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June 9th, 2016, Northbay Uprising News

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A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region
 [] []
Fukushima Response 
Thursday, June 9, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Fukushima Response is a regional network of concerned individuals working together to spur demands for action in response to the devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. Our public informational events and citizen monitoring program seek to "Make the Invisible Visible" and we support on-going efforts to close Diablo Canyon, California's last commercial nuke. Come early and enjoy a treat to support our host.
See or call (707) 823-9203 for more info.
Coffee Catz, 6761 Sebastopol Ave., Sebastopol

June 11th International Day of Solidarity with all Anarchist Political Prisoners []

Watsonville Film Screening: Visions of Abolition 
Saturday at 2 PM - 5 PM
Watsonville Bike Shack Cooperative 555 Main Street (behind Ramos furniture), Watsonville, California.
Watsonville Brown Berets and Sin Barras present a film screening of...
Visions of Abolition: From Critical Resistance to a New Way of Life
This documentary was designed as a teaching tool to expand knowledge about the history of the prison industrial complex and the prison abolition movement in the United States.
Part I “Breaking down the Prison Industrial Complex” provides a critical exposé of the mass incarceration, the war on drugs, and the connections between slavery, capitalism and the prison industrial complex (39 mins.)
Break: 5 minutes
Part II “Abolition: Past, Present & Future” moves beyond criticism, and offers an example of prison abolition in practice (48 mins).
This film features Angela Y. Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Susan Burton, Melissa Burch, Dylan Rodriguez, and Andrea Smith.
There will be a discussion following the screening.
This event is FREE but donations are accepted.
Film Content/Trigger Warnings: State-sanctioned police violence, images of various individuals getting arrested, mentions of physical and sexual assault.

Trash the TPP
Saturday, June 11, 10 AM - Noon
Trash the TPP meets to push back against the Trans Pacific Partnership, a "trade" deal that threatens our welfare, the environment and our democracy. More info: []
Peace and Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Taxes for Peace
Sunday, June 12 , 4:30 PM
We meet to educate and support around resistance to War Taxes. Contact Ruth Paine for info:  (707) 576-6654. Also see []
Friends House, Commons B living room, 684 Benicia Dr, Santa Rosa

Veterans for Peace monthly meeting
Monday, June 13, 7-9 PM
Veterans For Peace is an international organization made up of military veterans, military family members, and allies. We accept veteran members from all branches of
service. We are dedicated to building a culture of peace, exposing the true
costs of war, and healing the wounds of war. For more info,
visit: [] or email [VFPChapter71@)]
Santa Rosa Vets Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Ave., Santa Rosa

JUNE 15th Global Day of Action Demanding Justice for Berta
To all organizations, social and popular movements and to the civil society of the world:
The death of Berta Caceres has filled us with indignation. Pain is with us, but also accompanies us the strength of his thought and work and the need of justice. The principles she fought are the ones that will save this humanity, so we ask and call you to participate in a protest action in which our voices unite to demand justice for Berta Caceres, justice for Gustavo Castro, justice for COPINH and justice for the Honduran people.
On June 15 in Honduras organizations and social movements, institutions, ordinary people will march to demand the immediate establishment of an independent research group that, in a transparent, thorough and comprehensive way, investigate the murder of our sister and companion.
This day we want our sisters and brothers in other countries of the world to join us conducting protest actions against the embassies of Honduras in their countries demanding the following:
1. The immediate establishment of an independent research group led by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to clarify this vile crime and ensure the prosecution of all those responsible.
2. The immediate and definitive cancellation of the concession granted to DESA company, constructor of the Hydroelectric Project "Agua Zarca" in Rio Blanco.
The actions taken by the Honduran government and its agencies do not lead to justice, on the contrary are ensuring that this crime go unpunished.
Let's get together and put an stop to death, impunity and injustice.
With the ancestral force of Berta, Lempira, Mota, Etempica and Iselaca
we raise our voices full of justice, freedom, dignity and peace!
Justice for Berta is justice for the world!
Let us Wake up, humanity, we are out of time!
Learn more []

The 20th Commemoration pf The Life of Tupac
June 18th, Saturday, 3 to 7pm
$25, 21+
at The New Parish Courtyard [1741 San Pablo rd., Oakland]

Block Report Radio - The People's Voice on the Airwaves and Internet.The Block Report is a radio show that was conceived to teach Black people worldwide about ourselves and issues that are important to us. We believe it is our responsibility to teach our people, as well as people that support us, about us. We don't need translator-journalists to tell our story. We speak on our on behalf, unapologetically

DJ FUZE is a hip-hop DJ / Music Producer, who is most known for his work in the early 1990s with the multi-platinum, P-Funk inspired rap group, “digital underground.” Fuze co-produced several songs with d.u. band leader "Shock-G, on digital underground’s grammy nominated, platinum debut album entitled “Sex Packets.” Most notable of these songs is the bay area classic “Freaks of the Industry,” which still receives regular rotation in clubs and on urban radio stations throughout Northern California. Fuze was the DJ for digital underground during the groups entire platinum period, and thus toured with the likes of Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, L.L. Cool J, Naughty By Nature, Kid and Play, Queen Latifah, 3rd Base, 2 Live Crew, Ice Cube, Ice T, Too Short, Heavy D and The Boys, The D.O.C., EPMD, BBD, etc. FUZE also appeared alongside digital underground in the Hollywood cult film flop entitled “Nothing But Trouble,” which starred Dan Akroyd, John Candy, Chevy Chase, and Demi Moore.
DJ FUZE also collaborated with the late superstar Tupac Shakur (R.I.P.) on his platinum debut album entitled “2PACALYPSE NOW.” In addition to naming the album, FUZE produced the song “Violent,” an immediate Oakland “trunk hit,” due to its bass heavy, dancehall inspired production, (Junior Reeds classic “Pirate Anthem”), as well as its revolutionary lyrics. DJ FUZE appeared several times alongside Tupac in the award winning documentary film “Tupac Resurection,” as well as in Tupac’s first two music videos, including “Trapped” and “Brenda’s Got A Baby.”

Shut Down Nazi Rally!
Sponsored by AntiFa Sacramento []
Get ready for Sacramento on Sunday, June 26th. The Golden State Skinheads, Traditionalist Workers’ Party, the KKK, and other groups are holding a rally at the State Capitol []. Be there. This is shaping up to be the largest white power rally on the west coast in some time.
* "Battle for Sacramento: AntiFa Sacramento to confront Traditionalist Worker's Party on June 26th" (2016-05-22, []
 * "National Mobilization: Blockade and shut down White Supremacy in Sacramento" (2016-05-25, []


JULY 9, 2016, 12 NOON
ABOLISH NATO - The NATO summit is taking place right now in Warsaw, Poland. Generals and other unelected bureaucrats are planning for endless war! STOP THEM!
We will have a Moment of Silence for the victims of NATO violence
- In Los Angeles at Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles. Grand Park is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Grand Park stretches from The Music Center on the west to City Hall on the east between First and Temple
- In San Francisco at United Nations Plaza
Sponsored by the California Peace Coalition []
For more information, contact us:
- In So. Cal. [213-448-4363]
- In Nor. Cal. [707-561-0683]
Post Office Box 741104 Los Angeles, CA. 90004


Petaluma Progressive Festival 
Sunday, July 31, noon-5:00 PM
Note, this annual event is typically held in September and this year is being held in July!
This year the San Francisco Mime Troupe returns! Featured Speakers to be announced.
Free event! For more information visit: []
Walnut Park 201 4th St., Petaluma

Veterans For Peace Annual Convention 
at Clark Kerr campus of University of California Berkeley, CA
Aug 11-15, 2016

Remembering the Kellogg Briand Pact
Aug 27

International Day of Peace
Sep 21

First SOAW bi-national convergence
Oct 7-10
at the U.S./Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona

Armistice Day in your city
Nov 11

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Updates on campaigns for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

Hero of The People!
* "BLM Launches #FreeJasmine Campaign after 'Lynching' Verdict; The first Black Lives Matter activist to be charged with lynching last week will be sentenced on Tuesday in Pasadena, California" (2016-06-05, [], image caption: "Prosecute killer cops not organizers and protesters," says the flyer for the event to pack the court on Tuesday.

* "#FreeJasmine: No Jail Time for Black Lives Matter Organizer Wrongfully Convicted of 'Lynching' " (retrieved 2016-06-03, []:
In a perverse misapplication of a 1933 California law intended to stop lynch mobs from forcibly removing detainees from police custody and engaging in public murders of Black people, Black Lives Matter organizer Jasmine "Abdullah" Richards was convicted of attempted felony "lynching" on June 1, 2016.
The 29 year-old lead organizer for the Pasadena Black Lives Matter chapter was found guilty of charges related to an attempt to shield a Black woman from what she believed to be unlawful detainment by Pasadena police, following a "Peace March" that she and the chapter organized.  While there are no allegations of violence and no injuries suffered, the peaceful gathering of 15-20 children, mothers, and community members was dubbed a "riot" by the prosecutor - a necessary element to the "lynching" charge.
Jasmine's story is incredibly inspiring. Growing up in Pasadena, she has said she felt 'lost' until having a political awakening inspired by the Ferguson protests in 2014. Jasmine traveled to Ferguson as part of the 'Black Lives Matter Rides' and returned home feeling the call to fight back against police violence.
Unfortunately, her newfound purpose was met with aggressive harassment by law enforcement. Jasmine was repeatedly targeted for arrest and faced exorbitant bail amounts and excessive charges. Now local police and prosecutors have taken the extreme step of convicting Jasmine of felony attempted lynching - labeling her 'Peace March' a riot and comparing Black Lives Matter to the Klu Klux Klan in the process.
Judge Elaine Lu presided over the case and is set to sentence Jasmine "Abdullah" Richards on Tuesday, June 7th.  Jasmine is currently being held in Los Angeles County jail.  The charge could bring as much as 4 years in state prison. Jasmine has been fighting for her community. Please join us in standing with her and demand "No Jail Time for Jasmine."
This is the letter we will send to Judge Lu. [begin letter]
Dear Judge Lu,
I am writing you to ask that you not sentence Black Lives Matter activist, Jasmine 'Abdullah' Richards, to any jail time for the preposterous 'attempted lynching' she has been convicted of.
As you know, the law that Jasmine was convicted under was created to protect Black people from race-based mob violence at the height of America's lynching epidemic. It is incredibly insulting to Pasadena's Black communities and all people of conscience to use this law to incarcerate a non-violent Black political activist.
As a Judge, you are sworn to uphold the constitution including our rights to peaceful assembly and free speech. Regardless, of how you may feel about the cause of police accountability, imprisoning Jasmine for what happened at the Peace March she organized in 2015 would set a dangerous precedent and only exacerbate the lack of confidence Black communities have in the criminal justice system.
Please do not allow your courtroom to be used as a tool of intimidation and retaliation. Refuse to sentence Jasmine to jail time.
Thank you, [end letter]

* "Black Lives Matter Supporters Gather 57,000 Signatures, Vow to Pack Pasadena Court During Jasmine Richards’ Sentencing Tuesday" (2016-06-06, [], photo caption: Black Lives Matter Pasadena Organizer Jasmine Richards (left) seen before a May pre-trial conference. Her attorney, Nana Gyamfi, is at right.

* (2016-06-02, Los Angeles People's Media, []: #FreeJasmine
Jasmine Abdullah was convicted this morning of lynching. She is the first black woman in the US to be convicted of lynching.
Legal defence fundraiser []
Pettion []
Share it on Twitter: []
Read more: "Black Lives Matter Leader Convicted of Lynching, But Not How You Think" (2016-06-02, []

* comment (2016-06-04, National Lawyers Guild, [], attached video (2016-06-04, AJ+) (.mp4) []: #‎FreeJasmine‬: Jasmine Richards is facing up to four years in prison for "lynching" for trying to remove her friend from police custody during a Black Lives Matter protest. Richards is the first Black woman to be convicted of the charge, designed to protect Black people in police custody from white mobs trying to lynch them. "The way in which this conviction happened is squarely on the shoulders of white supremacy, her attorney Nana Gyamfi said. Only 2 of the 55 potential jurors were Black.

* comment (2016-06-04, Erin H.) []: This is so scary and should be sending chills down the spine of every person who values their right to dissent and protest. This activist was convicted of "lynching" from video footage showing that she attempted to free her comrade from police custody which has been shown to be deadly for Black people; I don't blame her- these deadly police forces keep showing us that they can easily use a "they hung themselves" excuse to coverup their murders of people of color in their custody when their brutality turns lethal. Sacramento police tried this same charge on local activist Maile Hampton here and luckily the charges were dropped. Jasmine is the first Black person convicted of felony LYNCHING- how fucked up is this country?
We should be very scared for this activist- as the system sees her as a threat. We need to be loud and stay loud for Jasmine. ‪#‎freejasmine‬

* "Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of 'Felony Lynching': 'It's More Than Ironic, It's Disgusting' " (2016-06-02, [], video [], introduction: In Pasadena, California, Black Lives Matter organizer Jasmine Richards is facing four years in state prison after she was convicted of a rarely used statute in California law originally known as "felony lynching." Under California’s penal code, "felony lynching" was defined as attempting to take a person out of police custody. Jasmine was arrested and charged with felony lynching last September, after police accused her of trying to de-arrest someone during a peace march at La Pintoresca Park in Pasadena on August 29, 2015. The arrest and jailing of a young black female activist on charges of felony lynching sparked a firestorm of controversy. Historically, the crime of lynching refers to when a white lynch mob takes a black person out of the custody of the police for the purpose of extrajudicially hanging them. In fact, the law’s name was so controversial that less than two months before Jasmine was arrested, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law legislation removing the word "lynching" from the penal code. We speak with Richards’ lawyer, Nana Gyamfi, and Black Lives Matter organizer Melina Abdullah. "Her conviction is not only about punishing Jasmine Richards, but also is the lynching," Abdullah says. "So it’s really disgusting and ironic that she’s charged and convicted with felony lynching, when the real lynching that’s carried out is done in the same way it was carried out in the late 19th, early 20th century, where it’s supposed to punish those who dare to rise up against a system."

* "Black Lives Matter Organizer Sentenced To 90 Days In Prison" (2016-06-07, []

* "Los Angeles activist Wil B is convicted of protesting police terror" (2016-06-07, []: In our previous story, “Free Wil B and the other 13 defendants fighting police terror in LA!” [], Wil discussed the arrests of 14 peaceful protesters over a year ago: “As one of the 14 arrested one year ago for protesting police brutality and murder here in Los Angeles, I ask you to just think of all of the terrible stories you’ve heard over the last year about senseless police brutality, and yet, a year later, the LA prosecutor’s office persists in prosecuting us, NOT THE OFFENDERS, but THE PROTESTORS who have called for an end to the senseless brutality by police.”
For the next couple of days until his sentencing on June 8, Wil is asking people to join a hashtag campaign – calling it either the “Free Wil B Campaign” or “Free the A14 Campaign.” Take a piece of paper and write on top, “Spread the word.” In the middle of the page, write “Free Wil B.” Take a picture of you holding your sign and share it on social media. Also, send it to Wil at [freewilb@)].
It’s important not only to free Wil B but to stop the silencing of dissent. “It’s your right to say you disagree (on any issue) and to do something about it,” he says. And he adds, “If we don’t stand up to this kind of oppression at the hands of the legal system, then instead of electing a president, we might as well go ahead and elect a king, because that’s where we’re headed. Get ready for King Trump!”
Wil B, also known as William Bannister, executive director of The Political Power of Hiphop, can be reached at [hiphopunited@)] or [].


* * "Support Arrestees" (2016-06-03, []:
On June 2nd, the community came out to strongly reject the presence of the racist Donald Trump in our city. In the aftermath of the events of that day, 4 individuals have been arrested so far, and more are expected as a police task force has convened to investigate all the recordings available of those events.
It's critically important that we support each other through the impact that this will have on members of our community that have been arrested and their loved ones. One of the most exciting things about yesterday was seeing so many people from different backgrounds come together, side by side, and find joy in singing along to "fuck Donald Trump" and encountering each other on the streets, most for the first time. We think it's important that we draw upon this experience in providing support and solidarity with each other.
The coming days and weeks will be challenging for many of us as we reel from the impact of repression on the lives of the people arrested and their families, but we need to take immediate and concrete steps to provide practical support. This includes building bail funds, connecting with legal support, and having a strong community presence in court proceedings, and more generally, developing a communal anti-repression capacity.
While we begin the work of figuring out together how this will look in practice, we encourage the community to seek out ways of developing and acting upon this support and solidarity with us.

