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December 18th Northbay Uprising radio news

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Guest: Dave Ransom, editor for the 
Northbay New Press / Prensa Nueva 
[] [], a local quaterly newspaper covering the San Pablo bay area. Dave is also contributor to the People's Tribune [] & Tribuno del Pueblo [], newspapers distributed nationally. All three publications are distributed in Vallejo area by 1st Amendment Distributions.
We discuss the importance of having our own news media, and how popular their newspapers are becoming.

* “Ferguson and the Struggle for Black Liberation Today", a dossier of articles the current Black Uprising from the The Organizer newspaper, International edition (November-December 2014), extracts at [], complete version at [] [].
* Photo 2014-12-13 from International ANSWER showing an action in San Francisco
* "Thousands in S.F., Oakland join Millions March protests" (2014-12-13) [] []
Report from Luis Angel, correspondent of The Organizer in New York City, describing the actions of December 13th that have followed the exonerations of the white cops who murdered Eric Garner and Michael Brown, with observations on the depth of the Black youth rebellion and its challenge to the older established Black leaders beholden to the Democratic Party. [begin report]
(1) Millions March - Huge turnout, about 55 thousand people marched. Unlike previous actions, however, this march had a permit, with a specific route outlined by cop barricades in advance. This action was put together by the more traditional organizations that heeded the call to action by Rev. Al Sharpton.
(2) A new rising leadership - One thing that was very clear at the protest was that there was a tension between the old leadership and the new rising leadership in the black community. This was evidenced by the millions march itself. For example, the more militant folks, predominantly People of Color (poc), who started the actions a week ago with freeway/bridge takeovers, showed up and escalated the action at the end of the march. This resulted in 5 thousand people marching through Manhattan during the night and doing die-ins to disrupt traffic along the way. Eventually the Brooklyn Bridge was occupied around 9pm. After some confrontation with the police, the action converged at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn where many of us slept for the night. The next morning, more people showed up and more marching took place. There was also actions in Jackson Heights, Queens and the Bronx on Sunday - the day after the millions march. These more militant actions were led by the People's Justice Committee for Community Control and Police Accountability- a coalition of predominantly poc that have been on the front lines fighting police brutality for years by building cop-watch teams across the 5 Burroughs (as an fyi, the latino wing of this coalition - the Justice Committee - are all folks who come out of the Young Lords tradition, so some pretty dope militants out here).
This coalition will be continue its actions in what it calls 11 Days of Action for Eric Garner. You can follow the actions here: [].
(3) In all, talking to these young leaders it became clear how wary they were of the traditional leadership trying to step into the movement. My sense is that in the last few weeks a new situation has developed in the Black community. The strive for political independence is at its apex. Another example of this growing new leadership is what transpired in DC with Rev. Al Sharpton, where the Ferguson organizers stormed the stage and then led an independent rally at the end. Check out this video for more: [].
[end report]
One last point: At the Washington, DC, rally organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton the call on the federal government to prosecute the police who murdered Eric Garner, Michael Brown and all the others was virtually absent. This is no accident.
* "March on Washington Dec. 13 - Demand Justice for Brown, Garner, Rice and Other Victims of Police Killings!" 2014-12-04 call to action from the "Labor Fightback Network" [] [], [begin excerpt]:
The National Action Network (NAN) headed by Rev. Al Sharpton has issued a Call for a demonstration in Washington D.C. on Saturday, December 13.
All Out For December 13!
Given the failure of state or local grand juries to act, pressure must be placed squarely on the federal government. We in the Labor Fightback Network have no illusions that it will intervene on its own and charge those responsible -- in the first place in Ferguson and Staten Island -- with violations of the Civil Rights Act. After all, the Justice Department was supposedly considering taking action in the Trayvon Martin murder case two tears ago but has done nothing by way of follow through.
This time it can be different. This time it must be different! The pervasive anger and outrage in the Black community and its allies in this showdown struggle for justice must be translated into action and the building of a new movement of millions that will eclipse anything we have seen before. The starting point is mobilizing for the December 13 action in Washington.
With only a little more than a week to go, organizing for December 13 is in high gear. The phones are ringing off the hooks in the NAN offices. Callers are being told that the website [see below] is being updated every three hours. Buses are being chartered. A massive publicity campaign is underway, and support is being sought in every imaginable quarter.
Hopefully, the labor movement will without delay commit its resources and energy to mobilize a huge turnout of our membership in Washington on December 13. We can make a difference and we should, in the spirit of solidarity and our own self-interest. We need the backing of our allies as we face a Congress hell-bent on trampling on our rights and our members' welfare.
What labor does now in the weeks and months ahead will be decisive in determining whether by our actions we prove ourselves loyal allies of those whose lives have been devalued to a point where Black youth are killed by police with impunity.
Stay updated by visiting [].
See you in D.C. on December 13!
[end excerpt]
White Supremacists among the Republican Party are using any incident in order to destroy the reputation of "Black Leaders" among the Democrat Party not to help liberate the New Africans from false politics, but instead to take down their partisan opposition and to advance their own "Good Black Leaders" who preach against even the idea that New Africans have their own culture and history. The following article is an example of this.
* "Activists Trash Sharpton for Silencing Speaker at DC Rally" (2014-12-16) [] [], [begin excerpt]: Critics denounce him a race hustler, and now some grassroots activists are calling the Rev. Al Sharpton an elitist and questioning his self-appointed role as a civil rights leader for a younger generation. Sharpton angered some protesters at a weekend march in Washington, D.C., after he created a VIP section for special guests and pulled the microphone on an activist who wanted to address the crowd. "Youth protesters push back against Al Sharpton's role in police brutality marches," the website Mashable reports. "If Rev. Al Sharpton ever hoped to lead the 'black lives matter' movement that's sweeping the United States, he likely lost that opportunity in one moment on Saturday." [end excerpt]
(L-R) Kadiatou Diallo, mother of Amadou Diallo; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Samaira Rice, mother of Tamir Rice; Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown Jr; and Rev. Al Sharpton raise their hands in the air during the "Justice For All" march and rally in Washington, DC.
* " 'The Alarm Bells are Ringing': From Athletes to Environmentalists, a Universal Call for Racial Justice Emerges" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Dozens of Staffers Just Walked Out of Congress. This Powerful Picture Shows Why" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "At The New Republic, 'Black Lives Don’t Matter Much at All' " (2014-12-12) [] []
* "We are in solidarity with all U.S. people standing against racism!" (2014-11-26) [] [], a statement from the CP of Turkey, whose cadre also defends the Kurd national minority within the borders of the fascist Turkey, a military ally of the USA!
* "Will police protests fade like tea party and Occupy?" (2014-12-13) [] []
* "East Bay demonstrator bruised but believes in peaceful protest" (2014-12-12) [] [], [begin excerpt]: Zak Wear believes it’s his civic duty to step into the street and lend his voice to the antipolice protests that have swept the nation and the Bay Area. Only next time he does it, he’s not going alone. And, the 25-year-old graduate seminary student from Richmond will have two new front teeth. Vandals knocked out Wear’s teeth in a vicious beating caught on video during the protests Tuesday that began in Berkeley and spilled into Oakland. They beat him because he tried to put out a garbage fire. He tried to tell them violence was muddling up their message. [end excerpt]
* "Why wear a mask? Why mask up on demos?" [] []
* "Tear Gas, Windows Broken, Clashes With Police As Anarchists Hijack Peaceful Protest March Through Berkeley" (2014-12-06) [] []
* "White voices dominate Bay Area protests of racial inequality" (2014-12-13) [] [], a propaganda piece that is intended to alienate the New Africans from their white allies by playing on existing sentiments extant among New African community organizers and their sympathizers... the twisted reality is, this monopolist newspaper is no longer read by the New African community, many of whom recieve their news from online "Black" news media... meanwhile, the organizers of the campaigns who work across national lines are not fooled by this attempt to divide the New African community against their white allies. FOr example, the same monopolist newspaper published a response to the original article, "Why white people should protest racial injustice" (2014-12-14) [] []
* "This morning at UCBERKELEY campus an effigy of a Black man was found hanging at one of the entrance gates" (2014-12-13) [] [], more comments and photos at [] []
* "More than 1,000 gather in Oakland to protest" (2014-12-13) [] []

* 2014-12-13 photo by International ANSWER showing a die-in in San Francisco

* "2014-12-13 National Day of Anger over Police Brutality -Oakland" photos by Michael Kerr []:

Militarized police assaulting students in Berkeley last night after hours of peacefully marching and chanting against police violence. ‪#‎ICantBreathe‬
2014-12-15 photos showing OPD being shutdown!
#blackbrunch @asians4blacklives

#BlackLivesMatter protesters surround OPD. Image from live chopper video

"Our allies have locked down to Oakland Police department. White silence is violence", posted by the BlackOUT Collective []

In fact, diverse groups seem to be blocking all OPD bldg entrances.

