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2013-11-14 NBU News

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Journalist's Notebook  [link], George Seldes had it right: "Tell the Truth, Then Run Like Hell!"

Join our Community Journalist program! Covering "707 to 818, the Bay Valley". Send us news & info to []

Continuing our dedication to the Captive Nations within the United States,
November is Indigenous Nations month!
Friends of the Gualala River demand to Artesa Vineyards & Winery in the Northbay: "Don’t destroy redwood forest for vineyards" [link], including ancestral territory for the Pomo nation!

Update from the Northbay MDS Defense Committee for the liberated zone at the Albany Bulb!
Amber, a registered resident from the Albany Bulb (she is officially registered to vote as a resident), and one of the coordinators for the defense, writes:
The residents have engaged in a door-to-door was for a City Council meeting that occurred in weeks past. We had an overwhelmingly supportive response. The council disregarded it.
Instead, the Albany City Council has made plans for two tiny non-co-ed trailers designed to hold 15 people each. (There are 55 "homeless" Albany residents on the Bulb, alone) And the dogs will be kept in kennels, right on on the other side of the generator from where the people will be sleeping. And there are no accommodations for cats. We are all accustomed to sleeping with our dogs or cats, accommodations that keep us separate will not work.
My partner Phyl (pronounced Fill) has been the FNB contact for the Bulb for 6.5 years. And, this community of hermits is peaceful. Contrary to the dangerous thugs with attack dogs that the city tries to portray us as.
One of our residents, who had been dying from congestive heart failure for 2+ years, passed away on October 17th at the age of 46. He was loved by all. He came home to the Bulb on the evening of October 16th, to die at Home. He had the dogs of the single resident, who provided him with the necessary hospice care, on his lap and at his feet. Patrick Leach died peacefully at 5:41am after spending the last hours of his life talking and laughing with friends. We like to say "He won." Because he got to die at home, on the Bulb.
And, heartbreakingly, Albany PD came out and shot and killed one of our community's puppies on October 28th. When the people who participate in "Pee Walk" (a daily off-leash romp, for resident dogs) were still inside getting ready, a lone cop came and shot Amoré.
 Amoré spent his days going on walks with dog walkers and their dogs. He was the friendliest puppy you could ever imagine. His death sent waves of grief through the community, both residents and non-residents.
 The "official" story, released by the city was that 2 dogs attacked 2 cops, with one of the dogs managing to bite one of the cops. But, the people inside the tent that this happened outside of, heard it all. Three short chuffs of greeting from Amoré and then 5 rapid gunshots from a cops gun, and Amoré was suffering multiple critical wounds.
 When the people rushed outside they saw one cop, uninjured, with his gun still drawn, who told them that he had to shoot Amoré because "he lunged at" him.
 Since only the cop saw what happened, the city maintains their story. And is holding it against our community, as an "incident" and as justification for our removal.
 Immediately following the incident, a cop was already trying to tell people that events were not as they were witnessed to be.
 But, we took it as what it was: The cops can come in and kill us or our dogs, at will. And the city will put whatever spin on it that they want to. And, their story trumps the truth.

Report from the Northbay MDS Labor Solidarity committee:
BART management under government scrutiny over unsafe work environment [link]
Remember, there is a strike replacement training facility at Mare Island in Vallejo which was used for the recent BART strike. This facility is operated for the sole purpose of destroying the lives of the workers engaged in a strike, and whose role against the workers on strike contributed to the work-place conditions leading to the death of BART workers during the recent strike, when it was revealed that BART's management's official policy was to allow workers to be run-down by trains, purposefully, to "teach them a lesson in being on guard". In all corners of the Bay Area, there are calls for more action in support of the working class, and to engage the class war being unleashed against the public by the selfish self-entitled few. For example, read the following excerpt [link] from "Class Warrior" magazine #5, the organizer's journal from CWG-USA [], a worker's solidarity group inspired by the political works of respected historical figure Leon Trotsky, who advocate for socialist democracy of, by, and for the workers, with industry meeting the needs of the people and not private investors.
The excerpt pertains to militant privatizer Veolia, which supports human-rights abuse worldwide, and the message includes the call for real worker's needs, as opposed to the call for a (sub)minimum wage and more support for the Democrat Party.
Veolia was recently under pressure nationally for their targeted harassment and firing of union organizers in Boston, as described here: Defend the School Bus 5! [], and here at "Defend the School Bus 5! (Boston)" [link].
More info about Veolia's support for human rights abuse across the world [link]!

