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June 23rd, Northbay Uprising News

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A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region
 [] []

Stop Urban Shield Town Hall
Friday, June 24 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
East Bay Media Center, 1939 Addison St, Berkeley, California 94704
Come through on Friday, June 24 to learn how to support the state-wide mobilization against Urban Shield on Sept. 9 in Pleasanton, CA! This is the second of three Town Halls that Stop Urban Shield is holding, and we encourage all social justice organizations and individuals in Berkeley and surrounding neighborhoods to attend.
Co-hosted by the Stop Urban Shield coalition, Berkeley Copwatch and Anti Police-Terror Project, we'll be facilitating an interactive forum to understand what exactly Urban Shield is, its tactics to repress our communities through increased militarization of police and emergency medical services, and its place within the global context of policing and imperialism. As we always must, we'll be highlighting the voices and deep insights of those who have lost loved ones to police violence and lifting up the ways our communities are building resilience against militarization.
In 2014, communities united to kick Urban Shield out of Oakland.
In 2015, we converged on the Sheriff's office in downtown Oakland to let them know that Urban Shield is not welcome in Alameda County.
And In 2016, we're taking it state-wide and putting Urban Shield on notice that we don't want them in California or anywhere else for that matter.
Urban Shield is a weapons expo and war-like police training that brings together law enforcement agencies from across the country and world to learn how to better repress, criminalize, and militarize our communities.
Urban Shield is a key player in creating militarized emergency response systems that make police the first responders to everything from climate disasters to uprisings. But as we saw during Hurricane Katrina, when “public safety” relies on armed emergency management, communities of color -- and particularly Black communities -- become an “emergency” that need to be controlled and managed with a military response.
COME JOIN US at this Town Hall to learn how WE can shrink Urban Shield -- and policing as a whole -- out of existence.
Access: Entrance and bathrooms are wheel chair accessible.

Hike on new trail through Strawberry Rock forest!
Sat.  June 25   12:00
Meet at the culdesac at the end of  Frontage  Road at noon.
Just east of the freeway in  Trinidad…. go north
 Easy to moderate, approximately four miles.
“For the wild!”
Green Diamond Resource Company has two active Timber Harvest Plans around Strawberry Rock they want to clear-cut  log.
 Let's demonstrate our want of an intact forest in this area with community hikes every other Saturday.
The new trail completes a full loop around Strawberry Rock altogether passing through four units slated to be clear-cut.


Shut Down Nazi Rally!
Sponsored by AntiFa Sacramento []
Get ready for Sacramento on Sunday, June 26th. The Golden State Skinheads, Traditionalist Workers’ Party, the KKK, and other groups are holding a rally at the State Capitol []. Be there. This is shaping up to be the largest white power rally on the west coast in some time.
* "Battle for Sacramento: AntiFa Sacramento to confront Traditionalist Worker's Party on June 26th" (2016-05-22, []
 * "National Mobilization: Blockade and shut down White Supremacy in Sacramento" (2016-05-25, []


JULY 9, 2016, 12 NOON
ABOLISH NATO - The NATO summit is taking place right now in Warsaw, Poland. Generals and other unelected bureaucrats are planning for endless war! STOP THEM!
We will have a Moment of Silence for the victims of NATO violence
- In Los Angeles at Grand Park, Downtown Los Angeles. Grand Park is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Grand Park stretches from The Music Center on the west to City Hall on the east between First and Temple
- In San Francisco at United Nations Plaza
- In Los Angeles []
Sponsored by the California Peace Coalition []
For more information, contact us:
- In So. Cal. [213-448-4363]
- In Nor. Cal. [707-561-0683]
Post Office Box 741104 Los Angeles, CA. 90004


Petaluma Progressive Festival 
Sunday, July 31, noon-5:00 PM
Note, this annual event is typically held in September and this year is being held in July!
This year the San Francisco Mime Troupe returns! Featured Speakers to be announced.
Free event! For more information visit: []
Walnut Park 201 4th St., Petaluma

Veterans For Peace Annual Convention 
at Clark Kerr campus of University of California Berkeley, CA
Aug 11-15, 2016

Remembering the Kellogg Briand Pact
Aug 27

International Day of Peace
Sep 21

First SOAW bi-national convergence
Oct 7-10
at the U.S./Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona

Armistice Day in your city
Nov 11

Stories are reviewed and provided by Northbay MDS Committees and Affiliates

* "From Chiapas to Rojava: The Rise of a New Revolutionary Paradigm" (2016-02-26, [] [begin excerpt]: Probably the most important similarity between the revolution in Rojava and the one in Chiapas is the social and political reorganization that is taking place in both places that is based on the libertarian ideology of the two organizations.
The Zapatista autonomy in its current form originates from the failure of the peace negotiations with the Mexican government after the uprising in 1994. During the peace negotiations the rebels demanded the government to adhere to the accords of San Andres, which give the indigenous people the right to autonomy, self-determination, education, justice and political organization, based on their tradition as well as communal control over the land and the resources of the areas that belong to them. These accords were never implemented by the government and in 2001 president Fox backed an edited version that was voted for in congress but did not meet the demands of the Zapatistas and the other groups in resistance. This event was labeled as "treason" and it provoked the EZLN to declare two years later the creation of the five rebel zones, centered in five Caracoles (or snails in English) that serve as administrative centers. The name Caracoles came to show the revolutionary concept of the Zapatistas - we are doing it ourselves, we learn in the process and we advance, slowly, but we advance. The Caracoles include three levels of autonomous government - community, municipality and Council of the Good Government. The first two are based on grassroots assemblies whereas the Councils of the Good Government are elected but with the intention to get as many people as possible to participate in the Government over the years through a principle of rotation. The autonomy has its own educational system, healthcare and justice, as well as cooperatives, producing coffee, cattle, handcrafts etc. [end excerpt]

* "What’s CIC?" ( [] [begin excerpt]: An Integral Cooperative is a tool to create a grassroots counterpower departing  from self-management, self-organization and direct democracy, and one that would help overcome the actual state of dependency on the structures of the system, towards a scenario of liberty full awareness, free of authority, and in which everyone could flourish under equal conditions and opportunities. [end excerpt]

* "Film Review: Solidarity Economics in Italy" (2016-06-15, [] [begin excerpt]: There was a time when U.S. workers’ movements encompassed many forms of cooperation.
Unions, worker cooperatives, farmer and consumer cooperatives, credit unions—they were all part of the same discussion. The National Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, for instance, organized producer and consumer cooperatives in the late 1800s. The Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers and others built huge housing co-ops. Unions and cooperatives distributed food and proposed taking over industries in the 1919 Seattle General Strike.
And there’s a long history of cooperation in African American working-class communities, including co-ops formed by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, traced in historian Jessica Gordon Nembhard’s recent book Collective Courage.
But since the 1950s, the tide of collaboration has receded—though the connection between unions and co-ops was never completely broken. Today the best-known U.S. example is probably the New Era Cooperative in Chicago, where members of the United Electrical Workers (UE) occupied and then took over their window-and-door factory.
Still, for most unionists today, “worker cooperative” probably brings to mind a small organic bakery or alternative coffee shop—if anything at all.
It’s a shame, because the question of democracy in the workplace (and in the economy) is one we can’t afford to ignore. [end excerpt]

* "Our Grandparents didn't vote for Fascists..." meme (2016-06-18) [], full image []


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee []

* "The WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos, intervened in the Plenary Session of the 105th ILC" (2016-06-06, []:
Today, on June 6th, the WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos intervened  in the Plenary Session of the 105th International Labour Conference. During his speech he underlined the importance of international solidarity to the workers in struggle around the world, the importance of class struggle against the capitalists and the governments and the preparations for the 17th World Trade Union Congress on 5-8 October 2016 in Durban, S. Africa.
The Speech of the WFTU General Secretary:
“Ladies and gentlemen,
Colleagues, representatives of trade union organizations,
On behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions, I want to express our internationalism to the workers of France, who have been organizing strong, massive mobilizations against the anti-labor policies of the Francois Hollande government. The law promoted by the French government, attacks rights that were won through workers struggles.
We extend our solidarity to the people of Brazil, which is struggling against the antidemocratic, parliamentary maneuvers of the bourgeoisie; we unite our voices with the heroic Palestinian people which suffer from the Israeli politics. We are on the same side with the peoples of Syria and Venezuela which are in the aim of the imperialists and the capital.
Today, in all European Union Countries, the attacks of all governments against the workers and against trade union rights are generalized. This policy is centrally planned; it is a central strategic choice of the European Union and the monopolies.
In fact, these strategies have one aim: to convert us into modern – day slaves. Slaves without salary, labor, social security and democratic rights.
At the same time, state violence, the persecution against the trade union movement and those who fight in the first line of the struggles, is getting stronger and stronger.
Right now, as we are speaking here in Geneva, fighters of the World Federation of Trade Unions are in prison, because they fought defending the workers.
In Colombia, elected union leader Huber Ballesteros is in jail for 3 years now.
In Guatemala, Julia Amparo Lotan, a vice-president of WFTU, is in prison for over a year, facing fabricated charges. In Paraguay, Ruben Villalbe, a leader of rural workers, is held in prison for over 4 years now, for organizing the struggles of his sector.
We will not let these comrades alone, not even for a moment, until they are free. The WFTU is proud for these cadres and their proud and militant stance.
Also, a central problem for the working class today, and not just for European workers, is the defense of the life of the immigrants and refugees, who are trying to save themselves by leaving the war zones. The main reason of this situation are the imperialist wars, imperialist interventions, who aim to steal the natural and economic resources of the peoples.
This image of the millions immigrants and refugees, side by side to the antilabor and antipeople policies of the governments, is exploited by xenophobic, racist and neofascist political forces. Neofascism is again threatening the peoples.
Facing this situation, nobody can afford to close their eyes and ears. Nobody can afford to wonder “For whom the bell tolls?” The bell tolls for everybody.
The World Federation of Trade Unions, that is preparing for its 17th World Trade Union Congress on October 5 to 8, is developing a modern, militant, unitary, class oriented strategy in order to give the answer of the workers side and the side of the class oriented trade union movement.
We are saying to the governments and the multinationals: We will not let you make us slaves of the 21st century.
We are telling to the world working class: united, with class unity, like brothers, we will make unions stronger, we will make participation of the youth in the unions stronger and having internationalism and solidarity among us as our weapons, we can successfully organize our defense and offence. Until the elimination of exploitation of man by man.
Thank you.”