Asian/ Pacific Islander American activists lock themselves to OPD bldg door with a banner reading END THE WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE

* Popular Resistance Newsletter: "Respect Our Human Rights Or We'll 'Shut It Down' "[] []

December 12 at 12:23pm: No reports in Los Angeles on any of the abuses the night before, where the TruthStreamer was ambushed live, then beaten until his microphone went dead.

"Phoenix cop protests remain peaceful despite activist's anarchist fears" (2013-12-05) [] []
* "The Congressional Black Caucus voted to preserve police militarization" (2014-09-03) [] []
The Cleveland Police Union is demanding an apology from the Browns for the shirt WR Andrew Hawkins wore on Sunday: "It's pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law. They should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland Police protect and serve the Browns stadium and the Browns organization owes us an apology." - Jeff Follmer Police Patrolman Union President.
* "CLE Police Union demands apology from Browns for Andrew Hawkins shirt supporting Tamir Rice" (2014-12-14) [] [].
* "Police Union Throws Tantrum, Demands Apology Over Satirical, Yet Plausible Newspaper Comic" (2014-12-16) [] []

* "Witness who testified before grand jury that she saw Michael Brown charge Officer Darren Wilson is revealed to be 'lying racist bipolar felon' " (2014-12-15) [] []

"Escalating Protest Against Institutionalized Police Bullying on the Horizon" (2014-12-06) [] []

* "Santa Cruz Police and First Alarm Brutalize and Arrest People for Being Black and Homeless" (2014-08-21) [] []
"Stay Away Stupidity, Oppose Police Violence & Chomp Coronation Treats!" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Another CPRA request about email to Santa Cruz High School threatening mass shooting" (2014-12-07) []

* "Black Lives Matter" poem by Nina Serrano (2014-12-06) [] []
* “Hold your hands up... Breathe and someone will take it" by Bay Area poet Raina León (2014-12-06), originally published at "Somos en escrito: The Latino literary online magazine" [] [], send submissions to [somossubmissions@)]

"SAVE ETHNIC STUDIES" meme, with more at [] []

* "Berkeley Black community request for resources", 2014-12-11:
As black students at UC Berkeley, we are working to build a movement here in Berkeley. As Berkeley is gaining international media attention, we must retain the call that #BlackLivesMatter, the movement that demands that ALL black lives matter - especially Black women, black trans, black men, black queer, black differently abled, black incarcerated, black immigrant, all lives within the gender spectrum, and all people within the black Diaspora. In order to sustain ourselves and continue to build, we must maintain ourselves financially.
Our goal is for Afro House at UC-Berkeley to be a hub for healing and organizing, with support from the Black Student Union and the black student community. Additionally, it will be used to distribute resources throughout the black community, both on campus and black youth across the East Bay. We hope to build a sustainable movement that will support black youth organizers during this high intensity moment, throughout the rest of the school year, and beyond.
Simply speaking, we wish to utilize Afro House as a hub for our community to leverage the power we have into direct political and economic gain for black people and other oppressed peoples. In order to accomplish all of this, we are calling on you for support.
In order for us to be sustainable, we need the following:
* Food such as bread, potatoes, eggs, cheese, juice, and non perishable snacks. We also welcome any extras from office and social gatherings.
* Art supplies such as poster board, fabric, paint, markers, etc.
* Any networks of black youth, leaders, lawyers, and other networks you have!
Come through and show your love and support!
Email [athhm@)] for questions regarding Afro House.
You may make checks out to African American Theme House, at 2347 Prospect St. in Berkeley.
We have set up a gofundme to centralize our fundraising efforts as well:
GoFundMe - Support Black Youth Organizing []
* "Hungry for justice at Berkeley" (2014-12-09) [] [], [begin excerpt]: AFRICAN AMERICAN students clad in Black Power sweatshirts blockaded one of the main campus dining facilities at the University of California (UC) Berkeley on December 4 for four-and-a-half hours to represent the time Mike Brown was left lying in the street after he was killed by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson. “This is now a Black space. No one is going to eat today as long as we’re hungry for justice,” explained one student.
Organized by the Black Student Union (BSU), 200 African American students linked arms and shut down the Golden Bear cafeteria, while a multiracial line of least 100 Latino, Asian and white students stood together in solidarity with the BSU protest and faced off against campus police.
Cowed for the moment, the normally aggressive campus police, who often target students of color for arrest and beatings during student protests, lurked in the background, but made no attempt to interfere.
“This is a Black occupied space. The police didn’t give it to us, we took it. Today, they’re afraid of us!”
“We don’t have a choice, it’s gotten to the point where if we don’t fight back, we are literally going to be killed.”
“Police broke into my home and hit my mother to arrest by 17-year-old brother, who hadn’t done anything.”
“You know, we say ‘Black lives matter,’ but that’s not a request, it’s a declaration!”
“Being Black on this campus is really hard. It weighs on your spirit and breaks you down. But don’t let it!”
“In America, Black people don’t get to be children.”
“My brother is 24 years old, and he has a masters degree, but no one cares. They just see a Black man.”
“Being Black at Cal is hard. People think I’m stupid. Nobody wants to sit next to me in class, nobody wants to talk to you. But you are not stupid, you matter!”
“When I wake up, the first thing I think about is my mother. She’s in jail for life, for nothing. And the cops who kill people get off easy. I live in East Oakland, near where Oscar Grant was killed. My own father tells me not to come home because he’s afraid I’ll get shot. I shouldn’t be afraid to go home.”

Reparations to the New African Nation: The Question Considered []

Defend those Without Homes!
* "Hunger, Homelessness on the Rise in Cities Nationwide" (2014-12-12) [] []

Community Fascism in itty-bitty Santa Cruz:
"Keeping Up the Pressure: Wednesday Protest at Cop Corner" (2014-12-16):
The SCPD has still not responded to concerns about racial and class profiling by Officer Bradly Barnett and videoed concerns that Officer Bill Azua is selectively ticketing African-Americans in downtown Santa Cruz for trivial offenses. It has not released specific reports on its use of tasers, batons, choke holds, pain compliance holds, and drawn weapons as requested in Public Records Act requests. It continues to militarize the department through acquisition of surveillance and armored vehicle acquisition without meaningful public input or debate. Instances of documented officer abuse of homeless people such as Officer Vasquez's sidewalk smash of Richard Hardy remain unredressed. HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) calls for an active and diverse protest Wednesdays at Laurel and Center Streets.
Further Information:
* ""Bearcat-a-tat-tat" Video and Abbi Samuels Letter to the Mayor" (2014-12-16) [] []
* Vasquez's Hardy Take-down: []
* Barnett's Anti-Homeless Profiling: []
* Barnett's Racial Citations: []
* Azua's Selective Ticketing of Blacks on Pacific for Smoking: []
* Prior Stories: "Protest Shuts Down City Council, Urban Assault Vehicle Approved, Anti-Homeless Law Delayed" at [].
* "SCPD No Disclosure of When People were PepperSprayed, Choked, Tasered, Gun-Bullied or Shot" at []

Worker's Defense Committee
Solidarity with the IWW Union at Whole Foods! Info from fundraiser event page []: Last month, a group of courageous workers at Whole Foods in San Francisco announced their union to management and demanded a much-needed wage increase for all Whole Foods workers. Taking on a corporate chain with 400 stores in three countries ain't easy, but these workers have already won a wage increase for workers in San Francisco and have put the spotlight on Whole Foods' doublespeak about social responsibility and the "happiness" of their employees. But the fight is far from over. The Whole Foods workers have vowed to pursue the full $5 an hour raise they demanded, and will be forging ahead for better scheduling policies, paid time off and more. They have come far in a short period of time BUT NEED YOUR HELP!
If you'd like to donate online please go to: [].
Ultimately, the fight at Whole Foods is the fight for a better life for all workers. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has a tested record of organizing workers with an eye toward organizing all workers as a class. Our fight is your fight, and your fight is ours. Let's build a working class movement for the win, together! On December 12th, the IWW, and Advance the Struggle (ATS) held a successful banquet in San Francisco. One of the organizers said, "Thanks everyone for coming out. It was great meeting everyone and hearing from the workers about their struggle. We managed to raise $500 for their organizing fund. Thanks so much!!"
* "Dealing with Difficult Supervisors" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "Interview: Direct Action in the Berry Fields" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "Support the Four Fired Boston School Bus Union Leaders", solidarity fundraiser [] []

Veolia, a union busting, apartheid-enforcing corporation, is trying to starve out the four unjustly fired leaders of the Boston school bus drivers union, which has stood up to racism in Boston for decades. This notorious multi-national corporation breaks contracts with threats and corruption all around the world. Veolia wants to roll back 40 years of job security and benefits won by the mostly Haitian, Cape Verdean and African-American women and men.
In Boston workers said NO! When the drivers resisted attacks on their contractual rights, Veolia unjustly fired four union leaders. One of the four now faces serious trumped-up felony charges.
We need to support these heroic Boston School Bus Drivers who were fired for defending school children and their contract. The four illegally fired drivers have been living without an income for a year. Donate at [].