Show your support for the workers who make our lives better:
* Mendocino County Solidarity Rally. Tu 11/12 - 12p - Admin Bldg., 501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah. Tell the CEO and Board of Supervisors to do the right thing and restore our wages and trust in county government. We have made strong allies within our community. We showed our power and resolve during our one-day strike. Now, before mediation begins, we show our resolution and solidarity for a fair contract. Support the Mend Mendocino campaign [].
* Hayward Community Blitz. Sa 11/16 - 10a-3p - Kenneth Birchfield Memorial Park, 24347 Santa Clara St., Hayward. We have made strong allies within our community. We showed our power during our three-day strike. We stand firm in our resolve for a no-concessions contract. The city claims it needs to take 5 percent more from us, after we have already suffered a 12 percent pay cut. We are families who have lost homes, sacrificed food on the table and gas in the car -- all in the name of helping our city in a time of financial need. This Saturday we make a final push towards a better contract, to get Hayward leaders to stop their financial shell game and reinvest in the workers -- the people who provide vital services for Hayward.

Rank-and-File Reformers Oust 'In Bed' Rhode Island Teamsters [link]

Privatization of Public School districts: "Lean In or Stand Up?" [link]

A public-service warning from our affiliate, the San Pablo Bay Ecological Preservation Association! USA Navy and Lennar Bay Area are developing radioactive land parcels for habitation and public use, and lying about it [link]!!!

"Oakland youth to send a message", 2013-11-12 posted by respected Oakland Hip-Hop artist and New African community liberation advocate: "Punk A#* city councilman Noelle Gallo is proposing a city curfew on the youth which will allow the Oakland Pigs to further criminalize our youth. Come down to city hall tonight to defend our children from being criminalized." (and the response from his fans) "ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!! NO CURFEW OF STREETS!! I ALREADY GOT LIKE 6 YOUTH FRIENDS COMING!! DOWN TONIGHT!!"

"Save the People's Post Office" campaign in Berkeley: Police raid after 33 days on steps of Berkeley’s Post Office [link]

Mendocino County Court finds valid medicinal cannabis ID card to pre-empt probable cause for Police vehicle search [link]

Privatized global government: "Trans-Pacific Partnership" [link] and the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" [link]

Justice for #AndyLopez #3 National Day of Protest
Attention! There will be a "one month anniversary" memorial at the park where he was murdered, then the march for Justice for Andy Lopez starting at city hall on November 22 at 1pm. CALLING ALL YOUTH!!! spread the word take leadership. your voices matter! You are the future. We need to keep pushing and speaking out. Justice For Andy Lopez!!!!!!!!! Who can organize at their school? Walk out of Class for Andy Lopez.

Report from the "Justice for Guy Jarreau jr." movement:

"GUY JR.'s GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY", called for by Justice for Guy Jarreau Jr, Jared Huey & Mario Romero, and all those who are victims of State terror and oppression []:
Al Osorio, representing Denika Chatman for Kenny Harding Jr Foundation, writes:
Guy Jarreau's Mom couldn't make it out from New Orleans, so his aunt had her on speakerphone, usually she brings a life size pic of him to stand against a doorway, he was 6'3" and it's very lifelike. There are certain rites the family always does, one nephew always leads us in the Lords Prayer, then one of the nieces gives out three pennies to everyone, at a signal we all toss them in the air and shout 'Pennies from Heaven'. story behind it but i don't recall what it is. His Mom then speaks of him, and the family reminisces. This time all present spoke to Guy thru the phone, identified ourselves then spoke to him thru his Mom. Everyone signed a Happy Thanksgiving card which was attached to the makeshift altar, his Mom always has an elaborate one but I think her being sick made a last minute cancellation. I wasn't able to participate in the homeless feed, the family had turkey, sodas and red velvet cake. they had to go search near the docks, homeless don't congregate due to police harassment.