* "So You Think Your Workplace is Disorganized?" (2016-06-16, [] [begin excerpt]: Your workplace may feel like a disorganized mess. But the truth is, you’re never starting from zero. There’s organization there already—though it might not have anything to do with the union.
Are there carpools, for instance? Family ties? A rumor mill? If John didn’t show up for his shift, who would have his number and call him up to find out if he was okay? If Monique came out of the supervisor’s office in tears, who would meet her in the break room to give her a hug and ask what happened?
People are social creatures who form bonds anywhere we go. But it’s especially true in a workplace, where we’re under pressure and relying on each other to get things done. We get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and size up who we can trust. We figure out ways to pass around important news.
Organizing starts with the resources you have. Analyzing the power and relationships that exist in your workplace already—understanding who does what where, including in management—is your first step to shifting power. [end excerpt]

* "After Defeating Democrats, Will Ohio Unionists Form a New Labor Party?" (2014-10-08, []

information collected by the Committee to

* " 'This is a gasp': 10% of Cal State University students homeless" (2016-06-21, []

Community Fascism in Vallejo, the "City of God":
* "This is a short piece I wrote for the Stonewall Dems last night" (2016-05-17) []
The Community Democratic Club needs to stop giving cover to people whose extreme homophobic viewpoint and/or beliefs are in direct opposition to the Democratic Party platform. There is no place for them there, period. We've tried to work within the system on this issue and it hasn't worked. It is time for our community to peacefully and with integrity come together, rise up and say this will not stand.
Here is a point of action that I can take. This weekend I will be attending the LGBT Caucus at the California Democratic E-Board meeting in Long Beach. I'm going to make it very clear what is happening in one of the so-called democratic clubs in our community and that the Central Committee refuses to act on it, though many have brought it to their attention. There should be no cover for bigots and homophobes under the auspices of the Democratic Party.

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[] [] [] []

* "Everything You Need To Know About Oakland's Sex Crime Scandal and Firing of Three Police Chiefs in a Week A complete rundown of all the Express' reports and investigations" (2016-06-18, []

* "Oakland PD goes through two police chiefs in one week" (2016-06-18, []

* (2016-06-17) []: Happening NOW: Amid a sex trafficking scandal involving 14 Oakland police, three Richmond police, four Alameda County sheriff's deputies and a federal officer -- activists just hung this outside the police department:

comment: Gang in Blue. It doesn't stop there... The minor involved doesn't want to sue because her parents are dispatchers. She doesn't want the backlash on her family. Poor thing. Can't say I blame her because who is going to protect her from them...

* "3 NYPD commanders, including deputy chief, arrested on corruption charges" (2016-06-20, []

* "After Burning Sleeping Baby, Sheriff Claims It Was Baby’s Fault" (2015-05-26, [] [begin excerpt]: I have to be honest. I was going to do a full legal write-up and analysis of the federal complaint [] and defense briefs [] filed in the case of Bou-Bou Phonesavanh, the Georgia infant who was burned nearly to death at 2 in the morning after sheriff’s deputies in Habersham County, Georgia threw a flash-bang stun grenade into his crib. I was going to detail how, despite the fact that the deputies inflicted life-threatening and permanently disfiguring injuries to Bou-Bou, despite the fact that they stole him from his crib without allowing his distraught parents to see what happened, despite the fact that they lied to his parents about the extent of Bou-Bou’s injuries, despite the fact that the “no knock” home invasion was conducted on the basis of an anonymous tip, and despite the fact that the sheriff’s department was unable to find any evidence of the alleged drug dealing at the scene, they now have the audacity to claim that Bou-Bou and his family are at fault for their own injuries. [end excerpt]
* "Pity the Poor Stormtroopers: Baby Bou-Bou Ambushed Them" (2015-05-18, []
* "Habersham County sheriff explains raid where baby injured by stun grenade" (2014-05-30, []
* "Sheriff that Laughed about Flash Banging a Toddler, Was Just Shot By Murderous Rogue Cop" (2015-10-01, []

* "Viral videos of police brutality lead to more crime, FBI director claims" (2016-05-14, []
* " ‘Ferguson effect’ to blame? DOJ study points to ‘unprecedented’ homicide rise" (2016-06-16, [] [begin excerpt]:
As the US comes to terms with the Orlando massacre, the Justice Department has revealed “a nearly unprecedented” spike in homicides. Yet, the worrisome surge was not due to mass shootings, but a “Ferguson effect,” the new DOJ study says.
The paper, released three days after the shooting in Florida, documents a nearly 17 percent rise in homicides across the nation’s 56 large cities in just one year.
It appears that of the sampled cities, 10 are directly responsible for the homicides spike, accounting for 66.7 percent of the total increase. The top 10 cities are Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington, Nashville, Philadelphia, Kansas City, and St. Louis.
“Had homicides not risen in these cities, it is likely that the homicide increase of 2015 would have generated far less attention and controversy,” wrote Richard Rosenfeld, the author of the study and a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
However, Rosenfeld focuses not so much on the spike itself, but on the specific factors that lay behind the 2015 homicide rise. He highlights three “plausible explanations” – a surge in the illegal drug trade, a wave of released prisoners, and a theory known as the “Ferguson effect.” [...]
The “Ferguson effect” has been linked to the homicide increase in the top 10 cities, all of which have relatively large African-American populations.
It is no coincidence that the name of the controversial trend – “Ferguson effect” – corresponds to the August 2014 death of an unarmed 18-year-old African-American man shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
“There is ample evidence in support of the third expectation regarding African-Americans’ lack of confidence in the police,” Rosenfeld wrote.
The year after Ferguson, the percentage of blacks that believed the justice system was biased rose to 74 percent. However, evidence supporting the “Ferguson effect” theory is also scant, and the details are not very clear.
At the same time, Rosenfeld stressed that his findings are only limited to the 56 sampled cities and cannot be “generalized to smaller cities, towns and rural areas, where average homicide rates are lower.” [end excerpt]

* "What Could Go Wrong? Crime Fighting Robots Now Equipped With Self-Defense Instincts" (2016-06-21, by Claire Bernish) [], photo showing a Knightscope K-5 unit on patrol in San Jose (Silicon Valley)


NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 

* "How Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer Are Teaming Up With the NYPD to Push Police Militarization; The Urban Areas Security Initiative appears to be a slush fund for surveillance of activists and police militarization" (2016-06-08, []

* "Creating terrorists: The FBI’s dark history of provoking violent attacks" (2016-06-22, []

* "FBI Entrapment Fuels Terror, Not Stops It" (2016-06-17, by Tony Cartalucci) []

* "Minority (math) report: Scientists say algorithm can predict ISIS attacks" (2016-06-17, []

* "411mn photos on FBI’s facial recognition database – govt watchdog report" (2016-06-16, []

* "Smartphone Users Are Paying for Their Own Surveillance" (2016-06-20, []

* "Father of Paris attack victim sues Google, Facebook & Twitter for spreading ‘extremist propaganda’ " (2016-06-16, []

* "Don't Rush to Judgement in Orlando Shooting" (2016-06-17, by Russ Baker, []

* Unredacted Version Of Orlando Shooter’s Calls To 9-1-1 Leaked By CNN, with context by Claire Bernish (2016-06-20) [], as opposed to the FBI's Release of Partial, Edited, Text-Only Transcript Of Orlando 911 Calls []
* " ‘American ISIS fighter’ releases video praising Orlando shootings" (2016-06-20, []
* "CIA has not found any link between Orlando killer and Isis, says agency chief John Brennan told the Senate intelligence committee Thursday that CIA has no evidence of a connection between Omar Mateen and the Islamic State" (2016-06-16, []
* "Orlando killer searched for Facebook updates during rampage, ranted about 'filthy ways of the West' " (2016-06-16, []

* "Did a delay in response give the gunman more time? Cops face questions over why it took three hours for SWAT teams to storm Orlando nightclub as police chief admits officers may have shot some of the VICTIMS" (2016-06-13, []

* "Omar Mateen - Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Profile Page" (2016-06-17, []: Mini Bio - Omar Mateen is an actor, known for Love City, Jalalabad (2013), The Big Fix (2012), The Department (2015) [and Pulse Orlando Shooting (2016)]? Click here to see Omar Mateen's profile on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (retrieved 2016-06-12) [], (retrieved 2016-06-16) [], (retrieved 2016-06-17) [], "Other works" (retrieved 2016-06-17) []: (2011-2016) G4S International Securities and Defense Contracting; (June 11, 2016) Pulse Nightclub "Event".
Omar in makeup in movie "Love City, Jalalabad" (1:30) []
Screengrab: Omar Mateen as seen in a documentary film "The Big Fix", view it at (36:00) [].