Defend the People's Post Office in Berkeley, part of our Workers' Heritage, containing priceless murals created during the 1930s, but is being sold for scrap through hostile takeover by corrupt Democrat lawmakers!
Greg J. writes 2014-12-04 (Thursday):
[12:12 PM] ASAP today! At the downtown Berkeley Post Office -- please help us Stop the Eviction!
I just got back from the downtown Berkeley Post Office.  About ten postal police showed up early this morning (Thursday) and over the past couple of hours have been trying to evict the encampment that's been there for about a month.  (There's a few photos from this morning here: ).  So far they've only been talking to people, and removal of property has been limited to items belonging to people who aren't currently there.  However, we don't know if they might start arresting people and using force to remove the rest of the items (including the big display opposing the sale of the post office, etc.).  So please get down to the Post Office just as soon as you possibly can!  (Note:  We may need shifts of people to be there for most of the day -- I'll try to send out another message sometime between 2 and 3 pm for those of you who can't get to the post office before then!).  And of course, please pass this info along to others who might be able to help!
[3:07 PM] Please 'stay on call' today, Re: the downtown Berkeley Post Office possible eviction!
I've just returned from another visit to the downtown Berkeley Post Office.  There are still 6 or 7 postal police there, but they're not doing anything -- and nothing has really changed from the message I sent out a few hours ago (copied below).  So I'll go back around 5:00 pm -- but it would be great if you could please "be on call" between 5:30 and 7:00 pm -- in case we need to get people over there tonight!
[7:38 PM] Urgent!: Can you stay overnight or "be on call" (late or early)? - Re: the Berkeley Post Office eviction?!
We got raided, about 90 minutes ago!  About a dozen postal police took away everything except for the "main covered display table" and two tents in the front.  All of the tents and belongings on the (Milvia) side of the building were removed by either the police, or by the owners, and the police then removed all of our signs except for a few that were pasted to the central pillars.  We're not sure if they're going to be raiding again to remove the rest of the stuff (and residents) tonight, overnight, or tomorrow, so we need people to stay overnight, as well as to be on call as late as possible tonight, or as early as possible tomorrow (Friday) morning.  So if you can help out, please let me know right away!  (Or if you get this message after 9:30 pm and can stay overnight, just grab your tent and sleeping bag and come on over!).  And if you can't stay overnight, then please let me know until how late tonight, and/or starting at what time tomorrow morning you can "be on call", in case we need to quickly get more people to the Post Office!
Friday, 2014-12-05, 9:23 AM] Please visit the downtown Berkeley Post Office TODAY (and maybe even stay overnight?!)
There was another postal police raid early this morning! (Friday).  This time they took the two tents in the front (because their owners weren't there).  They also demanded the removal of our "main covered display table" (etc.), but we refused, so after a few moments, they then left.  However, they could of course come back at any point today, or tonight, so please stop by at some point today, or tonight, so we can have a "decent physical presence" there!  And if you can stay overnight (just bring your tent and sleeping bag), that would be tremendous!
[7:18 PM] Tomm (Sat) starting at Noon: 2 events at the Berkeley Post Office!
It looks like the postal police have gone home for the weekend.  Specifically, after this morning's raid, they haven't been seen since.
But in the meantime, two events have been planned for tomorrow (Saturday) at the Post Office, so please stop by!  (See the details below).
COME TO  a brief rally tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 Noon at the Berkeley Main Post Office, 2000 Allston at Milvia,  IT WILL BE followed by a video shoot with all who attend, singing  "Our Post Office, It Shall Not Be Moved" (to the tune of We Shall Not Be Moved).  Please feel free to wear costumes, your chorus attire if you are in one, or anything you'd like. This will take place rain or shine - if it's raining we will sing under the sheltered area.
Then, after the sing-a-long is finished around 12:45 PM, "Berkeley Post Office Defenders" and "First They Came for the Homeless" will hold a "teach-in" & answer questions about the lawsuit, the sale, the encampment, and the attempted evictions, and anything else related, for people who want to get up to date!
[Sunday, 2014-12-07. 8:05 PM] The postal police actually showed up around 8:00 am this morning (Sunday) and harassed our people, but after we (again) didn't give in, they left, for the rest of today.  So it seems that their "M.O." is to show up at about 8:00 am to confront us -- so we're now all planning to be there tomorrow (Monday) at 8:00 am to "greet them" this time!  However, we still need several more people -- so please join us tomorrow (Monday) morning at 8!  (The chances are pretty good that you won't need to stay longer than about 15 or 20 minutes.  The actual address is 2000 Allston Way, at Milvia, in downtown Berkeley).
[Monday, 2014-12-08. 11:12 AM] 4:00 pm (etc.) Today (Mon): Please be at the Berkeley Post Office! (Also tomm (Tue) at 8:00 am)!
The postal police (about 8 or 9 of them) were a little late this morning -- they arrived around 8:35 am.  They again harassed us and passed out notices saying that we were subject to arrest for illegally having items on postal service property.  But they didn't arrest anyone or do anything else, and they then left after about 15 minutes.
We think that they may well be back later today, perhaps in the late afternoon, but it could of course be at any time (day or night).  Therefore, please stop by the downtown Berkeley Post Office sometime today (or tonight), and especially at 4:00 pm, if at all possible!  In addition, given their "habits", we will also be back at 8:00 am tomorrow (Tuesday) -- so please join us then too, if you possibly can!

USA Fascism Watch
* "California Rapper, No Criminal Record Faces Life Sentence In Prison for His Album" (2014-11-18) [] [], [begin excerpt]: However, Duncan was charged with attempted murder charges in court along with 14 other people. The charges are gang conspiracy in the murder of 9 people since April 2013.
As bizarre as it seems, the prosecutors are using a little known state law that was voted into effect in 2000 by the general public. The law states gang members can be prosecuted if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members.
Keep in mind, Duncan hasn’t been charged with any crimes before, nor directly involved in any of the killings, the prosecutors argue he has benefited from the murders allowing him to sell more albums. [end excerpt]
"Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox", 2014-12-14 with guest: Leslie Boyd, to talk about the Disastrous US Healthcare Industry. Leslie's son Michael Boyd died on April 1, 2008 due to lack of health insurance and access to quality care.  Leslie has become a healthcare advocate from her loss and has founded Western North Carolina Health Advocates [].
* "Secretive Pro-Corporate Trade Deal Could Endanger Health, Labor, Environment" (2014-12-07) [] []
* "New Obama State Dept Top Energy Diplomat Amos Hochstein A Former Marathon Oil Lobbyist" (2014-12-08) [] []
* "The links between Citigroup and government run deep" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "FBI: Freedom Industries President Committed Criminal Fraud in West Virgina Chemical Spill; Gary Southern lied about role in Elk River disaster to protect personal wealth, bureau says" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "Why Poor People Stay Poor: Saving money costs money, Period" (2014-12-05) [] []
* "Congress to Reinstate Taxpayer Subsidies for Reckless Derivatives Trading" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For" (2014-12-12) [] []
* "Torture Report Finally Released" [] [] archived page with archived .pdf file links [] [begin excerpt]: Committee Details 20 Most Frequent CIA Claims that Torture Stopped Terrorist Plots, Cites CIA's Own Documents to Show Claims "Wrong in Fundamental Respects". Outside Contractors Ran Torture Program, Earned $1800 per Day, $81 Million Overall, Had No Prior Experience in Interrogation, No Arabic, but Sold CIA on "Hard" Measures. Multiple CIA Officers Protested Program as "Train Wreak", Refused to Participate, But CIA Directors Tenet, Goss, Hayden Overruled Criticism and Misled Congress. CIA Inserted Factually Inaccurate Claims into Bush's Daily Brief and Public Speeches. [end excerpt]
* "No one is reading the CIA torture report, so we turned it into 11 fun memes" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "Stop believing the lies: America tortured more than 'some folks' – and covered it up" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "'When we make mistakes, we admit them': Obama defends release of CIA torture report that reveals Al Qaeda suspects were kept awake in 'stress positions' for 180 hours, subjected to rectal feeding and waterboarded until they vomited" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Dept. of Homeland Security warning local lawmen of possible terrorist reaction to CIA torture report" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Ex-CIA Operative Says Prison Was Punishment for Whistleblowing on Torture" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "North Korea calls on UN to investigate CIA ‘brutal medieval’ torture" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "How to Legalize Torture, Turning to Israel for Inspiration: CIA Cites Israeli Court Ruling to 'Justify' Its Torture Program" (2014-12-12) [] []
* "U.S. Tortured and Killed Innocent People for the Specific Purpose of Producing False Propaganda" (2014-12-09) [] []
Politicians and bureaucrats destroying human culture in the epoch of imperial decay.
from "Humans of New York" []:
"You want to photograph me eating chicken?"
"Well, if I let you, I need you to help me deliver a message."
"What's that?"
"I work at this library. And before that, I was coming here for twenty years. It's my favorite place in the world. As many people know, the main reading room of this library is supported by seven floors of books, which contain one of the greatest research collections in the world. Recently, the library administration has decided to rip out this collection, send the books to New Jersey, and use the space for a lending library. As part of the consolidation, they are going to close down the Mid-Manhattan Library Branch as well as the Science, Industry, and Business Library. When everything is finished, one of the greatest research libraries in the world will become a glorified internet cafe. Now read that back to me."
* "Koch Brother Says He's A 'Social Liberal,' Not An 'Evil Billionaire' " (2014-12-15) [] []. He directly funds many networks constituting what as the "Tea Party".
* "Tea Party protest at the White House calls for the lynching of Obama" (2014-12-12) [] []