* video (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: San Jose was lit. Expressing our hate for trump through the hyphy movement ‪#‎SanJose‬ ‪#‎FUCKTRUMP2016‬ ‪#‎FuckDonaldTrump

* "Photographs Show Trump Supporters Pepper Spraying Protesters in The Face" (2016-06-04, [], photos [] [] []
Last week, photographer Jimi Giannatti attended a Trump rally in San Diego [], where protestors converged to denounce in particular the candidate’s deeply racist anti-Mexican stance. Trump’s supporters were ready for them, and armed with pepper spray.
A similar Trump event in San Jose last night [] has drawn national attention (and considerable worry from the typically anti-violence left) for violent behavior on the part of Trump’s opponents. But these photos show that both sides are resorting to increasingly brazen acts of violence. Giannatti described the scene to me over email [begin message]:
What happened was ALL Trump protestors were forced across the street from the San Diego Convention Center and NO protestors were allowed near it. There was a HUGE police presence. This segregation of pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers continued all day until the Trump rally ended in the Convention Center - THEN a huge contingent of Trump supporters (mostly younger males) made their way unencumbered by the SDPD over across the train tracks and towards downtown and began harassing the anti-Trumpers who had been there peacefully all day - and I mean aggressively challenging them to fights, cursing, etc. All with the cops standing mere feet away from them with their backs turned.
In my photo you see the aftermath to where some extremely passionate hispanic anti-Trumpers were defending their choice to protest Trump to the hating pro-Trumpers and were met by a sneak attack, completely acting in concert, spraying of pepper spray by the two guys in the pic. The pepper spray went everywhere - you cans see it’s direction bending in the shot by the strong winds that day - Several people, including myself, experienced an instant burning in our lungs an extreme burning to our eyes. [end message]
Giannatti adds that he “can say with certainty that I saw no anti-Trump violence”—though this week’s escalation shows that elements of both sides are willing to hurt one another.
Update - Photographer Eric Rosenwald captured a video of the pepper spray attack [].
Update 2 - A woman claiming to be the pepper spray victim in the second photo from the top [] wrote us to clarify that she was not there as a “goddamn dirty protestor,” but to support Donald Trump: “I have no idea who pepper sprayed me as I was just standing there drinking wine.” Presumably this is a case of friendly fire—pepper spray is not the most accurate weapon.

* (2016-06-04, Anti-Fascist News, []: This piece of human garbage attacked Latino protesters tonight at the San Jose Donald Trump event. He laughed as he sprayed them in the eyes with pepper spray. At the event he had an army of racists to support him, but we have an army of anti-racists who will not tolerate this type of hate and violence in their community. DO NOT LET THIS STAND! Who is this man? ‪#‎seesomething‬ ‪#‎saysomething‬ ‪#‎dumptrump‬

* "The Battle of San Jose: Trump Visit Provokes Community Rage; Silicon Valley came to a boil as residents confronted the Republican candidate's rally in the latest display of popular rage in California" (2016-06-03, []
* "Donald Trump Supporters Violently Attacked in San Jose At least 13 people were attacked by anti-Trump protesters" (2016-06-03, []

* "Protesters punch, throw eggs at Trump supporters in San Jose" (2016-06-03, AP Newswire) [], AP Newswire is international and used by all mainstream news media. What propaganda!

* "Before there were any eggs" (2016-06-03, []:

* "Egged Lady who supports Trump exposed! Flipping off anti-Trump protesters while shouting 'Go Back to Mexico' " (2016-06-05, live link [], archive link (.mp4) []

* "SPJD caught on camera abusing peaceful anti-Trump protesters!" (2016-06-04, live link [], archive link (.mp4) []

* "Trump blames San Jose unrest on 'thugs,' 'illegals' " (2016-06-04, []
The following footage is from a community news page at for San jose, and documents some of the incidents of violence against Trump campaign supporters, vindicating the Trump campaign's vilification of "Mexican illegals and thugs".
* (2016-06-02) live link [], archive link (.mp4) []: Is there really any excuse for this violent behavior San Jose? What a sad day for our beautiful city.
* (2016-06-02) live link [], archive link []: This poor man didn't do anything to anyone and was brutally attacked. Good job San Jose.
* (2016-06-03) live link [], archive link (.mp4) []: A group of San Jose Latinos burn a Trump hat and take a ladies cell phone from her. No reason for this.
* (2016-06-03) live link [], archive link (.mp4) []: This poor man gets sucker punched by a San Jose Latino anti-Trump protester. Does being a Trump supporter make you a racist?
* (2016-06-03) live link [], archive link (.mp4) []: What a shame for the city of San Jose. We can do better.
* (2016-06-04) live link [], archive link (.mp4) []: More footage of Trump supporters being attacked. What a sad day in San Jose.
The community news page also provided the following commentary alongside another video showing "Mexican thugs", though illicit narcotic cartels on college campus should not be ignored.
* (2016-04-10) live link [], archive link []: Typical San Jose State female students start a violent rumble on campus over a drug dealing downtown San Jose pimp. Keep in mind, there are "Universities" and then there are "State Universities" sadly this video proves the difference. So many people believe San Jose State University is a prestigious college, truth is it's a very violent and Gang related school. Many ladies who attend San Jose State University and live in downtown San Jose have a cholo or other Gang related boyfriends to help them sell drugs to students for very high prices. The next time you see someone bragging about graduating from San Hoe-Ese State, it's not saying much and remember this video along with all the police scandals that are in the media today. Video sent by Steven Pham from downtown San Jose.

* "Trump Supporters Challenge Journalists to Fights" (2016-06-03, Brian David Sumner)
[]: I went there to document the action. Ended up almost getting into fights with these inbred assholes.

* (2016-06-03, by James Lee Clark) []: So yesterday we protested Donald trump in Sacramento. I got to see many friends and allies on the front line. It started with just a couple of us and grew! After wandering for a bit to gather people we had just around a dozen of us. I was going to search for more when Jamier Sale suggested we all search together. Brilliant!
Next thing I know I've got the bull horn in hand and we're marching and chanting up and down the line. We were doing this between them and the parked cars. Trump supporters would start chanting "Build the wall" and try forming a human wall to halt our march. We responded with "Burn the wall" and pushed through. There was some close calls, some pushy trump supporters and one or two of them spit on people, and of course the usual yelling at the protesters.
After a couple rounds the group took a rest. As we were getting ready to go for another round we noticed the people were filing in. We decided to stand at the bottle neck and peacefully hold our protest. At one point I was commenting on how we hadn't been physically assaulted by the dumpsters, oops I mean trumpsters. As we joked about it a sheriff leans over and tells him "that can change if you don't listen. A few brief words were exchanged and jamier walked away, only to told he was trespassing and escorted off by riot cops. minutes later.
After only 20 minutes the trump supporters came filing back out. Trump was done blabbering. That's when it started getting tense. Small pockets of protesters became surrounded by mobs of angry trump supporters. Some debated, others yelled and tried to slander the protesters. During one of the debates I was in, while encompassed in one such mob, I brought up FBI crime statistics saying that 68% of crime in the us is committed by white people. This got them going off asking for proof, phone in hands so I told them to Google it " FBI crime statistics by race ". They scoffed, except one who said after that encounter, " I'm a trump supporter and your right 2 thirds of all crime is committed by white people, I looked it up.. " that was a success!
That lasted for a while. As found Dylan Donnelly, Steve Brewer and Brian Sumner for a ride (just before the order to disperse), we noticed while the riot cops were wearing badge numbers. They also wore an American flag in black and white with blue line through it.
Overall it was a good day, and no one got hurt.

* (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: Picture from the anti-trump Rally yesterday in Sacramento.
PSL Comrade Jamier was physically confronted many times by trump supporters and had trump nazis literally in his face begging Jamier to hit them. He instead stood there calmly then continued to chant. And for that, he was picked out of a group of about 40 people and escorted out by many police because the airport is apparently private property and "the owner wanted him specifically out." So what does that say about the owners of the airport? What does that say about these pigs? What does that say about this system? We all know why this happened and why he was targeted. Because he's a leader in Sacramento, because he's a strong black man, because he's wearing a keffiyeh and has a beard, because he was chanting shame at trump supporters and that he is a fascist. I thought this was America, the greatest country ever where we had free speech? What happened to "go to Saudi Arabia and see how you're treated, we have rights here!!" Is this rights? Is this freedom of speech? Is this democracy? #NAH #DumpTrump #Sacramento #PSL

* photo [] (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton): Walking past a trump supporter with my flag not givin a single heck #Bye #PSL

* photo [] (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: Picture from the rally today in San Jose. AmerkKKA was never great. #‎DumpTrump‬ ‪#‎SanJose‬

* (2016-06-02, Maile Hampton) []: Watch the bourgeois media portray trump supporters and police as victims tonight when THOSE NAZIS AND FASCISTS were being violent screaming hate speech literally targeting women and children, the fascist pigs out here who were shoving us so fucking hard hitting people in the face with their batons, who snatched our PSL signs then snapped them and used them to beat the people they were snatching and arresting, oh they also forced the bullhorn out of comrade Lopez Yeimi hand then proceeded to slam it on the ground.
Democracy right?
Free speech right?
Don't listen to the media, listen to the people. Don't let media tell you trump supporters were the victims. We wanna talk about violence? Look at the people who insight it. We're out here screaming no hate, no fascism
Fuck outta here.
‪#‎DrumpTrump‬ ‪#‎SanJose‬

* video (2016-06-02, Maile Hampton) []: FUCK TRUMP FUCK FASCISM WE ARE THE PEOPLE THIS IS OUR COUNTRY ‪#‎DumpTrump‬ ‪#‎SanJose‬ ‪#‎FUCKTRUMP

* "Fuck trump, AND THE FASCIST PIGS TOO" (2016-06-02, Maile Hampton) []: #FuckTheBourgeoisMediaToo . [comment]: LITERALLY just saw you on CNN defending someone at the Trump protest. Some Trump supporter tried to hit someone else whom you were with and you were screaming to leave them alone. I saw it on HLN CNN, and will have to find a link later
* "Violence Breaks Out at Trump Rally in San Jose, Protesters Hurl Eggs, Throw Punches, Intimidate Supporters" (2016-06-03, ABC Good Morning America) []

* photo [] (posted 2016-06-04, Maile Hampton) []:
I feel like this picture is very symbolic. This was when the riot police first started making an L line to trap people in to snatch and arrest. I'm holding a sign that says capitalism is a crime, we need socialism; LaRiva for president. This is a direct reflection of capitalism. The fact that someone like trump is able to run in elections, that the job of police at these protests are to protect him and his violent cronies, that the police just sat by and watched women and children specifically be targeted and assaulted by trump cronies, that the police smashed our bullhorn and snapped our signs, that they were shoving peaceful protesters so hard they were falling on the ground, that if you tripped and fell they would trample you, these are all direct results of the system we live under, capitalism. In a socialist society, whew in a socialist society trump wouldn't be able to fucking run let me not get into another huge rant. The brutality I saw last night (police AND trump supporters) did nothing but make the reason I fight in this struggle perfectly clear. *Rest in power to my sign* you can snap my sign, but you can't silence me and the powerful message on that sign.
#FuckDonaldTrump #VotePSL #DumpTrump ---->

* photo [] (posted 2016-06-04, Maile Hampton) []:
From the rally against trump yesterday in San Jose. RIP to our bullhorn thanks to fascist pigs smashing it on the ground. You can smash our bullhorn but we will still be heard.
el pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido
#FuckDonaldTrump #SanJose #DumpTrump

* video (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: Right after the police stole my sign then snapped it and threw it on the ground, then used it to beat the protesters they snatched and arrested that they hid behind their clan trying to keep people from seeing. Democracy & free speech yaaaaaaa ‪#‎DumpTrump‬ ‪#‎SanJose‬ ‪#‎FUCKTRUMP2016‬ ‪#‎RipSignItWasAPowerFullOne

* photo [] (posted 2016-06-03, Maile Hampton): I have literally never seen or heard my partner be so angry and scream so loud as last night at the police. They were turnt alllll the way up last night for alllll the right reasons. Shout out to them also to being able to defend their Che shirt hella when harassed by republicans ✔️ ‪#‎ProudPartner‬

*  video (posted 2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: From the anti trump rally yesterday in San Jose

* "Black woman's 'lynching' charge: an unsettling tactic to punish activism? California law was passed in 1933 to prevent mobs from taking people from police custody but case of Maile Hampton and others suggest harsher attitudes toward those who speak up in the wake of Occupy and police brutality protests" (2015-04-05, [] [begin excerpt]: Maile Hampton, the African American activist who was arrested for “lynching” after trying to pull a fellow protester away from police during a January rally against law enforcement brutality in Sacramento, has a large black butterfly tattooed across her neck.
Below it, scrawling script reads: “Have faith in me.”
It means: “Have faith that I am here to change the world,” said the 20-year-old with a youthful mix of passion and innocence. She got it about a year ago, around the same time she began to be politically active, she said.
That optimism will be tested when Hampton heads into court on 9 April, facing a charge that carries the possibility of four years in prison and a lifetime of being labeled a felon.
Video of the rally shows police tussling with a protester in the street while activists on the sidewalk yell: “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” [end excerpt]

* "The artificial outrage of paid protestors and rent-a-mobs" (2016-05-17, by Katy Grimes, [], comment (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) []: Tbh this breaks my heart like I make sandwiches and barely get any hours and have to switch shifts at work to come out half the time. FUCK YOU. "The next time you see Maile Hampton or any protester in a yellow shirt with ACCE across it or the logos of other familiar or unfamiliar organizations, remember, those efforts are likely not coming from the heart, but from an invoice, which is attached to a check."

* " 'Rent-A-Mob' Zealot caught Red-Handed at Trump Riot; Professional protester at center of recent events" (2016-06-03, [], comments (2016-06-03, Maile Hampton) [] []:
LMAO there's an article on me saying that I'm a professional protester because I have a loud voice annd I'm intersectional. "Hampton, who goes by the name KwameKahlo on Twitter, is a self-described “Marxist Leninist.” She has been seen and photographed at protests all over California recently, and even in Mexico. In the span of only 10 days, Hampton appeared at multiple protests. She was at one against University of California, Davis, Chancellor Linda Katehi, then two days later appeared in Mexico protesting labor conditions for Mexican farm workers.
A week later, she was seen at the California State Capitol on behalf of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (a former ACORN group), protesting in favor of increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour."
Pffffft, a line from that bogus article saying I'm a paid protester "In April, Maile Hampton was filmed in Burlingame, California, at another anti-Trump rally that turned violent, burning the American flag and screaming over a loudspeaker at reporters, “Bourgeois media, get the f–k out!”
Fuck yes I said bourgeois media get the fuck out and I will proudly continue to do so
And ROFL for the line saying I'm a professional protester because "She has been seen and photographed at protests all over California recently, and even in Mexico. In the span of only 10 days, Hampton appeared at multiple protests. She was at one against University of California, Davis, Chancellor Linda Katehi, then two days later appeared in Mexico protesting labor conditions for Mexican farm workers.
A week later, she was seen at the California State Capitol on behalf of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (a former ACORN group), protesting in favor of increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour."
You're just saying I'm intersectional in my politics, white supremacists have no logic.
[reader's comment]: They're demanding to find out where you live in the comments. I've never even heard of this news source before. It's a load of shit. Ugh fuck those white supremacist pieces of shit

The WND online newsjournal is disseminated widely among the conservative ideological spectrum of the USA, and in the article linked by Maile Hampton, WND writes that it is based on previous research [] originally from [], which is owned by Megan Barth [1 Lago Norte, Irvine, CA 92612] [] if you want to send a "letter to the editor" in response to this article.
My favorite line: "Only paid professional activists and those paid to organize by their employers have time to protest." Clearly, she doesn't understand the world. editor/owner Megan Barth [] [] and writer Katy Grimes [] are both partisan for Defense Intelligence in the Homeland

* screengrab [] (posted 2016-06-04, Maile Hampton) []: But I mean yeah I'm the violent criminal. Screaming no more walls, no more hate in our state #Logical #DUMPTRUMP
[screengrab text]:
- (Justin Long @jmajlong12): @MaileHampton We will find you! 6/4/16, 11:36 AM
- (Ed Marzec @edmarzec): @MaileHampton We know who you are and you can't hide. We're watching for you and thugs at the next Trump rally, how about West Hollywood?

