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Dec. 4th, 2014, Northbay Uprising radio news

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The People of New Africa are standing up! (Photo in Oakland, Nov. 25th)

It is established that you can be extra-judicially executed by any domestic security agent, at any time. If those who organize Justice campaigns criticizing police cannot trust the police to protect us against snitches we later find out work with police (and FBI) to engage in violence, then how can legitimate dissent stand up against human rights abuse in the USA?

* "Do Our Protests Accomplish Nothing? A Response to a Smug Cop" [ link]
* "THE PIGS DON'T CARE IF YOU SHUT DOWN OAKLAND" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
The monpolist media is employed to promote the role of the police, and their editors won't include information of the official police lies and revisions, and censors the history of the official use of snitches to effect violence against protesters... the same censorship is used when writing reports for the President, or any other politician.
* "Obama Calls For Violent Ferguson Protesters To Be Prosecuted" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Wingnut Week In Review: Ferguson, Goddamn" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
"Ferguson Photos" by Jessie Sandoval, with an interview by Darin of Berkeley [ link]
Support Jessie Sandoval's work, donate at []. "The revolution was not gonna go off in the cities... Too many distractions here, in Oakland and SF. Same with NYC, even Detroit. (They shut off the water there, and still nothing). No. It's gonna happen in the small towns. That's where it's gonna go off. Folks are pulling the rip chord there. This was confirmed for me in Ferguson."

Officer Darren Wilson recieved $500,000 from ABC to do an exclusive one on one interview. He also recieved $500,000 in donations. He's now a millionaire for killing a Black man.
* "Prosecutor Bob McCulloch's bizarre press conference clearing Darren Wilson and instead blaming the 'insatiable appetite' of news outlets and social media 'for anything to talk about' " (2014-11-25) [ link] [].
* "KU Journalism Major shreds 'case' against Mike Brown" (2014-11-29) [ link] []
* "The Brown family’s pastor tries to make sense of the fire that gutted his church" (2014-11-28) [ link] []
* "Ferguson Protests: KKK Accused of Burning Down Michael Brown Sr's Church" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
"This is Deandre Joshua. This 20 year old man testified in the Grand Jury case against Darren Wilson. He was shot and killed on Tuesday. His body was found, with lighter fluid all over it, not far from where Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. Why are broken windows on the front page of our news, and not his face?" "This Brutha that was murked was the best friend of the youngsta that was walkin with Mike Brown when the armed pig killed him."
* "20-Year-Old DeAndre Joshua Shot Dead During Ferguson Riots" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Burned, Dead Body Found Near Site Where Michael Brown Was Killed" (2014-11-25) [ link] []: The body of a young black man was found in a parked car near the apartment complex where Michael Brown was gunned down by Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson.
* "Deandre Joshua Identified As Man Fatally Shot During Ferguson Protests" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Body found shot to death, set fire near apartment complex where Michael Brown died" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* The people have the power to shut down the nation: "Popular Resistance Newsletter: Glimpses Of Our Power" (2014-11-28) [ link] []
* "Shut It Down!" poster from []
* "Protests against Ferguson decision grow across US" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Protest Halts Traffic on NB I-5 in La Jolla No arrests or citations after several protesters stop traffic on I-5" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Bail for BlackLivesMatter Activists" (2014-11-26) [] []
* "Protests erupt across the country after Darren Wilson non-indictment" (2014-11-27) [ link] []
* "More than 400 arrested as Ferguson protests spread to other U.S. cities" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Anarchists Storm Scottsdale to Protest Michael Brown Decision by Missouri Grand Jury" (2014-12-01) [ link] []
* "Ferguson Protesters Are Shutting Down America’s Highways" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* "Ferguson to Ayotzinapa: Albuquerque Protesters Occupy Old Route 66" (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "Protests Across The US Responding To Grand Jury Decision" (2014-11-25) [ link] []
* 2014-11-24: "In New York, a man was arrested for throwing a jar full of fake blood that struck Police Commissioner William Bratton and his security detail."

The sincerity of the people who stand tall for liberation is felt everywhere across the USA, families of victims, of captive nations, of those communities that the oppression is self evident.

* VFP executive director Michael McPhearson is working his ass off coordinating protests and supporting Ferguson. Read more at the "Veterans For Peace: Report From Ferguson" (2014-11-27) [ link] [].
* "St. Louis Rams Protest Ferguson Decision With 'Hands Up' " (2014-11-30) [ link] []
* 2014-11-25 photo and caption by Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia of "POOR" magazine: PRAYERS up 4 Ferguson y todos gente de color de Familia Coatlique, familia Prensa Pobre, Healthy Hoodz , Homefulness y Deecolonize Academy Y mucho mas -gracias -Ometeotl

2014-11-27 photo of Black Friday rally for Justice in Sacramento, more photos []

The bravest people are those standing tall against domestic death squads. The majority of the gatherings were peaceful, without embedded police agents creating violent incidents. The people engaged in dissent did so under threat of police kidnapping and torture, or being beaten and gassed in the streets, yet they did so under their banners. An example...
* 2014-11-25 photo from PSL Sacramento [], more photos at [], "Tonight the Sacramento community and anti police brutality movement confronted the racist cops in the streets. No indictment? No Peace!"

* "14 Ferguson Actvists arrested after demonstration shuts down transbay BART" (2014-11-28) [ link] [].
* West Oakland BART lock down. No business as usual until ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬. This is ‪#‎blackfriday‬ []

PNN-TV: "Shutting it Down 4 Michael Brown" and "Night of Po'Lice Terror Resistance in Oakland"[ link]
Photo posted 2014-11-26 in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper:

RE: Black Bloc, anarchist allies and Oakland, we're all brothers and sisters!
Read the following compilation of eyewitness documentation by the protesters themselves, and remember that police agents will dress in the style of "Black Bloc" to engage in dirty behavior so the media will vilify the protesters...
The "Black Bloc" is simply a tactic, and a person wearing a mask simply wants to not be photographed as they protest or engage in revolutionary action.
But the random acts of non-political violence is used to give the public the idea that ALL of the protesters are violent, or worse, that "All Those Black People" are rioting...
Many in the New African community of Oakland and elsewhere, viewing the violent action personally or on television, are saying its the "Anarchists" who are attacking the protesters and community places, hence dividing the community being oppressed from allies who really believe in doing all they can to defend the community.
* "AT THE FERGUSON PROTEST IN OAKLAND (FIRST PERSON)" (2014-11-25) [ link] [], a Yuppie newspaper.
And a response from Carlos, a People's solidarity organizer in deep East Oakland:
"This might be the most hilariously awful/inaccurate report I've read so far. Sometimes you think the corporate media is bad?... just wait 'til you read the independent gentrifying hipster media.
1.) there was no tear gas fired on the freeway.
2.) the cops weren't preventing us from going to the Bay Bridge... we were walking in the opposite direction. But I'll give this guy a pass... he probably just moved here and has no idea what/where the Bay Bridge is.
3.) Very few protesters complained about 'black bloc punks' throwing stuff/burning stuff. And besides, most of the folks doing these sorts of things were not from the Black Bloc."
Video posted 2014-11-25 by AJ+ []:
[Description] After the St. Louis ‪#‎grandjury‬ decided not to indict Officer ‪#‎DarrenWilson‬, the city of ‪#‎Ferguson‬ erupted. And AJ+ was there to see it.
[Comment] ‪#‎Oakland‬ is turnt up for ‪#‎Ferguson‬ - seeing it from out here. Tonight there was again protest at the police department, National Guard joining police armed with still scary looking "non-lethal" rifles, arrests where police were clearly pinpointing particular people (using flashlights), pepper spray/mace used liberally on peaceful protestors, and then tear gas shot following the smashing of windows and a police car, all in freezing 25-degrees. I was wrong in thinking that the National Guard and dozens of media may perhaps lead to a less aggressive response. I found myself dragged across the street by an officer. Police also lumped media in with protestors when announcing "unlawful assembly." Follow on Twitter our updates (@shadirahimi @ajplus @brookeminters) since we post breaking news there. Here's our video from the ground showing how people in Ferguson including ‪#‎MikeBrown‬'s mom reacted when it was announced the man who killed him, Officer ‪#‎DarrenWilson‬, would not be indicted: "Burn this bitch down."
I don't believe there's any reason for me to explain why people feel this way.

