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Nov. 6th Northbay Uprising radio news

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* Links to archival servers, which preserve a webpage even if the original website is taken offline. Learn more at "Archive-It: Crawling the Web Together" [ link] [].
* A "Geopolitical" method of providing the current context, mixing politics, economics, history, geography, and science to understand global trends and domestic situations. Learn more: "Geopolitics makes a global comeback" [ link] [].

Support Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
Listen in to the message of the "Black Ridah Anthem" [ link]!
Black Riders Liberation Party: "New generation Black Panthers, We Ride for Total Liberation, We protect our people by any means!"
The Northbay Movement for a Democratic Society is moving forward with a positive program to bring knowledge to the community about the power of unity to overcome economic and political captivity, and provide the means to resist a regime of human-rights abuse, a legacy of those old Jim Crow laws in place throughout the USA up through the 1960s, and of the older order of slavery that ended in the 1860s, with a dominant culture and a captive nation of workers.

* Justice through Education, Saturday, Nov. 21st, 6pm at 717 Marin st. in Vallejo, with the Solano Peace, Justice and Freedom Coalition, advocating for solutions through education for our neighbors locked up in these prison torture facilities and slave-labor centers called "prisons" (read about prison labor []).
* The Northbay MDS and Friends of the Northbay Uprising will be appearing at venues across the bay area, providing illuminations on history and current context, with solutions on how we can unite in a plurinational community alliance to address the situation.
* The Northbay MDS asks that YOU show your Solidarity with the People by displaying the Red-Black-Green colors of the flag of liberation, for the soul of a captive nation!

Photo: "Panther Pride" with Fly Benzo, Community Liberation leader, Hunter's Point, San Francisco.

* "Mobilization Needed Now More Than Ever to Win Justice for Michael Brown!", 2014-10-28 from "Labor Fightback Network" [ link]
* "Ferguson protester: No one can find the bullet police say they didn’t fire into my head" (2014-11-04) [ link] []
* "Black Open Carry Protesters Are Marching Against Police Brutality, and the Media Is Silent" (2014-10-17) [ link] []

Know Your History
* "100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!" (2014-11-01) [ link] []

* "Activist & Rapper Facing Decades in Prison after being railroaded by the Justice System; Identified by Shade of Skin & Handcuffs, Ceebo Tha Rapper Facing 4-24 Years in Prison" (2014-10-30) [ link] []

* "Benton Harbor Frame-Up Trial Targets Nationally Known Freedom Fighter" (2014-10-29) [ link] []
UPDATE Pinkney Verdict: Guilty (Without Evidence)
An all-white jury convicted Rev. Edward Pinkney today on 5 felony counts of forgery.  (Alleged voter fraud: changing dates on mayoral recall petitions.)
During the trial last week the judge and prosecutor told the jury multiple times that people can be convicted WITHOUT evidence.
Call Pinkney if you can. 269-925-0001

Resist Systematic Human-Rights Abuse!
* "Twelve Ways Jim Crow is Winning in 2014" (2014-10-31) [ link] [].
* "NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man" (2014-09-05) [ link] []
* "Alabama school system paid former FBI agent $157,000 to spy on black students" (2014-11-02) [ link] []
* "Black Conservative: Slavery Was Better For Black People Than Liberals’ Laws" (2014-10-29) [ link] []
* "Marching Through Occupied Oxford" (2014-08-09) [ link] [], showing Black members of a "Southern Pride" group defending the Confederate Flag. The same website which is proud to show the photos of the action, also has a page where it said “Negro rule is destructive to civilization – history proves this. There is no debate about it; it is a fact.”
* "Negros in the Ku Klux Klan" [ link] [], describing that in the 1870s, the old KKK recruited twenty thousand Negro (Black) members to influence the larger nation against the equality programs put in place by the victorious Federal government after the War of Northern Aggression against the Confederate States, 1861 to 1865. Being favored, these Negro KKK Members were given protection and financial support, laying the foundation for today's "conservative" Black leadership.
* "There Were in Fact Blacks Who Joined the KKK: C.L. Bryant's Speech at FreePac" (2012-08-10) [ link] []
* "Five US Presidents were members of the Ku Klux Klan" [].
* Photo of a #‎FergusonFriday‬ solidarity protest at the University of Pennsylvania, 2014-10-24, showing people dressed as representations of Slavery (right), Jim Crow law (middle), and "the New Jim Crow" incarceration system of today (left).

Our Elders have said again, and again, that Jim Crow never left, but is here, alongside us.
A conservative editor at an "Atlanta Jewish newspaper calls for Obama assassination" (2012-01-22) [ link] [], and yet, he has not been persecuted, his statement was in the context of casual acceptence among his society of fellow conservatives, and he is a dual citizen with a foreign state whose current leader claims to "Speak Republican Party" when referring to his favorite political party in the USA which happens to be funded in-part by his billionaire friend Shel Adelson, read [ link] [] & [ link] []. They are adherents to an ideology that is hostile to human rights for people not of their racial self-identification, especially those of African descent [ link] [].

The old "Jim Crow" regime is part of how USA history is taught around the world, becoming a reference point for democracy movements, as shown in "Anger in Hong Kong as protesters compared to slaves" (2014-11-01) [].

The "New Jim Crow" is part of a systematic regime of human rights abuse targeting people of lower income, and communities of color, as an expression of an ideology rooted in profit over people.
Nicole, a Detroit mother of three, sent us a message asking for help after the city shut off her water 6 weeks ago and hasn't turned it back on despite paying her bill. Detroit is shutting off water to 40% of residents to prepare the water system for a corporate buyout. She kindly asked us to share her plea for help, and we are asking you to do the same and stop this human rights crisis. Donate water, water coolers, and other essential items: []
For more ways you can help, contact Detroit Water Brigade: [] [].