Maile Hampton's family are all under threat.
* (2016-06-01, Teresa Sale) []: Some people's kids in their 20's are spending time "hanging out," going to the mall, gossiping, playing video games. Mine are speaking out boldly against hate & ignorance, in spite of racist white supremacist Trump supporters, lack of unbiased protection and targeting by police. I'm proud to be their Mama Bear. ❤❤❤ Thank you Rudy for the photos. ‪#‎DumpTrump‬
- Photo [], caption []: My son being picked out of a crowd of 50 protesters, surrounded by multiple police, who forced him to leave the property (airport???) For "trespassing." "America the free," except when white supremacists don't like you speaking the truth. Is this how they plan to "make America great again??"
- Photo [], caption []: My daughter standing up against fiercly racist Trump supporters who harassed and mistreated them for simply using their voice to speak truth. Love my Maile Mae.

* (2016-06-05, Rosemary Duenez ) []: This year we didn't have a big event for our son Ernest Duenez Jr's, Wednesday June 8 th marks 5 yrs that that devil john moody of manteca pd murdered our son. But we did go out and protest and let them know we will never forget or forgive. Word of mouth got us a nice size group of loved ones. GOD GIVE US STRENGTH.
Photos: [] []


* "Jill Stein of Green Party USA at Berkeley Post Office" (2016-06-03, []: Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr Jill Stein spoke to a crowd of Berkeley activists at the Berkeley Post Office, a focal point of resistance to the continuing privatization of all public or Commonwealth resources that is happening globally. I had an opportunity to speak with Jill, introducing myself as someone who was working on Facebook to make people aware that she and Cheri Honkala were arrested at Hofstra University and handcuffed to metal chairs for 8 grueling hours for showing up at the 2012 Presidential debate in New York state. I made an effort in my short time to get her to look into how the 2014 Senate Torture Report 500 page summary totally repudiates the 2004 9/11 Commission Report that all of our domestic and foreign policies are now based on. One does not even have to go to the "who did it" question to raise the "torture accountability" question, and how that torture was used to have something to put into the 9/11 Commission Report. She did say something very strong about the US supporting terrorists. It was a beautiful and warm California day.

BAY AREA SOLIDARITY: Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 
* "Just as Boycotts Are Making a Difference for LGBTQ People, Some Lawmakers Want to Shut Them Down" (2016-04-29, []

* "Philadelphia refuses to permit poor peoples’ march at Democratic convention" (2016-05-30, by Ann Garrison and Cheri Honkala, Pacifica/KPFA Evening News) [] [begin excerpt]:
KPFA/Ann Garrison: Cheri Honkala, four permits have been issued for marches at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia in July. Could you give us an idea of what you expect there?
Cheri Honkala: Yeah, the only permits that have been granted and probably will be granted are just marches and events that are associated in one way or another with the Democratic Party. There’s an environmental march and then there are all the Bernie events.
The one march that has not been granted a permit happens to be my march. It’s a march for poor and homeless families, single payer and stopping the school to prison pipeline – and the whole list. We’ve always had our marches on opening days of both the Democratic and the Republican conventions, and it’s called the March for Our Lives.
I’m sure that the only reason that I’m not being granted a permit is because I am not a Democrat and I am really pushing forward this idea of independent politics in this country. And marchers, all of us, are going to go forward with the march on opening day, which is July 25, at 3 p.m., in front of City Hall, and it will probably be the largest march. I’ve heard from the Bernie supporters that many are planning to join us in our march.
KPFA: Did the authorities try to come up with any better reason for not permitting your march?
CH: They basically said that the Bernie folks had permits for the entire town and all of FDR Park, and I have to be careful about what I say because I want to stay alive and there are very powerful forces out there. But one would think that there would be civil liberties attorneys stepping up and challenging this thing legally – and there aren’t. [end excerpt]
Photo caption: The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign has been denied a permit for the March for Our Lives protest they’re planning for 3 p.m. on July 25 in front of City Hall during the Democratic National Convention, Cheri Honkala tells the press on May 17. She led a similar protest at the Republican National Convention in 2000 – without a permit – and said the denial of her application won’t affect her plans this time either. Disabled people, children and elders will lead the march.


* "Live Community Culture" (2016-06, by Angelina Llongueras and Adam Gottlieb, []:
A spectre haunts the Americas, a spectre composed of millions of artivists who have united to rescue communities from the attacks of the corporative dictatorship that destroys us with its death doctrine. Neo-liberalism (call it neo-fascism) has been imposed by the mafias who unlawfully hold power by means of the brute force of their armies and police corps, by means of their corruption and secrecy, and backed up by the U.S. military and trade agreements like NAFTA.
The artivists resist this doctrine of engineered wars to sell weapons publicized by genocides; of design wars to colonize lands and turn them into golf courses for the rich; of bombings to steal oil and natural resources, drown children, and destroy the sea, the rivers, the subterranean water, the water we drink, we bathe in, we are healed with. We must resist the terrorism-implanting wars that frighten people into docility, when corporations and banks want to uproot their rights to home and livelihood, to healthy food, to drinking water, to free education, to labor with justice, i.e., with rules, to live in peace, to retire with dignity. The Live Community Culture movement (LCC) is a response to this in Latin America, and it is now beginning in the U.S.
Already organizations and individual cultural workers throughout Chicago are engaged in the effort. LCC is about recovering collective memory, remembering who we are and how we have survived in spite of efforts of a corporate dictatorship to suppress us. Even in the Midwest thousands of years ago, before banks or states existed, central places arose where peoples could converge, share and exchange cultures. In this fashion our peoples circulated, met, rested, and created music, dance, poetry, theatre, art, joy and collective wisdom.
Today that spirit lives on in countless disparate groups and grassroots organizations. What unites each of these groups is the descent into the hell of poverty that corporatism enforces. As an antidote to this, Live Community Culture proposes an encounter of the communities with themselves. Bringing the communities together transcends isolation and builds on our commonality, because we are not isolated beings but community beings.
Live Community Culture began in Latin America and has held two Intercontinental Congresses. It has begun in Chicago and is connecting some of the local groups of artists and artivists. Artistic expression that comes from the people reflects the joys and struggles of the people in their battle for survival. LCC brings cultural workers together in a way to bring the people together.
The art of the revolution is growing. It is bringing a certain consciousness to the people, a social consciousness, an understanding of what our society is and the relationship between people and classes. This is the responsibility of any serious human being, especially those of us who are the cultural workers today.
The first Day of Action for LCC in Chicago is June 11th in Rogers Park.  For inquiries and to get involved, check out []

I've seen thriving templates for liberated zones across North America. In Federation towards seizing the means of production, or implementing new economics in federation, only then can the liberated zones, including those fostering true survival as "primitives", usher in a new revolution.
The metropolitan regions will have communism with technology, others will survive by other economic methods.
Say, a "collapse" occurs, these federations will be the only survival tool we'll have against Ukraine-style fascism, or worse, against Mexican-style narco-fascism (the unholy union of conservatives and cocaine, y'know, like in Texas and Los Angeles).
North American revolutionaries would rather forget our opposition among the narco cartels among us. These capitalist militias with sex-slavery. Only a Federation can overcome the power of the narco-cartels


* "California: Chicano Leftists Fight the Machine; teleSUR spoke to leftist Latinos outside the realm of electoral politics who are grappling with the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders' popularity, while being defiantly against Hillary Clinton" (2016-06-07, []

* (2016-06-05, from Steven Payan) []:
I am writing this as a Founder of the Autonomous Chapter of the Brown Berets de SacrAztlán in regards to the scantily clad woman in costume being appropriated as a Brown Beret in Streetlow Magazine Issue #76, March, 2016.
Streetlow Magazine did not have permission on behalf of the Brown Berets as an organization to use any imagery of the Brown Berets, to be depicted for use in their magazine in this manner or any manner. Exploitation is the root of the issue of why I am writing this open letter.
A Brown Beret is not a costume nor an image to be sexually exploited, but an honor and a sworn oath one earns and commits to their community for revolutionary change through culture, education and self defense.
Chican@s throughout the nation are appalled and angered by the sexual exploitation of the mujer in costume as a Brown Beret depicted on the cover of Streetlow magazine; there was no authorized permission for use in this manner or any manner and therefore unacceptable.
Historically, women have had to struggle against being objectified, exoticized, and exploited for personal gain by perverted men to capitalize on fetishes. In this situation particularly, the Brown Beret woman will not be allowed to be made a link in the chains of oppression in women's liberation.
The Brown Berets de SacrAztlán call for Streetlow to take down any depictions of Brown Berets, print a public apology and write a retraction in their following issue acknowledging what the magazine Streetlow did was wrong, having had released appropriated images without consent.
Streetlow needs to realize that they must have consensual agreement with organizations depicted in their magazines before they print to avoid any other situations similar in the future.
Steven Payan
Brown Berets De SacrAztlán


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
National News [] [] []

* "Occupied Canada: Indigenous & Black Lives Matter Activists Unite to Protest Violence & Neglect" (2016-05-20, []

* "Head of Minneapolis Police Union: ‘Black Lives Matter Is a Terrorist Organization’ Shortly after it was announced that two officers involved in the November 2015 fatal shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark would not face federal charges, the president of the Minneapolis police union had some harsh words for the Black Lives Matter movement" (2016-06-02, []

* "Public defenders rally for racial justice, police accountability" (2014-12-18, [], photo caption: Solano County public defenders raise their hands during a rally Thursday at the Vallejo courthouse in support of the national ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.


* "Report: African-Americans Disproportionately Affected by Hunger, Poverty" (2016-02-22, []

* "BLM’s Jasmine Richards Faces 4 Years in Prison; White Rapist Brock Turner Gets 3 Months" (2016-06-06, []

* (2016-06-06, by Shaun King): After 18 months we now have the ACTUAL mugshot of Brock Turner the night he was arrested for rape in January of 2015 []. The one on the right was after they cut his hair and suited him up []. For 18 months they kept this from the public. That's the epitome of white privilege. Everything about this case is disgusting.

* meme (2016-06-06) []: JUSTICE IN AMERICA... Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer (White), got six months behind bars last week for raping an intoxicated, unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Meanwhile Cory Batey, a former Vanderbilt University football player (Black), is expecting sentencing for taking part in the rape of an intoxicated woman. He faces between 15 and 25 years in prison. THOUGHTS?
Let me be clear: rape is rape. Both of these men made horrible choices and they deserve to be punished. The facts are out there and I have studied both cases. While I realize the differences in state jurisdiction and some details, the parallels are obvious. So is the discrepancy of the two verdicts. No matter how much anyone tries to twist the facts, the truth remains: America's justice system in 2016 still prefers white males over any other group in society. That includes Black men as much as it does women of any color.

* Regarding the African-American child and the Gorilla in the zoo... []: "Monkeys feeding monkeys to the monkeys" - Douglas Beltz [] [], of Akron's Children's Hospital in HR Management.

* "St. Mary Parish School Board employee under investigation for viral post" (2016-06-05, [] [begin excerpt]: A St Mary Parish School System employee is under investigation for a Facebook post regarding First Lady Michelle Obama, according to a Morgan city television station. Several viewers have sent in the reported  post, which shows Obama in a side-by-side comparison to a gorilla resembling Harambe, who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Above the post is the caption, “They shot the wrong gorilla.” According to KWBJ, a Morgan City TV station, Superintendent Leonard Armato, released a statement saying “We are aware of it (the post) and it is under investigation.” [end excerpt]

* "Mom And Sons Attack, Try To DROWN Black Teenager While Yelling Racial Slurs" (2016-06-02, []

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee []

* "What Will It Take To Wake Up the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of the New Working Class?" (2016-06-08, []


* "Rank-and-file rule: what it is, and what it isn't" (1938, by Fred Thompson, IWW) []

* (2016-06-06, Solidarity with GM Hunger Strikers, []: Michigan allies, don't miss! Demonstration at GM Shareholders Meeting! Tuesday, June 7th at 9am. (Ren Cen, downtown Detroit on Jefferson Ave.) It's time to expose GM's immoral business choices from poisoning Flint's water to avoiding compensating accident victims, to unsafe assembly lines in Colombia and India.


* "Report: Trump Golf Course Paying Migrant Workers $1.50 an Hour" (2016-06-02, []

* "Growing temp industry shuts out black workers, exploits Latinos" (2016-06-08, []

* "Whistle Blowing Teacher Says He Faces Firing for Revealing Discrimination" (2016-02-26, by Ken Epstein, [] [begin excerpt]:
Brian Crowell, a Berkeley High School history teacher, is locked in a fight with his school and district over the Berkeley Peer Assistance and Review (B-PAR) program, which was originally designed to help underperforming teachers improve their teaching. But he says the program – as it operates in practice – is punitive, arbitrary and discriminatory and that it harasses and targets African American and older women teachers and pushes them out of their jobs. He said he was aware of teachers who are placed in the program “who are forced to resign or retire,” he said. “That’s the real purpose – not to improve your teaching practice. That’s a total lie.” Crowell has taught 9th and 10th grade history classes at Berkeley High School since 2007 and been teaching for 14 years. An elected building rep – shop steward – for his fellow teachers since 2009 at Academic Choice – the biggest of the schools into which Berkeley High has been subdivided – he began to represent teachers who were subjected to the PAR process and soon began to advocate to shut it down. “I thought there was discrimination (in the way) people were being referred to PAR,” he said in an interview with the Post.
“It’s a horrible process,” Crowell said. “It is not a program for helping teachers. It is a program of forced retirement and discrimination.” “Nobody has ever said: ‘PAR has made me a better teacher.’ Ever. Nobody has ever said: ‘It helped me,’” said Crowell. Instead what he heard from teachers was: “It’s like being in prison. It’s hell. It’s twilight zone. It made me want to quit.” Defending B-Par, School Board Director Karen Hemphill told that Daily Californian newspaper that the program is designed to fairly evaluate underperforming teachers and allows teachers to improve their teaching after receiving unsatisfactory evaluations instead of dismissing them outright. The B-PAR panel is made up of both teachers and administrators who jointly make evaluations. Though he was a building rep, Crowell has not had the backing of his union. The union president serves on the B-PAR panel, and the union does not represent teachers who have complaints about the process, he said. Crowell, who was popular with students and always received excellent job evaluations, soon found himself in B-PAR’s crosshairs when he began to demand demographic data on which teachers were assigned to the program. Denied the information despite a Public Records Act request, he finally was able to receive the data after he talked to and received support from the school board president. Only a few days after receiving the information last spring, his department chair came to his classroom and cursed him out in the hallway, within earshot of his students, said Crowell. He also received notice he was being placed in the PAR program, accused of “unprofessional behavior” for giving a couple of classes high grades and for 2 weeks of clerical errors in taking attendance, he said. “Proving retaliation is never easy, (but) there was immediate retaliation,” he said. “They started the investigation on me the same day that I got information,” he said. [end excerpt]

[] []

* "It's Time To Overturn the State Ban on Rent Control; The Costa-Hawkins Act is not only contributing to soaring rent prices, but it's also creating barriers to new housing construction" (2015-03-25, []
* "Time to Overhaul Costa Hawkins" (2015-04-07, by Dean Preston, Tenants Together, [] [begin excerpt]: A growing number of tenants in California live in units that are exempt from rent control under state law.  Tenants in those units need protection from exorbitant rent increases.  Such rent increases contribute nothing to local economies and drive tenants into poverty and homelessness. Landlords do not have a legitimate need to impose these kinds of increases.  Many reasonable landlords would never think of imposing such massive increases.  Landlords who do impose such increases during a housing crisis, their rent gouging must be stopped.
Californians overwhelmingly support rent control.  The last referendum on rent control – Proposition 98 in 2008—was decided against landlords by a 22-point margin statewide.  Support continues to grow as people see landlords imposing massive rent increases during an affordable housing crisis.
Sacramento politicians are another matter.  The landlord lobby has invested millions into political candidates, making statewide change difficult.  Nonetheless, ask even the most reluctant politicians if they believe a landlord should be free to double their constituents’ rents, and they will usually respond in the negative.  In other words, they support rent control, they just won’t admit it.
Two things must happen to stop the current epidemic of rent gouging in California. Cities without rent control should adopt rent control laws. Equally important, the state Costa Hawkins law must be changed to allow cities to take action to protect all tenants without interference from Sacramento.  Landlords have had a 20-year period of windfall profits thanks to Costa Hawkins.  Tenants statewide must organize against this special interest law that is allowing rent gouging and abuse of tenants. [end excerpt]

* "Oaklanders Fight to Stay in the City They Love" call-to-action (2016-02-28, via []


information collected by the Committee to

* "Homeless Outreach closing, ending services" (2016-02-28, [] [begin excerpt]: Doug Stewart, the founder of Contra Costa Homeless Outreach (CCHO), said the organization will cease operations on July 1, leaving city officials and homelessness advocates concerned about how the city will deal with its transient population moving forward.
Mayor Rob Schroder said that the city of Martinez will be left with a void it will quickly need to address.
“It’s a huge loss for Martinez, for Contra Costa County, and also to the homeless population that relied on his services,” Schroder said. “This is something we are going to have to figure out pretty quickly.”
City officials heard the unwelcome news a few weeks before Stewart’s announcement on Wednesday.
“A few weeks ago the chief of police told me that was a very real possibility – that the Contra Costa Homeless Outreach would shut down at the end of the fiscal year,” Schroder said. “I know our chief is very concerned; one of his priorities was to try and stem the homeless problem in Martinez.
“We are going to have to find somehow to fill that void, because that organization and Doug was very helpful and worked well with our police department.”
Stewart and CCHO worked out of the limelight, helping those in need find shelter for a night to long-term housing solutions, performing services many residents may not have been aware of.
“The average Joe on the street probably had no concept of it (CCHO),” Schroder. “Maybe didn’t even know such an organization existed. Stewart works at night, working in the shadows. Doug wasn’t out looking for publicity.”
Schroder indicated the city, police, and the county will have to come up with a plan to fill the void where CCHO once was.
“I am very, very concerned that we are going to go backward instead of forwards as we try to get folks to services,” Schroder said. “The city just doesn’t have the resource to do that, so we relied on the CCHO to fill that void.”
[end excerpt]

* (2016-06-07, Xulio Soriano):
Have you ever wondered why farmworker unions or SEIU labor unions haven't endorsed Bill Dodd? However, the labor groups that are more in line with chambers of commerce than working class people do endorse him. For example, this labor group Solano-Napa Central Labor Council has been supporting Syar expansion at Skyline despite the historical violations of environmental regulations that Syar Industries has committed and the questionable environmental impact report that they presented that contradicts other data from environmental scientists. What I observed is a classist dynamic. The mentioned labor council has more middle class and upper middle class jobs vs United Farm Workers who support and protest the lowest paid people. Both type of labor groups have good causes but different interests. Farmwoker labor groups have ussually had to publicly take different stands than the Napa Solano Central Labor Council. Let's keep a critical eye and keep digging and unveiling the local and regional power that can obstruct social justice and environmental stewardship if we don't remain observant.


