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Nov. 27th Northbay Uprising radio news

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Intro by Dr.G.:
Our geo-political news coverage is providing insights into how the world economic system is breaking into a new phase of the Cold War between the USA/EU vs. the EEU/SCO. There is an agenda in the various domestic security agencies of the USA, both public and private, to consider all acts of domestic dissent as hostile acts of war. Lately there are troubling examples of classifying certain "leftist" groups as assets of foreign agencies, and in some cases it is true currently or historically. But to brush the paint across a wide spectrum of the so-called "left" is to lay-down the justification for all actions against dissenters. Even stateless "Anarchists" who hold affinity for the non-state democracy in Rojava are suspect as foreign collaborators, as the jurisdiction of Rojava is technically under the administration of the Republic of Syria, an ally of the Federation of Russia, and classified as an "enemy" by the USA.

"INSURRECTO-RIOTOSIS", from [] [], visit the episode's page for the full set of links, [begin excerpt]:
This week we bring you an exclusive report on the pandemic that’s infecting the globe. Insurrecto-Riotosis. The first wave of the pandemic was reported in the city of Nantes in France following the police murder of 21 year old eco-defender Rémi Fraisse [ link] []. This contagion quickly spread to Belgium where 100,000 peeps hit the streets in Brussels to show their anger to a proposed package of austerity cuts [ link] []. In Mexico, insurrecto-riotisis is quickly turning into a full-fledged pandemic, as protests demanding the safe return of 43 students kidnapped on September 26th continue to escalate dramatically [ link] []. [end excerpt]

In Memorial to the victims of the fascist coup of November, 1963:

Digital copy of the "Special Report: JFK Assassination Solved", 1991 by Paul Kangas, is available upon request from [NorthbayMDS@)]. This is an original sourcebook documenting many of the facts, a rare out-of-print archive worth $$$ in hardcopy, yours free.
* "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" book, pg 275, [begin excerpt]: Another overlooked aspect of Kennedy's attempt to reform American society involves money. Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the Constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing one- and two-dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency. Kennedy's comptroller of the currency, James L. Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve System. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds, again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks. [end excerpt]
Tune in to RadioWHO, with Russ Baker on the 51st Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination [], with insights into the JFK assassination, during an interview with KGO radio in San Francisco on the 51st anniversary of the killing. Russ discusses some little-known facts about George H.W. Bush’s connection to the event with popular host Pat Thurston. Also at the website, further links to documented information of the clandestine connections to the assassination.
"Evidence of Revision (The Assassination of America)", a six part documentary containing historical, original news footage revealing that the most seminal events in recent American history have been deeply and purposefully misrepresented to the public. Footage and interviews provide an in-depth exploration of events ranging from the Kennedy assassinations to the Jonestown massacre, and all that lies between. The footprints left in this archival footage reveal the coordinated, clandestine sculpting of the America we know today. Evidence of Revision proves once and for all that history has been revised even as it was written!
Purchase the complete documentary at [], on DVD with more footage, and the best available video and audio quality.
Watch all six parts of "Evidence of Revision" for free online:
Part 1: The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald [ link].
Part 2: The why of it all referenced to Vietnam and LBJ [ link].
Part 3: LBJ, Hoover and others: what so few know even today [ link].
Part 4: The RFK assassination as never seen before [ link].
Part 5: RFK assassination, MKULTRA and the Jonestown massacre [ link].
Part 6: The assassination of Martin Luther King [ link].
The complete documentary in one online video [ link]
Download videos with [], How-To [] [], do NOT click the large "Download Now / Download is Ready" buttons, they are links to advertisements, follow the How-To as best you can. You can also download videos at other websites listed here [] [].

"The Last Word on the (Kennedy) Assassination", 2014-09-07 from “Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox” podcast [], an interview with John Barbour, longtime media producer with successful stints in television. John became interested in the Kennedy assassination after he read a book by attorney Jim Garrison and then John interviewed him for 3 1/2 hours in what came to be, The Garrison Tapes, leading towards his latest film “The Last Word on the Assassination”, more info at his website [].

Identifying the Globalists, and defeating their program, a series by Tony Cartalucci:
* "The Founding Fathers Didn't Drink British Tea The Lost Key to Real Revolution" [ link] []
* "The Real Revolution" [ link] []
* "Alternative Economics Part One: Paradigm Shifts & Open Source Hardware" [ link] []
* "The Globalists' Worst Nightmare: Self-Sufficiency, a universal solution to the globalist problem" [ link] []

Marvin X Jackmon writes, 2014-11-27:
The uprisings over Oscar Grant, Occupy Oakland and now Ferguson occurred literally in my classroom at Oakland's 14th and Broadway. But I am in favor of construction not destruction. We have the green light to establish the Black Arts Movement District on 14th Street. Let us take advantage of this opportunity to do something for self. If the students at Howard University can fly the Red, Black and Green, let us do the same up and down 14th to let the world know we are the Nation of North American Africans and will except nothing less than first class status.--Marvin X
Photo: Howard University replaced the American flag with a Black solidarity flag today. At half mast.

Solidarity with the New African nation. The Time Is Now for all of us to support the New African community, to promote unity, to speak up in our schools, faith groups, labor unions, student and social clubs, that we live in a Pluri-National society, and that we can stand in solidarity, in federation, with our neighbors, no matter if we be Mexican, Filipino, Puerto Rican, or white, we all stand to win if we support liberation!

* "Muzzle Mumia Law Falls Outside the US Constitution" (2014-11-23) [ link] []
* "Don’t compare Martin Luther King Jr. to Mumia Abu-Jamal" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

Popular Resistance Newsletter: "No Rest Yet" (2014-11-22) [] []

* "People's Assembly's Overview: The Jackson People's Assembly Model" (2014-11-17) [ link] []

* "Goliath vs the People of Richmond" [] [], [begin excerpt]: For decades, Chevron controlled the City Council, and it would like nothing better than to go back to those "good old days." In those times past, the interests of the people of Richmond took a backseat to the interests of the oil giant. In recent years, we have shifted that scenario. As stated in John Geluardi's East Bay Express article []: "Since Chevron lost control of the council, the city has flourished with a huge reduction in crime rates, the arrival of new businesses, and the creation of urban renewal projects." [end excerpt]
* [] [], a compilation of news coverage for the Richmond City Council elections.

Boots Reilly writes:
These multi-million dollar "luxury" housing developments that Oakland gave all kind of tax incentives on? The condos for which people paid $300k-$400k? Already leaking and deteriorating, only 4 years later. Scammers, those are the people who determine even local policy under capitalism.

Fascism in the itty-bitty city of Santa Cruz!
The following articles describe the extent of political domination currently seen in this city, a problem which resembles what is happening in cities across the USA...

"Santa Cruz ignoring state law to hide SCPD threw City Council election against Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen", 2014-11-21 message from Dr. John Colby to Bren Lehr, Santa Cruz City Clerk Administrator:
Dear Ms. Lehr,yYou have been ignoring my California Public Records Act (CPRA) request from October 26th, 2014 and then again on November 13th, 2014 to determine the details of Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) Deputy Chief Steve Clark potentially throwing the recent City Council election to David Terrazas and Richelle Noroyan by libeling candidate Leonie Sherman as a dangerous anarchist who promotes violence.
Before the recent November 4th, 2014 election, the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) interfered in the electoral process: by attacking candidates, by endorsing candidates and by giving preferential treatment to candidates supported by domestic hate group Take Back Santa Cruz (whose members have been waging a hate campaign against me, my sister Patricia Colby, disabled homeless people and other advocates for disabled homeless people).
Relevant links . . .
- []
- []
- []
- []
- []
As I wrote in my CPRA request dated October 26th, 2014 and again on October 13th, 2014, I don’t believe law enforcement officers should interfere in Santa Cruz politics.
SCPD Deputy Chief Steve Clark exploited the media to perpetrate a deplorable attack on City Council candidate Leonie Sherman. Then the SCPD put out a media release about endorsing certain candidates, thus promoting SCPD propaganda.
It appears that City Council candidates Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen’s likely defeat was due to Clark’s character assassination which Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) hate mongers amplified on the Internet and in numerous letters to the editor.
There must be a new election for City Council because Clark’s attacks tainted the results of the last one — delegitimizing the electoral process — potentially tipping the election against Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen
Clark’s attack was coordinated with members of domestic hate group TBSC, suggesting collusion between SCPD leadership and this group.

2014-11-20 from Pat Colby:
I was stalked by a TBSC member who trespassed onto my porch, illegally video taped me, pushed my door into my face when I tried to close it and tried to get into my apt!
The details: I was asleep. It was about 12:45. I heard a knock on my door. I got up to check it out. I asked who it was. The person said Eileen. So I opened the door a little. I am confronted by a woman 30-40's with mouse brown hair with a digital camera video taping me. She says she wants to ask me some questions. She said "I want to ask you why you are stalking TBSC on FB." I go to shut the door. She forcibly pushes it back. it hits me in the face. She blocks me from shutting the door with her foot in doorway as if to force her way into my home. Finally I get the door shut and immediately call the police to report her. The officer listens and then says he going to give me an incident report. I say no I demand a crime report this is illegal stalking. I get a crime report.
If I had done this to a TBSC member they would have demanded I be arrested. They would have freaked out if I was even on the public sidewalk in front of their house. Some TBSC members are getting really whacko. Stalking a person to their home because they advocate for homeless and poor. Stalking a person to their home because they don't agree with TBSC's agenda and opinion.
This is clearly a terror campaign to try to intimidate and terrorize me. She (they) are trying to silence me and take away my free speech rights! This crime incident is going to be sent to my senators, the FBI, the DOJ, 40 national media outlets and numerous other government and protective agencies. It time TBSC members stalking of me and my brother are stopped. It is time that the criminal members of TBSC group get prosecuted instead of allowed to freely stalk and terrorize citizens of Santa Cruz whom disagree with them.