Needa Bee, of Oakland, 2014-11-25-0052, [begin posting]:
So after two highly successful freeway shut downs, 2,000 people peacefully demonstrating throughout downtown and successfully chasing police down the street... I got word that these black block anarchists destroyed and looted downtown Oakland. She Cat said its the worst shes ever seen.
Now, it the business destroyed were actually profiting/investing in the police state like Wells Fargo, or Bank of America, or Marriot, the vandalism would make sense.
But apparantly thats not what happened at all.
I wish these bitch ass cowards would go back to Walnut Creek, or Iowa or where ever the fuck they from and do that shit there.
Guess what the news will be reporting on. Smh.
Rolling protests being called my many organizations today: 4pm, 5pm.and 7pm @ 14th & Broadway. 5pm @ OPD. See u in the streets, Oakland! And if you have children, head to Solespace from 5pm til late!

Oakland riot eyewitness statement, 2014-11-25-0106 [begin posting]: Wasn't Black Block, at least not when I was there. I saw white people in Cal (University of California) gear, looting the Metro PCS store. They even got themselves a case of Corona beer before zooming off. [end posting]

* She Cat delivers the ‪#‎Ferguson‬ verdict to ‪#‎Oakland‬ at 14th & Broadway.
"The Moment The Mike Brown Verdict was read In Oakland (Raw)" [].
** "White 'allies' just pepper-sprayed my Black comrade" (2014-11-25), postings to by She Cat of ONYX, a Black Community Liberation organization in Oakland. [begin postings]:
2014-11-24-2348: In these streets watching fuckery. Tomorrow they will not be talking about Mike brown. They will be talking about that window you broke. Thank you for that - thank you for impeding our struggle - AGAIN.
2014-11-25-0008: White "allies" just peppersprayed my Black comrade. Yes. Blac Block folks were trying to build a fire in close proximity to a crowd of us. My comrade and another Black man removed some of the material and two black bloc fuckers bear sprayed him. White people pepper sprayed two BLACK MEN in a protest for a dead BLACK MAN.
It is time we devise a strategy to end the siege we have been under by these fools. They are counterproductive counterrevolutionary and a debilitating factor that needs to be handled.
PLEASE spread the word that this happened. And put those fools on notice! We will NOT tolerate white anarchists assaulting Black folks. Never. Not at all. You're done in this city.
This was definitely the worst I've seen - downtown is dusted - news ain't gonna say shyte about Mike tomorrow - just about the Metro PCS store that was looted - smdh
[Comment] "Starbucks was first and biggest hit and that was taken out by a mix of people, plus Chase Bank, Marriot and Latham square. Lotta white people out, but also lotta black and brown youth 'blocked up.' "
Mona, what I saw as I stood there, and watched Metro PCS and the other businesses damaged, was white folks masked up and doing damage - I saw very few of "us" out there or doing damage and I got glass shards in my clothing.
[Comment] "Our group was eavesdropped on by a white woman who pretended to be a 'journalism student from Laney'. When confronted, she started screaming 'eavesdropping is not evil', 'my father is dying', and a whole bunch of shit, then ran off into a park, still screaming and yelling."
[Comment] "Tru story, Daniela, Needa Bee, SheCat, we still laughin @ that crazy ass shit!! I heard Bro Mohammed Harun Arsalai also got into a fight wit sum random crakkkers 2nite too."
[Comment] "Seen a group if white anarchist youth running up pedimont. Not looting...but going home. How come those allies don't protest in Walnut Creek... Pleasanton... Livermore.. Fremont... Marin... etc. etc. There are no real allies in the struggle because the so called allies are not poor, disenfranchised, or hungry. Allies have to be willing to receive the same treatment and same punishment."

2014-11-25-0850: (photo from later that day)
You tell me how those broken windows get justice? Bring Mike brown back? Push the movement forward? Build the movement? Prevent another black or brown man from getting killed? It does none of the above. What it does do is alienate people from the movement, cost workers making minimum wage a day of work and dilute the messaging. There is nothing about respectable politics. Save your rhetoric for someone not steeped in the movement, political education and the actual work. They ain't talking about Mike brown - they talking about broken windows. And since it looks like u run with those fools - PLEASE let them know that ONYX and other Afrikans are hunting for the two masked up anarchists that pepper sprayed two black man last night. That action WILL be answered for. And the folks that were breaking windows in oakland were NOT folks "rightfully" angry at the system. So miss me with at bullshit. I was out there last night - close enough to breaking glass that I have shards in my hair and clothing. That was not Black or brown folks for the most part - that was not the disenfranchised doing the breaking. It was spoiled irresponsible masked up white kids who don't give a fuck about Mike brown or anything else.
I want to be CLEAR. There is - and must be called out - a distinction between the uprising in ferguson and the looting that happened in oakland last night. In ferguson - black people with no other recourse are expressing a righteous rage - a rage that came after the legal system failed them. A rage steeped in years of oppression state sanctioned murder and hopelessness. In oakland - I saw spoiled masked up white kids stealing liquor bottles and cell phones. Intermingled sparingly were indeed black and brown youth as well but I never saw them lead this activity. I saw white folks talking about justice for black folks and then turning on black folks who asked them to stop destroying their city.
The reason why i call the distinction between Ferguson and Oakland is because the faces in Ferguson are Black and the intentions are very different from what is happening here in Oakland. There is a loonng and sordid history with the insurrectionist anarchists (who are primarily white) who come to our community and destroy it. They participate in no long-term organizing, they are not interested in what the impacted communities want and need and they are separate from the white allies we work in solidarity with to advance the struggle. My post is not about all white people. My post is about this group of extremely disrespectful, dangerous and destructive white people who come tear up the city and last night actually assaulted Black comrades who tried to stop them from harming the city and derailing the message. If their looting was tied to a political agenda, a strategy, a sustainable tactic or if it was really rooted in solidarity with Black and Brown folks - i would have no issue - but its not. It is looting for the sake of looting. And destruction for the sake of destruction. We have sat down with them, had long conversations with them and made agreements with them that they continuously disregard. They are counterproductive, counter-revolutionary and dangerous to the process. I am emotional but I am also clear on my analysis of this particular group of people. And I am clear that we have been way too liberal with them in our city and that has to stop. We need unity around how we intend to deal with them because I for one will not be held hostage or have our movement derailed by them any longer. [end of postings]
Samantha of Oakland responds to the eyewitness account of She Cat: "As an anarchist, I'm always the first to say that folks who behave like this are not anarchists. Anarchists believe in collective struggle, building horizontal movements to challenge illegitimate power, decentralization and autonomy with the goal of breaking down oppression. These fools use anarchism as an excuse to act out their individualist opportunistic tendencies... They don't believe in building popular power... They only believe in themselves."
Saifullah Saaliq-walker of ONYX in Oakland, 2014-11-26-1302, [begin posting]:
Last night the streets of Oakland once again became filled with angry protesters. The vast majority of which i've never seen in Oakland in my life. Or if i have , it's only been at various marches or rallies stirring up agitation. I am an advocate to the fullest of civil disobedience and violent or non-violent protests. If they are principled and strategic and have a clear objective towards liberation of our communities. What i witnessed last night was not that . No one can lead the call for justice or liberation of black/brown lives but black/brown people. Last night the RCP (revolutionary communist party) and other unnamed organizations called for a rally at O.G.P. which resulted in a march and 2 fwy takeovers. Although not mad at the willingness to take to the streets because in all honesty every black/brown youth really from the streets of Oakland should have been out demanding our own justice. Instead of having cats like Joey and Ray from RCP who call for the destruction of poor neighborhoods in the name of so called revolution yet when i suggested to them last night that they take the people into any of the more affluent areas around us or targeting institutions that do not benefit our communities or directly result in the gentrification of our further communities. They not only refused but said to me "i am not going to make that call , whatever people want to do is fine". Wrong ! I was attacked last night trying to persuade a group of outsiders not to damage businesses or residents that support our communities. After stopping 3 dudes from spray painting the masonic temple they then tried to spray paint a low income residence. When confronted their response was "i really don't give a fuck who shit this is". What took place last night in Oakland was in no way related to justice for Michael Brown and was only the actions of opportunistic gentrifiers who call themselves activists. It is time for Blacks to lead the movement for Black Liberation. Black bloc, RCP and other organizations that are not made up by the people who live in our communities but aren't of our communities must understand that Oakland is not the place to organize . They have no interest in Afrikan liberation. If we plan to be free then we must fight for that freedom. If we continue to sit back and allow others to dictate the tactics taken to secure our freedom we as a people will never truly be free. [end posting]
[comment from She Cat] What I am REALLY clear about after the last couple of days is that we have got to stop being liberal with those who think they are going to "lead" our movements. Organizers of color must unite and develop unity around principles of engagement with white allies. Their passion and hearts may be in the right place but the politics and practice of some are just not lining up with what WE need, what WE want and in some cases - they are turning violent against us to ensure THEIR agenda is fulfilled.
2014-11-26 from Carl P., participant with the "Black Bloc" action in Oakland:
To those lamenting the looting of "small businesses" let's remember that a lot of these places have openly collaborated with the police and city government to set up private security patrols, increased surveillance of neighborhoods, not to mention the role many of them (proudly) play in attracting hip white professionals to the neighborhood and thus pushing out historic (mostly black) residents. If these folks aren't part of the problem I don't know who is. (P.S. Spare me the "some businesses are good" argument. These are far and away the exception to the rule).
[Comment from Erik] Carl, on this one I don't think you're fully on point. I lived downtown for years and many of businesses that get smash and grabbed over and over are POC (People of Color), family owned small businesses that aren't necessarily capitalizing on or even grabbing much business from the gentrification/hipster migration. If anything some of these places are the local businesses that are being pushed out by "economic development" due to building owners capitalizing on high rents, and being replaced by 12 dollar sandwich shops. For every l.e.d. lit cocktail bar there is still a corner store, a barber shop, a working class family's cheap car stuck in the collateral damage and these people's struggle ought not to be discounted. So my point is that they aren't few and far between and the exception to the rule. I know because I have seen it with my own eyes.
From A.C., and anarchist organizer operating across northern California:
This is an underestimated tool of resistance, economic damage. Typically we think in terms of binaries of resistance in the form of the typical non violent demonstration or property destruction as the two ends of "acceptable" protest within the liberal framework. The way to really think about how to do what needs to be done, assuming folks aren't moving to insurrection was as irony would have most popularly coined by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, that term is "Economic Terrorism", which isn't an amoral act, but a tactical tool within a broader strategic framework .The forces of state repression are intent on maintaining the status quo by ways of disruption (in any and all forms), this is its primary function. The lifes blood of the apparatus however is the pulse of dollars, you cause that circulatory system to hemorrhage you can create lasting damage, that is hard to recover from and hide. If one does start thinking in these terms, terms of institutional disruption by non compliance and ever increasing the costs on the system, it must be analyzed within a framework that takes into account the vertical integration and support of overlapping systems of power and funding. Thus if you know you may literally bankrupt a program or specific institution at a local level, know that there is a bailout available higher up, all the way to the top of the power pyramid, this however is not bottomless supply, it is the role of those in struggle not just to wage struggle that bares a cost, the death of a thousand cuts so to speak, but to win the struggle in the popular sphere, that is mass media. If no one knows that a burden is being bared, then it never happened, thus stories such as this in such respected venues as the WSJ, is a propaganda coup of astound proportions for those in resistance. Spread far and wide, and frame it for people.
Sharena, of the revolutionary People's Community Medics, in Oakland, 2014-11-28:

Thank you beloved community for any help you can give the People's Community Medics. Donation Page information: []. Our car was broken into yesterday after the protest at Walmart ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬. Our first aid kit that we made up Mon. to provide medical support for the uprisings in Oakland for ‪#‎ferguson‬ was stolen after some lousy thieves broke the window. We had specific medical supplies to combat police chemicals like teargas and pepper spray. Our new JVC video camera was stolen, sista Sharena Diamond Thomas key chain w/ house keys and car keys all stolen. All the locks had to be replaced which cost about $60.  The replacement car key costs $98.  The video camera cost $120.
Remembering the first "Ferguson Uprising" of August, 2014:
* "Ferguson Protesters Guard Stores From Looters" (2014-08-16) [ link] []
* "Bloody Sunday: A Week Later…" (2014-08-19) by a Ferguson Police Officer [ link] [].
* "DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson" (2014-08-15) [ link] []
* "Militia In Missouri To Protect Americans From Tyrannical ‘Police State’ As Martial Law Draws Near" (2014-08-13) [ link] [], archived copy of the original posting to [].
* "Nine Parallels between Palestine and Ferguson" [], originally posted at [ link] but erased the following day.
* "White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson" (2014-11-30) [ link] []
* "Shockingly Racist Israeli Op-Ed Compares ‘Bloodthirsty’ Palestinians with Ferguson Protestors" (2014-11-01) [ link] []

"ISIS is in Ferguson"
* 2014-11-29 posting to []
* "ISIS supports #Ferguson riots: Jihadists pledge to send over ‘soldiers that don’t sleep, whose drink is blood, and their play is carnage’ " (2014-11-26) [ link] []
* "CNN’s News Crew Ignores ISIS is Here Sign in Ferguson" (2014-08-21) [ link] [archive.todayl]
* " 'ISIS HERE' Islamic Flag Flashed During Ferguson CNN Report" (2014-08-19) [ link] []
Details concerning the 2nd "Ferguson Uprising", November, 2014:
* "A Community Implodes" (2014-11-27) by a Ferguson Police Officer [ link] [] [begin excerpt]: While we were still operating our little checkpoint near the ruins of the Conoco and the car lot, the Mayor of Ferguson, Harry Knowles, pulled up and stopped to chat. We spoke to him for a few minutes about everything that was going on. I can’t speak to his job performance as a Mayor but he was very personable and respectful to us which wasn’t something we could say about everyone we’ve dealt with from Ferguson in recent months. Of particular interest was his account of being promised National Guardsman by Governor Jay Nixon to be placed up and down the W. Florissant corridor. At the last second, this was apparently changed as to quote Knowles, individuals in Jefferson City started, “playing politics.” Now, as the city burned, Knowles couldn’t get Nixon or his affiliates to answer his phone calls. This story seemed awfully familiar to other stories I’ve heard about Nixon including one recently by the Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder. [end excerpt]
* Posted 2014-11-28 by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club (HPNGC): "During the rally for MIKE BROWN in Dallas, Texas, at the Police HQ, the people said 3 vigilantes showed up with rifles to supposedly ensure protesters didn't destroy private property. I'm sure they was invited by the pigs... at any rate, if the people want protection, they can call on the HPNGC!"
An eyewitness wrote, "They were in Dallas Wednesday night at Dallas Police Headquarters." The HPNGC corroborated, describing the setting in the photo at left below, "Behind them is a the high rise next to DPD. They did a interview with the news as well... also behind them is DART station."

The"Oath Keepers" were also at in Ferguson, Missouri on South Florissant. View photos archived at []. An eyewitness wrote, "The mainstream media has video of them on the rooftops and ain't nothing been done to em. The National FOX had more footage. And that ain't no bean bag shooter he got in his handz. They all over the web talking about how they was going to Ferguson."
* "Group protects Ferguson businesses from looters, arsonists" (2014-11-28) [ link] []
* "On the eve of Thanksgiving, relative calm in Ferguson" (2014-11-27) [ link] [],[begin excerpt]: A U.S. Army veteran who goes by the name Israel drove to Ferguson from his home in Cape Girardeau to help protect Ferguson businesses on Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014. Israel, a member of the Oath Keepers, an organization of former military members, worked on the roof of a business on South Florissant Road, across from Ferguson Hardware. [end excerpt]

* 2014-11-25 from []: Live from Dellwood, Missouri...the morning after the grand jury decision

Remember that the protest started out peacefully! Then the people where fired upon by police while demonstrating a peaceful protest! Their communities where subjugated due to a peaceful protest!
"White Opinion Bingo, Ferguson Edition" at []

Black People Riot Over Injustice; White People Riot Over Pumpkins and Football!
I've noticed that the term "thug" is being used quite a bit by people.
Is that coded language for "n****r? Just curious.....
No one called them "thugs". They were simply celebrating, not rioting.
I guess it's different if you are smiling and happy while you are doing it.
At least a whole race won't be judged by the actions of a few.
Tear gas? Tanks? National Guard? SWAT? No? None of that? Oh, okay...
It happens after football games, soccer matches etc... but thats accepted... double standard pricks...
This link is about college students rioting on Halloween.
* "Police: 3,000 riot at Greenville apartment complex, several arrested" (2014-11-01) [ link] [].
The Police were attacked at a apartment complex were the residents are predominantly White. The Police were attacked after responding to a resident that needed medical attention.
Sports fans attacked businesses and robbed stores during the euphoria after the basketball game.
* "Shoe Store Looted During Los Angeles Lakers Riots" (2009-06-15) [ link] [].

Certain upper-class entertainers are downplaying any sort of injustice has occurred and are using their celebrity status to influence the public.

