Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Sonoma County Doctor's Group allowed to deny help, torture, and murder disabled patient!"

"Local Santa Rosa, CA Malpractice Company ENCOURAGES continued 'patient-blacklisting / patient-MURDER' after Prop 46 lost on Tues."
2014-11-05 from Friends of Santa Rosa Special Education Teacher Bobbie Jenke,
P.O. Box 3454 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 []
STOP Sanctioned MURDER and Patient-Blacklisting by "Profit-driven Malpractice Companies" and their doctors at a LOCAL Policy LEVEL!
Today in Santa Rosa: The Medical Malpractice INDUSTRY is flexing its wealthy, demonic muscles here in Santa Rosa, CA after the defeat yesterday of Prop 46.
When Bobbie Jenke tried to see a pulmonologist who her primary care doctor referred her to, she was REFUSED an appointment. His staff told her that they belong to "Northern California Medical Associates"(a MALPRACTICE company) who is refusing her access to ANY of their long list of specialists in Santa Rosa, CA and elsewhere. She called back, requesting more information, and the pulmonologist, Dr. James Marco Steele, got on the phone and started YELLING at Bobbie. She was NOT unprofessional, she just wanted help and more information about why he would not see her, and she tried to explain her side of NCMA's blacklisting. Dr. Steele yelled and yelled at Ms. Jenke on the telephone. Jenke recollects that he was stating things like "I can never call him again! He was going to have his attorney brother-in-law write a restraining order against me, and that he has heard so many things about me by the Medical Board..." etc.
Folks, disabled teacher Jenke has such grave surgical damage that she can't breathe anymore at night, and she need LOTS of HELP with PULMONOLOgy and more. In one of her records reviewed by a pulmonologist who has not seen Bobbie, but who analyzed her past sleep studies taken years ago, it states that Ms. Jenke has "chronic REM-related apnea and hypoxemia (lack of oxygen) due to her diaphragm paralysis." This paralysis occurred during her 2004 T.O.S. surgery by Dr. G. James Avery at one of Sutter Health's hospitals called CA Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Yet, Bobbie has been "BLACKLISTED" as a patient in Santa Rosa and elsewhere from getting both evaluations and treatments of her surgical complications. Sutter Health shifted the burden of the damage they did to Bobbie onto the taxpayers of this state and the U.S. in the form of Medicare and Medicaid while they were paid to HARM her.
Her surgeon, Dr. G. James Avery lied about every dangerous risk of his surgery by grossly minimizing all the risks to far below 10%. Bobbie was not given the opportunity to give INFORMED CONSENT prior to her surgery. And after she awoke in unmitigated pain, paralysis, barely able to get a breath, she was further punished by her surgeon in sadistic ways, including verbal and medical abuse. Today, Bobbie often can BARELY breathe or speak during the day now also, or stand, or talk on the phone, or sit up due to weakness.
Do you know why "Northern CA Medical Associates" blacklisted her as a patient in 2007?  Because Bobbie reported one of their Doctors, Dr. Lawrence Cooper, who she felt treated her with disdain and recklessness to the CA Medical Board on the recommendation of a local pharmacist. Dr. Cooper had prescribed SIX milligrams per day of Ativan for Bobbie, but she was only taking ONE and HALF milligrams per day. She realized Dr. Cooper had made a mistake, and she told her pharmacist she was concerned about the large dosage he had prescribed to her.
The pharmacist was IMMEDIATELY alarmed upon seeing the SIX milligrams per day prescription of Ativan written by Dr. Cooper, and so he called Dr. Cooper to try to request he change the dosage amount. Dr. Cooper REFUSED! The pharmacist called Bobbie back and was VERY upset, and to her recollection, the pharmacist told her that this doctor should be reported to the CA Medical Board. Perhaps even the pharmacist reported him, reports Jenke.
So, due to Bobbie's knowledge of this particular medication, and especially due to an astute and concerned pharmacist, Ms. Jenke escaped probable DEATH by overdose by Dr. Lawrence Cooper.
And the penalty for taking action on her own behalf and on behalf of the safety of all of Dr. Cooper's patients, Bobbie was "discharged" by Norther California Medical Associates, the malicious Sonoma County malpractice company that Dr. Cooper belonged(s) to. Ms. Jenke noticed later that the CA Medical Board did give Dr. Cooper a "public reprimand" on his record, listed at their website, but that has since been taken down.
In all of the computers of all of the providers/members of Northern CA Medical Associates, Ms. Bobbie Jenke is told that she is BLACKLISTED and cannot get an appt. Please see how many specialists are members of NCMA at []. And please see the website Ms. Jenke had to design in 2007 after repeated denials of care in Santa Rosa, CA and elsewhere following her 2004 mutilating surgery in San Francisco, [] under "blacklisting" part.
Ms. Jenke states that she is being MURDERED by negative rumors in the local and regional medical community, by computer/electronic patient-Blacklisting, and by premeditated DENIAL of Medical care by Sutter Health Affiliates (their CPMC hospital that mutilated her), The Doctors Company and NCMA (malpractice companies who are profit-driven and insure physicians (stating also that they are "Physician owned"), and by their many M.D. Specialists she needs to SAVE or survive her life or at least REDUCE her suffering as a very disabled single woman in Santa Rosa who lives tortured by UNTREATED surgical damage!
Representatives of Santa Rosa, California, please STOP allowing the torture and murder of Santa Rosa Patients! Sonoma County Board of Supervisors- PLEASE STOP allowing DENIAL of care for patients who HAVE Medicare and Medicaid coverage, but are being LEFT TO SUFFER AND DIE!
You are indeed sanctioning MURDER in your county!! Do something to STOP IT! today! For all patients in your community suffering every day, and ones who have died and will die, please do something TODAY!!!
Friends of Ms. Bobbie Jenke,
CA Special Educator, B.A. Community Health Education,
Surgically/Medically harmed/ disabled and then left to die
[] and on You Tube