"FREEDOM OF INFORMATION request about Col. Ed Lesnowicz", 2014-10-25 from Dr. John Colby to the Staff Judge Advocate, and Information & Privacy Coordinator, [FOIA@)] at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) at Monterey, CA:
Dear Information and Privacy Coordinator,
My sister Patricia Colby and I are being gang stalked — based upon gender, (perceived) sexual orientation, (perceived) disabilities and to retaliate for our advocacy for (disabled) homeless people — by Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) members. I will advocate for the federal government to classify TBSC as a domestic hate group. This hate fueled gang stalking has been carried out under the leadership of your Field Operations Director’s daughter Analicia Cube AKA Analicia Lesnowicz. Please reference the following links:
Confidential sources informed me that Colonel Ed Lesnowicz has helped plan TBSC operations using skills and methodology learned from his military (intelligence) career. The U.S. Senate has been alerted to TBSC's hate bias motivated gang stalking. I don’t believe they know your Field Operations Director might be involved.
To determine the nature of Colonel Lesnowicz’s skills and methodology, I am submitting a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION request under 5 U.S.C. §552 (commonly known as the FOIA). Pursuant to the FOIA I ask for the following:
• bios maintained by the NPS about Col. Ed Lesnowicz.
• Col. Ed Lesnowicz’s resumes maintained by NPS
• summary reports of operations involving Col. Ed Lesnowicz.
• (research) papers and (case) reports authored by Col. Ed Lesnowicz
• the most current description of job duties for Col. Ed Lesnowicz
• all emails between Col. Ed Lesnowicz, and any official, employee, board, council, agency, department, division, commission and committee of the City/County of Santa Cruz.
• all emails between Col. Ed Lesnowicz and any officials, employees, volunteers and agents of non–governmental organizations located within the County of Santa Cruz.

"SCPD retaliated against our 'cop-watching' for my Gorilla Advocacy", 2014-10-04 message from Dr. John Colby to Santa Cruz Police Department Chief Kein Vogel:
I am petitioning you to serve the public by sanctioning your officers who interfere with "cop-watchers". As you know, "cop-watching" has proliferated, influenced by the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, and locally in Salinas, California. In response, police have reacted by trying to shutdown "cop-watching". Relevant links [] [].
"Police are less inclined to hurt people when they know they're being videotaped," Crawford, 36, told a group of volunteers undergoing training in one of the apartments Sunday. "Keep it with you. It's your self-defense tool." []
This morning my sister and I video recorded an incident in the Downtown where about five Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) officers were arresting a seated man who was handcuffed. We will upload these videos to Youtube, to share with the media and the federal government.
During our video recording, SCPD sergeant Christian LeMoss placed himself between us and the arrest, trying to initiate a conversation with us. I told him I didn't wanr to speak with him.
But LeMoss insisted on engaging us. He asked us why we were "cop-watching". He made implications, trying to invalidate us. He said that I called the police every day — this is a false claim made by Mission Gardens Apartments (MGA) stalker Robin Jansen and her Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) friends who have been (cyber)staking us in retaliation for our homeless advocacy. When I pointed out this was false he changed tact, saying that I frequently call the police. I asked LeMoss if any of my calls to the police had been frivolous. He replied "no". I asked him why he was saying this then. My sister gave an example of an aggressive man whom she called in yesterday as a potential 5150, fearing he would assault someone. She asked if she was wrong to call in about that. He replied "no". This represents a culture of callous disregard by the SCPD for the safety of law abiding citizens by your supervising officers who sometimes tried to dissuade us from reporting MGA criminals (to protect them). LeMoss asked us if we (brother and sister) were married — a false claim made by MGA stalker Robin Jansen and her TBSC friends who have been (cyber)stalking us. LeMoss began video recording us with his smartphone from a distance of about three feet. I asked him why he was video recording us. LeMoss replied because we were video recording him. LeMoss continued to try to invalidate us.
- Point: we risked our lives to help clean up the MGA criminals, aiding the SCPD by serving as witnesses to the Carl Reimer murder there, yet your officers — like LeMoss — continue to disrespect and mistreat us.
- Question: when will the SCPD begin serving and protecting us?
The SCPD seems to hate us because of my Gorilla Advocacy with the U.S. Senate, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice and now the Department of Transportation about criminal acts by you and your subordinates.
- Request: educate Sergeant LeMoss about treating "cop-watchers" with respect and dignity, about protecting and serving them, not mistreating them.
- Request: under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I ask for the video recordings Sergeant LeMoss (and other SCPD officers) took of us today. I am willing to pay a fee of up to $5 for this request. If the cost will exceed that, please contact me first before completing it. I ask that the recordings be provided to me in a standard video format so that I can upload them to Youtube, then share them with the media and the federal government.
Thank you for showing that the SCPD will stop retaliating against us for my Gorilla Advocacy with the federal government by calling out crimes by you and your subordinates.

HUFF passed out a detailed flier about human-rights abuse to participants at the "Stand Up/Speak Out Rally" demanding Justice in Ferguson (and Santa Cruz), event info [ link] []. [begin text of flier from HUFF Santa Cruz]:
No Ferguson in Santa Cruz!
* Police abuse against poor and homeless persons is a widespread reality, empowered by laws that criminalize basic human needs and rights—like sleeping at night & public assembly.
* New laws coming to City Council will criminalize homeless with cop-initiated Stay-Away orders & ban RV parking city-wide. []
* Recycling centers and needle exchange have already been removed from Santa Cruz City Limits as the new “brand the homeless as criminals” campaign has taken hold.
* Nearly three of every four of Officer Bradly Barnett's citations made downtown were issued to homeless people for essentially victimless crimes, such as sitting, smoking, and skateboarding. []
* Officer Bill Azua confronted Jasmine Byron & her mother at last year's Thanksgiving Salvation Army meal with a drawn gun for “taking a plate of food outside”. No response from Chief Kevin Vogel of the SCPD. []
* Officer Arnold Vasquez dropped a handcuffed Richard Hardy to the sidewalk face-first on Pacific Avenue in a video picked up by the Sentinel ([]) [] )

* Additionally, nearly 10% of the citations Barnett issued were to African-Americans, in a county where 1.4% of the population is black according to a recent census. []
* Yannidies Brown reports her brother and cousin were brutalized and jailed in another “no smoking or else” Barnett incident. []
* Officer Azua has been videoed harassing blacks for “smoking on Pacific” while ignoring whites doing the same thing. []

* The local ACLU, NAACP, and SCCCCR have named no names, nor acted on any specific complaints in the last decade in spite of the widespread awareness among the black community that racial profiling is a humiliating reality here.
* Police-partial “review” boards, co-opted city council committees, & “law and order” neighborhood organizations will do nothing but support more “tools” for cops.
* Frequent Street Protest, Sit-in's, & Occupations may help deter police violence-as-usual.

Real tools are the camera, the internet, the press, and our own voices !
Video, audio, and post incidents on line when you see them!
Stop and make time to hold police accountable. No one else will.
[end text of flier]

2014-11-23 from CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX,
more links and content at [].

With the pending grand jury decision in the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, MO, The Soapbox is replaying a show we did with four extraordinary people whose lives were devastated and changed when a loved one was murdered by cops. Learn about their stories, the stories of their loved ones and the inspiring heart-connection they have made to do something that I know is not easy. None of us asked for "this," let's hear stories that are so difficult to hear, but even harder to tell.
* Christina Arechiga – Sacramento, CA– Prison right activist for over 15 years then changed focus to police brutality when her first cousin Ernest Duenez Jr was murdered by John Moody of the Manteca PD. Now works full time as a private investigator and in the CA Statewide Coalition Against Police Brutality for all families who have been victims of law enforcement corruption and working on changing procedures and laws allowing such corruption.
* Rosemary Duenez – Lathrop, CA – a mother and grandmother whose son Ernest Duenez Jr. was murdered by John Moody of the Manteca PD on June 8, 2011 – Ernest 34 yrs old was a father of an 11 month old son at the time, the Duenez family maintains weekly Sunday protests at the Manteca PD and is actively working with the CA Statewide Coalition Against Police Brutality. They fought to have the dash cam video released to them and they in turn released to the public in their fight for justice. Their civil case is currently in the federal courts in Sacramento, Ca and trial will begin in early 2014. The officer was cleared by the DA’s office but the family maintains an ongoing investigation and continues to put pressure on law enforcement to be accountable and file murder charges. You can view the video here: []
* Denika Chatman – Vallejo, Ca – mother of Kenneth Harding 19 years of age was murdered on July 16, 2011 by San Francisco Police and then left to bleed out while medical personal was not allowed through police barricade – she moved her family back to California from Seattle to fight for justice for her son and holds monthly feeds for the homeless in the spot that still is stained with the blood of her son. Aka the Kenny Feeds held by the Kenneth Harding Foundation – they have recently been blessed with a new location in a church to continue their work. She is currently in a civil trial.
You can view the video here: []
* Cephus Johnson aka “uncle bobby”– uncle of Oscar Grant murdered by Johannes Mehserle on a BART platform in Oakland, works nationally to organize and unite families who have been affected by the injustice system, their story is on screens nationwide in the film FRUITVALE STATION – you can read reviews here: []

Manteca City Police Department Chief Nick Obligacion, mastermind of the ordinance that banned homeless from setting up shelter -even on PRIVATE property, with permission of owner!

