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Malcom Shabazz: Documentary about his murder from "Buzzsaw" productions

Northbay MDS - Truth and Justice Committee for Malcolm Shabazz [link]

"Was Malcolm Shabazz Assassinated?"
from "Buzzsaw" productions, 2013-05-25 posted to []:
Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, was murdered in Mexico recently. Before dying he voiced concerns that he was being targeted by American intelligence groups, and though he is being called a victim of crime, many questions remain about his death. Sean Stone talks to Africa/Middle East cultural consultant and friend of Malcolm's, Rozan Ahmed, and she shares startling information about possible email tampering, his link to Gaddafi, and Malcolm's continued character assassination.
00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
01:50 Introducing Rozan Ahmed.
02:50 Reaction to conflicting reports of Malcolm's passing.
04:20 Sabotage and surveillance by the FBI.
05:20 The death of his grandmother, Betty Shabazz.
07:55 Col.Gaddafi as a father figure in Pan-Africanism.
11:20 Malcolm tries to leave American and his vanished memoirs.
14:07 Confusion over some of Malcolm's actions and his attempts at travel.
16:30 Language, rhetoric and media lynching.
18:35 Nation of Islam, Sunni and Shia distinctions.
21:20 Final words.

Rozan Ahmed is the editor and director of bougi. She was recently nominated as one the Middle East's most influential women and has played a pivotal role in merging artistic spheres between 'East and West' across a number of successful projects. Rozan's passion for social development and self-empowerment has also seen her speak, advocate, support and campaign for a number of capacity-building programs internationally. She is currently establishing the MEA organisation, a Middle East/Africa based initiative focused on exposing, bridging and celebrating cultural affinity between the two neighboring regions. Follow @IamRozan on twitter for updates on her works.

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