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2013-11-07 NBU News

Northbay Uprising radio news
Thursdays, between 4 to 5pm, with headlines and interviews with people behind the news!
Journalist's Notebook  [link], George Seldes had it right: "Tell the Truth, Then Run Like Hell!"

Join our Community Journalist program! Covering "707 to 818, the Bay Valley". Send us news & info to []

Interview with Teri of "100 Thousand Poets for Change" [], who are organizing for change using the power of creativity, with All POWER TO THE POETS as they act in solidarity with the current Justice campaign and movement for Human & Civil Rights in Sonoma County!
More information about the campaign for Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (Santa Rosa, d. 2013-10-22) is at this [link] !
And, be sure to watch the new "No Justice No Peace: California's Battle Against Police Brutality & Racist Violence" video documentary, more info and articles about it here [link], produced by Liberation News

Continuing our dedication to the Captive Nations within the United States,
November is Indigenous Nations month!

National Congress of American Indians Passes Resolution Supporting Sherwood Valley Pomo Struggle with Caltrans [link]

When Prisons Retaliate: Calif. Inmates Still Paying Price for Demanding Rights; 'We demand an end to retaliation, and those demands are entwined with continued political organizing work to change the system', 2013-11-04 by Sarah Lazare from "" [link]

From the Northbay Copwatch: Oakland Police provide political affiliation information to private business for purpose of intimidating targeted dissidents [link]

More Action Calenders: IndyBay [link]; Ecology Center [link]; Nuclear Resister [link].

Eyewitness Account:
Greeks Decry Fascist Violence!

Tensions were still running high when U.S. anti-fascists visited Greece shortly after the September murder of an anti-racist rapper by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. In  Athens, they met with a leader of the group that has organized mass protests, KEERFA, United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat. Hear their first-hand account and add your thought on the resurgence of fascism in Europe.
 Sunday, November 17, 1:00pm.
Home-cooked brunch served for an $8 donation at 12:15pm. New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco (at Ellis, near Civic Center, BART/Muni and on #19, 31,47, & 49 Muni bus lines).
For more info, contact [415-864-1278] [].

Debtors' Assembly: Strike Debt Bay Area - You Are Not Alone. Or a Loan!
Saturday November 23, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Fellowship Hall [1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709]
Contact: Hannah Appel []

Debt keeps us isolated, ashamed, and afraid - of becoming homeless, of going hungry, of being crippled or killed by treatable illness, or of being trapped in poverty-level jobs. Those facing foreclosure, medical debt, student debt, or credit card debt feel alone, hounded by debt collectors, and forced into unrewarding work to keep up with payments.
 Join us for Strike Debt Bay Area's (website and Facebook) third Debtors' Assembly, where we will come together to understand debt in this modern society of ours and how to fight it collectively. This event is generously sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee.
This Debtors' Assembly will be an opportunity for people to come together, gain an understanding of how debt works, share their own debt experiences, and work on various ways to change the unjust debt system and begin to organize debt resistance.
Strike Debt Bay Area is the local chapter of Strike Debt, an international movement of groups working to build popular resistance to all forms of unjust debt. Strike Debt has organized the Rolling Jubilee, the Debt Resistors Operations Manual, and local debtors’ assemblies.
Strike Debt supports the creation of just and sustainable economies, based on mutual aid, common goods, and public affluence. We owe the financial institutions nothing. It is to our friends, families and community that we owe everything.

Thanksgiving Feast Tribute to Native Americans
Sunday, November 24, 3:00pm 
 The 30 million indigenous people on this continent before Columbus produced brilliant scientists and astronomers, architects and builders. These women and men were orators, farmers, jewelry-makers, creators of political institutions and social orders that lasted hundreds or thousands of years. At the time of the conquest, the indigenous people cultivated over 300 food crops which today are the basis of 60% of what is eaten on our planet.  Celebrate the contributions of this hemisphere's first people. Enjoy a home-cooked roast turkey dinner, with vegetarian entree, accompanied by new world foods.
 $10-15 donation. For work exchange, call in advance.
New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Hosted by Bay Area Radical Women
 To volunteer or for more information, call 415-864-1278 or email

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