Jennifer Friedenbach is the Executive Director for the Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco. Concerned with the abuse of brushing homeless people out of BART and into the damp curbs of SF, Friedenbach offers a solution that officials are just not investing enough into...even though it is more cost-effective.
* "Everyone has basic right to sleep, even homeless" (2014-11-19) [ link] []

"Activists & Attorneys Force Rights Restoration in Palo Alto; Santa Cruz Pushes Stay-Away Orders and RV Exclusion", 2014-11-20 by Robert Norse from HUFF Santa Cruz:
Palo Alto moves to restore rights (partially) to houseless people (or more accurately, those whose vehicles are their housing).  It still has taken no action to restore Cubberly Community Center or other public areas for ground sleepers (the majority of homeless people).  This latest step forward was prompted by persistent strong persistent activism from attorneys, service-providers, church folk, and the unhoused community--virtually all of this absent in Santa Cruz.
Here we have Bigotry Gone Bananas as the Transportation and Public Works Commission votes unanimously to forward a virtual ban on RV parking in Santa Cruz (permits available only for residents and only for vehicles on their block) with instructions to eliminate oversized parking spaces by banning (and paying for) more than one space. "It will give us more tools," smiled Deputy Chief Martinez. The Quick-to-Cringe Commission also moved to remove the free parking around The Garfield Park Circles Church. This was part of a malicious and successful campaign to shut down church services for the homeless. Front and center was the persistent Public Menace fiction being spread by Take Back Santa Cruz and its reps and sympathizers on the Commission (Brook Crumpton and Councilmember-elect Richelle Noroyan). The usual undocumented horror stories of feces, theft, "menace to children", and "felt insecurity" were the extending forbidden zones at night for those who had been waiting to get in to the 4 AM to 9:30 AM Sunrise Hangout Warming Center program.
That issue was largely academic at the Commission because Pastor Steve ended the program some weeks ago (and announced he was leaving town). But letting this kind of dangerous Big Lie spread (that the presence of homeless people means the presence of crime) is irresponsible behavior--particularly when done by those claiming to be Christian leaders.
Meanwhile at the Tuesday Santa Cruz City Council meeting, all but one Council member voted to give powerful Stay-Away powers to any cop or ranger who issues an infraction without a trial or any requirement to justify why he's doing so. The majority of infractions in the last year (half of them with one-day Stay Aways) have been to homeless people for such "crimes" as sleeping, smoking, and being in a park after closing.  All of this under cover of the "Public Safety" label.  The issue returns to City Council November 25th for a final vote.                    
HUFF has called for RV-dwellers to form an association, establish contacts with each other, document harassment from community NIMBY's, cops, and other nightcrawlers. We'll be taking reports at the Food Not Bombs meal Saturday 4-5 PM at Pacific and Front Streets near the main post office. Also bring any homeless-related citations so we can consider helping you file claims against the City and then take them to Small Claims Court. More info: 423-4833.
* "Palo Alto strikes down car-camping ban" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Palo Alto: Council votes to repeal vehicle habitation ordinance" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "If 'The Economy is Recovering', Why Is There a Surge in Homeless Children?" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

Hospital Patients and Workers' Rights!
* "Sonoma County Doctor's Group allowed to deny help, torture, and murder disabled patient!" (2014-11-05) from Bobbie Jenkins [ link].
Intro 2014-11-06 from Dr. John Colby [], to whom it may concern: Ms. Jenke is in extreme pain. She is near death. She can barely speak audibly on the telephone (because she is so short of breath). Every email she sends causes her a great deal of pain. She has trouble breathing. She feels — because of her rapidly deteriorating condition — like she's being strangled (because of the nature of her surgically induced injuries). She can't sleep at night — she wakes up choking. One of her medical providers took away her oxygen tank. She desperately needs oxygen, emergency pulmonary care and treatment for severe sleep apnea, all caused by her surgically induced injuries and many years of neglect from the medical industry. I understand from her brief conversations with me that she feels dizzy and lightheaded. This is torture.
This is partly why she needs immediate medical intervention being denied her. On November 02, 2014, I filed a constituent complaint with Senator Barbara Boxer's office although they can't guarantee it will be immediately looked at : it's sitting in a stack of other people's constituent requests — Senator Boxer's staff seemed somewhat lackadaisical about me describing the urgency of this matter. I filed another emergency DHHS OIG complaint about the current denial of medical services under the Medicaid and Medicare insurance programs. DHHS protocol is they can't speak to me about the status of any investigations they might or might not have opened on Ms. Jenke's behalf. Their hotline won't give me the contact information for their Investigations Division nor for their Inspector General's Office. The DHHS is not open, transparent nor accountable.
Who do I appeal to next? Does any government official or legislator care about Ms. Jenke's life?
I hope the media doesn't drop the ball on this, that they report about Ms. Jenke if and when she dies. Potentially this is happening to millions of Americans butchered by our medical system which isn't being reported on — this is a huge story. This demands media attention or nothing will change!
Special Note from Bobbie Jenkins []:
Please read this link [ link] []. Jamie Court and his group behind Prop 46 sound VERY upset that NBC held this investigation until AFTER the elections--as if released earlier--Prop 46 MIGHT have won in CA. I'm CERTAIN NBC reporters HAD to leave Kaiser OUT of the report-probably as one of the conditions that they could even report the small amount they did. Watch... this topic WILL NOT come up again for a long time. Mainstream media owners occasionally allow such important topics to surface, but the BIG owners behind them, like Comcast, etc., will NOT allow must more of this... especially during OPEN enrollment for health insurance right now.
* "California Hospitals Make Hundreds of Errors Every Year, Public is Unaware" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "NBC Bay Area Investigation Prompts Call for Hospital Reform" (2014-11-21) [ link] []
* "Calif. Hospitals Reported 6,282 Adverse Events Over Four Years" (204-11-20) [ link] []
* "WHY IS THERE NO INFORMATION ON KAISER PERMANENTE HMO MEDICAL ERRORS/CRIMES???" 2014-11-21 message from Bobbie Jenke to Stephen Stock of NBCUniversal [Stephen.Stock@)], [begin message]:
Dear NBC Investigative Unit,
Can you please explain to us why there is NO information on Kaiser Permanente HMO errors / medical crimes? I know MANY patients who died or were disabled due to Kaiser HMO care in CA, including myself! Please explain to us WHY you do not include KAISER PERMANENTE in your hospital surveys of medical HARM? Were you NOT allowed access to their data? It would probably have to come to you from the Department of Managed Health Care. Is the DMHC UNWILLING to release that information to you? Did you do a PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST for it?
Please respond--as I know many of us would like to know.  Kaiser should not be allowed a "get out of jail free card" as they are a HUGELY profitable and often very dangerous hospital system in CA!!!!! Please view the many Kaiser Crimes videos on You Tube by Ms. Jupirena Stein--a surgically harmed and disabled former Kaiser patient, surgically harmed BY KAISER in Redwood City, CA-late 1990s.
[end message]
[begin response from Stephen Stock, 2014-11-22]
It is simple. The data breaks down adverse events for hospitals not HMO's. HMO's can include several hospitals. Therefore the data speaks to hospital adverse events not HMO adverse events.
[end response]
[begin reply from Bobbie Jenkins, 2014-11-23]
Dear Stephen Stock:
Thank you for your response--but sorry, I'm not buying it.  Kaiser Permanente HMO is one of the BIGGEST offenders and perpetrators of PATIENT HARM in CA! Of course they have many hospitals--but so does Sutter Health and many of the others you mention. For example--I was MUTILATED at "CA Pacific Medical Center" in San Francisco in 2004--a Sutter owned Hospital!  Sutter owns many other hospitals in Northern and Central CA. see [].
Now, if you told me, that Kaiser is one of the largest sponsors of NBC and/or has large financial ties to NBC, and/or your owners and/or subsidiaries--and if you said that you were NOT ALLOWED to report on Kaiser Permanente's "ADVERSE EVENTS". especially during this OPEN ENROLLMENT period in CA for HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS--Kaiser being one of the largest advertisers--THEN: I would believe you!
But, truth be told---I'm fairly certain you are NOT allowed to say that to me even in an email. We need more "TRUTH in reporting," Stephen--just as we heard on Bill Moyers today. This is NOT a personal ATTACK on you ---because NBC probably tells you WHAT you CAN and CAN'T SAY!
But, for anyone reading your NBC report on "ADVERSE EVENTS" in CA Hospitals--this is just a tiny, tiny fraction that you have begun to reveal.  And Kaiser Permanente falls under the Department of Managed Health Care--so you might need another Public Records Requests to get that data.
Anyway--you tried--and you got a tiny message out to the public about how ALL patient lives are at risk in CA and the USA. That means ALL of us! Something WORTH REPORTING about on mainstream media!
Thank you for the beginning of hopefully MUCH more TRANSPARENCY to come! And thank NBC and it owners for allowing even the smallest TRUTH to be told. However, it is NOT enough--because PEOPLE ARE DYING and being HARMED by Medical/Surgical error and damage every MINUTE in the USA today and even as I write this email to you.
Keep fighting to TELL MORE--as your HONEST and more thorough reporting CAN SAVE LIVES!
Thank you! [signed] Ms. Bobbie Jenke, CA Special Educator, B.A. Community Health Education, Harmed and Disabled by Medical CRIMES in CA(begininning with Kaiser Permanente and involving Sutter Health and more), and then left unevaluated and untreated (as a "blacklisted patient in Santa Rosa, CA and by the Malpractice Industry/"The Doctors Company", "Northern CA Medical Associates", "UCSF", Sutter Health, and Affiliates and and all affiliated doctors- to suffer in my tortured, deteriorating body for over TEN YEARS until I die!  see how doctors BLACKLIST at [].