* " 'Ferguson Hug' Photo Staged, Cropped to Send Clear Messages About Race" (2014-12-02) [] []
* "The touching hug photo from Ferguson protests is a blatant lie" (2014-12-02) [] []
Pat Colby, Gorilla Advocate of Santa Cruz, writes 2014-11-28, "Some ppl (TBSC members) in FB groups are trying to use this faked photo of Michael Brown to say it was okay that he was shot to death. And TBSC members call themselves an anti-bully, public safety group while using a campaign of misinformation to forward their hate filled community dividing agenda. Their members call out rioting and looting while they do illegal stalking, harassing, and assaults on poor ppl and ppl who disagree with their hate filled activities in the community. I have found numerous witnesses to their planting of dangerous needles putting the community at risk to perpetrate their needle find lies. I wonder what the punishment for planting needles and making false police reports. I am sure they will be welcomed by fellow criminals in jail!"

"St. Louis Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Rampant Corruption Within the Department" (2014-08-28) [] []

Two protesters wait for police to advance on Broadway in Oakland, Calif. Monday, November 24, 2014

Fires burn in on Broadway in downtown Oakland, October 25th, 2011

Everything corrupt that the establishment has done with the case of Michael Brown and the solidarity protesters, has occurred again, and again in other cities. Here are some examples from the Justice Campaign for Oscar Grant, and the "Occupy" campaigns, in Oakland.
* "Occupy Oakland: police use teargas after protesters force port to close" (2014-11-03) [ link] []
* "Occupy Oakland in flames: Cops use tear gas and protesters are run over on violent night as they shut-down busy shipping port" (2014-11-03) [ link] []
* "Cops entrap Justice for Oscar Grant marchers: two eyewitness accounts" (2010-11-10) [ link] []
* "The ‘Karmic Justice’ of Lovelle Mixon’s Act" 2009-04-01 by Joseph Anderson for "The Berkeley Daily Planet" [ link] [], [begin excerpt]: Mayor Ron Dellums (and Congresswoman Barbara Lee) took a week before he (or she) said anything about Grant, and even then only in the most indirect and tepid terms, and Dellums only after his finally being confronted by the people in front of City Hall. [end excerpt]
Cop Block says, "This type of irresponsible hiring by the public sector is completely unacceptable. How many more crazed psychopaths are in positions of authority or public security that we do not know about?"
* "New Jersey Cop Videotaped Himself Abusing Girls and Having Sex with Cows" (2014-05-01) [ link] []

O'Shaine Evans' Family still needs support covering funeral expenses: []

Eric Garner was killed by a troop of policemen who attacked him because he had been selling individual cigarettes in front of the train station. Now the Grand Jury has prohibited any of the officers from being prosecuted, despite clear video evidence and testimony that show at least negligent homicide, if not manslaughter.
* "NYPD cop who choked Eric Garner wasn’t indicted — but man who recorded the incident was" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Protests After Grand Jury in Eric Garner Chokehold Case Doesn’t Indict Officer" (2014-12-03) [] []

"The Cleveland Cops Who Fired 137 Shots and Cried Victim" (2014-12-02) [] []

Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page []: 16 yr old James Rivera jr. Murdered by Stockton police and San Joaquin sheriff dept. After Stockton police crashed James into two garages he was shot over 38times with an ar15 that was later lost by Stockton police. His mother has been protesting for a little over 3yrs now. DEMANDING STOCKTON POLICE RELEASE THE DASH CAM VIDEO OF HIS MURDER. Not only has Stockton police refuse to release the dash cam of his murder but they have removed all dash cams from Stockton police dept and are refusing to this day to wear body cams.
[Comment] This was one of the most horrific murders in California History. Yet some activists don't want to touch it. Whenever the family goes out in Stockton the police are right there. They went after Dionne's family and even took her grandchildren and adopted them out. Where is the outrage? The folks from Ferguson told us to stay home. It is not just about Mike Brown and if we had got it right there may not have been a Mike Brown or a Tamil Rice. If we had got it right maybe my grandson would still be alive.

"Workers Who Are Living But Feel Like They're Dead: Chicago Walmart strike-protest plus living wage debate", 2014-11-28 video from "" []:
This show covers two related events. One is a Walmart strike rally organized by Chicago Jobs with Justice, Our Walmart, and other groups on Friday, Nov. 28, 2014. This event was part of the national Black Friday protests calling for raising the minimum wage. The other event was a debate about the minimum wage earlier in the week between Jorge Mujica, Socialist candidate for 25th Ward Alderman, and Joe Moore, Democrat Alderman for the 49th Ward. (The third person in that debate, someone from the Libertarian Party who was against any minimum wage, we do not spend any time on.)
At the Walmart strike rally (held in front of a West Loop Walmart in downtown Chicago) we hear striking Walmart workers speak. The protest called for a rise in the minimum wage in Chicago to $15/hr.
Dr. Jamal Barrett gave a stirring speech that inspired our show title: "We lift up our hands remembering Michael Brown, realizing a young man was killed when he should not have and here we find workers who are living but feel like they're dead." This comment alludes to the underlying relationship between the police crimes in Ferguson, Mo and the oppression of low-wage workers.
Mayoral Candidate and Democrat Cook County Commissioner Jesus Chuy Garcia also spoke about the upcoming City Council vote to raise the minimum wage. Garcia did not use this opportunity to criticize Mayor Emanuel's rejection of the call for $15/hr. Never failing to disappoint, the Chicago City Council (all Democrats) on December 2 voted to raise the minimum wage to only $10/hour for 2015. And it wont go up to merely $13/hr until 2019. The fact that the City Council and the Mayor even raised the minimum wage this paltry amount was simply a reflection of the growing rebellion of the city's working class boiling beneath them.
In the Jorge Mujica / Joe Moore discussion on Nov. 25, Mujica talked about the need to raise the minimum wage to "$15, or $16, or $17 dollars an hour". He also turned to Alderman Joe Moore (on Mayor Emanuel's 'task force' that cooked up the $10/hr for 2015 plan), then pointed out that he (Moore) makes $55/hr.
Mujica discussed the history of the idea of a minimum wage, and sought to jolt the discussion out of well-worn grooves: "I don't want to help the poor. I simply want to disappear the poor by disappearing poverty."

* 12.4.14, Fast food workers across the country are standing up this week and saying: We deserve more. Our bosses pay us poverty pages, while we work hard every day to make them millions. It’s not right. If you’re with us, spread the message!
* []
* []
* []
* "Fast food workers to stage nationwide strike Thursday" (2014-12-02) [ link] []

Eugene works at Dollar Tree in New Orleans & will join #StrikeFastFood to fight for $15 and a Union!  #NOLA15  photo archived at [].

Shabazz from McD's and Wendy's in #NOLA is ready to #StrikeFastFood [] []

"Fast-food strikes Dec. 4 will include Cleveland home care workers pushing for $15 minimum wage in their industry" (2014-12-03) [] []

"AT&T denies sick time pay to older Minnesota employees" (2014-12-01) [] []

"We don't want charity. We want decent pay!"
* "Walmart workers start to walk off job nationwide" (2014-11-26) [] []
* Walmart holds food-drive for workers... Workers return food bin to Walmart owner's $25 million NYC condo

2014-11-28, ‪#‎BlackFRIDAY‬ civil disobedience at Wal-Mart in Rancho district of Sacramento with "OUR Walmart: Organization United for Respect" [] fighting for ‪#‎LivingWAGE‬.
Polce arrested 40 of the protesters who sat in the street, a violation under vehicle code 2800. They blocked traffic at the corner of Folsom Blvd. & Zinfandel. The Sac County Sheriffs had already blocked the street. They arrested Santa, the last remaining sitting protestor, at 11:49am.

Photographs showing a few of the 40 arrested:

Photo from inside the Sacramento Sheriff bus, showing those arrested being in high spirits!

Said Andy Conn, describing his situation after being arrested, "Catch and release. I was at another action 2 hours after they released 39 of us and Santa. It has become a tribe tradition to get arrested on Black Friday."

New Song Release by Veterans For Peace member, Miles Megaciph
We all have a calling in life, it is time we realize our potential. We must rise to realize our greatest selves. Educate the people about the true costs of war in all of its forms. "Rise" is a resistance anthem, featuring fellow veteran (Army) Guy Ron Solero Vanterpool, highlighting the album's overall theme of peace and resistance. You can download the song for free at [].