* "HMONG COMMUNITY IN SISKIYOU COUNTY TOLD NOT TO VOTE OR FACE FELONY PROSECUTION" (2016-06-07, [] [begin excerpt]:  With the California primary underway, County officials armed with assault rifles have threatened Hmong citizens of Siskiyou County with felony prosecution and imprisonment if they attempt to vote on June 7, 2016. Siskiyou Sheriff Jon Lopey and District Attorney Kirk Andrus recently announced the County’s assistance with a State investigation into voter fraud, claiming to have provided “security and investigative assistance,” and issued misdemeanor citations for violations of county ordinances [].
However, this investigation exclusively targeted Hmong residents of Siskiyou County, and county officials armed with assault rifles have been falsely informing Hmong residents that it is illegal for them to vote. Andrus issued a statement on the investigation, “I put those on notice that have registered to vote at a place where they do not live in an effort to fraudulently impact an election, and then follow through by casting a vote, that we will pursue these cases very seriously.”
Lawyers representing members of the Hmong community have received numerous reports of extreme voter intimidation, and they contend that this is a systematic attempt to disenfranchise Hmong citizens of Siskiyou County through a combined application of county ordinances disproportionately impacting the Hmong community, and a misrepresentation of California election law.
“There is no voter fraud occurring among the Hmong community in Siskiyou County,” says Brian A. Ford, an attorney representing members of the Hmong community. “Essentially, the County is telling the Hmong community that they cannot vote because if they use their property to prove their residence, the county will prosecute them for living there; and if they do not live on their land, the county will prosecute them for voting,” he said. Ford continued, “The fact that officials of the County government carrying assault rifles are making these representations to American citizens, some who fought proudly for this country—it simply shocks the conscience.”
Sheriff Lopey’s own interest in the election cannot be overlooked. There are four measures up for a vote on the Siskiyou ballot tomorrow, several of which Sheriff Lopey has publically supported. Measure S would secure $27 million in state bonds and impose a 0.5% sales tax in the county to fund construction of a new county jail. Also on the ballot are measures T and U, which would ban the outdoor cultivation of marijuana and grant the Sheriff’s greater powers of enforcement.
“The jail alone gives the Sheriff an interest in disenfranchising the Hmong community,” said Ford, “$27 million is a lot of money.”

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[] [] [] []

* "A SHOT TO THE HEART: Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery" (2016-06-07, []

* "The Perils of Probate Part 1" (2016-02-22, by Tanya D. Dennis, []
* "The Perils of Probate, part 2: Probate Drains Estates" (2016-03-05, by Tanya D. Dennis, []
* "The Perils of Probate, part 3: Courts Target Minorities —Mattie Lee Stevenson Case" (2016-02-24, by Tanya D. Dennis, page 1 [] page 2 []:
During the sub-prime lending crisis of 2005-2008, it was noted by an NAACP report that in the United States, African Americans received 46.55 percent of the sub-prime loans although they comprised 17.9 percent of the population. In that same report an African American woman had a 268 percent greater chance of receiving a sub-prime loan than a white borrower. This phenomena of targeting minorities to drain their wealth apparently has spilled over into the Probate court system.
Mattie Lee Stevenson died in 2008, leaving a six-unit apartment building in Berkeley and a 3-bedroom, 2-bath-room home in Oakland. Pursuant to her will, her oldest son Allen Jackson was the executor of her estate. Mattie Lee's good intentions were not enough to avoid Probate Court as she failed to execute a trust. For four years Allen Jackson handled the estate while in Probate, spending his own funds to upgrade the house in Oakland after his brother, Jesse Jackson, unlawfully drained $80,000 from his mother's account. When Allen debited the estate for the return of his personal funds, it caught the attention of the court. Instead of surcharging the Stevenson estate as dictated by Probate text and Appellate Court authority, Judge Cecilia Castellanos, over objections, suspended Allen's powers and appointed Special Administrator, Attorney Phillip Campbell. Campbell had rendered legal advice to Jesse Jackson, who in addition to draining his mother's account had challenged Allen unsuccessfully in court to be the executor of the estate. The suspension of Mr. Jackson prevented the estate from closing, a clear abuse of judicial discretion. Judge Castellanos' decision was unduly influenced by the recommendation of Probate Examiner Katherine Ferber Billings office, who advanced the appointment of Attorney Phillip Campbell. Because of the relation-ship between Campbell and Jesse Jackson, this appointment reflected a clear conflict of interest. Judge Castellanos also committed an outright violation of the law, when, over objection, she granted an order for preliminary distribution of a significant part of the estate without the mandated evidentiary hearing re-quired by Probate Code section 11620, et seg.
Attorney Haiwatha Roberts, counsel in the case, said "There are several other Alameda County Probate cases where Black family members have been deprived of their full inheritance by the un-warranted influence of Mrs. Katherine Ferber Billings. Appointing Attorney Phillip Campbell as executor will cost the decedent's children an estimated sum well over $100,000." Attorney Roberts contends the misconduct, as described above, has a substantial racial component. It has denied him in the last seven years over $500,000 in awards of reimbursable costs and legal fees. Roberts lamented, "The probate courts have been known nationwide as the `white man's court.'" This was true for years, especially in the South, which resulted in the loss of millions of acres of black land lost. The North is not much better, as it has only been seventy-five years that black lawyers in the main were extended the privilege of being advocates in Probate court. Attorney Roberts and Mr. Jackson hope their rev-elations will result in governmental agencies checking out and confirming their allegations and result in mandatory retirements and modifications to local Probate rules and guidelines for Probate judges.
* "Perils of Probate: Local Attorney Hiawatha T. Roberts Victimized by Probate Court" (2016-03-21, by Tanya D. Dennis, []
* "Perils of Probate: Many Probate Judges Take Advantage of the Elderly" (2016-03-28, by Tanya D. Dennis, []

NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 

* "AI is everyone's new friend on Facebook, understanding posts and interfering in communication" (2016-06-02, []

* "Your Personal Sim: Pt 4 — Deep Agents (Grokking Deep Learning/Natural Intelligence); The Brave New World of Smart Agents and their Data" (2016-05-27, []

* "Government may access citizens’ phone location data without a warrant – US Court of Appeals" (2016-06-01, []

* "Oklahoma has started using device that can take money out of your bank account and off credit cards" (2016-06-08, []

NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Five-Eyes, and other transnational partners
* "US Intelligence Agencies Expand Electronic Surveillance Worldwide" (2016-05-06, by Thomas Gaist) []

* "Snowden leak: GCHQ & America’s NSA regularly intercept British MPs emails" (2016-06-03, []

* "MI5 was bulk collecting public’s data, with little or no oversight" (2016-06-06, []

* "Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube adopt EU hate speech rules" (2016-05-31, []

* "Brown, Netanyahu sign deal to strengthen ties between California and Israel" (2014-05-03, [] [begin excerpt]:
Gov. Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a pro-business agreement Wednesday designed to strengthen economic and intellectual ties between Israel and California.
The agreement covers such issues as cyber security, water conservation, education, agricultural technology, health and biotechnology. [...]
Netanyahu also implored Brown to help create direct airline flights between San Francisco and Tel Aviv that he said would trigger "an explosion of creativity and inventiveness" between Israel and California. [...]
Israel is also a world leader in cyber security, Netanyahu said. With cooperation from California, he said, "together we can solve these problems."
"The best brains in the world are in Silicon Valley," he said. [end excerpt]

from the Committee to
End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers! 
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "Judges Admit Death Row Inmate Is INNOCENT, But He’s Still Going To Be Executed" (2016-02-01, []

* "Don't punish my friend for going to work - Free Shane Ennover" (retrieved 2016-06-08, []



“There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” -AudreLorde
photo (2016-06-04, Maile Hampton) []:

* photo (2016-06-04, Maile Hampton) []:


* "Remove Judge Aaron Persky from the Bench For Decision in Brock Turner rape case" petition []

* "Father of Stanford Rapist Argues His Son Should Not Be Punished for '20 Minutes of Action' " (2016-06-05, []

* "Campus rapist given lenient sentence to avoid 'severe impact on him' " (2016-06-03, []
Comment (2016-06-05, Lauren M.): "so many positive things for society." He's a good swimmer at well-respected college. Fuck off with that non-sense. white-privilege rape culture. Educating about the "DANGERS OF ALCOHOL AND SEXUAL PROMISCUITY"?!?! That sounds like victim shaming/blaming and in no way sounds like he is actually acknowledging the serious crime he committed. Any sane person would have helped a female that blacked out. He is a fucking predatory animal.

* "Brock Turner's Childhood Friend Blames His Rape Conviction on Political Correctness" (2016-06-06, []

* "Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker; A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her" (2016-06-03, []

* "What the Stanford sex offender’s loved ones said to keep him out of prison" (2016-06-08, []

* "In Brock Turner’s home town, we’re raising kids who are never told ‘no’. I live in Oakwood, Ohio, the home of the Stanford sex offender. Communities like this one have a dark side" (2016-06-08, []


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []

* "Owners of Pine Meadow property file suit against ‘Friends of Pine Meadow’ " (2016-04-05, []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [].

* "Flintnation: 33 US cities caught cheating on municipal water lead tests" (2016-06-03, []


* "Arsenic in rice: New FDA test results are confirmation, not rebuttal" (2013-09-10, []
* "Arsenic in your food: Our findings show a real need for federal standards for this toxin" (2012-11, Consumer Reports magazine) []
* "Worrisome levels of arsenic found in more than 60 different rice and rice products including infant cereals" (retrieved 2016-06, from []
You have to put the pieces together, but basically,
1) Southern US rice is worse than either California or Indian.
2) This is possibly due to the amounts of arsenic that are fed to, and shit out by, industrial chickens, production of which centers in the South.
3) The reason they say to wash rice until the cloudiness abates is that the bran milled from the rice is 10-20 times higher. That's what the white starchy dust you're washing away is.
(Oh, and Whole Foods' long-grain brown is Southern, though they don't specify.)

* "100,000+ people in Alabama told not to use tap water due to chemical contamination" (2016-06-03, []

* "Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health" (2010-05, by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri) part 1 []

* "Most Bottled Water is FILLED With Fluoride, Here’s a Complete List of Brands to Avoid" (2016-05-25, []


articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign
[] [] [] []

* "Is This the 4th Recent Nuclear Disaster to Strike the U.S.?" (2016-05-06, by Brandon Turbeville) []

* "Anti-nuke activists begin month-long blockade of atomic facility" (2016-06-06, []


articles recommended by the 
[] []

* "Modified microalgae converts sunlight into valuable medicine; A special type of microalgae can soon produce valuable chemicals such as cancer treatment drugs and much more just by harnessing energy from the sun. The team of scientists from Copenhagen Plant Science Centre at University of Copenhagen has published an article about the discovery in the scientific journal Metabolic Engineering" (2016-05-20, University of Copenhagen, [], photo caption: The microalgae cultures are able to grow rapidly using waste water and light. Photo: Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences


* "Solar Powered Family Car Generates More Energy Than It Uses" (2015-07-13, by Evan Ackerman, [], attached video []:
Solar powered vehicles, whether we’re talking about cars or airplanes, usually share the characteristic of perpetually almost falling apart. What I mean is, solar power is so close to not being usable that vehicles must be as light as possible, or they will not fly (or drive). Technology is improving, though, and it’s at the point where a team from the Eindhoven University of Technology has been able to create a solar powered car that manages to seat four while generating more energy over the course of the year than it uses to drive [].
“Stella Lux” is an upgrade of Solar Team Eindhoven’s “Stella” solar powered family car, originally developed in 2013. Stella Lux is made primarily of carbon fiber and aluminum for a total weight of just 375 kg, and features a tunnel that runs through the bottom center of the car to improve aerodynamic efficiency. On the roof is a 5.8 square meter array of solar panels to feed the car and charge 15 kWh of onboard batteries, giving the car a fully charged range of about 1,100 km where it’s sunny (like in Australia) and 1,000 km where it’s not (the Netherlands). This range almost certainly goes down if you’re carting around three American-sized passengers, or if you push the car to its top speed of 125 km/h.
Inside, the car actually looks pretty comfy, despite the big tunnel down the middle. The seats and doors are integrated with each other to save weight while increasing interior space, and there’s some sort of mood lightning. The driver has access to a whole bunch of tactile controls with haptic feedback, and the navigation system is weather aware, able to plan the most efficient route by taking into account where the most sunlight can be found.
What might be most impressive about Stella Lux is that it’s energy positive: on average, the car uses less energy driving than it produces during the day, even in a place like the Netherlands where it’s not constantly sunny. Depending on weather, the daily range of the car on solar power alone varies between about 50 km and 300 km, and driving any less than the daily max solar range results in a surplus of energy that can be returned to the grid.
This October, Stella Lux will be competing in the the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 km race through the Australian Outback. And for a mere 10,000 Euro pledge to the team's crowdfunding campaign [], they’ll fly you to Australia to ride in Stella Lux yourself.


* "Halifax Water’s new in-pipe hydro power turbine a first for Canada" (2014-11-13, []

* "Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes" (2015-02-24, []


Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [[]

* "U.S. Government Is Now a Major Counterparty to Wall Street Derivatives" (2016-04-21, []

USA FASCISM: Military State
* "Slush funds, secrets and splurges: How Pentagon budgets keep getting bigger" (2016-05-31, []

* (2016-06-04, Michael Novick): What's anybody running for president gonna do about this reality, or the US encirclement of Russia and China, destabilization of Venezuela and Brazil, and troops all over Africa?