* "Question of fraud — CPRA request for 2014 CHP arrests in Santa Cruz County", message 2014-09-30 from Dr. John Colby to CHP Community Outreach & Media Relations (COMR) Officer John Michael Harris [916-843-3310] [Fax: 916-843-3337] [joharris@)]:
Dear Officer Harris,
First I would like to point out that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) gives the impression of a highly secretive, opaque agency. Nowhere on the Internet are the addresses, fax numbers and email contacts for executive CHP offices/officers. There isn't even a listing for you in the California Department of Information's employee directory! The CHP seems more secretive than Homeland Security. Question: Why?
That said, I would like to submit a California Public Records Act (CPRA) request to enforce the civil rights of (disabled) people in the County of Santa Cruz. I ask for a summary report of all arrests made by the CHP in Santa Cruz County between January 1, 2014 and the present day, September 30, 2014.
I ask that this report include the times, dates and locations of these arrests, as well as the case numbers and names of the arresting officers. As these records are of great public interest — since they implicate the CHP in fraud reported to me by a confidential whistleblower — they will be made available to the news media, civil rights advocacy organizations, the U.S. Senate, the USDOJ, the FBI, Governor Brown, the California DOJ and the state legislature.

* "How cannabis was used to shrink one of the most aggressive brain cancers" (2014-11-14) [ link] []

Student Power! Occupy Education Movement!
* "UC Students Protest Fee Hike" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
The Open UC's third demand has been met!
* "UC Berkeley student arrested at protest will not face charges" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "The Unforgiven: How College Debt Is Crushing a Generation" (2014-11-13) [ link] []
"Offering Model for World, Students in the UK March for 'Free Education' " (2014-11-19) [ link] []

* "Union Fights 'Teacher Jail'" (2014-11-24) [ link] []
* "Cover ups by 'Labor Notes' journal: UTLA took dives on opposing LAUSD Teacher Jails", 2014-11-25 by Kat Carroll: What this article on 'Union fights Teacher Jail' does not say is that is how many hundreds of innocent teachers have been drummed out of teaching, lost jobs and less pensions via the 'Teacher Jail' system, which, over the last 3 or 4 years, has harassed and otherwise pressured hundreds of teachers, mostly vets over 45 yrs old, out of teaching without due process or proper LEGAL DEFENSE because the UTLA claimed their Defense Insurance premiums were too high back in 2010 - just about the time the 'Teacher Jail' purges were being ramped up much higher. Hmmmmm... Today it turns out that like LAUSD itself, UTLA has been covering up many millions of dollars of their own personnels' bureaucratic and political waste, and this with duespayers money. Such is where the money really needed to defend duespayers in 'Jails' etc. was flushed. Present treasurer Arlene Inouye, now with a 'Union Power mask on, had already been treasurer for the previous 3 years, another thing the Labor Notes article 'forgot' to point out about UP. The kicker here is Ms. Winslow does not deal with the brazen AWOL desertion of hundreds of UTLA members by not providing the quality Legal insurance members thought they were entitled to. Instead members were handed the grossly inferior, and many say near incompetent, Trygstad/Schwab/Trygstad firm where todays 'Union Power' UTLA Secondary VP Coleen Schwab just happens to be the wife of one of the Trygstad lawfirms top bosses! In addition, over the last 4 years of LAUSD  Teacher Jail purges, UTLA has not organized even one major public meeting or mass action to call attention to the plight of, and to seriously defend, the innocent 'Jailed' teachers! A new movement for labor needs to be built from the ranks of working people and allies. [lausd-teachers@)].

* "Federal judges order California to expand prison releases" (2014-11-14, from LA Times) [] [], [begin excerpt]: Most of those prisoners now work as groundskeepers, janitors and in prison kitchens, with wages that range from 8 cents to 37 cents per hour. Lawyers for Attorney General Kamala Harris had argued in court that if forced to release these inmates early, prisons would lose an important labor pool. [end excerpt].

* "UC Irvine police officers accuse bosses of spying on them" (2014-11-19 from the "LA Times") [] []. This article describes the practices of the bosses at the UC Irvine Police Department, and is indicative of the prevailing attitudes among their peers at other Police Departments.

* "Killings by Utah police outpacing gang, drug, child-abuse homicides" (2014-11-23) [ link] []


Statement from United for Peace and Justice: We stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, who are awaiting an announcement from the grand jury about Darren Wilson. We call on groups around the country to express their support by joining or organizing local nonviolent actions. “The senseless killing of Mike Brown is a movement moment for racial justice and an opportunity to advance economic and social justice for all. We in the peace movement have a special role to play in this struggle because our work is global. Our work is for peace at home and peace abroad. We know that war and militarism has no borders. If we are to have peace abroad we must confront injustice, violence and the militarization of police in our own communities. We must build peace at home. The struggle against violence and militarism in Ferguson continues, as it does around the world. It is our charge as peacemakers and justice-seekers to stand with the people of Ferguson and all those who are victims of state violence as we make clear the connections between the war at home and the wars abroad, such as the renewed U.S. bombing of Iraq and Syria.” -Michael McPhearson, Veterans for Peace Interim Executive Director and former United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ) National Coordinator. Listen to the October 3rd UFPJ national briefing about Ferguson, featuring Michael McPhearson. To listen, dial (712) 432-1219, and when prompted, input Meeting ID: 446-724-667#; Recording number: 7#
Here are some links to resources you can use:
* Ferguson Action: Call to Action, updates and resources: []
* Text "Hands Up" to 90975 to for up-to-the-minute alerts
* Words to Action email updates directly from Ferguson: []
* Ferguson National Response Network: Listing of planned responses around the country to the Darren Wilson Grand Jury announcement: []
* Don’t Shoot Coalition: []
* No-Indictment Planning: #Ferguson: []

UPDATE, 2014-11-25: Officer Darren Wilson has been found innocent!
* "Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally." (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Amid Conflicting Accounts, Trusting Darren Wilson" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Extremely rare for grand jury not to return indictment, statistics show" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Legal scholars praise Ferguson grand jury for fairness beyond the norm" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Darren Wilson Got a Private Trial Run by Friendly Prosecutors" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Ferguson Prosecutor Discovered With Connection To Darren Wilson’s Defence Fundraiser" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Prosecutor Manipulates Grand Jury Process to Shield Officer" (2014-11-28) [ link] []
* "Ferguson Grand Jury Documents Released – Reveal DA Did Not Even Charge Wilson" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Racist St. Louis prosecutor helps Darren Wilson walk free" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Darren Wilson tells ABC he has a ‘clean conscience,’ and would shoot Michael Brown again" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Darren Wilson explains why he killed Michael Brown" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Police Lied. Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
" it was making him mad that I was shooting him", said Darren Wilson.