Omar was not the only actor shown to be part of the Orlando "event", at least three other actors were chosen as eyewitnesses for the news media []
More about Crisis Cast company []

* "Orlando shooter was employee of global security firm G4S" (2016-06-14, Reuters Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Before Sunday morning, few Americans had heard of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s British headquartered employer, G4S, the world’s largest global security firm, which employs more than 610,000 people in 110 countries.
In the United States alone, G4S security guards stand watch over airports, water and power plants, nuclear facilities, immigration transportation and even, as in the case of Mateen, gated communities.
Since 2008, G4S Secure Solutions — the company’s American subsidiary — has received nearly $830 million worth of federal, state and local government contracts, including for the Department of Homeland Security, according to the SmartProcure database. Its private clients include Google and J.P. Morgan Chase. [end excerpt]

* "Federal prosecutors convene grand jury to investigate wife of Orlando massacre gunman, source says" (2016-06-15, []
* "FBI Told Orlando Shooter's Wife Not to Tell US Media He Was Gay; In an interview with Brazilian TV, the ex-wife of Omar Mateen claimed the U.S. agency told her to keep quiet about his homosexuality" (2016-06-16, []
* "Noor Zahi Salman: Everything You’re Hearing About Me Is a Lie" (2016-06-16, [] [begin excerpt]: And the government has a lot of incentives to lie about this case. They failed to keep people safe. So, what to do? Blame the wife. Blame the Muslims. They didn’t alert us. They are suspect. Potentially, all of them. That’s what Trump — and Clinton in more subtle ways — are saying. I didn’t need to be in contact with people who know Noor Zahi Salman to know that, but it helps. In fact, I am in touch with a friend of hers who is in regular contact with people around her now. This means I am probably in closer touch with the actual facts of the case than the zillion media outlets blaring whatever it is “sources” are telling them to blare at you. In so doing, they are smearing a woman who was questioned by the most powerful government in the world, smeared on the largest media outlets as a virtual accessory to mass murder — all without the benefit of a lawyer.
She is apparently telling people around her that virtually everything you’re hearing about her is a lie.
Some examples: [...]
The Daily Beast claims []: “Noor Zahi Salman also reportedly drove Mateen to the gay nightclub Pulse to case the place before he killed 49 people there on Sunday night.”
Noor Zahi Salman is apparently saying that she never drove him to the club and that in fact, she doesn’t like to drive at all.
ABC claims []: “After Noor Mateen began to answer questions, agents administered a polygraph test to determine whether she was telling the truth.”
Noor Zahi Salman is apparently saying she offered to take a polygraph but the government declined.
What we apparently have is severe logrolling between media and government — where government sources hide behind anonymous quotes and media hide behind anonymous sources. So, basically, they can mutually absolve each other and publish most anything that will benefit the both of them.
[end excerpt]
* "Florida shop refused to sell guns to ‘very odd’ Orlando attacker" (2016-06-16, []
* "Gun Shop Owner: We Called FBI After Mateen Tried To Buy Body Armor, Bulk Ammunition" (2016-06-16, []

* "Zuckerberg: “We’ll All Be Plugged Into The Matrix In 50 Years” … Facebook" (2016-06-16, by Melissa Dykes) []
* "Zuck to the future: Mark Zuckerberg says we’ll be plugged into ‘The Matrix’ within 50 YEARS; Tech titan claims computers will soon be able to read our minds and beam our thoughts straight onto Facebook" (2016-06-15, [] [begin excerpt]: Zuck has hinted that social networks of the future will be powered by telepathy, allowing ordinary people to beam their brainwaves and emotions directly onto the internet…
“I think you’re going to be able to capture a thought [and take] what you’re thinking or feeling, in its kind of ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world,” he said whilst discussing predictions of the future with the Washington Post. [...]
Zuck said government researchers had already worked out how to remove the memory of solving a maze from one rat’s head and then implant it in another rodent’s noggin.
“Then that mouse, without ever having been through the maze, was able to go do it. “That’s just straight out of the Matrix, right?” [end excerpt]
* "Here are Mark Zuckerberg’s full remarks about how much he’d like to (literally!) read your thoughts" (2016-06-14, [] [begin excerpt]: This is not the first time Zuck has salivated over mind-reading, an apparent preoccupation of the young CEO. He first called telepathy the “the future of communication” almost exactly one year ago.
That, however, was just an offhand comment — his Facebook Live remarks are far more telling. Telling in the sense that, where I see a dim corporatocratic hellscape, Zuckerberg sees a frolicking utopia of puppies and sunshine and …sharing.  [end excerpt]
* "Mark Zuckerberg says the future of communication is telepathy. Here’s how that would actually work" (2015-07-01, []

* "The Pentagon's controversial plan to hire military leaders off the street" (2016-06-19, []

The new "Race for Space" is utilized as an humanitarian or trendy explanation for the operations of clandestine and military security agencies and private sector partners, such as, for instance, placing militarized and/or information collecting devices outside Earth's atmosphere.
* "The Government Of Mars Is Already Being Planned: A Glimpse At Martian Law" (2016-06-17, by James Holbrooks) [] [begin excerpt]: Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors and private aerospace manufacturer SpaceX — and the man whose timetable for putting humans on Mars beats even that of Mars One — has long seen the colonization of the Red Planet as a means to save the species.
“I think there is a strong humanitarian argument for making life multi-planetary,” Musk told Aeon magazine when asked why we should focus on Mars when there are so many problems facing people here on Earth, “in order to safeguard the existence of humanity in the event that something catastrophic were to happen, in which case being poor or having a disease would be irrelevant, because humanity would be extinct.”
Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, whose private aerospace company Blue Origin is focused primarily on moving heavy industry from Earth to outer space, says we absolutely should and will colonize Mars, “because it’s cool.” [end excerpt]

NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Five-Eyes, and other transnational partners
* "US, Israel agree to cyber information-sharing efforts" (2016-06-22, []

* "Facial profiling: Israeli start-up says its tech can detect terrorists from just looking at a face" (2016-05-25, []

* "Will U.S. House Of Representatives Resolution 779 EVER Be Published?" (2016-06-18, by Catherine J. Frompovich) [] [begin excerpt]: Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was a long-time employee of one of the biggest and nastiest of the British Crown’s private security agencies—G4S, with 620,000 employees in over 100 countries. G4S is the third largest private corporation in the world, and it is a critical part of the British Monarchy’s “invisible empire” of private mercenaries, assassins and clandestine operatives. In the United States, G4S has security contracts for 90% of the nation’s nuclear power plants, is a major sub-contractor for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and even handled the security for the British Petroleum offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, which is where Omar Mateen worked for a number of years []. [end excerpt]

from the Committee to
End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers! 
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "The Drug War Started 45 Years Ago Today. Here's How to End it For Good" (2016-06-17, []


* "The U.S. Loses When Former Prisoners and People Convicted of Felonies Can't Re-Enter the Labor Market" (2016-06-16, []


* "Voices from Solitary: Solitary Is a Living Death" (2016-06-21, []

* "Mental Health and Prisons" (by Richard Wembe Johnson, at San Quentin, for the Post News Group) []:
There is no doubt that mental health is a major concern in our society, and it should be. But there is also a major perception that everyone in prison needs psychological therapy along with prescription drugs. In the brief period that I have been on the mainline, or the general population, I have noticed that many of the prisoners are being enticed to see mental health personnel. I have no opposition to this, provided that it's truly necessary. Too often, however, I have witnessed people being exploited and exposed to what I refer to as "quackery," or another form of control. Some are put on anti-depressants or other medication for psychological disorders for the sole purpose of making them dependent or hooked on prescription drugs.
In all fairness, there may be a small group who can benefit from such treatment. Nonetheless, I feel that the largeness of scale of this treatment is unwarranted. If the purpose is to help prisoners, then why does the administration find it necessary to dabble in areas that aren't broken? Upon my arrival to prison, I noticed one of the main requirements was to speak with a psychiatrist to determine one's mental state. If there was a hint of mental
disturbance, they would likely put prisoners on meds. When I arrived at San Quentin, I was asked if I needed a psychiatrist because of my long stay in isolation. I declined because I had endured nearly two decades of their worst treatment in a Security Housing Unit (SHU). I wondered why I would need therapy now that I am out of isolation and re-siding in the general population. It seemed like another indication that the actual objective of pre-scribing psycho-logical medication is to keep prisoners in a constant state of dependency. I believe that many inmates are being subjected to these treatments for the economic needs of the prison administration. Just recently, the medical department came out of receivership, which means that the federal government no longer has full control of the medical wing of the prison system. Prisons are a cash cow with many different interest groups benefiting financially. The Mental Health Department of prisons reaps huge sums of cash.
You can reach Mr. Johnson by letter: Richard Johnson K-53293, S.Q.S.P. 3 W 2, San Quentin, CA 94974.

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney, victim of racist Michigan frame-up []