Committee to Free 'em All!
NYC Anarchist Black Cross's Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. download it at []
Until all are free, We are all imprisoned
Free Kali!!!!
12/16/2014 UPDATE: As many of y'all may have heard by now, Kali's sentence has unfortunately been extended. If you are interested in writing him a letter or sending him a card, please feel free to message directly for his address. (He's currently still at SLO but awaiting transfer to New Folsom.)
Also, if folks are interested in doing another group card to send for the New Year, holler.
For more info about Kali and some ways to support him, visit:[]

* "Help Clarence Moses-El's family attend his January hearing" [] []
Clarence Moses-El has been in prison for more than 27 years for a crime he did not commit.  Help his family, many of whom have not seen him in almost two decades travel to Denver, Colorado for his next hearing on evidence that could set him free on January 23rd, 2015.
The page for the fundraiser is: []
Clarence Moses-El has been in prison since 1987, when he was sentenced to 48 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. He has maintained his innocence since the beginning. The three people originally identified as suspects by the victim were never arrested nor were they ever questioned.
One of those identified, L.C. Jackson, has since confessed to having committed the crime for which Clarence Moses-El was convicted. The letter that he wrote to Moses-El, asking that his attorney be sent to interview him, begins with, “I really don’t know what to say to you. But let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light. I have a lot on my heart.”
However, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey refuses to reopen the case.
Clarence Moses-El has experienced a number of setbacks in his quest to prove his innocence. Over the years of his imprisonment, he has won the support of the Innocence Project and attorney Barry Scheck. who won a court order to have DNA evidence tested. Although marked in a box labeled “DO NOT DESTROY,” the DNA evidence was thrown into a dumpster by the Denver Police Department.
The detective originally involved with the case, James Huff, who died a few years ago, stated about the conviction, “I always have had doubts about this. I could never prove it either way,” and “This is one of those cases where I really wish there was DNA.” Ironically, he was also the detective responsible for the destruction of the evidence.
Moses-El also received support from the late Colorado Sen. Ken Gordon, who pushed for a new investigation based on the destroyed evidence.
* "Please help Dr. Aafia Siddique and her family. The Whole World is watching" (2014-12-08):
During the CodePink Peace Delegation to Pakistan in 2012, we learned about the case of Dr. Aafia Siddique, a Pakistani woman held for years as a political prisoner in the U.S., tortured, denied an impartial trial, and sentenced to 86 years.  For the last nine months she has been denied access to her family.  It is a very tragic story.
Find out more here: [].
Please take a few moments today to copy and sign the letter below and send to the South African U.S. Consulate General. Free Aafia NOW!
Letter to Earl Miller, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Johannesburg, Rep. of South Africa.
Date:  8th Dec 2014.
I write to you today with the gravest concerns, as a supporter of the “Free Aafia Movement” South Africa and on behalf of Dr. Aafia Siddique, who has been imprisoned in the United States of America since 2003. Our concerns are as follows and we seek your urgent intervention in this regards.
 We state the following :
1.      Dr. Aafia Siddique, a Pakistani woman scientist has had no contact with her family for more than 9 months. We have no way of knowing if she is alive, and if alive in what mental state.
2.      The Article 36 of the Vienna Convention clearly gives Pakistani Embassy full access to Aafia and her wellbeing etc. Merely taking the prison's word is not enough. Merely saying Aafia refused is not enough. We need full access, Skype, phone, visit, medical, psychological independent evaluation and it is the duty of the embassy to provide such facilities to Aafia, who is a Pakistani citizen.
3.      Dr. Aafia has a fundamental right to life, due process, without discrimination under the constitutions of Pakistan and the USA and under international conventions. She is entitled to humane treatment and deserves to have her civil and human rights observed, irrespective of the charges placed on her.
4.      We remind you that, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the U.S. has ratified, Dr. Aafia's Siddique's current treatment by the U.S. contravenes the following articles:
Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
Article 6.
•       Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.
Article 7.
•       All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.
Article 8.
•       Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.
Article 9.
•       No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.
Article 10.
•       Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.
Article 11.
•       (1) Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.
•       (2) No one shall be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offense, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offense was committed.
Article 12.
•       No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.
5.      We further remind your office that according to the US constitutional “Prisoner Rights,” the US is contravening the following:
 -The right to not be punished cruelly or unusually.
- The right to due processes.
- The right to administrative appeals.
- The right to practice religion freely.
- The right to equal protection (Fourteenth Amendment).
- The right to medical treatment (both long and short term).
- The right to visitation.
6. Furthermore, we remind you of the US Bill of Rights contravention,
Eighth Article:
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.
Finally,  we request to your office for an urgent intervention on Dr. Aafia Siddique family that the family should be given right to visit and if not at least a telephonic conversation to Dr. Aafia Siddique. We also request to your office for an independent medical doctor visit to ascertain the physical and mental state of Dr. Aafia Siddique.
A statement by Lorenzo Johnson, December 7, 2014 []:
It’s not a coincidence that minorities are being killed by police at an alarming rate. Simply no regard for Human Rights! By not having safeguards in place, when an unarmed person is killed this gives the police the okay to continue to kill. The first thing society is told is: “The Grand Jury is reviewing evidence to see if a crime occurred.” This is all a smoke screen, just look at the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to name a few. Mr. Garner’s death was recorded by a phone showing his assassination; still no police were indicted for using a Banned Choke Hold on Mr. Garner. Until the police are held fully accountable, Minorities will continue to be targeted and unfortunately killed.
There have been over five hundred (500) Exonerations of Innocent Prisoners that we know about. The average time frame an Innocent Prisoner spends in prison is between thirteen and a half (13½) to fifteen (15) years, and that’s only if they get the necessary representation needed. In some cases, Innocent Prisoners die in prison before their Innocence comes out. Prosecutors continue to fight tooth and nail to maintain their False Convictions. They hide favorable material that can show a prisoner’s Innocence. They let False Testimony stand just to secure a conviction. Out of all the Exonerations of Innocent men and women, NOT ONE percent (1%) of the prosecutors were held accountable for their Malicious Prosecutions. One fact that can’t be disputed, minorities make up NINETY PERCENT (90%) of Wrongful Convictions. Until prosecutors are stripped of their IMMUNITY and held fully accountable, this will unfortunately continue to happen.
Mass Incarceration has been going on for decades under a lot of different umbrellas. The biggest one was and is the “War On Drugs.” Once again the minorities are the targets. I keep hearing politicians saying: “Our Judicial System is off balance, we must trust and strengthen it. As an Innocent prisoner, the last time I checked, the Judicial System has been our worst nightmare. Our Judicial System is no longer about Justice; it’s about politics and votes for politicians. When there are special Laws that target the Inner Cities that differ from Suburbia, the message is loud and clear. Thanks to Social Media the WORLD is finally seeing what’s been taking place in out communities.
Sign Lorenzo Johnson’s Freedom Petition! []

Northbay Copwatch: Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies, in the homeland and globally.
* "Supreme Court Says Ignorance Of The Law Is An Excuse — If You’re A Cop" (2013-12-15) [] []
* Examples showing how "Conservative" supporters of extra-judicial murder justify their ideological stance, from Letters to the Editor of the "San Francisco Chronicle" (2014-12-12) [] []:
[begin letter #1] "Nation of victims" by Pete Toyonal of Briones: I noticed that all the discussion about police killing unarmed citizens usually talks about things such as reforming police departments, cultural change, inherent conflict of interest between district attorneys and police, and protest rights. There used to be a concept in our society that you were responsible for the consequences of your actions. However, we have turned into a nation of victims where no one, despite their behavior, is at fault. I suggest we engage our young people and educate them about personal responsibility and the consequences of making poor choices.That will save many more lives than any police reform, cultural change or violent protests.
[begin letter #2] "Submit to cops" by Matt Wyse of Orinda: I do not understand the protesters. The law requires an individual to submit when a police officer gives a legitimate command while pursuing the obligations of his job. If the officer states “you are under arrest,” the individual must submit. If the individual refuses to submit, what should the officer do? Should he simply say “OK, never mind?” Yet, if he attempts to enforce the arrest it is seen as police brutality or worse. In none of the recent cases that have made news did the individual submit peacefully to the police officer involved. I suggest that none of these individuals would have ended up dead if they had cooperated with the officer, as required by law.
* "Undercover CHP officer pulls gun at Oakland protest after outing" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "US Protests Infiltrated by Agents Provocateurs: Undercover Cops Attempt To Incite Crime, Pull Gun On #ICan’tBreathe Protesters" (2014-12-12) [] []
* Look at the photographs, the Police agents are NOT surrounded, the onlookers, including members of the monopolist media, are NOT being threatening.

