Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Worker Power! New magazine for organizing labor, for our rights, families and our communities!

"Arm yourself for 2014, with SEIU 1021!"
2013-01-22 message from Roxanne Sanchez, SEIU 1021 President:
The rights and protections we have fought decades to achieve are under relentless attack. Our employers are emboldened by the growing aggressiveness and arrogance of well-financed corporate interests.
To win for our families and our communities, we must fight smarter and more strategically with the best weapon we have: the strength and solidarity of our 54,000-member-strong union.
We win when we take back our power at work. We win when we turn back the tide of concessions and improve standards. We win when we stand with our allies in the community and fight for social and economic justice.
This year, we battled bad bosses, we won better contracts, and we began changing public opinion, one campaign at a time.
This year we saw all of 1021 speaking up against anti-union tactics, holding firm our beliefs as well as our picket lines across Northern California. Battle-tested, we end 2013 and enter 2014 with a renewed sense of purpose and spirit.
The Labor Movement is alive and well in 1021. Our weapon -- our ability to act collectively, with vision and conviction - will continue to bring us victories.
From the debut issue of "Worker Power" -- SEIU 1021's new quarterly newsletter. Stories in Issue 1 include:
* Standing Up to Privatization: Our schools, our communities, and our jobs are not for sale
* Winning Public Opinion One Campaign at a Time
* Defending Collective Bargaining Rights in California: How BART workers are taking a stand against union busting
Look for it soon at your worksite.

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