* "All 18,600 US sailors in Japan slapped with full drinking ban, confined to base" (2016-06-06, []

USA FASCISM: Two Party Dictatorship
* "US Chamber of Commerce raises money for GOP Senate candidates" (2016-05-31, []


* "Ohio purging voters who haven’t voted often" (2016-06-02, []

* "Trump: US needs rich people to be great again" (2016-03-15, []
* "The Single Quote From Donald Trump’s March 15 Speech That Should Really Scare You" (2016-03-16, [] [begin excerpt]:
After major victories in the Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina primaries (and while the jury was still out on Missouri), GOP frontrunner Donald Trump gave a speech to his supporters Tuesday night, focusing on how to make America great again — as usual. Although the businessman touted much of the same rhetoric America has heard from him over and over again, one quote from Trump's Super Tuesday 3 speech should really scare you [], if his entire campaign hasn't already, that is. The Republican is known for making unabashedly sexist, racist, and just plain offensive comments, but this one has terrifying implications for equality — or lack thereof — in America.
"We're gonna make our county rich again," the real estate tycoon promised his supporters. "We're gonna make our country great again, and we need the rich in order to make the great." While a Democrat would argue that we need the rich's tax dollars to make America great, this statement sounds more like a promise to stand up for the rich's interests coming from the Republican. As a billionaire himself, Trump obviously wants to protect his and his friends' fortunes. On top of simply cozying up to his wealthy friends, this could have detrimental implications for economic equality. While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue to talk about the need for income equality, the GOP frontrunner is talking about how much he loves America's wealthiest class.
Trump "We need the rich in order to make the country great, I'm sorry to tell you."
- 3/15/16: When inequality ended being campaign issue.— emptywheel (@emptywheel) March 16, 2016
- "We're gonna make our county rich again. We're gonna make our country great again, and we need the rich to make the great. Trust me." -Trump— roo (@ReganSikes) March 16, 2016
[end excerpt]

* "Republicans finally discover that Trump is an actual racist" (2016-06-06, []
* "Here Are 9 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist; He claims to have 'a great relationship with the blacks,' which is totally something a normal person would say" (2016-02-29, []

* "Trump campaign admits it did not raise $6 million for veterans" (2016-05-20, []

* " 'Bikers for Trump', 'Lions for Trump': Donald’s Volunteer Security Armies" (2016-04-26, by Michael T. Bucci) []

* "Obama Stomps on Democracy, Endorses Clinton Before Voting Ends; The long-expected announcement is likely to occur within a few days, with media speculating that Clinton will secure the Democratic party’s nomination" (2016-06-07, []

* "Google supports Hillary" (2015-10-12, [], machine translated []
* "Google involved with Clinton campaign, controls information flow – Assange" (2016-06-07, [] [begin excerpt]: American tech giant Google is closely cooperating with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to promote the candidate, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in a televised address to an international media forum.
“Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” the WikiLeaks founder claimed, as quoted by the Sputnik news agency. He added that the company used the State Department as part of “a quid pro quo.” [...]
Assange is far from the only one to notice the link between Google and the Clinton campaign. Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein has pioneered research on how search engines affect elections and much more []. He told Lee Camp, host of RT America’s ‘Redacted Tonight’, that “when one candidate is higher in search rankings ‒ that is, looks better than another candidate in search rankings ‒ that shifts a lot of votes to that candidate. And it’s not a tiny number. It’s a very, very big number of votes.”
Humans are trained to believe that the higher ranking links are “better” and “truer,” Epstein explained.
Last year, billionaire Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt created a little-known start-up company called The Groundwork [], “the sole purpose of which is to put Hillary Clinton in office,” he said. “It’s a very secretive organization, super high-tech stuff, and [it’s] very likely they’re using these techniques that we’ve been studying in our research to make sure that votes are shifted to Hillary Clinton in November." [...]
Assange believes that unlike Donald Trump, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is predictable and will constitute a problem for freedom of speech in the US if elected.
“Of course she when she is in power… She is a problem for freedom of speech,” the whistleblower said. "We know what she is going to do. And she made the chart for the destruction of Libya, she was involved in the process of taking the Libyan armory and sending it to Syria."
“Google is heavily integrated with Washington power, at personal level and at business level… Google, which has increasing control over the distribution channels,… is intensely allying itself with the US exceptionalism,” Assange said, speaking in a video link from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
“It [Google] shows the will to use that at different levels. It will inevitably influence its audience,” Assange said, recalling the occasion when Google leased its front page to “promote [US State Secretary] John Kerry's call for bombing on Syria in 2013,” along with conspiring with “Al Jazeera to encourage Syrian defectors.”
“Google is an intensely Washington, DC-aligned company,” the famous whistleblower said.
Washington and Google likewise feel threatened by China and view the country as a rival, with  Schmidt viewing China as “his enemy,” the WikiLeaks founder said.
“I see a Google exit from China… It seems much more to do with Google's feeling that it is part of ‘family America’ and that it is opposed to the Chinese,” said Assange.
‘80 percent of NSA budget privatized’ -
Another shocking claim from Assange is that 80 percent of the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) budget has been privatized as part of the merger between power and big business.
“There is a merger between the corporate organizations and state… 80 percent of the National Security Agency budget is privatized,” Assange said, stressing that the NSA “is the core of the US deep state… There has been a smoothing out between the government and the corporations,” the whistleblower said.

* "Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic presidential nomination" (2016-06-07, []
* "Clinton Hits 'Magic Number' of Delegates to Clinch Nomination" (2016-06-06, []
* "Hillary Clinton has delegates to secure Democratic nomination, says AP count; A ‘burst of last-minute support from superdelegates’ appears to put Clinton over the threshold to become the first female presidential nominee of a major party" (2016-06-07, []
* "Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton; 'Shame on you AP! Superdelegates don't vote until the convention,' tweeted documentary filmmaker Josh Fox. 'Story of [Clinton nomination] is false and aims to suppress voters' " (2016-06-06, []
* " 'Highly Inappropriate': Sanders Backer Slams AP, NBC for Calling Democratic Race Before Today's Vote" (2016-06-07, []
* "Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media" (2016-06-07, []
* "Clinton money email uses images labeled 'secret win' " (2016-06-07, [], unaffiliated video and screengrab [] []
* "BUSTED: AP & Clinton Caught Colluding For 'Secret Win' " (2016-06-07, []
* Satire: []: BREAKING: Associated Press calls @NBA championships for the Warriors! "F..k those other 2 games-& the fans who want to see them. The Dubs r it," said AP President & CEO, Gary Pruitt.
* meme (2016-06-07) []: The Cleveland Browns have just been named as the "presumptive" winners of the 2017 Super Bowl!!!

* "Hillary Clinton’s war crimes are unforgivable. No real progressive could ever support her" (2016-06-03, []

* "Crooked Hillary Shrieks at Trump for Not Hating Putin Enough; Clinton gives a speech showing herself as a candidate thourghly beholden to the same aggressive hegemonic US foreign policy which has been failing for decades" (2016-06-04, []

* "Haitian Wages: A meme that claims that the State Department under Hillary Clinton fought to keep Haiti's minimum wage from reaching $0.61 an hour is correct, but lacks context" (2016-04-05, [] [begin excerpt]:
- CLAIM: Hillary Clinton fought to keep Haiti's minimum wage from going up to $0.61 cents an hour. MOSTLY TRUE.
- WHAT'S TRUE: The U.S. State Department, among others, pushed to cut Haiti's minimum wage in 2009.
- WHAT'S FALSE: Hillary Clinton was the sole architect of the move to reduce Haiti's minimum wage.
Haiti's relationship with the United States and Europe can most charitably be described as complicated. Haiti's earliest days were characterized by oppression and opposition: the country (once the French colony of St. Domingue) was born from a successful slave insurgency and declared its independence in 1804. This beginning characterized an often-antagonistic relationship between countries that profited handsomely from African slavery (such as the United States) and Haiti.  Foremost among fears about Haiti was that slaves would learn successful uprisings were possible.
After Haiti formally declared its independence, the United States suspended all diplomatic and trade relationships with the country.  While the U.S. eventually re-opened trading routes, America didn't recognize Haiti diplomatically for nearly sixty years after that.  Other countries followed the United States' example (and France demanded millions of francs in reparations for its rebellion in exchange for recognizing Haiti as a sovereign nation) plunging Haiti into debt and an economic depression that lasted for years, from which the country never fully recovered.
Multiple invasions and economic and political tinkering followed, leaving Haiti in a turmoil of political instability and corruption, economic crisis, and a ravaged infrastructure, historically one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, despite its fertile land and ability to grow cash crops such as sugar.
Today, child labor and trafficking are endemic in Haiti, particularly in the country's manufacturing sector, which is outsourced to foreign companies (many of them contractors for American companies, such as Hanes, Dockers, and Fruit of the Loom). Even when they are not trafficked, laborers in Haiti's garment industry earn a pittance by the standards of other countries: the minimum wage was $0.24 (USD) an hour for many years.
In June 2009, the Haitian Parliament unanimously passed a law requiring that the minimum wage be raised to $0.61 an hour, or $5 a day. (The average cost of living is estimated to be the equivalent of about $23 a day.) This pay raise was staunchly opposed by foreign manufacturers who had set up shop in the country, and the United States Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development backed those manufacturers.  After Haiti's government mandated the raise, the United States aggressively (and successfully) pushed Haiti's president to lower the minimum wage for garment workers to what factory owners were willing to pay: the equivalent of about $0.31 an hour (or $2.50 per eight-hour day). [end excerpt]

* (2016-06-02, []: ‪#‎NotMyAbuela‬ ‪#‎KillerHillary‬  Seattle don't play...

* "Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Vallejo, Sacramento" (2016-06-05, [] [begin excerpt]: Clinton will first appear at the Good Day Cafe in Vallejo at 3:15 p.m. for a meeting with community leaders, similar to the chat she had with small business owners at House of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland in May. [ So, I guess she's there now. So it's what? A photo-op?] She will then breeze through Sacramento City College for a public event in the school's North Gym. [end excerpt]
* "Hillary Clinton in Vallejo today" announcement (2016-06-05, Vallejo Together):

* "Vallejo in the political spotlight! Take note CNN and NBC are here...." photo set (2016-06-05) with comments [], photos: The crowd [], half of which are protesters against Hillary's authoritarianism [], video (.mp4) [], many of whom got attention by the monopolist news media camped there for the event [], meanwhile Hillary exited through the backdoor without a public rally or statement, according to comments by people there []:
- [comment]: She was originally scheduled to meet with community leaders at FMBC, but changed venue when the church's homophobic ideology was pointed out. If I had to guess, this stop was to secure the mainstream democratic black vote, meet with Mayor Osby and some of the black church leaders in town.
- [comment]: Hillary Clinton visited Good Day Cafe in downtown Vallejo this afternoon at 3 pm. It wasn't intended for the 99%. It only became public last night. Meeting was at Good Day Cafe, definitely too small to hold the masses.
- [comment]: There was supposed to be 75 seats and the staff said they miscalculated the space because of the cameras etc. They supposedly went by seating capacity and after the tables were rearranged, some seats were cut. The elected officials that attended were invited by Pastor Quick from Friendship Baptist church and the Chair of the Community Democrats Club, and most were left out of the meeting.
* (2016-06-06) []: I just contacted the Clinton campaign to inform them that the panel of Vallejoans at the Good Day Café were not leaders widely trusted by the people. The campaign worker, a retired teacher from Brooklyn, was shocked to hear that there were no rank and file union teachers present to inform Secretary Clinton what's really happening in our community, and she passed along my information so that the campaign could get back to me.
- [comment]: Hell, yeah! DOCTOR Bishop sat there saying that she believes all children are college material...yet 28% of Black seniors in VCUSD are enrolled at John Finney. No John Finney graduates have the UC/CSU requirements. She is awful and people need to know.

* Photo from Vallejo City Council member Verder-Aliga, attached with comments by local residents (2016-06-06) [], and text at another comment thread from a re-posting of the photo: So the most self serving politician in town is sitting on Hillary's right. Rozz bankrupted the school system. Met illegally on MISEDC in secret deals on VMT/Orcem. And her "advanced degree" came out of cereal box! Notice our current Vice Mayor Rozzana Verder-Aglia seated to Clinton's right. This is not being for Vallejo

* Video showing Hillary Clinton addressing the Solano County Democrat Party luncheon (.mp4)[].
* Photo [], showing Hillary Clinton with Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis, a  Christian Dominionist politician who actively supports anti-LGBTQ pastors in Africa, and Christian anti-Leftist death squads in Africa as well.
* Photo from a member of the Vallejo City Council showing another member waiting at the back entrance to the Hillary Clinton luncheon:

Ol' Hillary thought she could pick up a few stray votes... or something. After all, look at the turn out for the recent Bernie Sanders campaign stop in Vallejo (photo):

* meanwhile, at Sacramento City College... (2016-06-05, Steven Payan) []:
Hillary is not only a LIAR, but a COWARD... she keeps her rallies small and contained with a low amounts of sheep...
She won't debate with Bernie cuz last time, the roar of a standing ovation from the crowd left her looking dumb waiting for her rebuttal... She'd lose flat out is why she pulled out of the debate further insulting California. What's worse is she loses to trump in national polls... Mean while Bernie brings it to his ass and so do the protestors. ‪#‎DumpTrump‬ ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬
She's a coward and her sheep are too...
They don't hold her accountable either. Complacent and silent to her war crimes, back door deals with Wall St, Monsanto, other Warmongers, Big Pharma, Prison Contractors...
She is the 1%... Her and Trump are enemies of progress... ‪#‎HILLARYFORPRISON2015‬
‪#‎BernieOrBust‬ ‪#‎CaliforniaBerning‬
‪#‎NeverHillary‬ ‪#‎WhichHillary‬ ‪#‎FuckTrump
[attached memes]: [] [] [] [] []‬

* #StayInLineCA []:
ATTENTION BERNIE SUPPORTERS!! Let's make this hashtag trend on June 7th and take the troll ones down.
We already know tv will declare shill the winner early on june 7th.
That is a tactic to suppress your vote.
We aim to win by 80% and we need every vote we can get!!
Stand in line no matter what!

* "Media: Bernie Sanders is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race" (2016-06-04, by Seth Abramson, []