Recommended by Veterans for Peace:
* "The People's Charter to Create a Nonviolent World" (2014-11-28) []

"Mayfair Organizations Host 'Community Action' Tianguis in San José" (2014-11-22) [] [], [begin excerpt]: In Mexico and Central America, a tianguis is traditionally thought of as an open air market where merchandise is sold. The word tianguis is derived from the Aztec language, and the cultural tradition has been practiced by Indigenous peoples since before colonial contact. To create a space where community organizing skills can be shared, the concept of a "community action" tianguis was created by individuals in the Mayfair community of San José. The first such Community Action Tianguis was held at Lee Mathson Middle School (MIT) on November 15, and featured participation from a wide range of organizations working in the areas of health, education, labor, food safety, immigration, and legal defense. [end excerpt]

Whoo-Hoo! WINS against a hostile lawyer and his frivolous lawsuit!
* "Websites Win $87,000 From Attorney" (2014-11-05) [] []

"Camover Attack in West Oakland" by a passerby (2014-11-29) [] []

"SCPD No Disclosure of When People were PepperSprayed, Choked, Tasered, Gun-Bullied or Shot" (2014-12-04) [] []

"Sin Barras Rally at SC County Jail Held in Response to Recent Deaths at Facility" (2013-04-15) [] []

"Man fights for justice inside Alabama prison" (2014-12-01) [] []

"Grant Clemency to John Knock" [] [], [begin excerpt]: My brother John Knock is a nonviolent first time marijuana offender given two life sentences plus 20 years in a conspiracy case where no marijuana was even found. He’s been behind bars since 1996 and is now 67-years-old. Without clemency from President Obama, that’s where he’ll die.
John was prosecuted for conspiracy in a reverse sting operation in the northern district of Florida.  Florida is a state where John had never lived and never worked.  He was the last defendant in the case.  The witnesses in his case were all government agents and co-operating witnesses testifying for their plea agreement - their testimony was the only evidence against John.
In conspiracy cases defendants can be charged for actions they did not take part in or perhaps had not been aware of. [end excerpt]

"Cops vs Free Speech: How police are threatening Mumia, convicts, teachers, and all of us with censorship as well as bullets!", from The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal []:
Did you know?
• The New “gag” law in Pennsylvania that seeks to silence prisoners. This law, cobbled together in days following Mumia’s recorded presentation to a commencement ceremony at Goddard College, was explicitly designed to “shut him up.” The targets of this blatantly unconstitutional law, however, include all prisoners convicted of violent crimes!
• A Law Suit has been filed to stop the “gag” law from being implemented!  Support for this effort is critical. Donations will go toward the fight against the “gag” law.
• The  suppression of the “Urban Dreams” web site by the Oakland School Board. This teacher-created site of voluntary curriculum ideas included one comparing the suppression of Mumia’s commentaries with censorship of Martin Luther King’s later writings. While the Superintendent of Schools has now promised to restore the site, we must remain vigilant!
• Both of these measures—the “gag” law in Pennsylvania, and the suppression of the Urban Dreams website—were taken at the behest of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)!  The FOP is a highly politicized organization which seeks to silence social critics such as Mumia Abu-Jamal, and dictate the curricula in schools! The FOP and Democrat/Republican politicians will continue their attempts at intimidation and suppression, unless we act!
• Ferguson shows that black and Latino youth particularly are threatened by militarized and politicized police who shoot first and ask questions later, and frame their targets for crimes they didn’t commit. Chief targets have included Native American Activists like Leonard Peltier, militant working-class activists, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Black Panthers and Martin Luther King. Mumia is currently a top target to silence.  But anyone and everyone can be on their enemies list, and in their cross-hairs!  Fight back now!
** Donate Now to fight the “gag” law! go to: []

Each time the USPS tries to sell a post office it's a David v Goliath fight to save it.  Where's the national referendum on privatization?
If your property was siezed from the Berk PO and you want it back, you'll have to call 1-877-696-5322 to make a claim. Expect a runaround.
Message 2014-12-04-1202 from Greg Jan: I just got back from the downtown Berkeley Post Office.  About ten postal police showed up early this morning (Thursday) and over the past couple of hours have been trying to evict the encampment that's been there for about a month. So far they've only been talking to people, and removal of property has been limited to items belonging to people who aren't currently there.  However, we don't know if they might start arresting people and using force to remove the rest of the items (including the big display opposing the sale of the post office, etc.).  So please get down to the Post Office just as soon as you possibly can! (Note: We may need shifts of people to be there for most of the day -- I'll try to send out another message sometime between 2 and 3 pm for those of you who can't get to the post office before then!). And of course, please pass this info along to others who might be able to help! [end message]
Photo 1: Berk PO occupiers' property being remove. USPS Police won't tell us where it's being taken. They claim it's abandoned.
Photo 2: Four of ten of thee USPS cops are openly carrying weapons and extra bullets.

"Hunger striker vows not to eat until Fort Lauderdale homeless can be fed in public" (2014-11-22) [] []

"Police Invade “Nation’s Largest” Houseless Camp With Clubs, Knives — Serve 3-Day Eviction Notice" (2014-12-03) [] []

"Mass Evictions At Oakland's Empyrean Towers" (2014-11-29) [] []

"‘Solidarity Economy’ Among Structural Reforms Needed for Ferguson and St Louis" (2014-11-24) [] []

"Wisdom from the Orient: Self-Sufficiency" [] [], read more about the programs implemented by the King of Thailand [] []

"Humans play matchmaker to restore butterfly habitat in S.F." (2014-12-03) [] []

"Muir Woods coho salmon vanish, fanning fears of extinction" (2014-11-29) [] []

"Drinking the Mercury" (2014-08) [] []

"Leaked: The Oil Lobby's Conspiracy to Kill Off California's Climate Law" (2014-11-25) [] []. Read the leaked document [].

"Congress Raids Ancestral Native American Lands With Defense Bill" (2014-12-03) [] [], [begin excerpt]: The House and Senate Armed Services Committee have decided to use the lame-duck session of Congress and the National Defense Authorization Act to give 2,400 acres of the Tonto National Forest in Arizona to a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining giant Rio Tinto. [end excerpt]
It sits above a massive copper deposit. Rio Tinto, btw, also owns the Rossing uranium mine in Namibia, in which Iran owns a 15 percent stake. But hey, energy company... 'nuff said.

"Court rules Michigan has no responsibility to provide quality public education" [] []

"Texas ‘KKK White Christmas’ school official posted even worse things to Facebook" (2014-12-03) [] []

Rep. Stephen Fincher, R- Tenn., a Tea Party favorite whose family farm business in Tennessee has received millions in government subsidies, has vigorously sought to reduce the federal food stamp program (which nearly 50 million Americans use to adequately feed themselves and their families). His justification is that the role of citizens, of Christians, of humanity is to take care of each other, but not for Washington to steal from those in the country and give to others in the country.

"St. Pete police chief backs out of Uhuru forum, forms new group to plan community discussion on race relations and law enforcement" (2014-12-03) [] []

"Gas Free Seneca Statement" (2014-10-31) [] []. An out of state corporation put their drinking water at risk -with the blessing of the state.

The Nuclear Resister E-bulletin November 2014 []:
Information about and support for imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists!

"Marvin X expected to meet with North American Yoruba King Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejuyigbe" (2014-11-29) [] []

* "Primary Sources: Emails Show FBI Worked to Debunk 'Conspiracy Theories' Following Michael Hastings' Death" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl?" (2014-06-03) [] []
* "Who Killed Michael Hastings?" (2013-10-25) [] []
* "Was Michael Hastings' Car Hacked? Richard Clarke Says It's Possible" (2013-06-24) [] []
* "Local news in San Diego opens can of worms – death of Michael Hastings" (2013-08-18) [] []

Electronic Stalking / Organized Harassment (ES/OH):
A Northbay MDS affiliate has been attacked consistently, as she is instrumental in organizing actions against fascism in the homeland. Among these attacks currently is a false page at
* "Fake CLG editor's profile on Facebook" (2014-11-29) [] []

"THE AMERICAN DEEP STATE: An Interview with Peter Dale Scott" (2014-12-0) [] [], [begin excerpt]: There’s always been a deep state in America and there have been times when it has been very repressive. We’re in a period of, you might say, surplus repression – repression that doesn’t serve anyone’s interests, not even the interests of the ruling class. But it’s not in its essence repressive; it’s just repressive when it wants to be. I think a lot of the trouble we’re in now, actually is – and I say this in my book – that in the 1970s the deep state – the bankers, the lawyers, the people in foundations, all kinds of people – were really quite terrified at the forces in America calling for revolution – the African-Americans, the riots we had in big cities but also, equally and perhaps ultimately even more, the anti-war movement because if you had a successful anti-war movement that would mean America would have to get out of the business of war. And that was, I think, an intolerable thought for them.
So you had the Lewis Powell memo in 1971, which said that those of us in power should mobilize our wealth and resources to do something about this phenomenon. I don’t attach so much importance to the wording of that memo, and I’m sure there were many like it. It’s significant to me that Lewis Powell did that for the chamber of commerce. And the chamber of commerce is really one of the most powerful lobbies in this country. It’s so powerful you almost never read about it.  It’s one of those deep presences that rarely rise to the level of being written about in history. [end excerpt]

"The Biggest Scandal in America Is Its Controlled Press" (2014-12-03) [] []

Weapons of the New World Order
* "New device could make large biological circuits practical Innovation from MIT could allow many biological components to be connected to produce predictable effects." (2014-11-24) [] [].