* "Major Tillery files new legal appeal; New Evidence Proves Gross Prosecutorial Misconduct— The Only Trial Evidence Was Lies Manufactured By The DA & COPS! Dismiss the Charges! Free Major Tillery Now!" (2016-06-15):
Photo caption: June 15, 2016: Family and friends outside courthouse.
Major Tillery filed a new Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA petition) in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. His newly discovered evidence is the sworn declarations of the two jailhouse informants who testified at Tillery’s trial in May 1985: their testimony was lies made up by the prosecutors and police.
Major Tillery has always stated his innocence. He’s been in prison for over 30 years, twenty of them in solitary confinement, for crimes he did not commit.
There was no evidence against Major Tillery for the 1976 poolroom shootings that left one man dead and another wounded—except for these informant’s false testimony. The surviving victim gave a statement to homicide detectives saying the shooters were “Dave” and “Rickie.” Major Tillery was not a suspect.
Jailhouse snitch Emanuel Claitt had over thirty criminal charges pending against him when homicide detectives coerced him to provide evidence against at least five men for murders thought to be related to drug dealing. In May 1980 Claitt gave a statement making Major Tillery and William Franklin the poolroom shooters.  Claitt wasn’t at the scene of the shooting. He had no direct information about it! Everything he testified to was given to him by the prosecution and the cops.
In return for his lying testimony about Major Tillery, most of Claitt’s charges were dismissed and his numerous sentences resulted in just a year and a half in jail.
Additionally, while Claitt was in custody the police arranged for him to have sexual trysts with his girlfriends in homicide police interview rooms.
The other false witness at Tillery’s 1985 trial was Robert Mickens, who has provided a similar history of being coerced to lie against Major Tillery and given plea deals and sexual favors in return.
Based on these new sworn declarations, Tillery's petition states that he is factually innocent, that his case involves “gross prosecutorial misconduct violating the fundamentals of due process” and his conviction is a “fundamental miscarriage of justice that shocks the conscience”. The due process violations in this case warrant not a reversal of this conviction and a new trial, but dismissal of the charges and his immediate freedom from prison.
This case is a particularly grotesque example of the corruption and misconduct of the Philadelphia district attorney’s office under Edward Rendell and carried out by Assistant DAs Barbara Christie and Roger King, and Leonard Ross.
Tillery's trial took place at the same time as the firebombing of the MOVE Osage Avenue commune on May 13, 1985. During the trial, the prosecution worked to demonize Tillery by repeatedly bringing into evidence that he was a high-ranking official in the Nation of Islam.
Major Tillery is now 65 years old, and has spent over thirty years in prison for a crime he did not commit, mostly in solitary confinement in max prisons. He has liver problems, arthritis and rheumatism, back problems, a skin rash and Hepatitis C. From prison, he filed and won the lawsuit, Tillery v. Owens (1990), which forced the PA Department of Corrections to provide mental health and medical care and end double celling (4 men to a small cell) at SCI Pittsburgh. Last year stood up for Mumia Abu-Jamal and told SCI Mahanoy prison Superintendent John Kerestes that “Mumia is dying” and needed to be taken to a hospital. For this, prison officials retaliated against Tillery and he was shipped to SCI Frackville, set up for a prison violation and spent months in solitary confinement.
Major Tillery is an innocent man. He needs your help to overturn his conviction, expose the prosecutors and police who framed him up, and win his freedom. For over thirty years in prison, Major Tillery has fought for himself and other prisoners. He is fighting now for his freedom. To do this he needs your help--
Publicity, Protest and Money!
To get this new PCRA filed and into court has cost money. Much more is needed to complete the investigation to further expose the corruption of the prosecution and police that led to his conviction. He needs lawyers to make sure this case is not ignored. Please help, now.

Financial Support—Tillery's investigation is ongoing, to get this case filed has been costly and he needs funds for a legal team to fight this to his freedom!
- Go to, a donate to the following code: Major Tillery AM9786 PADOC
- Tell Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams: "Free Major Tillery! He is an innocent man, framed by police and and prosecution." Call [215-686-8711] or email [DA_Central@)]
- Write to:
Major Tillery AM 9786
SCI Frackville
1111 Altamont Blvd.
Frackville, PA 17931
- For More Information, Go To: []

* "Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes Denied Again at His 10th Parole Board Hearing" (2016-06-17, Political Prisoner News):
We are enraged to report that Political Prisoner Robert Seth Hayes received notice today, June 16, 2016, that he was once again rejected by the Parole Board. This is the tenth time Seth has been to the Board, and the tenth time he has been denied, despite having an excellent record and meeting all requirements to be released on parole.
There will definitely be an Article 78 appeal of this denial. We will need everyone's help in preparing for the appeal and will definitely be waging a strong campaign.
We will keep everyone posted on upcoming steps and actions to take. In the meantime, please take the time to write to Seth and let him know he is in our hearts and on our minds.
Robert Seth Hayes #72A2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, New York 12733-0116

* "Pennsylvania Parole Board denies parole for Sister Debbie Africa" (2016-06-16) []:
As expected, this past week The Pennsylvania Parole Board denied parole for our Sister Debbie Africa  and gave her a two year hit.  A week and a half ago The Pennsylvania Parole Boardl denied parole for both Janet and Janine Africa, giving them both a two year hit as well. The recent parole denials are nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt by this Government to try and break our sisters. This attempt by this Government has not and will not Break our Sisters because they are Strong, Secure, and Committed Revolutionary Women thanks to JOHN AFRICA The FOUNDER and COORDINATOR  Of THE MOVE ORGANIZATION.
Our sisters are remaining strong and have not given up in their fight for REVOLUTION  and this is an encouraging example for us all to keep fighting . By no means are these recent denials a defeat for us but this gives us more fuel, more fire, to keep exposing this issue with The PA Parole Board and The Fraternal Order of Police. This fight is far from over as we now prepare for the August 2016 parole hearing for our Brother Michael Africa and the now 2018 parole hearings for Delbert, Eddie, Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa. So as was stated earlier, this fight is FAR FROM OVER and we are not letting up not one bit and we will continue to work to bring our family home.
We will soon post  our next course of action as it relates to the illegal parole denials of The Move 9. In the meantime we continue to urge people to sign and share the official petition we have aimed at The United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch urging an investigation into The Wrongful and Ongoing Imprisonment of The Move 9. People can sign by going to the link
Also, this August 8th 2016 on the 38 Anniversary of the arrest of The Move 9, we will be putting together a twitter storm to obtain our goal of 25,000 signatures for The US Justice Department petition for an investigation into the wrongful imprisonment issue.
In the meantime we urge people to stay strong and keep fighting!
For More Info People Can Go To [] [] []


Free Tim Lahrman 
* "The Management of Dissent: How to Destroy an Activist" (2016-04-24, by Janet Phelan) [], more info [] []


* "Hate crimes against LGBT people on the rise – advocacy groups" (2016-06-17, []

* " ‘Coming to a gay bar near you’: Marines post violent Facebook threat against gays" (2016-06-17, []

* "Anti-Gay Pastor arrested on 70 counts of child pornography" (2016-06-10, []

* "The Top 16 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay: In light of it recently being revealed that Republican North Carolina Senate candidate Steve Wiles once performed as a drag queen, and proving once again that conservative, anti-gay activists aren't always what they seem, this list is now 16 conservative anti-gay activists who turned out to be gay" (retrieved 2015-03-08, [], full version []

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []

* "Endangered Sonoma County Tiger Salamander Gets Recovery Plan" (2016-06-20, []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [].

* "Science in the Corporate Interest Monsanto Wants to Know Why People Doubt Science" (2015-02-27, by Colin Todhunter) []

* "Protect California school kids from pesticides" (2016-06-17, []: Help protect California school kids from dangerous pesticides being applied near their schools. The UFW and a coalition of partners is calling for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to enact a 1-mile pesticide-free buffer zone around schools.
Why is this so important? Because many of the pesticides used near schools are linked to cancer, respiratory and reproductive damage, or known to harm the brain and nervous system. And science shows that children’s developing minds and bodies are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of these chemicals.
In 2014 the California Department of Public Health issued a report documenting the use of 144 hazardous, drift-prone pesticides used in large quantities (up to 29,000 pounds) within a quarter mile of many California schools. The report also highlighted the fact that Latino children in California are almost twice as likely as white children to attend schools near the highest use of these hazardous agricultural pesticides.
Pesticides known to harm children should not be used where kids learn and play. Period. Sign now. Our coalition will hand-deliver your comments and signature to DPR Director Leahy on July 12.
(live link) []

* " 'Virtually unregulated': Radioactive fracking-waste rules in the US slammed in report" (2016-06-20, []

* (retrieved 2016-06-19, []:
Food Grade Chemicals: Meeting The Highest Standards -
For a wide range of food grade chemicals, Spectrum adheres to the most exacting standards relating to the food and beverage industries. From Kosher ingredients, which are all Kosher certified, to cardiovascular and heart healthy ingredients, including heart healthy supplements, FCC Products and FCC Chemicals, as well as Buffer Solutions, Spectrum has the high quality ingredients you can trust! For Food Grade lab equipment, Spectrum also carries titrators specifically targeting the food & beverage industries, pre-programmed for all relevant food industry titration methods, including salt, vitamin C, calcium and SO2 contents, as well as free fatty acids and iodine values in oil, water quality titrations and many others.


* " ‘Badly behaved teenagers have different brains’ – Cambridge scientists" (2016-06-16, []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* "Analysis: 85 Percent of Continental U.S. Birds Protected by Endangered Species Act Have Increased or Stabilized Since Being Protected, Average Increase Was 624 Percent" (2016-06-21, []

* "Millions of Dead Bees in D.C. Send S.O.S. for Pollinators; National Keep the Hives Alive Tour visits Washington during Pollinator Week" (2016-06-20, []

* "Report: Pesticide Industry Delaying Bee Protections Across US; Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto influence shaping federal and state pollinator plans" (2016-06-15, []

* "Exposed: Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections; Bayer, Monsanto, and Syngenta are effectively 'shaping new pollinator 'protection' plans nationwide that do little to protect bees, but a lot to protect industry profits' " (2016-06-15, []

articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign
[] [] [] []

* "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant to be Shut Down, Power Replaced by Renewables, Efficiency, Storage; California, world’s sixth largest economy, going nuclear-free" (2016-06-21, []
* "Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Retirement is Huge Opportunity for California Renewable Energy" (2016-06-21, by Laura Wisland, Senior Energy Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists) []

* "4 Lessons For Climate Organizers From Anti-Nuclear Movement" (2016-06-11, []

* "US Court of Appeals Asked to Block Restart of Damaged Indian Point Nuclear Reactor; Emergency petition alleges failure of nuclear regulator to protect the public" (2016-06-16, []

* "TEPCO admits cover-up of Fukushima meltdown" (2016-06-21, []

articles recommended by the 
[] []

During the transition towards energy sovereignty, the following technology will be utilized to recycle waste petro-plastics.
* "Scientists reveal efficient way to degrade a plastic bag into liquid fuel" (2016-06-19, []

ANIMAL RIGHTS: Save the Whales!
* "At least 10 whales die, more set to perish after mass stranding off Indonesia" (2016-06-16, []

Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [[]

* "New Book: “The Business of America Isn’t Business Anymore.” It’s Tricked Up Financial Engineering" (2016-06-15, []

* "15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See" (2016-06-16, by Michael Snyder) []