* "2,200 National Guard Troops Deployed in Ferguson: Troops Stand Down! Stand With The People!".  Hundreds of active duty US military and veterans have sent an open letter to Missouri National Guard members urging them to join Ferguson protesters, not fight against them. Read the appeal here: [ link] [].
* "Systemic Injustice Condemned as Ferguson Galvanizes National Outrage; Demonstrations take place in dozens of US communities following grand jury decision" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Turning Ferguson outrage into united action for justice" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Don’t Shoot Makes Demands in Response to Grand Jury Announcement; Diverse local coalition redoubles efforts for justice and accountability" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "NLG Stands with People of Ferguson, Condemns Systematic Police Violence in Communities of Color" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "NAACP announces march, 'Journey for Justice: Ferguson to Jefferson City' " (2013-11-24) [ link] []
* "President Obama and US Attorney General Holder: Secure justice for Mike Brown" petition [ link] []
* The CPUSA says: "30 years of racist ruling class policies are bearing a bitter fruit in the streets of Ferguson, Brooklyn and Cleveland with new police killings each week. But a new movement against police crimes is being born in response, the tea party and its backers be damned!"
* "Seeking Oath Keepers Volunteers to Help Protect Ferguson Businesses" []], from [], homepage archived 2014-11-25 []. Oathkeepers are veteran and on-duty domestic security agents who take an oath to protect the Federal Constitution against government tyranny. However, instead of taking a stance against police suppression of dissent, the Oathkeepers are simply deputizing themselves to work for the Missouri State Emergency Order to mobilize against dissent by collecting media (video and photos) and information on all dissenters, to be shared in their private networks, including with membership who are mercenaries working under contract with private security agencies affiliated with the FBI's INFRAGARD network.
* "Did pictures of Homeland Security vehicles near Ferguson get man fired?" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Police Killing of Teenager Michael Brown: Obama Administration Dispatches 100 FBI Agents to St. Louis, Missouri, Ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision" (2014-11-22) [ link] []. The FBI has been proven to create, aid, and protect "terrorist" operations in order to prove they are doing their job. Many bomb plots are shown to be connected to an undercover security agent or mercenary, and serves to vilify the target campaign, as the incident is publicized in the monpolist media as representing everybody associated with the campaign.
* "FBI arrests 2 New Black Panther members over alleged bombing plot in Ferguson – reports" (2014-11-22) [ link] []
* Examples of common reactions against the protesters in response to the Police snitch riot" can be found in the comments of a photo posted at MIX 94.1's facebook page, archived 2014-11-26 at []. The acts of violence are blamed on ALL of the protesters, or on ALL of the people of Ferguson, or blamed generally on Black people, while denying that such comments are racist, or plain stupid.
* "Ferguson grand jury: Hundreds in Oakland protest decision not to indict Wilson in Michael Brown's death" (2014-11-24) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: "All along, this has not been about the violence of the protesters. That's nonsense," said D'Andre Teter, who was among that crowd. "This is about the violence of the system. Regardless of the decision tonight, across the country, we have to build a movement. Black lives matter, Latino lives matter, all lives matter. (We need) to be able to build a movement, so that we can say, no more genocide in this country. Because what is happening when cops kill innocent people, that's genocide."
Pastor Nicholas Alexander, of Oakland's Do The Word Ministries, took a contrary view, saying that while he protested other police shootings of civilians, he believes Brown fought with Wilson over the officer's gun and the shooting was justified. He held a sign reading "Stop the violence" and condemned those he said were capitalizing on the shooting to commit violence and vandalism in Oakland. "Our message is that we don't appreciate these white organizations coming and speaking for our community," Alexander said. "If we felt that type of response was necessary, we'd be here ourselves." [end excerpt]
* "WATCH: Car runs over protesters during Michael Brown rally in Minneapolis" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "No Charges for Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
Account of an eyewitness to the execution of Michael Brown:
The boy backed up and ran ... and he got to a certain spot that was 25 to 30 feet, maybe more. And when he turned to face the officer he raised his hands but he didn't raise them all the way up. He raised them up and looked down like he was looking at his side ... and then he turned and faced the officer like, what happen? Why ya know? I don't know what was going through his mind, but if I had a guy shot I would have came like, why did you shoot me or whatever?
The officer exited the vehicle ... and he said "stop." Because the boy looked up at him and he took two steps, about two or three steps. Pow pow! He fired off about three rounds and he hit him. The boy kinda wiggled. And when he came back up he had the weirdest look on his face, and he started coming forward. Not like he was trying to attack him, it's like he was coming to him, like to plea with him, stop. The officer did say, 'stop, stop, stop.' Well after that third time, he let loose. And the boy was coming forward slowly. Real slowly.
But you could see he was hurt, 'cause he was like this. And rocking back and forth. He wasn't in an upright position, he was kinda hunched over. And as he was coming forward and he fired off the volley, he was falling ... He was walking forward but it was not in a menacing way ... he did not have to fire that last volley. That's what killed him, to me. Because he didn't look like he was ready. You know. To me and I'm going to say it, he was executed. He had made up his mind he was going to kill him. [end eyewitness account]
* "Michael Brown spent his last day with his friend Dorian Johnson. Here's what Johnson saw" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
Just some preliminary insight from Peace & Justice organizer Michael E. Kerr of Diablo Valley:
First: The long explanation by the prosecutor as to his presentation to the Grand Jury (GJ). He stated the GJ saw all the evidence. This is absurd. The GJ does not try a case. There is no cross examination to determine facts and witness credibility. The GJ should only be presented enough facts to get approval for an indictment to allow prosecution and a trial. This DA allowed the accused to testify and rated witness testimony without cross-examination and appears to have acted in a manner as to discourage an indictment. Indictment requests are almost automatic- in 2010 U.S. attorneys prosecuted 162,000 federal cases and declined to return an indictment in only 11 of them. Cases involving police shootings, however, seem to always be the exception with few indictments.
Second: There are reports of hundreds of police, the National Guard and some hundred FBI agents in the small community of Ferguson. Yet all this rioting, arson of cars and buildings was allowed to happen. It will be interesting if the people who did all this violence are arrested and prosecuted. It is well know that people working for the authorities often infiltrate, promote and facilitate violence at otherwise peaceful protests to cast negative opinions or create diversions from the serious issue that exposes corruption by authorities. It was also arranged to announce the GJ decision in the evening well after dark to provide cover for those causing violence. Why not announce decision in early morning hours, to allow calm and rational responses to take front and center media attention? Because the authorities wanted riots to be the major media attention promoted to the public.
* "Re: Ferguson", a personal message to lost friends and haters (2014-11-26) [ link], from a famous white musician in the racist Napa Valley.
* "Hysteria over Ferguson Grand Jury an Indictment of America" (2014-11-25)
[ link] []
* "Ferguson: Cover of Darkness, Rays of Light" (2014-11-25)
[ link] []
* "Ferguson Isn’t About Black Rage Against Cops. It’s White Rage Against Progress" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Media Part of Ferguson Story" (2014-11-25) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: CNN’s Chris Cuomo was seen reporting from the midst of a tear gas barrage as some form of ordinance appeared to be whizzing overhead. Cuomo said that police told reporters tear gas was not going to be used and that the “gas” was smoke bombs. But regardless there was a lot of “smoke,” "flash bangs" and bean bags. The St. Louis County Police Department later tweeted: “At appx 9:15p, tear gas was used on S. Florissant after smoke was unsuccessful in dispersing violent crowd. Smoke was used FIRST. #Ferguson” [end excerpt]

The Extra-Judicial Murders and "Social Cleansing" campaigns won't stop!
* "Two More 'Police Incidents,' Shrouded in Media Euphemism" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "St. Louis protesters demand justice for VonDerrit Meyers" (2014-11-24) [ link] []
A 12-year-old New African boy carrying a BB-gun was extra-judicially murdered by a Cleavland Police Officer. Articles listed at [].

* "Hundreds Block The Streets In Cleveland To Protest Police Killing 12 Year Old Boy" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "The Smear Campaign Against 12-Year-Old Killed by Cops Has Begun" (2014-11-27) [ link] []

Point an AR-15 against a Federal agent? Yes, conservative open-carry advocates did that, on film, and got away with it. Check out the articles listed at [] about the incident at Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Veterans & Supporters United Against Drone Warfare have issued 
As of November, 2014, GIs have the legal right to:
* Consult with a lawyer, civilian counselor or service, or a congressional office about a problem.
* Appeal any non-judicial punishment, discharge denial, or court-martial conviction.
* Say what you think and feel about the military, and participate in peaceful demonstrations, when you’re off duty, out of uniform, off-base, and in the USA.
* Protect yourself against racial, sexual, and sexual orientation harassment and discrimination.
* Protect yourself from assault by other military personnel.
* Request redress from your commanding officer for any grievance.
* Write a formal complaint against your commanding officer.

GIs don’t have the legal right to:
* Demonstrate on-base or breach law-and-order anywhere. You can’t take part in anything “when violence is likely to result.”
* Encourage violence or urge others to violate regulations, disobey lawful orders, desert, or refuse to do their jobs.
* Call high government officials names, including “fascist”, “thief”, “murderer”, “tyrant”, “fool”, or “gangster.”
* Join a labor union.
* Sue the military for monetary damages.

The GI Rights Hotline [] [877-447-4487]
National Lawyers Guild []
Courage to Resist []
Iraq Veterans Against the War []
Madres Contra la Guerra []
Service Women’s Action Network []
Veterans For Peace []
Vets 4 Vets []

* "War Abroad, War at Home: The Class Struggle in the United States Today", an interview with Alan Benjamin, International Liaison Committee (ILC), Oct. 23rd, 2014 [ link]

USA Fascism: Voter Purges and Managed "Democracy"
* "Jim Crow returns: Millions of minority voters threatened by electoral purge" (2014-10-29) [] []
* "The Secret Lists that Swiped the Senate" (2014-11-18) [ link] []

USA Fascism:
The New Jim Crow is fueled by the Drug War, whose ammunition are the illicit drugs sold by the Federal clandestine agencies and their associated private narcotic cartels, officially for the purpose of "fundraising" for secret wars around the world.
* "CIA Behind Hip-Hop’s Drug Fetish, Says Former Cocaine Kingpin Rick Ross; CIA, making billions off drug trade, uses hip-hop to keep demand for drugs high" 2014-11-21) [ link] [].
The CIA-Crack-Contra scandel of the 1980s, involving the man known as "Freeway" Rick Ross, can be best summed up in the following from "Overthrow" newspaper, 1987: "Ron Sells Crack to fund Contras".

Members of the Federal Executive Branch were involved remained involved through the next few decades...