Update from the Kenneth Harding Jr Foundation:
21st consecutive Monthly Community Feed occured Sunday, October 20.  A broken ankle will not make Denika Chatman break her promise to serve the SF Bayview community and to honor her son Kenneth Harding Jr. Oceloyotl Ex of Rebel Press showed up to visit and stayed to help, bagging cookies and stuffing lunchbags.

This man is a Hero of the People, standing up for Human Rights in Fresno! Find out why [link]!

Santa Cruz City Council considers closing recycling centers specifically to punish Homeless residents [link]

NOV 16-24 HOMELESS AWARENESS WEEK organized by the Humboldt Homeless Camping Alliance!! Safe, Warm and Dry Now! Small and plentiful tent camps- free of harassment- Now!
contact Debra Carey SoHum of "New Wine Church" [707-223-3607], and campaign coordinator Kathy Anderson [707-362-4586] [].
Due to severe weather and economic conditions people who are without affordable housing must be provided with places for legal sleep.
Sleep deprivation is a form of torture according to many sleep specialists and Human Rights experts including the United Nations.
Without adequate sleep the human body deteriorates from a weakened immune system and the mind develops symptoms of mental illness that can become destructive to the overall continuation of life.
Temperatures of winter in HumCo can lower to freezing overnight for weeks on end and people die every winter from exposure while living without shelter from the elements.
Current no camping laws must end as they are inhumane and illegal practices according to the 9th District Circuit Court of California which declares that persons sleeping unsheltered cannot be awakened and ticketed for so sleeping when there is not adequate shelter space where they can be sent to for safe and legal sleep.
We demand that for the sake of decency and humane treatment of human beings the establishment of a legal campground must be allowed.
We call upon all people who have ever wanted to help the homeless to join with us in setting up and coordinating the efforts, contributions and volunteers to meet the needs of our neighbors on the streets with a campground first in Garberville/Redway and then Eureka.
Please view OPPORTUNITY VILLAGE (Eugene, Ore.) on Youtube and SOMEWHERE TO GO (by Jim Paquin, local) on Youtube and Community Access.
REQUEST TO CHURCHES FOR INVOLVEMENT IN HOMELESS AWARENESS WEEK NOV 16-24, 2013, AND CHALLENGE to city and county leadership; council members, mayors, Bd. of Supes, Ministerial organizations, other interested persons in HumCo who want and need a better understanding of what homeless people go through in a 24 hr period of time, everyday for long length of time.
Below is the calender of events that are being organized for this week. Our hopes are that your church will post this calender and speak of it to the people in attendance during church services based upon the topic of poverty as it relates to homelessness in your community.
* NOV 16-17 Saturday and Sunday, Local church activities: Arcata/McKinleyville SDA church will be taking donations of clothing and food for those in poverty and homeless. Contact Kathy Anderson for more info. New Wine Fellowship In Garberville/Redway will be collecting winter survival gear such as coats, hats, gloves, blankets and other items to give to homeless folk who need them. Call Debra Carey for more info.
* Nov 17 Sunday: Suggestion for sermons or inspirational texts : "Who is my neighbor?" Psalm 68:10 1Corinthians 3:9
* Nov 18 Monday: CHALLENGE given to city and county leadership; council members, mayors, Bd. of Supes, Ministerial organizations, other interested persons in HumCo who want and need a better understanding of what homeless people go through in a 24 hr period of time, everyday for long length of time:
* Nov 19 Tuesday: Eureka City council reading of Declaration of Emergency
* Nov 20 Wednesday: Radio show????
* Nov 21 Thursday: Radio show????
* Nov 22 Friday: Radio show on KMUD 7:00-8:00pm
* Nov 23 Saturday: 24 hr homeless activities?????
* On Saturday 23 at 9am each of you will put on your grungy clothes, pick up your rolled up sleeping bag, grab a jacket and walk out the door to hit the streets for 24 hrs. If you choose to carry a backpack you cannot have more than a change of socks, medications, a tooth brush and a bottle of water. No cell phone to call on friends for help, only to be used in emergencies. Going out 2 by 2 is a good idea for safety reasons, remember you are to blend in and consider yourself truly homeless for a full 24 hrs.
You cannot use your position in town or government to keep you from a camping ticket or any other form of contact with the police.
Please do not inform the police that this action is taking place. Dress yourself in such a way so that the police will not recognize you. You are anonymous and must be willing to endure the trials that homeless people live with every day.
At 9pm Saturday evening we will all gather at Halverson Park at the Amphitheater for check in, to see how everyone is fairing. We will not have a permit to be there as the homeless are not permitted to congregate, so we will be experiencing the fear of police involvement and disruption of a time of peaceful reflection.
At 9am Sunday morning the challenge will end.
Hopefully we can get many volunteers for this amazing adventure and reports from those who have the courage to put their life on hold for a brief span of time to understand and have compassion for those who are in need of things that we take for granted. For those who wish to do this on another day and night please feel free to do so. We would be happy to have a report from you as to what you have learned.
If you decide not to meet this challenge we hope that you will ask yourself why it is not possible for you. Do you expect others to endure the wretched conditions of homelessness that is forced upon them by the lack of willingness in your community to build enough affordable units (for even 0 dollars) by those who decide what is affordable housing for poor people that you do not experience yourself?
* Nov 24 Sunday: Church activities. 8-9pm Courthouse candle light vigil for all who have died while on the streets of HumCo the past 20 years since HumCo Bd. of Supes. refused to implement the Multiple Assistance Center and campground.
Rob Arkly local realestate investor has declared he has seen enough homeless people, called for a meeting, to start pushing "to pull back human services" for the homeless! Listen to his speech here: [].
Debra, a couple years back, did a direct action bringing a porta-potty to the downtown of her community for the homeless. The business community threatened to sue her and fine her $350 a day, issuing dozens of complaints against her. She removed the porta potty. This holiday season, the same business community is launching a blitz on the local (monopolized) media denouncing the the homeless "using the streets as a potty", to which Debra cannot fathom why they punished her for trying to rectify, except the business community, lead by millionaire Rob Arkley, is simply making the public feel hatred against their neigbors without homes.
The Humboldt County Sherriffs also un-officially employ vigilantes to steal property of those without homes during the Sheriff's terrorist campaign against the homeless.
There are 2000+ homeless people in Humboldt, and only 120 beds, and no bathrooms.
The "New Wine Church" of southern Humboldt County is the ONLY church providing any type f service for the homeless this season.

