Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Re: Ferguson", a personal message to lost friends and haters

from a famous white musician in Napa Valley, 2014-11-26
1. First let me say that yes, the media and all the hype is fueling the race thing and it sucks. However, this is out of control and I am outraged, offended, disgusted, and things need to be said. Sorry but staying silent and pretending like this is all Ok, is not Ok at all nor will remaining silent help solve anything.

2. White privilege exists. If you don't think so, then you have been blinded by...wait for it...none other than white privilege. So this is pissing me off right now because I see lot's of white people saying this has nothing to do with race and they are tired of black people "pulling the race card" and always complaining... I see them saying things like "these animals are idiots" and "that thug deserved what he got".... First of all, wow, really? I had no idea! UNFRIEND! (I am disgusted by so many people that live in my home community of Napa and that I went to school with I am truly sick. I knew racism existed but man this sure has shed some light on how people really feel, damn... I've lost well over 30 "friends" since 7 pm past night). and second, that narrow view of how things are is racist and part of "white privilege"...HELLO, If you were oppressed since before birth you would fight for your rights too. White people have been privileged since before we were born, but apparently many don't even see that. Presumably due to white privilege. It's like this: Cops chose their profession and can leave it at any time. You do not get to choose where and what circumstances you are born into nor what color your skin is.

2. Which brings me to this concept: If you haven't experienced something, or had it happen to you, then you don't know how it feels for those who have had those things happen to them. and in all fairness this includes what it's like to be a cop. However If you stop thinking of yourselves for one moment and put yourself in someone else shoes and try to understand their struggle and emotions maybe you would have a little compassion for other races/people instead of just pointing the finger and getting upset cause you are tired of your perfect little white world being ruffled. That is white privilege. You can turn off the TV. You can have respect and trust from police and authority figures automatically due to your skin color. That is white privilege. YOU think YOU are tired of racism?? Ha! imagine how someone feels who has to deal with it every waking moment of every single day. Seriously, get some fucking perspective already damn.

3. While I don't really condone violence, I completely understand how people feel like they are at their breaking point. I mean, I come from a upper middle class white environment and thought I knew some shit when I was younger.... But guess what, life happens. Situations happen.... and I've found myself broke, tired, fed up, beat down emotionally and at my wits end. Can you possibly imagine how it would feel if your entire family history has been that of being battered, pushed down, told you are lower than others due to your skin tone etc etc etc... Don't you think that maybe just maybe people feel like they have no other choice but to rage? The system has ALL people from all walks of life struggling and near the breaking point so yes of course black people are fed the fuck up and extremely frustrated. The more ignorant and racist posts I see from white people from my home community of Napa, the more I feel rage burning up inside me... I can only imagine how it would feel if I was black. So, with that said.... I am not even mad at those who have resorted to violence in the wake of this tragic and bullshit decision by the grand jury. (don't even get me started on that shit, it shouldn't have even been a grand jury decision in the first place but....) All these peaceful protests aren't really solving anything... Every single major political and social upheaval was done with violence. (the only exception I can think of off hand is Ghandi and look what happened to him) This country that we all love and hate so much was founded on violence. This whole situation was violent. And if you aren't outraged enough to get violent now, I bet you would change your tune if YOUR son or daughter was shot and killed.

4. So what is my answer to all of this? Riot? Boycott? March? I don't know, I don't have the answers but there is always a money trail and this government is greatly influenced by big business and lobbyists. So yeah, by all means feel free to hit them in their pocket books where it hurts. But unless you can sustain yourselves then that is only a short term solution. Because eventually you are going to need clothes, of food, or books, or music etc. So you boycott black Friday but you still but hundreds of dollars at the grocery store on turkey dinner? Or you hold out and boycott all holidays this year but then damn u gotta buy something eventually... and how you gonna explain to your kids that they don't get Christmas this year cause someone in another state made people so outraged that we FINALLY woke up and took a stance. So it seems to me that a system that doesn't hardly include a certain ethnicity, will never be for those people. So I would say that it's time (long overdue) that the black community flood the system and become it. Become the lawyers, doctors, police officers, grand jury, congressmen/women etc etc. Become the change you want to see in this system.

The Bottom Line: No matter if he robbed the store, or was black, or big, or a thug, or scary, or whatever YOUR life experiences are that make you feel a cetain trye of way about the situation, he should NOT have been killed. This goes for every similar situation and police violence in general not just Michael Brown. I am afraid that this verdict sets the precedence for more police violence and un-accountability.

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