* "Malware creator exposed, lessons learned, leaked docs" (2014-08-06) [ link] []. Hackers claim a 40GB trove of documents from supplier of surveillance technology to government agencies, and lessons are learned about how to protect our privacy.
* "Facebook Saves All The Stuff You Type, Even If You Never Post It" (2013-12-13) [ link] []
* "People Are Flipping Out Over This Super-Sophisticated Spy Software" (2014-11-25) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: An unusually sophisticated malware called “Regin” has attacked internet and telecommunications companies in 14 countries since 2008, Symantec and Kaspersky Labs said in separate reports. Although none of the reports named which nation-state is likely responsible for Regin, Re/code pointed to a couple reports (by The Intercept and the Germany magazine Der Spiegel) as hinting that the NSA and the UK’s intelligence agency GCHQ may have a hand in it. [end excerpt]

from the San Pablo Bay Ecological Preservation Association:
* "First they came for the Merced, now the Tuolumne?" [ link], describing the efforts in the California State Congress to destroy the ecology of large rivers.
* "In first, Ontario may regulate bee-killing pesticides" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "EPA Barred From Getting Advice From Scientists" (2014-11-22) [ link] []
* Do People Really Believe Them? We Don't. Chevron emits more mercury emissions than any other petroleum refinery in the San Pablo bay area.
* "Coastal Crabs in Survival Mode Under Climate Change" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Avoiding ecosystem collapse" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Aggressive conifer removal benefits Sierra aspen" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Grasshoppers signal slow recovery of post-agricultural woodlands, study finds" (2014-11-24) [ link] []
* Friends Of the River (FOR) has called for volunteers to help make comments on the Delta Tunnels public. It turns out that government agencies aren’t making written comments on the Tunnels available to the public so FOR took legal action to get the comments and putting them up on their website at: [ link]. They’ve posted several already, but they need help to post the rest to ensure a more informed public debate about the project. These comments helped convince state and federal agencies that this plan to divert more water from the San Francisco Bay-Delta through two giant tunnels has major problems. Planners are now revising the plan for re-release sometime in 2015 which will create another valuable opportunity for public comment.  People will be able to use these comments to prepare for the next round. The FOR asks that you consider signing up to volunteer for an hour or two at their office in Sacramento if you’re in the area.
* "Stop Phillips 66's explosive tar sands plan in California" petition (2014-11-18) []
The following is an article describing how the energy industry is producing propaganda that promotes exporting domestic energy resources. The claim that this practice has economic benefits is based on the discredited "trickle-down" theory of economics, the idea that the more money goes into private investors, the more money will be invested domestically.
* "Shots fired in U.S. oil export row" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
Many analysts are saying the energy companies have bought more influence in the Republic Party than in the opposition Democrat Party (in a Two-Party State, this is simple to do), and, coupled with the managed 2014 Federal Congressional elections granting the Republic Party an artificial victory, will see their special interests enabled above all priorities...
* "TransCanada: KXL delays make no sense" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "GOP vows to try again with Keystone XL when new Congress begins" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
Energy companies are aggressively promoting fracking in UKGB for export purposes.
* "Shale revolutionary for United Kingdom, company boss says" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Ineos in $1bn bid to become UK's biggest fracking firm" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Havasupai Tribe, Conservation Coalition Will Defend Grand Canyon From Uranium Industry Appeal; Uranium Companies Appeal Ruling That Banned New Mining Claims on 1 Million Acres Near Iconic Park" (2014-11-26) [ link] []

Recommended by San Pablo Bay Sovereignty think-tank:
* "Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Blu-Ray Disc Can be Used to Improve Solar Cell Performance" (2014-11-25) [ link] []

* "Bank Fraud and Mounting Household Debts in America: The Unspoken Victims of “Payday Loans' " (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "The Privatization of Detroit: Massive Termination of Water Services; Judge Refuses Reconsideration in Class Action Lawsuit to Halt Water Shut-offs. Bankruptcy plan designed to further impoverish Detroit residents" (2014-11-23) [ link] []

* "To Understand Ford-U.S., Study the Ford Empire" [ link] []

* "Incoming Nevada House speaker: ‘Simple minded darkies’ show ‘lack of gratitude’ to whites" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "Political Prisoners Seek Justice at UN Committee on Torture" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "New York Times tries to marginalize the left" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Arm Yourselves with Knowledge! Global Research vs. The New York Times" [ link], a subscription plea.
* “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” - David Rockefeller, Bilderberg, 1991 (emphasis added)

* "Meet the Fortune 500 Companies Funding the Political Resegregation of America" (2014-11-21) [ link] []

Crimes of Capitalism
* "The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup" (2013-05) [ link] []
* "Secretive Vaccine Court Exposed: Designed to Shield Manufacturers from Liability" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* " 'Robbed of Their Womanhood': Teens After Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Gardasil – Sweet 16 with Menopause…" (2014-11-21) [ link] []
* "Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Primary Ovarian Failure: Another Facet of the Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants" (2013-07-31) [] []: "We documented here the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. The increasing number of similar reports of post HPV vaccine-linked autoimmunity and the uncertainty of long-term clinical benefits of HPV vaccination are a matter of public health that warrants further rigorous inquiry."

* "Naming Names: Your Real Government" (2011) [ link] []
* "Do We Live on a One Party Planet? Introducing a new digital pamphlet designed to connect the dots on advanced-stage, 21st Century neoliberalism" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Countering the Corporate-Insurgency A guide to how the war for control is waged upon us, and 4 ways to fight back" [ link] []

from "WhoWhatWhy Now" newseltter, 2014-11-20 []:
To wit, who has an unfair advantage on Wall Street? Well, JPMorgan Chase is gaming the energy market and Goldman Sachs is rigging commodity markets. And Goldman’s deep ties to the New York Federal Reserve are also under the microscope thanks to a whistleblower’s release of taped conversations between Fed examiners and their Goldman buddies.
* " 'The Most Iconic Market in Global Capitalism Is Rigged' " (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "JPMorgan Power Market Influence Targeted in Senate Report" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Goldman Spars With Senators Over Its Aluminum Business" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Goldman, Fed Employees Busted For Illegally Sharing Confidential Information" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "New Scrutiny of Goldman’s Ties to the New York Fed After a Leak" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "The Carmen Segarra Tapes: Carmen Segarra secretly recorded 46 hours of audio while embedded as a bank examiner at Goldman Sachs between November 2011 and May 2012. These are some of her recordings" (2014-11-17) [ link] []

* "The Fix Is In Fed Stops Stock Slide with Talk of QE Extension" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "Permanent war economy of US: Part 2" (2014-11-21) [ link] [], an interview with Cindy Sheehen of the Soapbox People's Network, and resident of the San Pablo bay area, about the trillion dollar financing of the USA military for endless war.
* "Trotskyist-Type Revolutions Go On Without the World Even Knowing It" (2014-11-02) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: I think that most of the former American Trotskyists turned to neoconservative ideas. Those are the people like Irving Kristol and his song, people like Robert Kagan and all those elites who are forming the agenda of the contemporary American politics, regardless of which party is in power now. I mean, we had the neoconservative agenda during the administration of George W. Bush, of course. It was very open at that time.
But it is still continuing. We have people like Victoria Nuland, who was actually very active when it comes to the Ukrainian crisis. And she is the wife of Mr. Kagan who is one of the leaders of the neoconservative movement. Which means that the idea that lies behind the American policy, the American way of interfering in the foreign affairs, in the affairs of other countries is actually the same or it is quite similar.This is quite the way the Americans do their international politics since many years. I mean, on the one hand, they are claiming that they are a unique state which is the only one in the world. But, on the other hand, they try to impose all their values and also their way of thinking about the political system and the organization of the public life onto the other countries, doing it, of course, by force. And this is the ideological basis. Of course, we cannot forget about the interests which lie behind all those interventions in different places. Yes, of course, the modified Trotskism is behind all the activities of the US authorities all over the world. And the way of thinking which was presented by Trotsky in the past is still alive in the minds of the American political elites. And this is quite interesting, concerning that, on the one hand, the US is still rejecting all the leftist ideas of the 20th century, regarding them as communist or dangerous left-wing revolutionary ideas, but on the other hand, it uses very successfully the methods which were invented by Trotsky and other Trotskyists. So, in this case, it is just using the left-wing, perhaps, not ideology but methodology of revolutionary activities to achieve its own goals. [end excerpt]

* "Iraq War 4.0? Russians Invade Afghanistan (Again!), Chinese Fight Iraq War (Again!) What If It Weren’t Us?" (2013-11-25) [ link] []
* "Katherine Gun: the Spy Who Blew the Whistle, The Leak That Almost Stopped the Iraq War" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

Weapons of the New World Order:
* " ‘Cloaking’ device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles" (2014-09-25) [ link] []. Photo showing doctoral student Joseph Choi with a multidirectional 'perfect paraxial' cloak using 4 lenses.
* "A new approach to the delivery of satellites to orbit" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "The FBI Is Very Excited About This Machine That Can Scan Your DNA in 90 Minutes" (2014-11-20) [ link] []. The RapidHIT 200 can generate a DNA profile in about 90 minutes.
* "Japanese blueprint sees modern Atlantis spiral deep into ocean" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "Greenpeace says it's the target of aggression" (2014-11-21) [ link] []