P.S. Much of the "medical provider" bad-mouthing about Bobbie started at Kaiser Permanente HMO, after they paid for a FAILED/BOTCHED surgery in TX by a Dr. Nath in 2000 and even before that see attached report of SLANDER of Ms. Jenke by Kaiser Permanente from Dr. Rahul K. Nath of Houston, TX on this attached medical document by Dr. Nath.
Please view Bobbie's website [] and [] and you tube videos that show you her suffering.
Also review HOW patients are BLACKLISTED by the Medical Community at []

-------- Forwarded Message --------
"Terrible Tuesday", 2014-11-05 from []:
$100 million spent by insurance companies against our two pro-consumer initiatives, coupled with an historic low voter turnout, was a recipe for consumers to lose Tuesday night.
The defeat of California Propositions 45 and 46 are a sobering reminder of the power of big corporate money in California politics when the electorate is not engaged. A mere 5 million Californians voted Tuesday, dwarfing even the worst voter turnout estimates. The insurance companies' barrage of negative advertising suppressed the vote and drove voters away from the polls.
The consumer rip-offs by health insurance companies targeted in Prop 45, and the threats to patients' safety addressed by Prop 46, are profound problems that will not go away.
We will not give up the fight until justice is done on both fronts.
The insurance companies may have the money, but we have the truth: More must be done to rein in price gouging insurance companies and a medical-insurance complex unaccountable to injured patients, including those who suffer at the hands of impaired doctors.
The public wants protections against excessive rates, but insurance companies spent $57 million on deceptive advertising that hid their role in opposing Prop 45 and lied about its impact. Insurance price gouging is going to intensify without Proposition 45's protections.
Health insurance companies cannot hide from rate regulation in California forever. We will continue to expose health insurance company profiteering and make the case with the public and the legislature for health insurance companies to be as accountable for the rates they charge as business, home and auto insurance companies are.
The fight for greater patient safety will go on too in the court of public opinion, the regulatory process, the legislature, the courts and, if need be, the initiative process.
The families of innocent victims of negligence deserve access to justice. All Californians deserve to know they are safe from drunk, high and negligent physicians. We won't rest until patients are protected. Our efforts generated widespread acknowledgment of these problems that have been ignored for the better part of four decades in California.
The fight for the patient and consumer protections embodied in Props 45 and 46 is just beginning. We will continue that battle.
Insurance companies will be accountable for their rip-offs and for medical negligence. Consumers will have their day. Justice will be done.

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