The cultural values of Jim Crow persist, and is publicly accommodated by through political discourse:
* "South Carolina exit poll asks whether 'blacks are getting too demanding' over equal rights" (2014-11-06) [ link] []
* "Exit Poll Angers Some SC Voters" (2014-11-05) [ link] []

"8 Black Pastors Whose Net Worth is 200 Times Greater Than Folks in Their Local Communities" (20014-06-26) pg.1 [ link] [], pg.2 [ link] [], pg.3 [ link] [], pg.4 [ link] []

Paul Robeson, a New African (Black) man the USA who sacrificed everything to help defeat an absolute race-based tyranny in the USA, was a leader in the original communist party. For this reason, the White nationalists in the Republican Party want to censor his legacy.
* "College Republicans campaign to take Paul Robeson's name off library at Rutgers-Camden" (2010-10-09) [ link] [].
Adherents to the Republican Party are hostile to human rights and economic democracy, while supporting a massive military campaign against civilians living within jurisdictions governed by competing ideologies. But they can always say "at least we aren't as bad as the communists, they killed 150 million people", despite the fact that this is not only a lie, but these people support an economic system that is currently starving around 1 BILLION people across the world through, for example, price manipulations of basic grains (read more about this at []). More about the political values exhibited by Republican Party elsewhere on this page.

Vilification of the Black Muslim in the USA:
* "Seven arrested in raid on Black Muslim Temple in Oakland" (2014-10-21) [ link] []. The article shows a criminal case against a organization formerly known as "Your Black Muslim Bakery", a community institution since the 1960s providing self-help for Black people in the San Francisco Bay Area, but whose leadership had shown criminal practices which lead to their persecution. This article does nothing to balance its coverage of the situation, and does not have commentary from any Black Muslims about how they feel concerning this situation, and the article may be intended to convince a reader that ALL Black Muslims are represented by the actions described in the article.
Renowned Black Muslims of North America include Malcom Shabazz and his grandson (peace be upon them), Muhammad of the NOI (he still lives), and a 300 year history that includes folklore of the early 1800s anti-slave rebellions. Today, from among their faith, we have seen well regarded community leaders come forward, like Minister Keith Muhammad, and members of the BRLP in Oakland, to defend the People!
Learn more about the Muslim legacy in our Americas!
* "Muslims In The Americas Before Columbus" [ link] []
* "The African, and Muslim, Discovery of America – Before Columbus" [ link] []

"Criminal Neglect: The Death of Thomas Eric Duncan", and the economics of Ebola (2014-10-23) from "Labor Fightback Network" [ link]

The original letter from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, 2014-10-03, explaining their "constitutional duty" to put a mentally disturbed officer back into service:

"Free Puerto Rican Prisoner of War Norberto Gonzalez Claudio Now!" []

* "The Ghost of 'Dark Alliance' : A new movie, an old story, and a discredited corporate press" (2014-10-31) [ link] []
* "40kg Of Cocaine Found On Mitch McConnell’s Father-In-Law’s Boat" (2014-10-31) [ link] []

"Outrage in Owens Valley a century after L.A. began taking its water" (2014-10-20) [ link] []

Friends of Five Creeks [] mobilizes volunteers of all ages to restore, maintain, and enjoy the creeks and watersheds of the East Bay from North Berkeley to Richmond. In year-round work parties, we help revitalize creeks, improve habitat and water quality, eliminate invasive plant species, and increase public access and stewardship.
* "Otter signals Lake Merritt ecosystem's comeback" (2013-10-27) [ link] []

Participatory Budgeting Initiative in Oakland
The Community Democracy Project (CDP) is working to bring participatory budgeting to Oakland, California, through a voter initiative to amend the city charter, which would go on the city ballot for the November 2014 election. The aim is for the creation of neighborhood assemblies that would be given decision-making power over the city’s entire discretionary budget, and it would be the strongest participatory budgeting initiative in a large city in the US, and one of the strongest in the world.
* "Community Democracy Project to Open Entire City Budget" (2014-10-05) [ link] []
* "The Community Democracy Project (Oakland)" [ link], page archived 2014-11-01 []

"Oakland plowing a path for urban farming on vacant lots" (2014-10-20) [ link] []

Chevron attempts to manage democracy in Richmond, California:
Voters reject political domination by a single corporate entity!
* "Voters Reject Oil Titan Chevron, Elect Progressive Bloc in Richmond, California" (2014-11-05) [ link] []
* "What next?", 2014-11-05 message from "Charles Smith": Yesterday's election was a victory against Chevron, regardless of how we might feel about the victors. Chevron brought into our community people whom we had no connection with whatsoever. Chevron then expected us to vote for these opportunists based on a barrage of hit pieces that insulted our intelligence, even if they at times contained an element of truth.
For those of us who are counting the makeup of the new City Council it will be Butt, McLaughlin, Beckles, Eduardo Martinez, Myrick, Bates and Mike Parker, who I predict will fill Butt’s vacancy. The Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) now has a super majority. They have a blank check to institute anything they believe will help Richmond. District elections will not be on their list.
Less than 6,000 voters elected these individuals in a City with a population of over one hundred and seven thousand people. The neighborhoods remain unrepresented. In my opinion, it is a result of the at-large election system that more residents are not involved in Richmond politics. It is good that Chevron was defeated but it is not good that Richmond is still run by the powerful, neighborhoods west of I-580 and/or special interest groups such as the RPA. When the RPA was founded their first order of business was to institute district elections. Unfortunately, that was the first goal to fall to the wayside. It’s rare that people in power will share that power. We, the disenfranchised, can change that if we are willing to work towards empowering the neighborhoods through district elections.
For now, let us all take pride in Chevron’s defeat; it is a victory for all of us.
A special thanks goes to the RPA for a hard fought battle and a glorious victory.
UPDATE: Count up the votes for mayor. Tom Butt got 5,537 votes for 51.43%, Nat Bates got 3,818 votes for 35.46% of the vote, Uche Justin Uwahemu received 1,371 votes or 12.73%.  There were also 40 write-in votes for 0.37%.  That adds up to 10,766 votes not 6,000 or less.
While the city has over 100,000 people around half are under 18, some are not citizens, a few are on parole for a felony conviction and some don't give a damn.
That said, Richmond has 40,926 registered voters; so that means a little over 26% voted.  So, it's not less than 6,000 out of 107,000 plus but 10,766 out of 40,926.  It's still a crappy turnout.
Vote totals as of 8 am Wednesday, from the CCC Reg of Voters:
TOM BUTT                                     5,537  51.43%    
NAT BATES                                    3,818   35.46%    
UCHE JUSTIN UWAHEMU              1,371   12.73%    
WRITE-IN                                     40       0.37%
Total                                              10,766      

GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN         4,880     16.91%
JOVANKA BECKLES ( I )     4,679  16.21%      
EDUARDO MARTINEZ        4,214     14.60%      
JIM ROGERS ( I )               3,922     13.59%      
DONNA POWERS                3,703     12.83%      
CHARLES T. RAMSEY          3,031     10.50%      
HENRY WASHINGTON       1,763     6.11%
ALBERT R. MARTINEZ        1,691      5.86%
DAMEION D. KING            905       3.14%
WRITE-IN                         74         0.26%
Total                                 28,862
* "Can Chevron Buy Richmond?" (2014-10-29) [ link] []
* "Chevron spends $3 million in attempt to sway Richmond voters" (2014-11-01) [ link] []
* Anti-Chevron Letters to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 2, 2014 [ link] []
* Two examples of Chevron funded advertisements used on -

Chevron and allies attempt to control a public election for a ban on fracking:
UPDATE, from "California Report" w. reporter Lauren Sommer []: Fracking Bans Pass in 2 Counties, But Not Santa Barbara. Residents in San Benito and Mendocino counties have voted to ban hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," the controversial oil production technique. Opponents of fracking hope these types of bans spread to other counties. But in Santa Barbara County where oil is well-established, the energy industry stepped in to defeat a ban.
* "To fight fracking bans, oil firms heavily outspend environmentalists" (2014-11-02) [ link] []
* "The Revolution That Wasn’t: Why the Fracking Phenomenon Will Leave Us High and Dry" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "US Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing" (2011) [ link] []
Mendocino County Showing the Way - Anti-Fracking Measure S has passed (2014-11-05) []: Measure S establishes a Community Bill of Rights for the people of Mendocino County, built on the right to local community self governance, in order to exercise and secure our unalienable right to protect our health, safety and well being. These rights include the right to live in a healthy and safe ecosystem and the right to protect local water from harm caused by unconventional gas extraction. In order to uphold and protect those rights, this initiative bans all fracking related activities within the County, including the transportation of fracking fluids, and the use of local water for fracking.
Our nation was founded on the concept that government is instituted to secure our unalienable rights and derives it’s just powers from the consent of the governed. Activities such as fracking affect our health and safety, our quality of life, the health of our natural environment as well as our property values and must be decided by the Citizens who live here and who will be directly affected, or there is no “consent of the governed.”
Yet States routinely issue permits to chartered corporations that make it “legal” for them to violate the rights of the people and refuse to recognize our right to say “no!’ to harmful activities.
Measure S challenges those illegitimate laws which violate our fundamental rights. This measure elevates the rights of the people of Mendocino where they belong, above the claimed "rights" of corporations and state agencies that enable fracking corporations to profit from the destruction of local ecosystems and to harm residents and communities.
Measure S protects our water by banning fracking and asserts the right of the people of Mendocino to make those kinds of decisions now and into the future.
* "'We Will Only Get Louder': Dozens of Communities Vote to Boot Big Money from Politics" (2014-11-05) [ link] [archive.orgs]
Message from the "California Labor Federation" (2014-11-05):  We’ve received some disturbing news. In the last two weeks, a group of anti-union billionaires has dropped millions of dollars into the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race to buy the office for one of their own, Marshall Tuck. This group includes Walmart heirs, an oil tycoon, a former Enron trader and other out-of-state corporate special interests. Tuck, a CEO and former Wall Street banker, wants to use the office to privatize our schools for the profit of his billionaire friends. Let me be clear, the billionaires will win unless we stop them. Tom Torlakson is a science teacher and longtime advocate for our public schools. He’s running for re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction to ensure our public schools stay out of the hands of greedy billionaires. It’s critical that we stand with Tom today, Election Day. Every one of us needs to get to the polls. We need to make sure our family and friends have a plan to vote too.
UPDATE: "Tom Torlakson Versus The Corporate Education Reform Machine" (2014-11-06) [ link] []
Michael Hinton, an independent congressional candidate in opposition to the Democrat Party incumbent candidate Mike Thompson, had his "Hinton 2014" campaign page hacked. Whenever anybody attempted to post a link to his page, the facebook administration automatically warned the user that it is an unsafe link.