Peoples' Action for Rights and Community (PARC) is 6 YEARS OLD!!
Since November of 2007, the PARC Community Center is open between 9:30am and 9:30pm every day (directions below). Please call first in case we're out doing stuff on the street. [707-442-7465] []. We know it is critical to help build and nurture strong communities in rebellion.  It is increasingly harder to survive, and trauma is a common part of most of our lives.  The stakes are high for the Earth and the People, and the challenges require learning together; sharing music food, feelings, struggle; listening well; working hard; honoring differences; valuing & maintaining Solidarity; communicating alot; addressing oppression, injustice, toxicity wherever we see it; and imagining a healthy people and planet!
To donate to PARC, one can come by and drop off cash (or call & we'll come to you!, address Money Orders to Kimberly Starr, Address Checks to James Decker and/or mail any of the above to: PARC, P.O. Box 5692, Eureka, CA 95502
We need your fundraising ideas to be implemented! Does anyone have access and want to apply for a school honorarium for Redwood Curtain CopWatch to give a Know Your Rights and/or Copwatching workshop (or series of workshops)? 
To visit PARC at it's community center in Eureka, Nor*Cal, from the Bay Area along Hi-101 to Eureka, go past the Eureka library on 3rd Street, go down 3rd Street toward the Samoa bridge, take a left on Q and a right into the alley (There's a green house at the head of the alley where you turn right). Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign, yard, carport, Mumia banner, "Close Gitmo" banner, and front door.

Message from "United Native Americans (UNA)" director Quanah Brightman [qbrightman75 (@)]
♥♥ Please Continue Supporting Our Interfaith Prayer Vigil For Dr. Lehman L. Brightman ♥♥
We ask Everyone to Please Pray for Strength & Healing for Lee & for Our Family During these Trying Times. Currently Dr. Brightman is a Patient in the Intensive Care Unit at Kaiser Walnut Creek in Room 209. His Doctors have Informed us that Lee's Current Sepsis Infection is Very Severe. His Doctors have informed us that His Bladder & Kidneys are Infected as well as Possibly Suffering from Pneumonia.
If You would like to Send Flowers or a Get Well Soon Care Send them Directly to:...
Kaiser Permanente, 1425 S Main Street Walnut Creek, CA 94596
We greatly appreciate your support of U.N.A. and most importantly the prayers and well wishes extended for Dr. Brightman.
The Entire U.N.A. Family Would Like to Personally Say Thank You To All Our Family & Friends Praying For a Full Recovery For Our Father.
If You Have Any Questions Feel Free to Contact Us at (510)672-7187.
♥♥ Lila Pilamayaye To Everyone for Praying for The Great Lehman L. Brightman

More Action Calenders: IndyBay [link]; Ecology Center [link]; Nuclear Resister [link].

Food Empowerment Project, with the Vallejo People’s Garden, asks you to join up with the
Local food justice issues workshop  
Join us on Saturday, November 16, in Vallejo 
Food Empowerment Project, along with Vallejo People’s Garden is conducting a training session for volunteers to help us survey Vallejo retail food establishments regarding healthy foods. 
When:  11am – 1pm Saturday, November 16  
Where: Global Center for Success 1055 Azuar Avenue Mare Island, CA 94592 
We will show you how to fill out the survey, explain what to say to the store employees, and answer any questions you might have. We will also give you copies of the survey with locations on them to go out and start surveying.  
We encourage people to do this work while you are in Vallejo though more than likely additional trips to Vallejo will be required to do more.  
Doing it in pairs is ideal but not required. Completed surveys will need to be mailed back to us. 
The work entails filling out surveys to indicate what types of healthy foods grocery stores, convenient stores, etc., offer for sale. We will give you the surveys and locations to survey. 
After all of the data is collected and analyzed, we will release a report with our findings. Our goal is to change the fact that there is a lack of healthy food options in these areas.  
You can see the report of our work in Santa Clara County here: []  
Light refreshments will be available at the training. RSVP by November 14 to

Eyewitness Account:
Greeks Decry Fascist Violence!

Tensions were still running high when U.S. anti-fascists visited Greece shortly after the September murder of an anti-racist rapper by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. In  Athens, they met with a leader of the group that has organized mass protests, KEERFA, United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat. Hear their first-hand account and add your thought on the resurgence of fascism in Europe.
 Sunday, November 17, 1:00pm.
Home-cooked brunch served for an $8 donation at 12:15pm. New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco (at Ellis, near Civic Center, BART/Muni and on #19, 31,47, & 49 Muni bus lines).
For more info, contact [415-864-1278] [].