* "Bernie Sanders Wins California Landslide BUT 2/3 of his Votes Aren’t Counted" (2016-06-07, [], website taken down 24 hours later []:
The Justice Gazette reporters and others are conducting an investigation into voting irregularities and the theft of Bernie Sanders's apparent California landslide victory by those supporting Hillary Clinton. According to popular actress Frances Fisher, a lawsuit is being prepared to require the counting of all the provisional ballots. If this lawsuit is successful, the actual vote count is expected to become known and Sanders will likely have a landslide victory in California.
The theft of California hasn't deterred Sanders from his course. He has promised to fight on while noting it is a steep uphill climb. Given all the states where vote fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton has been allowed to swing primaries from Sanders to Clinton, it is in fact a steep uphill climb to restore democracy and force the now undemocratic Democratic Party to nominate the man the vast majority of American voters  have voted for or tried to vote for.
It has been learned from poll workers that 50% to 90% of voters who were supposed to have been eligible to vote in the Democratic primary were told they would have to vote provisional ballots.    There were two irregularities leading to the forced use of provisional ballots instead of regular ballots. The first was that previously registered voters' names had been removed from the rolls. The second was that someone (in most cases, not the voter) had marked them as vote by mail voters but they had received no ballot in the mail. Oddly, virtually all of those not allowed to vote and forced to vote provisional ballots were Bernie Sanders supporters.
The next oddity is even more curious. Poll workers in Los Angeles and Orange County report that Bernie won the electronic votes in their precincts by well over a 2 to 1 margin, the opposite of the result of the vote count. The contrast between this and the outcome is indicative of vote-flipping. Also the outcome... outcome does not match what anyone who has conducted polling in this state knows:  Below the election night video is a video about black box voting (Hacking Democracy), The Democratic Party has essentially endorsed this video, showing it at various conventions and another video of a computer programmer confessing to creating a vote-flipping program.
If you add the lower figure of 50% of voters who were not allowed to vote regular ballots for Bernie to the votes he received, you wind up with a substantial Sanders landslide victory in California.  The primary beneficiary of the fraud is Hillary Clinton.
As for provisional ballots, acclaimed BBC reporter, author and election fraud expert Greg Palast (pictured to the right) calls them "placebo ballots." Greg is the reporter who exposed the voter fraud in Florida in 2000.  Nightline used his footage in covering the story. Here is from Greg's article, "How California is being stolen from Sanders right now."
"As I've previously reported, provisional ballots are “placebo” ballots that let you feel like you've voted, but you haven’t. Provisional ballots are generally discarded."
The Justice Gazette has conducted considerable polling and the official results reflect the opposite of how people said they were going to vote. At​ the California Democratic Convention most of the elected delegates were "Bernie or Bust." Ask yourself, when Sanders gets enthusiastic crowds of thousands in California (sixty thousand according to police in Oakland alone) compared to laid- back crowds of hundreds for Clinton, who voted for Clinton? Ask your neighbors, co-workers and fellow students if they voted for her and  then start asking how she supposedly won the election without the support of the voters. Or just look at Alameda County (Berkeley, Oakland), where Sanders was greeted by a hundred thousand active supporters, where Clinton is very unpopular and where Clinton's percentage and Sanders percentage appear to be the exact reversal of what the residents of that county know to be the case. If you walked into any store or group setting, other than a Clinton gathering, and asked who was going to vote for Clinton, you would find that nobody or maybe one or two people would be considering voting for her. Almost all the rest would be planning to vote for Bernie Sanders. We know. At the Justice Gazette, reporters did just that.
Poll workers in Orange and Los Angeles County have reported that Bernie won the electronic votes in their precincts by well over a 2 to 1 margin. So how does this translate into a victory for Clinton?  Ask yourself why an excited crowd of thousands came to the election night event of a loser when this kind of crowd has never come to the event of a primary loser in California's history. Perhaps this is because Sanders didn't lose. Votes can be flipped in less than a minute by someone walking into the Registrars office.  Watch Bev Harris's documentary Hacking Democracy and the video of a confession on the creator of a program designed to do just that below.
Prior to going into the California primary, it was known that Sanders was going to insist that the Democratic National Convention nominate the winner of the California primary.  Clinton is very unpopular in California and it would have been impossible for her to acquire the votes to win legitimately. There was only one way for Clinton to win and that was to rig the election. Those running the Democratic Party have made it clear, following the known rigging of elections in other states, that they either consider election fraud and rigging a proper way to win a nomination or don't care if a candidate wins this way.​
Back to forcing the majority of Sanders voters to vote uncounted provisional ballots. You may ask, how Hillary knew who to disenfranchise? There are multiple ways. First, new voters were overwhelmingly planning to vote for Bernie. Second, of the NPP (no party preference) voters, the vast majority were Sanders supporters. But it may also be the Sanders campaign that owes the voters an apology for letting Clinton know which voters to disenfranchise.
Last December the relationship between NGP Van and Clinton and that Van's apparent willingness to engage in unethical conduct on behalf of the Clinton campaign was widely exposed. Yet, the primary applications the Sanders campaign uses for canvassing were obtained from NGP Van. One of the main application programs the Sanders campaign used for canvassing  is called Minivan.​ It is well known that many many, if not most, manufacturers leave a backdoor allowing them to re-access programs.
In Arizona, Sanders poll workers were told on the last day before the election that it was known that their MiniVan program had been hacked and that on that pre-election day, people would be using paper canvassing sheets. This was just for the last minute stuff. Almost all the canvassing had been done already in Arizona. What did the Sanders volunteers tell MiniVan (and possibly the Clinton campaign) about the voters they canvassed or called?  They marked if the person was: "Strong Sanders," "Leaning Sanders," "Strong Clinton," "Leaning Clinton," or "Undecided," among other things. If you were Clinton and you wanted to disenfranchise millions of voters, wouldn't it be nice to know who is supporting your opponent? For the record, reporters for the Justice Gazette did bring their concerns about MiniVan to the attention of the Sanders campaign following Arizona. However, the campaign went back to using this in state after state.
While the public is mostly loyal to Sanders, some question the loyalty of some of his staffers.  Canvassers were given wildly inaccurate precinct phone and walking lists that left off most of the voters who were planning to support Sanders. Canvassers were supposed to skip about 20 or more houses for every one they hit. Usually the one selected had the wrong occupant while the new occupants of the selected houses as well as people who were supposed to be passed over in the other 20, often said they were registered and planning to vote for Bernie to canvassers who chose to speak to them anyway. It was pointed out to the campaign that it would have been easier and more productive to go door to door to all the houses than to search around for the one inaccurate address on a street a mile from the last address.
Another key alert as to possible infiltrators was the odd treatment of the press. While Correct the Record and reporters/hackers from other organizations and media groups promoting Clinton were treated like royalty, members of the press who had gone on record supporting Sanders were often treated with contempt by certain members of the team running logistics at the rallies. Correct the Record  (the PAC paying a million dollars to hackers who put child pornography on Sanders facebook pages and then got them closed down) was given the best filming location in San Pedro after that same prime filming location had been denied to news teams favorable to Sanders. On election night,  several reporters favorable to Sanders commented on how rudely they were being treated. Reginald Hubbard and Jesse Cornett who reportedly threatened some of the mild-mannered, more loyal press with loss of equipment, removal or confiscation of their press credentials (which they had brought with them) and removal of the actual reporters from the event in response to polite questions about the sound arrangements. Most of the pro-Sanders reporters were placed on a riser near distorted speakers and denied access to the event's sound boxes they had been promised and which were provided for other media. One reporter, a very sweet woman, who had been traveling on a bus following the candidate, seemed to disappear from the event after she reported that she had been rudely treated by these same staff people  prior to the speech.
The fix was in before the primary. An instructional video for poll workers told them to give provisional ballots to NPP voters, official conduct that would have been illegal in California. AP joined in the effort to try to fix the election by calling the nomination for Clinton the night before the election when AP knew or should have known that Clinton did not have enough pledged delegates and would not have enough on June 7th to be the nominee. This appears to have been part of the overall attempt to suppress the vote. As Sanders has repeatedly pointed out,
"If there is a large turnout we will win.  If there is a very large turnout we will win huge.  If there is a low turnout, we will lose."
In spite of AP's false call, the actual turnout was very large and, but for the suppression, the evidence supports the theory that Sanders would have won by a very wide margin.
Overall, it was a tough night for Sanders supporters. The average American is not about to support Hillary Clinton.  Nobody at the election night event believed there was any accuracy in the results.   Despite the officials results (which left off half or more of the voters), the Sanders supporters were optimistic as they knew in their hearts that Sanders had won California. With the election rigging and theft so obvious, the  bulk of the public does not believe that Clinton is a legitimate nominee. The bulk of the Democratic voters will never accept Clinton or vote for her in the general election. Some are calling the theft of the nomination a "coup d' etat," "treason" and "sedition" on Clinton's part.
As for the voters who weren’t allowed to vote, the buck stop with two people: California Secretary of State and Clinton supporter Alex Padilla  and Hillary Clinton, herself, the candidate who benefited from the voter suppression. Almost everyone in American knows  or is related to one of Clinton’s victims. Clinton's apparent crimes are against the American people and this matters more than whether a clown is running as a nominee the other party. America has survived racist clown Presidents in the past but is not about to endure a President who has committed crimes that have destroyed the right to vote of people they know.
The crowd at the Sanders rally is not going to give up.  In fact they are energized and angry and most of them have as their top goal, defeating Hillary Clinton in all elections. If Bernie were to endorse her, his supporters would be saddened and many would feel betrayed, but the Sanders voters have made it clear that they will not follow Bernie to Clinton.
In view of the information from polling place workers about Sanders winning by more than a 2 to 1 margin and in view of the removal of 2/3 or more of his votes from the official results, the Justice Gazette declares Bernie Sanders the landslide winner of the 2016 California Primary Election.

* "Placebo Ballots: Stealing California from Bernie using an old GOP vote-snatching trick" (2016-06-02, []
* "How California is being stolen from Sanders right now" (2016-06-07, special bulletin from Greg Palast) []:
It's not some grand conspiracy, but it's grand theft nonetheless.   Sen. Bernie Sanders’ voters will lose their ballots, their rights, by the tens of thousands.  The steal is baked into the way California handles No Party Preference –"NPP" voters –what we know as "independents."
There are a mind-blowing 4.2 million voters in California registered NPP – and they share a love for sunshine and Bernie Sanders. According to the reliable Golden State poll, among NPP voters, Sen. Sanders whoops Sec. Hillary Clinton by a stunning 40 percentage points.
On the other team, registered Democrats prefer Clinton by a YUGE 30 points. NPP's can vote in the Democratic primary, so, the California primary comes down to a fight between D's and NPP's.
And there's the rub. In some counties like Los Angeles, it's not easy for an NPP to claim their right vote in the Democratic primary – and in other counties, nearly impossible.
Example: In Santa Rosa County, if you don’t say the magic words, “I want a Democratic crossover ballot,” you are automatically given a ballot without the presidential race. And ready for this, if an NPP voter asks the poll worker, “How do I get to vote in the Democratic party primary, they are instructed to say that, “NPP voters can’t get Democratic ballots.” They are ordered not  to breathe a word that the voter can get a “crossover” ballot that includes the presidential race.
I’m not kidding. This is from the official Election Officer Training Manual page 49: "A No Party Preference voter will need to request a crossover ballot from the Roster Index Officer. (Do not offer them a crossover ballot if they do not ask)."
They’re not kidding. Poll worker Jeff Lewis filed a description of the training in an official declaration to a federal court: "Someone raised their hand and asked a follow-up question: ‘So, what if someone gets a nonpartisan ballot, notices it doesn't have the presidential candidates on it, and asks you where they are?’ The answer poll workers are instructed to give: ‘Sorry, NPP ballots don't have presidential candidates on them.’ That's correct: even when people ask questions of that nature, obviously intending to vote with a party."
This affidavit, and several even more horrifying, come from Election Justice USA, a non-partisan watchdog, hoping to get injunctions to stop this nonsense.
Let me throw in another complication. Nearly half of Californians vote by mail, ballots sent to your home automatically. Most NPP voters don’t realize that, to vote in the Democratic primary today, they must bring in their NPP ballot with the envelope, and say these magic words: “I want to surrender my ballot in return for a Democratic ‘crossover’ ballot.”
Got that memorized? Because if you don’t, if you say the wrong syllables, in some counties, you will be denied a Democratic presidential ballot.
Bruce C. Carter is losing his mind over this. I interviewed Carter who arrived in his Black Men for Bernie bus, decorated with a giant image of Bernie’s arrest while demonstrating for civil rights. Carter warns that, If an NPP voter doesn’t say they are “surrendering” their NPP ballot, the clerk can take it and count it, blank, instead of giving the voter a new one.
It gets far worse. There are simply not enough “crossover” ballots printed. If they run out of ballots, Carter his telling voters to demand a recorded vocal vote using the voice recorders set up for the disabled.
Unfortunately, the games hardly end there. Election Justice filed still more declarations with the courts of poll workers being told to give NPP voters “provisional” ballots even if they say the magic words, “I want a crossover Democratic ballot.” As I’ve previously reported, provisional ballots are “placebo” ballots that let you feel like you’ve voted, but you haven’t. Provisional ballots are generally discarded.
Minutes ago I got a note from NPP voter Olga Martinez in Contra Costa (Orange County) where she was told she must take a “provisional” ballot. She heard our reports and demanded the Democratic ballot and got it. ML King told us, you don’t get your rights unless you demand them.
And this note just came in minutes ago from my KPFK co-host, Cary Harrison.
“I am in West Hollywood and was just denied voting twice! I’m NPP. I do not even appear on the voting rolls nor does my STREET on the voting rolls. Voting suppression is in full swing.”
Cary just called. He drove to a new precinct as directed: and was again denied a ballot.
And dig this: Some counties are demanding that some of the first-time voters show official voter ID—as if California is now New Alabama. New voters are, in the main, the young Sanders supporters who are now finding out what it’s like to be treated as if they’ve turned Black.
There is no evidence this ‘Grand Theft Voto’ is part of a massive scheme by Hillary supporters to swipe the election. The voting system is run mostly by the Democratic Party which is totally in Hillary’s pocket. So while the establishment party officials know of the absurd impediments to voting, they see no reason to solve these problems because it doesn’t harm “their” voters.
Most of this procedural nonsense, like the need to surrender an NPP ballot with an envelope and request a “crossover” ballot – well, frankly, Bernie’s campaign has known about that all year.
The Sanders campaign was spending time talking policy at giant rallies instead of educating their voters on how to vote. In the rat maze called the American voting system, the painfully amateur Sanders campaign never provided a vote-guiding map.
I don’t believe Clinton booster Governor Jerry Brown intended to play Bull Connor. Nevertheless, Brown and the Democratic establishment’s mad hunger to see their candidate wrap up the nomination, has led them to turn a blind eye to a catastrophe for our democracy.

Hear my talk with the group’s spokesman, Paul Thomas, on a special edition of the The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Elections Crime Bulletin [], which I host with Dennis Bernstein on the Pacifica Radio Network.  –– Subscribe to this weekly podcast [] and download my Election Guide Comic Steal Back Your Vote for FREE []
Greg Palast (Rolling Stone, Guardian, BBC) is the author of The New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy which will be released as a feature documentary movie this fall. Find out how to Steal Back You Vote, and make sure it counts, by downloading our FREE election protection comic. Subscribe to Palast's Newsletter [].
[end article]

* (2016-06-08, []: Wow. In spite of record voter registration in California, voting PLUMMETED after the AP said the race was over.
Last week, California said a record number of new people registered to vote and that it was the highest percentage of people in the history of the state who ever registered.
Then how do we explain this enormous drop in voters?
Democratic Primary In 2008: 4,794,846 voted in the presidential race (Hillary Clinton won)
Democratic Primary in 2016: 3,442,623 voted in the presidential race (Hillary Clinton won)
A 28% drop of 1,352,224 people.

* (2016-06-07, []: The Democrats are purging votes. Showed up to my usual spot & I'm not on roll!

* " 'It was just chaos': Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering whether their ballots will count" (2016-06-07, [] [begin excerpt]: California voters faced a tough time at the polls Tuesday, with many voters saying they have encountered broken machines, polling sites that opened late and incomplete voter rolls, particularly in Los Angeles County.
The result? Instead of a quick in-and-out vote, many California voters were handed the dreaded pink provisional ballot — which takes longer to fill out, longer for election officials to verify and which tends to leave voters wondering whether their votes will be counted. [...]
When Sanders supporter Brandon Silverman, 29, showed up at his polling station in Echo Park at 8:15 a.m., he said poll workers immediately handed him a provisional ballot, explaining that their machine wasn’t working yet. The full list of voters’ names for the precincts also seemed to be missing.
Silverman, an assistant television editor, quickly called a Sanders voter hotline and L.A. County voting officials. About 45 minutes later, the problems seemed to be resolved and he was able to cast a regular ballot, he said. But the chaos shook his confidence in the fairness of the electoral process a little, especially after hearing other precincts and states struggle with voting problems this year. [...]
Sanders supporter Jonathan Daniel Brown accused Democrats of “purging votes” when he discovered he was not on the voting rolls at his polling station despite being registered.
Brown, an actor, refused to take a provisional ballot, and his complaints drew the attention of Los Angeles County Registrar-County Clerk Dean Logan, who intervened. Eventually, Brown said he was allowed to cast a regular ballot — though not before Brown said a poll worker called the police on him.
Los Angeles County’s 4,700 polling locations have to handle rosters for 4.9-million voters. The process can be complicated as many of the voters on those rosters can register or switch their party preferences up to 15 days before the election.
In an interview with The Times, Logan said there were some instances where supplemental rosters of new voters didn’t seem to make it to the polls on time, and so voters have gotten frustrated with having to take provisional ballots. [end excerpt]
Photo caption: Voters line up at 7 a.m. to cast their ballots at the Super Suds Laundromat in Long Beach.

* (2016-06-08, Susan George) []: What I witnessed at our polling place in Vallejo was a disproportionate number of people who were on record as vote by mail when they had never requested it, never received a ballot in the mail and were genuinely perplexed. It sucked to have to give them all provisional ballots and know it could take up to 30 days for their ballot to be reviewed and hopefully counted.
Also often poll workers were too quick to suggest a provisional ballot when there were other remedies to these other situations such as someone being in the wrong polling place or forgetting to bring in their vote by mail (VBM) ballot. Many folks were very happy to go to their correct polling place--in most cases very close--or to go home and bring back their VBM ballot so they could avoid a provisional and have their vote counted without impediment.
- [comment]: What's really interesting is the VBM dilemma. Everyone at the precinct was like "You are a VBM", but when I called the Registrar's office they were, like, "Oh, no, you're not!" And there seemed to be too many data entry errors for us NPP folks. For the first time ever, I'm not sure I care to vote in the election. It apparently was bought a while ago, and to ensure she wins the whole thing they have her running against a cartoon character.
- [comment by a Election Precinct Inspector]: Same here. I even had several people who were registered Republican on our rosters who had been voting Democrat all of their lives. There was yelling. They say 60% of Contra Costa County voters are vote by mail but we had a ton of voters who never received their ballots. I'm also vote by mail in Solano County and I never recieved my ballot. Of course, there is a rash of mail theft in the St. Vincent Hill area. I agree that it should be looked into.

* (2016-06-08) []: When I voted at noon there had been fewer then 50 voters so far. As I was leaving, I heard a woman arguing with the poll worker who was insisting that she would have to fill out a provisional ballot. So in my personal experience, at least 1 in 50 voters was forced to a placebo ballot.

* (2016-06-08) []: When we went to Fairfield to vote early, they had Kyle down as VBM - which he never requested... They let him vote there (and it has been counted), but it was very strange. And, of course, now we see it is part of a larger pattern. How did this happen? And I'm not saying "they did it on purpose." Just really weird.