Worker's Power! vs. the "Anti-Union Left" -
The following articles document the hostility engaged against the successes of a Bay Area worker's union whose genuinely revolutionary leadership is shaping history. They are winning their campaigns for worker's justice, and for a fair contract, and their successes are attracting criticism and vilification by others who may envy their success in organizing, although the main criticism of Democrat Party co-option of the larger unions is a valid criticism, and serves as a cautionary reminder for revolutionaries serving the people, to stay par on course, and to not get caught in the net of "Big money" politics and the corrupting energy fueling it.
* "Setting the record straight about SEIU 1021" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "The ISO, SEIU and the billion dollar pay cut" (2014-08-28) [ link] []
In other news, Northern California workers at recycling plants are demanding their Rights!
* "Recycling workers say 'enough!' " (2014-11-03) [ link] []
" 'We are dying to get paid!': R.I.P. workers’ dreams" (2014-11-03) [ link] []

Defend those without Homes!
* "The 1% Wants to Ban Sleeping in Cars Because It Hurts Their 'Quality of Life' ; Depriving homeless people of their last shelter in life is Silicon Valley at its worst." (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "Where Can We Pee? Houseless, Disabled Black and Brown Elder Community Lose their Porta Pottie to Pressures from New Residents and Gentrification" (2014-10-31) [ link]
* "Fresno Victory: Spanking City Hall For Destroying Homeless Survival Gear" (2014-11-01) [ link] [] [begin excerpt]: I asked Schneider if there were any surprises in this lawsuit. He said, “I was shocked to find that a number of the city officials believe that the Poverello House, is ‘part of the problem’ of homelessness in Fresno. They basically view the Pov as a magnate for the homeless and think that if the Pov was closed the homeless would magically disappear.
“I was also surprised to find out how adamantly opposed they are to even consider any idea about addressing homelessness other than Mayor [Ashley] Swearengin’s ‘First Steps Home’ program. It seems that city and Housing Authority officials both have an inability to recognize that the housing first approach at its present pace can only help a few dozen individuals per year or they know its limitations and just don’t care about the thousands of people who will continue to be on the streets for decades.”
Paul Alexander is senior counsel with Arnold & Porter and the lead attorney representing the homeless. I asked him the same question. He said, “There were two surprises for most of us on the legal team. The first of these centered on the Renaissance at Santa Clara. This is a project developed by Penstar Corporation and its executives basically using federal money. It houses only 69 homeless residents, but the total cost of this project exceeded $14,000,000. What’s more, of this enormous amount, the Penstar Corporation took $1,000,000 off the top in a ‘consulting fee.’
“It isn’t hard to imagine how much good could really be done for this enormous expenditure of federal money, and how little was actually done. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised. The rich do get richer. [end excerpt]
NOTE BY NORSE, of "Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom (HUFF Santa Cruz)":
This Fresno victory around the confiscation of homeless property should speak to us in Santa Cruz.
Destroying homeless encampments has been the intensified practice in Santa Cruz for the last three years under Mayors Lane, Bryant, and Robinson and the all-powerful City Manager Martin Bernal. Among activists there has been some talk, but no action.
As is often the case in reactionary times, court action is the most visible sign of effective resistance to the endless creep of the abuses of the wealthy 1% and the 30% who trail along after them.
In Santa Cruz, though I haven't heard the most recent report, Homeless Persons Legal Assistance Project advocate Steve Pleich, MHCAN Executive Direcctor Sarah Leonard, and out-of-town attorney Judy Bari have been gathering info for a Sacramento-style lawsuit to both recover property destroyed by the SCPD and Parks and Recreation as well as deter such thefts in the future.  In Sacramento the Lehr decision [] upheld the trial findings ("a practice of seizing and then throwing away or destroying the property of homeless persons")--something they hope to duplicate here in Santa Cruz.
The Santa Cruz ACLU had no problems with "the cop as court" Stay-Away orders a year ago in City Parks (See "Round Two--The New Anti-Homeless Laws Return for a Final Reading" at [].
This time the ACLU actually came out with a statement against it, see "Local ACLU Issues Strong Statement in Opposition to 'Stay Away' Ordinance" at [].
HUFF activists Raven Davis and Maya Iverson spent many hours examining the "no need for court" Stay-Away orders of the last year given massively to homeless people in the parks and produced a dense but telling letter ("Stay-Away From Human Rights ! An Activist Examines the Escalating Stay-Away Orders Law" []). And Pleich promised a lawsuit against the law if enacted, even if the local and regional ACLU failed to act ("Time to Step Up and Fight City Hall on “Stay Away” Ordinance" []).
In response the Santa Cruz City Council and its attorney-for-life John Barisone, caught with their fingers in the Constitutional cookie jar, have put off a final vote on supersizing the Stay Away orders until November 11th ("Santa Cruz City Council Delays Second Reading of Stay Away Ordinance" at []).
However the tightening iron glove beneath the velvet "Public Safety" fist continues to tighten its grip around the throat of the poor outside.  Prison-like conditions are being implemented in the Homeless [Lack of] Services Center with a "security" gates and ID cards the "new normal".  The rabidly reactionary Deputy police chief Steve Clark is given a long leash by police boss Kevin Vogel as he smears even the mildly liberal City Council candidate Leonie Sherman (who has declined to stand up for an end to the city's anti-homeless Sleeping Ban).  A homeless recycler reports the imminent closure of the only remaining Recycling Center in Santa Cruz.  Homeless-ophobic locals near the Circles Church at Woodrow and California are moving to petition for restrictive Permit Parking--in a hearing coming up November 17th.  The Circles Church, in response to both right-wing bigotry and the influx of service-seeking homeless driven out of parks and the downtown, has shut down its Sunday meal, its thrice-weekly warming center ("the Sunrise Hangout Cafe") and other services. The Red Church (Cavalary Episcopal) now no longer allows homeless people to sit on their lawn except during the 6-7 PM meal on Monday.
Once prejudice-pleasing election season is over on November 4th, will those who quieted their voices so as not to stir up the homeless-haters, be willing to take more militant action to defend homeless survival camps in the parks, make use of vacant buildings, and take other obvious actions that restore the public space to the community as well as those who live outside? Keep watching.

