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Jan. 9th, 2014, The Northbay Uprising Radio News Report

Tune in to the broadcast [link], Thursdays 4 to 5pm (PST), with news from across Northern California, produced by []! Broadcast to the San Pablo bay area courtesy of Ozcat Radio 89.5FM KZCT Vallejo. Join the Community Journalist program, send news & info to []. Know more with the Community Journalist's Notebook [link]!

Interview with
Denika "Mama DOE" Chatmon of the Kenneth Harding Foundation [link], to talk about the monthly community feeds, and about the community needs, in Bayview Hunter's Point and elsewhere there is hunger and need in the Bay Area (and nationwide)!


Marysville Joint Unified School District attacks Chicano student club MeCha, censoring student activity, abolishing student organizing [link]!

San Pablo Bay community residents unite against "crude-by-rail" project, increased refinery pollution and ecocide [link]!

Campaign to abolish the 500 years old basis of imperialism in the Americas [link]!

National Network in Action on Blogtalk radio with "Real Talk" and "Justice for All" [link]!

Whistleblower on USA Drone War tells facts about war-crimes and censorship [link]!
Occupy Beale AFB! [link] End Drone Warfare! 

"Justice for Andy Lopez" and all victims of Human Rights Abuse and systematic terrorism!
Artist Jay Tyrrell is recording the memorials, signs, graphics, and artifacts of the peace & social justice movement.
Jay will be visiting the Center on January 17th and he would love to see what you have used and saved. He is photographing these artifacts for his project "I Remember - War, Conflict, and Protest." You can check out his work at
He has just returned from photographing the Murrah Building Bombing Memorial in Oklahoma City (this is not one of his photographs). He is particularly interested in hand held items and anything that works will be photographed against a black background in a studio. Contact the Center (707-575-8902 or if you'd like to be involved in this project.
The Peace & Justice Center is working for justice for Andy Lopez. Our particular focus is the creation of a Citizens' Review Board that really means something and a change in the militarized mindset of local law enforcement.

Sonoma Court workers win respect with picket
2014-01-07 from “1021 NewsWire”:
Sonoma Superior Court: Info picket brings respect to contract talks -
A day after holding an informational picket to publicize their employer’s unreasonable posture in contract negotiations, SEIU 1021 Sonoma court workers’ bargaining team returned to the table to find management’s talk and tone changed, even if little substantial movement was made.
More than 60 court workers and their supporters turned out for the Dec. 12 lunchtime action, leafleting the public and rallying support. With their flyers, picket signs, chants and speeches they made the point that while the court has millions of dollars in reserves it must legally spend before July or lose it, management has offered nothing to its workers who haven’t seen a cost of living raise in five years. Even worse, management has proposed numerous unnecessary and mean-spirited cuts in workers’ health and disability benefits.
Back at the bargaining table the next day, management took a more respectful tone and even indicated they would like to offer their employees some of the surplus. But no dollar amounts were proposed. Instead there were excuses. With so many unsettled issues on the table, they said, they could not talk money specifics.
Management did engage in constructive talk on how to package proposals and bargain around them. But the only proposal they made was a slight change in their previous one on minimizing bi-lingual pay that moved money around but changed little from their initial position.

Human Rights abuse against those without homes in Humboldt County [link]!
"Dane Carr's Sentencing @2pm Monday (Jan 6)", a message from Verbena of PARC: "It's despicable that there would be such a thing as a criminal trial against someone (Dane) for sleeping, 9 convictions from a jury (who heard the case -replete with lies about available shelter- while someone died on the streets of Eureka from cold), and now... SENTENCING. Please come support Dane and show your disdain for this ongoing injustice. In Judge Miles' courtroom, #2, second floor courthouse."

also asks if anyone in Eureka has a GARAGE or YARD SPACE for their Safe Sleeping Program in service of those without homes, to please call (707) 442-7465. "We'll take care of everything- we just need the space." More info about the program is here [link], organized in response to the illegally limited shelter beds provided for those without homes and the many premature deaths seen during the winter months. This brings up a recent message sent December 13th from Verbena, where she describes the recent premature deaths of many folks without homes, saying, "Robert died in Eureka Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, outside in the cold. When Michael Graves died of exposure, when Mike Dragon died due to unsafe circumstances, when David Mielke died sleeping behind the library, when Robert died two nights ago, or when other folks have lost their lives in Eureka sleeping outside, this City (both the people and the government) should have declared that never again will someone die because they were stuck in the rain or cold, out, vulnerable... But, neither the governments in Humboldt nor most of the housed people here seem to care enough to declare that or to do anything to stop the suffering or the deaths. Shameful. Let's turn that around..."
Bill Holmes, a renowned musician of Humboldt County, also sent out a message about Robert, who had died two days before, attesting to the peaceful nature of this prematurely deceased man, saying, "I will do a show for the people Monday (December 16th) at noon til 3 pm or so in front of Free Meal in Eureka (St. Vincents Dining Hall) on 3rd st near A st. I will be as close to Free Meal as I can be with my guitar. You will find us. If there are any other musicians who would like to sing a few songs for Robert please come down, as well as bring some pot luck for the people. How about some good coffee and some nutritious food? People who need to speak will have a chance, that is my intention. Robert was a friend of mine, he was always kind and respectful towards me and my music. I played many songs for him over the last 7 years. Its time to play them again. Rest in Peace, Brother. My name is Bill, contact me at, have a peaceful day, [signed] Bill."