"Private firms filling Latin America's security gap" (2014-11-27) [] []

November Vigil 2014, Communities in Resistance against fascism in Latin America!
Watch the video here: []
more info at []

World Fascism Watch: Honduras
Support these anti-fascist groups working for the People of Honduras!
* Proyecto de Acompanamiento internacional en Honduras (PROAH) [] / Honduras Accompaniment Project []
* Friendship Office of the Americas []
* "The Future of Honduran Public Insecurity: Violations of the Military Police of Public Order" (2014-11-27) [] []
* "LENCA INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF LA PAZ ATTACKED", 2014-11-28 press release from MILPAH (Lenca independent indigenous movement of La Paz) and CONROA (National Coalition of Environmental Networks and Organizations):
On Wednesday 26 November at 6 am about 100 families of indigenous Lenca vendors were evicted from the centre of the city of Marcala.  They have occupied the site known as La Calle Empedrada ('The Cobbled Street') for over 18 years.
This violent eviction, during which most of the sellers' wares were thrown onto the ground, was carried out by the Marcala municipal police, supported by the  army and the national police. The evicted street sellers are members of the Association of Indigenous Lenca Vendors and are being supported by MILPAH and other organizations as COPINH and CINPH.
Since their eviction, the families have taken over Marcala's town hall. Their demands include being allowed to return to La Calle Empedrada which they have occupied for over 18 years and which is a convenient place for people from the surrounding municipalities to do their shopping, as it is close to transport points. MILPAH and CONROA are concerned at the measures the civil and military authorities have taken in this case and request solidarity, both nationally and internationally, and for complaints about the eviction to be sent to the following individuals and government offices
From "Presente-Honduras Digest":
* Dan Beeton analyzes the plan proposed by the Alliance for Prosperity, a big-business group whose purpose is to use the governments of Central America to implement business-friendly policies. [] [].
* During a protest on the International Day of Action against Violence against Women, a journalist of C-Libre was threatened by soldiers. Source in Spanish [] [].
* The CInPH warns of a possible eviction in Marcala. Source in Spanish [] [].
* Families with disabled children protest against the government's decision to close down several educational establishments. Source in Spanish [] [].
* Juan Angel Lopez Miralda was a campesino leader and until the end of 2013 had been a member of the Unified Peasant Movement of Aguan (Movimiento unificado Campesino del Aguan, MUCA). He was killed on November 11.
* David Romero Ellner, director of Radio Globo, denounces that the Honduran government prohibited its public officials to talk to Radio Globo. Maybe it is because they regularly discover irregularities at state institutions, like Hondutel. Sources in Spanish: (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
* C-Libre denounces that local authorities in the south of Honduras are censuring journalists. C-Libre, furthermore, informs that cameraman and producer Luis Antonio Valencia was illegally held by the police, also in the Valle department. Sources in Spanish (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
* ENEE's labor union published a list of relatives of public officials employed by ENEE but without doing any work whatsoever. Source in Spanish [] [].
* The Nationalist congressman Oscar Najera proposed to implement a state of exception in Honduras to combat the current situation of violence. Source in Spanish [] [].
* The labor unions of public companies took to the streets yesterday protesting against the wave of suspensions. Source in Spanish [] []
"Encuentro Radios Comunitarias de Honduras" [], archived 2014-11-27 [] []
The 6th National Youth Assembly was held in La Esperanza, Intibuc? at the end of November. They decided to become part of the alliance for the defense of land and natural resources. Source in Spanish [] []
Family members of the 19 year old Kevin Joshua Solarzano Hernandez protested outside of the 'Casa de Gobierno'. Solarzano Hernandez is accused of having murdered the former public prosecutor Edwin Giovanni Eguigure on November 11. The hacker group Anonymous has shortly taken over the website of the presidency. Among other things, they demand the liberation of Kevin Joshua Solarzano Hernandez. Sources in Spanish: (1) [] [], (2) [] [].
Last weekend, a peace march organized by Honduras President (Dictator) JOH took place. Now El Libertador reports that it ended in Military Police repressing Nationalist activist who demanded to be paid for appearing at the march. Source in Spanish [] [].

"US Support for Mexico's Drug War Goes Beyond Guns and Money" (2014-12-01) [] []

"Colombia land restitution law could fail millions" (2014-11-27) [] []

News about the Bolivarian Alliance for Our America (ALBA), a socialist union of governments across Latin America:
* "ALBA Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary" (2014-09-11) [] []
* "Ecuador to turn military bases into parks, hospitals; Cuba teaches Guatemalans to read" (2014-09-01) [] []
Republic of Ecuador:
* "Democratizing the Media in Ecuador" 2014-11-30) [] []
Plurinational State of Bolivia:
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:
* "Academic Center Hugo Chavez to strengthen revolutionary conscience" (2014-10-27) [] []
* "Venezuela's Maduro proposes meeting on economic transition to socialism for December of this year" (2014-07-29) [] []
* "Vietnam attends Venezuelan United Socialist Party’s congress" (2014-07-29) [] []
* "United Socialist Party of Venezuela Holds III National Congress; President Nicolas Maduro was appointed as the leader of the PSUV; Hugo Chavez was named its eternal leader" (2014-07-26) [] []
* "United Socialist Party of Venezuela Grassroots Elects National Congress Delegates" (2014-07-22) [] []
* "United Socialist Party of Venezuela to Hold National Congress in July" (2014-01-21) [] []
Economic sabotage versus entrenched democracy in Venezuela:
* "Is Poverty Still Falling in Venezuela?" (2014-06-17) [] []
* "Communal Justices of the Peace Bring Popular Power to Venezuela Court System" (2014-07-30) [] []
* "Bolivarian Revolution Economic Policies at a Crossroads - Capitalism Cannot be Regulated" (2014-07-24) [] []
* "Venezuelan Voices, Part II: An Inflammatory Question" (2014-09-04) [] []
* "Venezuelans Protest Big Business for their Role in the Economic War" (2014-09-03) [] []
* "Venezuela at a Tipping Point" (2014-09-08) [] []
* "Maduro Creates Council To 'Revolutionize' Food Production in Venezuela" (2014-09-08) [] []
* "Ecuador Proposes Anti-Transnational Summit in Venezuela as Maduro Confronts Low Productivity Levels" (2014-09-09) [] []
* "Decades of U.S. Biowarfare Against Cuba" (2003-05) [] []
* "How The New York Times Discovered All Those Wmds In Iraq And Cuba" (2005-11-26)[] []
* "Spain Sold Chem/Bio Weapons To Venezuela" (2005-04-11) [] []
* "Spain Sold €540.000 Worth Of Chemical Warfare Agents To Venezuela" (2005-04-07) [] []
* "Bio-weapons lab in Venezuela for Saddam and Castro" (2002-12-19) [] [], comments by veteran USA military clandestine agents at a "conservative" pro-war website (these guys believe anything) [].
* "Is the US planning a war against Cuba?" (2002-05-10) [] []

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NY []

"Greenland independence on back burner in snap election" (2014-11-26) [] []

"Anarchists start investigation into dangerous police extremists" (2014-11-21)[] [], [begin excerpt]:
Around 20 local anarchists, friends & badgers visited the HQ of the Bristol CID & Special Investigations at Sir Kenneth Steele House on Feeder Road in Bristol last Saturday 15th November. Officers operating from there have recently been visiting people's homes and workplaces, harassing and putting pressure on local activists, musicians and their friends to become informants for the police. As a response, it was decided to turn the tables and start asking some questions of our own.
Armed with police style spotter cards displaying some of the ugly faces of Big Brother, our investigations began in the car park as decidedly nervous looking CID operatives arrived for their dirty work. Our unannounced presence seemed to produce a sort of mild panic for the first officer on the scene. All requests for "A friendly chat" and information on "shadowy figures stalking people and harassing communities" were met with a stony and awkward silence. Interestingly, they didn't have anything to say on the matter and most stared straight ahead, avoiding eye contact and going No Comment all the way. We could only conclude that they were feeling the pressure and had something to hide. The CID photographers were visibly nervous and especially camera shy but found themselves in a few photo opportunities anyway. [end excerpt]