Defend Public Higher Education, Save CCSF!
* "CCSF trial opens with testimony on Student Success Task Force, removal of trustees" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "Dramatic testimony shakes up City College of San Francisco trial" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* “The People vs. ACCJC: This Case is About Fairness”, an eyewitness report on the court trial [ link] []

Campaign to save the historical and publicly owned Berkeley Post Office:
* "Profitizing and Privatizing: The Berkeley Post Office is About to be Sold!" (2014-10-29) [ link] []
* "Requesting support to stop sale of Berkeley Post Office" (2014-11-02): In case you would like to support a collaborative direct action presence to stop the privatization and sale of the Berkeley Post Office, too, please help us get the word out and/or come to 2000 Allston Way. We need support in whatever way you can help. Please email solidarity to Carol [cgwolfley@)] or Mike Wilson [electionamend@)].
* Photo: Berkeley PD confront a defender of this valued public resource.
* "An account of what happened last night November 2, 2014", written in haste by Mike Wilson. Read the full version, and photos, at [ link]: I wasn’t completely asleep at 11:00PM last night when the beam from a flashlight came through the screen of my tent and hit me in the face. A USPS Police Inspector asked me to step out of my tent so we could talk. He handed me a photocopy of rules pertaining to trespassing on USPS property and asked me to dismantle my tent and leave. The other five of us who were sleeping on the loggia and steps of the Berkeley Post Office were confronted by Postal Policemen in the same way as me.
We – a few members of the Berkeley Post Office Defenders and First They Came for the Homeless – set up an encampment outside the Berkeley Post Office earlier that same day. We did this to insert our objecting bodies into the process whereby the Board of Governors, with the illegal collusion of CBRE, intend to sell our publicly owned post office to an as yet unknown private buyer.
Six people standing in the way of the sale of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office won’t be enough to slow down the sale, much less stop it.To win this small but potentially inspiring victory against a growing plutocracy, we need more people to stay with us on the steps of the post office.
Berkeley Post Office “Under Contract” To Be Sold!--Direct Action Presence needed, Protest, Music, Spoken Word and Empathy
Where: Downtown Berkeley Post Office, 2000 Allston Way, Berkeley CA
Why: To create an ongoing, physical boundary of bodies and voices blocking the transfer of ownership of our public post office, sustaining persistent resistance with persistent music, shared information, updates, and community presence
The fate of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office has reached a crisis point. The transfer of that building to private ownership may be only days away. Thousands of people have worked diligently for 2 years writing politicians, meeting, holding rallies and concerts, passing out flyers and postcards, chalking and postering, occupying the steps of the Post Office for 30 days, holding a boycott occupation for over 100 days at Staples for privatizing postal services, passing a zoning overlay and initiating Measure R to preserve historic buildings for public use. Now, the city is working on a possible injunction to stop the sale and we are mobilizing a direct action presence community collaboration. Please help get the word out and come join us.
* For more on the current status of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office: [ link]
* Berkeley Post Office Defenders: []
* First They Came for the Homeless: []
* "Those Damned Hippies. They're Saving the Post Office." (2013-08-11) [ link] []

No Nukes! Close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, stop the disaster!
* "Code Pink Activist Cynthia Papermaster Works To Close Diablo Nuke on California Coast" by Truth Troubadour Vic Sadot, "Berkeley Calling" online news, read more of the article at [ link] []: Cynthia Papermaster kicked off the public commentary at the Oct. 2, 2014 Public Service Commission hearing chaired by Commission President Michael Peevey. She walked right up to Peevey with her faithful service dog Jimminywinks and she pinkslipped Peevey as he presided over the hearing. That is, she told him he was fired. And then she told the public that “we should get him fired”. Ironically, Mr. Peevey resigned a week later!
Code Pink Golden Gate Chapter’s Cynthia Papermaster was the key organizer for an event in Berkeley’s Historic Fellowship Hall on Oct 26 titled “Beat the Devil! Close Diablo Right Now!”. It was co-sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee. Holly Harwood was wearing two hats as current Chair of the BFUU Social Justice Committee and Code Pink Golden Gate Chapter Coordinator, and she had the opportunity to announce the publication of "Words Fly Away - Poetry for Fukushima" (also linked). Vic Sadot Singer-Songwriter sang Pete Seeger's "Solartopia" with a new verse that includes Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Diablo Canyon.

"Trend Towards Ending Marijuana Prohibition Continues as Legalization Wins Big" (2014-11-05) [ link] []

Campaign: "Telephone Justice for People in Prison" [ link] []

"Huu-ay-aht Leads the Way by Adopting Living Wage Policy" (2014-10-30) [ link] []

Homeland Security's priorities:
The treatment of protests by the various domestic security agencies is shown to be willfully hostile when compared to the treatment of sports riots, for example, in San Francisco. Nobody is calling for the banning of professional sports, despite the hundreds of people who engaged in property damage and assaults, yet, when a dozen anonymous "protesters" engage in violence, the San Francisco powers-that-be seem to always vilify all of the protesters, even if they are non-violent, and "conservatives" call for the banning of protests.
* "40 Arrested During Giants Victory Celebrations: Police" (2014-10-30) [ link] []
More Homeland Security news:
* "Secret manuals show the spyware sold to despots and cops worldwide" (2014-10-30) [ link] []
* "Facebook data mining for political views" (2014-10-30) [ link] []
* "Verizon is launching a tech news site that bans stories on U.S. spying" (2014-10-28) [ link] []