* "Police in St Louis assault activist T-Dubb-O with gun to his head" [] [], [begin excerpt]:
T-Dubb-O said he was having lunch at a TGI Fridays in downtown St. Louis. He said when they left they noticed they were being followed by three trucks. After exiting the highway thy were stopped by these trucks. At first T-Dubb-O believed it might be the KKK since his life along with his passengers, journalist Bassem Masri, and activist Rika Tyler were threatened by the KKK.
It was the police that stopped them for no reason. T-Dubb-O said that the police held him with a gun to his head. He was told to stop asking questions lest the current protests would be for him next. After the police placed a gun to the head of Rika Tyler as well, T-Dubb-O became concerned and stopped talking as he feared the police would kill her.
It turns out that because of his organizing and protests, he was under surveillance by police for several weeks.They however had no reason to hold them or arrest them. T-Dubb-O said he will not allow the intimidation to stop his activism to fight oppression. [end excerpt]
* "U Mad" Music video by "T Dubb O" (2014-06) []

"BOSTON BOMBING: Feds Admit Triple Murder Wasn’t Tsarnaevs" (2014-12-09) [] []. When it came to Whodunnit for any crime around the time of the Boston Bombing, law enforcement’s answer always was “the Tsarnaev brothers.” In a shocking reversal, prosecutors now admit there’s barely any evidence they took part in a 2011 triple murder that’s been pinned on them.
* "How the Surveillance Industry Sells Itself" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "US Senate wants to know more about the intrusive “dirtboxes” that spy on Americans from planes" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "Trimble UX5 drone allowed for commercial operations" (2014-12-11) [] []

* "US court extends NSA surveillance rules in current form" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Google to Buy Titan Aerospace as Web Giants Battle for Air Superiority" (2014-04-14) [] []

What is Google's purpose? Watch the film "iRobot" (starring Wesley Smith and based on the book by Isaac Asimov) for an allegory as the robotic algorithms are embedded into all parts of our daily lives, perhaps to "run the world" in a more effecient manner, becasue as econoic leaders come and go, robots are here to stay, and those who construct the perfect algorithm control the future direction of society. Plus, Google is a partner with the clandestine agencies of the Five-Eyes, aids the global operations of Mossad, and cooperates with monopolist holding companies to expand the Global Market regime to new heights.
* "Google’s Air Fleet Got ‘Improper’ Fuel Discounts" (2013-12-12) [] [], [begin excerpt]: A company responsible for managing a fleet of aircrafts used by Google execs has been reportedly purchasing fuel from the government at below market prices, resulting in more than $5 million in erroneous savings. According to a report published by the NASA Inspector General on Wednesday, H211 bought the improperly priced fuel from a provider working under the U.S. Defense Department at the NASA Ames Research Center, where Google’s planes are housed. The report specifies that the error was caused by a misunderstanding and not “intentional misconduct.” Fuel was apparently sold to H211 at discount rates because the provider was under the assumption that the fleet was being used exclusively for NASA-related flights. While the planes were loaned out to NASA from time to time, they were primarily used by the internet search engine’s bigwigs from August 2012 to July 2013. [end excerpt]
* "Your new Facebook 'friend' may be the FBI" [] []
* "Pepper Spray Cop's Settlement Sets Dangerous Precedent" (2014-10-25) [] []. Lt. John Pike, the infamous pepper spray cop at UC Davis, just got $38,000 for "damages" he suffered from being hated by the entire world. This sets a dangerous precedent for all trigger-happy cops- if Pike can get a settlement, the cops who regularly shoot unarmed black teens might feel entitled to one too.

San Pablo Bay Ecological Preservation Association 
* "Seismic Faults Pose Risk to California Nuclear Power Plant" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Lower IQ seen after exposure to plastic chemicals" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "New Study Measures Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Production and Offers Insights into Two Large Sources" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Abandoned oil and gas wells emit 'significant' methane: study" (2014-12-08) [] []
* "Scientists find early warning signs of changing ocean circulation" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "The Yin-Yang of Polar Sea Ice" (2014-12-04) [] []
* "Review finds environmental impact and toxicity of biocides used in fracking still largely unknown" (2014-12-10) [] []

San Pablo Bay Sovereignty think-tank
As usual, scientists of Africa are leading the way forward towards energy self-suffiency.
* "AORA to provide first Solar-Biogas Hybrid Power solution for off-grid communities In Africa" [] []
* "Wind and Solar Create More Jobs When They’re Locally Owned, Report Finds. When it comes to providing jobs and money to towns and cities, not all renewable energy is created equal." (2014-10-22) [] []
* "Bioplastic – greener than ever" (2014-03-12) [] []. Polylactic acid is a degradable plastic used mostly for packaging. To meet the rising demand, ETH researchers have developed an eco-friendly process to make large amounts of lactic acid from glycerol, a waste by-product in the production of biodiesel.
A public utility district within California has legally broken the private energy monopoly PG&E.
* "Tiny water district to seize PG&E power lines, transformers" (2014-12-12) [] []
The inherited right to conduct business on a peer-to-peer basis is being attacked. Notice that the stipulation is that the website service "Uber" offers nothing more than to connect people with ride-shares, a slightly more sophisticated version of the services provided by Craigslist.
* "US city of Portland sues Uber" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "New technique offers spray-on solar power" (2014-12-05) [] []
Monopolist Holding Companies have begun to invest in Solar Energy corporations, meanwhile, the technology is embraced by mineral and energy extraction corporations.
* "Galenfeha Completes Successful Testing Of Solar Power Station" (2014-10-20) [] [], [begin excerpt]: Galenfeha conducted field-testing for a major petroleum production company in the Haynesville shale area of Louisiana.  The company's client was seeking a viable solution to power a chemical injection pump station.  The location historically has been very problematic due to conventional battery failures and has not allowed for natural gas to be processed on a consistent basis.  The test was orchestrated in an incredibly rigorous environment that required the battery array to consistently deliver stable voltage and current in a cyclical manner 9 times per minute for 2.2 seconds, 24 hours per day. [end excerpt]
* "ET Solar Supplies 5 MW PV Modules to a Mining Operation in Suriname" (2014-10-22) [] []
* "AllCell Consortium to Deploy National Network of Solar EV Charging Stations in Jordan" (2014-11-20) [] [], more news from the Consortium at []
* "SunEdison And Renova Energia Create A Joint Venture To Develop 1 Gigawatt Of Utility Scale Solar In Brazil" (2014-11-24) [] []
* "Hanwha SolarOne to Build 230 MW Module Factory in South Korea" (2014-12-02) [] []
* "U.S. puts more cash behind solar power More than $9 million available through SunShot initiative." (2014-12-03) [] []

Solano Peace, Justice and Freedom Coalition
"Vietnam Full Disclosure Campaign - Open Letter to the American People" [] [], [begin excerpt]: The Pentagon is making its major push in 2015 (the 50th anniversary of the anniversary of the American escalation in Vietnam in 1965).  They aim to legitimize current and future wars as well as the continuing militarization of American society. They are preparing major events, including on Memorial Day and at college football games in the Fall.  They are also developing a one-sided curriculum.  We need to be prepared to counter their efforts in organized and powerful ways. Of course we already have a more honest curriculum on the web site under Educational Resources.
Give to Veterans For Peace today to help ensure our voice is heard!
How important is the work of Veterans For Peace? How much does our nation and the world need the voice of veterans to call for and build a road of peace? Today, perhaps more than ever, the world needs to hear the voice of veterans calling and working for peace.
This year is the 100th anniversary of the World War I Christmas Truce [] []. Veterans For Peace is telling the story of this incredible moment when “enemy” troops in WWI along the Western front acknowledged each other’s humanity, laid down their weapons and for a time not only refused to fight, but celebrated the holiday as friends.
In 2015, Veterans For Peace will continue our Vietnam: Full Disclosure campaign [] []. We will not leave it to the government and war hawks to tell a one-sided tale of guts and glory. We will ensure the tragedy, depravity and successful opposition to war is told to a new generation of people.
Here in the U.S. there is what many call the war at home. Veterans face high unemployment, suicides, physical and mental health challenges and a broken Veterans Administration. Our nation has become more and more militarized with the most obvious example being police forces using military grade weapons and vehicles and violating the constitutional rights of citizens assembling and seeking redress.