Stop crude oil storage and rail transfer facility (Martinez)
Push HARD [] Community campaign against ecocide in Pittsburg [link]

Fair Wage Cafe (Eureka)
The Cafe is open Saturday, January 11th from 12noon to 5pm
at the Labor Temple in Eureka: 840 E Street, 9th & E.
Please share the FACEBOOK EVENT: [] [][] [] [707-442-7465]. The Fair Wage Cafe is brought to you by the folks who wrote the Eureka Fair Wage Act (on the 2014 ballot as the Minimum Wage Ordinance w. $12.00 An Hour Minimum Wage for Large Employers).
Bring friends and family for live music all day, coffee, tea, juice, lunch and snacks. There's games for kids, fabulous live local music, and everything is Free! The Cafe is a family-friendly space open for relaxation and community building.
Live music from local talents including Sarah Torres, Mad River Rounders, and Bill Holmes!
Chris Kerrigan, who will replace Frank Jager as Eureka mayor next year (hallelujah!) will speak.
If you or your organization want to set up informational tables, please do. This is our exciting kick off for a successful year which will end in the people winning a higher minimum wage!

Living Graveyard peace vigil
Monthly every 3rd Monday, January 13, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Oakland Federal Building, 1301 Clay Street (two blocks from 12th Street BART)
Covered with sheets to represent the dead of the war of occupation on Iraq, people lie down on the city sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, This is legal, non-violent witness. People stop, look and think.
Participants lie at least three feet apart and do not block entry to the building.The names of some of the Californians who have died in Iraq and the names of some of the Iraqi dead will be read. A gong is sounded after each name. People will hand out flyers, as we do each week at the Tuesday noon vigil.
Please bring a white sheet to cover yourself with. A pad to lay down on is recommended.
sponsors include: Berkeley Women in Black • East Bay Coalition to Support Self-Rule for Iraqis * Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice • Peace & Freedom Party * BFUU Social Justice Committee • Gray Panthers • Mustardseed Affinity Group * Father Bill Social Justice Committee, St Joseph Church • Middle East Children’s Alliance * Trinity United Methodist Church • East Bay Peace Action * Southern Alameda County Peace & Justice Coalition • Ecumenical Peace Institute,, (510) 990-0374
Iraqi Deaths 1,841,516
U.S. Deaths 4,486 Coalition 4,804
Afghan & Pakistani Deaths 2 million +
U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan 2303
Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan 3411

(Photo November 2006, from Berkeley Daily Planet)
U.S. Troops Leaving Afghanistan When?
A Washington Post article published December 28 reports that a new National Intelligence Estimate assessment “predicts that the Taliban and other power brokers will become increasingly influential as the United States winds down its longest war in history The article also reports that the Obama administration is trying to get Kabul’s permission to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan past the promised 2014 withdrawal date for “counterterrorism and training missions.” We who remember Vietnam know about “advisors.”
For an immense price of human life and money, estimated at $1.4 trillion, we have put in place a client state heavily dependent on U.S. military support and financial assistance. The financial assistance does not filter down the poor, many of whom are starving and freezing in tents in the refugee camps which have grown up to house people who had fled the fighting and returned to find their homes and land “now belong to victorious warlords, and . . . that safety is painfully elusive in conditions of poverty and social disintegration that follows years . . . and decades of war.” (Kathy Kelly,
Call President Obama at the White House 202-456-1111
Ask him to end all wars of occupation, end drone strikes, to bring our troops home, leave behind no bases, and to use the international legal system in all future conflicts.
Call your congressperson and senators 1-866-338-1015
Tell them ––> No more money for occupation anywhere!
––>> End drone warfare ––>> Don’t Attack Iran!
––>> Stop Supporting Syrian Civil War ––>> Bring our troops home now!

Occupy Sonoma!'s Dorothy Day Working Group
Monday, Jan. 13, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Discussion and action around issues relating to homelessness, mental health, and social services in Sonoma County.
The Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa City Council addressing...
Issues of Importance to the Peace, Environmental and Social Justice Community

Tuesday, Jan 14, 4:00 p.m. to ?
Important issues on the agenda: Bag Ban, Emergency Shelter Bed funding, City Attorney/Council Privilege, Community Media, Communications for Critical Incidents (an Andy Lopez related discussion), Review of actions and path to healing (an Andy Lopez related discussion).
Santa Rosa City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa

Shutting Down the War on Women
Wednesday, January 15, 7:00 PM
Ygnacio Valley Library, 2661 Oak Grove Road, Walnut Creek
Susannah Delano, public affairs director of Planned Parenthood Shasta-Pacific, will give an update on the status of reproductive rights across the country, efforts to limit them and California's role in preserving them at the meeting of the Diablo Valley Democratic Club. 925-946-0469, []

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