* "Who Does the Biggest Lobbying Force in the US Represent? Not Its Members; 'Member companies become de facto promoters of tobacco and adversaries of climate action' " (2016-06-15, []

* "Republican AGs protest climate fraud probe into big oil, threaten fraud lawsuits of their own" (2016-06-18, []

* "Florida Republican giving away AR-15 assault rifle just week after deadliest US mass shooting" (2016-06-21, []

* "Obama-appointed judge destroys chances of federal regulation on fracking" (2016-06-22, []

The following articles describe how the process of over-regulation can be beholden to private interest.
* "Why are Kinder Surprise eggs illegal in the USA?" (2015-02-21, []
* "Giants in Candy Waging Battle Over a Tiny Toy" (1997-09-28, [] [begin excerpt]: For the past several weeks a little-noticed war involving chocolate balls has been raging across the capital's specialized battlefields of regulatory agencies, Congress and consumer organizations.
Although the hollow balls are each only about two inches in diameter, millions of dollars are at stake as two candy superpowers, Nestle and Mars, face each other on opposite sides of the legislative breach. And, as usually occurs in such situations in Washington, each side has deployed legions of lobbyists and lawyers to press its case.
The fight is over a product called Nestle Magic, a chocolate ball covering a plastic shell, inside of which is a small plastic toy in the form of a Disney character. The product is aimed at 3- to 8-year-olds.
Mars, which makes M&M's and Mars Bars, among other sweets, has allied itself with, and is largely subsidizing, consumer groups that are hoping to prevent Nestle from establishing a market for the product in the United States. [end excerpt]

USA FASCISM: "Libertarianism & Constitutionalismto benefit private bureaucracies
21st Century Capitalism.
- Public-sector bureaucracies = bad
- Private bureaucracies = good
Checkmate, Statists. Entrepreneurialism have developed a sure fire market solution to abolish bureaucracy. 😜 #innovation #synergy #beanbagocracy
Read more at [] []

Mary Ruwart, in 2008, came close to becoming the Libertarian Party's nominee. She wanted to legalize a child's right to consent sexually.


An individual with an assault rifle is not the same as a well regulated militia.
The militia was to restrain government or oppressive power... so, the Black Panthers and Brown Berets are two good examples of a "well regulated militia"... but don't tell "Constitutionalists", who believe the militia is to be used to take back their country and re-institute the "good ol' days" that the Black Panthers and Brown Berets fought and died to end.
Yes, the old Black Panthers had a Rainbow Coalition with the Gay Liberation Front, the Young Patriots (white folks with Confederate flags), and many other "well regulated militias", and yes, hundreds from the Rainbow Coalition (mostly of the Brown Berets, and American Indian Movement alongside the Independent Ogala Nation) died in the mid-70s attempting to protect their respective communities against the old Jim Crow and other manifestations of fascism. But, the Rainbow Coalition was Marxist, not Libertarian, so their sacrifices are not remembered by historians trained at the current capitalist regime's educational institutions.

USA FASCISMDominionism & the "Prosperity Gospel"

* " 'Radical Islam v Radical Christianity': YouTube prank sparks outrage after Orlando shooting" (2016-06-16, [], attached video (.mp4) []

USA FASCISM: Military State
Military culture is about domination. Sexual torture as a practice is fostered by military culture. Although the following is from USA-partner state Australia, it reflects USA military culture.
* "Boys forced to rape each other at Australian military schools - inquiry" (2016-06-21, []

USA FASCISM: Two Party Dictatorship
* "Clinton's Wall Street Donors Revolt After Warren Emerges as VP Contender; While "no American politician in recent history has done more to harness the powerful anti-Wall Street sentiment" than Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton has received a windfall in financial sector donations" (2016-06-20, []

* "Clinton superdelegate & long-time congressman found guilty on 22 counts in corruption trial" (2016-06-22, []

* "Votes that don't count: More than 200k provisional primary ballots discarded in 2016" (2016-06-17, []

* Twenty six pages of testimony to voter suppression in just L.A. alone! (.pdf) []

* (retrieved 2016-06-17, from] [] [begin excerpt]: Concern has been expressed that the exit polls of the Democratic Primaries for this year, when compared to electronic voting machine totals, seem to show a pattern that might suggest that the electronic vote totals in eleven states may have been shifted from apparently votes from Sanders to Clinton..(see chart below)  In contrast to other nations, exit polls used currently by the Federal Government to assess election fraud in other countries are adjusted continuously on election day to match electronic voting machine totals, rather than to determine whether the electronic vote is accurate. Edison Research which has done all the prior exit polls in this primary has refused to release the raw data, as it has routinely refused since 2004.  A lawsuit is being submitted in Ohio about the refusal of both the Media Consortium and Edison Research to release the raw data which would show much more accurately who people really voted for.” [...]
A 2006 video of security expert, Stephen Spoonamore,  talks about the importance of exit polls and how exit polls show very different results from electronic voting machine data in the US than in other countries. Please note that the US Department of Foreign Affairs considers a 2% difference between exit polls and electronic vote totals in OTHER countries as highly significant of election fraud.
Below is a 2016 dialogue with the Chicago Board of Elections about manual tally workers changing total votes for Sanders into Clinton votes to match the electronic voting machine totals. The staff doing the manual county were pressured by their employers who are part of the the Chicago Board of Elections to make their hand counted totals match the machine totals. This video also shows the kind of defensive behavior that Boards of elections frequently demonstrate even when politely challenged. [...]
 Richard Charnin, a mathematician and statistician and author of the book, Matrix of Deceit, has been reporting on the apparent shifting of electronic vote totals and the non-release of raw data from Edison since 2004. Richard Charnin, well-known for what he calls the “Red Shift” which has been a shift between exit polls and electronic vote total differences of about 4-5% each year. This constitutes a shift to the political right. Although he is unable to analyze the raw data, he has been able to get screen shots of what the exit polls showed minutes before all of the electronic votes have been totaled since 2004.  In 2004, when Edison Research initially got exit poll data that said that Kerry was winning and Bush was losing at 9pm on election night and that the reverse was true shortly after midnight, Edison Research made a choice to “adjust” the raw data after that time so that it would match the electronic voting machine totals. Edison Research definitely wanted to keep being hired by the Media Consortium which proposes to tell viewers the true election results but which also chooses to trust electronic voting machine data. That was the last time that the American public has been able to see raw exit poll data. [...]
As computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore notes in the video above, when exit poll data varies more than 2% from electronic vote totals, the electronic vote totals are questionnable. If fact, 2% is used as the boundary by the US government when determining that the election in another country other than the US has possibly been stolen. Please note the exit poll differences up above that are more than 2%. These differences point to questionable results for the electronic vote totals. [end excerpt]
Attached videos:
- A recording of the evening on May 27th at the Institute []
- A 2006 video of security expert, Stephen Spoonamore []
- 2016 dialogue with the Chicago Board of Elections about manual tally workers changing total votes for Sanders into Clinton votes to match the electronic voting machine totals. []

* "Election Fraud Proven at Audit by Chicago BOE - flipped precinct by 18pts from Bernie to Hillary" (2016-04-21, []

* "2.5 Million Untallied Votes in CA, Mass Voter Purge in OH, and Other Stuff That Still Matters" (2016-06-10, []

* "CA Exit Polls reveal 23% Discrepancy; 11 States With Vote "Flipping" Evidence; Our New Directions in American History?" (2016-06-05, by Stephen Fox) []

* " ‘Guccifer 2.0’ releases hacked DNC docs revealing mega donors, Clinton collusion" (2016-06-16, []

* "Media Coverage of the Primaries Was Awful, Harvard Study Confirms" (2016-06-14, []

* "Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud" (2016-06-16, by Sean Adl-Tabatabai) []

* "Inspired by Bernie, 'Sanders Democrats' are winning primary elections" (2016-06-15, by Reno Berkeley) []

USA FASCISM: State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime []

* "When Media Learned Killer’s Ethnicity, Then They Knew to Call It ‘Terrorism’ " (2016-06-14, []

The monopolist media is shown to be projecting White supremacy in their coverage of two recent similar incidents of child endangerment...


* "Yet Another Failed Attempt to Discredit Bernie Sanders, Courtesy of the New York Times" (2016-06-20, []

USA FASCISM: Artificial Poverty and Starvation
* "US Political Prisoner Update" (2016-06-20, by Janet Phelan) [] [begin excerpt]:
In a recent US government human rights report, the US voiced sharp criticism of China’s treatment of human rights lawyers and dissidents. “The crackdown on the legal community was particularly severe, as individual lawyers and law firms that handled cases the government deemed ‘sensitive’ were targeted for harassment and detention,” the report stated.
The report, which is issued annually by the US State Department, failed to take note that similar repressive tactics are currently being leveled against attorneys and human rights activists in the US. In particular, the disability rights community is being hit with the disbarment of attorneys and the jailing of activists.
Why Disability Rights?
Governments generally have some kind of mechanism in place to house or otherwise care for the incompetent and infirm. State hospitals, homeless shelters and later, community board and care facilities have all provided some level of care for those under parens patriae (when the government is legal protector of those unable to protect themselves).
With a growing aging population (as of 2014 the US had over 46 million over the age of 65 – 14% of its total population), and given the incidence of dementia or Alzheimer’s-related illness in the elderly, the realities of aging have produced a trajectory of legislation, most of which results in permission to plunder and eliminate – rather than protect – the incompetent.
According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 11 % of people over 65 have Alzheimer’s. This figure balloons to over 30% for people over 85. It is estimated that 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s. The rude fact is that such people have traversed beyond their productive years and are considered by some to be a burden on the entitlement programs. In a society which values youth and accomplishment, such people may be considered superfluous.
There are three official routes to the elimination/plunder and one unofficial route.
The official routes involve 1) assisted suicide laws, 2) adult guardianships and 3) hospice for non-terminally ill individuals. The unofficial route involves a previously discussed program involving “impostor” pharmaceuticals. The first three routes enable the “legal” elimination of individuals who are past their productive years. And, as is hardly surprising, there is a growing resistance, among family members and also grassroots groups, to the taking of the elderly and disabled.
The final route constitutes a “black” program and at the time of this writing, efforts to turn over evidence of the impostor pharmaceuticals to the authorities at The Hague have met with a roaring silence. [end excerpt]