* (2016-06-07, []: Despite getting sample ballot, double checking my status, wasn't on the voter roll. Upset doesn't even begin...
Photo showing proof of voter registration, and the conflicting Provisional voter receipt claiming the voter is not registered [], online proof of voter registration []

* A newly opened polling place in Southern California that didn't receive the list of newly registered voters, documented in a video interview (posted 2016-06-07, [], verified [], attached video []

* (2016-06-07) [] []: Multiple polling places in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Oakland, CA "don't have" the list of newly registered voters and are given them provisional ballots which WILL NOT COUNT. Do not accept provisional ballots. Demand Democratic ballots no matter what and stay in line. Call the Bernie Voter Helpline (415)795-8065 and report it. Yes, they know you're voting for Bernie. Yes, this might also be happening all over California. Yes, great majority of newly registered voters are for Bernie.
You suppress our votes and then you expect us to unite with you? Lists with newly-registered voters conveniently lost. Voting machines with broken seals. Bernie Democrats with registration status changed to Republican or permanent mail-in ballot. Poll workers telling voters Clinton is already the nominee. Provisional ballots given out like candy.
You have insulted all our brothers and sisters who died for our right to vote.
You know what happens next right? ‪#‎WeWillNotYield‬ ‪#‎BernieOrBust‬ ‪#‎WeWillFightOn‬
Attached screengrabs: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

* (2016-06-07, [], attached video [], verified []: What happened when my cousin @brandollars tried to vote: broken machine, 62 pages of voter roll missing. Thankfully after many frustrated people calling the @BernieSanders campaign & the county the problem was fixed hours later. But I'm sure this happened at many other polling places where people didn't have the time, knowledge, or ability to fix the issue #Democracy.
(Note: This act of election machine sabotage occurred at the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. 90026. It has been widely reported as one of Bernie's biggest donating zip codes)

* "Los Angeles elections chief fields pleas for voter help through Twitter" (2016-06-07, []: For voters in Los Angeles County, one way to resolve their election day problems is to send a tweet to the guy in charge.
Dean Logan, the county's registrar-county clerk, personally jumped in to help sort out Tuesday voting problems sent to him on Twitter.
Actor Jonathan Daniel Brown began tweeting this morning that he was not listed on the official roll at his Los Angeles polling place and that he'd been advised to cast a provisional ballot.
Provisional ballots are reserved for voters who have a problem on election day. The ballot is counted if a voter's signature and eligibility is verified.
Brown, however, tweeted that he didn't trust provisional ballots. And so Logan, overseeing the nation's largest elections operation, answered back.
Logan then made contact with the polling place volunteers and assured them that Brown was registered to vote.
By early afternoon, Brown had returned to his polling place and was given a ballot.
"Often it starts with an expression of frustration," said Logan in an email about Tuesday's tweeted help. "But our goal is to try and resolve issues as quickly and constructively as possible — and to be transparent about it."

* (2016-06-07, [] []: The Democrats are purging votes. Showed up to my usual spot & I'm not on roll! It only took four hours and I had the cops called on me, but... I was being disruptive for demanding a ballot.  When the cops got there and saw me voting they left.

* (2016-06-07) [], a communication from a Democrat Party delegate who documents how his voter registration had been dropped the day of the Presidential Primary election.

* "Election Fraud: Why Are Voter Registrations Changing?" (2016-04-13, []

* meme [], said to be produced by a partisan from the Hillary campaign which presents a narrative that her opposition is based on misogyny.

* It was fun to watch the live updates for the California Primary Election at ( []

The media is stating that 100% of California votes have been counted. How have they counted all of those ballots in less than 12 hours, and what happened to all of the provisionals? Are they supposedly counted already too?

* "Did the media overstep by crowning Clinton the nominee?" (2016-06-07, []

* (2016-06-08, Jeremy McCaleb) []:
HuffPo finally admitted their bias with their headline (shown here: "Hill Yeah!"). They used up their general election headline and Hill hasn't even wrapped up the nomination officially, and won't/can't until the convention: I pointed out the magic number yesterday... it's 143. That was the number of delegates Bernie needed to win in California to prevent a Clinton win before the convention. He got 188 so far.
So whatever the headlines, Clinton did NOT clinch the nomination, and won't until the SuperDelegates™ vote on the Wednesday of the DNC convention. Yet HuffPo already weighed in with their endorsement by perpetuating this scam.
Will the Superdelegates™ vote for Hillary? It's almost a certainty, so yeah, we can expect that. But what we should NOT expect is for Bernie, who has not lost until the SuperDelgates™ are counted, to step out of the race before the convention. The second he does that he loses all convention leverage to push for the policies that nearly half of all Democrats voted for in the primaries.
I appreciate the historic importance, and am actually thrilled that the Democrats have proven their racial/gender equality twice in the last nine years. I'd be happier if they'd prove their class/economic equality a bit more.
But what I won't appreciate is gloating and the negating of Bernie's accomplishments in the service of the latter, in the rush to glorify Hillary's accomplishments in the former. If this ends up deflating tens of millions of first-time participants who believed it was possible to STOP money from ruling our electoral process, that's too high a price. They're the future, not we who are rolling off the ends of our existence daily.

* "Who Said It" live video announcement (2016-12-08, Washington Post) [] [begin excerpt]: After last night’s primaries in California, New Jersey, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Mexico, the 2016 presidential race is now down to two presumptive nominees: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. [end excerpt]
* "How Hillary Clinton won California" (2016-06-08, []. (Comment by Mark Henry): She won by 13 points because the corporate media put out a false story the day before the election saying she had won the nomination, causing many people to stay home and others to vote for her, a natural and proven phenomenon, because they wanted to be on the winning side. What happened is a disgrace to journalism and to democracy.. And we will never know what might have happened. The media has spoken.

* "Washington Post Can't Stop Lying About Bernie Sanders" (2016-05-08) []
* "The Bernie Bros are out in full force harassing female reporters" (2016-06-07, []
* (2016-06-08, Shaun King) []: Now listed as "Top News" on Twitter. This is disgusting & misleading. That photo has NOTHING to do with the article. Read more at []

* meme  []: Let's do some math. California has 18 million registered voters, California has 22,359 voting precincts. Only 3,475,720 votes were counted. That equals only 155 votes per precinct in the largest state in the country.

* chart []: Vote differences based on exit poll disparities. Probability: 1 in 77 billion.

* (2016-06-09, @JanineKTVU): These are Vote by Mail ballots that still need to be counted in Santa Clara Co. plus whatever comes by Friday [].

* Record voter registration of 18 million in California, Statewide election results in only 3,475,756 votes being counted [].

* []:
570,389 UNCOUNTED BALLOTS IN Los Angeles AT 5PM WED! (with official sources links)
Los Angeles County Registrar Press Release 5PM Wednesday (.pdf) []:
(follow twitter for official updated status [twittercom/LACountyRRCC] (@LACountyRRCC)]
LA Remaining ballots are: 570,289
240,063 - "Provisional" ballots cast at polls June 7th
125,280 - "Vote-by-Mail" ballots turned in at polls June 7th
304,946 - "Vote-by Mail" ballots delivered USPS by midnight June 7th
Los Angeles is 1 of 58 counties in California. Up to 3,000,000 still uncounted statewide.
Hillary's supposed margin of "victory" was 438,537. Do the arithmetic.

* "Turnout improves in LA County, with half a million ballots left to process" (2016-06-08, []

* "Ballots Left to be Counted for the June 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election" (2016-06-08) (.pdf) [] [begin excerpt]:
Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) Dean C. Logan reported an initial estimate of outstanding ballots to be processed during the official canvass period.
The initial estimate includes provisional and Vote by Mail ballots collected at the polls, as well as Vote by Mail ballots received in the mail post marked on or before Election Day.
- Provisional Ballots: 240,063
- Vote By Mail Ballots Received at the Polls: 125,280
- Election Day Vote By Mail Ballots via USPS: 204,946
[end excerpt]

* "Exit polls versus reported vote count - March 1 - April 19, 2016 Primaries" comprehensive table []
* (2016-06-07-2345, @Elect_Justice) []: Huge, well-controlled exit poll of early voting in CA, priased by NYT's @Nate_Cohn, nails other races, off by 16% for B vs. HRC #ExitPollGate
* (2016-06-08) []: In a post today, 6/8/16, Richard Charnin, the leading authority on election fraud and author of two books on the subject, states that Bernie is currently leading HRC by approximately 1.7 million votes, absent election fraud. (See Richard Charnin Blog for details and statistical analysis.) The proverbial s#!t is about to hit the fan as multiple lawsuits have been filed, including one in California.

* The Sanders Campaign Voter Protection Hotline is live! Read more at [] []

* Mass Exodus From The Democratic Party call-to-action []:
It's time to send a clear message! We are tired of the status quo in Washington and we will not continue to have our voices stifled in the name of party politics.
Following the Democratic National Convention we will leave the DNC if the progressive agenda we have all fought for is ignored. We will leave if the voter suppression and media collusion is ignored. Our hope is to send a clear message BEFORE the convention that we support a progressive agenda, not a political party. Our votes will go with us in support of democracy and progress, not fall in line with party politics.
Are you a registered Democrat but plan to leave the Democratic party if they continue to disregard our voices? Or did you change your party preference in order to vote in the primary and plan to change it back?
Please join us in making a mass exodus from the party on Saturday, July 30th by changing your registration to No Party Preference (or any other party of your choosing). It's a simple task and can be completed in minutes here []

* "Hillary Clinton’s brother-in-law Roger Clinton busted for DUI in California two days before primary" (2016-06-06, []. So this guy got a pardon from his brother, meanwhile sentences were grossly lengthened for the rest of the country during the same period of time? What a bunch of incestuous pigs.

Bernie Sanders is pushing to make Tulsi Gabbard as the head of the DNC, who, as Federal Congresswoman, met with Al-Sisi, a dictator allied with the USA, to congratulate him on massacring ‪‎democracy protesters [] in the Republic of Egypt. Gabbard is strongly identified with State Department policies concerning foreign hostilities, and is a Christians United for Israel speaker, a group supportive of unrestricted war and whose membership strongly identify with membership in the Republican Party.
* "Tulsi Gabbard: Why I'm endorsing Bernie Sanders" (2016-03-01, []
* "Who Does Tulsi Gabbard Represent?" (2016-05-31, []
* "5 Ways Bernie's Pick for DNC Chair Is Right-Wing as Hell" (2016-06-09, [] [begin excerpt]: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign aides say they’re looking to replace current Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Politico reported Tuesday.
Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally while Tulsi Gabbard sits behind him.
Gabbard, the previous vice-chair of the committee, resigned from the position back in February in order to campaign for Sanders. Now Sanders appears interested in rewarding that loyalty, despite a record that upon closer examination is anything but progressive.
Hailing from Maui, Hawaii, arguably the most progressive county in the United States, Tulsi is the daughter of Mike Gabbard, a Hawaii state senator and a former Republican who was mired in controversies in the 1990s for his anti-gay positions and policies.
It would appear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The congresswoman, while now echoing the Democratic Party’s line on equality, sounded a different tone as a state lawmaker herself, referring to her father's critics as “homosexual extremist supporters.”
Her reactionary politics are manifested in more than just old comments. Last year she voted to bar war refugees from entering the United States at the same time she voiced support for the dictators and airstrikes that helped create them, breaking with her fellow Democrats to join the most far-right xenophobes in Congress. [...]
1. A Friend of the Far Right and a Darling of Fox News [...]
2. She Espouses Islamophobic Rhetoric [...]
3. She Wants to Bomb Syria and Ban Refugees [...]
4. She’s Friendly with Dictators and Other Scumbags [...]
5. She’s an Ardent Supporter of Israeli Aggression -
As the keynote speaker at a conference hosted by Christians United for Israel — a fundamentalist group that sees Israel playing a major role in the apocalypse—she has repeatedly sided with the Zionist state over the Palestinians and others it kills. [end excerpt]
* "The Curious Islamophobic Politics of Dem Congressmember Tulsi Gabbard; Gabbard comes from one of the nation's most progressive chapters of the Democratic Party" (2015-02-22, []

* "Ten year marker for Christians United for Israel" (2015-07-08, []
* 2015 Washington Summit Speakers ( []
* "CUFI: awareness is key to pro-Israel group surpassing 3 million members" (2016-05-05, []
* (2015-07-24, from CUFI [].
Comments from CUFI members show a adherence to an interpretation of the Christian Bible that elevates the government of the State of Israel as "exceptional" and immune from criticism, which explains why the death-squads and extreme human rights abuses by perpetrated by the State of Israel are supported, aided, and glorified (or censored) by CUFI members and adherents. These comments are provided to show insights into their ideology:
- "Even today israel is the God chosen generation. Its an undenial faith. They are the root of wine and we are the branches. Lets pray for Jerusalem and God will do the rest. Loads of love to Israel. Glory to God and praises to Jesus Christ."
- "these students are very brainwashed by their professors and also student members and that means they dont know who God is because Israel are god's people and God made a promise to them and no matter what happens God will protect them. We support Israel and will continue to pray for them."
- "#Trump will help us MAKE CHRISTIANITY GREAT AGAIN in the eyes of the mainstream. We've been trodden on for too long, both by liberals and the media. Show your support at"
- "Calling all Trump Supporters to join with us @the"AmericaFirst Rally and March" in Cleveland, Ohio #AmericaFirstMovement"
- "How marvelous to be a member of such a CHRIST CENTERED FELLOWSHIP for the Nation of Israel! To think that they would even acknowledge our loving considerations (after all that Obama hasn't done for them) is awesome, to say the least! May God Richly Bless Them Always (and may He also get the USA's act together)!"

USA FASCISM: State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime []

* "Who Will Control Access to Internet News? Internet Giants Are Jockeying to Control What News You Get to See" (2016-05-10, by Russ Baker, []

* " 'Automated Journalism', Robots in the Newsroom: The Future of Corporate Media Robot writing the news" (2016-04-29, by Timothy Alexander Guzman, []

* "Anatomy Of A Propaganda Blitz" (2016-05-12, []

* "#FCCHearOurPlea" meme (retrieved 2016-06-05) []


* "When Media Shill For Saudi Money" (2016-04-25) []

* "Alternative Media Censorship: Sponsored by CIA's Ford Foundation?" (2002, by Bob Feldman, []:
The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's historic relationship to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is rarely mentioned on Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW / Deep Dish TV show, on FAIR's COUNTERSPIN show, on the WORKING ASSETS RADIO show, on The Nation Institute's RADIO NATION show, on David Barsamian's ALTERNATIVE RADIO show or in the pages of PROGRESSIVE, MOTHER JONES and Z magazine. One reason may be because the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations subsidize the Establishment Left's alternative media gatekeepers / censors.
- "The mass-circulation weekly TEMPO accused Ford of having once played, at the urging of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a covert role in Indonesian political affairs by consciously supporting the work of individuals who were deemed to be sympathetic to the anti-communist aims of American foreign policy." — Chronicle of Philanthropy, 12/13/01
- "The Ford Foundation's history of collaboration and interlock with the CIA in pursuit of U.S. world hegemony is now a well-documented fact...The Ford Foundation has in some ways refined their style of collaboration with Washington's attempt to produce world cultural domination, but retained the substance of that policy...The ties between the top officials of the Ford Foundation and the U.S. government are explicit and continuing." —James Petras in "The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police" on 12/15/2001 [].
Complete set of articles:
- Part 1 []: Pacifica / Democracy Now / Deep Dish TV
- Part 2 []: FAIR / Counterspin / Institute for Public Accuracy / Working Assets Radio
- Part 3 []: The Nation Institute / Radio Nation / The Nation Magazine
- Part 4 []: Alternative Radio / Z Magazine / South End Press
- Part 5 []: Mother Jones / Foundation for National Progress
- Part 6 []: Progressive magazine
Parts 7, 8, 9: Ford Foundation, the CIA, and the US Establishment. page 1 [], page 2 [], page 3 []
- Part 10: Political Research Associates' Edelman-Bundy Connection []
Further research by Bob Feldman:
- Time For Ford Foundation & CFR To Divest? []
- The Nation's NED Connection — part 1 [] / part 2 []. The Nation magazine's not-so-progressive connections to the National Endowment for Democracy and other private agencies with elite ties to the US foreign policy establishment.
- George Soros' "Parallel Anti-War Media/Movement" []
- Big Oil's Foundation/PBS Links []
- Northwestern University's CIA Connection []
- Counterpunch's FERI / Roosevelt Dynasty Connection? — part 1 []
- More Nation Magazine — Big Oil Links []
- Project Censored's MacArthur Foundation Link [] []
- The Ford Foundation's Skull and Bones Link []
- "Alternative" media paymasters: Carlyle, Alcoa, Xerox, Coca Cola...? (Brian Salter, 29 Sep 2002)  [] A look at some connections of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees...
- commentary: Bob Feldman and Brian Salter reply to a reader (21 Sep 2002) []
- Chart: The Gatekeepers: Foundations Fund Phony 'Left' Media
'If they don't like what we're doing, we don't get funded next year." Executive Director John Moyers

USA FASCISM: Artificial Poverty and Starvation

* "California’s New Minimum Wage Law is Too Minimal" (2016-04-05, []

* "President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law" (2014-08-25, []

The meme is for conservatives whose answer is to get rid of "socialism", to get rid of restrictions on business to "put America back to work", to sell public lands for private companies to put revenue back into the trickle-down economy...


