money to destroy the only shelter hundreds of homeless people had. The city would not help by providing drinking water, portable toilets or trash bins, but they were out in force to bulldoze tents, tarps, and wood structures built by the homeless in downtown Fresno.
These photos are from week 3 of the City of Fresno’s demolition of homeless encampments in the downtown area. Photo below: City of Fresno workers destroy a homeless shelter on San Benito, near H street.

Brown Beret member Hashid Kasama observed the demolition

Bulldozers operated within a few feet of the homeless, who were trying to leave

Typical street scene today on H street

The City of Fresno Destroyed the Only Shelter these Homeless People had

Another example of homeless people using creative modes of transportation to escape the demolition

Homeless minister Ray Polk gives religious service on H street before the destruction

Most people used shopping carts to move their property

Some people just had too much stuff to move

Josh and Martha take a short break from packing

Tearing into a shelter with a bulldozer

Homeless people tried to save anything of value

Dignity in the midst of chaos

Rounding up the homeless dogs

This is just one of many dogs that were taken by the SPCA

2013-09-28 "Fresno SPCA Kill Rate" by Dallas B: The Fresno SPCA kill rate is over 70 percent. I wonder how long this cute little dog has before it is killed. 
2013-09-28 "emailed friends the pictures" by ann:  I emailed friends/family the pictures and hoped one of them would find a home for the dogs. I wish they could also find homes for the people.

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