* "Liberty & drug tests for all: Lawmaker seeks to drug screen the rich" (2016-06-17, []: While some lawmakers want to require drug screening and testing for welfare and other assistance program applicants, this idea has inspired one US congresswoman to call for the rich to be drug tested if they wish to take advantage of tax deductions.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker put a lot of time and energy into passing legislation that has given Wisconsin the right to drug test participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). He is not alone either. At least 15 states now require drug testing for public assistance applicants.
Representative Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin) describes these stipulations as “the criminalization of poverty,” the Guardian reported. In response, she has announced her intention to introduce a bill called the Top 1% Accountability Act that would force taxpayers with itemized deductions exceeding $150,000 to submit a clear drug test to the IRS. Based on the IRS’ 2011 tax data, the only homes that would qualify would be those with a yearly federal adjusted gross income of over $1 million, the Guardian reported [].
The federal government considers tax deductions to be expenditures, because they reduce its revenue and, as high earning taxpayers collect the lion’s share of these subsidies, Representative Moore figures they ought to be subject to the same requirements as low-income earners receiving social benefits.
“The benefits we give to poor people are so limited compared to what we give to the top 1%,” Representative Moore said. “It’s a drop in the bucket.”
Moreover, states that require drug testing for welfare recipients have found it to be ineffective and expensive. For example, Missouri spent $336,297 to test 38,970 welfare applicants, but a total of only 48 people actually failed, according to ThinkProgress [].
In addition, studies from the University of Miami School of Medicine found that TANF recipients with existing drug problems were more likely to find work and treatment after receiving welfare, saying, “Treatment completion and length of stay in treatment was associated with moving from welfare to work, and residential treatment (compared to other drug treatments) was associated with positive employment outcomes.”
In addition, the study [] also noted that women, who account for the majority of TANF recipients, “who lose their employment and welfare benefits may be engaging in illegal activities to support themselves and their children.”
Representative Moore noted one potential benefit of her program, saying, “We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street, who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done.”

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Rising Tide of 'Politically Acceptable' Killings Spells Danger for Environmentalists Worldwide; More than three people were slain each week in 2015 for 'protecting the land, forests, and rivers,' a new report reveals" (2016-06-20, []

* "Mainstream Media Finally Admits Mass Banker “Suicides” Were Likely A Vast Criminal Conspiracy" (2016-06-16, by Jay Syrmopoulos) [] [begin excerpt]: In 2015 there was a popular “conspiracy theory” floating around the Internet after a rash of mysterious “suicides” by high-profile banking professionals. What once looked like wild speculation is now beginning to resemble a vast criminal conspiracy connected to the Libor, interest-rigging scandal [].
Over forty international bankers allegedly killed themselves over a two-year period in the wake of a major international scandal that implicated financial firms across the globe. However, three of these seemingly unrelated suicides seem to share common threads related to their connections to Deutsche Bank. These three banker suicides in New York, London, and Siena, Italy, took place within 17 months of each other in 2013/14 in what investigators labeled as a series of unrelated suicides.
“In each case, the victim had a connection to a burgeoning global banking scandal, leaving more questions than answers as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths,” according to the New York Post. “But all three men worked for, or did business with, Deutsche Bank.”
Financial regulators in both Europe and the U.S. in 2013 began a probe that would ultimately become known as the Libor scandal, in which London bankers conspired to rig the London Interbank Offered Rate, which determines the interest banks charged on mortgages, personal loans and auto loans. The scandal rocked the financial world and cost a consortium of international banks, including Deutsche Bank, about $20 billion in fines.
David Rossi, a 51-year-old communications director at the world’s oldest bank, Italian Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which was on the brink of collapse due to heavy losses in the derivatives market in the 2008 financial crisis, fell to his death on March 6, 2013. At the time of his death, Monte Paschi was being investigated for its handling of billions in these risky derivative bets involving Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.
According to a report in the NY Post [] [begin article excerpt]:
A devastating security video shows Rossi landing on the pavement on his back, facing the building — an odd position more likely to occur when a body is pushed from a window.
The footage shows the three-story fall didn’t kill Rossi instantly. For almost 20 minutes, the banker lay on the dimly lit cobblestones, occasionally moving an arm and leg.
As he lay dying, two murky figures appear. Two men appear and one walks over to gaze at the banker. He offers no aid or comfort and doesn’t call for help before turning around and calmly walking out of the alley.
About an hour later, a co-worker discovered Rossi’s body. The arms were bruised and he sustained a head wound that, according to the local medical examiner’s report, suggested there might have been a struggle prior to his fall. [end article excerpt]
Ultimately Italian authorities ruled Rossi’s death a suicide. Rossi’s widow, Antonella Tognazzi, protested vigorously at the suggestion her husband’s death was a suicide, telling the Italian press that her husband “knew too much.” Tognazzi pointed to the alleged suicide note from Rossi as a prime example of the suspicious nature of his death. In the note, Rossi refers to Antonella Tognazzi as Toni, but according to Tognazzi, that was not something he ever called her. [end excerpt]

* "Guess How Many Nations In The World Do Not Have A Central Bank?" (2015-06-10, [] [begin excerpt]]: Central banking has truly taken over the entire planet.  At this point, the only major nation on the globe that does not have a central bank is North Korea.  Yes, there are some small island countries such as the Federated States of Micronesia that do not have a central bank, but even if you count them, more than 99.9% of the population of the world still lives in a country that has a central bank.
So how has this happened?  How have we gotten the entire planet to agree that central banking is the best system?  Did the people of the world willingly choose this?  Of course not.  To my knowledge, there has never been a single vote where the people of a nation have willingly chosen to establish a central bank.  Instead, what has happened is that central banks have been imposed on all of us.
All over the world, people have been told that monetary issues are “too important” to be subject to politics, and that the only solution is to have a group of unelected, unaccountable bankers control those things for us. [...]
Central banks are truly “the untouchables” of the modern world.  Even though everybody can see what they are doing, there has not been a single successful political movement anywhere on the globe (that I know about) to shut a central bank down.
Instead, in recent years we have just seen the reach of central banking just continue to expand.
For example, just look at what has happened to some of the countries that were not considered to be “integrated” into the “global community”…
-In 2001, the United States invaded Afghanistan.  In 2003, Da Afghanistan Bank (who picked that name?) was established by presidential decree.  You can find the official website of the bank right here.  Now Afghanistan has a modern central bank just like the rest of us.
-In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.  In early 2004, the Central Bank of Iraq was established to manage the Iraqi currency and integrate Iraq into the global financial system. [...]
-In 2011, the United States bombed the living daylights out of Libya.  Before Muammar Gaddafi was even overthrown, the U.S. helped the rebels establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company.
Central banks are specifically designed to trap nations in debt spirals from which they can never possibly escape.  Today, the debt to GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time high record of 286 percent.  Humanity is being enslaved by a perpetual debt machine, but most people are not even aware that it is happening. [end excerpt]

* "Why do Brexit campaigners hate Bank of England Governor Mark Carney?" (2016-06-17, [] [begin excerpt]: The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has become a bogeyman figure for ‘Leave’ campaigners, who have vigorously attacked him over his involvement in the EU referendum campaign. [...]
In May, following warnings from the IMF and OECD over Brexit, the BoE made almost 100 mentions of the referendum in its quarterly Inflation Report.
Carney has also warned that a vote to leave the EU could cause a “technical recession” in the UK.
Why are Brexiteers so angry?
Leave campaigners argue the BoE should not comment on the EU referendum campaign because it is meant to be independent of government and never remarks on the economic policies of political parties before a General Election.
Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin wrote a strongly-worded letter to Carney this week saying as much.
“You are prohibited from making any public comment, or doing anything which could be construed as taking part in the referendum debate,” Jenkins wrote, before issuing a thinly-veiled threat.

The process of replacing workers with robots continues...
* "Self-learning AI robot hired by London council… for customer service" (2016-06-16, []

* "World’s first ‘emotional humanoid’ joins ranks at Belgian hospitals" (2016-06-17, []

* "Self-driving 3D printed bus named ‘Olli’ can be hailed via app & learn skills" (2016-06-17, [], photo (Rich Riggins, IBM) caption: Local Motors CEO and co-founder John B. Rogers, June 16, 2016 in Fort Washington, MD.


information collected by the  
[], for justice, dignity and human rights, and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

* "Bridging Divides of a New Cold War: As NATO steps up military maneuvers near Russia’s borders and congressmen fume about “Russian aggression,” a delegation of Americans including former U.S. officials is looking for face-to-face ways to encourage peace" (2016-06-15, by former Col. Ann Wright) []

* "Support GI Rights" ( [] [begin excerpt]: it’s worth remembering that World War II persists. Over 100,000 U.S. and British bombs remain in German soil and continue to kill. During the last 71 years, the U.S. has never ended the war taxes, left war footing, or ceased empire building. Some 50,000 U.S. troops are stationed in Germany to this day.
In fact, the United States has made Germany central to its wars today in western Asia and the Middle East, shipping troops via Germany into numerous wars, and bringing the wounded to a U.S. hospital (Landstuhl) in Germany. The United States has also made Ramstein Air Base in Germany central to its drone wars.
As at U.S. bases in the United States and around the world, U.S. troops in Germany often need help with PTSD and moral injury. They need accurate information on their rights, including how to conscientiously object, and including how to legally speak out against atrocities they have witnessed or committed.
Fortunately, they have Meike Capps-Schubert. She is co-founder and current manager of the Clearing Barrel GI-Coffeehouse in Kaiserslautern next to Ramstein. It’s believed to be the only GI-coffeehouse outside the United States.
That coffeehouse is doing vital work on a shoestring.
Meike is a counselor with the Military Counseling Network e.V. — the German branch of the GI-Rights Hotline, which provides free, confidential, and accurate information on U.S. military regulations and practices to members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. She has also helped build critical support for U.S. war resisters in Germany since 2003.
Meike has assisted U.S. war resisters like Augustin Aguayo and Andre Shepherd who have helped turn public opinion against the war on Iraq. She has organized winter-soldier and other public events with U.S. veterans in Germany. The Clearing Barrel now serves as a meeting place for members of the military and peace activists, as well as a source of information on counseling and rights.
Since the abolition of compulsory service in Germany’s Bundeswehr, this help and information have also become increasingly important for Bundeswehr soldiers and people who are considering joining the military for purely financial reasons and in response to promises of a “career.”
Often the best tool veterans find for healing is honestly speaking out about war. Their doing so contributes significantly to the struggle to end war. The Clearing Barrel makes this possible. Hundreds of events — readings, theatrical performances, concerts, and political events — have been held at the Clearing Barrel.
This work must continue and be expanded, and Meike urgently needs your support. Please click to make a contribution [].