Documenting the global economic dictatorship
* "The TTIP Leaks. The 248 Pages Reveal a Hidden Economic, Social and Environmental Agenda" (2016-05-06, by Dr. Binoy Kampmark) []

* "Still Selling Neoliberal Unicorns: The US Applauds the Coup in Brazil, Calls It Democracy; Washington now has compliant compradores in power in Argentina and Brazil—and perhaps soon in Venezuela" (2016-05-27, []

* "Media Blackout As France Witnesses Biggest Revolution In 200 Years" (2016-06-02, by Sean Adl-Tabatabai) []

* "More than half of Qatar’s population live in ‘labor camps’ - census" (2016-06-06, []

* "London’s fraudulent property market" (2016-04-29, []


information collected by the  
[], for justice, dignity and human rights, and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

* "America’s Biggest of All Big Lies" (2016-05-05, by Eric Zuesse, [] [begin excerpt]: On April 26th, Reuters headlined from Romania, «‘We’re Not Here to Provoke,’ Say US Pilots on Putin’s Doorstep», and gave as an example: «‘We're not here to provoke anybody, we're here to work with our allies,’ says Dan Barina, a 26-year-old pilot on his first trip to a region where tensions have risen markedly since Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Romania's neighbor Ukraine two years ago».
How can it not be ‘provoking’, when Russia now faces a threat from Obama and America's NATO alliance, that’s vastly worse than what America had faced from the Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev and the USSR’s Warsaw Pact alliance in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis? That was just one missile-base, 90 miles from the US – not dozens of them, some right on Russia’s border. Are those American pilots idiots to believe their superiors’ absurd statements about what their mission is, or is insanity the explanation here – or, is there even some third explanation possible for this oblivious statement from the American pilot? Perhaps those soldiers and airmen are simply drowning in (or drunk with) US propaganda? They really believe that Russia is moving too close to NATO, not that NATO has already moved too close to Russia? Really? The Reuters report said that NATO countries were doing this to protect themselves from «an increasingly aggressive Russia». Wow. But that’s the line promoted by US President Barack Obama. And he’s accepted as a decent person not only by the millions of voters in his own Democratic Party (though not in the Republican Party, which blames him for everything except the truth: that he is governing so far to the right that they have to concoct false ‘leftist’ reasons to criticize him); but, he’s also respected even by the publics in Europe, where they suffer the flood of refugees from the invasions he leads. After all: one must never underestimate the power of propaganda, to warp the public’s minds.
On February 2nd, the US ‘Defense’ Secretary, Russia-hater Ashton Carter, announced – and the equally Russia-hating NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed and endorsed – America’s quadrupling of its troops and weapons on and near Russia’s northwestern borders; and America’s pilot Dan Barina is part of this extremely hostile action, by the US and NATO, against the people in Russia. [end excerpt]

* "Crooked Hillary Shrieks at Trump for Not Hating Putin Enough; Clinton gives a speech showing herself as a candidate thourghly beholden to the same aggressive hegemonic US foreign policy which has been failing for decades" (2016-06-04, []

* "Obama warns of isolationism as 'false comfort' " (2016-06-02, [], writes: Obama Invokes Syria and Libya as Success Stories While Warning Against Isolation. While noting the ‘day after’ mistake, Obama still sees some benefit in intervention.

* "Drone wars undermine 'checks and balances' - Army chaplain resigning over strikes" (2016-06-03, []

* "The Difference Between How the U.S. Treats Brazil and Venezuela in One Video" (2016-06-06, []
A STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESPERSON repeatedly refused to comment on the momentous political crisis in Brazil during his daily press briefing on Friday — in almost ludicrous contrast to his long and loquacious criticisms of neighboring Venezuela.

* " Concocting lies before Iraq war" (2016-04-21, []

* Sign the Peace treaty end the Korean war NOW
Release ALL the Prisoners of Conscience!
U.S. STOP War Exercises against North Korea!
Stop Nuclear War Exercises!
Stop the political repression to Korean Alliance (CAIRD)!
Peace treaty NOW, U.S. & North Korea!
Abolish the NSL (National Security Law)!
original press release (2016-05-25, []
- Ramsey Clark, founder IAC []
- Brian Becker, ANSWER Coalition [], U.S. Troops ouf of Korea!
- Sara Flounders, IAC []
- Eugene Puryear, ANSWER []
- Monica Moorehead, IAC []
- Medea Benjamin, CODE PINK []
- Jodie Evans, CODE PINK []
- Ann Wright []
- Tim Shorrock []
- Nila Heredia []
- Michael Walli, Catholic Worker []
- Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG, and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG []


The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) is undergoing an official campaign for secession from the European Union, although it's status as a military partner within NATO will be untouched. UKGB military contracters and weapons suppliers support secession because the European Union was beginning to adopt stringent controls over weapons trade to regimes engaging in human rights abuses and war crimes.
* "Skynet: UK to upgrade war satellites to expand global drone kill operations" (2016-06-03, []

* "British Army training of Turkish & Saudi troops condemned by human rights groups" (2016-06-03, []

* "Scottish councils making millions from global arms trade" (2016-06-03, []

* "Britain’s denial over cluster bombs in Yemen 'wildly implausible' – Amnesty" (2016-06-06, []

* "Manufacturing Dissent: When Revolutions are Sponsored by Wall Street" (2016-05-11, by Michael Welch, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, and Barrie Zwicker) []
* "Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and “The Arab Spring”: Who’s Funding the Protest Movement? Who’s Behind it?" (2011-11-12, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) []

* "Media Disinformation and America’s Wars: Liars Versus Truthers. The “Progressive Left” Has Been Coopted" (2016-04-27, by Mark Taliano) []

* "I Spent the 90s Fighting Fascists on the Streets of Warsaw" (2016-06-02, by Paweł Mączewski, Editor, [] [begin excerpt]:
Every year, Poland celebrates its independence with the Independence March on November 11th. These marches are organised by right-wing political groups and gather tens of thousands of people. Although it's publicised as a family friendly event, white power symbols and xenophobic chants are widespread at this national celebration. During this march as well as last year's anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising – an operation by the Polish resistance in World War II – people waved flags with Celtic crosses.
These right-wing groups call their own leanings 'patriotic' or 'nationalistic', but to Rupert – a Polish antifascist activist – it's a continuation of the tendencies he used to fight in the 1980s and 1990s. In the early 80s, Polish skinheads emerged in as part of the punk movement, but quickly moved away from the left-leaning punks as well as from the communist Solidarity movement. Their leanings were pretty straightforward: they hated non-whites, liberals, punks and basically anyone who wasn't following the principles of pre-war nationalists or German Nazis. In their hatred, they often ended up turning to violence – attacking people in the streets, at concerts, football games and other events. As a response, antifascists started organising in groups to fight these skinheads, and those clashes were usually bloody. Rupert used to patrol the streets of Warsaw in those days – looking for some skinheads to fight – and he was also behind the first antifascist rally in post-communist Poland, in 1993.
I talked to him about the birth of those antifascist groups, and about how the new right wing extremism in Poland is different from the kind he used to fight.
VICE: So back in the 90s, you regularly fought fascists on the street. Can you tell me how that started?
Rupert: It was quite simple – white power skinheads were terrorising the streets. That started in the 80s, when skinheads in Poland either became fascinated with fascism or stopped hiding their fascist leanings. And they became aggressive. They would show up at places in large groups – for example at punk rock or reggae festivals like Róbreggae – and beat people up. The police never intervened, so there were two options – running or defending yourself.
VICE: What was the exact trigger for you?
Rupert: I was at a gig by the band Fugazi in a venue in Warsaw – it was at a housing estate called "Friendship". There was a skinhead raid that night, and Fugazi band members and a lot of concertgoers were attacked. They roughed me up pretty bad too – I dodged a hit from a baseball bat aimed to my head, but it hit me in the back. That's when we all knew we had enough, and that marked the start of some active antifascist groups all over Poland.
VICE:What kind of people were in these antifascist groups?
Rupert: Mostly people who had been active in anarchist and environmental groups, or in the Polish Socialist Party. Many people came from the punk community. In the spring of 1993 the RAAF (The Radical Anti-Fascist Action) and Youth Against Racism in Europe were founded. There were a few groups in Warsaw who used those names, but all unofficially. We'd split the work of organising rallies, and we'd back each other during street patrols or when someone needed protection. No one cared if you were an anarchist, socialist, anarcho-syndicalist or environmentalist – we were just out there together to face Neo-Nazism.
VICE: Why did you have those patrols?
Rupert: During the first half of the 90s there were a lot of places in Warsaw where you knew you could get attacked by fascist skinheads. They would hang around places like Constitution Square, Royal Route, the neighbourhood around the University of Warsaw and all of downtown Warsaw. And if you'd walk by and they'd see you as the enemy, they'd attack you. There weren't many people of colour in Poland in those days, so the violence was mainly aimed at punks and people connected to the anarchist movement. They were easily recognisable by their outfits. That violence resulted in the street patrols I took part in.
VICE: How did it work?
Rupert: When we had some extra time on our hands, we'd go for a walk around downtown Warsaw in groups of twos or threes – in areas where we knew we could find Neo-Nazis. Don't get me wrong, we weren't trying to be heroes and clean the streets. But if we outnumbered them we'd attack, and if they had the advantage we had to run. So that would often lead to pretty physical confrontations.
VICE: That sounds wild. Where was the police in all of this?
Rupert: You couldn't ever rely on them. We figured out that a lot of these Nazi skinheads had family in the military or police. We got in a lot of trouble with the police – they would stop us for no reason and brought us in for questioning. At the Róbreggae music festival we were fighting neo-Nazis on the one side and the police on the other. It was a bit of a Wild West scenario until about '94 or '95. We were more successful at that point, all these new antifascist groups emerged – to the point that the neo-Nazis were actually afraid to go out.
VICE: How did the public and the media perceive you back then?
Rupert: People didn't get it. They had no idea what fascism was and just thought we were people from different subcultures fighting amongst ourselves. It was difficult getting our message through, and that was what we wanted most – social consciousness. The first success we had on that front was in 1995.
VICE: What happened then? 
Rupert: All these things like batteries and assaults between 1989 and 1995 went unreported in the media, and we wanted to change that. So we put together the first ever report on far-right wing activity in Poland. In the early stages, it was literally a few pieces of paper we passed on to journalists. We said that if something didn't add up, we would take back every word. After a while a journalist came to us, wanting to report on it. In the end, it reached MPs, senators and multiple civil rights institutions. That report significantly reduced the fascist threat on the streets in the late 90s.
VICE: So that was a success?
Rupert: Not exactly.
VICE: Why not?
Rupert: Some writer said it pretty accurately once: "There's going to be a problem in Poland once fascists take their bomber jackets off, put on suits and go into politics." And look at what's going on today – mainstream media are promoting politicians who say things that used to be considered completely shameful. The only value system that's being taught in schools is the conservative, nationalist one. [end excerpt]

Weapons for a New World Order
* "Scientists eye creating synthetic human genomes in lab" (2016-06-04, []

* "The SWIFT System: A Potential Weapon in the Hybrid War" (2016-05-03, [] [begin excerpt]: The acronym SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) has once again popped up in the global media headlines. Experts usually describe SWIFT as an international, interbank network for transmitting information about payment transactions.
Globalization would be impossible without SWIFT
The society was founded in 1973. By that time the post-war monetary system established in 1944 in Bretton Woods had virtually collapsed. The dollar as well as other currencies had been divorced from gold, and the printing presses at the US Federal Reserve and other Western central banks were furiously at work. The volume of international payments had increased sharply. The traditional systems for sharing data about payment transactions (the teletype, telegraph, and telephone) could not cope with the increased traffic.
It was necessary to draw upon the latest technology in order to centralize the isolated channels used to exchange information. Two hundred thirty-nine banks from 15 countries worked together to set up an organization devoted to solving this problem. SWIFT is a cooperative society, established under European law, with a head office in Brussels. Currently almost 11,000 institutions from over 200 countries, including 9,600 banks, are members of SWIFT. Every year 2.5 billion payment orders are transmitted through the SWIFT network, which processes billions of dollars each day.
SWIFT’s advantages are its speed, low cost, and reliable data protection. As a result, the majority of the world’s international settlements and payments now go through the SWIFT system. Payments are also cleared through this network even when each of the parties is under the same jurisdiction. This includes dollar and euro payments that must be handled by the banking systems of the US and European Union. During the 21st century the SWIFT system began helping money circulate throughout the entire global economy. The economic and financial globalization that began in the 1970s would have been impossible without SWIFT. [...]
The society has suffered scandals in the past. After Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA as well as the financial-intelligence arm of the US Treasury Department gained access to SWIFT network information. But the managers of the SWIFT data centers did not bring this cooperation between the society and the security agencies to their members’ attention. Only a select few knew about the American «terrorist tracking» program. The information was not leaked until 2006.
In 2012 SWIFT again found itself in the headlines. At that time Washington was heavily pressuring the society to disconnect Iranian banks from the SWIFT network. Of course, a society that constantly claims to «stay out of politics» was uncomfortable with this measure. Disconnecting even one bank would generate distrust of the system, lower its rating, and encourage other SWIFT members to formulate backup plans. But Washington won that battle – 14 Iranian banks were expelled from SWIFT.  [...]
Russia needs an alternative to SWIFT
There are about 800 banks in Russia today, approximately 600 of which are connected to the SWIFT system. Russia is home to the second-highest number of SWIFT member institutions (after the US), but it doesn’t even crack the top ten in terms of volume of transactions (last year Moscow was in 15th place). By the early 2000s at least 90% of Russia’s foreign payments were processed through SWIFT. The system was also utilized for many domestic transactions.
When the West first introduced economic sanctions against Russia in 2014, British Prime Minister David Cameron demanded that Russia be disconnected from the SWIFT system. The only reason they have not made good on this threat is because the West is afraid of the potential consequences. After all, disconnecting Russia from SWIFT isn’t like disconnecting Iran – only 14 banks were cut off there, while 600 would need to be unplugged in the Russian Federation.
But if the hybrid war against Russia becomes a full-blown conflict, it will not be possible to rule out the chance that Russian bank operations will be completely barred from SWIFT. Preparations for that war can’t wait until the last minute, and some measures are already in place. For example, by late 2014 Russian companies and organizations were already making payments and settling accounts with one another without resorting to SWIFT as an intermediary. A national system had been set up to handle domestic payments between Russian banks.
International payments are more complicated. Back in 2014, talk began of creating a direct-payment system (that would also communicate information about payments) between China and the Russian Federation. The system needs to be autonomous – fully independent of any payment systems controlled by the United States and European Union (specifically the trans-European TARGET system). And this autonomy is only possible by transitioning to the use of national currencies – a premise that was built into the original design.
In addition to the agreement signed at the BRICS summit in Brazil in July 2014 to establish the BRICS Development Bank, it was also agreed that the central banks of the BRICS countries would open mutual lines of credit in one another’s national currencies. Perhaps that was when the idea of creating a bilateral payment system for Russia and China was transformed into the idea of a multilateral BRICS payment system. Naturally, that would also involve transactions in the national currencies of those five countries.
Russia has shown the most interest in this BRICS payment network. Last October Beijing reported that a system for processing international payments in yuan was already operational, which it called the Chinese alternative to SWIFT. Only a modest number of transactions are as yet using this Chinese platform, but it is possible that this acorn could grow into a mighty oak of a system, in time becoming an alternative to SWIFT. [end excerpt]

* "The Great Paper Caper: Years of running drugs and boosting cars left FRANK BOURASSA thinking: There's got to be an easier way to earn a dishonest living. That's when he nerved up the idea to make his fortune. (Literally.) Which is how Frank became the most prolific counterfeiter in American history—a guy with more than $200 million in nearly flawless fake twenties stuffed in a garage. How he got away with it all, well, that's even crazier" (2014-10, []

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