Anti-Fascist Uprising in Mexico!
Thursday, Nov. 20th, Mexico City's central plaza is packed full of people protesting the government-sponsored massacre of 43 students. Protesters are burning President Enrique Peña Nieto in effigy and demanding his resignation, alleging his involvement with drug cartels in the kidnapping and killing of the students.
* Mexico: Resolution Adopted by the National Meeting of Resistance Movements, Nov. 20th  [ link]
Donate to the Emergency Fund-raising appeal for disappeared Mexican students [ link] [].
* "More Mass Graves in Mexican Search for Missing Students" (2014-11-23) [ link] []
* "Mexico’s Military & Political Class In The Eye of Ayotzinapa Storm" (2014-11-22) [ link] []
* "Mexican Military Threatens Intervention against Mass Protests" (2014-11-22) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: Thursday’s demonstrations took place in 30 cities across the country and were the largest since the normalistas disappeared after calling for improvements to rural education. José Luis Abarca, the mayor of Iguala, located in the state of Guerrero, responded to their initial protests by ordering local police to violently attack the student teachers, killing six and abducting 43.
The 43 were subsequently turned over to the notorious and state-connected drug gang, the Guerreros Unidos. Reports have emerged that the normalistas were tortured and then burned alive by members of the cartel.
Demonstrators called for the resignation of Peña Nieto, whose effigy was burned as thousands of onlookers cheered. The main speakers were the parents of the disappeared normalistas, who had traveled over 80 miles from Guerrero to make a national appeal.
“Today, the 20th of November, we celebrate the 104th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution,” said Felipe de la Cruz, a father of one of the disappeared. “If we are halted here, it is because the governing class has mutilated our Constitution for their benefit and to justify their acts.”
The government had earlier announced the cancellation of its own Revolution Day parade on account of the expected demonstrations—an act that is itself a significant indication of growing political crisis.
Not only Peña Nieto and his Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), but all the major political parties are in one way or another implicated in the massacre. Both the mayor of Iguala (Abarca) and the governor of Guerrero are members of the oppositional PRD, with close ties to drug gangs. The party of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as MORENA) backed Abarca and has other ties to officials implicated in the massacre.
All the major parties have also backed Peña Nieto’s “Pact for Mexico,” aimed at introducing free market “reforms” and restructuring the economy to benefit the ruling class and foreign capital.
As the Mexican ruling class prepares to suppress social opposition domestically, it can count on the full support of its counterparts in the United States.
In a February 2014 press conference with President Peña Nieto held in Toluca, Mexico, US President Barack Obama touted “our shared commitment to democratic values and human rights” and praised the “enormous sacrifices” made by the Mexican security forces in the fight against drug cartels.
While the US has remained largely silent about the normalistas, US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki addressed the Ayotzinapa massacre earlier this month, urging “all parties to remain calm throughout the process,” as though peaceful demonstrators and those responsible for the murder of the normalistas stood on equal ground. Noting that the US government is “concerned about the tensions on the ground,” Psaki added the US was “engaged, also, closely with officials there.” This, no doubt, includes top officials in the Mexican military. [end excerpt]
Solidarity with the "Zapatista" Good Government and the EZLN in southern Mexico!
Successfully defending the people against death-squads and narcotic cartels for over a generation!
Artwork by Jose Martinez (2014, Vallejo)

World Fascism Watch: 
The three governments proposing the "Alliance for Prosperity" Plan in Central America will create a "high level group" to begin the execution of the Plan, and the USA-funded USAID, representing the USA Chamber of Commerce, will support it's technical staff. The Plan was presented by USA Vice-President Joe Biden. Source in Spanish [ link] []

World Fascism Watch: Honduras
* "Priest defending human rights in Honduras: I am prepared to die" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
Photo showing Republic of Honduras dictator JOH with his ally and benefactor Hilary Clinton, original at [].
MADJ denounces the failure of IACHR special protective measures to really protect Honduran human rights defenders.
(1) [ link] [], (2) [MovimientoAmplioDignidadyJusticia link] [].
"Presente-Honduras Digest", Vol 37, Issue 41, 2014-11-21:
* Things are heating up at the Honduran National Police: Some days back the journalist Felix Molina analyzed the current in-fights between the National Police Force and the Military Police, in which he also mentioned the weakening position of the head of police Ramon Sabill?n. He couldn't have been more right as JOH announced yesterday his replacement with Felix Villanueva. Before this announcement, Libre published a press release on the failed militarization strategy of the current government. Sources in Spanish (1) [ link] [], (2) [ link] [], (3) [ link] [].
Presente-Honduras Digest, Vol 37, Issue 38, 2014-11-19:
* This was sent from Ana Rivera, the Secretary of Communication of LIBRE [begin message]: To all hondurans that are still in struggle to reverse the coup and the militarization in the actual regime, we share this moments of all of us walking for one cause: liberty, dignity and independence. Tomorrow we will mobilize again in Choluteca to protest against Charter Cities and the militarization of society. We are sending you a 5:36 min production made by Chakana Proyect in 2012 during the 3er anniversary of the coup. Watch here: [ link]
* According to El Libertador, Congress gave a coup d' grace to the National Police by raising the Military Police to constitutional level. Source in Spanish [ link] [].
* More than 3000 health workers could be laid off, some of them just because the government failed to correctly register their transfers to other parts of the country. Source in Spanish [ link] [].
* Dina Meza reports on the criminalization campaign against students at the UNAH. Apparently, the accused students weren't even allowed to have a lawyer representing them. Sources in Spanish (1) [ link] [], (2) [ link] []

* "Conference on the social struggle in Chile and militant defense tools" (2014-11-22) [ link] []

* "Venezuelan Trade Union Congress Proposes Industrial and Economic Strategy" (2014-11-17) [ link] []
* "28 New Laws to Stimulate Production and Disarm Monopolies in Venezuela" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Venezuela Puts $4 Billion China Loan in Foreign Reserves, Signs Major Oil Deal with Russia" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "2013 Video Shows Leopoldo Lopez Strategizing for Maduro’s Ouster with Miami-Venezuelans" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Unasur Bids Maduro Seek Economic Solutions, Colombia Suspends Mercosur Visas to Venezuelans" (2014-11-11) [ link] []
* "Cuba in Transition: A Socialism for the 21st Century" (2014-06-19) [ link] []
* " ‘West has no idea what a dictatorship is’ – Che Guevara’s daughter" (2014-11-21) [ link] []

* "Slovenia – uprising in Europe – what happened next?" [ link] []

* "Spanish Military Prepares for Domestic Repression" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "France - Repression, Faced with public anger, the government muzzles and police knocks" (2014-11-17) [ link] []
* "Anticapitalist against the extreme right" (2014-11-22) [ link] []
* Account of a delegation to the French Overseas Ministry concerning Anti-trade union repression in Guadeloupe, France, Oct. 23rd, 2014 [ link] []

* "US, Canada, and Ukraine Reject Russia’s Anti-Nazi Proposal" (2014-11-22) [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: A Russian proposal condemning all glorification of Nazi ideology and denial of Nazi war crimes was passed by the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee. Of the 173 countries voting, 115 of them said yes and 55 abstained. The only three countries to vote against the bill were the United States, Canada, and Ukraine. In addition to condemning Nazi ideals and denial of crimes, the resolution also targets the depiction of Nazi’s as fighters for nationalist movements. This could create the image of heroes, which the document aims to avoid. [end excerpt]

Cold War: Union of Novorossiya versus the fascist Republic of Ukraine and USA
* "DPR to Lay Claims Over Whole Donetsk Region's Territory" (2014-11-23) [ link] []
* "Ukraine: Who Is Pushing for a Generalized War?" (2014-11-25) [ link]
* "All-Out War in Ukraine: NATO’s ‘Final Offensive’ " (2014-11-21) [ link] []
* "U.S. increasing non-lethal military aid to Ukraine" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "The Pentagon’s 'Non-Lethal Military Aid' Will be Used to Kill Civilians in East Ukraine" (2014-11-23) [ link] []
* "US Republican Warmongering on Ukraine" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "6,000 Ukrainian Jews Maybe Granted Israeli Citizenship while West supports Nazi Parties" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis; Rep. John Conyers wanted to block U.S. funding to neo-Nazis in Ukraine. But the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to help." (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: “Right Sector” Leader Dmitriy Yarosh" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings" (2014-03-03) [ link] []
* "Interview with a Ukrainian anarcho-communist 'Anarchists have become the main obstacle to anarchy' " (2014-11-22) [ link] []

* The New World Order of 'Neoliberal Globalization'. "Russia at the Crossroads" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "The Sources of Russian Conduct; The New Case for Containment" (2014-11-16) [ link] []
* "Russia invades Ukraine. Again. And again. And yet again … using Saddam’s WMD" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "West touting ‘classified’ evidence to avoid impartial MH17 investigation" (2014-11-14) [ link] []
* "NATO sees 'very serious' Russian military Ukraine build-up" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "NATO reports 400 intercepts of Russian aircraft in 2014" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Whispers about Russia's so-called 'satellite killer' grow louder" (2014-11-18) [ link] []
* "Calling Russia 'Loathsomely Misogynistic' is Misguided" (2014-11-21) [ link] []

The State of Israel is a central coordinator for the security USA/EU alliance. Here is another example of what is also shown in California, the USA Federal security agencies, and elsewhere:
* "Israeli Involvement in Britain’s National Security" (2014-11-21) [ link] []

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, an ally of USA/EU and Israel that, since 2011, hosted the training camps for Islamic death-squads for war against the people within Syria, is being allowed to develop nuclear technology and uranium resources for capitalist investment and export. This is in contrast to the war by USA/EU and Israel against the Islamic Republic of Iran to prevent the same from happening there.
* "Jordan says able to export uranium by 2020" (2014-11-24) [ link] []

* "SOLIDARITY OF ROJAVA - Kobanê, nearly two months of resistance", machine translation distributed 2014-11-18 at [ link] []
* "ANARCHISTES SOLIDAIRES DU ROJAVA: "WE HAVE ESSENTIALLY DEVELOPED A STATELESS DEMOCRACY" Interview with Salih Muslim", machine translation distributed 2014-11-17 at [ link] []
* "Syria to revive Middle East’s biggest Industrial Zone as Army consolidates Sovereignty" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "CNN: Libyan "Rebels" Are Now ISIS" (2014-11-19) [ link] []
* "NATO's War on Syria Just Got Dirtier" (2013-12-11) [ link] []
* "US Unveils Iraq WMD 'Curveball-Style' Lies Vs. Syria; As NATO terror front collapses in Syria, US attempts to justify intervention by drumming up familiar WMD lies" (2013-04-26) [ link] []