* Desert Voices, newsletter for the Nevada Desert Experience  (2016, Spring) (.pdf) [], featuring updates on direct action campaigns against nuclear weapons facitlies.

* Rev. Carolyn Metzler has written a day-by-day account about her experiences on the Sacred Peace Walk (.pdf) []

* "My Visit to a Las Vegas Jail" (2016-05-03, by Brian Terrell, via [] [begin excerpt]: I was one of twenty five arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police at Creech Air Force Base, the center of drone assassination by the US Air Force and the CIA some forty miles northwest of the city on March 31 and April 1. “Shut Down Creech” was a weeklong convergence of activists from around the country. Most of us staying in tents at a makeshift “Camp Justice” in the desert across the highway from the base, our days of discussion, study, song, reflection and strategizing built up to a dramatic series of coordinated actions, including street theater and blockades, that disrupted the lethal business as usual of Creech. While we expected to be arrested, this was not our desire or our goal. Once again, the police arrested the wrong people as they abetted the criminals and took those who acted to stop a crime in progress down town to be booked. [end excerpt]


* "Extending American Power: Strategies to Expand U.S. Engagement in a Competitive World Order" (2016-05-16, Center for a New American Security, []
* " ‘Extend American power’: Foreign policy establishment doubles down" (2016-05-21, [] [begin excerpt]: The new generation of Americans needs to be taught that US hegemony is “vital” to their well-being and global peace, and that it must be extended if world order is to be sustained, says a report by a bipartisan group of foreign policy veterans in Washington.
A working group at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) published a 20-page pamphlet this week, articulating their vision for the next president’s foreign policy. The think-tank was established in 2007, and has worked closely with the Obama administration ever since.
Titled “Extending American Power: Strategies to Expand US Engagement in a Competitive World Order,” the report is the culmination of a year-long effort. The project was co-chaired by Dr. Robert Kagan of the Brooking Institution and James Rubin, former Assistant Secretary of State during the Clinton administration and currently a senior adviser at CNAS.
US military, economic and diplomatic power has “provided the critical architecture in which this liberal order has flourished,” the report’s authors claim, but today that order is being challenged by “powerful and ambitious authoritarian governments like Russia and China,” as well as “radical Islamic terrorist movements,” global economic shifts, and “changes in our physical environment.”
“Responsible political leaders need to explain to a new generation of Americans how important this world order is to their well-being and how vital America’s role is in sustaining it,” the group says.
The best way to ensure the survival of a system favorable to the US “is to extend American power and US leadership in Asia, Europe, and the Greater Middle East.”
The financial expenditures this would require are “well within our means,” they say, since the US economy has proven itself to be dynamic and resilient in face of global crisis.
Implementing the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade pacts will preserve US economic leadership, the authors concluded.
In Asia, Washington’s alliances with Japan and South Korea and the commitment to “maintaining open sea lanes, open trade, state sovereignty and freedom of navigation” have “made possible generations of historic peace and prosperity.” However, the report says that dominance is now being challenged by China – the authors do not explain why – and the only way to keep Beijing in check is for the US to “increase its capabilities and extend its military posture accordingly.” [end excerpt]

* "Dangerously Coherent: Hillary Clinton and Washington’s Foreign Policy Bubble" (2016-06-10, []

* "Clinton’s National Security Strategy: Military Escalation with Hillary" (2016-06-16, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Bernie’s Capitulation and Hillary’s Syrian War to Come" (2016-06-21, []

* " ‘Freudian slip’: VP Biden says he wants Syrian president named ‘Saddam’ to go" (2016-06-22, []

* "Hawks rising: Dozens of State Dept officials call for US strikes against Assad in Syria" (2016-06-17, []

* "Read This Before The Government Uses The Orlando Shooting To Start Another War" (2016-06-17, by Claire Bernish) []

* "US efforts 'have not reduced' ISIS terrorist capability, reach – CIA chief" (2016-06-16, []

* "Wikipedia: protecting the public from inconvenient war truths" (2016-06-17, Tim Anderson) []: almost all the entries i have made in the past - on contentious issues re US foreign policy - no matter how well documented - have been 'reversed'


* "Obama’s tap as US troop commander in Africa requests more power to bomb ISIS in Libya" (2016-06-21, []

* "British Troops Enter Syria and Libya to Ensure That War Outlives ISIS" (2016-06-15, []

* "UN’s Ban Ki-moon notes Russia’s crucial role in solving intl conflicts, as Ukraine fumes" (2016-06-17, []

End The Cold War!
The Federation of Russia (and verso, the Eurasian Economic Union EEU, alongside its Silk Road venture with the People's Republic of China and SCO member states) has been very friendly in negotiating equal partnership with the European Union EU government, though member states of the EU (and affiliated states) are dominated by regimes following the USA State Department dictates towards war with the Republic of Belarus, the Federation of Russia, and against other EEU member states.


* "Why go to Russia?" (2016-06-21, by Kathy Kelley, via [] [begin excerpt]: Today, NATO and U.S. troops will conclude 10 days of military exercises, Anakonda, on Russia’s western border, involving 31,000 troops. The operation was named after a snake that kills by crushing its prey. Ongoing deployment of 4,000 additional NATO troops has been announced.  U.S. and South Korean military exercises just completed at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea were dubbed “Decapitation” and mobilized 320,000 troops.
Conn Hallinan, in “Bear Baiting Russia” [], notes that “Russia has two bases in the Middle East and a handful in Central Asia. The U.S. has 662 bases in foreign countries around the world [] and Special Forces (SOF) deployed in between 70 and 90 countries at any moment []. Last year SOFs were active in 147 countries. The U.S. is actively engaged in five wars and is considering a sixth in Libya. Russian military spending will fall next year, and the U.S. will out-spend Moscow by a factor of 10 []. Who in this comparison looks threatening?” [end excerpt]

* "Russian And American Jets Dangerously Close To Combat As Destabilization Of Syria Continues" (2016-06-21, by Brandon Turbeville) []
* "WPost’s ‘Agit-Prop’ for the New Cold War; The Washington Post, the neocons’ media flagship, has fired a broadside at a new documentary after it blasted a hole in the side of the anti-Russian Magnitsky narrative, which helped launch the new Cold War" (2016-06-21, []

* "Putin: Russia ready to lift sanctions first, if certain that EU will follow suit" (2016-06-17, []
* "Putin urges EU to restore cooperation with Russia, says Moscow is ready to meet halfway" (2016-06-17, []

* " ‘Blank shot’: Crimean official blast western sanctions as ineffective" (2016-06-17, [] [begin excerpt]: EU sanctions against the Crimean Republic do not scare its residents, have no effect on the region’s economy and their new prolongation is very much like a blank shot, Crimean Deputy PM Ruslan Balbek has told reporters.
“The extension of the sanctions has not come as a surprise for Crimeans. These sanctions will not cause any damage, they are akin to a blank shot,” Balbek was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. “Crimea is a part of the great Russian nation and all western restrictions only act as a stimulus for the Crimean economy.”
“In two years, they failed to reach the desired result – there is no disastrous economy slump in Crimea or in Russia as a whole, there is no social dissent or civil disturbances. All their steps have only mobilized and united Russian society,” the official noted.
The deputy PM reminded the journalists that many European politicians have personally visited Crimea since its reunification with Russia and witnessed the real state of events in the republic. “When they leave our peninsula they know that its residents have only gained from the reunification with Russia, which they had always considered their motherland. They see that the peninsula is developing and that there are no ethnic or religious conflicts here,” Balbek said.
On Friday, the European Union announced that it was extending the ban on business dealings with Crimea for another year. The sanctions prohibit imports of products from Crimea, any investment there, cooperation in tourism services as well as exports of some goods and services to the peninsula. Next week the EU is also expected to extend the broader economic sanctions against Russia introduced in connection with the Ukrainian crisis until the end of 2016.
The Crimean Republic reunited with the Russian Federation in March 2014 after over 96 percent of its residents – the majority of whom are ethnic Russians – supported the move in an urgently called referendum. The decision was prompted by the ousting of the democratically elected president of Ukraine and the installation of a nationalist-backed regime, which almost immediately declared war on the pro-Russian regions in the southeast. [end excerpt]

* "Severe cyber-attack could be a case for NATO action – Stoltenberg" (2016-06-16, []
* "D.N.C. Says Russian Hackers Penetrated Its Files, Including Dossier on Donald Trump" (2016-06-14, []

* " ‘I don’t need war’: Bulgarian PM rules out joining NATO flotilla in Black Sea" (2016-06-17, []