Homies Unidos will be celebrating 14 years doing exceptional work in the Pico Union, Koreatown and Westlake areas of Los Angeles.
Photo: Alex Sanchez with supporters outside Courthouse after  charges were dropped January 2013.
We would like to thank all those supporters who have stood next to us in the good times and the unjust persecution of our Executive Director Alex Sanchez by the FBI. All charges were dropped after four years. While other organization would have closed, Homies Unidos stood strong and continued conducting prevention and intervention programs in our community.
We will continue working hard to help our young men and women in gain the skills to become strong leaders. We want you to join us in becoming a stronger organization for years to come.
* "Arrest of Gang Intervention Leader Alex Sanchez Raises Questions, Concerns in Community" (2009-06-25) [ link] []
* "Alex Sanchez Arrested: Dear FBI, WTF???!" (2009-06-24) [ link] [].
The domestic security agents who attacked Homies Unidos do not question orders. Their perception is based on "evidence" that includes falsehoods, but as long as the Court approves, the "evidence" is given credibility. Oftentimes, their hostility is based on nothing more than simple racism and classism, and ideological hostility. The following articles show a pattern of hatred against even "liberal" politicians who support the peacemaking efforts of Homies Unidos!
* "Can We Stop Giving Public Money to "Former" Gang Members Now?" (2009-06-25) [ link] []
* "More on the Arrested 'Reformed' Gang Member Alex Sanchez" (2009-06-25) [ link] []
* “Giving Gang Prevention a Black Eye: Mischief and Mismanagement in Gang Programs Today” (2010) [ link] []

Managed Democracy in the USA:
Elections are bought and sold, voting counts and voting machines are manipulatable, an economic dictatorship manages a two-party state. The following quote describes how 132 individual Citizens make 60% of all contributions to Political Action Committees (PAC) for both of the two monopolist parties, showing how a democracy is managed according to the dictates of individuals.

* "The Corporate Coup d’Etat is Nearly Complete" (2014-11-05) [ link] []
The State of Georgia has "disappeared" over 56,000 voters from the election, a majority of whom are classified as potential voters for the mainstream "Democrat Party" which fields candidates who, once elected, may harbor plans to expand social programs and restrain human-rights abuse by private corporations. “The reality is that voter suppression is alive and well, and being several weeks into the election and having folks not entered on the rolls is totally unacceptable. It’s really a crisis of democracy that we're trying to put a spotlight on.”
* "Police name 8 arrested during state Capitol protest" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "Georgia Court Refuses to Intervene on Behalf of 56,000 Missing Voters And the time to appeal is running out." (2014-10-29) [ link] []
"Voting Machines Flipping Votes For Republican Candidate In North Carolina" (2014-11-02) [ link] []. Although some electronic voting machine irregularities have been documented favoring the Demoract Party, the majority of irregularities favor the candidates of the Republican Party, whose outlooks are more firmly based on privatized solutions for social problems, brought to us by the same ideology that gives us the "death-squad" republics of Colombia, Honduras and Mexico, where privatization dramatically decreases quality of life for the majority of people. Compare domestic public-sector prisons with private prisons for insight on the values placed in the private solutions: torture, death, human experimentation, slave labor are now normalized in many private prisons, and their expansion are supported more firmly by the candidates of the Republican Party.
* "Chicago election judges: We were ‘coerced into voting’ for Republicans, fired for opposing ‘dirty tricks’ " (2014-11-06) [ link] []
* "Minority Voter Intimidation Witnessed And Recorded In Miami-Dade County On Election Night" (2014-11-05) [ link] []
* "Money Koch Bros. Stole from Tribes Could Swing Mid-Term Elections" (2014-10-28) [ link] []

"Conservative Values" in the Republican Party:
* "Ignoring the Public, GOP Leadership Promises Worst Attack on Environmental Protection in Decades" (2014-11-05) [ link] []
* "Republicans on Rape" [ link] []

In contrast to the values expressed by political leadership of the Republican Party...
A successful capitalist discovers the secret of why socialism works...
* [ link] []
* "Millionaire uses fortune to help kids in struggling town" (2013-04-17) [ link] []
* "The Rich Be Cursed, The Rich Be Blessed" [ linkl] []. [begin excerpt] At the same time one can see in the example of Harris Rosen that problems such as crime and structural poverty can be remedied through generosity, through giving, through sharing. But can we allow such charity to be dependent on the benevolence of the few rich who give a damn? Perhaps we have no choice, because one needs to have a lot of money to give away a residual amount one doesn't need for personal support. Of course, such a situation is unsustainable and implicitly allows the suffering of many as we submit to the whims of those who have the money to affect change. [end excerpt]

Peace and Justice news
* Message from the Sonoma Peace and Justice Center: Dear friends, We are angry and we are sad.

Violent conflicts rage across the globe with 28 million people suffering. The U.S. just can't refrain from bombing Iraq. Blood flows for oil in a failed policy. Police continue to kill unarmed teenagers of color. At home in Sonoma County, Deputy Gelhaus is back on the streets and the Sheriff's Office has purchased 30 bayonets from the Department of Defense. Feelings of helplessness and distress surge and people visit the Center to have heart to heart talks and call for hugs over the phone.
We can wish the world would change and these feelings vanish or we can use our pain and anger to reinforce our courage, and channel our feelings into nonviolent action. The Peace & Justice Center has a plan to achieve this.
The PJC is launching an exciting new project: Freedom From Militarization. The focus is to address the ever-expanding gray area that exists between military and civilian life that normalizes war and violence. Our emphasis will be identifying and raising awareness of local behaviors and organizations that support the militarization of society.
We'll be seeking your involvement and encouragement as we address four main categories:
1) Law enforcement;
2) Local activities that support the military;
3) Local companies which profit from militarization; and
4) Normalization of the military in culture and society.
Using your tax dollars, the Department of Defense is planning a $65 million commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. A parade is planned for 2015. In tandem with Veterans for Peace, we are making our own plans to tell the truth about this war and counteract the attempt to rewrite history.
This is an ambitious project. To accomplish it, we've created a new staff position. Susan Lamont will become the new Project Coordinator. We will be hiring a new Center Coordinator. But we can't move forward without your financial support.
Please contribute any amount to help kick start this important endeavor, while also supporting the other areas of the PJC. Donations are tax deductible and can be mailed or made on our website –
Experience the rewards of volunteering, donating, participating! Let’s give each other a group hug and then speak truth to power!
"Aidan Delgado speaks to Berkeley High on March 23, 2005 about the war in Iraq and becoming a conscientious objector" []
2014 USA Military worldwide (download or click on it for full resolution)

