Friday, November 22, 2013

"November 22 March for Justice for Andy Lopez"

Community members and friends of Andy Lopez cross a police line and confront sheriffs deputies in front of the Sonoma County Hall of Justice on November 22 [].
Mother of Andy Lopez Speaks at Sonoma County Hall of Justice []: Sujey Cruz, the mother of Andy Lopez, speaks about the loss of her son as supporters of the family confront sheriffs deputies dressed in riot gear in front of the Sonoma County Hall of Justice on November 22 (a supporter translates what she said into english for the crowd at 2:21 in the video). Cruz says she wants Erick Gelhaus, the deputy who killed 13-year-old Andy on October 22, to be arrested and put into jail.
The November 22 march for Andy Lopez began with about 100 people gathering at the Santa Rosa City Hall, with the numbers swelling somewhat by the time the group reached the Sonoma County Hall of Justice.
When the protesters arrived at the Hall of Justice, many of them felt that sheriffs behind the police line appeared to have expressions on their faces that were unprofessional, and pointed out that some were chuckling. Youth crossed the police line and when expressing themselves closer to the Hall of Justice and the deputies, officers in riot gear were called out. Some of those in the riot gear targeted certain individuals with strong, sustained gazes and one community member was warned about their alleged probation status by officers. A few in the riot gear were smirking behind face shields and community members accused them and others of laughing at them.

 Demonstrators have been marching to the Hall of Justice to demand that Erick Gelhaus be arrested and charged with crimes for killing Andy on October 22. The sheriff's department has said that Gelhaus killed Andy within seconds of spotting him with a firearm, which was later determined to be a toy gun.
These photos from the November 22 march are displayed in chronological order.

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