* "UN Passes Russian-Proposed Resolution Banning Arms Race in Outer Space" (2014-12-04) [] []
* "Three Members Of Congress Tricked Legislature To Declaring Cold War On Russia" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "The Dirty Little Secret behind the 'Global Terrorism Index' (GTI)" (2014-12-06) [] []
* "9/11 Truth: Mainstream Media Labels 9/11 Petition to Canada’s Parliament 'A Call to Support a Conspiracy Theory' " (2014-12-09) [] []
* Sept. 11th, 2001, "Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s Behavior Between 9:00 and 10:00 AM" [] []
* "For Protesting US Drone Strikes, Prosecutor Told Judge I Must 'Be Rehabilitated' " (2014-12-12) [] []
"In Memoriam: Juan Flores 1943-2014" [] [], [begin excerpt]:
The key revelation of Juan’s essay was that yes, it was true that Puerto Ricans were being “Americanized,” but the way that it was happening had nothing to do with what people thought of as assimilation. He championed the way the popular classes of Puerto Rican migrants had created a bilingual identity that was at once a survival mechanism and an assertion of difference that would never fade. “Puerto Rican bilingualism,” wrote Flores, “seems to resist both political forces and scientific readings that indicate assimilation.”
Juan had drawn a conclusion that seemed obvious, but few of us knew how to express: That by insisting on being self-aware Puerto Ricans living in New York, we were simply manifesting a personality that was actively adapting to life in the big city. “Might the persistent affirmation of a discrete national culture, and particularly its tradition of anti-colonial resistance,” he asked, “be somehow consonant with ever more deep immersion in the cultural life of the US?”
Of course. That’s what had been happening from the beginning, going back to el tabaquero Bernardo Vega, whose diaries Juan translated, and continuing with José Luis González, another of Flores’s muses, who understood that Puerto Ricans’ superstructure rested on the base of African-descended philosopher-jíbaros, and that when we danced on the rooftops during blackouts and saw the stars for the first time in the darkness, we understood that our spirit had traveled to a new home. [end excerpt]
* "Time to Ban the Bomb" (2014-12-15) [] [], a message from Alice Slater, a director at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation []. "We urge all states to commence negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons at the earliest possible time, and subsequently to conclude the negotiations within two years. This will fulfill existing obligations enshrined in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which will be reviewed in May of 2015, and the unanimous ruling of the International Court of Justice.  Negotiations should be open to all states and blockable by none. The 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2015 highlights the urgency of ending the threat of these weapons."

Weapons for a New World Order
* "USS Ponce: Navy tests laser weapon in Persian Gulf" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "Lockheed Martin opens innovation center in Abu Dhabi" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "Nanoparticle Allows Low-Cost Creation of 3-D Nanostructures" (2014-12-08) [] []
* "Nanoscale Resistors for Quantum Devices" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "DARPA developing first-ever maneuverable bullet" (2014-12-17) [] []
* "New ‘High-Entropy’ Alloy Is As Light As Aluminum, As Strong as Titanium Alloys" (2014-12-10) [] []

World Fascism Watch
* "The State of World Capitalism: Labor Productivity Up, Real Wages Down" (2014-12-06) [] []
* "Canada’s currency at 54mo low as oil prices collapse below $60" (2013-12-12) [] []
* "Online freedom declines in growing number of countries" (2014-12-05) [] []
* "The World Bank Is Refereeing a Race to the Bottom; Instead of ranking countries by their 'business friendliness', the World Bank should rank corporations according to their social responsibility" (2014-12-03) [] []
It is said certain banks are more powerful than national governments. The following provides insight.
* "The Global Bankers’ Coup: Bail-In and the Shadowy Financial Stability Board" (2014-12-12) [] []
Certain monopolist holding companies (banks) act as bureaucrats for a global economic system. Like any regime, within the bureaucracy, violent purges do occur...
* " 'Riddles' Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year" (2014-12-07) [] []
* "Slain MassMutual Executive Held Wall Street 'Trade Secrets' " (2014-12-08) [] []

World Fascism Watch: Spain
* "Madrid: another murder committed by fascists" [machine translation] [] [], original in French [] [].
In Memorial to Francisco Javier Romero Taboada! Hero of the People!

Fascist Spain is attacking and dismantling independent Anarchist networks!
* "Spain: At Least 15 Arrested in Raids; Accused of Being in 'Anarchist Terror Organization’ " (2014-12-16) [] []
* Follow hashtag #OperacionPandora on Twitter for updated news.
Update 2014-12-16, archived at []: Demonstrations took place overnight across the Spanish state against the series of police raids targeting the anarchist movement. The Barcelona demonstration of 2000 people was led by a banner proclaiming "If you touch one; you touch all"
Demands include "Freedom for those arrested for struggling" "Down with prison walls" and "Social war against the state of capital"
Media reports say that the raids took place in 15 locations in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid and that 11 have been arrested. The usual excuse is given, 'terrorism' but the same reports reveal that all that the raids have discovered are "computers, mobile phones and notebooks found during searches"
One commentator said that "Starting early morning a 400-riot-cop task force has been raiding various houses and anarchist social centers confiscating mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices; and arresting people. Centers 'Kasa de la Muntanya', the 'Ateneu Llibertari Sant Andreu' and the 'Ateneu Poble Sec' were raided. The mainstream media and the government are talking about "anarchist terrorism", as if we haven't heard that before. We all know who the terrorists are. Protests are planned over the coming days, and already started this morning by activists blockading various points in the city."
At least 3 further arrests were made of demonstrators last night in Madrid.

World Fascism Watch: Mexico
* "Damning Report Claims Mexican Federal Police Participated In Disappearance Of 43 Students" (2014-12-14) [] []
* MEXICO UPDATE: Chilpancingo Confrontation; Report from El Trabajo Newspaper, more… [] []