The UKGB, though under going a "Brexit" campaign concerning exit out of the European Union, is also negotiating equitable economic ventures with the Euriasian Union
* "Rosneft & BP form joint venture to develop oil fields in East and West Siberia" (2016-06-17, []

Dai Nippon (Japan) is a government dominated by global market entities whose relations with various clandestine and military agencies ensures a projection of force against rival market entities, so that the militerization of Japan into an offensive-capable power is implemented for the purposes of containing the EEU and SCO common markets.
* "Duma speaker warns of third-party attempts to distort Russia-Japan relations" (2016-06-17, []

The Olympics are nominally neutral during times of Cold War, yet are currently being deployed for the purposes of isolating the Federation of Russia in all manner of international visibility, adding to the tension among even apolitically neutral organizations.
* "IAAF upholds ban against Russian athletes ahead of Rio Olympics" (2016-06-17, []
* "Russian athletes banned for Rio 2016 Olympics as IAAF upholds suspension" (2016-06-17, []
* "Isinbayeva: IAAF decision discrimination on national grounds, violates human rights" (2016-06-17, []
* "IOC supports IAAF decision to ban Russia’s track & field team ahead of 2016 Olympics" (2016-06-18, []
* "Coe's IAAF presidency victory linked to corrupt official" (2016-06-18, []

Another example of the type of people who are pushing for the Cold War is contained in the following article:
* "Over 20,000 sign US petition to probe Russian tycoon Khodorkovsky over 'paying’ for anti-Putin bill" (2016-06-18, []

* "CDC Covered Up “Catastrophic Failures” At Level-4 Biosafety Labs Containing Ebola And Smallpox" (2016-06-17, by Mik Slavo) []

* "Canada now 2nd-largest exporter of arms to Middle East: report" (2016-06-16, Huffington Post) []

* " ‘No hope’ Turkish border guards killing Syrian civilians will face justice, HRW tells RT" (2016-06-21, []

NeoCon Studies -
* (2014-06-16, []


Weapons for a New World Order
* (2016-06-21, []: Advances in computers and electronics have spurred development of an increasing variety of small robots and microdrones. The technological results can swarm, fly, swim, and crawl around performing tasks from spying to collecting samples. About these photos: RoboBees created at Harvard robotics laboratory (upper left), Mini-robots developed at Sandia National Laboratory (upper right), Harvard University Microrobotic Fly (lower left) and Illustration of Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology from BAE Systems (lower right). Photo credit: Kevin Ma and Pakpong Chirarattananon / Harvard Microbotics Lab, ENERGY.GOV / Flickr, US Air Force and BAE Systems


* "U.S. Navy Held Meetings With Transhumanist To Discuss Implanting Humans With Microchips" (2016-06-17, by Joe Jankowski) []

* "Mind-reading AI: Researchers decode faces from brainwave patterns" (2016-06-16, []
* "Reconstructing Perceived and Retrieved Faces from Activity Patterns in Lateral Parietal Cortex" (2016-06-01, by Hongmi Lee of the Department of Psychology, New York University, and Brice A. Kuhl of the Department of Psychology, University of Oregon, published by The Journal of Neuroscience) (.pdf) [], article abstract [], photo from The Journal of Neuroscience displaying the various reconstructions of the face a person was thinking of.


* "Downloadable personalities will make us immortal, according to expert" (2016-06-21, []

As the weaponization of outer space continues to develop, so will the techniques to find objects that may be threats, from rail-guns with tungsten darts, to minor asteroids...
* " ‘Dancing’ with Earth: NASA discovers tiny asteroid companion" (2016-06-16, []

Articles reflecting the views of war planners

* "The biggest hurdles to the future army we need" (by Conrad Crane, []

USA Homeland's resident nations:
Nations exist alongside the Federal [], and State governance []. Demographic maps: 2000 [], 2010 [], religion []. 

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA territory) and the Boriqueno nation

* "No more ‘US & UN trickery’: Bankrupt Puerto Ricans flood San Juan demanding decolonization" (2016-06-19, []

* "Bondholders Sue to Block Puerto Rico Debt Moratorium; Religious Development Coalition Releases Statement" (2016-06-21, []

* "National Lawyers Guild International Committee Presentation to the United Nations Decolonization Committee Hearings on Puerto Rico" (2015-06-22, by Jan Susler, of the People’s Law Office) [] [begin excerpt]:
The National Lawyers Guild, incorporating the requests sought by the majority of the other presenters before this Honorable Committee, urges the adoption of a resolution calling for the General Assembly to consider the case of Puerto Rico; and calling on the government of the United States to: * immediately cease the brutality, criminalization and harassment of, and attacks on, the Puerto Rican Independence Movement and all those who exercise their fundamental rights to expression and association; * immediately release Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who has just marked the 34th anniversary of his arrest and imprisonment in U.S. prisons; * identify and hold criminally liable all those responsible for the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos (2005), Santiago Mari Pesquera (1976), Carlos Muñiz Varela (1979), and other militants of the Puerto Rican independence movement; * withdraw the FBI, the U.S. court, and all other U.S. police, repressive and military forces and agencies from Puerto Rico; * fully withdraw from Vieques, formally return legal property of the land to the people of Vieques, cease detonating unexploded ordnance, completely clean up the pollution left by the U.S. Navy’s 60 year occupation through the use of proven, environmentally friendly clean-up methods, foster and support a sustainable economy, and compensate the people of Vieques for the damage to their health done to them by the same; * cease and desist from the application of the death penalty in Puerto Rico; * formally commit to negotiate in good faith with the people of Puerto Rico a solution to the colonial condition; and recognize the proposals that emanate from a Constitutional Assembly, initiated by the people of Puerto Rico, such as that called for by the Puerto Rico Bar Association, as the true expression of the aspirations of the people of Puerto Rico, and respond to them accordingly. [end excerpt]

USA Homeland's resident nations:
American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns, and Dominionist Campaigns. []

* " 'Yankees' arrested for removing Confederate flag while visiting Deep South" (2016-06-22, []

* The South Carolina Secessionist Party []: The South Carolina Secessionist Party is a grass-roots organization, focused on returning honor, integrity, tradition and independence to South Carolina
* (2016-06-20, The South Carolina Secessionist Party): This week, we invite anyone willing and able to join us for the weekly flagging of the Charleston Battery. This weekly event provides the opportunity to display your pride in your confederate forebears, re-educate the public and defy political correctness.

* "Incredible Inflatable Nazi Trump - He's Full of Hot Air" []

* "How ‘Students For Trump’ Terrorized Portland State University" (2016-06-09, []
* "Meet the shock troops of Trump’s America" (2016-06-17, [] [begin excerpt]: Matt Duffy, 19, wearing an Infowars tee shirt, supported building a wall to “keep out illegal immigrants and drugs.” He liked Trump because “he’s a nationalist and a populist and puts America First.” Turning to Muslims, Duffy said, “We have Muslims invading Europe. They are out-breeding us.” When asked about Trump’s attacks on the impartiality of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel because of his Mexican heritage, Duffy said, “There is definitely a conflict of interest. Lots of Mexicans have illegal family members or friends.”
As for African-Americans, Duffy said, “The majority of them want social programs, free stuff.” He concluded by asking, “Do we want single moms and minorities deciding who the president is? Because that’s where we’re heading.”
Others also talked of political power in sexual terms. Timmy Matlock, 24, a high-school dropout who claims to work in security in Europe and Asia, said “I don’t give a f*ck about the wall” but supported the movement behind Trump. “It’s ending 30 years of cuckoldry the country has been subjected to, with the United States capitulating to the Saudis, Europe, and NAFTA. Our move away from American nationalism is going to cripple us economically and socially in the end.” A reporter present labeled them “angry nerds” and added that Matlock was around the Bundy militia occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Oregon in January.
After the first meeting of the Students for Trump was confronted by nearly a hundred protesters, including Black Lives Matter, in April, Duffy appeared on Infowars, where the conversation focused on how the left is oppressing whites and the right with “cultural Marxism” and “neo-segregation.” Duffy said many on the right are “afraid of being called a racist.” But with Trump supporters “that doesn’t affect us. It bounces right off of us. … We don’t apologize for being white. We don’t apologize for being a man.” [...]
The Students for Trump members are children of the Internet and molded by raw ideology. They find each other online, have a megaphone in Infowars and, are versed in alt-right memes, and some cruise dark digital recesses like subreddits that are “a worse black hole of violent racism than Stormfront,” and 4chan, notorious as an incubator of violent misogyny. Some in Students for Trump delight in spreading the 14/88 meme, too. The former refers to the 14-word-long white supremacist slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” the latter is code for “Heil Hitler” as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. [...]
The most prominent face of Portland State Students for Trump, Kolychev says, “I have Black and Hispanic friends,” and people should be judged as individuals not on “group aggregates.” He also says “There are biological differences between Blacks and whites. There are I.Q. differences, a lower ability to postpone gratification. A quicker gestational period.” After receiving a quizzical look, Kolychev clarified, “Blacks breed quicker.”
Aping Taylor, Kolychev says, “Diversity weakens a country. When you have people of different cultures and ethnicities in the same place you have conflict. It’s natural.” When asked about the socio-economic status of African-Americans, he said, “For some reason Blacks don’t accept American values and culture. There’s high ethnocentrism among Blacks. It’s natural. Bats are with other bats.” For Kolychev race is biological destiny, “Africans have an IQ of 70, Blacks in America have an IQ of around 85 because they’re one-quarter white. Whites have an IQ of 100, Asians 108, and Ashkenazi Jews are 117.”
Tylor Phelps struck a similar note about Mexico, “The I.Q. there is about 80,” attributing it to a lack of resources. [end excerpt]

* "Long Island Nazis? Police charge brothers after finding guns, ammo, Hitler photo" (2016-06-17, [], photo (Suffolk County Police Department) caption: Weapons and Nazi paraphernalia seized from a home in Mount Sinai, New York


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