The New Cold War: Why is it happening?
USA State Dept. Official Nuland (an adherent to the imperialist 'neo-Conservative' ideology) was recorded as saying "Fuck the EU" when asked how the EU government felt concerning the USA engaging in clandestine war with Russia, showing how the USA actively prevents EU from peace with Russia. The EU historically relies on energy resources imported from Russia, and four years ago, there had been exploratory meetings towards a greater EU to include a free trade agreement with Russia. Today, the USA has engineered a situation where the EU is being forced to be hostile against Russia, meanwhile Russia's petroleum exports into the EU is gradually being replaced with petroleum from Africa, a continent currently being invaded by the USA. The following is an example of the close ties between the EU and Russia that were being explored through this year:
* "Russia Preparing Joint Moon Exploration Agreement With EU" (2014-11-25) [] []
* "The Importance Of The Cancellation Of South Stream" (2014-12-03) [] [], [begin excerpt]: In order to understand what has happened it is first necessary to go back to the way Russian-European relations were developing in the 1990s.
Briefly, at that period, the assumption was that Russia would become the great supplier of energy and raw materials to Europe. This was the period of Europe's great “rush for gas” as the Europeans looked forward to unlimited and unending Russian supplies. It was the increase in the role of Russian gas in the European energy mix which made it possible for Europe to run down its coal industry and cut its carbon emissions and bully and lecture everyone else to do the same.
However the Europeans did not envisage that Russia would just supply them with energy. Rather they always supposed this energy would be extracted for them in Russia by Western energy companies. This after all is the pattern in most of the developing world. The EU calls this “energy security” - a euphemism for the extraction of energy in other countries by its own companies under its own control.
It never happened that way. Though the Russian oil industry was privatised it mostly remained in Russian hands. After Putin came to power in 2000 the trend towards privatisation in the oil industry was reversed. One of the major reasons for western anger at the arrest of Khodorkovsky and the closure of Yukos and the transfer of its assets to the state oil company Rosneft was precisely because is reversed this trend of privatisation in the oil industry.
In the gas industry the process of privatisation never really got started. Gas export continued to be controlled by Gazprom, maintaining its position as a state owned monopoly gas exporter. Since Putin came to power Gazprom’s position as a state owned Russian monopoly has been made fully secure.
Much of the anger that exists in the west towards Putin can be explained by European and western resentment at his refusal and that of the Russian government to the break up of Russia's energy monopolies and to the “opening up” (as it is euphemistically called) of the Russian energy industry to the advantage of western companies. [end excerpt]
* The quote by Putin which says it all: "My Bulgarian colleagues have always told me that whatever happens, they would certainly implement South Stream, because this corresponds to their national interests. But here, unfortunately, this did not come to pass. If Bulgaria is deprived of the opportunity to act as a sovereign nation, then they should at least demand money from the European Commission to compensate for their lost profits, because direct revenues to Bulgaria’s budget alone would have been no less than 400 million Euros a year. But ultimately, this is also the choice of our Bulgarian partners; it seems they have certain obligations. Still, that’s not our business – it’s our partners’ business."
* "Few contractors vocal on South Stream status" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Hungary fuming after McCain calls PM Orban ‘neo-fascist dictator’" (2014-11-03) [] []

"How the US Deliberately Destroyed Iraq’s Water Supply" (2012-05-23) [] []

* "Kurdistan lies the hope of the Middle East and Central Asia" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "Anarchist Federation Statement on Rojava - December 2014" (2014-12-01) [] []
* "Kobane attackers came from Turkey, claims Turkey's main Kurdish party" (2014-11-29) [] []
* "Islamic State attacks Kobane border crossing with Turkey" (2014-11-29) []. originally posted at [] but subsequently taken down
* "Activists: ISIS Is Now Launching Attacks From Inside Turkey" (2014-11-29) [] []
The USA refuses to help the PKK government in western Kurdistan, and has allowed weapons to be recieved by ISIS militias within western Kurdistan in order to destabilize the enemy Republic of Syria, within whose jurisdiction is western Kurdistan. The USA is supporting a fascist Kurdistan government that acts as a rival to the PKK, even using its military to kill PKK supporters.
* "Fight against Islamic State could take years, John Kerry says" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "New peshmerga group enters Kobane from Turkey" (2014-12-02) [] []
* "How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan" (2014-12-03) [] []
* "U.N. welcomes Iraqi, Kurdish oil deal" (2014-12-02) [] []

* "Egyptian activists to Netanyahu’s PR men: Our lives are not propaganda" (2014-11-26) [] []
* "Pay attention to #RedSea cities and its people" (2014-11-27) [] []

* "Israel's Foreign Minister Wants to Pay Israeli Arabs to Leave" (2014-11-28) [] []

"Does America realize the consequences of forcing Russia into China’s arms?" (2014-11-03) [] [], [begin excerpt]: For years commentators have speculated: “imagine Russia’s resources and military power with Western Europe’s technology and fiscal heft?” It would, of course, be the single most powerful economic and martial bloc in the world. Not only that, but such a rapprochement makes complete sense and has done since 1991.
However, it is Washington’s worst nightmare. An EU-Russia alliance and partial union would erode America’s influence in Europe. Hence, to knock it on head, just as it seemed Germany was warming to the notion, the US has managed to drive a massive wedge between Moscow and its natural allies in Europe.
Before they clap themselves on the back too loudly, the Americans might want to pause for a second. In pursuing this haphazard course, they’ve managed to send Russia hurtling into China’s warm embrace.
Thus, cutting off their nose to spite their face. Instead of allowing a tri-polar world, the US in control of the Americas, China in Asia, and a giant Eurasian alliance as a buffer - Washington has managed to create a much more confrontational bi-polar world. In the blue corner, the USA and a castrated, divided Europe which is being pulled in all kinds of directions and in the red corner, a resurgent China and a Russia that, most likely, would prefer to be in a different corner altogether, or none.
If a Moscow-Beijing military alliance does take shape, such a bloc would dominate the Eurasian landmass, with naval bases all the way from the Baltic, via the Arctic and Pacific, to the South China Sea. A union between Russia's advanced weaponry and China's huge population and industrial muscle would eventually prove a match for NATO, thereby giving the US an excuse to ratchet up military spending. If Europe attempted to follow suit, it would likely deepen its economic malaise. The main point is that the whole notion is such an incredibly wasteful use of finite global resources.
Four years after Putin proposed a Russian-EU alliance from “Lisbon to Vladivostok,” we instead have an embryonic new Cold War. It’s not too late to halt the wagons but time is limited. The next US administration, if it’s sufficiently blessed to be shorn of neocons, must decide which is more important to it: to antagonize Russia in the eastern borderlands, losing its world hegemony in the process, or to find a way of resolving friction with Moscow, thus halting the process of China’s accession to the role of global superpower. [end excerpt]

"Is 'third world' Europe finished?" (2014-11-11) [] [], [begin excerpt]: There are 3.4 million people, officially, out of work in France. The real figure is probably much higher. Before explaining the reasons for France’s woes and how the continent can be rebooted, let me first point out something important. British business leaders frequently use France as a convenient whipping boy, ignoring the failings of their country. The UK’s position, outside of London, is probably even more critical than that of France. While France has, undoubted, problems, the North of England is in a far worse state and is better compared to ex-communist states. It’s frightful.
Nevertheless, the problem is not France, or the UK (beyond London), nor Germany for that matter. It’s the failed ideology of neoliberal globalization. This ridiculous creed has crushed the working and middle-classes all over Europe. For the simple reason that it doesn’t work. You can't destroy your manufacturing base, via outsourcing, and then wonder why there are no decent jobs. Cause and effect - the two are completely interlinked.
This is where Russia comes in. Now, why could this be? After Russia was crushed by American-sponsored neoliberalism in the 90’s, he changed course. Putin reversed privatization of key industries, faced down the oligarchs and restored state power. As a result, Russians have enjoyed the greatest prosperity they have ever known. The country has close to full employment, while Western Europe, though mostly wealthier by per capita GDP, is in a terrible state. Of course, neoliberalism enthusiasts hate Putin. [end excerpt]

"American, Georgian & Lithuanian get key jobs in Ukraine’s new govt" (2014-12-02) [] []

"North Korea accuses US of spreading Ebola and choosing Africa as a bio-weapon testing ground" (2014-12-02) [] []

"I Visit Chinese Hippies Living in the Woods of Kinmen, Taiwan" (2014-11-05) [] []

"Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Africa" (2014-12-03) [] []

"Pygmies and Bantus flee a war caused by a tryst" (2014-11-29) [] []

* "Protests as Bhopal marks 30th anniversary of disaster" (2014-12-02) [] []
* "Bhopal film 'tells truth' of disaster on 30th anniversary: director" (2014-12-04) [] []

"The Spook Who Sat By The Door" is a true story (but fictionalized) of events during 1968 to 1972 (before the CIA Narcotics spiked the community). Learn from history.
The writer of the book and movie said: "One of the things I was saying with that book is that gangs could become the protectors of the community rather than predators” and that “the purpose of the film was to encourage blacks to create an action plan to ‘survive in the belly of the beast’, rather than always reacting as victims of a racist society.”