World Fascism Watch: Honduras
Most of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.
* Mel Zelaya, in his role as general coordinator of LIBRE, has issued a statement calling for a new National Constiuent Assembly. []
* Mel Zelaya is currently in Caracas at a international gathering. El Libertador published an interview he gave there. Source in Spanish [] [], titled "Honduras is a USA Military Base".
In this week's compilation, we find information on the conversion of the civilian police into a militerized version. Appropriate as this is part of the ideology of the coup government, put in power 2009 by the USA State Dept. ...and with it the model they are exporting (from the cover of "The Economist" news magazine) [].
* "U.S. conservatives are about to run a dangerous economic experiment in Honduras" (2014-12) [] []
* Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if the solar project described in the link below has anything to do with the proposed Charter Cities. It has $146 million being funneled to Choluteca, the talked about site of the 1st Charter City and it is being overseen by the IFC, CABEI and OPEC? It probably also has something to do with the eventual privatizing of ENEE, the state-owned power company.  Hmmmmm? Source: "SunEdison, IFC, OFID And CABEI Close $146 Million USD Project Financing To Develop 81.7 Megawatts Of Solar In Honduras" (2014-12-15) [] []
* Nealon, USA Ambassador to Honduras, discovers human rights: Three months into his term, Amb. Nealon has discovered human rights in his first public mention of them, as far as I can tell. [] [].
But he said these things in the context of celebrating JOH's efforts to address HR: [] []. Nealon's HR statement contains zero criticism of the government's HR record. And he talks about the Aguan HR defenders but never made a public peep in criticism of Alfaro's attack on Annie Bird and the on the HR delegation, even when repeatedly requested, and pressured by congress.
* "On International Human Rights Day, the Fight for Land and Autonomy in Honduras" (2014-12-10) [] []
* "The Situation of Human Rights and Democracy in Honduras Since the Elections of November 2013" (2014-12-09) [] []
"2015 to be the 'year of mining' in Honduras". That's according to the Council of Mining and Extractive Industries, Trade and Investments, anyway. There's going to be a shindig with international investors in San Pedro Sula in August to promote mining. Also according to Comicoin, exports of iron, antimony and gold are going to go up 300% in 2015. Source in Spanish [ón/item/11422-harán-cónclave-para-promover-inversiones-en-el-sector-minero] []
Employees of a mine in Gualaco, Olancho had protested for over 15 days to recieve their overdue paycheck, when a military-police deployment violently evicted them. According to the Council for Mining and for the Extractive Industries, Commerce and Investment (Comicoin), declares Honduras "the country for mining" for 2015 - that doesn't bode well (Hat-tip to Sandra). Sources in Spanish (1) [] [], (2) [ón/item/11422-harán-cónclave-para-promover-inversiones-en-el-sector-minero] [].
The Permanent Human Rights Observatory of the Aguan (OPDHA) published a press release denouncing the criminalization of human rights defenders. Source in Spanish [ón-de-defensoras-y-defensores-de-ddhh] [].
The journalist and owner of the channel RPM 28, Reinaldo Paz Mayes, was murdered . He was know for his critical brand of journalism and he was also a member of Libre. Meanwhile, ConexiHon continues its report on the murder of the journalist Nery Francisco Soto Torres. Sources in Spanish
(1) [ón/honduras-asesinan-dueño-de-canal-28-en-comayagua] [], (2) [ón/miembro-de-“banda-de-sicarios”-enjuiciado-por-crimen-contra-periodista] [].
Miguel Vasquez, human rights defender from Zacate Grande, was attacked two days ago and had to be treated in a hospital. Source in Spanish [] [].
* " 'Little Canada' displacing Afro-Indigenous communities in Honduras", by Sandra Cuffe, who says, "This is an article I wrote about how Canadian investor Randy Jorgensen and others' real estate and tourism projects in the Trujillo Bay are displacing Garifuna communities -- and what Garifuna community leaders and Jorgensen have to say about it (spoiler: Jorgensen blames Garifuna resistance on what he calls corrupt "extremist factions") -- is now published online:
[] [], plus the companion piece [] [].
* OFRANEH itself also denounces the ongoing evictions of the Garifuna communities. [] []
ENEE's labor union denounces that the recently announced laid-off at the state company are due to IMF pressure. Hugo No? Pino, the former head of the Honduran Central Bank, thinks that the agreement with the IMF has a very high social cost and negative as well as unjust consequences. Sources in Spanish: (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
Yesterday morning a thousand new military police officers ended their training. Interestingly, EL Tiempo has an article on the recent crimes of members of the Armed Forces. Sources in Spanish: (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
The head of the Armed Forces denigrates human rights organizations as well as the IACHR. Source in Spanish [] [].
The Honduran private sector isn't happy with the findings of the IACHR either. Source in Spanish [] [].
Julio Ernesto Alvarado, journalist and director of "Mi Nacion", denounces that even with special protective measures by the IACHR he is still prohibited to work as a journalist. The mayor of La Paz, Gilma Ondina Castillo Lopez, continues her judicial persecution of journalist Gilberto Galvez. Sources in Spanish (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
During the budget debate, Libre congressman Esdras Amado Lopez asked some critical questions regarding public-private-partnership projects. According to Channel 36, Congress' president Mauricio Oliva threatened Lopez afterwards. Source in Spanish
[“ya-te-vas-dar-cuenta-quien-soy-yo”-advierte-presidente-del-parlamento-hondureño-diputado] []
The Nationalist congressman Nelson Abdal? took up the idea of a death penalty by the evangelical priest Evelio Reyes. Source in Spanish [] [].
Radio Progreso reports on the emigration of young Garifunas. Meanwhile, the Centro PRODH demands that the Honduran state should pay more attention to migrating Hondurans and what is happening to them. And in Mexico, two human rights defenders, A Mexican and a Honduran, supporting Central American migrants were murdered. The IACHR condemned the act. Sources in Spanish: (1) [ón-de-jóvenes-amenaza-con-dejar-vacías-comunidades-garífunas] [], (2) [] [], (3) [ño-defensor-de-ddhh-de-migrantes-en-méxico] []
El Libertador has some more information on the recent speech by JOH. In it he continues to praise militarization as a success and he denigrates its critics as criminals. Source in Spanish [ás-al-pueblo] []
Analyst and former member of the disappeared Commission for the Reform of Public Security (CRSP) V?ctor Meza must be one of the criminals JOH is talking about. Meza explains in a new article why the Military Police can't be the solution for Honduras. Source [íctor-meza-policía-militar-acusada-de-asesinato-y-violadora-de-derechos-humanos-no-es-solución-a-inseguridad] [].
An investigation by C-Libre shows how the 'tasa de seguridad' is distributed on political grounds and with little oversight of the public. Source in Spanish [ón-y-poco-acceso-a-la-información-en-uso-de-fondos-del-“tasón”-revela-investigación] []
The case of the recently discharged human rights defender Irma Lemus reflects the situation of all human rights defenders in the Bajo Aguan. Source in Spanish [ón-contra-defensoras-de-derechos-humanos-en-bajo-aguán] [].
 Suspension of 73 agents trained by US:  After taking $1.3 million cash found during the raid of property owned by Valle family, in total 50 TIGRES and 23 agents from the Sensitive Investigations Unit were suspended pending an investigation. La Prensa reports: "the two units were certified, trained, and supported by the American embassy". [] []
Also, taking advantage of the bad press around this incident, Corrales announced last week that 700 more police would be suspended. There will be more changes to the police force in January that will be important to follow, RE: Militarization.
According to El Heraldo, one of TIGRES officer bought a coffee farm with his part of the $1.3 million stolen. [ó-finca-cafetalera] [].
In its weekly editorial, COFADEH speaks of the militarization process which took of with the coup d'?tat. Source in Spanish [] []
This week the Honduran press was full of articles on the "Union of One Nation"-Telethon which took place yesterday. Behind it is Rafael Ferrari, owner of Televicentro and among the richest and most powerful men in Honduras. According to El Libertador, Televicentro is making a big profit with this, on first sight, philanthropic event. Sources in Spanish (1) [ños-hacen-realidad-el-milagro-de-amor-en-la-teletón] [], (2) [“la-unión-de-una-nación”-deja-más-rica-televicentro] [].

World Fascism Watch: Central America, an "Economic Sacrifice Zone"
* " 'Creeping humanitarian crisis' in drought-hit Central America: UN" (2014-12-12) [] []
* "What 'Free Trade' Has Done to Central America: Warnings about the human and environmental costs of 'free trade' went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price" (2014-11-21) [] []
* "The Fight to Keep Toxic Mining—and the World Bank—Out of El Salvador; Hundreds of protesters recently gathered at the World Bank to shame a gold mining firm’s shakedown of one of Central America’s poorest countries" (2014-09-25) [] []
* "Tri-Country Plan Aims To Attract Private Investment In Central America" (2014-12-15) [] []

Updates about ALBA
* "10 Achievements of the ALBA Alliance in 10 Years" [] []
* "US Congress votes sanctions on Venezuelan government officials and sends bill for Obama's signature" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela: A Wrong Turn for Regional Diplomacy" [] [], [begin excerpt]: Washington's selective indignation at human rights abuses in Venezuela and the continuing flow of U.S. foreign aid to rogue regimes in Mexico and Honduras, belie the real crime of the Bolivarian revolution: its rejection of the Washington consensus and its regional leadership in constructing a new consensus built on Latin American integration and independence, promotion of a multi-polar world, and valuing social rights over profits. [end excerpt]
* "U.S. importing more Venezuelan oil" (2014-12-11)[] []
* "Eni reviews market conditions with Venezuela" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "USAID op undermines Cuba's hip-hop protest scene" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "Ecuador indigenous leader found dead days before planned Lima protest; Shuar leader José Isidro Tendetza Antún missing since 28 November; Activists believe death linked to opposition to state-Chinese mine project" (2014-12-06) [] []
* "Colombian Guerrillas Declare Indefinite Cease-Fire" (2014-12-17) [] []
* "Unity worth the effort at world Communist meeting" (2014-12-15) [] [], [begin excerpt] all parties are called to promote solidarity with the struggles in Latin America for national sovereignty and against imperialist intervention and aggression. Winning a demilitarized and democratized foreign policy in the USA would go a long way toward stopping the U.S. from interfering in the sovereign right of Latin American countries to decide their own futures. [end excerpt]

World Fascism Watch: European Union (EU)
* "The European Central Bank’s true priorities" (2014-11-26) [] []. The European Central Bank’s Priority is to Serve the Interests of Big Business.
* "Brussels: Austerity is for the little people" (2014-12-14) [] []

* "NO TO GOLDEN DAWN IN AUSTRALIA! The working class must take the issue in its own hands!" (2014-12-06) [] []
* "Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe" (2012-10-31) [] []

Anti-Fascism in the EU
* "Thuringia's new all-left coalition pledges debt-free budget" (2014-12-11) [] []
* "Offering 'Example of Resistance,' Nationwide Strike Against Austerity Hits Belgium" (2014-12-15) [] []
* "Italy: One-day general strike against Renzi’s Jobs Act" (2014-12-15) [] []
* "The neo-Makhnovist revolutionary project in Ukraine" (2014-12-05) [] []

Updates on Africa
* "Dodging World Bank schizophrenia: Looting of Africa continues?" (2010) [] []
* "Mauritania: How much longer can the exclusion of blacks last?" (2014-12-04) [] []
* "South Africa's Zuma calls China an anti-colonial force" (2014-12-05) [ link] []
* "China's Xi hails South Africa's Zuma as 'good friend' " (2014-12-04) [ link] []
"China extends $2bn credit line to Angolan state oil firm" (2014-12-15) [ linkl] []