"Al-Qaeda Backers Found With U.S. Contracts in Afghanistan" (2013-07-30) [ link] []

Weapons for a New World Order
* DARPA develops Terahertz Electronics for security cameras, sensors, and communications [], more about the THZ Electronics Program []. A censored press release from a DARPA contractor describing a Petabyte camera (posted online for a few months in 2012, then erased) would work well with Terahertz Electronics, one camera would capture everything in clear video from up to a kilometer away, perfect for all matters of security agencies in operation against dissent. Also, a THZ "Stingray" device would route and monitor a larger radius of cell phone traffic. The applications are extensive.
* "Breakthrough in molecular electronics paves the way for DNA-based computer circuits in the future" (2014-10-27) [ link] []
* "Tiny carbon nanotube pores make big impact" (2014-10-30) [ link] []
* "Precise and programmable biological circuits" (2014-10-22) [ link] []
* "Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal" (1999) []
* "Hacking the President’s DNA" (2012-11) [ link] []

"Before the Zombie Apocalypse –These 4 Trade Deals Were Ravaging the World!" (2014-10-31) [] []

Compared to the "death-squad" Republics of Colombia and Honduras (valued USA allies administering a land where millions starve under artificial famines), Cuba is a land of freedom, but it is not without its own human-rights violations. The following article describes the current campaign in Cuba against Christians suspected of being allies with foreign clandestine agencies. But, unlike Colombia, there are no death-squads trained by the USA killing dozens in a church, cremating bodies, and torturing children in front of mothers. Read more about the "Slaughter in Colombia" [], with hundreds of thousands of political victims of the death-squad regime! Despite the criticisms against Cuba, their government is still seen as legitimate by a majority of Central Americans when compared to fascism in Colombia (and Honduras).
* "Cuba: religious freedom violations continue to rise, Baptist leader goes into exile" (2014-07-08) [ link] []
* "U.N. Voices Worry Over Reports of Excessive Force in Venezuela" (2014-03-07) [], describing the worst reported incidents from an ally of Cuba, which, when compared to the USA police attacks against protesters, shows remarkable restraint in light of later findings which showed that the people doing the killings were the "protesters", some of whom were found to be Colombian death-squad members attempting to instigate a street battle to discredit the Venezuelan government, part of the cold war against Cuba's allies!

Uprising against fascism in Guerrero State, Mexico!
* "Mexico Is Looking For 43 Missing Students. What Has Been Found Is Truly Terrifying" (2014-10-30) [ link] []
* "Justice for the Students of Ayotzinapa!", 2014-10-20 declaration of the newspaper El Trabajo [ link]
* "Enough! Mexico Is Ready to Explode" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "Mexico: Guerrero’s Indigenous Community Police and Self-defense Groups" (2013-03-04) [ link] []
* #Mexico: Lindavista, part of the community of San Miguel Totolapan, #Guerrero has risen up in arms after the government there has mostly collapsed.

This young woman says she's traded her notebook for a weapon.

World Fascism Watch: Honduras
Solidarity with the captive nation of the Garifuna
* "Journey into Garifuna territories “to die for”!" (2014-10-29) [ link] []
* "Climate Change on Coastal Wetlands Impacts Garifuna Livelihoods & Culture" (2014-10-30) [ link] []

Daniel Langmeier, for "Presente-Honduras Digest",
Vol 36, Issue 53, 2014-10-29:
* El Heraldo reports on the case of the Bajo Aguan at the IACHR. Source in Spanish [ link] [].
* Copinh denounces the disappearance of William Jacobo Rodriguez (15), brother of William Jacobo Rodriguez who was assassinated this April. Source in Spanish [ link] [].
* The protest at the facilities of the UNAH goes on unabated. Students now took over part of UNAH in Tegucigalpa as well. Meanwhile, an international pronouncement was release in solidarity with the student struggle in Central America. Finally, teachers warn of taking to the streets as well, after the suspension of various directors at educational establishments in San Pedro Sula. Sources in Spanish: (1) [ link] [], (2) [ link] [], (3) [ link] [].
Vol 36, Issue 56, 2014-10-31:
* Devastating news from Honduras: "Maycol Ariel Rodriguez (15) of COPINH who disappeared on Sunday was found drowned on the banks of the Gualcarque River last night (October 29). Maycol was the brother of William Jacobo Rodriques who was assassinated last April also in Rio Blanco. Presumed responsible for the death is Evelio Gonzalez Rodriguez who has ties to the DESA company and invited the youth on Sunday for a hunting activity." [] [] archived 2014-11-06.
* Indigenous Garifunas accuse the National congresswoman Carmen Rivera and her husband of racism. Source in Spanish [ link] []

"BRAZIL: Popular Referendum for a Constituent Assembly Obtains Almost 8 Million Votes", 2014-10-09 from "O Trabalho" newspaper of Brazil [ link]

