Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hayward workers receive support from the Alameda County Labor Council and Democratic Party

"City of Hayward: Alameda County Dem Party, Labor Council pass resolutions supporting SEIU 1021 Hayward workers"
2013-01-22 from SEIU 1021 newswire:
Following more than 12 months and limited support from elected Hayward officials to reach a fair contract with their employees, on January 8 the Alameda County Democratic Party passed a resolution to stand by Hayward workers and to push for the contract dispute to be resolved.
The Alameda County Labor Council also passed a resolution in December that says it will not endorse any current members running for Hayward City Council until they resolve a fair contract with employees.
Hayward City Council incumbents are Democrats, and the county Democratic Party Committee plays a key role in advancing democratic issues while the Alameda Labor Council mobilizes around people and issues they support. Both groups are key to the success of Democratic candidates.
The Democratic Party resolution will be read tonight during the Hayward City Council meeting. Workers will also present more than 2,000 signatures from the community.

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