Mau Mau Tech”: The Making of a Black University in Oakland, California, 1960-1970" by Rasheed El Shabazz, summary [] [], entire article []

"The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence's Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists" (Progressive Left Press, 2008)
The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders contains a wealth of names, dates and events detailing the use of COINTELPRO style tactics by the FBI against a generation of leftist political leaders and leftist musicians. Based on 12 years of research and includes over 1,000 endnotes. Sources include over 100 interviews, FOIA-released CIA and FBI documents, court transcripts, and many mainstream media outlets. Book is 192 pages of main text, 100 pages of endnotes, 8 pages of photos (incl. government/court documents) and some more pages of preface, foreword, afterword, and bios.
Order it from Progressive Left Press [ link] [] [1905 Oak Lodge Rd., Baltimore, Maryland 21228. USA], Tel [410-960-7744], [jlpotash@)], [], or from Afrikan World Books [410-383-2006].

What have John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X in common? They were all prominent figures of the Anti-Establishment and Anti-War movement and they all died mysterious deaths. Could the militaries and the cia be behind these deaths and not be just casual happenings? The Anti-War movement helped stop the Vietnam War, the many protests that took place by the american youth lowered significantly the willingness to fight a very unpopular war in Vietnam. In the eyes of the cia militaries, these protesters were considered traitors and the protests were seen as treason at home, as it was an important factor for the loss of war. It can be concluded, knowing the dark history of the cia in the 60's and 70's in full anti-communism paranoia, that the cia was taking revenge against these anti-war figures that brought upon the US a very embarassing loss against the communists.. I think that it is very suspucious that all of these prominent figures of the anti-war movement died, and a cospiracy to kill the “traitors” was actually taking place..

Crack Friday with Rev. Billy (Special Soapbox Podcast 11/28/2014) []

CCDSLinks, News & Views From Posts We Like: "Upsurge Against White Supremacy & Police Violence" (2014-11-28)  []

World Wide Hippies: Citizen Journalist Exchange [] [], part of "The Commons Project Network" []

Are you Experienced? Tune-in! Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits, complete and unabridged!


Benefit Concert: Free Antione Thomas!

Beyond War: Building a Brand New Peace Movement
A Presentation and Discussion with Medea Benjamin, recently returned from Iraq
Saturday, December 6th, 7 P.M.
At the Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz.

Raging Grannies Holiday Peace Fair PSA []

War on ISIS, or Shadow Boxing in the Middle East 
Sunday, December 7, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
At the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
In the aftermath of the implosion of the Arab Spring, institutional collapse in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, the Islamic State is the biggest emerging threat in the Middle East. What are the real origins of ISIS and the role of the U.S.
Sharat G. Lin is a research fellow at the San José Peace and Justice Center. A writer on global political economy and the Middle East, he recently visited Kurdish areas at the heart of the battle against ISIS.
Open to the public; Wheelchair accessible
FREE - but donations will be collected for NPML
Contact: Gene Ruyle, cuyleruyle [at], 510-428-1578
Sponsored by the Institute for the Critical Study of Society

POCC/BPPC: 45th International Revolutionary Day 
@ Zulu Nation Thursdays with guests Jahi (PE2.0), East Bay Politix, Age Scott & mo!
@ One Fam - 1606 Seventh Street, West Oakland
All Ages $10 donation fundraising for the venue 1Fam
6-8pm Meeting of the Minds (Film Screening of "Assassination of Chairman Fred Hampton" Documentary) & community discussion re: Ferguson & Solidarity Statements
8-11pm Performances
11-midnite Open Mic Cypher
45 years to the day that Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. & Defense Captain Mark Clark of the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party were assassinated by the state, The People worldwide recognize December 4th as "International Revolutionary Day" or I.R.D.
While the main event will be at the scene of the crime in Chiraq with POCC/BPPC (PrisonersOf ConscienceCommittee/BlackPantherPartyCubs) on Thurs.December 4th we will hold our 10th consecutive Zulu Nation Thursdays-OAKLAND in solidarity with #IRD45
Performances by:
* Jahi (PE2.0)
* East Bay Politix (Sinista Z & Ras Ceylon)
* G.P.
* Age Scott the Black Bukowski & more

Cops vs Free Speech: How police are threatening Mumia, convicts, teachers, and all of us with censorship as well as bullets!
Speakers and Film: “Manufacturing Guilt”
7 pm, Friday December 5th 2014
Theater at La Pena Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley (just below Ashby Avenue)
$5 - $10 sliding scale at the door  (no one turned away)
The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal []
Donate Now to fight the “gag” law! []
Join the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Prison Radio and Oakland Teachers For Mumia to hear how police are targeting political enemies with attempts to restrict free speech.
•  Keith Cook, brother of Mumia Abu-Jamal,
•  Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant,
•  Eliot Grossman, former lawyer for Mumia, and
•  Spokespersons for Prison Radio, Oakland Teachers for Mumia, and the Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.
•  Film: “Manufacturing Guilt” — This riveting documentary makes it clear how cops and prosecutors framed Mumia Abu-Jamal for a murder he didn’t commit.
Join us!  We will discuss:
• The New “gag” law in Pennsylvania that seeks to silence prisoners. This law, cobbled together in days following Mumia’s recorded presentation to a commencement ceremony at Goddard College, was explicitly designed to “shut him up.” The targets of this blatantly unconstitutional law, however, include all prisoners convicted of violent crimes!
• A Law Suit has been filed to stop the “gag” law from being implemented!  Support for this effort is critical. Donations will go toward the fight against the “gag” law.
• The  suppression of the “Urban Dreams” web site by the Oakland School Board. This teacher-created site of voluntary curriculum ideas included one comparing the suppression of Mumia’s commentaries with censorship of Martin Luther King’s later writings. While the Superintendent of Schools has now promised to restore the site, we must remain vigilant!
• Both of these measures—the “gag” law in Pennsylvania, and the suppression of the Urban Dreams website—were taken at the behest of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)!  The FOP is a highly politicized organization which seeks to silence social critics such as Mumia Abu-Jamal, and dictate the curricula in schools! The FOP and Democrat/Republican politicians will continue their attempts at intimidation and suppression, unless we act!
• Ferguson shows that black and Latino youth particularly are threatened by militarized and politicized police who shoot first and ask questions later, and frame their targets for crimes they didn’t commit. Chief targets have included Native American Activists like Leonard Peltier, militant working-class activists, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Black Panthers and Martin Luther King. Mumia is currently a top target to silence.  But anyone and everyone can be on their enemies list, and in their cross-hairs!  Fight back now!

Walk to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
What:  Walk, Fast, and Vigil to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.
When:  November 30 - December 7, 2014
Where: November 30th--from San Luis Mission to the gates of Diablo Canyon.  Meet at the Mission
              Plaza at 9am.
              December 1,2,3 ----Near the gates of Diablo in Avila, 8:30-4:30
              December 5, 6--On the lawn of the County Courthouse in San Luis Obispo (across from the Fremont Theater), 8:30-4:30
Several Buddhist monks will be holding a Walk, Fast, and Vigil to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.
Please join them as they lead a Peace Walk on Thanksgiving Sunday--November 30th--from San Luis Mission to the gates of Diablo Canyon.  Meet at the Mission Plaza at 9am.
On December 1st they will begin a week's Vigil and a Fast that will culminate the following Sunday, December 7th.
The public is invited to participate in all the events.

A conversation with David Korten and Otto Scharmer, a Webinar conversation
Monday, December 8, 2014, 11:30am - 1:00pm (PST)
While there is no charge for this December 8 web event, registration is required for access to the Maestro Conference. Click here to register: []
What role does narrative play in shaping economic life? How must the current narrative change if we are to have a viable human future and an economy that works for all, including Living Earth our home and source of nurture? What will it take to discover and establish a new narrative in the public mind? If this is an exploration you are interested in please join us!
We invite you to join a MaestroConference conversation with two visionary thinkers,
David Korten and Otto Scharmer, whose current books challenge the foundational assumptions of established economic thought and call for a dramatic restructuring of our economic narrative and institutions. (All you will need is your phone to join this conversation. You will not need to be on a computer!)
The conversation will be hosted by master convener and gifted facilitator, Charles Holmes. Attendees on the call will have a chance to discuss their views in small groups and field questions to David and Otto.

Homeless Defense Community Dinner (Sacramento)
December 9th, 4:30pm @ Sacramento City Hall (915 I Street)

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