* "De-Dollarization: Is BRICS a Viable Alternative to the U.S. Dominated World Economic System?" (2014-11-22) [ link] []
* "China central bank cuts interest rates in surprise move" (2014-11-21) [ link] []
* "Towards a New Joint Global Currency? Putin Calls Upon Washington 'Not to Meddle in Russian Affairs' " (2014-11-24) [ link] []
* "BRICS and the SCO challenge U.S. global dominance" (2014-11-01) [ link] []
* "China unveils energy strategy, targets for 2020" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "China eyes investments in Slovenia infrastructure" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Russia's Gazprom keen on Vietnamese gas reserves" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
The following are examples of how China views the current USA-sponsored uprising in Hong Kong.
* "China is on to U.S. regime change tactics" (2014-11-17) [ link] [].
* "Hong Kong's People Have Spoken - End the Protests" (2014-11-20) [ link] [].
* "Hong Kong police spray protesters, arrest 80 in bid to clear street" (2014-11-25) [ link] []. China has dealt with, on average, 10,000 social disturbances a year throughout the last 10 years, with repression at varying degrees but without media attention on the monopolist news. The reaction to the social disturbances in Hong Kong is comparable to the USA treatment of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street related social disturbances. While this is indictment on the USA, this is also either an indicator about how China actually has treated its protesters or that the reaction has been toned down because of the monopolist news media being present in Hong Kong in accordance to that jurisdictions "special status" not given to regions within the majority of China's jurisidction.
The EEU/SCO has stabilized the regional market of Eurasia, and and has therefore stabilized the governments of the area. The USA's wars in Eurasia did much to unite the region.
* "Iran secures gas from Turkmenistan" (2014-11-19) [ link] [].
* "Iran offers assurances to trading partners" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "North Korea's Real Hunger; My Time at an Elite Pyongyang Boarding School" (2014-11-13) [ link] [], an article written for diplomats and bankers of the USA by a clandestine agent posing as an English teacher at an upper-education school in northern Korea. She reports that the only hunger she could see is for knowledge, and complains about the "prison atmosphere" of the security department at the school, which appears similar to public high-schools and colleges across the USA.

* "Extremists Flourish in Abe's Japan" (2014-11-20) [ link] []

* "Libya Then and Now: An Overview of NATO’s Handiwork" (2014-11-22) [GlobalResearch.cavlink] []

* "The Vietnam Wars", 1998 by Edwin E. Moïse [ link] []

Protect our intelligent non-Human neighbors!
* "Great apes facing 'direct threat' from palm oil farming" (2014-11-20) [ link] []
* "Cambodian capital's only working elephant to retire in jungle" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Rare albino dolphin captured in Japan's 'Cove' " (2014-11-25) [ link] []

from the Committee for the Study of History and the Current Context:
Life of lower-income people in the USA is an extension of the values of the private economic dictatorship. During the 1930s, a few monopolist holding companies were able to organize for profit by engineering war in Europe and famine in the USA, leading to the majority of the People to support a move towards economic democracy. After the coup against the socialist Vice-President Wallace in Sept. 1944, and the death (murder) of President Franklin Roosevelt in March, 1945, monopolists in the USA began a process of fascism in the homeland against women, artists, and captive nations while actively supporting fascist government worldwide...

Studies in Conservative ideologies:
* "Consent of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined" video at [ link]
* "Flags of our movement" (2009) [] showing examples of historical flags used by participants in conservative "Constitutionalist" movements across the USA.

California: The Loss of  Reservation Lands (1852 to 1968)

Message from the Free West Papua Campaign [] [] []:
*1st December-FREE WEST PAPUA CAMPAIGN DEMONSTRATION* to be held outside the Indonesian Embassy in London, United Kingdom. 38 Grosvenor Square, 12:00-14:00
Following our announcements of a global flag raising and demonstration for a Free West Papua on 1st December, we will also be holding a demonstration outside the Indonesian Embassy in the UK. The West Papuan flag was first raised on December 1st 1961 with the promise of full independence exactly 9 years later.
West Papuans still regard this as their independence day and every year demonstrations, flag raisings and protests are carried out all around the world for the freedom of the West Papuan people.
For anyone who can make it to the demo in London on 1st December, please do come and show your support. We will raise the West Papuan national flag and call for a FREE WEST PAPUA
The demonstration will take place from 12:00-14:00, please bring flags, banners, placards and HOPE for West Papua
A message from Peace Movement Aotearoa []:
You are invited to join us on Monday, 1 December 2014 at 1pm, at parliament, Wellington, to fly the Morning Star flag in solidarity with the people of West Papua.
West Papua has been occupied by the Indonesian military since it was handed over, against the will of the indigenous population, to Indonesia in 1963. For the past fifty years, the people of West Papua have been subjected to gross human rights violations including rape, torture, cultural genocide, murder and massacre - more than 100,000 West Papuans have been killed. Many live in exile because it is not safe for them to go home.
Multi-national corporations in cahoots with the Indonesian authorities have exploited West Papua's natural resources to an extraordinary degree. This has caused massive social dislocation, devastation of rain forests, pollution of streams and rivers on which the local people depend for their survival, and serious human rights violations in areas where multinationals operate.
1 December is West Papua Independence Day, the anniversary of the 1961 West Papuan Declaration of Independence from Dutch colonial rule. In West Papua, people mark Independence Day in a variety of ways, including raising the Morning Star (the West Papuan flag) - despite the threat of arrest and murder. In previous years, the Indonesian military and police have responded with increased violent oppression around this day, arresting and killing those they perceive as pro-independence activists. West Papua Independence Day is marked by solidarity events around the world, including here in Aotearoa New Zealand.
This year we are marking West Papua Independence Day in Wellington on Monday, 1 December, at 1pm at parliament - during the solidarity gathering there will be an opportunity to write a personal message in support of justice, peace and self-determination for West Papua.
The principal mining company operating in West Papua is Freeport McMoran.
In West Papua Freeport operates the world's largest goldmine which is funding the genocide in West Papua. This mine:
*Is Indonesia's biggest taxpayer and GDP contributor
*Pays the Indonesian military over $3 MILLION dollars a year to kill and evict local Papuans
*Pumps over 238,000 TONNES of toxic waste into the local river system EVERY DAY
More information about mining in West Papua can be found here: []
The KNPB Chairperson of the Nabire Region, Sadrak Kudai is photographed here very recently, behind bars with a fellow prisoner.
Simply for attending a peaceful gathering in support of the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) launching in West Papua, Sadrak and his friends were shot, tortured and imprisoned by the Indonesian police.
They desperately need international advocacy and pressure for their release. Please contact the Nabire Prison authorities
Lapas Klas IIb Nabire, Jalan Padat Karya, Nabire 98801
on +62 098421870,
And ask them to immediately release Sadrak Kudai and all Papuans arrested for peacefully demonstrating on 19th November
You are a voice for them when theirs has been taken
Thank you

Timorese people raise the West Papuan flag in Timor-Leste / East Timor!  This great photo was sent into us yesterday (2014-11-19) by a friend from Timor-Leste.
The message of our people is being spread right around the world including from our brothers and sisters in Timor-Lester who experienced the same genocide and illegal Indonesian occupation as we are experiencing now. Timor-Leste was finally freed from Indonesian occupation, so too will West Papua. A luta continua! Free West Papua!

The Black Rider Liberation Party asks that you support their
[] []
The Black Rider Liberation Party is a general membership organization with the Huey P Newton Gun Club, advocating for the right to self-defense for the community, the expansion of open-carry ordinances, organized community patrols, and proper gun safety trainings.

On Saturday, May 25th, 2013, the Hampton Institute was launched with hopes of contributing to the broad movement for social and economic justice by creating a platform for working class folk to comment, analyze and theorize on important (and sometimes complex) matters.
Our founding members, realizing the need for a rebirth (or birth, depending on how you look at it) of working-class-rooted analysis, came together with a humble goal of fitting into a movement that has been courageously prodded along by grizzled stalwarts of activism, a host of alternative media hubs, and a newly-emerging resistance stemming from Occupy Wall Street.

"The Russian Revolution and the struggle to end exploitation of people by people", listen [ link], download [mp3 link at]: Brian Becker, a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, explains the Marxist perspective on the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union, and the gains, challenges and contradictions facing the first socialist government in a world dominated by imperialism. This interview is one part of a larger PSL educational series.

The War Has Come Home:
The weapons companies are selling the idea of a militarized police to make money. This won't stop. The private prisons have a deal with the state to guarantee incarceration rates. Innocent people are kidnapped by the state security agencies to meet the private prison quota. Human Rights and Justice campaigns are being attacked viciously, while police agents agitate for violence among the protesters to justify repression.

Rebel Diaz "Which Side Are You On?", performed at "Bend the Bars with Beats," a free all-ages show on August 3, 2013 at Freedom Square (the outdoor venue for The Sanctuary for Independent Media) in Troy NY.


Black Friday Acton at Wal-Mart
Friday, Nov. 28, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
North Bay Jobs with Justice, Sonoma County National Organization of Women, and the North Bay Labor Council will cosponsor a Black Friday action at the Rohnert Park Wal-Mart. There will be Black Friday actions at more than 2150 Walmart stores nationwide. The demands of our action are:
1) No Walmart Super Center in Rohnert Park
2) $15 an hour minimum wage for all Walmart workers
3) Full-time work for all Walmart employees who want more hours and regular/predictable schedules for all Walmart workers
4) End gender discrimination at Walmart (pay and promotion)
5) Wal-Mart must respect the right of workers to organize a union
Wal-Mart, 4625 Redwood Dr. Rohnert Park

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