Sunday, November 17, 2013

KPFA and Pacifica Radio, a target for clandestine infiltration by Federal and Monopolist agents

This page is for documentation of how the KPFA FM in Berkley, KPFK FM in Los Angeles, and others that are part of the Pacifica Network of radio station across the USA, is infiltrated by clandestine agents hostile to independent critiques of monopolist capitalism which are historically allowed on the Pacifica FM radio stations.

"Help Remove Ian Masters from KPFK"
2013-11-17 from an anonymouse volunteer at KPFK FM in Los Angeles:
If you know nothing about Pacifica-KPFK's Radio Programmer Ian Masters, by listening to this selective cut of one of his segments, you can discern some sense of the trickery in which this person is in conflict with Pacifica's Mission statement [].
To dispel, analyze this KPFK programmer's lie spin Wizardry, takes some political savvy.
Mr. Ian Masters (CIA Insider & Democrat Loyallist), has a direct pipeline to the Empire, his Father was a CIA Agent... The reason why he has been so dangerous for Pacifica Radio is because he delivers a pseudo critique of the Democratic Party within a convenient and careful veil.  Mr. Masters is syndicated by Pacifica Radio, not just on all its Five Sattions nationwide, but throughout a wide radio affiliate network heard on community & College none commercial stations!  On KPFK here in LA, CA Mr. Masters was allocated a "Strip" on air 5 Hour weekly block of time, while choking other diverging viewpoints and geopolitical analysis from being heard on Pacifica-KPFK Radio!
It is no crime to interview imperialist insiders, only when these folks are questioned appropriately to expose their wrong doing, but when there is a deliberate void in this effort, I classify this person "DANGEROUS" in conflict with Pacifica's pacifist Mission Statement's essence.
It was leaked some time ago, that Mr. Masters had applied for employment at Fox Radio, etc.  Eventually, he was pushed to deny this on air...
Mr. Masters, makes sure during his on air segments not to criticize the Democratic Party as a waring culprit just as the Republican Party (USA political Dictatorship) instead, does attack the Republicans as the only party to blame for all ills.  When any of his guests speak to the contrary, he immediately cuts them off, or redirects the conversation!
Mr. Masters, unabashedly promotes aggressive military interventions by USA (NATO) on international levels, strategically where Muslim Countries reside, Oriental regions, Northern European regions, in the interest of protecting the Sate of Israel, because Mr. Masters though never public about it does side with Zionism.  It is clear during his careful coverage of the subject regarding the matters between Palestine and Israel!
A year ago, Mr. Masters called Mr. Mumia Abuh Jamal "A Fraud"!!!  Mr Jamal, a former Black Panther Party participant and Journalist, was falsely accused years ago of killing a police officer, and has been serving a very lengthily prison sentence...
Mr. Masters blames all Pacifica Radio's financial ills solely on its Local Station Boards at its Five Radio Stations, a Foundation Bylaw principle! 
He also openly promotes the dismantling of Pacifica's Board structure, and fundamentally reconstituting Pacifica in the image of a very different configuration, where "We The People" would have lesser participation.  I dare say that then Pacifica would be placed in a more vicarious position to loose its none commercial root, and become the full time cheerleader of the Democratic (Liberal) consortium!!!
I applaud all efforts to hold this person to account immediately, join the effort.
He also promotes his email address [], he has been building a listener database for his personal agenda...  Although, at a recent KPFK on air segment "Address To The Listener", a caller said that this email address does not work!

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