Debtors' Assembly: Strike Debt Bay Area - You Are Not Alone. Or a Loan!
Saturday November 23, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Fellowship Hall [1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709]
Contact: Hannah Appel []

Debt keeps us isolated, ashamed, and afraid - of becoming homeless, of going hungry, of being crippled or killed by treatable illness, or of being trapped in poverty-level jobs. Those facing foreclosure, medical debt, student debt, or credit card debt feel alone, hounded by debt collectors, and forced into unrewarding work to keep up with payments.
 Join us for Strike Debt Bay Area's (website and Facebook) third Debtors' Assembly, where we will come together to understand debt in this modern society of ours and how to fight it collectively. This event is generously sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee.
This Debtors' Assembly will be an opportunity for people to come together, gain an understanding of how debt works, share their own debt experiences, and work on various ways to change the unjust debt system and begin to organize debt resistance.
Strike Debt Bay Area is the local chapter of Strike Debt, an international movement of groups working to build popular resistance to all forms of unjust debt. Strike Debt has organized the Rolling Jubilee, the Debt Resistors Operations Manual, and local debtors’ assemblies.
Strike Debt supports the creation of just and sustainable economies, based on mutual aid, common goods, and public affluence. We owe the financial institutions nothing. It is to our friends, families and community that we owe everything.

Thanksgiving Feast Tribute to Native Americans
Sunday, November 24, 3:00pm 
 The 30 million indigenous people on this continent before Columbus produced brilliant scientists and astronomers, architects and builders. These women and men were orators, farmers, jewelry-makers, creators of political institutions and social orders that lasted hundreds or thousands of years. At the time of the conquest, the indigenous people cultivated over 300 food crops which today are the basis of 60% of what is eaten on our planet.  Celebrate the contributions of this hemisphere's first people. Enjoy a home-cooked roast turkey dinner, with vegetarian entree, accompanied by new world foods.
 $10-15 donation. For work exchange, call in advance.
New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Hosted by Bay Area Radical Women
 To volunteer or for more information, call 415-864-1278 or email

Join CodePink and peace activists throughout Northern California:
Nov. 25, Monday, 3pm, to Nov. 26, Tuesday, 8am
In Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan:
Activists will wear blue scarves and white clothing in our monthly 2 day nonviolent protest at Beale AFB to stand with the people of Afghanistan for their right to live free from a brutal 12 year U.S. occupation. 
Check out the Blue Scarf Movement at: []
We will wear blue scarves to symbolize all people's right to live free from the violence of war and drone surveillance. In a recent testimony before Congress, Zubair, a 13 yr. old  boy and drone victim from Pakistan, said, "I no longer love blue skies. In fact, I now prefer grey skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are grey."  He and his younger sister were injured in a drone strike last October in Waziristan, Pakistan, and his 67 year old grandmother was killed while picking vegetables. Zubair added, "When the sky brightens, drones return and we live in fear."
We will wear blue scarves to embrace everyone's right to live under a blue sky free of drone attacks and surveillance. 

* Next Occupy Beale Encampment:  Mon. Dec. 16, 3pm to Tues. Dec. 17, 8am. 
* "Wheatland 4" Anti-Drone activist Trial, January 13, Sacramento.  More info in coming months.
* April, 2014:   Non-violent direct action planned at Beale for April Days of Action Against Drones.  Help us make this grow!
THE RESISTANCE:   We need more folk to step forward and participate in nonviolent civil resistance/direct action to say no to US militarization and destabilization of the planet.
The Beale 5 activists were recently sentenced with community service for blocking the road into Beale in October 2013 to oppose drone killings.  The 2nd wave of resisters, the Wheatland 4, will face trial on Jan. 13.  We are looking for more volunteers to come forward for the next wave.....only good is gained from this very low risk and very meaningful activity to break the silence and say NO to U.S. military aggression and illegal drone killings.

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