Stand with the People of western Kurdistan! Defend the Rojava Revolution!
*  "Anarchist Eyewitness to self-management in Kurdish Syria / West Kurdistan" (2014-10-22) [ link] []
* "Against religious and military dictatorships, Rojava is hopeful" (2014-11-01) [ link] []
* "Against the terror of the State and religion. Freedom for the people." (2014-10-16) [ link] []
* "Consensus is Key: New Justice System in Rojava" (2014-10-13) [ link] []
* "Is Obama’s Best Ally against ISIS a Force Associated with Bookchin’s Communalism?" (2014-09-12) [ link] []
* "Democratic Autonomy in Rojava" (2014-10-10) [ link] []
* "Bookchin, Öcalan, and the Dialectics of Democracy" (2014-02-16) [ link] []
* "The People’s Protection Units, YPG and YPJ: A visit with the guarantors of the revolution in Rojava" (2014-10-15) [ link] []
* "Dispatch from the war zone, October 21, from a village near Kobanê" (2014-10-23) [ link] []
* "Back at the Border, Near Kobanê" (2014-10-27) [ link] []
The following articles are unedited machine translations distributed originally by the "A-Infos" anarchist newswire, and posted by Luc Schrijvers. The French language punctuation appears to not be compatible with English language computers, and errors are shown as question marks.
* "Syrian Kurdistan, YPG Spokesman Can: We are Working with the Coalition against ISIS" (2014-10-19) []
* "Kurdistan / Liberation of Peoples - Four things that the left has to learn Kobane" (2014-10-10) []
* "Solidarity with the Kurdish resistance Kobane" (2014-10-10) []
* "Urgent call for solidarity with Turkish Anarchists aiding Kurds at the border with Kobane" (2014-10-19) []

 Workers Rebellion against privatized government and industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina [ link]

"Globalization threatens benefits of an African 'green revolution' " (2014-09-11) [ link] []

China: Wal-Mart against the Strikers [ link]

A Senator to the Republic of the Philippines has spoken out against artificial famine and has called for a government response, as private charity is minuscule and never has been able to trickle-down enough wealth to serve the people.
* "Grace Poe: Fight Peril of Hunger" (2014-10 27) [ link] []
* "15M PH kids hungry–Poe; Senator urges Gov't to deal with crisis" (2014-10-28) [ link] []
* "Poe urges gov’t to combat poverty" (2014-10-27) [ link] []
* "Death by hunger" (2014-10-30) [ link] []

Fake News against Russia is making the case for war with the associated fallout on the civilian population. When the bombs fall on Moscow, millions will die, and the world will fall silent, but as the Generals persist, their knock-out blow against one of two opposing national governments (the other being China) will forestall the arrival of a rival economic system forever as the trans-national holding companies cannibalize the planet amongst themselves. A war against Russia is assured, but Peace for time will tip the balance, and only the People can decide for themselves if war should occur.
* "‘Wrong time, altered images’ ; Moscow slams Kiev’s MH17 satellite data" [ link] []

* "The Road to the First World War" []
* "#WW1 : 100 years on, capitalism is still the driving force for war" []
* "Socialist responses to capitalism’s first world war still resonate" []

* "Where Mud Is Archaeological Gold, Russian History Grew on Trees" [ link] []. [begin excerpt] In an interview in his office, the city’s mayor, Yuri I. Bobryshev, glowed with pride as he described its history as a major trading post of the medieval Hanseatic League, with strong ties to the European centers of Lubeck, Bruges, Ghent and London. “It was a union of merchants and the decisions taken by that union were unconditionally carried out by the rulers of all European states,” Mr. Bobryshev said. [end excerpt]
* "Communalism as Alternative" [ link] [], a new book. Anarchist self-government operates on a democratic basis, and has been successfully implemented in western Kurdistan, and can be organized anywhere, by any community! It works, and offers an alternative to the state or private monopoly of power.
* "Why Anarchists and "Anarcho"-Capitalists Can't Be allies" [ link] []

"CIA and FBI used 'over 1,000 ex-Nazis and collaborators' as spies during Cold War" (2014-10-27) [ link] []

"Japan's Militarism Resurfaces" (1997) [ link] []

"Germ-Warfare Tests Gone Awry: Researchers look at a time when the Army sprayed what it thought was harmless on San Francisco and other cities" [] []

Independent Media 
Popular Resistance Newsletter: "Internet Emergency" (2014-11-01) [ link] []

"CCDSLinks" weekly newsletter, 2014-10-31 []

The "Soapbox People's Network" radio shows and events for Peace and Justice:
* The Top-Two Primary Sham" w. Jeff 4 Justice (2014-10-26) []
* Go Vegan to help save world resources (2014-11-02) []
* Announcing the "Spring of Luv" Antiwar Reenactment! Join Cindy Sheehan and the Soapbox People's Network for a first of it's kind ANTI-war reenactment. March 13-17, 2015. Washington DC
Learn more at [ link] []

"The Nuclear Resister" e-bulletin for Oct. 2014 []. Headlines include
This week, we look at the fierce militant protests against Columbus Day by the indigenous Mapuche nation in so called Chile. Also the uncompromising resistance of Normalista students who have nearly brought the Mexican government to its knees, as they demand the safe return of their 43 kidnapped comrades. In Kobane we learn how an anarchist inspired Kurdish liberation movement has kicked out ISIS out of their liberated zone, and it was done with the efforts of the women’s brigade of the YPJ. On the music break Philippino MC Bambu with Rocky Rivera with their working class anthem, “Rent Money.” Finally we interview Maude from Tache D’Huile about the troubling practice of oil companies to ship their dirty fuels by train.

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