Cold War: USA / EU versus the Federation of Russia / EEU
* "The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony 'Russian Threat' " (2014-12-07) [] [], [begin excerpt]: Germany’s Great Leap Forward:  The Annexation of East Germany and the Demise of the USSR -
Germany’s projection of power on a world scale would never have occurred if it had not annexed East Germany.  Despite the West German claims of beneficence and ‘aid’ to the East, the Bonn regime secured several million skilled engineers, workers and technicians, the takeover of factories, productive farms and, most important, the Eastern European and Russian markets for industrial goods, worth  billions of dollars.  Germany was transformed from an emerging influential EU partner, into the most dynamic expansionist power in Europe, especially in the former Warsaw Pact economies. The annexation of East Germany and the overthrow of the Communist governments in the East allowed German capitalists to dominate markets in the former  Eastern bloc .As the major trading partner,  it seized control of major industrial enterprises via corrupt privatizations decreed  by the newly installed pro-capitalist client regimes.  As the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgarian, the Baltic States “privatized” and “de-nationalized” strategic economic, trade, media and social service sectors, ‘unified’ Germany was able to resume a privileged place.  As Russia fell into the hands of gangsters, emerging oligarchs and political proxies of western capitalists, its entire industrial infrastructure was decimated and Russia was converted into a giant raw-material export region. Germany converted its trade relations with Russia from one between equals into a ‘colonial’ pattern: Germany exported high value industrial products and imported gas, oil and raw materials from Russia. [end excerpt]
* "Frack the European Union! Washington’s Frozen War Against Russia" (2014-12-11) [] [], [begin excerpt]: For over a year, the United States has played out a scenario designed to (1) reassert U.S. control over Europe by blocking E.U. trade with Russia, (2) bankrupt Russia, and (3) get rid of Vladimir Putin and replace him with an American puppet, like the late drunk, Boris Yeltsin. It all began at the important high-level international meeting on Ukraine’s future held in Yalta in September 2013, where a major topic was the shale gas revolution which the United States hoped to use to weaken Russia. Former U.S. energy secretary Bill Richardson was there to make the pitch, applauded by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Washington hoped to use its fracking techniques to provide substitute sources for natural gas, driving Russia out of the market. This amounts to selling Europe a pig in a poke. [end excerpt]
* "UN rights watchdog accuses Kiev forces of torture, inhumane treatment of civilians" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "If the Public only Knew – US Aid to Ukraine Monsters" (2014-12-01) [] []
* "Amendment to Bar US Funding to Neo-Nazi Groups in Ukraine is Buried" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "Ukraine’s Anti-Nazi Partisans Confront US Sponsored Kiev Regime" (2014-12-13) [] []
* "Hiding Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Reality" (2014-09-16) [] []
* "Ukraine: Fascist Dictatorship Masquerading As Democracy" (2014-12-07) [] []
* "Ukraine’s Made-in-USA Finance Minister" (2014-12-05) [] []
* "Made in the USA – How the Ukrainian Government is Giving Away Citizenships so Foreigners Can Run the Country" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Ukraine's parliament approves new cabinet" (2014-12-03) [] []. Ukraine’s New Cabinet Includes Foreign Technocrats Granted Ukrainian Citizenship on the Day of Their Appointment.
* " ‘If US sends weapons to Ukraine, Russia should send troops’ - lawmaker" (2014-12-12) [] []
* "Why Are U.S. “News” Media Ignoring Important News? Western Media is Hiding War Preparations Directed against Russia" (2014-12-10) [] []

* "Putin Aide Says Israel is Training ISIS: Mossad transferring 'spying experience' to the leadership of ISIS, as Israeli military advisers assist the terrorists, claims the aide" (2014-12-08) [] []
* " ‘Heinous crime’: Syria urges UN to sanction Israel over Damascus airstrikes" (2014-12-08) [] []

Updates on the EEU & SCO (Russia, China, and their economic unions)
* "Plans to Create Russian National Orbital Station Confirmed" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "Kremlin lauds ties with energy-hungry China" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "20 deals in 24 hours: Russia-India relations given $100 billion-worth boost" (2014-12-12) [] []
* "Revitalized Turkey drifts away from Europe and towards Eurasia" (2014-12-14) [] []
* "Kazakhstan keen on TAPI gas pipeline" (2014-12-03) [] []

* "China snaps up UK wind farms" (2014-12-15) [] []
* "East vs. Rest: China's Eurasian Integration vs. the West's Empire of Chaos" (2014-12-16) [] []
* "Countdown to China's new space programs begins" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "China to Roll Out Own Global Navigation System by 2020: Reports" (2014-12-09) [] []
* "China unveils anti-drone laser weapon able to shoot down 'small aircraft' within 5 seconds" (2014-11-03) [] [], [begin excerpt]: The US military is to get a new drone, small enough to fit into a uniform pocket, weighing a mere 80 grams. The so-called Extreme Access Pocket Flyer can fly for two hours, transmitting HD-quality video the whole time, without resorting to Wi-Fi. [begin excerpt]
* "China's New Hypersonic Strike Vehicle Takes Flight Again" (2014-12-08) [] []
* "Chinese Hypersonic Strike Vehicle May Overcome US Missile Defense: Expert" (2014-12-08) [] []

* "China Approves Major New Scheme to Boost Nuclear Power: Reports" (2014-12-05) [] []

Anti-fascism and Workers Power in Indonesia
* "Thousands of workers protest on streets over minimum wage" (2014-12-11) [] []

Protect Earth intelligent non-Human species!
* "Endangered porpoises four years from extinction" (2014-12-10) [] []
* " 'Catastrophic' Bangladesh oil spill threatens rare dolphins" (2014-12-11) [] []

History & The Current Context
* "Secession! / Why stick around? The Bay Area is already a nation unto itself" (2003-04-20) [] []

* 1912 newspaper editorial cartoon against the old Jim Crow regime across the USA

Black displacement from the Bay Area, 1970-Present
This is a nice graphic that shows something that you might have heard me go off on before. In the 1990s there was a big wave of displacement and it got even worse after 2008.
Well, now we can all see it graphically. I'm sure you already (kinda, sorta) know but a reminder doesn't hurt. Right?
And while you're at it, check out San Francisco too.
I read an article recently on Slate that said that the average white family has about $140,000 in wealth compared to the average black family with $10,000. Actually, the figures are even worse, because that $10,000 is often a car - an asset which declines in value.
* "What it meant to lose Fred Hampton" (2014-12-05) [] []
* "World Bank’s Private Sector Agenda: Consistent with U.S. political interests to promote a private sector agenda, the World Bank has accentuated the private sector in its operations and highlighted financial support for the private sector in its own agenda in the last few years" (1998) [] []
* "The Anarchists of Hong Kong's Occupy Central" [] []
* “We Need to talk about Sandy Hook”, a documentary showing how the monopolist media, especially television news, is capable of handling a cover-up. War-games are acted out by agencies alongside private partners who enable the public to be terrorized, resulting in public support for police militerization. Certain inconsistencies in the official story show a peculiar cover-up.
Watch for free at []. Exposing the tyranny of false terrorism and monopolist media, this documentary is a compendium of the research collected by a citizen's committee composed of investigative reporters. It is being posted at numerous video sharing sites, but it is being censored or cited for “copyright infractions” in spite of being done within the requirements of the fair use doctrine allowing for journalistic commentary. The documentary is produced by Independent Media Solidarity, a loose knit group of independent journalists that have come together to tackle the issue of Sandy Hook. They write, "We are normal people with normal lives, who have families, children, and jobs. Although many of us haven't physically met each other, we are united. All we seek are answers to the many inconsistencies. But most importantly, we just want the truth made available to all who might seek it. As we see it Sandy Hook is an issue important enough that every American should have a detailed account of the event available to them. And we're talking about full disclosure."

In this sedition a special report on the rebellions that have been rocking Turtle Island in the wake of the “no indictment” of racist cop Darren Wilson for his murder of black teen Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Also a very special interview with’s Franklin López about's decade of anarchist cinema.
Download as Mpeg4 video []

Also, check out "CCDSLinks: News & Views From Posts We Like" (2014-12-12) []

And a BIG shout-out to...
Gorilla Advocates Dr. John Cohen-Colby and Patricia Colby of Santa Cruz


The Art Party
December 20 // 3pm - 6pm: Art Show; 6pm - 10pm: DJ/Music/Kickin it!
Qilombo · 2213 San Pablo Ave · Oakland, []
Kiss My Black Arts will be hosting The Art Party at Qilombo for a requested $5 donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)! This evening will be an opportunity to engage with the artist and to build community around culture, dialogue, and the fulfillment that occurs by combining art, food, and music. Attendees are also asked to bring thier creative juices, to participate in the live painting exhibit presented by the KMBA Collective.

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